On behalf of Speed51.com, congrats to Steve Wallace on the victory tonight. Good night.









This concludes our coverage from Concord Speedway. We will have some extra post-race coverage from this race this week on Speed51.com. Later in the week, we will have Trackside Now coverage from the North-South Shootout at Caraway Speedway and coverage of some form from the UARA-CARS Pro Cup season finales at The Rock.Speed51 is also gearing up for coverage of some big Late Model races in the upcoming weeks. We hope you can join us for the World Crown, Governor’s Cup, and Snowball Derby. Click the images to learn more.



Jesse Little crashed early but laboured on to 11th (Speed51.com Photo) 



Brennan Poole is your 2011 UARA Champion (Speed51.com Photo) 



Steven Wallace in victory lane (Speed51.com Photo) 



Results to tonight’s Celebrity Hot Dogs 150:1 66 Steve Wallace 150
2 7 Brennan Poole 150
3 22 Bo Foust 150
4 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 150
5 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr. 150
6 9 George Miedecke 150
7 18 David Roberts 150
8 25 Greg Peterson 150
9 77 Alex Yontz 150
10 48 Scott Turlington 150
11 97 Jesse Little 148
12 92 Terry Brooks, Jr. 147
13 96 Andrew Thomas 124
14 23 Michael Rouse 58
15 17 Jay Payne 35
16 26 Joey Herques 23
17 72 Garrett Campbell 5

DNS: Doc Miracle #32



Comment From Lisa Congratulations to Steven– Keep his grandfather Russ in your prayers he has been in the hospital…



We’re back from tech. All cars have appeared to clear tech. Steve Wallace pending something we missed is your winner with Poole finishing second to claim the 2011 title.



Steven Wallace in victory lane. 



We’re going to go down and talk to Wallace and the other top finishers, grab you some pictures and the results.



Wallace was running a Jamie Yelton motor tonight.



Our pleasure. The UARA season finale is next week at Rockingham. Join us if you can then!



Comment From Greg Thanks for the coverage 🙂



Rodenbeck will be fourth with Bobby Measmer earning a career-best UARA finish as well with fifth as his home facility.



LAP 150 – Steve Wallace wins the Celebrity Hot Dogs 150. It’s his 4th career victory in seventeen career starts. Brennan Poole finishes second and will claim the 2011 UARA STARS championship. Bo Foust sets a career best mark in third.



LAP 149 – WHITE FLAG – Steve Wallace by six carlengths.



LAP 148 – Poole is suddenly catching Steve Wallace but it will probably be too little too late.



LAP 145 – Hard to tell on whose on the lead lap and not, but barring the unexpected with five laps to go the top six look locked in with Wallace, Poole, Foust, Rodenbeck, Measmer and Miedecke.



LAP 143 – Foust had almost caught Poole but now fades some three carlengths back.



LAP 140 – Ten to go – Wallace is looking for his first series victory since 2004.



LAP 139 – Foust looks as though he’s going to catch Poole for second.



LAP 135 – Steve Wallace by three carlengths on Poole. Four more back to Foust. Rodenbeck has a carlength and a half on Measmer.



LAP 132 – Measmer making a late race charge as he wants to take fourth from Rodenbeck. Miedecke shadowing both.



LAP 131 – RESTART – Wallace gone by two carlengths. Foust falls way behind the front two.



Frankly, that may be the most suspenful part of the end of this race. He has everyone covered.



Comment From Chris Hey, who know, maybe Steven will be legal tonight.



LAP 127 – Turlington will pit, Peterson will get the free pass.



LAP 126 – Thomas pulls up to pit but winds up just simply pulling into the garage. High attrition factor tonight.



LAP 125 – CAUTION NO 4 – Terry Brooks, Jr. by himself spins and backs it into the turn three wall. It’s the end to his first asphalt race in three years.



LAP 123 – Wallace is running away with a borrowed motor after his blew in first practice. He’s had issues the last few UARA starts with his motors getting DQed so we’ll see if the new motor clears everything fine or causes more headaches for the #66.



LAP 122 – Rodenbeck reclears Measmer, Miedecke now back to work on Measmer.



