That concludes Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage from the Blizzard Series finale.  But, our weekend coverage is only half over at this point.  Saturday night, we’ll be at Mobile International Speedway in nearby Mobile, AL for the finale of the Miller Lite Series and the Sunoco Gulf Coast Championship Series.  We’ll have live Trackside Now coverage throughout the day, leading up to our live flag-to-flag broadcast of the Super Late Model feature Saturday night.We’ll be back here at Five Flags Speedway in two weeks for the track’s Pro Late Model season finale, the Allen Turner Tune-Up, with live Trackside Now and RaceTalkRadio.com coverage.

We’ll see you tomorrow night right here on Speed51.com.  Good night!

Chase Elliott racked up the accolades at Five Flags tonight.
Technical inspection has cleared.  Chase Elliott is the official winner of the Rubber & Specialties 100, as well as the 2010 Blizzard Series and Sunoco Gulf Coast Championship. 
With the finish, Chase Elliott has also locked up the Gulf Coast Championship Series. Unofficially 
Unoffical Race Results 1 9 Chase Elliott 100 2 52 TJ Reaid 100 3 82 Donnie Wilson 100 4 51 Josh Hamner 100 5 99 Casey Smith 100 6 97 Jimmy Garmon 100 7 43 Dennis Schoenfeld 100 8 12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 100 9 112 Augie Grill 100 10 18 Bubba Pollard 99 11 72 Eddie Mercer 99 12 2 John Bolen 99 13 23 Jeremy Rice 99 14 99 Junior Niedecken 99 15 11 David Rogers 99 16 41 Chris Davidson 99 17 39 Gary Sullivan 98 18 45 Dwayne Buggay 97 19 29 Allen Karnes 92 20 40 DJ VanderLey 50 21 27 Ronnie Smith 39 22 171 Ron Hicks 24 23 92 Ron MacDonald 19 
Augie Grill made a charge from eighth to second, before his car fadded again the closing laps. 
Chase Elliott is the winner and champion of the Blizzard Series Championship here at Five Flags Speedway. TJ Reaid was second and Donnie Wilson was third. 
Green flag is out for the second half of the race…listen live on RaceTalkRadio.com
Halfway Running Order1.  TJ Reaid
2.  Donnie Wilson
3.  Chase Elliott
4.  Josh Hamner
5.  Bubba Pollard
6.  Casey Smith
7.  Junior Niedecken
8.  Augie Grill
9.  Jimmy Garmon
10.  Eddie Mercer
11.  John Bolen
12.  Dennis Schoenfeld
13.  David Rogers
14.  Chris Davidson
15.  Chuck Barnes, Jr.
16.  Jeremy Rice
17.  Alen Karnes
18.  DJ Vanderley
19.  Gary Sullivan
20.  Dwayne Buggay
21.  Ronnie Smith
22.  Rob Hanks
23.  Ron McDonald
Halfway break:  TJ Reaid leads Donnie Wilson, Chase Elliott, Josh Hamner and Bubba Pollard
25 laps in – TJ Reaid leads Donnie Wilson, Augie Grill, Eddie Mercer and Chase Elliott
Green is out…listen live on RTR 
Engines have fired…make sure to go to RaceTalkRadio.com and click on the “Listen Live” link at the top-right of the page to listen to tonight’s main event. 
We are live now on RaceTalkRadio.com for tonight’s broadcast of the Blizzard Series finale.
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We are 60 seconds away from the start of the pre-race show on RaceTalkRadio.com.  Live Trackside Now updates through the feature will be limited, but please keep this window open as you open up RaceTalkRadio.com and ask us questions or leave us comments here during the Blizzard Series finale.  We will have unofficial results after the race here, as well. 
Opening ceremonies are now underway for the night’s main events.  The Super Stock race has been shortened to 20 laps and it will be the first event of the night.  About halfway through that feature, we’ll go live with our Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Pre-Race Show before the Rubber & Specialties 100.
Comment From 45 driver 

good luck to all the georgia boys, hope somebody brings home the win 

We will be going live in just a few minutes on RaceTalkRadio.com.  We’ll give you a warning when we’re about to switch over to our RTR broadcast. 
There will be a competition caution at lap 51.  Tonight’s race is a six-tire race, meaning teams can put on two tires during that five-minute break.  The only time tires can be changed either before or after that break is if the tire is deemed flat by track officials 
Comment From mrsinc 

