We thank you all for following along with us. We know that if the weather is good next week then there could be a record crowd here at the Stadium. We invite you to switch over to the PASS South race where they are racing.
May 1st will have all of these events, the 40 lap Sportsman race, the 200 lap Modified race, 20 laps for the Street Stocks and 15 for the Stadium Stocks. 
We have just been told that this night is a wash. All of tonight’s events will be run here next week with the Tucson 200 and all the other events on the card. 
Comment From jimmy dru 

lets go burt and jason get the season started right 

For the first time all night the rains are coming down hard and we have lost the track. they are still trying to dry things out. 
Comment From Jim 

is it raining yet. 

Comment From race fan 

hope get down to bowman gray some time 

PHOTO: Hopefully these boys will not be busy tonight. Or maybe we do hope they are busy. (51 Sports Photo) 
Pre-race has started and the 62nd season of racing at Bowman Gray is only 30 minutes away. 
Comment From stacy 

I hope they do a second season of Madhouse. Its better than our local small time dirt track. 

Comment From greg 

At Bownan Gray ,you have to wreck people to win.It’s like racing in your bathroom. 

8pm for features with the Modifieds at 8:40pm. 
Comment From guest 

green flag time? 

PHOTO: Tim Brown had the TV crew looking him over pretty good. Not all plans are final for a second season of Madhouse, but they are shooting here tonight with plans of a new season. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From Guest 

(about Junior) its not so much his age, as his mindset, is he racing to win or to just wreck people? 

Starting Lineup for the Tucson 200
1 83 Tim Brown
2 77 Lee Jeffreys
3 1 Burt Myers
4 75 Robert Jeffreys
5 36 Rupert Sink
6 4 Jason Myers
7 3 Terry Gaither
8 40 Brad Robbins
9 25 John Smith
10 28 Andrew Durham
11 50 Michael Clifton
12 69 Junior Miller
13 5 Randy Butner
14 20 Jeremy Stoltz
15 11 Zach Brewer
16 97 Bryan Dauzat
17 17 Brian King
18 99 Kevin Powell
19 70 Alfred Hill
20 81 Austin Pack
21 53 Jonathan Brown
22 12 Mike Norman
23 23 Brian Loftin
24 71 Dean Ward
Chris Fleming, Brent Elliott, Matt Caldwell, and Greg Butcher will not be racing tonight. 
Comment From greg 

Junior has still got it.You don’t have o be 18 to win races!! 

Comment From BBHYDE 

no go burt#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Comment From Guest 

Jr needs to hang up his helmet. 

Here are the results from time trials after the second round for the Modifieds
1 83 Tim Brown 13.149
2 77 Lee Jeffreys 13.174
3 1 Burt Myers 13.293
4 75 Robert Jeffreys 13.329
5 36 Rupert Sink 13.357
6 4 Jason Myers 13.36
7 3 Terry Gaither 13.429
8 40 Brad Robbins 13.431
9 25 John Smith 13.441
10 28 Andrew Durham 13.45
11 7 Kevin Wilson 13.344
12 50 Michael Clifton 13.451
13 69 Junior Miller 13.453
14 5 Randy Butner 13.454
15 20 Jeremy Stoltz 13.541
16 11 Zach Brewer 13.544
17 97 Bryan Dauzat 13.548
18 17 Brian King 13.548
19 99 Kevin Powell 13.57
20 70 Alfred Hill 13.571
21 81 Austin Pack 13.652
22 53 Jonathan Brown 13.681
23 12 Mike Norman 13.699
24 23 Brian Loftin 13.751
25 71 Dean Ward 13.903
26 13 Chris Fleming 13.945
27 72 Brent Elliott 13.951
28 33 Matt Caldwell 14.152
29 0 Greg Butcher 14.341 
PHOTO: Can Junior Miller take win number 72 tonight? (51 Sports Photo) 
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Those are the cars that re-took time, we will have a line up for you soon. 
53 Jonathan Brown 13.681 
33 Matt Caldwell 14.152 
13 Chris Fleming 13.945 
some drivers will stand on their times from yesterday. 
72 Brent Elliott 13.951 
7 Kevin Wilson 14.344 
We are doing time trials and the track is dry. 
Comment From BBhyde 

is it raining there yet??? 

