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That will conclude today’s coverage from the Rowdy 251. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with all the action of race day at Berlin. We’ll be back online around 11am with our Trackside Now coverage.

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We have just received word that practice is complete. The final Super Late Model practice will not take place as the track clean-up will take quite a long time. 
The Berlin Raceway track crew is still trying to get enough oil-dry down to cover the three lanes of oil put down by a Modified. 
The 3g was the oily modified, we’re not sure who the driver is. Still waiting to start ARCA CRA practice due to copious SpeediDry 
Some oil was put down by one of the Modifieds, bringing their session to a premature end. Not sure which one just yet, but should we get a report, we’ll certainly pass it along.

The final Super Late Model session will be next on track. That round will conclude today’s on-track activities. 

Brian Campbell has won just about everything there is to win here at Berlin Raceway. Now, Speed51.com fans can take a few laps with Campbell’s KBR Development No. 20. Filmed by Speed51.com earlier today in practice.

The 61 of Johnny VanDoorn has driven his car to the trailers and is done for the day. 

1 9 Chase Elliott 16.475
2 29 Austin Theriault 16.507
3 82 Tom Thomas 16.523
4 12 Tim DeVos 16.533
5 39 Kenzie Ruston 16.548
6 31 Terry Senneker 16.58
7 1 Travis Braden 16.592
8 5 Alec Carll 16.635
9 20 Brian Campbell 16.639
10 25 Ross Kenseth 16.664
11 26 Bubba Pollard 16.666
12 51 Kyle Busch 16.702
13 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.718
14 42 Chad Finley 16.745
15 24 Lee VanDyk 16.763
16 4 Erik Jones 16.771
17 99M Ross Meeuwsen 16.778
18 54 Daniel Hemric 16.826
19 84 Jay Niewiek 16.835
20 77 Josh Hobson 16.837
21 55 Chris Anthony 16.845
22 21 Kyle Jones 16.849
23 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.85
24 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.86
25 222 Caleb Bisacky 16.901
26 55L Dave Lake 16.936
27 199 Travis Pastrana 16.979
28 101 Lauren Bush 16.993
29 96 Ben Kennedy 17.077
30 18 Mark Lambert 17.106
31 32 Gabe Ensing 17.13
32 28 Justin Alsip 17.409
33 18H Keith Herp No Time
34 19 Nick Szotko No Time
35 48 Seth Moody No Time
36 50 Justin Regnerus No Time
37 53 Boris Jurkovic No Time
38 61 Johnny VanDoorn No Time
39 99 Jordan Dahlke No Time

Chase Elliott finished atop the board. Full results to come shortly. 
Erik Jones, Travis Pastrana, Jay Niewiek, Mark Lambert and Kyle Busch got a few more laps in before the checkered flag waved to complete session number five of six for the Super Late Models. 
Bubba Pollard had the feel goods ready for later. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Hermiller, Kyle Busch, Terry VanHaitsma and Bubba Pollard are the cars currently on track. 
Less than 10 minutes to go in this SLM session. Chase Elliott, Austin Theriault and Tom Thomas are currently the fastest three. 
Tim DeVos finished on the podium in this event last year. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch at speed in this session. (Speed51.com Photo)
Terry VanHaitsma chatting with his team (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim DeVos has cracked the top-three of practice with 15 minutes remaining, trailing Elliott and Theriault who set their times early. 
Johnny Vandoorn at speed earlier today. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’ve been informed by ARCA/CRA Officials that Wes Griffith, Jr., originally on the entry list and planning to be here, will not be making the trip. Keith Herp and Seth Moody are also on the entry list, but have not yet appeared here at Berlin. 
Six, from our count. Bubba Pollard, Kenzie Ruston, Chase Elliott, Ross Kenseth, Austin Theriault and Ben Kennedy all either made the start or attempted to qualify for the Howie Lettow Memorial at the Milwaukee Mile last Tuesday. Boris Jurkovic’s car was in Milwaukee, but it was piloted by Jerry Sharp as Jurkovic was out of town. 
Comment From scorer27 

Nice job guys! How many drivers are at Berlin that competed last week at Milwaukee? 

