That concludes Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of practice day at the Rowdy 251 here at Berlin Raceway in Marne, MI.

If you’re anywhere close to this area (approximately 15 minutes outside the city of Grand Rapids, MI), you have to be here tomorrow for the 250-lap CRA-sanctioned Super Late Model event and the USA Modified feature. It’s an action-packed day of racing right here at Berlin.

Tickets are still available here at the track box office.

For those fans unable to make it here to Berlin, Speed51.com will have live Trackside Now coverage beginning at noon ET Tuesday. The driver’s meeting will kick off the day’s festivities at the track at 1:15pm, followed by practice starting at 2pm. Qualifying for the Super Late Models and the Modifieds is at 5pm, with feature racing kicking off at 7pm.

Plus, Speed 51 Radio will have a live flag-to-flag broadcast on Tuesday night of the Rowdy 251. A link for the broadcast will be made available Tuesday morning both on the front page of Speed51.com and in our Trackside Now coverage.

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Finally, if you’re headed to the track on Tuesday, make sure you bring your scanner and tune it to frequency 454.5000 to hear the Speed 51 Radio broadcast of the main event live.

That’s it for tonight here at Berlin. We’ll see you at noon on Tuesday from the track here on Speed51.com. Good night.

Comment From Guest 

Thanks again to Paragon and Speed51 for the Trackside updates — they are truly appreciated… Lisa Campbell 

CRA Practice Times: Round 5

1) 82 Tom Thomas 16.576
2) 12 Tim Devos 16.630
3) 21 Johnny Benson 16.731
4) 44 Tim Steele 16.738
5) 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.751
6) 121 Terry VanHaitsma 16.798
7) 5 Brian Ickler 16.803
8) 15 Joey Miller 16.849
9) 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.886
10) 14 Tyler Roahrig 16.915
11) 4 Derick Griffin 16.944
12) 71 Blake Brown 16.961
13) 25 Ross Kenseth 17.039
14) 37 Jordan Dahlke 17.040
15) 84 Jay Niewick 17.053
16) 25 Cole Powell 17.083
17) 16 Kelsey Steele 17.101
18) 53 Boris Jurkovic 17.107
19) 18 Hunter Robbins 17.125
20) 10 Ryan Blaney 17.128
21) 29 Allen Karnes 17.135

We’ll second that! 
Comment From Shaun 

I would like to say a special thanks to Dave jones and all of the paragon employees for making It possible to follow the rowdy 

Checkered flag, practice is over. 
Tim DeVos, a local track regular here at Berlin in the Modified division, is making his Super Late Model debut here in the Rowdy 251. He made a mock qualifying run to put him second on the board in this final session, but he’s still not happy with the car and has told our Dan Vining that he and the team will “start from scratch” on the setup tomorrow. 
Ross Kenseth, Brian Ickler, Cole Powell, Kelsey Steele, Hunter Robbins and Joey Miller are all on track with about 20 minutes left in practice. 
Several teams have elected to load up with practice still left. Many are also going through the tech line one final time. 
For all you Chase Elliott fans, he has loaded the #9 car up for the night. 
Allen Karnes is on track with a new set of sticker tires for a mock qualifying run. 
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks for your hard work. This is gonna be a great show! 

Tom Thomas is on top of the speed charts right now in this final practice. 
As we mentioned earlier, it appears that either Chase does not have a transponder on his car, or it is not working, as his car has not appeared on any time sheet thus far. 
Comment From Hilary 

Where is Chase Elliott in practice? 

Roahrig told Speed51.com that he was all done for the day a little while ago, but he and his team decided to make one more run with the #14. 
Johnny Benson, Jr., Cole Powell, Joey Miller, Terry VanHaitsma, both Welch and Wilson Motorsports cars (Derrick Griffin and Tyler Roahrig) are among the cars on track. 
2009 Rowdy event winner Brian Campbell has loaded his #20 car up for the night. 
CRA cars are on track for the final 30 minute practice session of the day. 
Terry VanHaitsma won practice number 4 at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA Practice Times: Round 4