LAP 120 – GREEN – Wallace and Poole away. Foust spins the tires and stacks up the field behind him. Measmer and Rodenbeck at it for fourth.



LAP 119 – ONE TO GO – Poole may not win tonight, but he will likely clinch the title. All he needs to do is finish ahead of Miedecke and Yontz.



LAP 117 – 1) Wallace 2) Poole 3) Bo Foust 4) Rodenbeck 5) Measmer 6 ) Miedecke . Maybe Yontz in seventh. Things are jumbled up as we still work caution.



LAP 116 – David Roberts appears as though he has gotten the free pass.



LAP 115 – Yontz will pit again. Rodenbeck has had the comeback of the night, up to fourth after nearly being lapped with a damaged car.



LAP 114 – CAUTION No. 3 – Bo Foust and Greg Peterson get together racing for third. Peterson winds up spinning out of three and into the outside wall.



LAP 112 – Wallace now leading by an entire straightway.



LAP 110 – Bo Foust now pressuring Peterson for third.



LAP 109 – Steve Wallace looks like he may lead this one wire-to-wire tonight. Poole still easily in second but fading more and more as the laps wear on.



LAP 106 – More contact between Miedecke and Measmer with Measmer finally taking the spot through the dogleg.



LAP 105 – Measmer under Miedecke, they beat a little in turn one.



LAP 103 – Wallace in his own zip code over Poole. Combined, they are in their own country, some 20 carlengths up on third place Peterson.



LAP 101 – Measmer now all over Miedecke for sixth.



LAP 99 – Rodenbeck literally trying to bump draft Foust past Miedecke. Both drivers clear and enter the top-five.



LAP 96 -Peterson finally takes third with Foust now under Miedecke for fourth.



LAP 95 – Peterson lays the chrome horn to Miedecke through three as they race for third.



LAP 92 – Roberts and Thomas side-by-side for about twelfth, one lap off the pace.



LAP 91 – Rodenbeck has continued a nice run through the field after having to pit for damage on the first caution. He’s tracking down Foust for fifth.



LAP 90 – Wallace and Poole are easily the two best cars here as they begin to poole away, bad puns aside.



LAP 87 – RESTART – Wallace jumps out to a two carlength lead. Miedecke two carlengths further back in third.



LAP 86 – Turlington pits forfeiting his free pass. One to go.



Bo Foust is having a career night. He’s in fifth place, not too bad for a driver whose two career starts have resulted in finishes of 25th and 18th.



LAP 84 – Major adjustments on the Yontz machine.



LAP 83 – CAUTION – Measmer and Yontz hit pit road. Turlington in ninth gets the free pass.



LAP 82 – CAUTION NO. 2 – Debris in turn three.



LAP 81 – Turlington loses the lead lap. Wallace leads Poole by 6-8 carlengths.



LAP 79 – Peterson still pressuring Miedecke. Foust looking under Yontz for fifth.



LAP 77 – Peterson and Miedecke hold on after Miedecke pinched Peterson low as they raced side by side for third and serious contact was made.



LAP 75 – HALFWAY – Wallace, Poole, Miedecke, Peterson, Yontz, Foust, Measmer, Rodenbeck, Turlington (last car on the lead lap), Thomas (-1), and Brooks (-1) are your top eleven. Little is the only other car left on the track and he is already three in the rears.



LAP 74 – Turlington has slipped to eighth and looks like he will lose it to Paddy Rodenbeck in half a sec.



LAP 72 – Miedecke clear of Peterson by a carlength but they are a straightaway and a half behind the lead duo.



LAP 70 – Wallace has lapped up to ninths, about five carlengths up on Poole.



LAP 69 – Peterson heavily pressuring Miedecke.



LAP 67 – Miedecke third, Peterson to fourth, Yontz to fifth.



LAP 66 – Miedecke got underneath Yontz through one but Miedecke slid through the dogleg. Persistence pays off though as Miedecke clears on the front.



LAP 65 – Miedecke gave Yontz a shove last lap. Peterson watching. Peterson is making just his sixth career start with a best finish of 10th earlier this year at Anderson.



LAP 62 – Foust by Turlington for sixth. Rodenbeck and Brooks make slight contact racing for 10th.



