That concludes Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Redeye 100.  We hope you enjoyed the coverage tonight as we kicked off the 2011 short track racing season in wild fashion here at New Smyrna Speedway tonight.  Congratulations to Stephen Nasse on his victory.

Fans, don’t forget, Speed51.com will have live Trackside Now coverage of the Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl at Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia.  BD will be there covering all the action and the only place you’ll see it is Speed51.com.

We’ll have more video reactions and photos from tonights race next week on Speed51.com.  Thanks for joining us tonight.

Good night from New Smyrna…where we’ll be for the Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100 on February 5th, as well as for the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing the following week!



Earlier tonight, we debuted a new feature with live video shot with a mobile phone from the victory lane interviews.  You’ll see it only on Speed51.com and it started tonight.  There are some bugs to work out, but if you missed the live interviews with winner Stephen Nasse and second-place Tim Russell, check them out below.

Stephen Nasse: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11900993
Tim Russell: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11901044



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Stephen Nasse in New Smyrna Speedway victory lane. (51 Photo)




Stephen Nasse and his family celebrate the Redeye 100 victory. (51 Photo)




We’ll have more photos of the damage to these cars and more next week in a Speed51.com Facebook Photo Gallery. If you’re not already a fan of ours on Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/speed51 and click on “Like” to make sure you don’t miss the gallery, or any of our updates on our Facebook Feed.



Ben Kennedy’s car suffered extensive damage to the rear-end. The good news is that he is okay. (51 Photo)




David Rogers’ car shows the tire marks from where Ben Kennedy climbed atop of him in a scary late-race crash. (51 Photo)




Comment From dave s. 

just wanted to say thanks to all the speed51 crew for your excellent coverage of the red eye 100,it was almost like i was there!!



Not this time, Mike.  We’ll have the bossman, Bob Dillner, at Lanier tomorrow.  I’ll be driving back to Concord, NC and checking in on the coverage on my cell phone with 51’s Moblie Phone version of Trackside Now.



Comment From Mike Ray 

Great coverage Duke;Are you gonna pull a redeye to Lanier?Thanks again as usual!



Comment From Guest 

wow…steven nasse gets a win…sounded wild…



Oh it was!



Comment From racer6 

Sounds like it was one wild race!



Comment From goodnu 

Thank You Speed 51 for the great coverage it is neaded up here in the frozen north




1 Stephen Nasse
2 Tim Russell
3 Justin Larson
4 Daniel Webster
5 Brandon Booth
6 Ryan Booth
7 Alan Bruns
8 John Coffman
9 Kevin Roberge
10 David Rogers
11 Ben Kennedy
12 Rich Clouser
13 Anthony Campi
14 Mike Finn
15 Anthony Sergi
16 Bobby Good
17 Jason Garver
18 Mario Gosselin
19 Cody Blair
20 Russ Shaw



Official finish to come once we can cross from infield to the press box. Too much info to type on the cell phone!



Official finish:



Tech is clear for Super Late Models.



Word from tech is Stephen Nasse is officially the winner of the Redeye 100.



To clarify what happened after the checkered flag, the checkers flew, but according to Tim Russell, the scoreboard still read lap 99. Both cars went into turn one at speed after the checkers, but off turn two, Nasse lifted and Russell got into him. We will have more on the post-race fireworks next week in Leftovers on Speed51.com



We are still down in the infield conducting interviews and keeping an eye on tech. As soon as we can provide updates, we will. We will not be able to provide a finish until we get back in the press box. Thank you for your patience.




Click on that link to watch live video of the victory lane interview.  This is a trial run and will be our first attempt to do it.  If it works, we may do it more.  If it doesn’t, at least we tried.

Simply click on the “Play” arrow in the video box and once we’re ready to go, the video will automatically start once we start it.

We’ll be back with more post-race coverage, including a finish, after we wrap up victory lane ceremonies and get post-race reaction.



After the checkers, Nasse and Russell wreck each other.



Russell taps Nasse in four but can’t make it stick, Nasse wins.



Nasse to the inside of Russell in three, pushes Russell out of the way and takes the lead to the white flag.



Russell takes two to go.



GREEN FLAG:  Nasse on the high side is drag raced into one by Tim Russell.  Russell slid up the track and took the lead into one.



