Comment From Stephen Barker 

bummer about the rain, but I’ll see you there at 7 pm tomorrow, thanks today for coverage 

Thanks for joining us tonight at a soggy Berlin. We’ll be back tomorrow and we hope you will be too! Good night from Marne, MI. 
We’re all done tonight at Berlin. All the Cup drivers have confirmed that they can return tomorrow night, so that’s when we’ll be racing. The Rowdy’s Revenge 251 will go green at 7pm ET Wednesday night. Come on out to the track or listen to us live on RaceTalkRadio.com beginning at 7pm and follow us here on Trackside Now on Speed51.com
It’s still raining and we’re still waiting it out here at Berlin. Track officials have just conferred with NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch, AJ Allmendinger and David Stremme, and all of them will be able to stay tomorrow, should we need a rain date now. No decisions have been made as far as a gameplan yet, but we’ll keep you posted! 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

A. Grill ran the Winchester 400 in 06 and 07. In 06 he hit the turn 2 wall about 10 times and finished 2nd, in 07 he qualified in the mid 20’s and fell out about halfway and he hasn’t been back since. I think he would be better prepared now for a good run and wish he would come back. 

We’re in a holding pattern right now as it is still raining. We will keep you posted on any developments with the weather. Stay tuned. 
The track has announced at the start finish line and asked the crowd whether or not they would like to run the race tomorrow without David Stremme and Kyle Busch or try this in August around the date of the Michigan Cup race with the Cup drivers. The crowd voted strong to delay it to August – if a rain date is needed. The track crews are still working hard to try and save the track tonight. 
We would love to see Augie Grill….and maybe even Bubba Pollard head North to some of these big Super Late Model shows. 
Comment From todd 

too bad auggie grill couldnt make it! 

Comment From joe 

seems like all it does is rain, show me the money, sunoco national tour race at ORP and now rowdys revenge 

Comment From Guest 

darn rain 

The skies have opened up with rain coming down heavy. The red flag is out before the race even got going. 
We’ll have our hands full doing a live radio and live Internet broadcast tonight, but we may have a photo gallery on the Speed51.com Facebook page later this week. 

any photos of the late model lineup? 

The field has gotten the signal that there will be two more pace laps before the green flag comes out. 
Kyle Busch just told the crew on Speed 51 Radio that he thinks that he has a “pretty good piece” for tonight’s race. Given his history of winning big Super Late Model races liek the Winchester 400, Snowball Derby and Speedfest, we’d say he’s definately going to be one of the favorites to win. 
Pace laps are underway right now. Since there is a threat of poor weather, they have kicked things into high gear and decided against doing out of car driver introductions tonight. 
Yes, be sure to go to RaceTalkRadio.com to listen live to the race broadcast. 
Comment From Guest 

is race talk radio live right now? 

A number of provisionals have been added for the race, which will bring the starting field to 30. CRA Super Series provisionals will go to Scott Hantz and Joey Miller. The track has added Phil Bozell, Jordan Dahlke , Nick Bonstell, Becca Kasten, Keith Herk and Jay Newark as promoter options. 
Comment From Lil Al 

KB, Ross, and Brian Campbell on the radio during the race?! You guys rock! 

Modified heat races are under way here at Berlin. 
The SLM last-chance race is now over. Boris Jurkovic won over Justin Ryan. Those two are now locked into the field. We’ll have info on who will get the provisionals and the starting lineup in just a bit. 
YELLOW FLAG: Kelsey Steele and Ricky Baker tangled in turn two. As the field went to yellow, Nick Bonstell went off the backstretch and deep into the woods off turn three. 
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Last Chance race is underway 
GREEN FLAG: Listen live on RaceTalkRadio.com
We’re live on RaceTalkRadio.com and we’re just about ready to kick off the last chance race here at Berlin! 
Bond Suss is the GM of the Late Model side of KBM now…Chris Gabehart is the Crew Chief for Kyle Busch this year. 
Comment From JM 

Is Bond Suss crew chief for KB ? 

Plenty good enough to go racing, which we’ll do in just a few minutes! 
Comment From Guest 

how does the weather look 

Comment From Bigbill 

The sons of the NASCAR drivers done pretty good.Qualifying in the top 10.Ross,Ryan & Chase a job well done. 

