That concludes our Trackside Now coverage from tonight’s UARA event at Tri-County Motor Speedway.  Thank you to the UARA staff and officials for their hospitality tonight and we hope you enjoyed tonight’s action.We’ll have live Trackside Now coverage Saturday from the CRA Southern Six Pack Super Late Model event at Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia.  We’ll also have a live Speed 51 Radio broadcast of the feature event Saturday on RaceTalkRadio.com.

Don’t forget, Sunday, we’ll have live Trackside Now coverage from the TD Bank Oxford 250 from Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine.

Thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you tomorrow at GMP!

1 5 Brennan Poole
2 10 Matt Kurzejewski
3 12 Garrett Campbell
4 27 Lee Tissot
5 11 Robert Johnson
6 15 Brandon Knupp
7 32 Kyle Grissom
8 59 Coleman Pressley
9 28 Matt Leicht
10 07 Clint King
11 04 Ronnie Bassett Jr.
12 98 Alex Yontz
13 23 Michael Rouse
14 47 George Miedecke
15 1 Julia Dawson
16 18 Tyler English
17 48 Scott Turlington
18 47M Patrick Molesworth
19 57 Grant Wimbish
20 54 Kaleb Pressley
21 60 R.A. Brown
Brennan Poole celebrates his fourth UARA win of 2010
The water batch begins for tonight’s winner, Brennan Poole
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Thanks to Speed51.com for the updates, great coverage tonight!!!!! 

Comment From Rusty 

That’s 3 in a row for Poole & Fat Head Racing!!! 

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Thanks for the great coverage speed51 team. Congratulations to Brennan Poole, Jamie Yelton and the entire 

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Congrays to Brennan Poole aand Fat Head Racing, Jamie Yelton David King Greg Marlowe Racing Chassis and crew!! 

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Go Brennan!!!! 

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Thanks for doing a great job of keeping up with all the action. 

UARA Officials will be providing us an unofficial finish in just a few minutes 
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Thanks 51 for the coverage!peace,out. 