One lap to green.



The restart order will be:  Nasse, Russell, Larson, Daniel Webster, Ryan Booth in the top five.  Then it’s Justin Booth, Alan Bruns, John Coffman, Kevin Roberge and Mike Finn.  Those are the only cars on track.



YELLOW FLAG:  The cleanup efforts are almost complete as the field fires back up and gets lined up for a restart in a few laps.



We’re still under red as cleanup efforts remain ongoing in turn one.



The jersey barrier has been moved back into place and now the track crew is attempting to clean up the mess of fluids in turns one and two.



Rich Clouser was also involved in the crash.  We didn’t realize he was in it because the whole left-side of the body was wiped out and there’s just a red frame visible against the outside wall in turn two.



What we know for sure is that Stephen Nasse is the leader, with Tim Russell second.



Timing and scoring is still trying to sort out the running order.  Cars are stopped in all four corners of the racetrack as they immediately stopped or slowed to a stop after the crash.



We will be under red for a time now, as safety workers attempt to move the jersey barriers at the end of pit road back into place.  One was moved a good eight feet onto pit road.



Rogers is also walking back to his pit area.



Kennedy, who launched over top of Rogers’ car and slammed the outside wall in turn one, has walked back to his pit stall.



But again, all drivers are okay.



From the reports we’re hearing, Ben Kennedy jumped to the inside of Rogers going into one.  Rogers came down a bit, sending him into the inside wall and Kennedy hopped over Rogers’ nose.  Several drivers, including Rich Clouser and Anthony Campi, could not get slowed and got involved after the initial contact.



David Rogers hit the inside wall so hard that he moved the jersey barriers at the end of pit road.



All drivers are clear and okay, which is the best news of all.



Kennedy was involved.  He went over Rogers’ car and hit the outside wall hard.



RED FLAG:  David Rogers had a hard impact in turn one.  He hit the inside wall at a ton.  He slid up the track, Anthony Camp and others hit him hard.  It’s an immediate red flag to check on the drivers.



Lap 97:  Russell to second on the high side of Rogers, but Nasse is up by 10 carlengths.



Lap 95:  Nasse to the high side of Rogers off turn four.  Rogers slid up the track in one to protect the lead to no avail.  Nasse is the new leader.



Lap 94:  Nasse pulls along side Rogers off turn four, but Rogers holds the lead at the start-finish line.



Lap 93:  Nasse is right on the back bumper of Rogers.



Russell took third on the restart as Nasse stalks the veteran Rogers.



GREEN FLAG Lap 91:  Rogers hods the lead into one, but Nasse tucks right in behind him in second.



One lap to green.  Rogers has chosen the outside groove, putting Nasse on the inside.



The restart order will be Rogers, Nasse, Clouser, Russell, Campi, Kennedy, Ryan Booth, Daniel Webster and Justin Larson.



Kennedy is now back underway.



Ben Kennedy’s car did not fire and is in need of a push-start.



Engines have re-fired and we’re back under YELLOW.



Sergi’s car is going to need two tow trucks to get the #20 away from the crash scene.



Bruns has also pulled away.



Anthony Sergi is out of the car and okay.  The field was brought to red flag conditions and an ambulance was sent to the scene just as a precaution because the driver is a minor.






YELLOW FLAG Lap 91:  Alan Bruns and Anthony Sergi have crashed in turn two.



Nasse used Russell’s bad start to get up to second.



GREEN FLAG:  Rogers gets a good start, but Russell doesn’t.  He gets tagged by Campi but saves it.



One lap to green.  There will be 10 laps to go when we go greenn.



Cars will run a few laps through some speedy-dry put down on the backstretch.



YELLOW FLAG is back out and the track is clear.



RED FLAG Lap 90 for cleanup.



The field is coming to a stop on the frontstretch as we’ll go to red to allow for cleanup.



Bobby Good is making the long, dejected walk into the pit area.



Bobby Good has somehow gotten turned around and sits backwards against the inside wall, almost out of our view from the press box, going into turn three.



Jason Garver was also involved in the caution.  He’s getting towed back to the pits.



Restart order:  Rogers, Russell, Campi, Clouser, Bruns, Nasse, Ryan Booth, Sergi, Brandon Booth, Kennedy, Coffman.