LAP 60 – Battle for third heating up as three cars – Yontz, Miedecke, and Peterson set to do battle.



LAP 57 – Rouse’s motor has let go after we heard it sounding funny the last dozen laps.



LAP 55 – Wallace catching the back of the field as he laps Little for a second time and is catching lead lappers Roberts.



LAP 53 – Rouse has regrouped and is catching Turlington for sixth with pressure from Bo Foust on both drivers.



LAP 51 – Terry Brooks trying to take 10th from Thomas but getting awfully loose when trying to power underneath off the corner.



LAP 49 – Yontz all alone in third, some 15-20 carlengths behind Poole and some 8-12 carlengths up on Miedecke.



LAP 48 – Wallace has the biggest lead of the night by some three or four carlengths.



LAP 46 – Poole’s car starting to lose traction off the corner. Peterson getting past Turlington for fifth.



LAP 45 – Miedecke has gotten past Turlington for fourth.



LAP 45 – Wallace, Poole, Yontz, Turlington, and Miedecke your top-five. Greg Peterson, Rouse, Measmer, Bo Foust, and Andrew Thomas your top-ten.



LAP 40 – Rouse may be dragging exhaust pipes and will be called to pit road soon.



LAP 38 – Jay Payne hits pit road with severe overheating.



LAP 33 – Give a call to Greg Peterson who is 7th and is keeping up with the battle for fifth.



LAP 31 – Poole has never really threatened Wallace but never fallen far at all from the rear bumper. Miedecke looking at Rouse for fifth.



LAP 29 -GREEN – Wallace gets a one-carlength jump on the field. Herques has left his car on pit road as he walks to the hauler.



Rodenbeck will rejoin the field after a quick look.



LAP 27 – ONE TO GO- Rodenbeck pits to look at damage from the scrape with the Turn One wall.



CAUTION NO. 1 – LAP 25 – Jesse Little loops it in turn three after overdriving the corner on his own. Fairly minimal damage after backing it into the wall.



LAP 25 – Herques, who had not moved from the rear since the start, hits pit road.



LAP 24 – Miedecke takes sixth from Measmer as Measmer hangs off Peterson for seventh.



LAP 22 – Measmer and Miedecke have caught Turlington and Rouse for fourth and fifth.



LAP 20 – Little trying to get into the top-ten. Terry Brooks, Jr. meanwhile nearly spins out in the dogleg but keeps going after losing a few spots.



LAP 15 – Tight racing at the back of the field. Seven cars under a blanket led by the slightly wounded Rodenbeck.



LAP 13 – Poole still laying about two carlengths back of Wallace as Yontz fades from the top duo.



LAP 12 – Miedecke takes seventh from Greg peterson. He’s made up four spots thus far.



LAP 9 – Campbell to the garage. Night over. Wallace by one carlength on Poole, two more back to Yontz, and then a huge gap to Turlington.



LAP 7 – Rouse and Turlington still run side-by-side for fourth with Turlington starting to gain an advanatage.



LAP 6 – Trackbar broke on Campbell’s machine. Wallace leads Poole by a carlength.



LAP 4 – Campbell broke something down the fronstretch and fades from fourth in a hurry.



LAP 3 – Paddy Rodenbeck fishtailed into the wall out of turn one, keeps it going with some rear damage.



LAP 2 – Wallace, Poole, Yontz top three. Campbell in fourth with Rouse side by side with Turlington for fifth.



GREEN – LAP 1 – Wallace gets a good jump and Poole out of one.



One lap to go to green.



The fluid from Herques’ car has now been cleaned up and we should be green here in just a few more circuits.



Brennan Poole could clinch the championship here tonight with one race to go (next week at Rockingham). He enters the race with over a 160 point advantage on a stacked field of cars vying for second. The max points one can earn in a race is right around 120 points so a top-five finish for Poole should lock it up.



Joey Herques’ car has restarted and is blending to the rear.



Track crew is tending to the area where Herques’ car was sitting on the grid so perhaps Herques was dropping oil or grease.



Extra pace laps will be run to help get heat in the tires.



Cars rolling. Herques being pushed to the infield.



Cars rolling off the grid. 



The cars have re-fired after intros except for Herques. We’ll see if he will join Miracle on the sidelines or if some last minute work from his team can save the day.