Unofficial top-five:  Brennan Poole, Matt Kurzjewski, Garrett Campbell, Lee Tissot, Robert Johnson. 
Brennan Poole has won tonight’s UARA-Stars feature event, keeping his hot streak going.  We’ll have more in a bit after post-race coverage is complete. 
Tissot jumps to the inside of Campbell for third as the white flag waves. 
GREEN FLAG: Lap 152: Poole opens up a three-carlength advantage on Kurzejewski 
Green-white-checkered restart upcoming.  One lap to green. 
That’s how they’re lining up on the track.  The first car a lap down is Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
Restart order: Poole, Kurzejewski, Campbell, Tissot, Johnson, Brandon Knupp (who scoring is now saying is on the lead lap, but most in the press box here are questioning that), Coleman Pressley, Matt Leicht, Kyle Grissom.  Those should be the only lead-lap cars. 
UARA officials are setting the lineup
Lead lap cars will move to the front of the field as we’ll have a green-white-checkered finish
As the field got slowed down, Turlington took a swerve at King’s car. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 145: Clint King has spun in turn one after getting tagged by Scott Turlington.  
Lap 142: Kurzejewski is reeling in the leader Poole.  There’s only two carlengths between them up front.  Third-place Garrett Campbell is a half-straightaway back of the top-two.
Lap 141: Patrick Molesworth has taken his #47 to pit road and the team is looking under the hood.
Lap 140: Bassett has heeded way to the lead-lap cars of Campbell, Tissot and Johnson
Garrett Campbell used the restart to make his way by Lee Tissot for third.  He still has the lapped car of Ronnie Bassett, Jr. between him and second-place Matt Kurzejewski 
RESTART Lap 132: Poole jumps up three carlengths on Kurzejewski 
Pressley has pitted after getting the Lucky Dog and is now back on the lead lap at the tail of the field. 
One lap to green 
While Grissom is on pit road, his crew is making a brief chassis adjustment and he has rejoined the field at the tali. 
Coleman Pressley is the Lucky Dog. 
Grissom will have to serve a stop-and-go penalty. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 129: Ronnie Bassett, Jr. has spun off the front bumper of Kyle Grissom.  Grissom has been given the black flag by UARA officials for rough-driving.
Lap 127:  Campbell has fought back and now passes Grissom for fourth and takes Johnson with him on the inside this time.  
Lap 125: Grissom has cleared Campbell for fourth on the outside and has taken Ronnie “The Rock” Bassett, Jr. with him 
Lap 125: Poole has no pressure from Kurzejewski, who likewise is clear by quite on Tissot.
Lap 120: Poole is up 12 carlengths on Kurzejewski.  Tissot has Pressley and about 12 carlengths behind him before a four-car battle for fourth between Grissom, Campbell, Bassett and Johnson 
Kurzejewski has moved to the high side of Pressley’s lapped car  and Tissot jumps to the inside to make it three-wide into three, before thinking better of it and backing off.  Kurzejewski now has no cars between himself and the leader Poole, while Tissot has cleared Pressley and rides in third.
Kurzejewski has passed the lapped car of Yontz on the restart and now looks to the outside of Pressley as Poole has opened up a big advantage. 
Pressley and Yontz will restart second and third, but are one lap down. 
Restart order: Poole, Kurzejewski, Tissot, Campbell, Grissom, Bassett, Johnson, King, Molesworth 
All cars continued on with minimal damage. 
Matt Leicht will be the Lucky Dog. 
Pressley and Yontz will be scored a lap down as they could not get back going before the leader put them a lap down under yellow.
Also included was Grant Wimbish 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 105: Scott Turlington and Coleman Pressley collided off turn two, collecting Yontz and King. 
Lap 105: Brennan Poole still leads now by about 10 carlengths.  
Coleman Pressley is starting to lose some momentum on the high side as Scott Turlington and Robert Johnson are lined up on the bottom ready to sneak by, but Pressley is not giving up on the high groove. 
Lap 100: Poole is up eight carlengths on Kurzejewski.  Tissot is five back of Kurzejewski in third.  Campbell, Grissom and Bassett are your top-six. 
Battle for sixth between Bassett on the inside and Coleman Pressley on the outside.  Give Bassett sixth on lap 99. 
Lap 95: Garrett Campbell has finally cleared Kyle Grissom for fourth after a long side-by-side battle.
Comment From mike bolick 

Poole ran the bottom to Victory last race at Tri-County 

A story of two different lines between the two leaders.  Poole is running right down on the yellow line on the inside groove, while Kurzejewski riding the high groove through the corners. 
Lap 86: Battle for fourth as Campbell jumps to the inside of Grissom, but Grissom holds strong on the outside.
RESTART Lap 84: Single-file restart has Poole opening up an early advantage on Kurzejewski, who has a mirror full of Lee Tissot
Quickie caution 
Pitting: English, Rouse, Leicht
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 80: The lapped cars of Tyler English and Michael Rouse knocked each other out in turn two just ahead of third-place Lee Tissot.  Tissot slammed on the binders to avoid the two lapped cars.  All cars continued on and Tissot will be given his spot back in third.
Matt Kurzejewski just ran into a lapped-car roadblock as Michael Rouse and Tyler English ran side-by-side, leaving the much faster Kurzejewski nowhere to go.  Kurzejewski forced the issue, briefly going three-wide, before picking both cars off one by one. 
HALFWAY Lap 75: Poole, Kurzejewski, Tissot, Grissom, Campbell, Pressley, Bassett, King, Turlington, Yontz, Johnson 
Lap 70: Brennan Poole has put Brandon Knupp a lap down.
Back behind Grissom and Campbell, Coleman Pressley has made his way up to sixth after his mid-pack starting spot. 
Lap 65: Garrett Campbell has reeled in Kyle Grissom for fourth.  They race door-to-door with Campbell on the inside and Grissom up top. 
Lap 60: Poole has moved his lead up to about five carlengths on Kurzejewski.  Tissot has finally made the move around Grissom on the bottom, taking third away.
Still clean and green now on lap 54.  Tissot and Grissom still run side-by-side for third.  Grissom on the high side and Tissot on the bottom.  The two have not touched since they began their battle several laps ago. 
Lap 50: Poole, Kurzejewski, Grissom, Tissot, Campbell, King, Pressley, Bassett, Turlington, Yontz, Johnxson, Leicht, Molesworth
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go 5, Hope you bring home another victory, Thanks Speed51 for the updates!!! 

