That concludes our Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage from the Carolina 200 weekend here at Rockingham Speedway. Big thanks to Andy Hillenburg and his entire staff for their hospitality throughout the weekend.Big congratulations to Brandon McReynolds and Clay Rogers on their victories today at Rockingham, as well as Chase Elliott for his Sunoco National Tour win yesterday here.

That may be all for us here at Rockingham, but Speed51.com is live from Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia for the CARQUEST 100 right now. Stay tuned to Speed51.com for more coverage from Rockingham during the week, as well.

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PHOTO: Clay Rogers celebrates his third career USARacing Pro Cup Series win at Rockingham Speedway with his family in vcitory lane. 
1. Clay Rogers
2. Benny Gordon
3. Matt Lofton
4. Jeff Agnew
5. John Gibson
6. AJ Frank
7. JP Morgan
8. Ryan Heavner
9. David Wilson
10. Bryan Silas
11. Brandon Sweet
12. Chase Elliott
13. Logan Ruffin
14. Tyler Young
15. Johanna Long
16. Caleb Holman
17. Stephen Nasse
18. Andrew Gordon
19. Mike Holt
20. Jeremy Bowser
21. Julia Dawson
22. Brandon Ward
We’re back…unofficial results in one minute… 
Clay Rogers has won the Carolina 200 here at Rockingham. Full results and more to follow after we take the victory lane photos and talk to the drivers. 
White flag for Clay Rogers. 
Morgan actually now runs third on the track, unofficially, with five to go, because he’s since passed Agnew and Lofton. 
We think Morgan’s fifth and on the lead lap, but we’re not sure. If he’s not, we don’t know who’s fifth! No scoring and a strung-out field with long green flag runs have left us confused about who’s where beyond the top three or four. 
Ten laps to go. Rogers is now a full straightaway ahead of Gordon. 
Third, fourth and fifth are nose to tail, as Agnew is trying to hold off Lofton and Morgan. 
Rogers is now up a half-straightaway as Lofton has lost second to Gordon on lap 185. Fifteen laps to go. 
Gordon is trying to make a move on Lofton for second. on lap 184. They’re door to door into turn one and Lofton holds the spot off two. 
Rogers is back up by five carlengths on lap 182 
GREEN FLAG: Rogers has pulled ahead back into a healthy lead. Lapped cars stacked up on the bottom, but all have gone on okay. 
There will be about a 20-lap shootout to the finish when we go green. 
Restart order will now be Rogers, Lofton, Gordon, Agnew. Those are the only cars on the lead lap as far as we can tell. 
Pit stops…Rogers has taken four tires, Gordon slid through his pit box, but took four. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 173: We can’t see why, likely debris. 
Lap 159 – Rogers goes way up the banking in turn four, allowing Gordon to jump beneath him to lead at the stripe, but Rogers fought back on the high side to take the lead back off turn two. 
Matt Lofton is off the pace in his #07. No caution. 
Here comes Gordon. He’s on the inside of Rogers and they ride side-by-side. Rogers holds strong on the high side on lap 158. 
Gordon is fighting back and won’t let Rogers get away. 
Clay Rogers has taken the lead on the high side. There was contact as the two went side-by-side with Rogers on the outside, but both came away clean and Rogers now is the leader. 
Clay Rogers has caught Benny Gordon… 
Sixth-place AJ Frank has gone down a lap to the leader Benny Gordon. The next lead-lap car, fifth-place JP Morgan, is only about 5 carlengths ahead of the leader on lap 154. 
Lap 150: Gordon is up 10 carlengths on Rogers. Rogers is about a straightaway ahead of Jeff Agnew in third. 
Ryan Heavner, who we’re told is still a lap down, is on a move, as he’s about to pass Jeff Agnew, who runs in third. 
Clay Rogers has turned up the wick to pass Jeff Agnew for the second position. He’s about 20 carlengths behind Gordon now on lap 135. 
The top four are all separated by about eight carlengths now on lap 130. 
Benny Gordon now leads Jeff Agnew by five carlengths. Third-place Matt Lofton is facing a challenge from Clay Rogers on lap 126. Give Rogers the spot now into turn three. 