Ross is in his blue-and-white car. 
Comment From Guest 

Is ross running the red or blue car 

The autograph session is concluding and the last chance race should start in just a few minutes. Tune in to RaceTalkRadio.com for the live broadcast before the racing action starts. 
Comment From KAY 

What is going on ? 

Yup, sure will! 
Comment From kaiserfan 

will the radio covarage include the Mods 

Comment From Guest 

I think Terry Senneker will win it 

Comment From Hoot Puppy 

wow cant believe hantz didnt get in on time but it doesnt matter vandoorn will win anyway. 

The RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast is just about to begin. Go to www.racetalkradio.comand click on the “Listen Live” link at the top-right of the page to listen to all the action from Berlin. 
Reminder: Tonight’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251 will be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com. Live coverage of the event will begin at 6:30pm ET. 
As mentioned earlier in the Trackside Now coverage, 26 cars make the who tonight. The top-20 were locked in on time, while the others will have to rely on transferring through the last-chance race or provisionals. 
Comment From Bluetick 

How many make the starting field? 

Speed 51 Radio and RaceTalkRadio.com will present live, flag-to-flag coverage of tonight’s main events. Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will provide play-by-play action from the booth, while the voice of Owosso and Dixie Speedways, Matt Prieur, will provide the call from pit road.It all kicks off with a special pre-race edition of “Speed 51 Radio” at 6:30pm ET, followed by the Super Late Model last-chance race at 7pm.
Reminder: Tonight’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251 will be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com. Live coverage of the event will begin at approximately 6:30pm ET. 
1 Kyle Busch 16.206
2 Brian Campbell 16.287
3 Terry VanHaitsma 16.304
4 Ross Kenseth 16.383
5 Andy Ponstein 16.408
6 Robbie Pyle 16.412
7 Ryan Blaney 16.444
8 Chase Elliott 16.444
9 Chris Anthony 16.458
10 Tim Curry 16.467
11 David Stremme 16.477
12 John VanDoorn 16.486
13 Alec Carll 16.498
14 Seth Moody 16.537
15 Brandon Watson 16.579
16 Caleb Bisacky 16.593
17 Mike Bursley 16.628
18 Terry Senneker Jr. 16.665
19 Ross Meeuwsen 16.665
20 Chris Koslek 16.676
21 Boris Jurkovic 16.692
22 Phil Bozell 16.694
23 Justin Ryan 16.711
24 Scott Hantz 16.715
25 Joey Miller 16.722
26 Jordan Dahlke 16.729
27 Nick Bonstell 16.758
28 Becca Kasten 16.778
29 Keith Herp 16.839
30 Jay Niewiek 16.891
31 Ricky Baker 16.953
32 Kelsey Steele 16.965
33 Robert Maynor 17.018
34 Rich Bickle 17.057
Phil Bozell did not make it in through time trials. We believe he’ll be on the outside pole for the last-chance race. We’re still awaiting final qualifying times, which we’ll have in just a few minutes
Comment From AMS 

Bozell didn’t make it through time trials? 

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Comment From Aaron 

Good Job To Seth Moody 

Comment From KyleHayden14 

I think Brian Campbell is in good shape….I saw him dust these guys here last year, including KB. 

PHOTO: Defending race winner Brian Campbell was the second-fastest qualifier. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Kyle Busch is out for revenge tonight, and it has worked out so far tonight as he set fast time for the Rowdy’s Revenge 251. (51 Sports Photo) 
Kyle Busch has pulled the “3” pill for the invert. He will now start third, putting Terry VanHaitsma and Brian Campbell on the front row for the start of the Rowdy’s Revenge 251. 
Comment From LeadSeventeen 

Good Job KBM!!! 

Comment From pete 

go 16 kelsey steele 

15.829 is the track record, set recently by Scott Hantz. Nobody was close to the record today. 
Comment From KyleHayden14 

Do you know what the CRA track record is @ Berlin? 

