Speed51.com Trackside Now – 10/31/09 – UARA / Pro Challenge – Concord Speedway (NC) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the UARA-STARS Late Model Stock and Pro Challenge Series event at Concord Speedway (NC).   Follow along all day as we bring you updates from the track of both series’ races.


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Here is today’s schedule of events:10:00 am Sign In / Pit Gate opens10:30 am Inspection Begins

10:00 Tire Truck Opens for Practice Tires

Race Tires will be sold, AS SOON AS Practice Tires are complete


11:00 –11.50 Pro Challenge Practice

10:15-11:15 UARA Draw for Qualifying

11:45 Safety Meeting Local officials

12:00 – 1:00 UARA Practice

1:00-1:45 Lunch

1:00 Gates Open Allison Legacy

1:20-1:35 Chapel Service

2:00- 2.45 UARA Practice

4:00 UARA Tech Line Opens

2:45 3:30 Allison Legacy Practice

3:30 4:00 Pro Challenge Practice

4:00 –4:30 Allison Legacy Final Practice

4:30-5:00 Pro Challenge Final Practice

4:30 UARA Tech Line Closes (if not in line by 4:15 lose 1 lap qualifying)


5:00 Grandstands open


5:05 UARA Drivers and Spotters meeting at the UARA Trailer (only drivers and spotters) (miss meeting start in rear – there will be a roll call)

5:30 UARA Qualifying followed by

Allison Legacy /Pro Challenge Qualifying


6:15-7:00   “Trick or Treat” Autograph Session


7:25 Invocation followed by National Anthem

7:30 Gentlemen start your Engines

Pro Challenge 50 Laps

Allison Legacy 50 Laps

UARA 150 Laps


Weather is an issue today.   A storm system that has moved across the country and caused damage and flooding is heading this way this afternoon and evening.   The hope is that, just like a few weeks ago in this area, the system breaks up before it gets to the area.The problem though this morning has been what hasn’t been on the radar.   A light mist and a lot of fog has caused the schedule to already be out of whack.   Currently practice is supposed to be on track, but instead, track workers are trying to dry the surface.



PHOTO: Track drying is taking place.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: The fog is trying to lift here at Concord Speedway.   (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Race Chaser Do you have a drivers list yet? Thanks


We do not as of yet, but that is mainly due to the delay with the weather and sign in.   UARA officials were still signing folks in, so once we get a chance, we will get a list from them.


For the UARA-STARS, this is the second to last race in their 2009 season.     Here is the points standings to date (top 10 only):

1 23/51 Matt McCall 1346 0
2 50 Jamey Caudill 1293 -53
4 28 Brandon McReynolds 1156 -190
3 12 Garrett Campbell 1153 -193
5 59 Coleman Pressley 1153 -193
6 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 1121 -225
7 32 Kyle Grissom 1095 -251
8 8/5 Brennan Poole 980 -366
9 48 Scott Turlington 937 -409
10 15/21 Michael Rouse 765 -581


The Pro Challenge cars have been called to the track to assist in drying the track.


From our perch outside of the track, we are seeing about 23 UARA cars as many are on the front stretch and others are still going through the tech line.


In the Pro Challenge Series, this is the final National Event of the season, in which the 2009 National Champion will be crowned.   For this event, not only is there race points (breakdown for the top 10 is 200, 180, 170, 160, 150, 140, 130, 120, 110, 100), but qualifying points have been added to the mix with the top three receiving 20, 16 and 10 points respectively.   Also, there are 10 points for leading a lap and 10 points for leading the most laps.   That means that the title is wide open between multiple drivers.


Practice is going to start shortly.   We are going to try and get to the infield, so we will have updates later in the day.


We are back from our trip into the infield during the first round of practice.   We will have some news and notes shortly, as well as some photos from the first practice session.


Comment From russ so it cleard up for them to practice???


It is still quite hazy around the area, but both the Pro Challenge and UARA have been on the track for their first practice session.


Pro Challenge is heading out on the track for their second practice session.   There are approximately 15 Pro Challenge cars here for their National finale.


Earlier in the Pro Challenge practice, in turn three, Kyle Benjamin and Devon Haun appeared to have spun, but both appear to be ok and will race.Just now though in the first moments of the second practice, the #00 (unsure of name) spun and hit the wall coming off turn four.   He was able to drive it off the track, but there is damage to the backend of his car.