Here comes Benny Gordon to the inside of Lofton with Agnew right with him on the bottom groove. Give Gordon the lead on lap 123 and Agnew second, moving Lofton to third. 
GREEN FLAG lap 120: Lofton has a good start and leads the way. Jeff Agnew has worked by Clay Rogers, moving Rogers back to fourth. 
Ryan Heavner was supposed to be the free pass recipient, but he pitted with the leaders, meaning he lost his eligibility to get his lap back. 
Lofton, Gordon, Rogers, Agnew, Morgan, Frank are your restart leaders, the only ones on the lead lap. Fourteen cars total are on the track. 
Lofton won the race off pit road, giving him the lead. The leaders did not come back in for a second stop, leaving them a set of tires still for the remainder of the race. Cars to come in for a second pit stop were Heavner (tires first stop, fuel second stop) and AJ Frank. Frank’s team dumped most of their fuel all over their pit stall. 
Fuel for the leaders on the first pit stop…we’ll see if they come in next lap for tires. 
Rogers, Lofton, Gordon, Agnew, Morgan, Frank and Heavner are all on pit road. 
YELLOW FLAG lap 115: Debris on the racetrack is the official reason. We think, unofficially, it’s to keep Rogers from lapping the field. 
Logan Ruffin has brought his #31 car to pit road. 
The racing action on the track looks like a conveyor belt of racecars all the way around the Speedway. The only car passing anyone right now is our leader Clay Rogers, who has just put Bryan Silas down a lap on lap 110. 
HALFWAY: Lap 100 – Rogers has a straightaway lead over Lofton. Behind them, Gordon, Agnew, Morgan, Frank, Heavner, Silas, Ruffin are the only cars on the lead lap as far as we can tell. There’s no live timing and scoring available to us. 
Lap 99 – the #99 car of Brandon Sweet and the #02 of Tyler Young both came to pit road under green. 
Gordon has taken the third spot from Morgan and Agnew followed him, kicking Morgan back to fifth. 
Lap 95 – Battle for third is starting to head up as JP Morgan is having to work to hold off Jeff Agnew and Benny Gordon. 
Benny Gordon just doored the lap-down car of Brandon Sweet out of the way to maintain his fourth position. 
Johanna Long has gone behind the wall on lap 85. 
Lap 80: Rogers is up 10 carlengths on Matt Lofton. Third is JP Morgan, followed by Benny Gordon, Jeff Agnew, AJ Frank, Bryan Silas, Logan Ruffin and Ryan Heavner. 
AJ Frank is sliding back a tad, as he’s falled from the lead back to sixth, having just been passed by Rogers, Lofton, Morgan, Gordon and Agnew since the restart. 
Matt Lofton has moved to second on lap 76. 
Lap 74, Clay Rogers has made the pass back to the lead, getting by AJ Frank down low in turn three. 
David Wilson has hit pit road under green. 
Clay Rogers is charging hard on the inside and has taken second place from Matt Lofton and now has his sights set on the leader Frank. 
GREEN FLAG lap 70: AJ Frank has cleared the lapped traffic and leads through the heavy mess of oil-dry in turns one and two. 
Johanna Long is the free pass recipient. The track crew is still on the track cleaning up the oil dropped from Caleb Holman’s car. 
Restart order will be: Frank, Ruffin, Lofton, Morgan, Rogers, Gordon, Agnew, Wilson, Heavner 
The leaders have made their second pit. All of the leaders have now made their two stops to take tires and fuel on lap 64. 
Pit Stops: Rogers, Gordon and Agnew lead the leaders onto pit road. 
YELLOW FLAG: Caleb Holman has gone up in a puff of smoke on the frontstretch on lap 62. 
Clay Rogers has not gotten out to as much of a lead just yet as he had earlier. He’s still up to a healthy lead, but it’s stayed consistently about six carlengths over Gordon in the past few laps. 
Lap 55: Rogers leads Gordon, Agnew, Lofton as Ryan Heaver, who was fifth, has now lost that spot by Logan Ruffin and AJ Frank. Heavner now gets in line in seventh. 
Under the last caution, John Gibson received a one-lap penalty for having taken fuel before lap 50. 
