11/14/09 – UARA / Pro Challenge – Concord Speedway (NC) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed 51’s coverage of the UARA-Stars and Pro Challenge Series racing action at Concord Speedway (NC).   Follow along as we bring you information and updates from the action at Concord.


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Although the track is still weeping from the wet week we’ve had here in Concord, North Carolina, the outlook for today’s UARA-STARS and Pro Challenge  events is much brighter than the last time we attempted these events on October 31st when the rain ruled the show.


Here is the schedule for today’s events :8:15 Pit Gate opens
10:00- 10:30 UARA Practice
10:30-10:45 Pro Challenge Practice
10:45-11:30 UARA Practice
11:00 UARA Tech Closes
11:30-12:00 Pro Challenge Practice
1:00 UARA Qualifying followed by Pro Challenge qualifying
2:15 Autograph session
2:50 Invocation
2:55 National Anthem
3:00 Race
Pro Challenge 50
UARA 150

The start of the UARA-STARS practice has been delayed a bit due to some weeping on the track in turns one and two.


 There will be two champions crowned here this afternoon.   In the UARA-STARS, although Matt McCall has a substantial lead in the standings, Jamey Caudill is still mathematically eligible to take his lead away if McCall were to find bad luck on the track today.In the Pro Challenge Series, the championship could go many different ways.   Outside of the fact that the current standings are so close, there are several other querks of the points system that will factor in to the crowing of a champion here today.

Here’s a quick look at the Pro Challenge points system :Points

The following will be the points awarded for finishing positions:


1.   200 points

2.   180 points

3.   170 points

4.   160 points

5.   150 points

6.   140 points

7.   130 points

8.   120 points
9.   110 points
10.   100 points
11.   90 points
12.   80 points
13.   70 points
14.   60 points
15.   50 points
16.   (and below) 40 points

Bonus Points

The following Bonus Points will be awarded for the following:


1st Qualifier:   20 points

2nd Qualifier:   16 points

3rd Qualifier:   10 points


Leading a lap:   10 points

Most laps led:   10 points

This points system combined with the current standings show that today’s Pro Challenge Playoff well be an exciting one.

Current Standings :

1. Dennis Thompson   260
2. Meghan Dillner   250
3. Kyle Benjamin   250
4. Josh Nicholson   245
5. Daniel Miller   235
6. Brandon Williamson   235
7. Paul White   230
8. Steve Bergh   225
9. Kyle Plott   220
10. Brady Boswell   220
11. Tim Forbes   215
12. Hunter Kent   195
13. Trevor Edwards   185
14. Ryan Heavner   175
15. Brad Sanders   165
16. Jacob Wallace   160
17. Anderson Bowen   145
18. Howard Brennan   140
19. Chris Brown   140
20. Austin Raines   135
21. Ken Nicholson   125
22. Kyle Wilson   105
23. Malcolm McMaster   100
24. John Morgan Tullis   65
25. John Hilliker   60
26. Duke Furr   35
27. Jesse Hoek   30
28. Drew Calhoun   30
29. Melina Rolo   25


The UARA late model stock cars are now on track making some laps to help dry the surface in turns one and two.


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A quick count showed 23 cars on track.



PHOTO : Track crews working feverishly to get the track dry for practice to begin. (51 Sports Photo)


Shortly after UARA practice began, the #18 of Matt DiBenedetto began to smoke and slowed on the track.   He is out of the car and it appears his day may be over.


Here are the UARA drivers in attendance today :07 Clint King
2     Clint Mills
5     Brennan Poole
6     Brandon Dean
9     Chad Mullis
12  Garrett Campbell
14 Greg Peterson
16 Randy Renfrow
18 Matt DiBenedetto
21 Michael Rouse
24 Matt Kurzjeweski
28 Brandon McReynolds
31 Ryan Robertson
32 Kyle Grissom
33 Roger Lee Newton
48 Scott Turlington
50 Jamey Caudill
51 Matt McCall
54 Kenny Brooks
59 Coleman Pressley
63 Brian Conforth
81 Paddy Rodenbeck
92 Dennis McQueen


In the UARA standings, Matt McCall leads Jamey Caudill by 47 points.  Brandon McReynolds is 147 back from McCall in third.   Coleman Pressley and Paddy Rodenbeck are 210 and 223  points out of the lead, respectively, in fourth and fifth.