are they doing live pit stops tonight or half way break 

Elliott has rolled a “6” for the invert, meaning he will start from the sixth position.  TJ Reaid will now start on the pole, with Donnie Wilson on his outside.
Qualifying Results
1 9 Chase Elliott 16.582
2 18 Bubba Pollard 16.695
3 112 Augie Grill 16.705
4 72 Eddie Mercer 16.759
5 82 Donnie Wilson 16.761
6 52 TJ Reaid 16.870
7 51 Josh Hamner 16.887
8 99 Casey Smith 16.895
9 99 Junior Niedecken 16.910
10 97 Jimmy Garmon 16.937
11 12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 16.953
12 11 David Rogers 17.022
13 23 Jeremy Rice 17.081
14 45 Dwayne Buggay 17.106
15 2 John Bolen 17.118
16 41 Chris Davidson 17.118
17 43 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.155
18 40 DJ VanderLey 17.184
19 29 Allen Karnes 17.331
20 39 Gary Sullivan 17.501
21 171 Ron Hicks 18.227
22 92 Ron MacDonald no time
23 27 Ronnie Smith no time
Elliott will now roll a dice on the frontstretch to determine the invert for the start of tonight’s feature. 
The final qualifier, Ron McDonald, has elected to not take time.That means Chase Elliott has set fast time for tonight’s Rubber & Specialties 100.
Chuck Barnes, Jr.
Lap 1: 17.087
Lap 2: 16.953
Best Lap: 16.953
Chase Elliott now has the fast time 
Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 16.691
Lap 2: 16.582
Best Lap: 16.582
Dwayne Buggay
Lap 1: 17.414
Lap 2: 17.106
Best Lap: 17.106
Bubba Pollard is currently the fast time. 
Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 16.711
Lap 2: 16.695
Best Lap: 16.695
Gary Sullivan
Lap 1: 17.624
Lap 2: 17.501
Best Lap: 17.501
Josh Hamner
Lap 1: 16.936
Lap 2: 16.887
Best Lap: 16.887
Dennis Schoenfeld
Lap 1: 17.295
Lap 2: 17.155
Best Lap: 17.155
DJ Vanderley
Lap 1: 17.277
Lap 2: 17.184
Best Lap: 17.184
David Rogers
Lap 1: 17.108
Lap 2: 17.022
Best Lap: 17.022
Cleanup is complete.  David Rogers will be the next driver to qualify. 
Ronnie Smith after wrecking his PLM. (51 Photo)
Smith was competing here tonight in a Pro Late Model, which runs with a two-barrel carburetor compared to the four-barreled carbs on the Super Late Models. Smith is one of the title contenders in the Pro Late Model division here at Five Flags Speedway when their season concludes in two weeks.
On his first qualifying lap, Ronnie Smith got sideways off turn four, slid sideways down the frontstretch and slammed the inside retaining wall rear-end first.
Ronnie Smith
Lap 1: 18.354
Lap 2: no time
Best Lap: 18.354
Jeremy Rice
Lap 1: 17.355
Lap 2: 17.081
Best Lap: 17.081
TJ Reaid
Lap 1: 16.969
Lap 2: 16.87
Best Lap: 16.87
Chris Davidson
Lap 1: 17.405
Lap 2: 17.118
Best Lap: 17.118
Casey Smith
Lap 1: 17.015
Lap 2: 16.895
Best Lap: 16.895
Augie Grill remains atop the board currently. 
Donnie Wilson
Lap 1: 16.925
Lap 2: 16.761
Best Lap: 16.761
Jimmy Garmon
Lap 1: 17.157
Lap 2: 16.937
Best Lap: 16.937
Ron Hanks
Lap 1: 18.896
Lap 2: 18.227
Best Lap: 18.227
Allen Karnes
Lap 1: 17.44
Lap 2: 17.331
Best Lap: 17.331
John Bolen
Lap 1: 17.375
Lap 2: 17.118
Best Lap: 17.118
Junior Niedecken
Lap 1: 17.143
Lap 2: 16.91
Best Lap: 16.91
Eddie Mercer
Lap 1: 17.035
Lap 2: 16.759
Best Lap: 16.759
Augie Grill
Lap 1: 16.705
Lap 2: 16.71
Best Lap: 16.705
Qualifying for the Blizzard Series is now underway.  Augie Grill is on track. 
Jessie Reid’s crashed Super Stock
Super Stock qualifying is now complete.  Jessie Reid set fast time on his first lap, but crashed on his second lap.  Mike Moore will now get credit as the fast-timer.The Blizzard Series Super Late Models are now next on the track.
The cleanup is nearly complete in turn one from the Jessie Reid crash.  There are five more Super Stocks set to take time once the track goes back to green. 
We’re halfway through Super Stock qualifying and under caution.  Jessie Reid looped the #18R in turn one and slammed the outside wall at near-full speed driver’s-side first.  Something apparently broke under the car.  Reid is okay, according to track officials.
No you did not.  Super Stocks are out now for their time trials, with the Blizzard Series Super Late Models to follow them.
Comment From bobaru 

did I miss qualifying? 