The last 10 laps will be run under green.  Caution laps will no longer be counted.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 85:  Mario Gosselin and Daniel Webster have spun in turn two.



Rogers holds the lead on the high side and clears Russell



GREEN FLAG Lap 85, 15 to go.



One lap to green.  Rogers chooses the high side with Russell on his inside.



Alan Bruns is given the fifth position back from Stephen Nasse as he had the spot on the last completed lap before the yellow.



Larson is getting a push back to the pit area.



Gosselin, Kennedy and Webster are on pit road.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 80:  Justin Larson has slowed to a stop entering turn one.



Lap 80:  Rogers still shows the way on Russell, Campi, Clouser and now Nasse in fifth.



Lap 77:  Nasse is up to seventh.



25 laps to go:  Rogers leads by one carlength on Russell.  Campi is six carlengths behind in third, with Clouser fourth and Bruns now fifth.



Just two laps after the restart, Nasse has alread moved up to 11th.



On the restart, Justin Larson did not come up to speed and was slammed into by Mario Gosselin.



GREEN FLAG Lap 71:  Rogers holds the lead



Rogers has chosen the outside for the restart.



Ben Kennedy hits pit road for an adjustment.



That hands the lead to David Rogers, with Russell second, Larson third, Campi fourth and Gosselin fifth.



Race Director Butch Pierce has made the call for Nasse to go to the rear.  Nasse has stopped in turn three to let the field go.



For jumping the previous restart, Stephen Nasse will be black flagged to the rear of the field.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 65:  Mike Finn has spun off turn two.



Nasse is up a half-straightaway on Rogers.  Tim Russell has taken third from Larson.



Lap 60:  Nasse leads Rogers, Larson, Russell, Campi, Gosselin, Clouser, Good, Kennedy, Bruns, Ryan Booth, Sergi, Garver, Brandon Booth.



Lap 59:  Rogers once again tries Larson on the inside and makes it stick.  Rogers now runs second with Larson feeling the pressure from Russell now for third.



Rogers can’t make the pass and Larson holds the runner-up spot.  Tim Russell rides fourth.



Lap 54:  Nasse leads by eight carlengths, but here comes the veteran David Rogers on the inside of Larson for second.



The green flew on lap 52.



GREEN FLAG:  Nasse jumps to the lead, but race director Butch Pierce has warned him that he jumped it too much.



Nasse has chosen the outside.



Nasse and Larson were door-to-door at the start-finish line, but was given the lead according to the transponders, and the caution flag flew after Shaw impeded Nasse’s progress off turn two.  Therefore, Nasse is credited as the leader for the restart.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 48:  Alan Bruns spins in turn one to bring out the yellow.



Nasse was credited with the lead at the start-finish line.



Lap 48:  Nasse looks to the inside of Larson, but his progress was stopped by the lapped car of Russ Shaw on the inside groove.



Lap 47:  The battle up front has allowed Russell and Rogers to close in.  It’s now a four-car battle for the lead.



Lap 45:  Nasse again tries the inside of Larson into turn three, but can’t make it stick off the corner.



Kevin Roberge and John Coffman have both lost a lap.



Lap 41:  You couldn’t fit a piece of paper between Nasse’s nose and Larson’s back bumper.  That’s how close they are running through the corners.



Mike Finn has gone down a lap.



Lap 40:  Larson and Nasse have a 10-carlength lead on third place Tim Russell.  David Rogers runs fourth, with Campi, Gosselin, Clouser, Good and Kennedy nose-to-tail behind them.



Lap 35:  Nasse pokes a nose under Larson for the lead.  It appears that Larson can carry more momentum off the corner than Nasse can on the inside groove.



Lap 34:  Russell tries the inside of Campi again and makes the pass into turn three for third.



Lap 33:  Russell looks to the bottom of Campi for third, but can’t make the move.



Battle for fifth:  David Rogers on the inside and Gosselin on the outside.  Give Rogers fifth as he now sets his sights on Russell for fourth.



GREEN FLAG Lap 30:  Larson gets a good jump, but Nasse tucks right in on his back bumper into turn one.



Larson has chosen the outside groove on the restart with Nasse on his inside.