The  surface has been cleared and the cars are rolling back on track.


UARA practice is back underway here at Concord Speedway.


UARA practice has concluded, we will have the top times up for you shortly.A few laps into Pro Challenge practice the #32 truck of Jacob Wallace blew a big puff of smoke and rolled to a stop on the front straightaway.   He is out of the vehicle and it is now being pushed to the pit area by a tow truck.


UARA First round practice times :1. 28 Brandon McReynolds 16.758
2. 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.759
3. 51 Matt McCall 16.801
4. 32 Kyle Grissom 16.823
5. 50 Jamey Caudill 16.893
6. 31 Ryan Robertson 16.944
7. 54 Kenny Brooks 16.950
8. 9     Chad Mullis 16.952
9. 5     Brennan Poole 16.975
10. 24 Matt Kurzjeweski 16.988
11. 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.995
12. 14 Greg Peterson 17.020
13. 6     Brandon Dean 17.023
14. 48  Scott Turlington 17.055
15. 12 Garrett Campbell 17.057
16. 59 Coleman Pressley 17.096
17. 07 Clint King 17.105
18. 2     Clint Mills 17.108
19. 21 Michael Rouse 17.166
20. 16 Randy Renfrow 17.280
21. 18 Matt DiBenedetto 17.826
22. 92 Dennis McQueen 17.507
23. 63 Brian Conforth 17.541


The first round of Pro Challenge practice has now concluded and we are stepping out for a moment to see if we can locate those times.


The #5 late model stock car of Brennan Poole appears to have just blown a motor on the front straightaway.   Track crews are now on track cleaning up the damage.


Here are the times from the first round of Pro Challenge practice  :1. 70 Stephen Bergh Jr.  17.537
2. 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.668
3. 51 Meghan Dillner 17.669
4. 4 Kyle Plott 17.717
5. 20 Brandon Williamson 17.753
6. 77 Ryan Heavner 17.808
7. 711 Casey Lajoie 17.826
8. 3 Trevor Edwards 17.975
9. 6 Chris Brown 18.106
10. 13 Devon Hann 18.136
11. 15 Jason Ricker 18.331


Here is the final round of UARA practice :1.  28 Brandon McReynolds 16.333
2. 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.475
3. 5 Brennan Poole 16.707
4. 07 Clint King 16.708
5. 6 Brandon Dean 16.713
6. 51 Matt McCall 16.723
7. 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.731
8. 54 Kenny Brooks 16.748
9. 59 Coleman Pressley 16.757
10. 14 Greg Peterson 16.823
11. 18 Matt DiBenedetto 16.832
12. 50 Jamey Caudill 16.849
13. 9 Chad Mullis 16.850
14. 31 Ryan Robertson 16.888
15. 63 Brian Conforth 16.899
16. 32 Kyle Grissom 16.922
17. 21 Michael Rouse 16.999
18. 12 Garrett Campbell 17.027
19. 48 Scott Turlington 17.139
20. 24 Matt Kurzjeweski 17.146
21. 2 Clint Mills 17.151
22. 16 Randy Renfrow 17.252
23. 92 Dennis McQueen 17.291


A spin by Jason Ricker and hard contact with the wall ended the second round of Pro Challenge practice early.



PHOTO : Jason Ricker surveying the damage to his #15 machine. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO : Kyle Plott who is ninth in national points, makes his way through the famous dog-leg on the back straightaway  here at Concord Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)


UARA qualifying is now underway.   Brandon McReynolds is currently on the pole.   We will have full rundown for you once qualifying concludes.



PHOTO : #51 of Meghan Dillner makes a move on the #70 of Stephen Bergh Jr. in turn three.


It appears that Matt DiBenedetto, who was the second to last car to go out in qualifying, is having some mechanical troubles and was unable to make his way onto the track.


The #14 of Greg Peterson and the #48 of Scott Turlington, who were the second and third cars to hit the track have each received one extra lap of qualifying as they’re first attempts overlapped and both cars were on track at the same time.


DiBenedetto has now gotten his car started and is making his qualifying run.


Meghan Dillner has gotten the pole here for the the Pro Challenge race with a time of 17.264.   Full rundown coming shortly.