Lap 45: Matt Kurzejewski has caught the leader Brennan Poole.  They run nose-to-tail once again for the top spot.  Grissom and Tissot are in a battle of their own, about a half-straightaway behind the two leaders.
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Lap 35: Things have gotten spaced out up front, as Poole is up three carlengths on Kurzejewski, who is five carlengths up on Grissom 
Comment From Corey Latham 

Keep your eyes on Campbell and King, as they didn’t leave as friends from the last race at Lonesome Pine, 

Lap 25: Poole, Kurzejewski, Grissom, Tissot, Campbell, King, Turlington, Pressley, Bassett, Molesworth are your top-10 
Lee Tissot has joined into the battle up front as the top-four now can fit under a blanket. 
Poole is running right on the bottom through the corners, while Kurzejewski and Grissom are running the high line, which is holding grip nicely for several drivers choosing to run upstairs. 
Lap 20: Kurzejewski and Grissom have caught back up to the leader Poole as the three run nose-to-tail. 
Lap 15: Grant Wimbish and R.A. Brown have taken their cars to pit road. Brown has pulled off and to his trailer, while Wimbish apparently has a right-rear tire going down. 
Lap 12: Coleman Pressley has entered the top-10 
Lap 10: Kyle Grissom is turning up the wick, moving into third past Garrett Campbell 
Comment From 32Fan 

Hoping the lights stay out for the NASCAR truck race until the UARA race is over. 

Lap 5: Poole, Kurzejewski, Campbell, Grissom, King, Rouse, Tissot, Wimbish 
King has been bumped out of the third spot by Garrett Campbell and is losing another spot now to Kyle Grissom. 
Lap 3: Brennan Poole has a three carlength advantage over Kurzejewski and Clint King 
GREEN FLAG: Kurzejewski and Poole drag-race through turns one and two before Poole took the lead in turn three. 
Yellow flag laps will count in this event 
One lap to green 
Several drivers have been bumped from their starting spot due to electing to work on their racecars during the post-qualifying impound or have elected to start at the rear. They are: Matt Leicht, R.A. Brown, George Miedecke and Brandon Knupp. 
Driver intros have concluded and engines are fired. The field is rolling off for five warmup laps before the green flag waves. 
There is an 11pm curfew here at this racetrack, so UARA officials are going to make this introduction process as quick as possible. 
Engines have fired and the cars are pulling up to the UARA pacecar on the frontstretch for driver introductions. 
Since our little delay for rain earlier, we’ve been dry here at TCMS. It’s still quite warm and muggy, but rain looks to be breaking up West of us so we should be good to go for 150 laps around this 4/10-mile facility. 
Comment From 32 fan 

How does the weather look at Tri-County? 

Finally two lucky fans have won their Bristol tickets…drivers are strapping into their racecars now. 
We’re delayed slightly as Bristol Motor Speedway’s Wayne Estes is holding a lengthy contest on the frontstretch for tickets to the upcoming Bristol NASCAR event. Fans are getting antsy and starting to get vocal for a winner to be announced quickly.
Thanks, Michael. Fans, while we get the field ready to rip here at Tri-County, head over to Z3sports.com for more on tonight’s Pro Late Model feature at Pensacola’s Five Flags Speedway. 
Comment From Michael Hughes 

DJ VanderLey is showing out again in the PLM 40-lapper at Five Flags. He took the pole with a 17.103, but rolled a five for the invert. Top five qualifiers are on the Gas -N- Go section of Z3Sports.com if you guys want to post it in your down time. 