Running order:  Larson, Nasse, Russell, Campi, Rogers, Gosselin, Good, Clouser, Kennedy, Coffman, Ryan Booth, Garver, Sergi, Bruns.



Cody Blair now hits pit road and the crew is going under the hood.  Daniel Webster is alo on pit road.  Russell Shaw has parked his #68 behind his trailer with a broken rear end.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 24:  Russell Shaw has spun out in between turns three and four.



Lap 23: Larson, Nasse and Russell remain tightly bunched up at the front of the field.  Nasse is all over the back bumper of Larson.,



Lap 20:  After losing a lap, Russ Shaw got sideways right in front of fourth-place Anthony Campi.  Shaw chased his car to the top side of the track and kept going without further incident.



Lap 20:  The top-three, Larson, Nasse and Russell run nose-to-tail.  Campi, Gosselin, Rogers, Good and Clouser follow in a pack about eight carlengths behind the lead trio.



Lap 16:  Nasse takes the lead at the start-finish line, but Larson pops under him into turn one to re-take the lead.



Nasse now wants second, he’s on the inside of Russell…then he goes for the lead off turn four!



Larson to the lead lap 14.



Lap 13:  Justin Larson jumps to the inside of Tim Russell.  They run side by side.



GREEN FLAG:  Tim Russell holds the lead, but Stephen Nasse does not get a good start and loses second.  He drops back to third as Justin Larson now runs a close second.



The leader chooses the inside or outside groove on the restart.  Russell has chosen the outside as they come to the green.



Running Order:  Tim Russell, Anthony Campi, Stephen Nasse, Justin Larson, Mario Gosselin in the top-five.  Sixth through 10th are Bobby Good, Rich Clouser, David Rogers, Daniel Webster and Kevin Roberge.  Ryan Booth runs 11th and Ben Kennedy has already gotten up to 12th after starting at the rear.



The cars involved have gotten back going.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 5:  Brandon Booth spun in turn four and got run into by Alan Bruns.



Anthony Campi followed his friend Tim Russell on the high side to take the second spot.  Polesitter Brandon Booth has already backslid to eighth on lap three.



Tim Russell grabs the lead into the first turn and shows the way to complete lap one.



GREEN FLAG:  The Redeye 100, and the 2011 racing season, is underway.



All restarts will be double-file tonight.



With Europe’s “The Final Countdown” blaring over the PA speakers from track announcer Mark Keeler, the field is doubled up with two laps to green.



Pace laps are underway.






“Daddy and gentlemen, start your engines,” has been shouted by two-year-old Blake Clouser…and with that, 20 Super Late Models come to life here at New Smyrna Speedway for the Redeye 100.



Blake and Caitlyn Clouser, the son and daughter of defending Redeye 100 winner Rich Clouser, will give the command to fire engines.



Driver introductions are complete.  Drivers are strapping into their cars.



We’re happy to bring it to you and all the fans worldwide checking on our coverage tonight.

Don’t forget, our weekend’s coverage doesn’t end tonight.  We’ll have live Trackside Now coverage of the Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl Pro Late Model feature on Sunday from Lanier right here on Speed51.com.



Comment From racer6 

It sure is nice to have Speed51 live coverage! I can’t be there, but can still keep up with all the action at Red Eye 100 thanks to you guys.







1 Brandon Booth
2 Tim Russell
3 Bobby Good
4 Anthony Campi
5 Justin Larson
6 Mario Gosselin
7 Rich Clouser
8 Stephen Nasse
9 David Rogers
10 Daniel Webster
11 Anthony Sergi
12 Alan Bruns
13 Jason Garver
14 Kevin Roberge
15 Cody Blair
16 Ryan Booth
17 Mike Finn
18 John Coffman
19 Russell Shaw
20 Ben Kennedy



Comment From Frasson118 

Nasse was extremely strong at the Gov. Cup race. Look for him to head to the front tonight also



Two of the drivers who did not qualify, Ben Kennedy and Russell Shaw, will start at the tail of the field in 20th and 19th, respectively.



One other pit note before we go green – Justin Larson will be competing in a brand-new Port City big-spring car.  This will be his first-ever run in this car.



Pre-race ceremonies are underway.



Comment From jimmy dru 

thanks for the great coverage! been a long time since we were at the DERBY!