Pro Challenge Qualifying Results : 1. 51 Meghan Dillner 17.264
2. 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.306
3. 4     Kyle Plott 17.336
4. 70  Stephen Bergh Jr. 17.380
5. 2     Brady Boswell 17.422
6.  6    Chris Brown    17.537
7.  711 Casey Lajoie 17.556
8. 20 Brandon Williamson 17.577
9. 77 Ryan Heavner  17.713
10. 13 Devon Hann  17.768
11. 31 Jacob Williamson  18.792
12. 3 Trevor Edwards  19.113


Qualifying Results for UARA Late Model Stocks
1. 28 Brandon McReynolds 16.266
2. 32 Kyle Grissom 16.323
3. 51 Matt McCall 16.373
4. 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.386
5. 18 Matt DiBenedetto 16.414
6. 6 Brandon Dean 16.435
7. 59 Coleman Pressley 16.436
8. 50 Jamey Caudill 16.460
9. 54 Kenny Brooks 16.511
10. 9 Chad Mullis 16.732
11. 31 Ryan Robertson 16.611
12. 12 Garrett Campbell 16.613
13. 07 Clint King 16.613
14. 21 Michael Rouse 16.618
15. 48 Scott Turlington 16.645
16. 14 Greg Peterson 16.675
17. 24 Matt Kurzjeweski 16.731
18. 2 Clint Mills 16.732
19. 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.782
20. 63 Brian Conforth 16.892
21. 92 Dennis Queen 17.111
22. 5 Brennan Poole  DNQ


After the post-qualifying points adjustment, Meghan Dillner now leads the standings.Current Pro Challenge National Points Standings :

1. Meghan Dillner 270
2. Kyle Benjamin 266
3. Dennis Thompson 260
4. Kyle Plott 249
5. Josh Nicholson 245
6. Daniel Miller 235
7. Brandon Williamson 235
8. Paul White 230
9. Brady Boswell 220
10. Tim Forbes 215


As we mentioned earlier, Brennan Poole had motor troubles in practice and were not able to qualify.   They are putting a new engine in the car and will start shotgun on the field.


The UARA-STARS pit party has ended and the Pro Challenge cars are now lining up to make their way onto the track for their feature event.


The National Anthem has just ended and the Pro Challenge cars are making their pace laps awaiting the start of their National Championship Finale event.


GREEN FLAGIt was a clean start at the front of the field as Meghan Dillner battled side by side with Kyle Benjamin through the dog-leg but made her way past him in turn three.


YELLOW FLAGThe #77 of Ryan Heavner and the #711 of Casey Lajoie made contact on the start. It will be a complete restart.



GREEN FLAGKyle Benjamin has pulled away into turn one as it appears Meghan Dillner may have missed a shift on the start.


Benjamin leads Stephen Bergh, Casey Lajoie, and Devon Hann.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 3The caution is back out for a spin on the front straightaway by the #31 of Jacob Williamson.


GREEN FLAGThe green flag is back out for Benjamin.


Stephen Bergh took the lead away from Benjamin through the dog-leg on lap four. It appears Meghan Dillner may be having some transmission issues as she was slow out of the gate on this restart as well.


Bergh continues to lead Benjamin, Lajoie, Devon Hann, Kyle Plott, Brady Boswell, Brandon Williamson, Trevor Edwards, Meghan Dillner, and Chris Brown.


Plott, Boswell and Williamson have freight-trained the #13 of Devon Hann. Hann has fallen back to the seventh spot behind Brandon Williamson.


Kyle Benjamin is closing in on Stephen Bergh for the lead on lap 21.


Benjamin made his way under Bergh in the dog-leg and completed the pass off of turn four.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 22The leaders, Kyle Benjamin and Stephen Bergh,  made contact on the front straightaway and spun bringing out the caution.


Bergh was able to pull away from the scene of the accident but Benjamin remains parked on the front straightaway.


Casey Lajoie now leads, followed by Kyle Plott, Brandon Williamson, Brady Boswell, Devon Hann, Trevor Edwards, Meghan Dillner, Chris Brown, Ryan Heavner, Stephen Bergh, and Kyle Benjamin.


#31 of Jacob Wallace has made his way to the pits for service.


Wallace is now joining the field on track as they get they take the green flag.


GREEN FLAGCasey Lajoie leads Kyle Plott, Brandon Williamson, Brady Boswell, Devon Hann, and Meghan Dillner.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 23The yellow is back out for a spin by the #77 of Ryan Heavner and the #51 of Meghan Dillner.   Heavner was a little hot getting into turn four and dove beneath Dillner, collected her as he spun.