1) 121 Terry VanHatsima 16.458
2) 5 Brian Ickler 16.493
3) 82 Tom Thomas 16.581
4) 21 Johnny Benson 16.643
5) 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.688
6) 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.699
7) 20 Brian Campbell 16.718
8) 25 Ross Kenseth 16.735
9) 14 Tyler Roahrig 16.760
10) 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.796
11) 08 Bubba Pollard 16.798
12) 4 Derrick Griffin 16.799
13) 22 Caleb Biscay 16.801
14) 44 Tim Steele 16.818
15) 05 Alec Carll 16.819
16) 51 Kyle Busch 16.836
17) 84 Jay Niewiek 16.875
18) 11 Nick Bonstell 16.881
19) 37 Jordan Dahlke 16.888
20) 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.925
21) 71 Blake Brown 16.956
22) 10 Ryan Blaney 16.959
23) 23 Chris Koslek 16.981
24) 15 Joey Miller 17.005
25) 222 Justin Regnerus 17.021
26) 18 Hunter Robbins 17.022
27) 32 Gabe Ensing 17.036
28) 101 Lauren Bush 17.087
29) 110 Josh Hobson 17.133
30) 125 Cole Powell 17.151
31) 12 Tim Devos 17.164
32) 29 Allen Karnes 17.251
33) 16 Kelsey Steele 17.334 

According to Bubba Pollard’s Twitter page (follow him at @bubbapollard), his car is much better now than it was earlier today.

While you open another browser window for Bubba’s Twitter, make sure you follow Speed51.com via @speed51dotcom to keep apprised on all the goings-on with your favorite short trackers and news from the short track world. 

Erik Jones’ crew loads up his battered car. They will be working all night to repair it in time for tomorrow’s race. (Speed51.com Photo)
Modified final practice is set to begin. 
There is now less than an hour remaining in practice. 
Tyler Roahrig is also loading up his car for the night. He is pretty happy with his Welch & Wilson Motorsports/Seal Wrap car and they hope to have an equally strong car tomorrow. He is currently P9 on the board today. 
Speed51.com has caught up with Erik Jones’ crew as they were loading up the #41 car into their transport rig. They will be returning to their shop, which is about 10 miles from the track, to continue to fix the damage caused in an incident a while ago this afternoon. The suspension damage was a bit more severe than the team originally expected it to be, plus there is some rear-end damage to the Paragon Corvette Reproductions car. The crew will work through the night to make the repairs before tomorrow’s event. 
Comment From jeff titmus 

did Erik Jones get his ride repaired? 

Top speed on the board at this juncture belongs to Terry VanHaitsma. The #21 is fast already and they have not yet made a mock qualifying run. They are cooling the car down now and bolting on sticker tires for a mock run in the next few minutes. 
Tom Thomas’ machine is looking very sporty today. (Speed51.com Photo)
As we approach the final hour of practice, we have not yet seen a whole lot of drivers and teams load up, as we sometimes see late in long practice days such as today. Of course, with an approximate 8pm green flag tomorrow night, we’re in prime race conditions right now. 
82 – Tom Thomas is up to second on the charts…. 16.581 sec 
Ross Kenseth (#25) leads Peter Cozzolino (#111) through turn one at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch shows the way for Brandon Hermiller. (Speed51.com Photo)
The track is GREEN once again in this practice. 
Josh Hobson runs decal-less during practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
YELLOW – For debris in turns one and two. 
Terry VanHaitsma now finds himself at the top of the boards with a time of 16.458 seconds 
Chase Elliott on track during final practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Business is really picking up on track now. 
Ross Kenseth showing a lot of speed in this practice session. (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott is still running without a transponder, as he has been all day. 
Ross Kenseth is on top of the charts early on in this practice. 
This will be the final round of practice for the day. 
The CRA Super Series Super Late Models are heading out once again for practice. This will be the fourth round of the day. 
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Peter Cozzolino zooms off the corner. (Speed51.com Photo)
Berlin hometown hero and former ASA National Tour, NASCAR Camping World Truck and Nationwide Series Champion Johnny Benson. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tyler Roahrig topped the charts in Practice 3. (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA Practice Times: Round 3