Joey Herques team is now working feverishly on their car as it looks like something mechanical has gone wrong.



Doc Miracle has had a last-minute technical issue and does not appear as though he will be able to start tonight’s race.



Here’s your starting line up for tonight’s Celebrity Hog Dogs 150:1 66 Steve Wallace 16.339
2 7 Brennan Poole 16.42
3 72 Garrett Campbell 16.42
4 77 Alex Yontz 16.428
5 23 Michael Rouse 16.516
6 48 Scott Turlington 16.523
7 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr. 16.556
8 25 Greg Peterson 16.564
9 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.578
10 22 Bo Foust 16.624
11 9 George Miedecke 16.625
12 17 Jay Payne 16.67
13 96 Andrew Thomas 16.713
14 18 David Roberts 16.762
15 97 Jesse Little 16.853
16 92 Terry Brooks, Jr. 16.88
17 32 Doc Miracle 17.315
18 26 Joey Herques 17.482



UARA cars rolling off the pit road and will do rolling driving intros.



Terry Horn in the #27 won the Vintage feature.



Three years of watching Vintage Cars race and this is the first time I’ve seen one crash as the $ (yes, the $) car hits the frontstretch wall slightly.



Sun has set here in Concord, NC as the Vintage Cars get one laps to go.



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UARA cars moving off the frontstretch now and to pit road to wait out the Vintage race.



Bobby Measmer, Jr. talks with Death (Speed51.com Photo) 



I’m not honestly a tech guru, but my understanding is that these cars are vastly different to the PLMs. UARA is much more of a LMSC series.



Comment From bgf2 how close are these cars to the Pro Late Models that will run in the Snowflake 100?



Fans pack the frontstretch for the autograph session (Speed51.com Photo) 



The Carolina Vintage cars, with what looks like about 6 cars in today’s race, will roll off first at 7 with the UARA STARS right in after 20 laps of Vintage Cars.



We’re back as the UARA STARS officials are currently awarding prizes to a boy and a girl who wore the best costume.



The autograph session will begin shortly. The staff here is going to take a dinner break and hang out with the stars and cars of the UARA STARS.



Even after a hot lap, Garrett Campbell was quickly back in the hoodie (Speed51.com Photo) 



All’s well for Steven Wallace now even after a blown motor in practice (Speed51.com Photo) 



Okay, so here is your full field rundown:1 66 Steve Wallace 16.339
2 7 Brennan Poole 16.42
3 72 Garrett Campbell 16.42
4 77 Alex Yontz 16.428
5 23 Michael Rouse 16.516
6 48 Scott Turlington 16.523
7 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr. 16.556
8 25 Greg Peterson 16.564
9 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.578
10 22 Bo Foust 16.624
11 9 George Miedecke 16.625
12 17 Jay Payne 16.67
13 96 Andrew Thomas 16.713
14 18 David Roberts 16.762
15 97 Jesse Little 16.853
16 92 Terry Brooks, Jr. 16.88
17 32 Doc Miracle 17.315
18 26 Joey Herques 17.482



48 Scott TurlingtonL1: 16.671
L2: 16.523
L3: 16.587
L4: 16.641

Time of Record: 16.523
Position: 6th of 18



Wallace talks with his crew after taking the pole. 



Scott Turlington will now get another attempt at qualifying. Due to the issue he had with his transponder on the initial run.



Here is the unofficial starting lineup, also pending whatever Scott Turlington’s time was1 66 Steve Wallace 16.339
2 7 Brennan Poole 16.42
3 72 Garrett Campbell 16.42
4 77 Alex Yontz 16.428
5 23 Michael Rouse 16.516
6 14 Bobby Measmer, Jr. 16.556
7 25 Greg Peterson 16.564
8 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.578
9 22 Bo Foust 16.624
10 9 George Miedecke 16.625
11 17 Jay Payne 16.67
12 96 Andrew Thomas 16.713
13 18 David Roberts 16.762
14 97 Jesse Little 16.853
15 92 Terry Brooks, Jr. 16.88
16 32 Doc Miracle 17.315
17 26 Joey Herques 17.482



Steve Wallace has won the pole.