Greg Austin won the…um…interesting Renegade feature.Next race will be the main event, the 150-lap UARA feature.
We’re now down to three cars in this feature. It’s now a 25-lap race, meaning there are four laps to go. 
We’re now down to three cars in this feature. It’s now a 25-lap race, meaning there are four laps to go. 
With nine laps to go, we’re under red in the Renegade race.  Two cars, Dylan Crouch and Dan Moore, decided to play “car wars” with one another in an eight-car Renegades feature.  Both drivers swapped paint a few times racing for the lead before Moore was sent to the rear for spinning Crouch out of the lead.  Then, both drivers came back through the field to the front and rubbed a few more times before Crouch nudged Moore out of the lead.  Then, things came to a head when Moore didn’t lift going into turn-one on lap 21, t-boning Crouch’s car, sending both cars into the wall.  No further hijinks ensued, but it was a wild display of racing here in this 30-lap undercard event. 
Sue Kimmel was the winner of the Vintage race. 
The Vintage feature is wrapped up and a 30-lap Renegade race is ready to go. 
Comment From ShortTracker 

Kurzejweski knows how to get around this track , won a few weeks ago with his Pistone LTO latemodel . Good luck ! 

The sunset here in Hudson, NC. (51 Sports Photo)
The Vintage cars are green in their feature. 
Another name to add to the “people of interest” list here tonight is Wayne Estes, Vice President of Bristol Motor Speedway.  Estes, a fan of Speed51.com and short track racing in general, is checking out tonight’s action as a fan.  Bristol Motor Speedway held UARA races for several years, but no longer does, which is a real shame for short track fans.  
The UARA cars have pulled off the track and are back on pit road as the Carolina Vintage Cars are ready for their 20-lap feature. 
It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of a recent on-track rivalry between two off-track buddies, Coleman Pressley and Brennan Poole.  Twice this season, contact has been made between the two roommates on the track, resulting in some heated moments in the pit area.  
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I hope Coleman has his swim trunks on cause he’s gettin dipped in the POOLE! 

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Thanks for the coverage 🙂 I sure hope Kyle Grissom’s luck turns around tonight. 

We also caught up with Kyle Grissom, who said that he was happy with his #32 during a long run in practice, so he is optimistic about tonight’s feature.  He said that he and crew chief Nick Hutchens have experimented with a race setup for tonight’s show.Grissom’s team has suffered through two engine problems and a broken hub in its three most recent races, so a strong run would go a long way for that team.
Coleman Pressley will have to come from deep in the field tonight.
We caught up with Coleman Pressley during the autograph session and he admitted that he’s not much of a qualifier, but he has a good feeling about his Celebrity’s Hot Dogs #59 car here tonight. 
Polesitter Matt Kurzejewski signs an autograph
Down on the track during the autograph session, in addition to the short track stars competing with the UARA tour, we did see some other names of interest hanging out here tonight.NASCAR Sprint Cup Series regular Joey Logano is here tonight hanging out with some of his buddies.

Former UARA regular and current part-time ARCA competitor Brandon McReynolds is here serving as spotter for Australian George Miedecke tonight.

Former NASCAR East Series regular and part-time NASCAR Camping World Truck and Nationwide Series competitor Marc Davis is here hanging out with the Patrick Molesworth team.

