Speed51.com Trackside Now – 11/01/09 – UARA / Pro Challenge – Concord Speedway (NC)
Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now continuing coverage of the UARA-STARS Late Model Stock and Pro Challenge Series event at Concord Speedway (NC).   Follow along all day as we bring you updates from the track of both series’ races.
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Yesterday, the racing action was postponed due to weather after UARA qualified and half the Allison Legacy cars made their way around the track during their session.   Today, we should pick up with Allison Legacy qualifying, then Pro Challenge qualifying, followed by the racing action.
This morning, it hasn’t been much better weather wise.   A persistant mist has been hitting the ground in the Concord area.   Just about 11:15am, it appeared to have stopped, but the grounds are severely wet.   Track drying though has started at 11:32 am, so we are hoping to get the track dry and start some racing action within a few hours.
The schedule told to us at the end of yesterday showed pit gates opening at 10am, grandstands at 12pm and racing at 2pm.   We assumed that meant qualifying was going to happen around noon, but that will not happen as the track is quite wet.
There were only about five track trucks on the track last night trying to dry the track, but today, the racers have gotten into the spirit to help dry the facility.   There are currently 19 vehicles circulating around the track trying to get it dry. 
PHOTO: Trying drying from personal vehicles is happening now.   If you look third from the end on the photo, there is UARA-STARS announcer Doc Love out helping out in his vehicle.   (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Matt “Duke” Kentfield, BDI Racing’s Director of Racing Operations, sent us this photo “in truck” as he was out helping to dry the track out.
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Yesterday, before the rains killed the evening’s activities, the UARA-STARS did complete their qualifying.   Here is how they qualified.

1 28 Brandon McReynolds 16.342
2 51 Matt McCall 16.455
3 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.492
4 54 Kenny Brooks 16.501
5 66 Shane Huffman 16.506
6 32 Kyle Grissom 16.562
7 50 Jamey Caudill 16.571
8 31 Ryan Robertson 16.573
9 6 Brandon Dean 16.634
10 5 Brennan Poole 16.645
11 59 Coleman Pressley 16.648
12 4 Danny O’Quinn 16.649
13 16 Joey Coulter 16.679
14 44 Lee Tissot 16.733
15 48 Scott Turlington 16.739
16 9 Chad Mullis 16.744
17 12 Garrett Campbell 16.746
18 21 Michael Rouse 16.753
19 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.794
20 63 Brian Conforth 16.865
21 07 Clint King 16.897
22 70 Matt Kurzejewski 16.932
23 20 Deborah Renshaw 16.978
24 11 Joey Bryant 17.015
The Allison Legacy will complete their qualifying today and the Pro Challenge will hit the track for their qualifying session following. 
We aren’t sure what this means, but one by one, vehicles left the track surface.   There are now no personal vehicles or safety vehicles running around the track.
There are a few safety trucks up by the wall at the exit of turn four, looking at a spot that appears to have “weepers” running down the track.   Over in turn one, we see weepers as well there. 
Comment From Race Chaser 

Are they going to finish the Qualifying for the Pro Challenge and Allison cars starting at 2 or when track dried? Thanks 

That is what we know as of now. 
There are a few rescue trucks back on the track now, dragging tires. 
They are also dumping speedy dry on the track right where the weepers are on the front stretch.
The weather has forced Pro Challenge Series racer Daniel Miller (#00) to head home.   He is from Florida and has a 12-hour drive, and the kids have school on Monday, so the team had to head home and will miss the event.Miller was fifth in points coming into this event for Pro Challenge, which is their national finale.
Comment From Race Chaser 

Hate Weepers!! 

Part of the problem here today is the temperature.   It is not expected to get out of the 50s, which is slowing the track drying. 
Comment From mccall fan 

Has the rain/mist stopped? 

It has, but the track is very wet still and the temperature isn’t helping with the track drying.   There are two track trucks dragging only a few tires, and it doesn’t seem to be drying too quick. 
One track truck is dragging one tire while the other is dragging two tires.   The one dragging two just ahd to flip the tires over since they have worn out the sides of those.We aren’t sure why they aren’t dragging multiple tires (five to seven or more), unless they do not have any tires to drag other than the three.
Track drying has now hit the 90 minute mark, and while we do see some progress, it is going to be a bit longer.We are going to step out and get some lunch and will be back shortly.
As we were leaving for food, we noticed it was misting once again.   As we returned to the track, we got word that the race event has been postponed until November 14th. 
That is it for today’s coverage.   Stay tuned to Speed51.com for short track news and information. 

Trackside Now: UARA-Stars/Pro Challenge Season Finale at Concord Speedway – 11/1/09