The field received the one to go signal, but the caution was waved once again for a stall in turn two by the #4 of Kyle Plott.


Ryan heavner has made his way to his pit and is out of the car, it seems his day is over as Kyle Plott rejoins the field while they get the one to go signal.


GREEN FLAGBrady Boswell made an aggressive move on the outside to take the lead away from Casey Lajoie.


YELLOW FLAG Lajoie made contact with the #13 of Devon Hann in turn two.   Hann retailiated coming off of turn four and collected the remainder of the field behind them when Lajoie spun.


Chris Brown, Meghan Dillner, Kyle Benjamin, Brandon Williamson and Jacob Williamson were all collected.


The #6 of Chris Brown has pulled away as the rest of the cars await tow vehicles and assess the damage.


The  #31 of Jacob Wallace and the #711 of Casey Lajoie have also pulled away under their own power.



PHOTO : The remains of the incident on the front straightaway. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO : Meghan Dillner being towed to the pits where her team is working feverishly to get her back #51 back on the track. (51 Sports Photo)


RED FLAGThe track is under a red flag to allow the track crews to clean up the front straightaway.


YELLOW FLAGThe yellow flag is back in the air on lap 24 as the cars get back rolling.


Brady Boswell leads, Devon Hann, Stephen Bergh, Trevor Edwards, Chris Brown, Casey Lajoie and Jacob Wallace.


Meghan Dillner, after some major renovations to her vehicle, has now made her way back on track to rejoin the field.


GREEN FLAGBrady Boswell leads Stephen Bergh, Devon Hann, Trevor Edwards, Chris Brown, Kyle Plott, and Meghan Dillner.


YELLOW FLAGThe yellow is back out for contact between Trevor Edwards and Meghan Dillner in turn two. Both cars made their way to the pits under their own power.


It appears Meghan Dillner’s day is done as she has suffered sever right front damage.


GREEN FLAGBrady Boswell led the field through turns one and two as Stephen Bergh slowed to a stop and brought out the caution.


YELLOW FLAGThe field did not complete a lap and will make a complete restart as Stephen Bergh receives a push to the pits by a tow truck.


GREEN FLAGBrady Boswell got away clean on the restart as Kyle Plott and Devan Hann battle hard for second.


The #6 of Chris Brown emitted a huge plume of smoke down the back straightaway but slowed and made his way to the pits without a caution.


Brady Boswell now leads Kyle Plott, Casey Lajoie, Devan Hann, Brandon Williamson and Jacob Wallace.


Although the race has exceeded it’s 45 minute limit, it appears we are going to race to the finish with six cars on the  track  as we are racing under green  at lap 40.


The #77 of Ryan Heavner has made his way back onto the track with his damaged machine.


Casey Lajoie made his way beneath Brady Boswell with  two laps to go. As they were taking the white flag Lajoie made contact with Boswell getting both cars loose and allowing Kyle Plott to take the lead.


Brady Boswell is the winner.


Finishing order is still being reviewed and numbers crunched to determine the National Champion as the UARA-STARS are poised to take the green flag.


GREEN FLAGBrandon McReynolds leads Kyle Grissom, Paddy Rodenbeck, and Matt McCall as things get dicey in the back of the pack.


McReynolds continues to lead Grissom by half a straightaway.


Matt McCall has made his way under Paddy Rodenbeck for the third spot.


McReynolds and Grissom have stepped away from the field as McReynolds is still half a straightaway ahead of Grissom who is a straightaway ahead of McCall in third.


Brady Boswell has been named the Pro Challenge National Champion.


Brandon McReynolds has now caught the tail of the field and is navigating his way through lapped traffic.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 23The #31 of Ryan Robertson spun in turn three.


GREEN FLAGThe green flag is back out as McReynolds runs away from the field once again.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 37The #07 of Clint King spun  on the front straightaway. The car has suffered major front end damage.


GREEN FLAGThe green flag is back in the air. McReynolds continues to lead Grissom, McCall and Rodenbeck.


Matt McCall continues to look below Kyle Grissom each lap but Grissom continues to hold him off.   As those two battle for second postion, McReynolds pulls away from the field once more.


McCall has finally made his way by Grissom for the second spot as Brandon Dean makes his way by Paddy Rodenbeck for fourth.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 54Brandon Dean has slowed to a stop in turn three.