The autograph session is just about over.  The racetrack is starting to dry, just as expected, all on its own. 
Good news, folks.  The rain has become a light mist, but UARA teams have been asked to move to the frontstretch to prepare for the autograph session.  UARA and track officials are hoping that the track will dry on its own during the autograph session as the sun has poked out.
The rain had picked up for a time, but has turned back to a sprinkle here.  No drying attempts have begun yet, but it’s safe to say that we’ve lost the racetrack so it’ll be a while before we’re able to get cars on the racetrack. 
Strike that about Knupp’s car cover…it appears he has borrowed one from another team and now will have a dry car from here on in…but it’s been raining for 20 minutes so his car will be a little soggy when he gets ready for tonight’s feature. 
All the cars (well, except for Brandon Knupp’s car as it seems they have not brought one) sit underneath car covers.
A slight sprinkle has fallen on Tri-County Motor Speedway.  While it’s raining here, the sun is out to back behind the backstretch, so hopefully this won’t stick around long..
Renegades are qualifying, which will be followed by the UARA autograph session.  
The Renegade division is currently on track for practice.  The UARA teams are getting ready for their autograph session, which will begin shortly.
Now, now…it’s a long race and Poole has been good here in the past, but anything can happen here.  What will be interesting is to see if guys like Coleman Pressley and Alex Yontz, both multiple-time UARA winners, can come to the front from their deep starting positions.
Comment From R2D2 

Poole takes win at Tri-County… Oh sorry. Too early. 

1 Matt Kurzejewski 16.265
2 Brennan Poole 16.298
3 Clint King 16.358
4 Michael Rouse 16.372
5 Grant Wimbish 16.373
6 Garrett Campbell 16.378
7 Lee Tissot 16.408
8 Kyle Grissom 16.415
9 Scott Turlington 16.427
10 Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 16.439
11 R.A. Brown 16.474
12 Patrick Molesworth 16.499
13 Coleman Pressley 16.504
14 Alex Yontz 16.517
15 Robert Johnson 16.524
16 Kaleb Pressley 16.557
17 George Miedecke 16.623
18 Matt Leicht 16.674
19 Tyler English 16.799
20 Julia Dawson 16.878
21 Brandon Knupp 16.949
Matt Leicht has elected to work on his car post-qualifying and will have to start at the rear of the field. 
Unofficially, your front row will be Matt Kurzejewski and Brennan Poole 
The last car to qualify, Matt Kurzejewski, has unofficially set fast time. 
Matt Kurzejewski
Lap 1: 16.506
Lap 2: 16.265
Best Lap: 16.265
Scott Turlington
Lap 1: 16.567
Lap 2: 16.427
Best Lap: 16.427
Garrett Campbell
Lap 1: 16.518
Lap 2: 16.378
Best Lap: 16.378
Coleman Pressley
Lap 1: 16.641
Lap 2: 16.504
Best Lap: 16.504
Grant Wimbish
Lap 1: 16.537
Lap 2: 16.373
Best Lap: 16.373
Brandon Knupp
Lap 1: 17.054
Lap 2: 16.949
Best Lap: 16.949 
Clint King is second-quick. 
Clint King
Lap 1: 16.555
Lap 2: 16.358
Best Lap: 16.358
Lee Tissot
Lap 1: 16.522
Lap 2: 16.408
Best Lap: 16.408
Brennan Poole now has quick time. 
Brennan Poole
Lap 1: 16.483
Lap 2: 16.298
Best Lap: 16.298
Michael Rouse now has quick time. 
Michael Rouse
Lap 1: 16.677
Lap 2: 16.372
Best Lap: 16.372
Robert Johnson
Lap 1: 16.667
Lap 2: 16.524
Best Lap: 16.524
R.A. Brown
Lap 1: 16.54
Lap 2: 16.474
Best Lap: 16.474
Tyler English
Lap 1: 16.961
Lap 2: 16.799
Best Lap: 16.799
Kaleb Pressley
Lap 1: 16.595
Lap 2: 16.557
Best Lap: 16.557
Kyle Grissom now has quick time. 
Kyle Grissom
Lap 1: 16.537
Lap 2: 16.415
Best Lap: 16.415
Patrick Molesworth
Lap 1: 16.642
Lap 2: 16.499
Best Lap: 16.499
Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
Lap 1: 16.596
Lap 2: 16.439
Best Lap: 16.439
George Miedecke
Lap 1: 16.833
Lap 2: 16.623
Best Lap: 16.623
Julia Dawson
Lap 1: 17.036
Lap 2: 16.878
Best Lap: 16.878
Alex Yontz
Lap 1: 16.647
Lap 2: 16.517
Best Lap: 16.517
Matt Leicht
Lap 1: 16.816
Lap 2: 16.674
Best Lap: 16.674
Qualifying is underway. 
Matt Leicht will be the first car to qualify. 
The driver’s meeting has concluded here at TCMS and we’ll be green with qualifying soon. 
Newton is an occasional UARA competitor these days after spending a few seasons on the tour, but is not here tonight. We’re betting he’ll be at Concord Speedway in Concord, NC with his Pro Late Model in the Pro-Five Series event Saturday night. Concord was supposed to have an open practice tonight for that event, but weather has forced tonight’s practice to be cancelled at Concord. 
Comment From classic vinyl 

