Mike Garvey and Colt James put on one heck of a battle up front as Garvey comes out on top for the second night in a row. Garvey has won three of the last four races he has been in with his Tracy Goodson Pro Late Model. Garvey is locked into the Pro Late Model portion of the World Crown 300 and he will be doing double duty that weekend with his Super Late Model as well.
That wraps up our coverage on Speed51.com and don’t forget to stay tuned to Speed51.com later this week for recaps from here and from Five Flags Speedway. So from Gresham goodnight and we’ll see you next time.
Mike Garvey scores a win at GMP. (51 Photo)
Unofficial Results
1 1 Mike Garvey 100
2 15 Colt James 100
3 04 Michael Lance 100
4 26 Preston Peltier 100
5 72 DJ VanderLey 100
6 19 Ricky Sanders 100
7 31 Brian Blum 100
8 01 Shawn Simpson 100
9 45 Nick Potts 99
10 07 Jeremy Mullinax 99
11 29 James Nealis 98
12 23 Dalton Gridle 98
13 61 Shane Nalley 97
14 36 Rodney Benefield 74
15 10 Greg Simpson 52
16 75 David Odell 49
17 5 Darin Cronan 20
18 26 Johnny Henderson 3
19 45 Giancarlo Serenelli 2
Mike Garvey got the win over Colt James in a thriller here at GMP. 
We are live on RaceTalkRadio.com for the Pro Late Model race. We will post the results after the race here on Speed51.com
We will have minimal updates during the Pro Late Model race, please join us on radio as Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Super Late Model driver Jason Hogan. Check out RaceTalkRadio.com to hear the broadcast. 
The Pro Late Model race is next. 
Hoyt Stevens beats Jason Bates in the Outlaw Super Late Model race. 
The Outlaw Late Models are on the track and the Pro Late Models are next. 
We will have minimal updates during the Pro Late Model race, please join us on radio as Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Super Late Model driver Jason Hogan. Check out RaceTalkRadio.com to hear the broadcast. 
Jody Trivette won the Renegades race. 
Sexton is ok after the wild wreck. 
We just had a wild wreck in the Renegades as Doug Sexton went for a wild ride off turn two and nearly went up and over. 
Comment From Guest #1 

Now we got that over with lets see some RACING!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOO DJ! 

Comment From Maddux 

Good luck Ricky Sanders – Go Get ‘EM 

Comment From Hoorah 

Stand on it Foxie! 

Alexander Fox wins the race and Brittney Finley wins the championship. 
Alexander Fox leads Andy Gaddis with five laps to go. 
Alexander Fox still leads as Finley is back to 8th. 
Brittney Finley will start ninth. As Alexander Fox is the leader. 
Alexander Fox took the lead and Brittney Finley spun in the next corner. Everyone dodged her, but her truck is ok. 
Back under green and Finley still leads. 
We are working yellow number two as the second-place point man dumped oil down on the track. 
Brittney Finley takes the lead on lap three from Alexander Fox. 
Brittney Finley leads the points over Joel Townshend coming into the race. 
Trucks are rolling on to the track for their feature. 
Comment From Derek 

Go Preston! 

Pro Late Model Points: Coming into tonight.
1 David Odell 280
2 Beau Slocumb 260
3 Shawn Simpson 255
4 Johnny Henderson 244
5 James Nealis 230

Tonight’s race is double points so anything can happen. 

Comment From Brian 

Good Luck Brittany 

Comment From Cheryl 

Good luck Colt 

Comment From smokersracin 

Good luck Brian Blum! 

Tonight’s event can be heard live on RaceTalkRadio.com as Speed51.com is providing a live radio broadcast. Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Super Late Model regular Jason Hogan will be on the call of the 100 lap Pro Late Model event. Of course 51 will be back to have both the Pro Late Model event and the World Crown 300 on the radio in November. 
We are not sure, but we know he could be under what an ABC car had to be. 
Comment From jj 

what did blum have to weigh with the sunoco national tour body? 