About 10 minutes into this session, Chase Elliott tops the board, with Austin Theriault and Kenzie Ruston second and third 
As another round of ARCA CRA practice gets underway, we expect to see some of the fastest lap times of the day. The track is cooling as the dray gets later and teams are beginning to think about mock qualifying runs. 
Penultimate Top Speed Modified practice is complete. Again, they do not have transponders so we have no speeds available.

The Top Speed Modified Tour is having a non-points race here tomorrow night. The former USA Modified Series has 8 point events scheduled this year and this non-points one. Jason Timmerman won the series’ point race Friday at Plymouth 

Indeed. Thanks to Greg “Smiley” Wood and the ARCA/CRA officials for their efforts in getting the scoring info to you, the fans of Speed51.com, here at Berlin. 
Comment From Daniel 

BIG THANKS to Greg Wood for all his efforts in getting us practice times! Keep up the great work buddy! 

We caught up with Erik Jones on why he sat out the first three sessions before going on the track in round four. He and his crew, led by three-time ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion Scott Hantz, decided to wait on the weather to cool down a bit. They didn’t feel that they’d learn as much as they wanted to in the heat of the early afternoon. 
Brian Campbell, always blazing fast at Berlin (Speed51.com Photo)

1 9 Chase Elliott 16.388 Monday Practice #4
2 51 Kyle Busch 16.435 Monday Practice #4
3 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.442 Monday Practice #4
4 54 Daniel Hemric 16.472 Monday Practice #2
5 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.48 Monday Practice #4
6 29 Austin Theriault 16.497 Monday Practice #4
7 42 Chad Finley 16.537 Monday Practice #1
8 25 Ross Kenseth 16.549 Monday Practice #4
9 20 Brian Campbell 16.561 Monday Practice #2
10 5 Alec Carll 16.59 Monday Practice #2
11 26 Bubba Pollard 16.626 Monday Practice #4
12 4 Erik Jones 16.627 Monday Practice #4
13 1 Travis Braden 16.657 Monday Practice #4
14 21 Kyle Jones 16.693 Monday Practice #2
15 31 Terry Senneker 16.709 Monday Practice #3
16 99M Ross Meeuwsen 16.728 Monday Practice #4
17 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.746 Monday Practice #3
18 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.761 Monday Practice #4
19 82 Tom Thomas 16.764 Monday Practice #3
20 222 Caleb Bisacky 16.802 Monday Practice #3
21 55 Chris Anthony 16.817 Monday Practice #3
22 12 Tim DeVos 16.826 Monday Practice #4
23 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.836 Monday Practice #3
24 99 Jordan Dahlke 16.841 Monday Practice #3
25 50 Justin Regnerus 16.85 Monday Practice #3
26 55L Dave Lake 16.868 Monday Practice #3
27 84 Jay Niewiek 16.889 Monday Practice #3
28 24 Lee VanDyk 16.897 Monday Practice #4
29 39 Kenzie Ruston 16.925 Monday Practice #4
30 199 Travis Pastrana 16.93 Monday Practice #4
31 96 Ben Kennedy 16.962 Monday Practice #4
32 101 Lauren Bush 16.966 Monday Practice #4
33 19 Nick Szotko 16.985 Monday Practice #3
34 18 Mark Lambert 16.987 Monday Practice #4
35 28 Justin Alsip 17.022 Monday Practice #3
36 32 Gabe Ensing 17.045 Monday Practice #4
37 77 Josh Hobson 17.169 Monday Practice #4

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Spin in modified practice but no harm no foul, we’re already back to green . 

1 9 Chase Elliott 16.388
2 51 Kyle Busch 16.435
3 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.442
4 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.480
5 29 Austin Theriault 16.497
6 42 Chad Finley 16.548
7 25 Ross Kenseth 16.549
8 5 Alec Carll 16.594
9 26 Bubba Pollard 16.626
10 4 Erik Jones 16.627
11 20 Brian Campbell 16.630
12 1 Travis Braden 16.657
13 99M Ross Meeuwsen 16.728
14 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.761
15 31 Terry Senneker 16.785
16 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.789
17 12 Tim DeVos 16.826
18 21 Kyle Jones 16.842
19 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.863
20 50 Justin Regnerus 16.866
21 99 Jordan Dahlke 16.891
22 24 Lee VanDyk 16.897
23 222 Caleb Bisacky 16.922
24 55 Chris Anthony 16.924
25 39 Kenzie Ruston 16.925
26 199 Travis Pastrana 16.930
27 55L Dave Lake 16.940
28 96 Ben Kennedy 16.962
29 101 Lauren Bush 16.966
30 18 Mark Lambert 16.987
31 32 Gabe Ensing 17.045
32 84 Jay Niewiek 17.134
33 77 Josh Hobson 17.169
34 28 Justin Alsip 17.203
35 18H Keith Herp
36 19 Nick Szotko
37 33 Wes Griffith, Jr
38 48 Seth Moody
39 54 Daniel Hemric
40 82 Tom Thomas