This race is not.  Our next radio race will come at SpeedFest 2011 at Lanier National Speedway (GA) the weekend of January 28th through 30th.

As mentioned earlier, we’re going to do a trial run of some live video of the victory lane interview here as part of our Trackside Now coverage.  More on that later.



Comment From cole 

is this on race talk radio tonight ?



Giving that there’s snow in the forecast in most places East of the Mississippi this weekend, we’re enjoying perfect weather!  Earlier today it was in the mid-60’s with a breeze.  Now it’s in the 50’s with a fairly stiff breeze, making it feel a little chillier, but it’s a perfect night for some January racing to kick off the 2011 season.



Comment From racer6 

How’s the weather there?



The SLM drivers are being called to the start-finish line for their group photo.  The green flag for tonight’s race is still on schedule for 7:30pm.



We also caught up with B.J. McLeod, a former Speedweeks champion here at New Smyrna Speedway.  McLeod is not competing much in his Super Late Models any more these days, now that he has gone NASCAR Camping World Truck Series racing.  He sold his fleet of SLM’s to two different teams, including Ryan Booth, who will be driving the car tonight that McLeod won the Speedweeks title with.  McLeod works on the cars at the track and at his shop, using his transporter to bring the cars to the track, but is earning a living as a driver coach/crew chief to help pay the bills for his Truck racing.  At this time, McLeod has two Truck races on his schedule, at Phoenix and Charlotte, but hopes for more pending funding.



Alan Bruns signs an autograph for a young fan. (51 Photo)




Ben Kennedy’s rig has reappeared with a backup car.  He will line up at the rear of the field for tonight’s 100-lapper.



Russell is also hoping to bring home a trophy for his son Tanner, who turns seven months old today.



We caught up with some of the drivers during the autograph session.

Tim Russell admitted that his car just doesn’t like to qualify.  It qualified a disappointing (to him) 11th at the Governor’s Cup in November, but he drove through the field once, and then again after contact, and had a shot to win late in the race.  Tonight, he qualified eighth, but re-drew the outside-pole, so he’s hoping for an even better result tonight.




1 Brandon Booth
2 Tim Russell
3 Bobby Good
4 Anthony Campi
5 Justin Larson
6 Mario Gosselin
7 Rich Clouser
8 Stephen Nasse
9 David Rogers
10 Daniel Webster
11 Anthony Sergi
12 Alan Bruns
13 Jason Garver
14 Kevin Roberge
15 Cody Blair
16 Ryan Booth
17 Mike Finn
18 John Coffman



Moments ago, there was an invert draw for the Super Late Model starting lineup.  The result was a nine, putting fast-timer David Rogers in the ninth starting spot and Brandon Booth on the pole.



Super Late Model drivers have been called to their cars for the on-track autograph session.



www.coastalwatersinn.com www.oceantrilliumsuites.com




Comment From DeMan951 

Good job David Rogers! Mike Fritts, wish you were still racing.



The local divisions will now have a final practice session before the on-track autograph session, which will kick off at approximately 6pm.



Comment From mike fritts 

Good job David. show them youngins how it’s done.




1 David Rogers 17.407
2 Stephen Nasse 17.458
3 Rich Clouser 17.623
4 Mario Gosselin 17.668
5 Justin Larson 17.677
6 Anthony Campi 17.733
7 Bobby Good 17.841
8 Tim Russell 17.858
9 Brandon Booth 17.867
10 Daniel Webster 17.956
11 Anthony Sergi 18.042
12 Alan Bruns 18.090
13 Jason Garver 18.101
14 Kevin Roberge 18.219
15 Cody Blair 18.419
16 Ryan Booth 18.422
17 Mike Finn 19.211
18 John Coffman 19.288



Several fans have asked via our comment section if Ricky Brooks is handling the tech here today.  He is not, but will be back here for Speedweeks.  The track’s usual tech staff, led by Jeff Sutcliff, will be in charge for this race.



Ben Kennedy did not take time in qualifying.  The #96 had mechanical problems after practice and their trainsporter left in a hurry before qualifying started.

The Kennedy shop is just 10 minutes down the road, so we would not be surprised to see the transporter re-appear before the race starts and he would start at the rear.