Brandon McReynolds is here to race in the UARA event, but is still recovering after having a hernia a few weeks back.   Matt DiBenedetto is here as a back-up driver in case McReynolds needs it.DiBenedetto told Speed 51 that he will get in the car during the second practice to allow McReynolds time to relax a bit.   He said he expects McReynolds to be able to race the entire race distance.



PHOTO: Matt DiBenedetto in the pits, ready to hop in Brandon McReynold’s #28.   (51 Sports Photo)


Steve Wallace is here, assisting the #66 driven by Shane Huffman.



PHOTO: Shane Huffman looks at his car while Steve Wallace (front right in photo) makes adjustments.   (51 Sports Photo)


Before practice, we talked to multiple drivers on video.   Stay tuned to Speed51.com next week for some interesting interviews, questions and answers by some of the UARA-STARS racers.



PHOTO: An Allison Legacy team has decorated their hauler for Halloween.   (51 Sports Photo)


Speed51.com is also live with Trackside Now coverage at South Boston for the USARacing Pro Cup Series event.   Click to www.speed51.com now to also pull up live updates from SoBo, where their race is set to go green soon.


UARA officials have not brought time sheets from the first practice to the media area, so we are in hunt of some times for you.   We are heading over to the officials tower and will be back shortly.


UARA does not have a way to print time sheets for the media.   We are working on getting some timing and scoring, which is currently only provided to the announcer and the infield.


According to our good friends at Race22.com, which are set up right in the officials tower, here are the top five times from the first UARA practice:1) #15 Brandon Dean 16.7282) #81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.7643) #32 Kyle Grissom 16.801

4) #33 Roger Lee Newton 16.806

5) #31 Ryan Robertson 16.852


UARA is on the track now for their second practice.


UARA DRIVER ROSTER (who is here):

07 Clint King
4 Danny O’Quinn
5 Brennan Poole
9 Chad Mullis
11 Joey Bryant
12 Garrett Campbell
15 Brandon Dean
16 Joey Coulter
20 Deborah Renshaw
21 Michael Rouse
28 Brandon McReynolds
31 Ryan Robertson
32 Kyle Grissom
33 Roger Lee Newton
44 Lee Tissot
48 Scott Turlington
50 Jamey Caudill
51 Matt McCall
54 Kenny Brooks
59 Coleman Pressley
63 Brian Conforth
66 Shane Huffman
70 Matt Kurzejewski
81 Paddy Rodenbeck


Here is the Pro Challenge roster, per information we were able to get from UARA:

00 Daniel Miller
04 Tim Forbes
2 Brady Boswell
3 Trevor Edwards
4 Kyle Plott
5 Austin Thompson
6 Chris Brown
13 Devon Haun
20 Brandon Williamson
31 Alt Aquila
51 Meghan Dillner
70 Stephen Bergh Jr
71 Kyle Benjamin
77 Ryan Heavner
711 Casey LaJoie


Comment From benny you have any pro challenge times


We do have some that we scoped out from the second session.Kyle Plott was fastest with a 17.527, followed by Meghan Dillner (17.726), Stephen Bergh (17.826), Kyle Benjamin (17.848) and Brady Boswell (17.857).



PHOTO: Meghan Dillner in her #51 Pro Challenge.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Kyle Plott was fast during the second Pro Challenge practice.   (51 Sports Photo)


The second UARA practice session has just completed.


Paddy Rodenbeck was the fastest during the second session with a 16.417.   Brandon McReyolds was second fastest with Matt McCall third.



PHOTO: Paddy Rodenbeck on the track.   (51 Sports Photo)


The Allison Legacy cars are on the track for a practice session.


Although very overcast, nothing is falling from the sky.   In looking at the radar, it looks like the system is breaking up a bit before it gets to our location.



PHOTO: The Allison Legacy Series cars are currently on the track for their first practice session.   (51 Sports Photo)


Hunter Devers just went for a spin on the track in the Allison Legacy Series practice.   He was second fastest on the chart.   He was able to flip it around and keep going.


Allison Legacy practice continues here at Concord Speedway.   So far the rain has held off.