1) 14 Tyler Roahrig 16.567
2) 23 Chris Koslek 16.581
3) 82 Tom Thomas 16.621
4) 4 Derrick Griffin 16.655
5) 20 Brian Campbell 16.671
6) 51 Kyle Busch 16.700
7) 11 Nick Bonstell 16.710
8) 22 Caleb Bisacky 16.783
9) 121 Terry VanHatsma 16.788
10) 05 Alec Carll 16.793
11) 41 Erik Jones 16.800
12) 21 Johnny Benson 16.831
13) 222 Justin Regnerus 16.846
14) 37 Jordan Dahlke 16.855
15) 10 Ryan Blaney 16.878
16) 12 Tim Devos 16.891
17) 5 Brian Ickler 16.892
18) 111 Peter Cozzolino 16.905
19) 32 Gabe Ensing 16.927
20) 44 Tim Steele 16.927
21) 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.933
22) 110 Josh Hobson 16.948
23) 84 Jay Niewiek 16.965
24) 18 Hunter Robbins 16.973
25) 15 Joey Miller 17.014
26) 101 Lauren Bush 17.034
27) 125 Cole Powell 17.060
28) 16 Kelsey Steele 17.089
29) 71 Blake Brown 17.160
30) 08 Bubba Pollard 17.186
31) 6 Brandon Hermiller 17.219
32) 29 Allen Karnes 17.303 

Terry VanHaitsma (#21) looks underneath Ryan Blaney (#10). (Speed51.com Photo)
Alec Carll sporting a nice new paint job this week at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Hunter Robbins watches cars maneuver through turns one and two at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Erik Jones surveys the damage to his racer after contact with the outside wall in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Eric Jones confirmed what we saw happen earlier. He locked up the brakes trying to avoid multiple cars entering the track and rode the wall down the front stretch. The car is fixable and they say they are going to be back out shortly. 
YELLOW – As Boris Jurkovic came up onto the track from the pits, Erick Jones moved up the track to avoid him, and in the process creamed the outside wall on the frontstretch, riding the wall into turn one. 
Lauren Bush is currently on track with car #101. The 17-year-old from Hastings, Michigan is the daughter of former Berlin Raceway Super Late Model Track Champion Joe Bush. Lauren is also racing here with a heavy heart at Berlin, as her uncle, Kalamazoo Speedway (MI) regular Rob Lewis, passed away over the weekend. 
Cars are up to speed again on the track. 
The yellow flag is out on the track for debris in turns 3 and 4. 
Tyler Roahrig is currently fastest in this practice session followed by Chris Koslek, Derick Griffin, Kyle Busch and Nick Bonstell. 
Several drivers have also brought up some issues trying to dial in their cars on the right-side tire compound, which is a Hoosier F-48, a tire that is considered a “track tire.” Most drivers are familiar with the Hoosier F-40 left-side tires, but a lot of attention has been paid to the tires for each team here today. 
Another reason Kyle Busch got into his teammate Brian Ickler’s car? Berlin Raceway, as Ickler told our Elgin Traylor, “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” 
Rowdy Busch takes a turn in Brian Ickler’s ride during Practice 2. (Speed51.com Photo)
Johnny VanDoorn, from nearby Coopersville, Michigan, is not competing with his usual Kaos Motorsports #61 here at Berlin. Instead, he’s piloting the Port City Race Cars #61 house car, the same car that he drove to victory lane with recently in a Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Model event here. 
Kyle Busch is yet again on the top of the charts early on in this practice session. 
In the most recently-completed Super Late Model practice, Kyle Busch hopped into Brian Ickler’s #5 machine to help get that one dialed in. 
While this is not a CRA points event, we do not yet see the #72 of Scott Hantz yet in the pit area. Hantz is the current CRA point leader, but it is possible that because this is not a points-paying event, he may opt to skip this one to keep his equipment fresh for Sunday’s point event at Winchester Speedway (IN). 
The green flag is back out on the speedway and the track is full of cars. 
Dave Lake, a Modified driver here is the person seeking medical attention for a cut on his finger. 
The red flag is out on the speedway. We are hearing that someone in the pits has injured their hand and needs to cross the track to seek medical attention. 
Justin Regnerus at speed in Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Dave Blaney spots for his son, Ryan, during Super Late Model practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Up next, CRA will get a full one hour practice session that will run until 7:30. 
Borris Jurkovic at speed in Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard is still learning the ropes on what it takes to be fast here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tom Devos barrels down the speedway. (Speed51.com Photo)
That very well could be as we just saw the #9 roll through the tech line. 
Comment From B.Hooven 

I don’t think Chase received a transponder because he didn’t go through tech…therefore he won’t be shown on practice times… 

The mods are once again turning laps in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA Practice Times: Round 2