The first Super Stock is on track for qualifying.  The Super Late Models are lined up in the turn-one-and-two staging area awaiting their turn for qualifying.  
Comment From Bettie 

Go Midsouth Motorsports (Jeremy Rice) 

Comment From race fan 

Good Luck to John Bolen! 

Remember, tonight’s Rubber & Specialties 100 Blizzard Series feature will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 9:30pm ET, complete with the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Pre-Race Show.  Fans at the track can listen live on their scanners at frequency 454.0000, as well.  Speed51.com’s Trackside Now updates will be limited during the Super Late Model feature while we focus our attention on the RTR broadcast. 
Comment From tad 

i would be willing to put bets on that 51 kbm with josh hamner driving it tonight in victory lane.. 

Practice is now complete.  Super Stock qualifying is just about to begin. 
Comment From Leadseventeen 

Go on TJ show what ya got! Go team KBM!!! 

Tonight, we will crown a first-time Blizzard Series Champion in either Chase Elliott, Augie Grill or Bubba PollardPAST BLIZZARD SERIES CHAMPIONS
2009 – Johanna Long
2008 – Josh Hamner
2007 – Scott Carlson
2006 – Dave Mader III
2005 – Eddie Mercer
2004 – Eddie Mercer
The Sportsman cars are on track now for a brief practice session, which will be followed by the Bombers.

1 Augie Grill
2 Eddie Mercer
3 Wayne Niedecken, Jr.
4 John Bolen
5 Allen Karnes
6 Ron Hanks
7 Jimmy Garmon
8 Donnie Wilson
9 Casey Smith
10 Chris Davidson
11 TJ Reaid
12 Jeremy Rice
13 Ronnie Smith
14 David Rogers
15 DJ Vanderley
16 Dennis Schoenfeld
17 Josh Hamner
18 Gary Sullivan
19 Bubba Pollard
20 Dwayne Buggay
21 Chase Elliott
22 Chuck Barnes
23 Ron McDonald
When Super Late Model qualifying does begin, Augie Grill will be the first car to take time. 
Five Flags Speedway race director Dan Spence has just announced for the Sportsman and Bomber classes to each get a 10-lap practice session to finish drying the track.  Once those sessions are complete, the Super Stocks and Super Late Models will begin qualifying. 
Fans here at the track or headed this way, make sure you bring your scanner to listen to our broadcast later on tonight.  We’ll be broadcasting on frequency 454.0000.If you need a scanner for our next big broadcasts or for our live broadcast of the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby this December, visit www.racingelectronics.com to get one today!
Second rounds of practice for the support divisions have been scrapped for this evening.  Next up will be qualifying for the Super Stocks and the Super Late Models.The track drying efforts are going well and we’re now just a short time away from having the track race-ready.
And just as quickly as the rain came, it has stopped here at Five Flags.  Track drying efforts are underway and we should be able to have cars on the track again shortly. 
Looking at the radar, there are spotty showers all around the Gulf Coast, but nothing appears to be big nor anything that should stick around for long. 
Josh Hamner won the race to the tech line. (51 Photo)
A brief shower has popped up over Five Flags Speedway, but the sun is already peeking back out and as long as the shower clears out quickly, we won’t miss a beat here at Five Flags. 
The first round of Bomber, Sportsman and Super Stock practice has completed.  There will be one more round for each division before qualifying begins. 
DJ Vanderley is competing in a SLM tonight after dominating the Pro Late Model series here at Five Flags this season.
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John Bolen’s #2
For you fans wondering what is going on in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race at Dover International Speedway (DE), former ASA Late Model competitor Brett Moffitt has scored the victory in the Sunoco 150 today.  Moffitt inherited the lead on a green-white-checkered restart when leader Max Gresham blew up.  Moffitt then held off Corey LaJoie on the final green-white-checkered restart for the win.  Ryan Truex finished third and clinched his second-straight KNPSE title. 
David Rogers
Practice for the Super Late Models is now complete.  They will next be on the track at approximately 7pm CT, in roughly 90 minutes, for time trials for tonight’s Rubber & Specialties 100.The Super Stocks will be the first local division to make practice laps up now.