Derrick Griffin has been racing Outlaws here at Berlin, Scott has been running Outlaws at Toledo. Neither has procured a steady CRA ride unfortunately. 
Comment From Guest 

where is last yrs champ? derrick griffin or scott hantz? 

This Super Late Model practice session has come to an end and we’ll have the speeds in a few minutes. 
Peter Cozzolino’s crew gets to work after a practice run. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch and crew chief Chris Gabehart chat (Speed51.com Photo)
Johnny VanDoorn checks over his ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim DeVos is on the track, we believe this is the first run of the day for the #12. 
Work goes on underneath Ross Meeuwsen’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tire guru Wes Weed gets a set of stickers ready for Kenzie Ruston. (Speed51.com Photo)
Travis Braden joins his crew under the front suspension (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch continue to top the speed charts with about 15 minutes left in this session. 
That’s about spot on. The temps are high, but the wind gusts do make it a little more tolerable. 
Comment From Guest 

according to the weather channel it’s 98 degrees with 25 mph winds and gusts up to 42 mph in Marne right now, that doesn’t sound very comfortable at all. 

Mark Lambert paying close attention to the time sheet (Speed51.com Photo)
Now, Chase Elliott has moved to the top of the time sheet. Kyle Busch is second with Finley back to third. 
Chad Finley is currently atop the board in this fourth SLM practice round. 
Bubba Pollard just went up to P3 on the speed chart. 
Pastrana with a LONG slide down the frontstretch, but he saves it. 
Erik Jones is on the track for the first time today.
Super Late Models now back on track. 
Kenzie Ruston has had a solid day (Speed51.com Photo)
And…. another modified practice is in the books.
Bubba Pollard chats with Chase Elliott (Speed51.com Photo)
She and the BDI Racing team are focused on the ARCA/CRA Super Series Championship this year. She finished second in the Springport Speedway (MI) event last Saturday. This is not an ARCA/CRA points event, so she and the team are busy preparing cars for upcoming events like this Saturday’s race at Winchester (IN). 
Comment From timt 

Where is Rebecca Kasten? 

The Modifieds are now back on track. 
Positions 34-40 did not take time in that session.

1 54 Daniel Hemric 16.586
2 20 Brian Campbell 16.675
3 31 Terry Senneker 16.709
4 51 Kyle Busch 16.721
5 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.746
6 21 Kyle Jones 16.753
7 82 Tom Thomas 16.764
8 25 Ross Kenseth 16.782
9 1 Travis Braden 16.8
10 222 Caleb Bisacky 16.802
11 55 Chris Anthony 16.817
12 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.836
13 99 Jordan Dahlke 16.841
14 50 Justin Regnerus 16.85
15 99M Ross Meeuwsen 16.864
16 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.864
17 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.868
18 55L Dave Lake 16.868
19 84 Jay Niewiek 16.889
20 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.892
21 29 Austin Theriault 16.929
22 9 Chase Elliott 16.939
23 19 Nick Szotko 16.985
24 26 Bubba Pollard 16.995
25 28 Justin Alsip 17.022
26 18 Mark Lambert 17.031
27 96 Ben Kennedy 17.046
28 39 Kenzie Ruston 17.054
29 101 Lauren Bush 17.074
30 24 Lee VanDyk 17.15
31 199 Travis Pastrana 17.186
32 77 Josh Hobson 17.309
33 32 Gabe Ensing 17.986
34 4 Erik Jones
35 5 Alec Carll
36 12 Tim DeVos
37 18H Keith Herp
38 33 Wes Griffith, Jr
39 42 Chad Finley
40 48 Seth Moody