GREEN FLAG: Rogers beat the lapped car of Brandon Sweet, who restarted on the inside lane, to turn one and leads by five carlengths on Gordon.
Holman is taking fuel…teams were instructed that they could not take fuel until lap 50, so an interesting strategy move for Holman. He’ll get to the tail of the field when they go green off turn four. 
Caleb Holman has brought his #75 to pit road as the field gets the one to go signal. The restart will come on lap 51. 
Restart order: Rogers, Gordon, Agnew, Holman, Lofton, Heavner, Gibson, Morgan, Ruffin, Frank 
Morgan, Gibson, Frank all hit pit road. In Pro Cup, teams can not change tires and fuel on the same stop. Rogers, Gordon, Agnew did not pit. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 45: Something broke under Stephen Nasse’s #51 going into turn one and the young driver slammed the turn-one wall hard. 
Nasse has moved to the inside of Benny Gordon on lap 43 to take the second spot, but he’s still a full straightaway behind the leader Rogers. 
Lap 40 – Nasse has closed to the rear bumper of Benny Gordon, utilizing the outside groove. 
Stephen Nasse just made a move on the outside by Jeff Agnew for the third spot. 
The next car that is about to go down a lap to the leader Rogers is Johanna Long here on lap 30. 
Lap 25: 1) Rogers 2) Gordon 3) Agnew 4) Nasse 5) Holman 6) Frank 7) Morgan 8) Lofton 9) Wilson 10) Heavner 
Teammates David Wilson and Ryan Heavner are side-by-side for ninth. 
Clay Rogers has a full straightaway lead on Benny Gordon and Jeff Agnew as he approaches the tail end of the field. He is about to lap Tyler Young and Brandon Sweet. 
Nasse just took fourth from Caleb Holman. 
Lap 19, Chase Elliott has been black flagged for a down window net. 
Stephen Nasse is in a hurry to get to the front. He just made a move to the bottom of AJ Frank for fifth. 
Stephen Nasse has moved to sixth by overtaking JP Morgan on lap 15. Nasse had passed Matt Lofton just about a lap before that. 
Benny Gordon has taken the second place away from Jeff Agnew on lap 12. 
Benny Gordon has closed to within a carlength of Jeff Agnew for second, but the entire field is single file with decent-sized gaps between most of the cars. 
Rogers has a 10 carlength lead over Agnew up front three laps in. 
Brandon Ward has start and parked a second Tyler Young entry. 
Fireworks shot off on turn three as the field went green, perking up the attention of the crews who thought there was a big crash…but there wasn’t. 
GREEN FLAG: Rogers has taken the lead into turn one over Agnew and Holman. 
The field has been given the one lap to green signal from the flagman. We’re set to run 200 laps here at Rockingham for the Pro Cup cars. 
Only 18 cars took time during qualifying yesterday, but 22 cars will go to green today. Brandon Ward did not take time after slapping the wall yesterday, but a second car is here today for Ward. Also, several teams unloaded backup cars to have other drivers essentially start and park at the rear of the field. 
Pro Cup Starting Lineup:
1. Clay Rogers
2. Jeff Agnew
3. Caleb Holman
4. AJ Frank
5. Benny Gordon
6. JP Morgan
7. Chase Elliott
8. Matt Lofton
9. David Wilson
10. Stephen Nasse
11. John Gibson
12. Brandon Sweet
13. Johanna Long
14. Ryan Heavner
15. Bryan Silas
16. Logan Ruffin
17. Tyler Young
18. Andrew Gordon
19. Julia Dawson
20. Brandon Ward
21. Michael Holt
22. Jeremy Bowser
Track owner Andy Hillenburg has given the command to fire engines for the USARacing Pro Cup Series event. The field has come to life here at The Rock. 
Pre-race ceremonies for the Carolina 200 USARacing Pro Cup event are underway. The command to start engines is 2 minutes away. 
Coleman, aka Hot Dog, Stroker, Batman or Pork Chop, did have a solid top-five run with his crate motor. We talked with him about the crate motor’s performance after the race and we’ll have more on that later in the week on Speed51.com
Comment From Mike D. 