1 Josh Hamner 16.969
2 Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 17.042
3 Donnie Wilson 17.109
4 David Rogers 17.282
5 John Bolen 17.311
6 TJ Reaid 17.326
7 Dwayne Buggay 17.356
8 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.356
9 Chuck Barnes, Jr. 17.476
10 Gary Sullivan 17.621
11 Jeremy Rice 17.678
12 Augie Grill 17.727
13 DJ Vanderley 17.873
We have only five minutes left in Super Late Model practice. 
If you can’t be here for tonight’s race don’t forget there is still one more big event before the Snowball Derby here at the Five Flags Speedway (FL). On Friday, October 8th the Pro Late Models will hit the track here in Pensacola, Florida for the Allen Turner “Tune Up” 100. The last chance for Pro Late Models to race at Five Flags Speedway before the Allen Turner Snowflake 100, arguably the biggest Pro Late Model event in the county on December 4th. 
Augie Grill’s red #112
Eddie Mercer
Casey Smith (#99) leads TJ Reaid through turns one and two.
Chase Elliott is going for the Blizzard Series title tonight
With 30 Minutes Remaining in Practice

1 Josh Hamner 16.854
2 Chase Elliott 16.891
3 TJ Reaid 16.908
4 Edide Mercer 17.043
5 Casey Smith 17.08
6 David Rogers 17.195
7 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.211
8 Dwayne Buggay 17.241
9 John Bolen 17.256
10 Chris Davidson 17.26
11 Chuck Barnes, Jr. 17.263
12 Bubba Pollard 17.287
13 Augie Grill 17.322
14 Jimmy Garmon 17.416
15 Donnie Wilson 17.537
16 Gary Sullivan 17.54
17 Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 17.598
18 Ronnie Smith 17.716
19 Jeremy Rice 17.724
20 DJ Vanderley 17.839
21 Allen Karnes 18.012
22 Rob Hanks 18.845
23 Ron McDonald no time
Josh Hamner’s #51 KBM Toyota
2008 Blizzard Series Champion Josh Hamner is now on top of the speed chart with a lap of 16.854 
Speed51.com has you covered with Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor at the controls for Trackside Now coverage throughout the afternoon and evening. Then, we’ll move a few feet back of where we are perched now and will bring you all the action on RaceTalkRadio.com with a special live broadcast, presented by Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on West Nine Mile Road here in Pensacola.We’ll be providing live updates throughout practice and qualifying and when we can during the feature, but we hope that you’re able to tune in to RTR at approximately 9:30pm ET (we’ll keep you posted should we go live any earlier or later) for the live broadcast.
Comment From EARL 


Elliott still leads practice with TJ Reaid, Eddie Mercer, Casey Smth, and Dwayne Buggay in the top five. 
Just got an update from scoring DJ VanderLey will be in the 40 car tonight and not Dave Mader III. VanderLey is on his way to the Pro Late Model track title after five wins here at Five Flags Speedway. 
As of right now Chase Elliott has the best time in practcie at a 16.891. 
Qualifying can be real important tonight as the pole sitter will get 15 points and one point down form that all the way back to one point. Every driver will get at least one point for attempting qualifying. 
There is a lot more on the line then the championship as the top 10 in points will have a chance to get into the Snowball Derby if they don’t make it on time. The top two guys will be locked in no matter what happens and the positions could change tonight. 
Chuck Barnes and Casey Smith have joined him for the opening laps of practice. 
Ronnie Smith is the first car on the track. 
Super Late Models are rolling to the end of pit road. 
Not that we can see, but they can sneak in on us here at Five Flags. 
Comment From Tad 

has anymore cars showed up besides aug?? 