The third of six Super Late Model practices is now in the books. Daniel Hemric was atop the board for the second straight session. 
Five minutes to go in this session. Daniel Hemric has jumped to the top of the charts once more. 
Johnny VanDoorn’s ride is done for this practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Caution with ten minutes left to go in practice after Monsieur Debris appeared in Turn One.
Travis Pastrana tries to learn a few things here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
With about fifteen minutes left in this session, it’s Campbell, Senneker, Hermiller, Ky. Busch, and one of the 21s (either Kyle Jones or Terry VanHaitsma) in the top-five. 
Ross Kenseth and team at work (Speed51.com Photo)
Ben Kennedy just spun right out in the frontstretch, doing a power 360 and driving away without damage. 
Dave Lake (Speed51.com Photo)
ARCA CRA Rowdy 251 Drivers we have NOT SEEN on track today:

Erik Jones
Tim DeVos
Keith Herp
Wes Griffith
Seth Moody
Chris Anthony

Koslek was on the entry list, but seeing as he’s crew chiefing for Pastrana, looks like his #22 will not attend this event. 

Jeff has been racing in the CRA Street Stock series, where he was the 2011 champion. This year, he’s only running that tour part time as he helps his son Colby get into racing.
Comment From Jesse 

What has Jeff Lane been up to? 

And Super Late Model practice will kick off again with Jurkovic, Braden, and Nick Shotko 
Modified practice completes, as a reminder practices will continue in this style (20 minutes of Modified – 40 minutes of ARCA CRA SLM) until 9 PM 
Travis Pastrana, in addition to having the help of car owner and Berlin expert Brian Campbell, has another Berlin regular in Chris Koslek crew chiefing the machine. 
Five minutes left in this Top Speed Fabrication Modified practice. No transponders are on those machines today. 
Caleb Bisacky (Speed51.com Photo)
Ross Kenseth and Butch Miller button up the number 25 for practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From JIm 

Is it Butch or Jamie as the crew chief for Ross Kenseth 

Yes, same car, same engine that Hemric won the JEGS Tour race with Friday night at Dixie. 
Comment From Sir Herbert 

is Hemric racing with the same crate motor he won the JEGS race with? or did he swap it out for something with a little more ‘jam’? 

No, Jones has yet to hit the track today. 
Comment From Billy H 

Has Erik Jones made any runs yet? 

Second Rowdy 251 times:

1 54 Daniel Hemric 16.472
2 20 Brian Campbell 16.561
3 61 John VanDoorn 16.574
4 5 Alec Carll 16.59
5 21 Kyle Jones 16.693
6 25 Ross Kenseth 16.722
7 51 Kyle Busch 16.742
8 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.82
9 31 Terry Senneker, Jr. 16.867
10 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.877
11 55 Chris Anthony 16.881
12 50 Justin Regnerus 16.894
13 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.933
14 9 Chase Elliott 16.963
15 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.979
16 84 Jay Niewiek 16.996
17 26 Bubba Pollard 17.011
18 29 Austin Theriault 17.024
19 24 Lee VanDyk 17.026
20 19 Nick Shotko 17.067
21 96 Ben Kennedy 17.092
22 39 Kenzie Ruston 17.134
23 01 Travis Braden 17.157
24 99 Jordan Dahlke 17.195
25 101 Lauren Bush 17.228
26 199 Travis Pastrana 17.302
27 77 Josh Hobson 17.313
28 55L Dave Lake 17.416
29 28 Justin Alsip 17.931
After setting the quickest time of the day, Daniel Hemric dissects his Jack Links No. 54 with crew chief Scott Neal. (Speed51.com Photo)
The second ARCA CRA Super Series practice is over. Full times in a few minutes. 
In the closing seconds of practice, Daniel Hemric just turned the fastest lap of the day. 
A nice steady breeze has developed here in the mid-Michigan afternoon, in fact taking out the flagman’s much needed shade umbrella. 
Just a guess, but it looks like a sticker run is up next for Erik Jones. (Speed51.com Photo)
With just a few minutes left in practice, Brian Campbell, Alec Carll, and John VanDoorn pace the field. 
Tom Thomas won here last week in an Outlaw Super Late Model. (Speed51.com Photo)
Terry VanHaitsma, a Berlin regular who always competes well whenever a touring series comes to town, also on track for the first time today. Terry finished 2nd in the ASA Midwest Tour at Berlin earlier this month.
#19 – Nick Shotko on the track for the first time today. 
We haven’t really addressed the weather here today. A morning thunderstorm left behind some humidity, coupled with temperatures at 90 degrees have made the track hot and slick and the crews seeking shade. 
Lull in the activity as 20 minutes left in this practice session. 
Brian Campbell is on top of the charts so far in this practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re going to have live radio of the features tomorrow night right here on Speed51.com. We’ll do our best to post some in-car and other videos here in our coverage, but there is no live video feed of the actual race. 
Comment From Old Man Richard 