Top five qualifiers are:  David Rogers, Stephen Nasse, Rich Clouser, Mario Gosselin and Justin Larson



Qualifying is now complete.  David Rogers has set fast time.



Bobby Good
Lap 1: 18.242
Lap 2: 17.841
Best Lap: 17.841



Ryan Booth
Lap 1: 18.575
Lap 2: 18.422
Best Lap: 18.422



David Rogers is now atop the charts.



David Rogers
Lap 1: 17.716
Lap 2: 17.407
Best Lap: 17.407



Jason Garver
Lap 1: 18.487
Lap 2: 18.101
Best Lap: 18.101



Mario Gosselin
Lap 1: 17.717
Lap 2: 17.668
Best Lap: 17.668



Tim Russell
Lap 1: 18.049
Lap 2: 17.858
Best Lap: 17.858



Stephen Nasse is now quick time.



Stephen Nasse
Lap 1: 17.742
Lap 2: 17.458
Best Lap: 17.458



Alan Bruns
Lap 1: 18.177
Lap 2: 18.09
Best Lap: 18.09



Kevin Roberge
Lap 1: 18.353
Lap 2: 18.219
Best Lap: 18.219



Brandon Booth
Lap 1: 18.049
Lap 2: 17.867
Best Lap: 17.867



Rich Clouser now has fast time.



Rich Clouser
Lap 1: 17.882
Lap 2: 17.623
Best Lap: 17.623



Anthony Campi
Lap 1: 17.899
Lap 2: 17.733
Best Lap: 17.733



John Coffman
Lap 1: 19.929
Lap 2: 19.288
Best Lap: 19.288



Mike Finn
Lap 1: 19.237
Lap 2: 19.211
Best Lap: 19.211



Cody Blair
Lap 1: 18.64
Lap 2: 18.419
Best Lap: 18.419



Daniel Webster
Lap 1: 18.031
Lap 2: 17.956
Best Lap: 17.956



Justin Larson
Lap 1: 17.727
Lap 2: 17.677
Best Lap: 17.677



Anthony Sergi
Lap 1: 18.153
Lap 2: 18.042
Best Lap: 18.042



The pre-qualifying tire scuff is complete.  Anthony Sergi will be the first car to take to the track for qualifying.



George Gorham, Jr.’s #10 will not qualify after suffering damage in a practice crash. (51 Photo)




Comment From driver14 

not able to attend,but followin on sppeed51



The Super Late Models lined up for qualifying. (51 Photo)




Comment From 54 fan 

On my way for some Super Late Model action tonight!!



Super Late Model qualifying will begin in five minutes.



It has come to our attention that another site is taking the information posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage and posting it on their own site and calling it their own.  Let this be a notice to any other site that is doing that…if you’re going to be lazy enough to do that, at least take the six seconds to credit and/or link Speed51.comfor the info.  Thanks.  Back to the coverage.



DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.



Comment From Joe 

We will be there to watch shortly!



Tonight’s race is a four-tire race. The teams are receiving their qualifying/race tires as they go through pre-qualifying tech. They will have to start the race on the tires they qualify on.

Caution flag laps will count up to the third lap of each caution period. If a caution period goes more than three laps, the laps will not be counted after the third lap. Teams can only change tires if an official deems it is flat.



Comment From Tom 

Four tires eight or six?



Practice sessions are now complete. We’ll take a short break to talk with some drivers. We’ll be back in a bit.



Bobby Good’s team checks on a college football bowl game on a TV inside their trailer. (51 Photo)




The local divisions, including the Florida/IMCA-style Modifieds, Pro Trucks, Super Stocks and Strictly Stocks are wrapping up their final practice sessions as we speak. Pre-qualifying tech for the Super Late Models will begin in a few minutes. Qualifying for the Super Late Models is scheduled for 5pm.



David Rogers won the Governor’s Cup 200 here at New Smyrna about a month-and-a-half ago. (51 Photo)




1 Rich Clouser 17.727
2 David Rogers 17.779
3 Justin Larson 17.819
4 Mario Gosselin 17.884
5 Stephen Nasse 17.934
6 Anthony Campi 17.939
7 Bobby Good 18.070
8 Alan Bruns 18.094
9 Anthony Sergi 18.251
10 Daniel Webster 18.329
11 Brandon Booth 18.378
12 Cody Blair 18.429
13 Ryan Booth 18.433
14 Kevin Roberge 18.455
15 Jason Garver 18.463
16 Doug Elliott 19.166
17 John Coffman 19.384



The second and final session is now complete.  Defending race winner Rich Clouser finished atop the charts.