Same story from the drivers meeting as the previous Blizzard races, teams will have four tires, two stickers (right side) and two scuffs (any combo) to use. The stickers can only taken at the competition caution on lap 51 while the scuffs can be used if a tire is flat on the rim. An official has to approve a flat tire. Race lineup will be set by a draw of 4,6,8 after time trials. 
Drivers listen to the rules here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Photo)
The driver’s meeting is in the books and we are a few minutes from practice. 
We’re headed down to talk with some drivers before and after the drivers’ meeting.  We’ll be back with some more nuggets when we return.
Augie Grill showed up with his red car today. (51 Photo)
Interesting developments from Augie Grill’s camp.  Grill will be competing in the red #112 that he won the Pro Late Model Snowflake 100 with last year, with a Super Late Model engine in it here tonight.  That is because Grill sold his usual Super Late Model to Dakota Stroup after the Ken-Ten Late Model race at Nashville a few weeks back.  That leaves Grill with only his red car, which they have swapped engines in for this event and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, at the very least.  Grill told us that he and his Grand American Race Cars business can build a car and make it race-ready in three weeks, but they are quite busy these days with customers’ cars, so it may take a while before they have a new Super Late Model to run. 
Jimmy Garmon is racing here tonight in a #97 owned by Gary Hanning.  This is the fourth different car owner that he has competed with this season.
We haven’t seen Justin Drawdy racing much these days, but that’s understandable.  With a growing family and managing a successful construction company in Central Florida, his time to go racing is limited these days.  But, it’s great to see a talented kid like Chuck Barnes, Jr. get a shot in a good racecar such as Drawdy’s here tonight. 
Comment From Guest 

So does Justin Drawdy actually run his car any more or is he solely renting a ride these days? 

Comment From 54clarkfan 

this race or any race at 5 flags does not need a nascar name, these guys are all big names in the slm world 

Another guy who folks have been asking about in our comments today is Mike Garvey.  Garvey has been strong in his return to Super Late Model racing here in the Gulf Coast this season in Tracy Goodson’s car, but he makes his primary living as a crew chief for Ryan Sieg in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, while also start-and-parking a Truck in those events, as well.  Garvey will be handling those roles in Las Vegas tomorrow and was not able to get a flight back to Pensacola’s for tonight’s Blizzard Series finale. 
Augie Grill’s rig is currently pulling into the infield 
We’ve heard that Ryan Lawler is done in Stanley Smith’s #49 car in which he competed in several times in recent seasons.  Josh Hamner competed in Smith’s #49 last weekend in the CRA Super Series’ event at O’Reilly Raceway Park, but Hamner is back in a Kyle Busch Motorsports car today and no Smith #49 is here.We have also heard that there is a possibility that Lawler could be competing in the Snowball Derby in one of Robert Hamke’s house cars, but we have not been able to confirm that with any of the parties involved just yet.
As Speed51.com reported earlier this year, defending Snowball Derby winner Kyle Busch will not be at this year’s Derby to defend his title.  Busch, as one of the 12 “Chase” drivers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, will be attending the banquet in Las Vegas the same weekend as the Snowball Derby.Beyond that, we haven’t heard any NASCAR-types that will be competing in this year’s Snowball Derby.

We did check with Five Flags Speedway track promoter Tim Bryant, who said that there are already nearly 40 Snowball Derby entries and around 30 Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model entries for the Derby weekend this year.

Comment From mreracing 

This may be a crazy question but have you guys heard of any “BIG” names that might be at the derby this year? Any of the NASCAR guys?? 

Another driver not making today’s trip to Five Flags is Troutman, North Carolina’s Jeff Fultz.  Fultz sits eighth in points here in the Blizzard Series and second in the Miller Lite Super Late Model Series’ points at Mobile International Speedway, but he will be missing both events here on the Gulf Coast this weekend.Instead of making the trip here, Fultz will be focused on managing his Jeff Fultz Racing/C&C Motortsports fleet of cars in Saturday night’s PASS South event at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC).
A strong field of Super Late Models are in the pits for today’s race. (51 Photo)
Blizzard Points After 4 Races
1 Chase Elliott 639
2 Augie Grill 610
3 Bubba Pollard 587
4 Josh Hamner 552
5 Johanna Long 550
6 Donnie Wilson 550
7 Mike Garvey 527
8 Jeff Futlz 512
9 Chris Davidson 451
10 Casey Smith 423
11 Ryan Lawler 421
12 Jeremy Rice 389
13 Allen Karnes 380
14 Junior Niedecken 361
15 Brandon Carlson 286 
Pensacola’s teenage sensation Johanna Long, last year’s Blizzard Series Champion, is skipping tonight’s event here at her home track to compete in tomorrow’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (NV).  Long’s family team, Panhandle Motorsports, has invested in a few Trucks for the 18-year-old and she will be making her debut with that team tonight after already competing in three Truck races with Billy Ballew Motorsports in 2010.
Comment From Pete 

Did Johanna skip this race to race the Truck because she was going to lose the championship anyway? 