Full qualifying results to follow. Chris Koslek was the final car to qualify on time. Stay tuned for more on who’s in and who’s out. 
Top-10: Kyle Busch, Brian Campbell, VanHaitsma, Kenseth, Ponstein, Pyle, Elliott, Blaney, Anthony, Curry 
That completes qualifying for the Super Late Models. Kyle Busch has set fast time. 
Terry VanHaitsma
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.44 16.304 16.304
Scott Hantz
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.726 16.715 16.715
Johnny VanDoorn
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.486 16.506 16.486
Justin Ryan
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.711 16.99 16.711
Ross Meeuwsen
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.665 16.717 16.665
Brian Campbell
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.427 16.287 16.287
Mike Bursley
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.628 16.687 16.628
Chris Koslek
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.983 16.676 16.676
Jay Niewiek
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.113 16.891 16.891
Chris Anthony
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.765 16.458 16.458
David Stremme
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.548 16.477 16.477
Delete All
Rich Bickle
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.135 17.057 17.057
Kyle Busch is now the fast-timer. 
Kyle Busch
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.241 16.206 16.206
Robert Maynor
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.374 17.018 17.018
Kelsey Steele
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.965 17.041 16.965
Alec Carll
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.559 16.498 16.498
Chase Elliott
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.481 16.444 16.444
Jordan Dahlke
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.024 16.729 16.729
Ross Kenseth is now the fast-timer so far. 
Ross Kenseth
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.439 16.383 16.383
Caleb Bisacky
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.697 16.693 16.593
Nick Bonstell
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.771 16.758 16.758
Tim Curry
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.717 16.467 16.467
Seth Moody
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.905 16.537 16.537
Joey Miller
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.97 16.722 16.722
Andy Ponstein is still fast qualifier 10 cars in. 
Boris Jurkovic
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.028 16.692 16.692
Becca Kasten
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.872 16.778 16.778
Ryan Blaney
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.62 16.444 16.444
Robbie Pyle
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.553 16.412 16.412
Keith Herp
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.994 16.839 16.839
Brandon Watson
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.639 16.579 16.579
Andy Ponstein
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.625 16.408 16.408
Phil Bozell
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.694 N/A 16.694
Terry Senneker
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
17.008 16.665 16.665
Delete All
Baker slowed with a mechanical issue off turn four of his first lap at speed and pulled into the pits. 
Ricky Baker
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.953 N/A 16.953
Ricky Baker is the first one to take time. 
Super Late Model qualifying is underway. 
Twenty-six Super Late Models will take the green flag here tonight. Positions 1-20 will be locked in from their speeds in time trials. Positions 21 and 22 will go to the top-two finishers of a last-chance race later this evening. Positions 23 and 24 will go to CRA Owners Points provisionals, with positions 25 and 26 going to Promoters’ Options. The pole winner will pull a pill for an invert for the top qualifiers, which will be anywhere from three to eight. 
Reminder: Tonight’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251 will be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com. Live coverage of the event will begin at approximately 6:30pm ET. 
Speed51.com saw Bubba Gale in the pit sign-in line today. He’s here with his Gale Force suspension machines, but not to race here at Berlin. We haven’t seen his son Cale, however. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Cale or Bubba Gale there? 

There was a big blob of rain on the radar headed right for us about 15 minutes ago, but since then it has fizzled out and we remain dry and ready to go here at Berlin. 
Comment From KyleHayden14 

I have heard that the weather is threatening on that side of the state….is there a raindate for this event? Also tell ‘Hollywood’ hi from back home! 

Qualifying for the Super Late Models will begin in just a little bit. Twenty-six cars will take the green flag tonight. Here’s a breakdown of the payout.1) 20,000, 2) 8000, 3) 4000, 4) 2000, 5) 1800, 6) 1600, 7) 1400, 8) 1200, 9) 1175, 10) 1150, 11) 1125, 12) 1100, 13) 1075, 14) 1050, 15) 1025, 16) – 26) 1000
Seventeen Modifieds took time in qualifying. After time trials, there was a draw for a starting invert, which turned up seven. That will put Mike Brooks and Travis Eddy on the front row, with fast-timer AJ Allmendinger starting inside row four. 
Comment From brendan doherty 

go brandon watsun!! 