will there be any vidios or radio feed from there == You folks have gave us one fantisic week of racing == Hope this continues through out the season == Speed is the way to go == Both Internet and TV == Tighten those belts and lets go racing == A racing nut == 

Yes, Hemric and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour No. 79 team parted ways a few weeks back. Hemric told us that he was extremely appreciative for the opportunity to drive that car, but was going to spend the rest of the 2012 season pursuing the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Championship, where he currently leads the points. 
Comment From Jamie 

Is Daniel Hemric all done with Hillbilly Racing? 

Travis Braden’s team works on the rear end of the 01. (Speed51.com Photo)
Travis Pastrana’s #199 is back on the track and based on the colourful helmet we see inside, we have to believe that Travis is behind the wheel after letting Brian Campbell shake the car down thus far.

John VanDoorn is also on the track for the first time. 

You fans who were tuned in to Speed51.com Howie Lettow Memorial 125 coverage last Monday and Tuesday at the Milwaukee Mile really seemed to enjoy the in-car cameras during practice with drivers Becca Kasten and Dan Fredrickson.

Well, we have a camera in local favorite and multiple-time Berlin winner Brian Campbell’s car to give you a tour of this track from his perspective. We’ll have that up and on our Trackside Now coverage in just a little while. 

Daniel Hemric is 1-for-1 in this new Scott Neal Racing machine (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott and Lee VanDyk on the track for the first time as is Jay Niewiek. 
Looking forward to having Matt and a few other members of the 51 crew here for tomorrow. We’ll be here all day with you leading up to the Rowdy 251. This is a radio broadcast event. 
Comment From Matt Prieur 

See you guys in the morning. I’m with Eric, it’s killing me watching this from home, plus knowing I’ll be there tomorrow…. 

Also on track: Pollard, Cozzolino and Hermiller. 
Green on this CRA practice. Alec Carll, Ben Kennedy, and Jordan Dahlke are among the handful on the track but this is those particular drivers’ first go of the day. 
Travis Braden debriefs after his practice run (Speed51.com Photo)
Modified practice is over, second ARCA CRA Super Series practice about to get underway. 
Kenzie Ruston at speed (Speed51.com Photo)
Thanks Eric, we enjoyed your series and hope to see you again soon. 
Comment From Big_8_Eric 

Hey Speed 51!..good to see you in Milwaukee last week…you’re killin me with these pics of sunshine and racecars while I’m at work. Plus Berlin is such a cool track. Thanks for keeping us fans in the loop! 

We will check, but we don’t think so. 
Comment From Spencer 

is Boris in the same car that suffered damage at the Lettow memorial last week? 

Peter Cozzolino races down the backstretch, which does not have a wall here at Berlin (Speed51.com Photo)
Thanks to ARCA CRA Super Series chief scorer Greg Wood for getting us those times quickly as always. Greg celebrated a birthday yesterday so 51 would like to wish a warm belated birthday to a great guy. 
Practice #1 Times – ARCA CRA Rowdy 251:

1 42 Chad Finley 16.537
2 51 Kyle Busch 16.62
3 53 Boris Jurkovic 16.766
4 222 Caleb Bisacky 16.873
5 99M Ross Meeuwsen 16.986
6 11 Peter Cozzolino 16.989
7 82 Tom Thomas 16.999
8 29 Austin Theriault 17.035
9 25 Ross Kenseth 17.045
10 39 Kenzie Ruston 17.115
11 31 Terry Senneker, Jr. 17.142
12 54 Daniel Hemric 17.156
13 26 Bubba Pollard 17.257
14 21 Kyle Jones 17.334
15 55L Dave Lake 17.342
16 01 Travis Braden 17.374
17 199 Travis Pastrana 17.452
18 18 Mark Lambert 17.488
19 50 Justin Regnerus 17.526
20 77 Josh Hobson 17.619
21 6 Brandon Hermiller 17.807
22 28 Justin Alsip 17.808
23 32 Gabe Ensing 17.835


There are about 8-9 in the pits right now. Only about 5 have practiced today. 
Comment From Scott 

How many mods are at the track? 