66 Steve WallaceL1 17.593
L2 16.849
L3 16.474
L4 16.339

Time of Record: 16.339

Position: POLE



We are having issues with Scott Turlington’s time. There appears to have been a malfunction on his transponder



72 Garrett CampbellL1 17.447
L2 16.647
L3 16.536
L4 16.42

Time of Record: 16.42
Position: TIED with Brennan Poole for pole. Will go to thousands of a second.



77 Alex YontzL1 17.324
L2 16.744
L3 16.543
L4 16.428

Time of Record: 16.428

Position: 2nd of 15



92 Terry Brooks, Jr.L1 18.03
L2 17.967
L3 16.88
L4 17.028

Time of Record: 16.88
Position: 12th of 14



32 Doc MiracleL1 18.607
L2 17.465
L3 17.315

Time of Record: 17.315

Position: 12 of 13



Steven Wallace will go out for time trials. 



17 Jay PayneL1 18.4
L2 17.056
L3 16.81
L4 16.67

Time of Record: 16.67



Steven Wallace will go out for time trials. 



97 Jesse LittleL1 18.108
L2 17.47
L3 16.969
L4 16.853

Time of Record 16.853
Position: 10th of 11



25 Greg PetersonL1: ?
L2: 16.901
L3: 16.659
L4: 16.564

Time of Record: 16.564
Position: 4th of 10



7 Brennan PooleL1: 17.309
L2: 16.633
L3: 16.482
L4: 16.42

Time of Record: 16.42
Position: 1st of 9



22 Bo FoustL1 ?
L2 17.009
L3 16.77
L4 16.624

Time of Record: 16.624
Poistion: 5th of 8



Bo Foust is making his first UARA race since his father was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. We are pleasing to report that Foust’s father is in remission



Comment From Guest Go Bobby Measmer!!! #14….



14 Bobby Measmer, Jr.L1 18.133
L2 16.906
L3 16.556
L4 ?

Time of Record: 16.556
Position: 2nd of 7



18 David RobertsL1 18.15
L2 17.379
L3 16.918
L4 16.762

Time of Record: 16.762
Position: 5th of 6



82 Paddy RodenbeckL1 17.394
L2 16.963
L3 16.8
L4 16.578

Time of Record 16.578
Position: 2nd of 5



23 Michael RouseL1: 17.948
L2: 16.99
L3: 16.674
L4: 16.516

Time of Record: 16.516
Position: 1st of 4



9 George MiedeckeL1: 17.747
L2: 16.918
L3: 16.681
L4: 16.625

Time of Record: 16.625

Position: 1st of 3



96 Andrew ThomasL1: 18.621
L2: 17.447
L3: 16.844
L4: 16.713

Time of Record: 16.713
Position: 1 of 2



26 Joey Herques 25.445 18.148 17.713 17.482Time of Record: 17.482



Joey Herques will be the first car out. 



Fans starting to pile in to the grandstands. We encourage you to drive down to Concord very soon if you are in the area. We do expect a good fierce race at this fun triangular oval.



George getting ready to roll. 



Drivers chat before the UARA meeting. 



Tonight’s race will be 150 laps as cautions will count. Pit road speed will be 25 Mph.



Qualifying is scheduled to kick off here in about five minutes. In case you weren’t with us earlier, teams will get four laps today to get a good time in due to the cold temperatures (it’s around 50 degrees outside today)



Drivers chat before the UARA meeting. 



Next up on the UARA sked is the Drivers Meeting at the trailer.



Steven Wallace’s team changes the motor. (Speed51.com Photo) 



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Track is being cleaned up after a Mod 4 lost an engine.





We are about an hour away from time trials for tonight’s race.





Qualifying tech continues.



Remember to follow Speed51 on Facebook at facebook.com/speed51 , where we post race winners all weekend. The UARA STARS also has a great new Facebook page you can follow at facebook.com/uararacing.