We have a brief break in the action before Super Late Model qualifying in about a half hour. 
PHOTO: Allmendinger’s pole-winning Modified. (51 Sports Photo) 
The car that Allmendinger is driving is the #97, which is jointly owned by several local businessmen around the Berlin/Grand Rapids area. The brand-new car recently won for the first time at Berlin a few weeks back.Allmendinger is running the car that’s purpose for being at the track on a weekly basis to raise awareness and funds for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and its programs and services that receive minimal or no third-party reimbursement.
A.J. Allmendinger has set fast time in the Modifieds tonight with a lap of 17.375, which was almost three tenths of a second quicker than the second-fastest qualifier Brian Bergakker. 
Halfway through Modified qualifying, Travis Eddy is currently the quickest qualifier. AJ Allmendinger will be the last car to take time. 
Pos Name Best Tm
1 Chase Elliott 16.461
2 Chris Anthony 16.529
3 David Stremme 16.543
4 Kyle Busch 16.563
5 Scott Hantz 16.58
6 Brian Campbell 16.582
7 Johnny VanDoorn 16.613
8 Joey Miller 16.707
9 Chris Koslek 16.756
10 Boris Jurkovic 16.756
11 Tim Curry 16.775
12 Phil Bozell 16.776
13 Ross Meeuwsen 16.808
14 Mike Bursley 16.824
15 Robbie Pyle 16.839
16 Terry Van Haitsma 16.859
17 Nick Bonstell 16.859
18 Ryan Blaney 16.864
19 Ross Kenseth 16.879
20 Brandon Watson 16.88
21 Justin Ryan 16.896
22 Alec Carll 16.899
23 Andy Ponstein 16.9
24 Kelsey Steele 16.915
25 Keith Herp 16.922
26 Becca Kasten 17.055
27 Jay Niewiek 17.068
28 Seth Moody 17.097
29 Jordan Dahlke 17.101
30 Caleb Bisacky 17.111
31 Terry Senneker, Jr 17.258
32 Rich Bickle 17.356
33 Ricky Baker 17.385
34 Robert Maynor 17.574
Qualifying is underway for the Modifieds. 
The second and final Super Late Model practice is complete. Chase Elliott was atop the charts, followed by Chris Anthony, David Stremme, Kyle Busch and Scott Hantz. Full results to follow. 
PHOTO: Brandon Watson, from Stayner, Ontario, Canada is making the transition to Crate/Super Late Models in the U.S. a bit now after making a name for himself in the ACT Series in New England. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From R. J. 

Boris Jurkovic jumps up to 10th in this practice session… 

Delete All
Comment From R. J. 

Kyle Busch moves into 4th in this practice session… 

Comment From R. J. 

Chris Koslek jumped into the 9th spot in practice… 

Chase Elliott has the quick time here in the final minutes of Super Late Model practice. 
Under yellow flag during this second practice session for the spun car of Nick Bonstell. Bonstell looped it in turn three, but did not make any contact and continued on. 
Comment From R. J. 

Top 10 in this session: Elliott, Anthony, Stremme, Hantz, Campbell, VanDoorn, Miller, Curry, Meeuwsen, Bursley… 

Tonight’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251 is named as such because last year, NASCAR standout Kyle Buch had his name on the event, known as the Rowdy 125. Busch was defeated in that event by home-track stud Brian Campbell.This year, the race has more than doubled in length and has been given the title of Kyle’s “Revenge” here tonight.
Comment From R. J. 

Brian Campbell moves into 5th in this 2nd practice session… 

PHOTO: NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger is here to compete in the #97 Modified. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From R. J. 

Scott Hantz and Johnny VanDoorn move to 4th and 5th in practice… 

Reminder: Tonight’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251 will be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com. Live coverage of the event will begin at approximately 6:30pm ET. 
PHOTO: David Stremme is making a return to Super Late Models for this event. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From R. J. 

Early in Session #2: Chase Elliott, Chris Anthony David Stremme, Mike Bursely, Ross Kenseth… 

R.J. Scott, Managing Partner of the CRA Super Series, is providing us live updates from the scorer’s booth at times during practice. We’ll have full results at the end of each session. 
PHOTO: Seth Moody (48) and Chris Koslek (#23). (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth (left) gives his son Ross some pointers about getting around Berlin Raceway. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Scott Hantz (#72) and Jay Niewiek (#84) rumble through turns three and four at Berlin. (51 Sports Photo) 
The second CRA Super Late Model practice is on track. 
From what we understand, the NOS sponsorship is only when Kyle wheels the Kyle Busch Motorsports #51. When other drivers such as Josh Hamner or TJ Reaid run the #51 Toyota, the car has been mostly unsponsored, except for Kyle Busch’s Foundation logos so far this season. 
Comment From Guest 

is NOS sponsoring Buschs SLM fulltime for 2010? He hasnt had them on the car for a couple of events so far this season 