Comment From Jesse 

I Hope Preston Peltier Wins. 

The redraw up front will have Shawn Simpson, Colt James, Johnny Henderson, DJ VanderLey and Giancarlo Serenelli are the new top five. 
Qualifying Results
1 15 Colt James 16.873
2 72 DJ VanderLey 16.877
3 45 Giancarlo Serenelli 16.902
4 01 Shawn Simpson 16.955
5 26 Johnny Henderson 16.972
6 19 Ricky Sanders 17.086
7 26 Preston Peltier 17.121
8 1 Mike Garvey 17.152
9 75 David Odell 17.168
10 04 Michael Lance 17.173
11 10 Greg Simpson 17.191
12 31 Brian Blum 17.193
13 29 James Nealis 17.242
14 07 Jeremy Mullinax 17.321
15 45 Nick Potts 17.332
16 5 Darin Cronan 17.477
17 23 Dalton Gridle 17.569
18 61 Shane Nalley 18.388
19 36 Rodney Benefield no time
07 Jeremy Mullinax 17.321
Colt James is now on the pole. 
15 Colt James 17.218 16.873
29 James Nealis 17.242
26 Johnny Henderson 16.972
75 David Odell 17.266 17.168
31 Brian Blum 17.193 17.516
DJ VanderLey is on the pole. 
72 DJ VanderLey 17.311 16.877
1 Mike Garvey 17.152
04 Michael Lance 17.173
Giancarlo Serenelli is on the pole. 
45 Giancarlo Serenelli 17.325 16.902
He did not hit anything and stopped on the track. 
Rodney Benefield spun on his only times lap. 
Shawn Simpson is on the pole as we have some debris on the track. 
45 Nick Potts 17.563 17.332
23 Dalton Gridle 18.079 17.569
26 Preston Peltier 17.124 17.121
10 Greg Simpson 17.419 17.191
61 Shane Nalley 18.388 One lap
19 Ricky Sanders 17.300 17.086
01 Shawn Simpson 17.171 16.955
5 Darin Cronan 17.856 17.477
Time trials are underway. 
We are a few minutes away from Pro Late Model time trials. 
Mike Garvey is looking for a second win this weekend. (51 Photo)
Back to the drivers who are only getting one lap, the reason was they were not in the tech line at the appropriate time. 
Earlier we talked about the ASA Late Model series and the Sunoco National Tour folding up their racing plans for 2011. The Gresham Motorsports Park’s staff is already extending an open hand to drivers who race the Mustang and Camaro bodies to come and race the Pro Late Model portion of the World Crown weekend. The tech officials will find a way to make your cars competitive for that event. 
We just got back from the driver’s meeting where we found out that seven drivers will only get one lap: Mike Garvey, Jeremy Mullinax, Johnny Henderson, James Neails, Rodney Benefield, Shane Nalley, and Michael Lance are the guys who will get one lap. 
We are going pit side and will be back soon. 
The news coming from La Crosse is pretty big for Late Model fans. Here is an update: Sources tell us that Ron Varney announced in his drivers meeting today for the ASA Late Model Series at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (WI) that he is stepping down from the promotion of his series and that the series is now “officially done.” He says that his plan is to lease out the series for 2011.

Sources also tell us that ASA Racing top man Dennis Huth delivered an injuction to ASA LM Series owner Ron Varney today in the ongoing legal dispute over the ASA name. Varney was forced to remove everything from the Oktoberfest event at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (WI) with the ASA name on it, including the ASA LM Series hauler. 