Congrats Coleman – impressive run for a crate engine on a big track 

PHOTO: Brandon McReynolds (right) is given the UARA winner’s trophy from Rockingham Speedway track owner Andy Hillenburg (left). (51 Sports Photo) 
2. Paddy Rodenbeck
3. Lee Tissot
4. Alex Yontz
5. Coleman Pressley
6. Darrell Wallace, Jr.
7. Jamey Caudill
8. Kyle Grissom
9. Randy Benson
10. Brennan Poole
11. Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
12. Clay Greenfield
13. Scott Turlington
14. Dange Hanniford
15. Michael Rouse
16. Leigh Carruthers
17. Robert Johnson, Jr.
18. Clint King
19. Nate Monteith
20. Julia Dawson
21. Garrett Campbell
We’re back from getting quotes, photos and more information from the infield….stay tuned as results from the UARA feature are just about a minute or two away.The Pro Cup teams have assembled on pit road and the cars are gridded on the fronstretch. The green flag for the Carolina 200 is about a half hour away.
Brandon McReynolds has won today’s UARA event at Rockingham…more to come. 
White flag for McReynolds. 
Two to go…McReynolds is up about 15 carlengths on Rodenbeck. 
Three to go as McReynolds is in control. Lee Tissot now fills up the rear-view mirror of Rodenbeck for the second spot. 
Coleman Pressley runs door-to-door with Kyle Grissom for the fifth spot. Give Pressley the spot now in turn two. Darrell Wallace has followed Pressley by Grissom for sixth. 
McReynolds has a huge lead now on Rodenbeck with five to go
McReynolds opens up a six carlength lead with nine to go. 
GREEN FLAG: McReynolds holds the lead with Rodebeck falling in line on his rear bumper. 
There are 12 laps to go under caution: McReynolds, Rodenbeck, Yontz, Tissot, Pressley, Grissom, Poole, Caudill, Wallace, Randy Benson are your top-10. 
YELLOW FLAG: King slowed to bring out the yellow with a potential tire problem. 
Clint King has brought his #07 to pit road. 
GREEN FLAG: Give McReynolds the lead with Rodenbeck second. Clint King got a terrible restart and has fallen back to just inside the top-10. 
The field has been given the one lap to green signal from the flagman. 
The cleanup efforts are still ongoing to get Julia Dawson’s car away from the scene in turn two. 
Ronnie Bassett, Jr. is the free pass recipient and gets back on the lead lap. 
No leaders hit pit road under this caution. 
This yellow bunches up a strung-out field quit ea bit. 1) McReynolds 2) Rodenbeck 3) Yontz 4) King 5) Pressley 6) Tissot 7) Poole 8) Grissom 9) Caudill 10) Wallace 
YELLOW FLAG lap 50: Julia Dawson has looped her #1 in turn two and slammed the outside wall rear-end first. 
Alex Yontz has just put a move on Clint King once again for third on lap 47. 
Brandon McReynolds has just put Legends Car graduate Ronnie Bassett, Jr. a lap down. 
Garrett Campbell has brought his #12 to the garage and out of the race. 
Give Pressley the fifth spot now over Poole. 
Robert Johnson, Jr. has pulled his #11 machine to pit road. 
Coleman Pressley seems to have his struggles figured out, as he now looks to make a move on Brennan Poole for fifth on lap 42. 
King and Yontz have traded the third spot once again, with King passing Yontz on lap 38. 
HALFWAY: McReynolds, Rodenbeck, Yontz (who passed King for the spot one lap ago), King, Poole, Pressley (who is starting to fight back), Tissot, Grissom, Caudill, Greenfield, Wallace. 
Lap 30 of 75: It’s McReynolds up about 12 carlengths over Rodenbeck, who is a half-straightaway ahead of Clint King in third. 
Nate Monteith has brought his car to pit road and hit crew is not in any hurry to attend to a problem. 
Coleman Pressley seems to be wreslting his Celebrity’s Hot Dogs #59 as he’s lost three positions in the past few laps. 
McReynods has put Julia Dawson down a lap. 
The field is single file and starting to get strung out on lap 25. It’s McReynolds, Rodenbeck, King, Yontz, Poole, Tissot, Caudill, Grissom, Pressley. 
Clint King has moved his way up into the third spot 20 laps in. 
Lap 12, Brandon McReynolds has powered by Rodenbeck for the lead. 