Here are second practice speeds.1 9 George Miedecke 16.615
2 77 Alex Yontz 16.67
3 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 16.716
4 7 Brennan Poole 16.786
5 48 Scott Turlington 16.8
6 22 Bo Foust 16.862
7 72 Garrett Campbell 16.867
8 25 Greg Peterson 16.92
9 23 Michael Rouse 16.922
10 14 Bobby Measmer 16.941
11 66 Steve Wallace 16.956
12 97 Jesse Little 16.96
13 17 Jay Payne 16.989
14 92 Terry Brooks Jr 17.097
15 32 Jerry Miracle 17.114
16 96 Andrew Thomas 17.149
17 18 David Roberts 17.188
18 26 Joey Herques 17.22

We have also just confirmed that Steve Wallace’s team lost an engine in second practice but they do have a backup



Currently practicing are Mod-4s, which look like a mix of mini stocks and bandos. They will practice for a few more minutes and then the track will quiet down.



Cars will begin going through qualifying tech in a second. If they do not go at their designated time, drivers will be docked one qualifying lap.



Brennan Poole looks to lock up the 2011 Season championship tonight (Speed51.com Photo) 





Alex Yontz paced practice for a while before being the runner-up (Speed51.com Photo) 



George Miedecke debriefs with his team after setting fast time in both practice sessions (Speed51.com Photo) 



16.615 is the fastest lap as George Miedecke just turned it as practice comes to a close here in round number two.



Final practice is winding down. Only two minutes remain.



Steve Wallace’s team is pouring over the engine after the car began to smoke in the last few laps of practice.



Teams are now having to adjust for the four lap qualfying runs.



We have just heard from UARA that it will be four laps for qualifying all timed. So there will be no dead laps.



We are not sure. He would be good to go because UARA is not NASCAR. However, he told Speed51,com in a phone interview on Tuesday that he planned on SoBo being his final race of 2011.



Comment From Interested Fan Have you guys heard if Lee Pulliam is gonna be at Rockingham next weekend?



UARA was checking with drivers during the lunch break to see how many “dead laps” they think they need during qualifying. It looks like drivers will get two dead laps and two timed laps because of the cool weather. Back in 2008, in the spring, 43 cars took time and they each had two dead laps and two timed laps. On that day we saw at least six cars wreck in time trials. Today we don’t think it will be that much of a factor.



Practice has been very clean here so far. We hope it stays that way tonight.



Snowball Derby tickets are on sale and one driver in today’s field can tell how important that race is. Steven Wallace won the Derby a few years back and is hoping to win here tonight.





The UARA championship will be decided here tonight as Brennan Poole only has to take the green flag in order to lock up the 2011 Championship.



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We had an error with our speed chart information and will get you the speeds as soon as we can.



Cars are now back on the speedway for the second practice.



Paddy Rodenbeck takes a nap. 



Cars are quiet during lunch on pit road. 



Cars are quiet during lunch on pit road. 



Steve Wallace was fourth-fastest in the opening practice (Speed51.com Photo) 



George Miedecke led the first practice with Garrett Campbell, Brennan Poole, Steven Wallace, and Scott Turlington making up the top five. We’ll have the full speed chart in a few minutes here on Speed51.com



Opening practice has concluded.



Ten minutes remain in this opening session.



Brennan Poole watches his competition (Speed51.com Photo) 



The PASS race going on today at Hickory has drawn some 42 cars. Check out our twitter feed to see some updates during the day.



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Have you heard about this year’s World Crown? It’s a three segment race with a 25 lap dash for $10,000 at the end. www.greshammotorsportspark.com for more information and tickets.



Jesse Little practices against an autumn backdrop (Speed51.com Photo) 





Today we’ll be having some advertisements for some of the big up coming shows that will take place around the southeast.



Joey Herques team was having a transponder issue earlier in practice but we’ve been told they’ve cleared that up.



Steve Wallace is now practicing for the first time today. His #66 machine looks very similar in terms of paint scheme to his car on the Nationwide Series.



The track has grown quiet but we see some of the teams who had not gotten on the track yet this session starting to get ready to time in, including Poole’s



Brennan Poole is watching practice with firesuit on but clearly in no rush to strap in and no team around him working on the car. The points leader was fastest by nearly a tenth of a second in yesterday’s practice and very well might just skip this session.