20 Brian Campbell 16.517
61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.549
00 Andy Ponstein 16.591
82 Tom Thomas 16.607
4 Derrick Griffin 16.619
121 Terry VanHaitsma 16.680
22 Caleb Bisacky 16.690
5 Brian Ickler 16.737
44 Tim Steele 16.760
05 Alec Carll 16.762
55 Chris Anthony 16.790
25 Ross Kenseth 16.815
53 Boris Jurkovic 16.815
23 Chris Koslek 16.819
111 Peter Cozzolino 16.860
15 Joey Miller 16.864
51 Kyle Busch 16.869
41 Erik Jones 16.891
110 Josh Hobson 16.918
12 Tim Devos 16.919
18 Hunter Robbins 16.940
08 Bubba Pollard 16.943
16 Kelsey Steele 16.944
53 Boris Jurkovic 16.969
101 Lauren Bush 17.001
10 Ryan Blaney 17.006
84 Jay Niewiek 17.018
222 Justin Regnerus 17.023
11 Nick Bonstell 17.045
14 Tyler Roahrig 17.183
6 Brandon Hermiller 17.211
71 Blake Brown 17.242
32 Gabe Ensing 17.274
37 Jordan Dahlke 17.378
29 Allen Karnes 17.636 

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Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you for today’s practice coverage! 

Chase was out in the second practice session that just concluded. We will post speeds when made available by track and series officials. 
Comment From mike 

i don’t see c elliott in practice list, something wrong ? 

Brain Campbell wins Practice number 2 at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
The second CRA practice session is now complete. Brian Campbell was fastest. 
Tom Thomas records tire pressures after a run. (Speed51.com Photo)
We tried to get a word with the 4th fastest driver in this practice, Tom Thomas, but he was just too busy.  Very small team on an open trailer.  Thomas was busy recording tire pressures as the other members of his crew made adjustments. 
Talked with Brain Campbell earier in practice.  He said the key to speed here at Berlin is being “smooth and consistant.” 
Brain Campbell just jumped to the top of the charts in this practice. 
Johnny VanDoorn currently leads this practice session followed by Tom Thomas, Terry VanHaitsma, Caleb Bisacky, and Brian Ickler. 
CRA Super Late Models are back on the track. This practice session will run for forty minutes and end at 6:00. 

We want to thank Hampton Inn for their support of Speed51.com as they are the presenting sponsors of our Trackside Now coverage here at Berlin Raceway. Check them out at www.grandrapidsnorth.hamptoninn.com

The Mods are practicing once more here at Berlin.
Modifieds are back on track for more practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch and Brian Ickler discuss their first runs on track. (Speed51.com Photo)

After their first runs, Kyle Busch and Brian Ickler chatted over the feel of their cars.  Icker’s impression was almost that of chaos.  Busch told Ickler that you can’t go 100%, you have to ease it in with these tires.  After the two chatted, Busch brought Icker to the top of the hauler so he could show Icker what he was talking about.

Kyle Busch was the fastest on track during Practice 1. (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA Practice Times: Round 1

Kyle Busch 16.469
Chris Anthony 16.735
Chris Koslek 16.755
Justin Regnerus 16.841
Brian Campbell 16.954
Erik Jones 16.961
Brian Ickler 16.978
Andy Ponstein 16.979
Nick Bonstell 16.988
Ross Kenseth 17.009
Tim Steele 17.050
Tom Thomas 17.065
Derrick Griffin 17.078
Caleb Bisacky 17.126
Tyler Roahrig 17.212
Josh Hobson 17.217
Johnny Benson 17.222
Joey Miller 17.233
Jay Niewiek 17.368
Allen Karnes 17.393
Blake Brown 17.459
Bubba Pollard 17.523
Hunter Robbins 17.749
Ryan Blaney 17.803 


Erik Jones had a bit of a moment.  He was on a timed “hot lap” and decided to duck off the track in turn one.  He came in way too hot and almost took out a group of photographers in the process.  After talking with his crew, they say that the car is okay and that thankfully, he didn’t hit anyone or anything.

