Have a safe and blessed evening. Good night from Montgomery 
Speed51 will have Trackside Now coverage starting just past the lunch hour. We’d love to see you at the track but if not, be sure to tune in. Green flag at 2 PM. 
That concludes a full day at Montgomery Motor Speedway. Six features and SLM qualifying here today. That leaves the 150 Super Late Model alone on the bill for tomorrow 
Josh Wood collects a cool 3G
CHECKERED – Josh Wood held brother Roger Wood at bay for the last half of the race, even if he never pulled away by more than a carlengths at most, to win the 35 lap $300 to win Buzz feature. 
LAP 17 – Roger continues to run down Josh. If Roger claims the victory tonight, that’ll be his third triumph of the evening having swept the Mini-Mod features. 
LAP 6 – Roger Wood has taken second and is now trying to run down his brother as they pull far away from the field. 
Two cautions early in this BUZZ race. Josh Wood retains the lead. 
LAP 1: Josh Wood takes early control of the Buzz race. 
David Wood has left an impressive donut smokescreen
Next up is the BUZZ cars, which are souped up sedans. They will race 35 laps to determine their season championship. 
LAP 20- CHECKERED – David Wood barely holds off Danny Jacks at the checkered. 
LAP 16 – Jacks has caught Wood and a fericious battle for the lead has been waged for the last few laps. 
LAP 5 – Danny Wood leads a hard-charging Danny Jacks. 
We are on to the penulimate feature for this evening, a 20- lap Street Stock event. 
Roger Wood did some celebratory donuts after a hard fought Mini Mod sweep tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
CHECKERED – Roger Wood pulled away in the final laps to sweep the Mini-Mod features for this evening. 
LAP 12 – Roger Wood just did a power move to retake the lead. Rice tried the crossover to no avail. 
Raceday Schedule – September 2nd Montgomery 150:

9:00 am – Pit Gates Open/Tech Opens/Registration Opens (Transponders will be distributed during driver’s meeting)

10:30 am – Driver/Spotter/Crew Chief Meeting (tech building)

10:30 am – Grandstands open

11:00 am – Church Service (Grandstands)

11:30 am – All haulers must be removed from infield or will start on the rear.

11:30 am – Qualifying tires released

11:45 am – Cars to grid, THROUGH TECH (Cars impounded on front stretch following inspection)

1:30 pm – On-track autograph session – Drivers MUST participate in autograph session.

2:00 pm – GREEN FLAG

Super Late Models – 150 GREEN FLAG LAPS

LAP 10 – Side by side in the Mini-Mod feature and Rice has finally taken the lead after dogging Wood all the last feature and this one. 
Halfway through the second Mini-Mod feature, Roger Wood and Scott Rice are battling for the victory once again. 
Three features down, three to go here on opening night of Montgomery 150 weekend 
Tommy Williams in Victory Lane in his lone Super Stock
CHECKERED – Tommy Williams in the lone Super Stock holds off Bennett who just ekes back by Goolsbay at the checkered.
LAP 5 – Jonathan Goolsby takes the Truck lead. Williams leads both trucks. 
The Super Stock/Truck combined feature has been cut to a tenlap shootout. Only three cars in this race. Tommy Williams is the only Super Stock so he will win the Super Stock part of the feature. Kevin Bennett and Jonathan Goolsby will be the ones battling for the Truck win. 
Richard Patino in Street Stock victory lane
CHECKEED – Richard Pitino wins the 1st Street Stock feature by half a straightaway over a close 2nd through 5th place battle. 
Pitino has stretched open a big lead with five laps to go in the Street Stock 1st feature. 
Richard Pitino leads the Street Stock featue after 8 of 20 laps, we are under caution for a spin in Turn Two. 
Just received word that Super Late Model tech did clear, so here is the official lineup for tomorrow’s Montgomery 150:

1 112 Augie Grill
2 1 Mike Garvey
3 18 Hunter Robbins
4 2 John Bolen
5 26 Bubba Pollard
6 71 Kyle Benjamin
7 11 Logan Boyett
8 29 Spencer Davis
9 66 Steve Wallace
10 11 John Wilkinson, III
11 3 Chris Serio
12 16 Brandon Odom
13 14 Ken McFarland
14 29 Allen Karnes

A bit of a delay to get to the Street Stock event after a last lap crash in the Mini-Mod race left a lot of fluid in Turn Two. But those engines are now firing up. 
Street Stocks will be up next for their first race of the evening. It will be a 20 lap race for that division. 
Scott Wood is you first Mini-Mod winner tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
LAP 15 – CHECKERED – Roger Wood barely holds off Scott Rice for the mini-mod feature. 
LAP 13 – Roger Wood chops off Scott Rice as a piece of paper can separate the mini-mods. 
Pretty good field for the Mini-Mods as we are at five to go. The top seven are still on the same straightaway. Roger Wood continues to lead by the narrowest of margins on Scott Rice.
We have a caution at the halfway point of the Mini-Mod feature for a spin in Turn Three. 
LAP 4: Roger Wood takes the lead
Mini-Mod: Ashley Bridgeman will lead the first of 15 laps for this division.

Racing Order:

1. Mini-Mod Race #1 – 15 Laps (30 mins)

2. Street Stock Race #1 – 20 Laps (40 mins)

3. Super Stock/Truck – 20 Laps (40 mins)

4. Mini-Mod Race #2 – 15 Laps (30 mins)

5. Street Stock Race #2 – 20 Laps (40 mins)

6. Buzz – 35 Laps $300 to win! (till curfew)

Unofficial Starting Lineup for tomorrow’s Montgomery 150 for SLM:

1 112 Augie Grill
2 1 Mike Garvey
3 18 Hunter Robbins
4 2 John Bolen
5 26 Bubba Pollard
6 71 Kyle Benjamin
7 11 Logan Boyett
8 29 Spencer Davis
9 66 Steve Wallace
10 11 John Wilkinson, III
11 3 Chris Serio
12 16 Brandon Odom
13 14 Ken McFarland
14 29 Allen Karnes 

Kyle Benjamin and Freddie Query nervously watched the dice roll down the track. It wound up being a 6 for inversion
Qualifying Times:

18.568 71 Kyle Benjamin
18.617 26 Bubba Pollard
18.649 2 John Bolen
18.67 18 Hunter Robbins
18.686 1 Mike Garvey
18.687 112 Augie Grill
18.71 11 Logan Boyett
18.722 29 Spencer Davis
18.766 66 Steve Wallace
18.892 11 John Wilkinson, III
18.919 3 Chris Serio
18.984 16 Brandon Odom
19.04 14 Ken McFarland
19.404 29 Allen Karnes
That’s it for qualifying. Kyle Benjamin is your fast qualifier. He will come up and roll the dice to determine the invert for tomorrow’s race. 
#11 – Logan Boyett

L1: 18.804
L2: 18.710

Position: 7 of 14 

#1 – Mike Garvey

L1: 18.744
L2: 18.686

Position: 5th of 13 

#16 – Brandon Odom

L1: 19.057
L2: 18.984

Position: 10th out of 12 

#11 – John Wilkinson, III

L1: 18.972
L2: 18.892

Position: 8th out of 11

#14 – Ken McFarland

L1: 19.040
L2: 19.112
Position: 9th out of 10 cars 

#66 – Steve Wallace

L1: 18.766
L2: 18.850

Position: 7th of 9 

Here’s your current qualifying times at the halfway point of this session:

18.568 71 Kyle Benjamin
18.617 26 Bubba Pollard
18.649 2 John Bolen
18.67 18 Hunter Robbins
18.687 112 Augie Grill

#18 – Hunter Robbins (current Show me the Money points leader)