Make sure to check out the Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage of the USARacing Pro Cup Series finale at South Boston (VA).   It is happening now, and there are less than 40 laps remaining in their race.   Go to www.speed51.com and click the Trackside Now update for that event.


The Allison Legacy Series practice has ended.   Pro Challenge is set to go back on the track.


A few UARA cars have covers over them, but that might not be because of any weather issues currently as no drops are felt at the moment.


Second round UARA practice times, as posted by Race22.com:(top 10)
1 – Paddy Rodenbeck #81 16.417
2 – Brandon McReynolds #28 16.564
3 – Matt McCall #51 16.689
4 – Ryan Robertson #31 16.756
5 – Jamey Caudill #50 16.779
6 – Garrett Campbell #12 16.795
7 – Joey Coulter #16 1616.818
8 – Kyle Grissom #32 16.821
9 – Brandon Dean #6 16.844
10 – Chad Mullis #9 16.881


According to weather.com’s futurecast, we are looking to get some precip around 7:00pm.   We hope that it breaks up before it gets to the track.


The tech line has opened for the UARA drivers, so they are heading over to tech to get checked in prior to qualifying.Pro Challenge practice continues.



PHOTO: UARA drivers and teams head to the tech area.   (51 Sports Photo)


Pro Challenge practice has concluded.   Meghan Dillner was fastest with a 17.547 second lap.


The Allison Legacy Series practice is now taking to the track.


Comment From Matthew Dillner Checking in for a brief moment from Talladega to see how my niece is doing. Enjoying the coverage. Working all day and night here at Dega so won’t be able to follow but will check back an free-time I get. Good luck to all tonight and hope it’s a great show!


Comment From benny where was 711


Unfortunately, we do not have all the times made available to us.


Allison Legacy practice has concluded.


We are going to step away from the PC for a bit as qualifying doesn’t start until 5:30pm.   We will be back for qualifying.


Comment From Mike Will you be doing a live update at the North/South shootout next weekend on Friday night?


We should have live Trackside Now coverage for the entire North South Shootout, as well as the Speed 51 Radio presentation of the event on RaceTalkRadio.com.


The driver’s meeting has concluded and we are set for qualifying to begin shortly.


One piece of sad news we would like to pass along …Johnny Fultz, son of Super Late Model racer Jeff Fultz, passed away last night after a one-vehicle incident near their race shop.   Speed51.com sends our thoughts and prayers out to Jeff and Angela Fultz during this tough time.


Qualifying is starting for the UARA-STARS.   We will give the times for each driver as it happens.




66 Shane Huffman 17.402 16.753 16.506 16.506


5 Brandon Dean 17.299 16.729 16.634 16.634


4 Danny O’Quinn 17.210 16.885 16.649 16.649


48 Scott Turlington 17.489 16.814 16.739 16.739


9 Chad Mullis 17.264 16.851 16.744 16.744


28 Brandon McReynolds 16.912 16.494 16.342 16.342


31 Ryan Robertson 17.516 16.749 16.573 16.573


20 Deborah Renshaw 17.787 17.109 16.978 16.978


50 Jamey Caudill 17.316 16.643 16.571 16.571


33 Roger Lee Newton 17.362 16.851 16.794 16.794


54 Kenny Brooks 16.923 16.566 16.501 16.501


12 Garrett Campbell 17.126 ? 16.746 16.746


16 Joey Coulter 17.275 16.775 16.679 16.679


81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.903 16.492 16.495 16.492


44 Lee Tissot 17.296 16.791 16.733 16.733


51 Matt McCall 16.945 16.590 16.455 16.455


07 Clint King 17.101 16.912 16.897 16.897


70 Matt Kurzejewski 17.699 17.002 16.932 16.932


11 Joey Bryant 17.850 17.340 17.015 17.015


59 Coleman Pressley 17.217 16.769 16.648 16.648


63 Brian Conforth 17.348 17.095 16.865 16.865


21 Michael Rouse 17.406 16.927 16.753 16.753


5 Brennan Poole 17.213 16.645 16.728 16.645


Kyle Grissom was to be the final qualifier, but mother nature decided to dump some liquids from the skies, so he came off the track and hasn’t completed his qualifying run.