23 Brian Loftin 13.751 
0 Greg Butcher 14.341 
71 Dean Ward is the first Modified on the track for time trials. 13.903 
PHOTO: Lee Jefferys will now be in the 31 tonight. 
Lee Jeffreys who was going to start second tonight has gone to a back up car. Jefferys will run in the Gene Pack number 31. He will also now have to start at the rear. His father Robert Jefferys will now start second as the outsdie line will move up one row. 
the 27 does not include Jonathan Brown and Chris Fleming. The did not take time yesterday. We have 29 cars and the plan is for 24 to start. 
Comment From race fan 

are they going to start all 27 cars for the modified 

We just came from the pits were we checked in with Jonathan Brown. He told us it was a very late night at the shop as they changed engines after yesterday’s problems. He thinks everythnig is good to go in his number 53 modified. 
Comment From Derek Pernesiglio 

Wish I could be there tonight but I have to work at VIR Sunday (rain or shine!) Good luck to all the competitors tonight. Looking forward to the coverage on Speed51! 

Burt came out in this last practice with no numbers on the car. We feel the number 1 will be on it by feature time. 
Comment From Stiggy 

Looks like it isn’t just the same car as at Thompson for Burt, but also the same number. He ran the #7 there and it looks like he just trimmed it to turn it into a #1 for tonight 

Just the Modifieds tonight. 
Comment From Dave 

Does all the divisions time trial or just the mods? 

PHOTO: The crowd is very strong here with race time over 90 minutes away. (51 Sports Photo) 
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Junior Miller has spun here in practice in turn four. He got the car going and went back to the pits. 
A roar from the crowd just overpowered the track announcer as the Modifieds have come to the track for practice. 
Stadium Stocks are four cylinders. 
Comment From Guest 

Stadium Stocks? Are those the four cylinders or a sportsman type car? 

Who is your BGS Hero?
Tim Brown

 ( 10% )

Jason Myers

 ( 13% )

Junior Miller

 ( 30% )

Burt Myers

 ( 33% )

Jonathan Brown

 ( 3% )

Chris Fleming

 ( 10% )
Comment From Jay 

Had the pleasure to meet Met Burt Myers at Thompson’s Icebreaker. He took time to pose with my kids and sign autographs. Very personable guy. 

By a short count we think we have seen well over 40 Stadium Stocks here tonight at BGS. 
PHOTO: Burt Myers at speed in his back up car yesterday in practice. This is the same car he ran a few weeks back at Thompson. (51 Sports Photo) 
the Stadium Stock cars are on the track now for practice. 
Comment From stacy 

Just keep us updated. After watching Madhouse I am hooked. I got my Jason Myers t-shirt in this week, and are sporting the black and orange today!. We are pulling for him in TN. Wish we could be there. 

Don’t forget for you fan of the fendered cars, we have live Trackside Now coverage from the PASS South Orange Blossom Special 125 at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC. Matt “Duke” Kentfield is working the keys giving updates on all the happenings up the road at the Super Late Model show.http://speed51.com/2010_Stories/PASS_South/trackside_now_OCS_4-24.html
We will start with a 40 lap Sportsman race. Then the 200 lap Modified race. 
Comment From Guest 

will they run the big race first? 

Track officials are talking here in the tower and they are overwhelmed with the number of fans pouring into the quarter-mile. We could have a full house here tonight for the Tucson 200 tonight. 
PHOTO: The lines getting into the track were very long tonight. (51 Sports Photo) 
We have 29 Modifieds in the pits. 
Comment From Guest 

good car count 

Just as we went out to take pictures of the thousands of fans entering the stadium a light rain came over the track. The racing surface is wet, but the track officials do plan on racing tonight. 
No Rain as of yet, and the fans are lined up to get in. 
Comment From Guest 

is it raining there? 

Many people have asked if Madhouse will return after this season. From what we have been told here at the track things are in the works. There is nothing finalized yet, but a production crew is here tonight filming the action. It is the same group that did last years race, only a bit smaller as of right now until things are official. 
Tonight’s Schedule5:30pm Gates Open
6pm Practice
7:10 Modified Qualifying
7:45 Pre-Race Awards.
8pm Sportsman Race 40 Laps
8:30pm Intermission
8:40 Tucson 200
10:10 Street Stock Race 20
10:30 Stadium Stock Race 15 laps
(If more then 26 cars, two races will be run)
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PHOTO: Fans can never get enough of their favorite drivers here at Bowman Gray Stadium. (51 Sports Photo) 
Chris had some trouble yesterday and did not take time in qualifying. He is back today and will look to make his way into the race with tonight’s time trials session. 
Comment From Guest 

where is Cjris Fleming? 