L1: 18.856
L2: 18.670

Position: 4th of 8 

#3 – Chris Serio

L1: 18.919
L2: 19.092

Position: 5th of 7 

#29 – Spencer Davis

L1: 18.882
L2: 18.722

Position: 4th of 6 

#2 – John Bolen

L1: 18.775
L2: 18.649

Position: 3rd out of 5 

#71 – Kyle Benjamin

L1: 18.645
L2: 18.568

Position: POLE (out of 4) 

#29 – Allen Karnes

L1: 19.404
L2: 20.409 (very loose through 3 and 4)

Position: 3rd out of 3 

#26 – Bubba Pollard

L1: 18.750
L2: 18.617

Position: POLE (out of 2) 

#112 Augie Grill

L1: 18.687 (fastest lap of the day already)
L2: 18.738 

Augie Grill rolls off and we are qualifying. 
Looks like we have about a 50-50 split in our comments between Garvey supports and Pollard supports. Let’s see if another driver can sneak into the pole position. 
Comment From Jennifer from Troy 

Go Bubba Pollard 

Comment From Richard 

Garvy is the man 

Comment From Lenny 

Pollard gets the pole 

Alright, looks like SLM qualifying will roll off in about five minutes. Who do you like tonight folks for the pole position? 
Another cool event you should plan on attending if you are within a few hours drive of the track is Berlin Raceway’s big season-ending event, The Chet. 
Thanks to the fans in the stands for coming out tonight. A very healthy turnout for support divisions and qualifying. If you are in the Deep South, be sure to come here tomorrow. The race will be at 2 and the good folks at MMS would love for you to be in attendance for this historic return of SLM competition. 
Looks like one more local division will be out to qualify and then the super lates. 
Still working local quals so it looks like the SLM time trials are going to be a bit delayed from the projected 6:00 local start time.

As we mentioned earlier, intermittent cloud cover has cooled the facility quite a bit. So this little extra delay may help bump the speeds even higher. 

Local divisions are now out to qual 
Looks like the Spencer Davis push cart got a decal wrap too (Speed51.com Photo)
Another event coming up on the 51 Radar is the Kalamazoo Call of the Wild. Last year, we saw Andy Bozell obliterate the track record in his souped-out Outlaw. What will see this year? Make plans to attend! 
Local divisions will qualify here at the bottom of the hour, SLMs then at the top of the hour. We will cover qualifying late model by late model. 
We are starting to see a scattered cloud cover roll over the speedway. With this close level of competition as well as a weather slickened track, today’s pole winner may be determined by a “money cloud” 
We are an hour away from SLM qualifying (Speed51.com Photo)
SLM qual order
An old Jody Ridley car on display at the MMS pit area (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Guest

do you have a qualifying order 

Augie Grill waits to go through qualifying inspection (Speed51.com Photo)
The most colourful car in attendance (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying inspection for the SLMs are underway as local division practice has concluded. 
Hunter Robbins’ ride for the weekend (Speed51.com Photo)
In addition to tomorrow’s SLM race here at Montgomery, another race Speed51 will have is the $15,000 to win Auto Value 250 at Speedway 660 
Augie Grill (right) chats with youngster Spencer Davis (Speed51.com Photo)
15 cars are on the final entry list it appears. 
Comment From Jacob 

How many latemodels are on the grounds? 

The race starts at 2 PM Central Time tomorrow. 
Comment From madison 

what time does the race start tomorrow? 

Local practice has already hit a snag with a motor issue for one of the competitors.

While local practice continues for the next few minutes, Speed51’s crew is going to talk to a few more drivers and grab a few eats while we can before the evening ramps up with SLM qualifying and the local division features. 

There’s quite a few other great races coming up Speed51 is going to be a part of. We’ll try to let fill you in on them throughout the day, one of them we’re excited about is the Piney at Motordrome Speedway. 
If you are in the Deep South area, we’d stongly encourage you to plan on being here tomorrow. The track is going all out to make this a fan-friendly show with haulers being taken out of the infield for a clear spectator view, an autograph session, and good food. Visit montgomerymotorspeedway.com for more information. We’d love to see you here with Speed51 at the track tomorrow. 
Spring adjustment time in the Chris Serio pit (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard didn’t seem exactly pleased with his car despite leading third practcie. He said the afternoon heat has made the track slick and it’s really hard to tell how the car will behave in race conditions.