GREEN FLAG LAP 60Brandon McReynolds gets away clean.


Championship contender Jamey Caudill has slowed in turn two and is making his way to the pits.


Jamey Caudill is out of the car and it appears his championship run is over.


Points leader Matt McCall has blown a motor on the front straightaway.


As soon as Jamey Caudill saw the smoke coming from Matt McCall’s car he sprinted back into his vehicle and is going to get his vehicle fixed and make his way back on the track.


Matt McCall is out of the car as it now appears his championship run is over just as Jamie Caudill’s is renewed.


RED FLAG LAP 69Red flag is out to allow the track crews to clear the racing surface.


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Current Running order at LAP 69
1. Brandon McReynolds
2. Kyle Grissom
3. Paddy Rodenbeck
4. Matt DiBenedetto
5. Coleman Pressley
6. Brennan Poole
7. Greg Peterson
8. Roger Lee Newton
9. Clint Mills
10. Michael Rouse
11. Matt Kurzjeweski
12. Kenny Brooks
13. Brian Conforth
14. Chad Mullis
15. Dennis Queen
16. Ryan Robertson
17. Brandon Dean
18. Matt McCall
19. Garrett Campbell
20. Jamey Caudill


YELLOW FLAG LAP 69The cars are back rolling and trying to work the speedy dry into the racing surface.


GREEN FLAG LAP 78Brandon McReynolds continues to lead followed closely by Kyle Grissom.


McReynolds continues to lead at lap  89 followed by Grissom, Rodenbeck, Coleman Pressley and Brennan Poole.


McReynolds has now gotten back into his groove as well as his own zip code out in front of this field.


Paddy Rodenbeck, Coleman Pressley and Brennan Poole are nose to tail battling for the third position.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 103Jamey Caudill is smoking heavily and has spun in turns one and two.


Brandon Dean has comem in under this caution for two new tires.


Jamey Caudill is unable to pull away and will be pushed by a tow truck to the pits.




If Jamey Caudill is not able to get back on the track, that will pretty much lock up the UARA-STARS championship for Matt Mccall.


That will make McCall the very first two-time champ of the UARA-STARS late model stock series.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 106The caution flag is back out and the cars are rolling.


Brandon McReynolds has a right front tire flat and has hit pit road as the field receives the one to go signal.


Kyle Grissom has inherited the lead.


GREEN FLAGKyle Grissom leads followed by Paddy Rodenbeck, Coleman Pressley, Brennan Poole, and Roger Lee Newton.


Rodenbeck, Pressley, and Poole are nose to tail and beating and banging   all battling for the second spot.


Pressley has made his way under Rodenbeck for the second spot.



Paddy Rodenbeck spun while battling hard for the third spot with Brennan Poole.


After pitting right before the field took the green, Brandon McReynolds has made his way back up to the ninth position.


Kyle Grissom has now pulled in under this caution for new right front rubber.


Coleman Pressley has now inherited the lead.


GREEN FLAG LAP 133Coleman Pressley has gotten away clean but not without Brennan Poole right in his tire tracks.


Brennan Poole, who started dead last, is doing all he can to get around Coleman Pressley for the lead.


Pressley leads Poole, Roger Lee Newton, Brandon McReynolds, and Clint Mills.


Coleman Pressley has won followed by Brennan Poole, Roger Lee Newton and Brandon McReynolds. Full finishing order coming shortly.


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Unofficial results from Concord Speedway :1.  Coleman Pressley
2.  Brennan Poole
3.  Roger Lee Newton
4.  Clint Mills
5. Matt DiBenedetto
6.  Michael Rouse
7.  Kenny Brooks
8.  Kyle Grissom
9.  Scott Turlington
10.  Paddy Rodenbeck
11.  Brian Conforth
12. Ryan Robertson
13.  Dennis Queen
14. Brandon McReynolds
15. Garrett Campbell
16. Greg Peterson
17. Matt Kurzjeweski
18. Chad Mullis
19.  Brandon Dean
20. Jamey Caudill
21. Matt McCall
22. Clint King


Thanks for viewing our coverage of the UARA-STARS and Pro Challenge National Championship races today at Concord Speedway in Concord, NC. Stay tuned for more on each championship later in the week on Speed51.com.G’night!

Trackside Now: UARA-Stars/Pro Challenge at Concord – 11/14/09