Comment From MD 

Watching from nearby Talladega, Alabama. Working for ESPN this weekend. Us and several teams are here at the hotel staying out of the severe weather. Looks spooky out there. WIshing I was sitting in the stands (or a racecar) at the Stadium for opening night. “Still, the most exciting of them all” Have fun tonight. 

A little Stadium history, Here is the win list of guys who are racing tonight here at the stadium.
Junior Miller 71
Tim Brown 50
Burt Myers 39
Robert Jefferys 32
Al Hill 31
Brent Elliott 20
Michael Clifton 16
Lee Jeferys 14
John Smith 7
Jason Myers 7
James Sink 5
Jeremy Stoltz 3
Brad Robbins 3
Jonathan Brown 3
Chris Fleming 2
Brian Loftin 2
Terry Gaither 1
We had an unofficial pit reporter here yesterday at BGS. Zach Brewer went out of his way to make sure that Speed51.com was up to date with all the happenings from practice. Burt Myers had a throttle hang open and he put his primary car into the north turn (turn three) wall.Later on Jonathan Brown had a valve issue and was forced to leave the track early to fix the issue. He has since returned and will try to race tonight here at BGS.

As for Zach, his time of 15th fastest should be good enough to get him in the show. He plans on running a few races this season at the stadium, but not the whole year.

The gates open here at BGS at 5;30pm and track officials are expecting a big crowd for the season opener. We did see lots of people here early to save their seats for tonight’s action. 
PHOTO: A funny story from Friday found the Myers brothers pitted next too Junior Miller’s team. Today they are a few spots a part. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Tim Brown took the pole here yesterday. Tonight he starts his run for a ninth Modified here at the stadium. (51 Sports Photo)
Yesterday we had qualifying here at the stadium and Tim Brown took the top spot and will be on the pole for tonight’s race. The top 10 are locked in on time. The rest of the field will have the option to re-qualify, but the best they can start is 11th.
1 13.149 83 Tim Brown Cana, VA
2 13.174 77 Lee Jeffreys High Point, NC
3 13.293 1 Burt Myers Walnut Cove, NC
4 13.329 75 Robert Jeffreys Winston-Salem, NC
5 13.357 36 Rupert Sink Lexington, NC
6 13.360 4 Jason Myers Walnut Cove, NC
7 13.429 3 Terry Gaither Walkertown, NC
8 13.431 40 Brad Robbins Winston-Salem, NC
9 13.441 25 John Smith Mount Airy, NC
10 13.450 28 Andrew Durham Roaring River, NC
11 13.451 50 Michael Clifton Walkertown, NC
12 13.453 69 Junior Miller Danbury, NC
13 13.454 5 Randy Butner Pfafftown, NC
14 13.541 20 Jeremy Stoltz Walkertown, NC
15 13.544 11 Zach Brewer Winston-Salem, NC
16 13.548 97 Bryan Dauzat Midland,NC
17 13.548 17 Brian King Burlington, NC
18 13.570 99 Kevin Powell Winston-Salem, NC
19 13.571 70 Alfred Hill Jonesville, NC
20 13.598 23 Brian Loftin Lexington, NC
21 13.640 33 Matt Caldwell Lexington, NC
22 13.652 81 Austin Pack Walkertown, NC
23 13.699 12 Mike Norman Lewisville, NC
24 13.733 72 Brent Elliott Denton, NC
25 13.766 71 Dean Ward Winston-Salem, NC
26 14.399 7 Kevin Wilson Elkin, NC
27 14.816 0 Greg Butcher Mocksville, NC
Welcome to the MADHOUSE. All winter fans had to wait for opening night of the 62nd season of racing here at the Bowman Gray Stadium. That day is finally upon us and the fuel from the History Channel’s TV show ME have made tonight one of the biggest nights in Stadium history. We’ll be here for live coverage of the Tucson 200, the opening race of the Modified season.

Trackside Now: Tuscon 200 at Bowman Gray Stadium – 4/24/10