Roger Lee Newton anywhere to be found? 

Thanks, “race fan!” Other fans can feel free to send us your comments or questions throughout the evening here at Tri-County and we’ll do the best we can to get to them all. 
Comment From race fan 

wish the race was online you guys do a good job keep up 

We have uploaded a bunch of photos we snapped during the second round of practice to our Facebook page. If you’re not already a fan of Speed51.com on Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/speed51, click on “Like” at the top of the page, then check out the gallery that we posted just a few minutes ago from Tri-County. 
Tyler English’s #18 car was missing door numbers during practice.
Also as a reminder fans, if you’re headed to any racetrack around the country (and we hope you are, because there’s some great short track events all over the place), send us your mobile phone photos straight from your email-enabled mobile phone or from your home computer to [email protected] all weekend long. Whether it’s a victory lane photo or just something funny or cool that you saw at the track that you want to share, send it to us and we’ll use it in our weekend photo galleries on Speed51.com
We’ll put a few more photos up here before qualifying, but we’ll be putting up a photo gallery full of car shots that we snapped during practice on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/speed51 in just a little bit if you don’t see your favorite driver’s car posted here on Trackside Now. 
The track sits quiet as UARA cars go through the tech line. Qualifying is set to begin in about 45 minutes. 
Late Model standout Matt McCall (right) chats with Clint King’s grandfather about King’s fast #10 car.
It’s in the mid-90’s here at Tri-County today, so staying cool is important to drivers and their racecars, as Lee Tissot demonstrates by keeping the engine cool in his #27.
Brandon Knupp’s #15 machine.
One name making his way back to the Late Model ranks is Ohio native-turned North Carolinian Brandon Knupp. Knupp has spent the last few years competing in the ARCA Series and some part-time starts in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Knupp has been building his own #15 car for a while now and is making his first UARA start here tonight. 
Matt Kurzejewski was happy being the fastest in the first practice session, so he spent the second round staying in the pits, in his shorts, decaling his #10 car.
Practice for the Carolinas Vintage Cars has concluded here on the track. The UARA Late Models are starting to make their way to the tech line for qualifying. 
Brennan Poole was the quickest in final UARA practice. Poole also won the last UARA race here at Tri-County.
The points coming into tonight are very close. All season long it’s been a see-saw back and forth between Coleman Pressley and Brennan Poole. Poole leads after scoring win in each of the last two events. However Poole and Pressley had a bit of a run in last time out and both have said “you’ll have that in racing”. We will see if any of that carries over into tonight.TOP FIVE IN UARA-STARS POINTS
1. Brennan Poole 1014
2. Coleman Pressley 989
3. Kyle Grissom 884
4. Lee Tissot 844
5. Alex Yontz 826
1 5 Brennan Poole 16.231
2 07 Clint King 16.257
3 12 Garrett Campbell 16.351
4 32 Kyle Grissom 16.368
5 48 Scott Turlington 16.394
6 27 Lee Tissott 16.422
7 59 Coleman Pressley 16.436
8 11 Robert Johnson 16.488
9 04 Ronnie Bassett Jr. 16.521
10 1 Julia Dawson 16.569
11 98 Alex Yontz 16.574
12 47 George Miedecke 16.577
13 57 Grant Wimbish 16.650
14 28 Matt Leicht 16.788
15 47M Patrick Molesworth 16.794