Like Benjamin, Pollard said there’s not a lot of difference. He says he can feel the extra corner speed inside his racecar but it doesn’t really show up as different on the stopwatch. 

Benjamin had yet to start his late model racing career the last time SLMs were at Montgomery. He says there’s not a large difference between a Pro Late and a Super Late at this facility, just “hitting the brakes a little earlier” due to the extra motor speed. 
Spencer Davis is getting a quick courtesy lap before local divisoin practices. His team had been doing some work in the transmission part of their racecar and wanted to make sure everything was a-okay before qualifying. 
Kyle Benjamin laid down the fastest lap in practice today
Practice #3 (final practice) Times:

1 26 Bubba Pollard 19.005
2 112 Augie Grill 19.021
3 14 Ken McFarland 19.077
4 1 Mike Garvey 19.136
5 18 Hunter Robbins 19.136
6 71 Kyle Benjmain 19.17
7 16 Brandon Odom 19.366
8 3 Chris Serio 19.399
9 2 John Bolen 19.403
10 66 Steven Wallace 19.486
11 29 Allen Karnes 19.533
12 29 Spencer Davis 33.043
Practice has concluded, we will have Practice #3 times as soon as they are avalable. 
Kyle Benjamin has been the fastest car thus far today (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Odom studies the rear suspension of his machine (Speed51.com Photo)
Logan Boyett discusses handling (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice #2 Times:

1 71 Kyle Benjmain 18.796
2 11B Logan Boyett 18.856
3 26 Bubba Pollard 19.164
4 18 Hunter Robbins 19.168
5 1 Mike Garvey 19.201
6 11W John Wilkinson, III 19.312
7 2 John Bolen 19.316
8 66 Steven Wallace 19.325
9 29 Spencer Davis 19.338
10 3 Chris Serio 19.381
11 16 Brandon Odom 19.483


Practice #1 Times:

1 71 Kyle Benjmain 19.099
2 18 Hunter Robbins 19.141
3 11B Logan Boyett 19.229
4 1 Mike Garvey 19.274
5 26 Bubba Pollard 19.34
6 112 Augie Grill 19.409
7 3 Chris Serio 19.414
8 16 Brandon Odom 19.511
9 14 Ken McFarland 19.517
10 47 Allen Karnes 19.584
11 2 John Bolen 19.635


Just was given the practice times for the first two sessions. Will have them up ASAP. Meanwhile third practice begins. 
Comment From Jennifer

Good Luck Serio!!! Go ’em bubba!!!! 

Allen Karnes is switching from the AK47 car to the backup #29 (Speed51.com Photo)
Steve Wallace is a hands on crew member (Speed51.com Photo)
John Bolen (Speed51.com Photo)
Spencer Davis roars down the backstretch (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Forrest MMS Fire & Rescue

welcome back Speed51 to the first SLM show at MMS in 2 years! 

It’s a good day to stay cool any way you can (Speed51.com Photo)
Teams are using this quick break to make a lot of adjustments. When they practiced last night it was much cooler
Ricky Turner is here helping out Bubba Pollard this weekend 
Bubba Pollard gets under his yellow and black #26 (Speed51.com Photo)
Montgomery has a nice wide frontstretch (Speed51.com Photo)
Checkered on this practice comes as John Bolen made his first appearance on track today 
Chris Serio looks like he will squeeze in a few laps before this session ends. 
Looks like we have a caution for debris. Today’s practices are timed, but due to some maintenance with the scoring distribution system, we may not be able to get the times to you from these first few sessions until later in the afternoon. We will post them as soon as we possibly can. 
Kyle Benjamin, Hunter Robbins, and Brandon Odom have also made time.
Grill and Boyett are on the track for the first time today. Halfway through this session we have seen six cars brave the slick Alabama asphalt. 
Pollard and Garvey finish their first runs and now it is Allen Karnes all alone on the racetrack. 
Comment From Lenny 