Chase Elliott is the point leader in the Blizzard Series. (51 Photo)
The 2010 Blizzard Series Championship, as well as two guaranteed starting spots for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby this December, are on the line tonight.Chase Elliott holds a 29-point lead over Augie Grill, while Bubba Pollard is only 23-points behind Grill in third.  There are qualifying points as well as finishing-position points available, so any of those three could potentially walk away with tonight’s Blizzard Series title.

Also, the top-10 in points from the Blizzard Series will also be eligible for a guaranteed starting spot in the Snowball Derby.  The top-two drivers from the top-10 in points not qualifying into the Derby on time will be given guaranteed starting spots in this year’s event, held here at Five Flags on December 5th.

That’s where we were this morning, as a matter of fact!  Anyone who finds themselves in Pensacola, whether for a race here at Five Flags or just on vacation, a trip to the Pensacola Naval Air Base and its museum is a must-do! 
Comment From Tigger 

Augie’s late? Big surprise – lol. While y’all are in town you ought to check out the Navy base. 

To see some photos from last night’s practice, check out our photo gallery that we snapped on the Speed51.com Facebook Page:
As far as practice from last night, 17 cars hit Five Flags Speedway in practice, but transponder times were not kept.  Unofficially, according to some stopwatches we got to see, Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard and TJ Reaid were among the quickest guys that hit the track. 
The weather here is quite warm and muggy, with temperatures in the low 90’s and a heat index pushing triple-digits.  But, the weather should be just fine for tonight’s event.  There is a 30-percent chance of spotty showers tonight, but we should be okay. 
Comment From LeadSeventeen 

Hi Guys, good to see you 😉 Whats the weather like there and who was fast in practice last night? 

Here’s tonight’s roster by car number

2 John Bolen
9 Chase Elliott
11 David Rogers
12 Chuck Barnes, Jr.
18 Bubba Pollard
23 Jeremy Rice
27 Ronnie Smith
29 Allen Karnes
39 Gary Sullivan
40 Dave Mader III
41 Chris Davidson
43 Dennis Schoenfeld
45 Dwayne Buggay
51 Josh Hamner
52 TJ Reaid
72 Eddie Mercer
82 Donnie Wilson
92 Ron McDonald
97 Jimmy Garmon
99 Casey Smith
99 Junior Niedecken
112 Augie Grill
171 Lamar Hanks
1 9 Chase Elliott
2 29 Allen Karnes
3 11 David Rogers
4 99 Casey Smith
5 12 Chuck Barnes Jr.
6 99 Junior Niedecken
7 51 Josh Hamner
8 52 TJ Reaid
9 41 Chris Davidson
10 92 Ron MacDonald
11 45 Dwayne Buggay
12 23 Jeremy Rice
13 18 Bubba Pollard
14 43 Dennis Schoenfeld
15 40 Dave Mader III
16 72 Eddie Mercer
17 82 Donnie Wilson
18 171 Lamar Hanks
19 2 John Bolen
20 39 Gary Sullivan
21 27 Ronnie Smith
22 112 Augie Grill (Not Here Yet)
23 97 Jimmy Garmon
Twenty-three cars are expected here for tonight’s Rubber & Specialties 100.  Twenty-two are currently on the grounds, with the only one missing that we’re missing so far is Augie Grill’s 112, who is en route to the track as we speak. 
(All times are Central Time Zone)1pm – Pit Gates Open
3:45pm – Blizzard Drivers Meeting
4:00pm – 5:30pm – Blizzard Practice
5:30pm – Super Stock, Sportsman and Bomber Practice (two rounds each)
6:45pm – Qualifying Begins (Super Stocks, then Blizzard Series)
7:30pm – Local Drivers Meeting
7:50pm – Pre-Race Festivities
8:00pm – Feature Races Begin
Super Stock (30 Laps)
Blizzard Series Super Late Models (100 Laps)
Sportsman (25 Laps)
Bomber (20 Laps)
Speed51.com has you covered with Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor at the controls for Trackside Now coverage throughout the afternoon and evening. Then, we’ll move a few feet back of where we are perched now and will bring you all the action on RaceTalkRadio.com with a special live broadcast, presented by Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on West Nine Mile Road here in Pensacola.We’ll be providing live updates throughout practice and qualifying and when we can during the feature, but we hope that you’re able to tune in to RTR at approximately 9:30pm ET (we’ll keep you posted should we go live any earlier or later) for the live broadcast.
Good afternoon race fans and welcome to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, where tonight some of the best Super Late Models in the country will close out the 2010 Blizzard Series season in the Rubber & Specialties 100.

Trackside Now: Rubber & Specialties 100 – Five Flags Speedway – 9/24/10