16 18 Tyler English 16.845
17 23 Michael Rouse 16.858
18 54 Kaleb Pressley 16.868
19 15 Brandon Knupp 16.871
20 60 R.A. Brown 17.043
21 10 Matt Kurzejewski Did not Practice
The Second practice is in the books. Brennan Poole and Clint King were the two quickest cars. 
Our man in the pits, Matt “Duke” Kentfield has gotten the info that Matt Kurzejewski was quickest in first practice with a lap of 16.340. Scott Turlington, Grant Wimbish, Kyle Grissom, and Lee Tissot made up the rest of the top five.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor is working the keys in the tower for practice.
Most teams must feel they are good for qualifying because the track has not had any more than four cars on it at a time. This is the second session and it will last until 3:45pm. 
Tonight is a kick off of a big weekend here on Speed51.com. We will have Trackside tonight here at Tri-County and tomorrow at Gresham Motorsports Park for the CRA Super Series Southern Six Pack Event. It all ends with Trackside Now coverage from the 37th Annual TD Bank 250 in Oxford, Maine. Plus our friends at Legendsnation.com will have all the coverage of the Legends Million event at Charlotte Motor Speedway over the course of the weekend. 
Kyle Grissom comes onto pit road during practice. (51 Sports Photos)
In these days of high-tech camera and messaging mobile phones, there’s almost as many fans and crew members taking victory lane photos with phones as there are real cameras every weekend at the track. That’s why we’re now encouraging everyone to share their victory lane photos or shots of anything crazy or cool around the racetracks with us! Send us your emails right from your e-mail-enabled mobile phones, or from your personal camera when you get back from the track, to [email protected]. We’ll collect all the photos and use them in our weekend Photo Galleries here on Speed51.com and our Facebook page. So add [email protected] to your phone’s email contacts and send us your photos this weekend!
3:00- 3:45 UARA Practice
3:50-4:10 Carolina Vintage Practice
4:15 UARA Tech Line Open
5:00 UARA Tech Line Closes (Come in your group or lose 1 lap qualifying
5:00 Grandstands Open
5:00 Gate Opens for Renegades
5:10 UARA Drivers and Spotters meeting at the UARA Trailer (only drivers and spotters) (miss meeting start in rear – there will be a roll call)
5:30 UARA Qualifying followed by
6:00 6:15 Renegade Practice
6:30 Renegade Qualifying
Renegade Drivers meeting immediately after qualifying at UARA Trailer
6:45-7:45 Autograph Session
8:00 Gentlemen start your EnginesCarolina Vintage 20 Laps
Renegade 30 Laps
The second practice is all ready underway. 
1 32 Kyle Grissom
2 04 Ronnie Bassett Jr.
3 10 Matt Kurzejewski
4 07 Clint King
5 57 Grant Wimbish
6 5 Brennan Poole
7 11 Robert Johnson
8 1 Julia Dawson
9 48 Scott Turlington
10 23 Michael Rouse
11 15 Brandon Knupp
12 47 George Miedecke
13 59 Coleman Pressley
14 47M Patrick Molesworth
15 54 Kaleb Pressley
16 60 R.A. Brown
17 27 Lee Tissott
18 12 Garrett Campbell
19 18 Tyler English
20 2 Matt Leicht
21 98 Alex Yontz
We have 21 cars in the pits for tonight’s 150 lap event. Brennan Poole comes into this race as the point leader. Poole also won the event here earlier in the season. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Tri-County Speedway. Today we are visiting the northwestern portion of North Carolina with the Late Model Stock touring series UARA-Stars. This is the 11th event of the 2010 season for UARA and their second and final stop here at Tri-County.

Trackside Now: UARA-Stars – UARA 150 at Tri-County Speedway – 7/16/10