Roberge did go out for the first practice and both have gone out in the second session.  They were announced as not having yet picked up their transponders in the driver’s meeting, so perhaps they still had not gotten them on their cars in time for the first session.  When second practice round ends, we’ll check on their status.



Comment From Eric (from Canada) 

how come no times in first practice for Kevin Roberge and Mario Gosselin???



Indeed he is.  Campi is competing with a Hamke chassis #81.  In fact, Robbie Hamke, son of the noted car builder Robert, is here overseeing the setup on Campi’s car this weekend.



Comment From racer joe 




The last time the Super Late Models were at New Smyrna Speedway, veteran racer David Rogers came out on top of a wild Governor’s Cup 200 back in November.  To re-live that event, check out Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage by clicking here.






Doug Elliott (#7) and Tim Russell (#36) wage battle in practice. (51 Photo)




Speedweeks means many things, but for many Modified fans, it means the biggest off-season racing event of the year. It also means history, and when it comes to history, perhaps no pairing over the past 30 years has meant New Smyrna success more t




The second practice session for the Super Late Models has begun.



While the focus at NSS this weekend is on the Redeye 100, there are some major events coming up at the track in the coming weeks.  The Pete Orr Memorial, traditionally held during February Speedweeks, has been moved to February 4th and 5th, the weekend before Speedweeks.  That is traditionally one of the most prestigious Super Late Model shows in the state.

Then, on Friday, February 11th, the nine-night World Series of Asphalt Stock Car racing kicks off here at the track. Speed51.com will be on hand for all of these events, and will also feature live broadcasts of the major races during the World Series.  Stay tuned to 51 for more on these events, but for more details on the goings on at New Smyrna Speedway, visit www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.



We are now at 22 cars. New addition is Mike Finn in the #02.

02 Mike Finn
4 Alan Bruns
7 Doug Elliott
9 Rich Clouser
10 George Gorham
11 David Rogers
15 Cody Blair
16 Kevin Roberge
18 Ryan Booth
20 Anthony Sergi
27 Bobby Good
36 Tim Russell
51 Stephen Nasse
57 Jason Garver
58 John Coffman
58x Daniel Webster
61 Mario Gosselin
68 Russell Shaw
81 Anthony Campi
88 Justin Larson
96 Ben Kennedy
127 Brandon Booth



Alan Bruns and his #4B. (51 Photo)




Rich Clouser is the defending winner of the Redeye 100. (51 Photo)




Matt “Duke” Kentfield is at the helm for Trackside Now coverage and for the majority of the photos you’ll see here between yesterday and today.  51 is joined by Troy Bregy, who is snapping photos in the infield and will provide photos for a Facebook Photo Gallery later in the week.



Comment From Michael 

Who are your photographers for todays festivities?




4 Alan Bruns
7 Doug Elliott
9 Rich Clouser
10 George Gorham
11 David Rogers
15 Cody Blair
16 Kevin Roberge
18 Ryan Booth
20 Anthony Sergi
27 Bobby Good
36 Tim Russell
51 Stephen Nasse
57 Jason Garver
58 John Coffman
58x Daniel Webster
61 Mario Gosselin
68 Russell Shaw
81 Anthony Campi
88 Justin Larson
96 Ben Kennedy
127 Brandon Booth



The first practice session came to a screeching halt as George Gorham smacked the wall in turn one.  His car is being loaded up on a roll-back and it appears that his day has come to an early end.



Our only Trackside Now coverage today is from here at New Smyrna.  We will have live Trackside Now from Lanier for the Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl tomorrow.



Comment From Mike Ray 

Are you having coverage from Lanier also?