The track will be busy with local cars until just after 5pm. Trucks, Mini Stocks, Renegades and Outlaws are here today along with the Pro Late Models. 
Final Practice Speeds Time
1 15 Colt James 16.884
2 04 Michael Lance 17.167
3 72 DJ VanderLey 17.176
4 01 Shawn Simpson 17.240
5 75 David Odell 17.310
6 10 Greg Simpson 17.327
7 26 Johnny Henderson 17.386
8 26 Preston Peltier 17.449
9 31 Brian Blum 17.470
10 45 Nick Potts 17.504
11 61 Shane Nalley 17.621
12 29 James Nealis 17.704
13 45 Giancarlo Serenelli 17.752
14 36 Rodney Benefield 17.940
15 1 Mike Garvey 99
16 19 Ricky Sanders 99
17 07 Jeremy Mullinax 99
18 5 Darin Cronan 99
19 23 Dalton Gridle 99
Practice is in the books and Colt James had the best time in the last round. 
The staff here at Gresham added some nice signs to the flag stand to make sure the drivers know where they are racing. (51 Photo)
Michael Lane had a great day here at the World Crown last year as well as he started 35th and finished sixth. 
Colt James who finished second in last year’s World Crown 300 is on top of the charts with Michael Lance in second. 
Here is a little more info on Brittany Finley who ran a Late Model last week at Nashville, today she is looking to lock up a truck title here at GMP.

TEAM PR – 24 year old Brittany Finley, of Ardmore, ALA., summed up her season in one word, interesting. But being in the right places at the right time with two wins and a little consistency mixed in has put her in a position to win her first truck series championship at Gresham Motorsports Park.

Heading into the final race of the season, Finley has a 75-point lead. To some that would be okay but to her, she isn’t comfortable with that big of an advantage especially knowing that Saturday’s event will be awarding double points.

“This year has had been a good year with me getting a couple of wins and a track record,” she said. “The competition has been tough each race and I have been pleased with my team but I really want that track championship.”

In an effort to help secure the Gresham track championship, the No. B36 team will participate in the open-test session at the half mile oval tonight. The team will bring her Chevrolet Silverado to the track for a three-hour open practice session to set the tone for Saturday’s 35 lap event.

Finley will be displaying a pink hood and pink hair in honor of breast cancer awareness month as well as her crew all wearing pink shirts.

Joe we will do our best. 
Comment From Joe 

Hey guys can yall keep us up to date on the trucks. We would like to know how Brittany Finley does. 