Quick modified caution
We will get you times as soon as possible. 
Practice concludes.

Travis Pastrana’s #199 hit the track in the last five minutes of practice, but it was actually Brian Campbell behind the wheel as he shakes down the car he owns before Pastrana gets behind the wheel. 

Justin Regnerus is also on the track for the first time.
Chad Finley leads Kyle Busch, Boris Jurkovic and Caleb Bisacky here in the final minutes of practice.
Josh Hobson, Boris Jurkovic and Kenzie Ruston are on the track for the first time today. 
Kyle Busch at speed in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
We believe it is. He’s scheduled to run another Late Model race up in Canada next month. 
Comment From Fat Matt 

will this be Pastrana’s first time in a SLM? 

Pre event tech is still ongoing as Jay Niewiek and Tim DeVos are the last two waiting to roll over the scales 
We see Bubba Pollard, Tom Thomas, Caleb Bisacky and others making their first runs of the day. 
About 10 minutes or so left in this first practice. 
Travis Braden has also joined the field on the track. 
Kyle Busch is on the track for the first time today. 
Travis Pastrana still has yet to turn a lap at Berlin, deciding to spend this practice walking slowly around the track watching how other drivers negotiate Berlin 
Dave Lake is now on the track.
Kyle Jones is now on the track.
Peter Cozzolino and Ross Kenseth are the top three. 
Chad Finley has also been on track and was the fastest car so far. 
It’s a team car to Brian Campbell’s, owned by KBR Development.
Comment From Flyin Brian 

who owns the car that Pastrana is in for the event? 

Gabe Ensing is now on the track for the firs time today.
Wet in a few spots, but nothing more. 
Comment From Guest 

how muddy are the pits from the rain this morning? 

Keith Herp is making his way on the track for the first time today.
Get shade anyway you can here today at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ross Kenseth is on the speedway for the firs time today. He did not race last year thanks to the Tuesday wash out. He had to go back to Wisconsin to run an ASA Midwest Tour race the next day. 
The flag man is doing right today with a the shade from an umbrella. 
Justin Alsip, Daniel Hemric have joined the party on the track.
Travis Pastrana gets his first look at cars going around Berlin Ray. The ex-X Games Star was pretty excited about the giant temporary dirt bank the speedway has off Turn Two while it does some construction (Speed51.com Photo)
We don’t plan on seeing a high number of cars go out for the first practice as teams are working on their cars and the track conditions are very hot. 
Peter Cozzolino is the first Super Late Model car on the track.
The pits are jamming (Speed51.com Photo)
Ben Welch (#67) was the first driver to hit the track today (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From maineracefan25 

Good luck Austin Theriault, proudly representing all of New England. Show them what the ACT guys can do….. 

The first Modified practice is over and the Super Late Models are up next. 
We will post what we get. 
Comment From Jamie 

Can you post the modified lap times? 

Comment From Old Man Richard 

Thanks again to Speed51 == Drivers and Crews == Tracks and Sponsors == For bringing it all together == So us RACE fans here at home can enjoy it == Everyone have a safe race == and trip home == Bubba & Chase pulling for ya == Thanks == Conyers Ga. 

He has been strong here in the past and this one track where the locals are very tough on the outsiders. 
Comment From Flyin Brian 

Would be nice to see Chris Koslek grab the win after finishing 2nd in 2009 

Billy Shotko and another car have joined the Modified practice. 
Comment From Jenees44 

Good Luck Ben Kennedy 96 

Speed51.com is on Twitter at twitter.com/speed51dotcom – You can follow us and even tweet to us to get us news and information. You can use the hashtag #Rowdy251 to end up in our box on the right side of the page. If your at the track with a team let us know how things are going during the day. 