Go Garvey and Pollard 

Pollard and Garvey now maeke it on to the racetrack. 
McFarland very nearly just lost it in Turn Three. He will come in for some much needed adjustments and the track is back to being quiet. 
May not see a lot of drivers in this first practice session take to the track. Ken McFarland is the only one who has chosen to be out for the start of this session
Mike Garvey’s #1 machine will be stout this weekend as he comes into this race with plenty of momentum
Steve Wallace returns to his short track roots today (Speed51.com Photo)
SLMs did have an unofficial, untimed practice session last night. You can view a photo gallery on Montgomery Motor Speedway’s Facebook fan page:


Working on getting Augie Grill’s machine ready to go (Speed51.com photo)
Glad to see some new sponsors on machines as we made our first sweep down pit road. Spencer Davis has Parts City on his machine and Bubba Pollard’s normal red #26 is now sporting the yellow and black JEGS colours. 
Entry List (as of August 30 – We will be noting any new cars when we go through the pits soon):

1 Mike Garvey (Pensacola, FL)
2 John Bolen (Jasper, AL)
3 Chris Serio (Hoover, AL)
11 Logan Boyett (Pensacola, FL)
11 John Boy Wilkinson (Hueytown, AL)
14 Ken McFarland (Hoover, AL)

16 Brandon Odom (DeFuniak Springs, FL)
18 Hunter Robbins (Shorter, AL)
26 Bubba Pollard (Senioa, GA)
29 Spencer Davis (Dawsonville, GA)
30 Willie Allen (Bon Aqua, TN)
47 Allen Karnes (Sharspburg, GA)
51 Stephen Nasse (Pinellas Park, FL)
66 Steven Wallace (Mooresville, NC)
71 Kyle Benjamin (Easley, SC)
99 Casey Smith (Austin, TX)
112 Augie Grill (Hayden, AL)


Schedule – Saturday, September 1st

12:30 pm – MANDATORY SLM Driver’s Meeting in Tech Shed / SLM Registration closes

1:00 pm – SLM Practice #1 (30 mins), clear gates

1:35 pm – SLM Practice #2 (30 mins), clear gates

2:10 pm – SLM Practice #3 (30 mins), clear gates

3:00 pm – Local Divisions Practice (Rotating, 2 rounds each, approx. 8 mins. per round, clear gates when possible)

Mini-Mod, Street Stock, Super Stock/Truck, Buzz

4:45 pm – Local driver’s meeting/Registration closes (If not registered before drivers meeting you will start on rear!)

5:00 pm – Grandstands Open

5:30 pm- Qualifying

Mini-Mod – 1 Lap, Street Stock – 2 Laps, Super Stock/Truck – 2 Laps, Buzz – 1 Lap

6:00 pm – Super Late Model Pole Qualifying – 2 Laps, All positions

7:00 pm – Pre Race Ceremonies

Racing Order:

1. Mini-Mod Race #1 – 15 Laps (30 mins)

2. Street Stock Race #1 – 20 Laps (40 mins)

3. Super Stock/Truck – 20 Laps (40 mins)

4. Mini-Mod Race #2 – 15 Laps (30 mins)

5. Street Stock Race #2 – 20 Laps (40 mins)

6. Buzz – 35 Laps $300 to win! (till curfew)

Today, the Super Lates will practice most of the early afternoon and then qualify at the dinner hour in preparation for tomorrow’s 150-lapper, that will pay $6000 to win. 
Good early afternoon from Montgomery Motor Speedway. It is a hot day to start out September here in the Deep South, and this historic facility is about to heat up as well as Super Late Models return to MMS this weekend. 
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Trackside Now: Super Late Models at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) – 9/1/12