Erik Jones screams into the pits after running a hot lap. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch was 3 tenths of a second faster then anybody else in the first session with a 16.469. We will have a full field rundown shortly. 
Comment From laynes racing 

Go Derrick Griffin and Tyler Roahrig 

Teams are taking there time here in practice today. The most action the track has seen so far is about six cars at one time. 
Kyle Busch currently leads early in practice followed by Justin Regnerus, Erik Jones, Nick Bonstell and Ross Kenseth. 
Hunter Robbins looks to make his first start here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Hunter Robbins is one of several drivers from the Deep South that will be making their first start at Berlin Raceway.  The young driver out of Montgomery (AL) is excited to be here, and says that he thinks he will do good here because he likes running ecentric race tracks like Berlin.  The car Robbins brings to this event is the same car he has run all season long in the Pro Late Model ranks, now converted to a Super Late Model.
Modified at speed (Speed51.com Photo)
Modifieds took to the track for a short practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Eric Jones, Ryan Blaney, Derick Griffin and Tyler Roahrig are among the first group of cars on the track. 
CRA cars are going to be rolling out on the track shortly. They will have it until 4:50. 
Modifieds are finally rolling out on the track for practice. 
While there’s no live television coverage of the event on television, it will air live on Speed 51 Radio tomorrow night. Also, SPEED’s cameras will be on hand tomorrow afternoon for a segment on “NASCAR Race Hub,” which airs tomorrow night at 7pm ET on SPEED. 
Comment From Donna Robbins 

Will the race be televised? 

Kyle Busch (right) speaks with Tara Miller from the local FOX affiliate and more media on hand. (Speed51.com Photo)
The track is still quiet as local media continues pre-event interviews. (Speed51.com Photo)
We are still awaiting the start of practice. According to the schedule, practice was supposed to begin fifteen minutes ago, however nobody is in the flag stand and cars are rolling through tech very slowly. We are hearing that some interviews are being conducted by the local media and they need it to be quiet. 
The well-groomed infield sits under partly cloudy skies here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Johnny Benson chats with Terry VanHaitsma and a crew member in the pre-practice tech line (Speed51.com Photo)
Yes, we sure will! 
Comment From Guest 

Are you covering the mod stuff also 


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Upwards of 40 Super Late Models are here to battle it out this week. (Speed51.com Photo)
A look at the long line of cars waiting to cycle through the tech station. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard (center) and Allen Karnes (Right) are both here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Don Patrick 

Did Bubba Pollard and Alan Karnes get there ???? 

Ryan Blaney awaits his turn at morning tech inspection. (Speed51.com Photo)
A long line of cars has formed in front of the tech area, however they have not begun teching cars yet. Ryan Blaney will be the first car though tech when they start. 
Pre Race Entry
00 Andy Ponstein Jenison, MI
4 Derrick Griffin South Bend, IN
5 Brian Ickler Poway, CA
05 Alex Carll Grand Rapids, MI
6 Brandon Hermiller Walker, MI
08 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
10 Ryan Blaney High Point, NC
11 Nick Bonstell Holland, MI
12 Tim DeVos Comstock Park, MI
14 Tyler Roahrig Bremen, IN
15 Joey Miller Lakeville, MN
16 Kelsey Steele Coopersville, MI
18 Hunter Robbins Montgomery, AL
20 Brian Campbell Wyoming, MI
21 Johnny Benson Corneluis, MI
23 Chris Koslek Grand Rapids, MI
25 Ross Kenseth Spring Valley, IL
26 Rick Turner Yorktown, IN
28 Justin Alsip Germantown, OH
32 Gabe Ensing West Olive, MI
34 Jonathan Martin Shelbyville, IN
37 Jordan Dahlke Middleville, MI
41 Erik Jones Byron, MI
44 Tim Steele Coopersville, MI
48 Seth Moody Middleville, MI
51 Kyle Busch Las Vegas, NV
53 Boris Jurkovic Joliet, IL
55 Chris Anthony Walker, MI
61 John VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
71 Blake Brown Franksville, WI
72 Scott Hantz Angola, IN
77 Andrew Nylaan Allendale, MI
82 Tom Thomas Grandville, MI
84 Jay Niewiek Grand Rapids, MI
101 Lauren Bush Hastings, MI
110 Josh Hobson Birch Run, MI
115 Justin Ryan Grand Rapids, MI
121 Terry VanHaitsma Hudsonville, MI
125 Cole Powell Mt. Brydges, ONT

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Today’s practice kicks off at 3:30pm and goes unitl 9:30pm. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Berlin Raceway in Marne, MI. Today is the optional practice day for the Rowdy 251. Kick back and enjoy practice from today’s action from here in Michigan.

Trackside Now: Rowdy’s Revenge 251 Practice Day – Berlin Raceway – 6/20/11