Colt James just put on fresh tires, we assume, and went to the top of the chart with a 16.884. 
Preston Peltier just spun in turn four. He didn’t hit anything and has gone back to the pits. 
2nd Practice Speeds Time
1 1 Mike Garvey 17.104
2 15 Colt James 17.215
3 29 James Nealis 17.268
4 19 Ricky Sanders 17.284
5 01 Shawn Simpson 17.336
6 10 Greg Simpson 17.356
7 07 Jeremy Mullinax 17.402
8 26 Preston Peltier 17.411
9 26 Johnny Henderson 17.424
10 31 Brian Blum 17.456
11 45 Giancarlo Serenelli 17.587
12 61 Shane Nalley 17.616
13 5 Darin Cronan 17.801
14 36 Rodney Benefield 17.936
15 04 Michael Lance no time
16 72 DJ VanderLey no time
17 75 David Odell no time
18 45 Nick Potts no time
19 23 Dalton Gridle no time
If you plan on coming to the track tonight don’t forget it’s Ronald McDonald night here at GMP. Children will be able to meet Ronald McDonald from 6-8 p.m. tonight at GMP. 
The two winners of the other Pro Late Model races this season at Gresham, David Odell and Chase Elliott will get guaranteed starting spots in the 125 lap Pro Late Model portion of the World Crown 300 weekend. The Saturday night race will pay $7,000 to the winner. The winner of tonight’s race will also get locked in to the 125 lapper as well. 
Mike Garvey is the fastest car in the second practice. Colt James and James Nealis are second and third. Garvey’s lap of 17.104 is the best of the day. The track record is 16.485 from April where Casey Roderick set the mark. 
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Colt James leads Giancarlo Serenelli in practice. (51 Photo)
Giancarlo Serenell from Caracas, Venezuela ran last night at Five Flags Speedway in the Pro Late Model race and showed he can hang with the American drivers after finishing 14th, one lap down. He’s back today here at Gresham and will be looking to post a good finish in his first start at Gresham. 
1st Practice Speeds & Roster
1 1 Mike Garvey 17.157
2 31 Brian Blum 17.185
3 04 Michael Lance 17.209
4 72 DJ VanderLey 17.302
5 75 David Odell 17.328
6 15 Colt James 17.339
7 01 Shawn Simpson 17.381
8 10 Greg Simpson 17.438
9 26 Preston Peltier 17.484
10 26 Johnny Henderson 17.531
11 07 Jeremy Mullinax 17.554
12 61 Shane Nalley 17.569
13 45 Nick Potts 17.671
14 29 James Nealis 17.685
15 45 Giancarlo Serenelli 17.833
16 36 Rodney Benefield 17.864
17 23 Dalton Gridle 18.103
18 19 Ricky Sanders no time
19 5 Darin Cronan no time
Brian Blum and his Sunoco National Tour body. (51 Photo)
Tonight’s event can be heard live on RaceTalkRadio.com as Speed51.com is providing a live radio broadcast. Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Super Late Model regular Jason Hogan will be on the call of the 100 lap Pro Late Model event. Of course 51 will be back to have both the Pro Late Model event and the World Crown 300 on the radio in November. 
Beau Slocumb sits second in Pro Late Model points, however he will not be racing for the rest of 2010 after doctors found a tumor in his shoulder. It has been removed and Slocumb is doing better, but he continues to struggle with the whole situation of being sick. Just a year ago at this time Slocumb beat cancer to return to the driver’s seat and he finished third in the World Crown 300 here at Gresham.  Speed51.com spoke with him last night on the phone and he is in good spirits, as always, and hates the fact he can’t race for the rest of 2010. We at 51 will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he battles tough times once again. 
Mike Garvey is on top of the charts with a lap 17.157. Michael Lance and David Odell are second and third. 
Preston Peltier making laps at Gresham for the first time since 2007 when this place was Peach State Speedway. (51 Photo)
Johnny Henderson in a 26? Yes that’s right. (51 Photo)
Brian Blum in his ASA Sunoco National Tour car is the first on track. 
Pro Late Models are on the track now for practice. 
Today’s schedule

11:00 am – Pit Ticket Sales Open
11:30 am – Pit Gate Opens
12:00 pm – Tech opens for all divisions
2:00 pm – Trackside Parking and Grandstand Opens
2:15-3:45 pm – Practice for Pro Late Models
3:45-5:00 pm – Pre-Qualifying Tech for Pro Late Models (must be finished by 5:00 pm)
3:45-4:20 pm – Practice for Outlaw Late Models, Trucks, Mini Stocks and Renegades
4:25-5:00 pm – European Qualifying Session for Outlaw Late Models, Trucks, Mini Stocks and Renegades
5:15 pm – Chapel (Infield Tech Center)
5:30 pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:30 pm – Qualifying for Pro Late Models
7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies – Feature Events To Follow
Mini Stocks – 20 Laps – Double Points Race
Trucks – 35 Laps – Double Points Race
Renegades – 20 Laps – Double Points Race
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps – Non-Points Race
Pro Late Models – 100 Laps – Double Points Race

Good afternoon and welcome to Gresham Motorsports Park for the final Pro Late Model race before the World Crown weekend here in Jefferson, Georgia. Tonight’s Thomas Concrete 100 will decide who gets the last automatic starting spot for the Pro Late Model portion of the World Crown 300 weekend. We will be here all day giving updates until we go live on RaceTalkRadio.com for the big feature later tonight.

Trackside Now: Thomas Concrete Pro Late Model 100 – Gresham Motorsports Park – 10/9/10