PHOTO: Kyle Busch was the fastest in the first SLM practice session. (51 Sports Photo) 
Delete All
Comment From Chris 

Good to see Rich Bickle racing 

Pos Name Best Tm
1 Kyle Busch 16.478
2 Brian Campbell 16.534
3 Ross Kenseth 16.642
4 Robbie Pyle 16.648
5 Terry Van Haitsma 16.661
6 Alec Carll 16.693
7 Chris Koslek 16.722
8 Johnny VanDoorn 16.723
9 Ryan Blaney 16.727
10 Andy Ponstein 16.764
11 Nick Bonstell 16.772
12 Boris Jurkovic 16.784
13 Joey Miller 16.787
14 Ross Meeuwsen 16.807
15 Phil Bozell 16.821
16 Chris Anthony 16.846
17 Tim Curry 16.850
18 David Stremme 16.857
19 Scott Hantz 16.881
20 Chase Elliott 16.911
21 Mike Bursley 16.938
22 Justin Ryan 16.944
23 Brandon Watson 16.977
24 Becca Kasten 17.041
25 Caleb Bisacky 17.077
26 Terry Senneker, Jr 17.146
27 Jordan Dahlke 17.210
28 Kelsey Steele 17.219
29 Rich Bickle 17.336
30 Ricky Baker 17.336
31 Keith Herp 17.469
32 Jay Niewiek 17.551
33 Seth Moody 17.599
34 Robert Maynor 17.653
The first CRA Super Late Model Practice Session is now in the books. Kyle Busch was the quickest, followed by Brian Campbell, Ross Kenseth, Robbie Pyle and Terry Van Heitsma. We’ll have a full rundown of speeds as soon as we can type them all out! 
16 went out in the first round, a few more have come into the pits since. 
Comment From Guest 

How many Modifieds are there today? 

Who will win the Rowdy’s Revenge?
Rowdy (Kyle Busch)

 ( 29% )

Brian Campbell

 ( 29% )

Track Regular

 ( 2% )

CRA Regular

 ( 15% )


 ( 24% )
The first session is coming to an end and we will have times when they are available. We can tell you at last check Kyle Busch was on top of the charts. 
Comment From R. J. 

The 48 of Seth Moody is here as well, making 34 cars. 

Speed51.com recently had our popular Power Poll, which rates drives as voted on by the media. Today we have four of the top 10 drivers on hand for the Rowdy’s Revenge 251. Ross Kenseth was second in the poll, with Chase Elliott third, Ryan Blaney eighth and Scott Hantz was 10th in our power poll. Not a bad showing by some guys who have the early season power. Johnny VanDoorn also had votes and was 17th in the poll and is racing today. 
After the third wave of cars Busch still has the quick time over Brian Campbell and Ross Kenseth. 
PHOTO: Ross Kenseth will be looking to score his first extra distance win here today at Berlin. (51 Sports Photo) 
Kyle Busch has gone to the top of the charts after the second group of cars. Busch ran a 16.478. 
He’s on the track as we type. Berlin can be a tough track we’ll see how he does here today. 
Comment From Spencer Lewis 

Keep an eye on Brandon Watson from Stayner, ON. The 17-year old already has a 2nd place finish in a SLM north of the border this season. 

Johnny VanDoorn has the quick time after the first wave of cars. 
Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Chase Elliott, David Stremme are among the first cars on the track. 
The Super Late Models are on the track for their first session of the day. 
1 AJ Allmendinger 17.348
2 Bryan Bergakker 17.495
3 Travis Eddy 17.684
4 Mike Brooks 17.691
5 Kyle Jones 17. 77016 cars were on the track
PHOTO: Kyle Busch is back to avenge his loss here from 2009. Will he get his revenge? Or will he be shutout for the second straight year? (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Defending race winner Brian Campbell is one of the local favorites here at Berlin. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: We did have one brief shower roll through as the cars went through the tech line earlier today…but the rain has cleared out for now as practice begins. (51 Sports Photo) 
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Comment From gw 

glad to see you made it there! 