1 David Rogers 17.749
2 Rich Clouser 17.798
3 George Gorham 17.826
4 Justin Larson 17.863
5 Stephen Nasse 17.888
6 Ben Kennedy 17.917
7 Anthony Campi 18.123
8 Anthony Sergi 18.170
9 Tim Russell 17.187
10 Bobby Good 18.228
11 Alan Bruns 18.250
12 Brandon Booth 18.326
13 Cody Blair 18.482
14 Daniel Webster 18.527
15 Jason Garver 18.611
16 Doug Elliott 19.211
17 Russ Shaw 20.566
18 John Coffman 20.725



The first practice session is complete.  David Rogers was the quickest.  Full results to come.



Twenty-one Super Late Models are here so far today.



We’re back up and the first practice session is about 6 minutes away from its completion.



The drivers meeting has concluded and we will stay in the infield to shoot some photos during the first SLM practice session. We will have practice times after this session



Before we go, we figured we’d whet your appetite for something we’re going to try out on our Trackside Now feature for the first time.  All we’ll say is…live video of the victory lane interviews.  Tonight will be a trial run, but if it works, it may be a regular feature here as part of our Trackside Now coverage in 2011.  If it doesn’t, at least we gave it a shot, right?



We’re headed down to the pit area to get some info on the drivers here today and listen in on the driver’s meeting.  We’ll be back with more shortly.



Tim Russell (#36) and Stephen Nasse (#51). (51 Photo)




Ben Kennedy (#96) and Mario Gosselin (#61). (51 Photo)




A group of SLM’s rumble through turn four in practice. (51 Photo)




Before we get into today’s proceedings with the driver’s meeting in about 25 minutes, we’ll put up a few photos from yesterday’s optional practice day here at New Smyrna Speedway.

For more photos from practice day, check out Speed51.com’s Facebook Photo Gallery.  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=272199&id=57768655980



No, the vast majority of the entrants into today’s race are Central Florida regulars.  A few outsiders, such as Canadian Kevin Roberge driving for Mario Gosselin, are here, too, but none of the drivers you mentioned.



Comment From 606 

any of the heavy hitters there?….grill,elliot,fultz,wilson,etc?



We know that David Rogers, the winner of the most recent big race here at New Smyrna Speedway, the Governor’s Cup 200, is among the drivers who are in attendance today.  As is Daniel Webster’s “Team Marines” #58.  We’ll provide a full roster shortly.



Here’s the list of cars that practiced yesterday.

4 Alan Bruns
7 Doug Elliott
10 George Gorham
15 Cody Blair
16 Kevin Roberge
18 Ryan Booth
20 Anthony Sergi
27 Bobby Good
36 Tim Russell
51 Stephen Nasse
57 Jason Garver
61 Mario Gosselin
81 Anthony Campi
88 Justin Larson
96 Ben Kennedy
127 Brandon Booth



9:00am Pit Gates Open / Tire Room Open
10:00am Tech Open
12:30pm Driver’s / Spotter’s Meeting – MANDATORY
1:00pm Super Late Model Registration CLOSES
Super Late Model Practice
1:30pm Support Division Practice
2:00pm Super Late Model Practice
2:30pm Support Division Practice
3:00pm Super Late Model Pre-Qualifying Tech
Tech in Qualifying Order – 10 cars at a time when called

5:00pm Super Late Model Qualifying
6:00pm Super Late Model Autograph Session – Front Stretch
7:15pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm Racing Begins
Super Late Models – Red-Eye 100
Modifieds – 25 laps
Pro-Trucks – 25 laps
Super Stocks – 25 laps
Strictly Stocks – 20 laps



Sixteen cars were here for practice on Friday evening. Track officials inform us that four more cars have pulled in today, giving us 20 cars for the Redeye 100.



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It is a bright and sunny day here on Florida’s eastern shores. We’re located about a 10-minute drive from the beachfront here in New Smyrna Beach. Temperatures are expected to climb into the mid-60’s and only a few bright, puffy clouds speckle the sky today. Tonight’s green flag is scheduled for approximately 7:30pm ET for the Redeye 100 Super Late Model feature and temperatures are only supposed to drop into the 50’s with a slight breeze today and tonight.



Good morning and welcome to New Smyrna Speedway on the New Smyrna Beach/Samsula, Florida border, where tonight Central Florida’s top Super Late Model stars will hit the high-banked half-mile for 100 laps in the Redeye 100.

Trackside Now: Redeye 100 – New Smyrna Speedway – 1/8/11