Hoping Bubba and the other Southern Guys can show em how to do it. 

Ben Welch is the first Modified on the track for practice. 
The tech line here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Modified are on the track for practice. 
As practice draws near the tech line grows longer. We have about 10 Super Late Models in line. 
Gates are about to close for the first round of practice. 
Kyle Busch is taking a few laps around the track in the CRA pace truck. 
Comment From Randy 

I wish that the Speed Channel would televise the event 4 those of uswho can’t b there. I think Super Latemodel racing is far more better than cup or Nationwide. Give it a chance…u won’t b disappointed!:) 

Kyle Busch talks with the media as he looks to go for a third win here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Lenny Whitehead 

Thanks speed 51 

Daniel Hemric is working on his winning ride from Dixie Motor Speedway (MI) the other night. (Speed51.com Photo)
We are less then 10 minutes away from the first practice for the Modifieds. 
Scott Hantz should be here, but as the crew chief for the for the Erik Jones machine. 
Comment From Jesse 

I’m surprised that Scott Hantz isn’t on the entry list. 

Comment From Alabama 

Thank you to speed 51 for the best and only coverage of the best racing going, pro and super late model, Go Bubba, Chast, Ben and Ross. Suprised that Mike did not bring the one car. 

This is the fourth year of the the “Rowdy” race and Kyle Busch has been lights out in the last two as he looks for a third-straight win here tomorrow. 
Caleb Bisacky goes through tech. (Speed51.com Photo)
We see about six cars in the tech line as some have already been over the scales. 
Our coverage this weekend is presented by Paragon Corvette Reproductions visit them at www.paragoncorvette.com to see information on on Corvette parts and accessories for models from 1953 to 1996 or give them a call at 800-882-4688 
Pre-Race Entry List for Rowdy 251 – (41 Cars)
O1 Travis Braden  Wheeling, WV
4 Erik Jones Byron, MI
5 Alec Carll Grand Rapids, MI
6 Brandon Hermiller   Walker, MI
9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
11 Peter Cozzolino Avon, IN
12 Tim DeVos Comstock Park, MI
18 Mark Lambert  Noblesville, IN
18H Keith Herp Caledonia, MI
19 Nick Szotko Hudsonville, MI
20 Brian Campbell Wyoming, MI
21 Kyle Jones Germantown, OH
21v Terry  VanHaitsma Hudsonville, MI
22 Chris Koslek Grand Rapids, MI
24 Lee  VanDyk Wayland, MI
25 Ross Kenseth Mooresville, NC
26 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
28 Justin Alsip  Germantown, OH
29 Austin Theriault Fort Kent, ME
31 Terry  Senneker  Wayland, MI
32 Gabe Ensing West Olive, MI
33 Wes Griffith Jr. Crown Point, IN
39 Kenzie Ruston El Reno, OK
42 Chad Finley Dewitt, MI
48 Seth Moody Middleville, MI
50 Justin  Regnerus Jenison, MI
51 Kyle Busch Mooresville, NC
53 Boris Jurkovic Joliet, IL
54 Daniel Hemric Kannapolis, NC
55 Chris  Anthony Walker, MI
55L Dave Lake Marne, MI
61 Johnny VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
77 Josh Hobson  Birch Run, MI
82 Tom Thomas Grandville, MI
84 Jay Niewiek  Cutlerville, MI
96 Ben Kennedy Daytona Beach, FL
99 Jordan Dahlke Middleville, MI
101 Lauren  Bush Hastings, MI
199 Travis Pastrana Annapolis, MD
222 Caleb Bisacky Spring Lake, MI
199 Ross Meeuwsen Zeeland, MI
We will have practice starting at 3pm with the Modifeds going out for the first 20 minuts and then the Super Late Models going out for the final 40 minutes of each hour up until 9pm.
Good afternoon and welcome to the Rowdy 251 at Berlin Raceway (MI). Today is an optional practice day for the Super Late Models and Modifieds as they prep for tomorrow’s big show here in Marne, MI. Sit back and enjoy the day as we will keep you up to date on the action from the practice day here at Berlin. 
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Trackside Now: Rowdy 251 Practice Day – Berlin Raceway – 6/18/12