Five laps in, it’s Rodenbeck up about six carlengths on McReynolds, who has about the same size gap back to Pole in third. Alex Yontz and Clint King ride in the top-five. 
The two run side-by-side for much of the opening lap, but give the lead to Rodenbeck one lap in. 
GREEN FLAG: Paddy Rodenbeck and Brandon McReynolds drag race to turn one. 
Hanniford has re-joined the field at the rear of the field as we’re just a few pace laps away from going green. 
The field has rolled away from the grid…on the first pace lap by, Dange Hanniford brought his #22 car to pit road. Hanniford was the slowest qualifier in time trials yesterday. 
PHOTO: With two features back-to-back today, the Pro Cup teams have set up their pit boxes behind the UARA team’s setups on pit road. (51 Sports Photo) 
The call to fire engines has come from the fans here at Rockingham…the UARA cars are running and we’re just about to kick off the Carolina 200 feature event day here at Rockingham. 
PHOTO: USARacing Pro Cup Series polesitter Clay Rogers’ #16 rests on jackstands in the garage awaiting its race later today. (51 Sports Photo). 
It’s a very warm morning already here at Rockingham. The temperatures are currently in the mid-80’s here just before 11am, but the temperatures are expected to get up into the mid-90’s by the time the Pro Cup cars go green around 1pm today. 
Thank you Shannon for everything you do for us! We hope to see you back at a racetrack here in the States again soon! 
Comment From shannon mines 

Thanks to y’all for allowing me to be able to keep up with racing while serving over in Iraq. 

UARA Starting Lineup:
Position – Car # – Name – Qualifying speed1 81 Paddy Rodenbeck 25.525
2 28 Brandon McReynolds 25.634
3 07 Clint King 25.695
4 5 Brennan Poole 25.821
5 50 Jamey Caudill 25.832
6 32 Kyle Grissom 25.878
7 59 Coleman Pressley 25.984
8 98 Alex Yontz 26.011
9 02 Randy Benson 26.036
10 23 Michael Rouse 26.120
11 48 Scott Turlington 26.185
12 84 Clay Greenfield 26.195
13 44 Lee Tissot 26.199
14 11 Lee Caruthers 26.262
15 12 Garrett Campbell 26.275
16 11 Robert Johnson 26.294
17 76 Darrell Wallace 26.342
18 04 Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 26.411
19 14 Nate Monteith 26.503
20 1 Julia Dawson 27.031
21 22 Dange Hanniford 27.057
PHOTO: The UARA field will be led to green by Paddy Rodenbeck (#81) and Brandon McReynolds (#28) with Clint King (#07) and Brennan Poole (#5) in the second row. (51 Sports Photo) 
The UARA cars have gridded on the frontstretch here at Rockingham as the fans flock into the grandstands. Teams are assembling their pit boxes as we speak, as well. The Pro Cup cars sit in their garage stalls in the infield awaiting their race later on today. 
Today’s schedule here at Rockingham:7:00am UARA Registration Opens
7:00am UARA Officials Meeting
7:30am UARA Garage Opens
8:00am USAR Registration Opens
8:00am USAR Officials Meeting
8:30am USAR Crew Chief Meeting
9:00am USAR Garage Opens
9:00am UARA Drivers Meeting
9:30am Track Services Meeting
10:00am USAR Drivers Meeting
10:15am Chapel Service
10:40am UARA Pre Race Ceremonies
11:00am UARA 75 lap Race
12:30pm USAR Pre Race Ceremonies
1:00pm USAR 200 lap Race
Welcome to a sunny and warm Rockingham Speedway. It’s always great to be back at “The Rock” and today fans of short track racing are in for a treat, as the USARacing Pro Cup Series and the UARA-Stars Late Model Stocks will hit the historic track for the Carolina 200 feature day.Matt “Duke” Kentfield is at the controls of today’s updates here at Rockingham. Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor brought you all the action from qualifying for both UARA and Pro Cup, as well as the Sunoco National Tour’s feature, here yesterday. To check out what happened on a busy Friday here at Rockingham, click here:

Trackside Now: UARA Stars & USARacing Pro Cup at Rockingham Speedway – 5/15/10