Here’s the cars on the grounds in so far as we can tell:7 Brennan Poole
9 George Miedecke
14 Bobby Measmer, Jr.
17 Jay Payne
18 David Roberts
22 Bo Foust
23 Michael Rouse
25 Greg Peterson
26 Joey Herques
31 Kyle Grissom
32 “Doc” Jerry Miracle
48 Scott Turlington
66 Steve Wallace
72 Garrett Campbell
77 Alex Yontz
92 Terry Brooks, Jr
96 Andrew Thomas
97 Jesse Little



Some cars are waiting to head on the track. 



The green flag is out and practice is now fully underway.



A sneak peak at the timing and scoring here at Concord. 



Part of practice for us will be trying to get down a final entry list. We see 18 cars on the grounds with some locals and car schemes we don’t recognize, so it’ll be a work in progress.



Cars slowly filing on the track as they work on that weeper in Turn 1.



Scott Turlington 



Drivers are being told that there are wet spots in turn one so we will run a few slow laps to get some heat into the track.



The track is now hot for practice. Cars will be rolling out on the 1/2 mile for their first practice today.



Alex Yontz won the last race. 



Practice is tentatively scheduled to start in five minutes, but heavy rains yesterday have left some “weepers” in the corners that track safety workers are attending to.



There was practice here yesterday. We should note that there are quite a few extra drivers here at the track, so this list is not indicative of the full field.‎1 7 Brennan Poole 18 12 16.631 16.732 107.576
2* 9 George Miedecke 27 19 16.726 16.857 106.781
3 72 Garrett Campbell 14 10 16.729 16.818 107.029
4 77 Alex Yontz 19 19 16.729 16.729 107.595
5 14 Bobby Measmer 11 9 16.825 16.883 106.615
6 48 Scott Turlington 18 14 16.83 16.993 105.924
7 22 Bo Foust 17 17 16.865 16.865 106.728
8 66 Steve Wallace 28 14 16.872 17.213 104.574
9 25 Greg Peterson 8 8 16.986 16.986 105.968
10 32 Jerry Miracle 10 7 17.169 17.357 103.705
11 82 Paddy Rodenbeck 11 8 17.222 18.23 98.736
12 96 Andrew Thomas 19 11 17.23 17.5 102.86
13 92 Jr Brooks 13 10 17.462 17.843 100.88



Engines are warming up as we get set for practice.



Brennan Poole comes in as the point leader.(Speed51.com Photo) 



As you will notice on the right side of the page we have our Snowball Derby twitter box. Now this is a Late Model stock race and all these drivers can respect the history of that race and how big of a deal that event is to the short track world.



11:00 am Sign In / Pit Gate opens
11:30 Tire Truck Opens
11:30 UARA Inspection Begins (At Tech Shed)11:30-12:10 UARA Draw for Qualifying

12:30– 1:30 UARA Practice
1:30 – 2:15 Lunch
1:50 2:05 Chapel Service
2:15 -3:00 UARA Final Practice

3:05 3:30 Mod 4?
3:30 UARA Tech Line Opens
4:00 4:20 Mod 4?
4:20- 4:40 Carolina Vintage Practice
4:00 Grandstands open

4:21 UARA Tech Line Closes (if not in line WITH YOUR GROUP lose 1 lap qualifying)
GROUP 1: 3:30-3:36, GROUP 2: 3:45-3:51, GROUP 3: 4:00-4:15, GROUP 4: 4:15-4:21
4:40 UARA Drivers and Spotters meeting at the UARA Trailer (only drivers and spotters) (miss meeting start in rear – there will be a roll call)
4:55 UARA pre-qualifying adjustments take place (air, sway bar, tape nose only)

5:00 UARA Qualifying
5:30 Mod 4? (Or as soon as UARA qualifying ends)

6:00-6:45 Autograph Session Trick or Treat (kids costume contest)
6:55 Invocation followed by National Anthem (NO ENGINES RUNNING!)
7:00 Gentlemen start your Engines
Carolina Vintage 20 Laps
UARA 150 Laps
Mod 4 50 Laps?



Good afternoon and welcome to the Concord Speedway (NC) for the the next to the last UARA Stars event of the 2011 season. We will be at each of the final two events in some way, shape or form as the season winds down.



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Trackside Now: UARA Stars 150 – Concord Speedway (NC) – 10/29/11