Here is how they sit without Kyle Grissom’s qualifying run as we are in a weather holding pattern: (unofficial as we tabulated)

1 28 Brandon McReynolds 16.342
2 51 Matt McCall 16.455
3 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.492
4 54 Kenny Brooks 16.501
5 66 Shane Huffman 16.506
6 50 Jamey Caudill 16.571
7 31 Ryan Robertson 16.573
8 6 Brandon Dean 16.634
9 5 Brennan Poole 16.645
10 59 Coleman Pressley 16.648
11 4 Danny O’Quinn 16.649
12 16 Joey Coulter 16.679
13 44 Lee Tissot 16.733
14 48 Scott Turlington 16.739
15 9 Chad Mullis 16.744
16 12 Garrett Campbell 16.746
17 21 Michael Rouse 16.753
18 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.794
19 63 Brian Conforth 16.865
20 07 Clint King 16.897
21 70 Matt Kurzejewski 16.932
22 20 Deborah Renshaw 16.978
23 11 Joey Bryant 17.015
32 Kyle Grissom YET TO QUALIFY


A quick look at the weather radar shows that there is a small pocket of precip over the track, then there is some clearing before a larger pocket appears to be heading right for the track.   Hopefully things will break up though.


It is Halloween, so today many fans will come to the track in Halloween costumes.   We talked to many drivers on what they wore in the past for Halloween, including some UARA drivers.   Check out the video by going to the Speed 51 Video website here: http://www.youtube.com/speed51video#p/u/5/y2Z21WDXsCw


Speaking of videos, two drivers going into this UARA event are at the top of the standings and have had a bit of a tussle on the race track.   Matt McCall and Jamey Caudill seem to find each other on the race track and what happens varies depending on which driver you talk to.   Check out this video of both of them from the last event at Hickory Motor Speedway: http://www.youtube.com/speed51video#p/u/19/9qEBhYorNho


The track drying appears to be complete and Kyle Grissom will be heading out shortly to complete the qualifying for the UARA-STARS.


32 Kyle Grissom 17.467 16.663 16.562 16.562


Qualifying has completed.



1 28 Brandon McReynolds 16.342
2 51 Matt McCall 16.455
3 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.492
4 54 Kenny Brooks 16.501
5 66 Shane Huffman 16.506
6 32 Kyle Grissom 16.562
7 50 Jamey Caudill 16.571
8 31 Ryan Robertson 16.573
9 6 Brandon Dean 16.634
10 5 Brennan Poole 16.645
11 59 Coleman Pressley 16.648
12 4 Danny O’Quinn 16.649
13 16 Joey Coulter 16.679
14 44 Lee Tissot 16.733
15 48 Scott Turlington 16.739
16 9 Chad Mullis 16.744
17 12 Garrett Campbell 16.746
18 21 Michael Rouse 16.753
19 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.794
20 63 Brian Conforth 16.865
21 07 Clint King 16.897
22 70 Matt Kurzejewski 16.932
23 20 Deborah Renshaw 16.978
24 11 Joey Bryant 17.015


The Allison Legacy cars will qualify next, followed by the Pro Challenge.


During Allison Legacy qualifying, the skies started to spit again, so we are under the red flag.


The track has been lost and it is coming down pretty good now.   So, we are in a waiting pattern.



PHOTO: The rain is coming down here at Concord Speedway.   (51 Sports Photo)


It is still raining here at Concord Speedway.   This cell looks like it should be out of here soon, but after a bit of a clearing, there is more rain behind.


The announcers have said we might hear a decision on what will happen in about 15 minutes.


It appears that the rains have subsided, but the whole facility is pretty well drenched with puddles on pit road and the infield.   People are walking around in the pits, but safey trucks are not moving at this time to try and dry the track.


Well, now the safety vehicles have worked their way onto the track to try and dry it.


They do not have jet dryers here, so there are five safety trucks circulating the track, a few of them dragging a few tires, trying to dry the surface.


The safety trucks have all worked their way to the pits and the track is still wet.   We think there is going to be an announcement shortly.


The event has been postponed until tomorrow, according to an official announcement.


Gates will open at 10am, grandstands will open at 12pm and racing will start at 2pm.


All series are having driver’s meetings now at their respective series trucks.


Stay tuned to Speed51.com for tomorrow’s coverage of the event.   We will be back with Trackside Now coverage then.Good night from Concord Speedway.

Trackside Now: UARA-Stars/Pro Challenge at Concord Speedway – 10/31/09