The weather is currently overcast, but the temperatures are only in the low 70’s, so it is quite comfortable here at the track. There are threats for showers throughout the afternoon and evening, but track and series officials have said they plan on doing everything possible to get the show in tonight. 
Comment From Guest 

hows the weather look 

11:00: Pits Open
12:30: CRA Drivers Meeting
1:30 to 2:00: 1st Modified Practice Session
2:00 to 2:45: 1st CRA Super Series Practice Session
2:45 to 3:15: 2nd Modified Practice Session
3:15 to 4:00: 2nd CRA Super Series Practice Session
4:00: Modified Qualifying
5:00: CRA Super Series Qualifying
6:00 to 6:40: On Track Autograph Session (All Drivers)
7:00 Race Program Begins
CRA Super Series 15 Lap Last Chance Race(s)
Modified Last Chance Race(s)
Rowdy’s Revenge 251 (Laps 1 through 125)
Modified 50 Lap Feature
Rowdy’s Revenge 251 (Laps 126 through 251)
Tonight’s feature events will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com by Speed 51 Radio’s Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor in the booth with special guest Matt Prieur on pit road.Tonight’s broadcast will start around 6:30pm ET.
Comment From race fan 

will this race on online 

Comment From Guest 

Unfortunately Dillon Oliver is not going to make the trip. Small family budget that was hit hard by two consecutive rain outs where the car was either in the lead or moving to the front. Still should be a great show tonight if the weather allows. 

We’ve come back from the driver’s meeting, where several important nuggets were shared by CRA Managing Partner Glenn Luckett to the competitors here at berlin.The race will be broken up into two segments. The first 125 laps will run, then a half-way break. The Modifieds will run their feature during this break while Super Late Model teams work on their cars. Then, the final 126 laps will be run.

This is a 10 tire race. SLM teams will start the race on the four tires that they qualify on. Teams can change four tires only at the halfway break. Then, there will be two tires avaialable to teams any time after lap 126. Teams can have up to four additional tires to use for an emergency, but all tires will be marked for either race or emergency and no other tire changes can be made unless deemed necessary (i.e. flat tires) by CRA officials.

All restarts will be double-file

Caution laps will count all race long. But, the race will end under green. Double-file green-white-checkered restarts can happen as many times as necessary until the race ends, but the track and CRA officials reserve the right to make the field go single-file on the GWC restarts if things get out of hand at the end of the race.

There is a $2500 bonus put up by Track Owner Mike Blackmer for any non-Michigan driver to win tonight’s race. If a Michigan driver does win, then it’s a $500 bonus to the highest non-Michigan driver. Kyle Busch is not eligible for the bonuses, according to Blackmer.

There are 33 cars in attendance, so the winner’s purse is $20,000 for tonight’s Super Late Model event. Had there been 40 or more, it would have been $25,000 to win.

The Modifieds are on the track for their first half-hour practice session. 
PHOTO: The driver’s meeting for today’s Rowdy’s Revenge 251. (51 Sports Photo) 
We’ve already been walking around the pits, talking with the drivers and we’ll have some photos to show off what’s been going on so far today at Berlin, but first we’re headed to the driver’s meeting. We’ll be back with all the latest happenings in just a few minutes. 
There are three drivers entered into the event, but not currently on the premises.
32 John Long
33 Dillon Oliver
48 Seth Moody 
Here are the current teams here at Berlin.OO Andy Ponstein
4 Phil Bozell
9 Chase Elliott
10 Ryan Blaney
11 Nick Bonstell
15 Justin Ryan
16 Kelsey Steele
18 Robert Maynor
19 Brandon Watson
20 Brian Campbell
21 Terry VanHaitsma
23 Chris Koslek
25 Ross Kenseth
35 David Stremme
37 Jordan Dahlke
45 Rich Bickle
51 Kyle Busch
52 Ricky Baker
53 Boris Jurkovic
61 Johnny VanDoorn
72 Scott Hantz
84 Jay Niewiek
90 Tim Curry
115 Joey Miller
118 Keith Herp
120 Mike Bursley
121 Robbie Pyle
137 Terry Senneker, Jr.
151 Alec Carll
155 Chris Anthony
161 Ross Meeuwsen
190 Becca Kasten
222 Caleb Bisacky
There are currently 33 Super Late Models entered into the pits here today. 
Welcome to Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan, where today some of the top Super Late Model talents from the Midwest, plus a few “ringers” from the Southeast, have converged for tonight’s “Rowdy’s Revenge 251.”

Trackside Now: Rowdy’s Revenge 251 – Berlin Raceway – 6/15/10