That concludes our Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage. Stay tuned to Speed51.comthroughout the week for further information and Leftovers from the Redbud 300.Congratulations to Scott Hantz on his emotional win in the Welch & Wilson Motorsports Redbud 300 here at Anderson Speedway. Good night!



Redbud 300 winner Scott Hantz (right) does an emotional interview with Duke from Speed 51 Radio in victory lane on the RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast. (Dennis Kimble Photo) 


Scott Hantz takes the checkered flag. (Dennis Kimble Photo) 


Unoffical Finish Redbud 300.
1 Scott Hantz 300
2 Brian Johnson Jr. 300
3 Terry Fisher Jr. 300
4 Tommy St. John 300
5 Ken Schrader 300
6 Mario Gosselin 300
7 Jim Crabtree Jr. 300
8 Rick Turner 300
9 John VanDoorn 300
10 Chase Elliott 299
11 Mason Mingus 298
12 Jay Niewiek 291
13 Brandon Fagin 290
14 Tyler Roahrig 283
15 Jason Shively 282
16 Robert Maynor 263
17 Jeff Lane 262
18 Eddie Hoffman 247
19 Aaron Pierce 223
20 Brett Rowe 212
21 Jason Dietsch 183
22 Brian Campbell 171
23 Nick Lay 129
24 Kyle Busch 118
25 Steve Dorer 114
26 Ross Kenseth 64
27 Jared Marks 27



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Comment From Scott Larson What a wild race. Nice to see Scott Hantz win for Mr. Poe. Great run by Brian Johnson Jr. for 1st time at the track.



Comment From rick a. great job scott proud of you man’



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Brian Johnson Jr. wore out the back bump of Hantz over the final 12 laps. It’s was an amazing feat to see him hold off the pack and the entire field in the dash to the checkard.



Hantz gets the win over Johnson, Jr. Terry Fisher Jr., Tommy St. John and Ken Schrader.



Hantz wheeled off severl bumper tags from Brian Johnson Jr. for the win.



Scott Hantz wins one of the wildest races in recent memory as Rick Turner and chase Elliott wreck on the final lap.



Two Laps to go.



Hantz works the wheel again with major tagging from Brian Johnson all over him.



Seven laps to go.



Johnson tried the high lane with no luck.



Brian Johnson was all over Hantz in three and four and their was lots of contact.



GREEN FLAG LAP 288 – Hantz off into one again.



We will have 12 laps to go when we go green.



YELLOW LAPS 283: Tyler Roahrig and Jason Shivley hit the wall in turn three. Both cars have lots of damage. Roahrig has driven away. Shivley is still up against the wall in three.



Hantz gets away as Johnson went wide in turn four. Under 20 to go.



Brian Johnson Jr. is now on Hantz for the lead.



25 laps to go.



Johnny Vandorn went for the lead and he made contact for the top spot. Brian Johnson was able to close in and take second.



30 laps to go and Hantz and VanDoorn are clear up front.



Brian Johnson Jr. got banged up on the restart and the top two get away.



GREEN FLAG LAP 267 – Hantz leads the pack to turn one.



We are back under the yellow here at Anderson.



RED FLAG LAP 267 – Robert Maynor has hit the wall hard in turn one. He is ok, but we are under red for the clean up.



GREEN FLAG LAP 267: Scott Hantz leads Johnny VanDoorn to turn one.



Comment From Scott Larson Go Scott Hantz! Win it for Dick Poe!!!!



CRA officials are saying that Chase Elliott made contact with Roahrig and both will be at the rear.



YELLOW FLAG 263 – Tyler Roahrig spins in turn three.



40 laps to go and Scott Hantz still hangs on to the top spot.



Chase Elliott has worked his way back into the top 10, but he’s running out of time.






50 laps to go with Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Brian Johnson Jr., Rick Turner, and Tommy St. John are the top five.



Eddie Hoffman comes to the pits with an overheating problem.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 246 – Lap cars tangle off turn two and the leads all had to check up and they are all ok.



VanDoorn has closed in on Hantz as they circle the track. Eddie Hoffman now has water coming out of his overflow.



Scott Hantz said on the radio broadcast that he was saving his stuff. He now has a car length lead over Johnny VanDoorn.



Top five clears the lap traffic at lap 235.



GREEN FLAG LAP 232 – Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Eddie Hoffman, Brian Johnson and Rick Turner are the top five.



The top five have been putting on a great chase game around this quarter-mile.



Pierce put down some oil and the track staff is cleaning things up now.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 228 – Aaron Pierce slows in turn one.



75 laps to go and Scott Hantz leads the CRA train around Anderson Speedway.



The top four are all together bumper-to-bumper-to-bumper. 80 laps to go.



Check out our radio broadcast at RaceTalkRadio.com – click the listen live button.



Brian Johnson who took four tires is now fifth as Tommy St. John falls back.



Tommy St. John is up to fifth as the top four remains Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Eddie Hoffman and Rick Turner.



GREEN FLAG LAP 206: Hantz takes the 72 off into turn one for the lead.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 200 – Chase Elliott got into the back of Jim Crabtree Jr. off turn four and Crabtree spun. Elliott will have to go to the rear.



Hantz, VanDoorn, and Hoffman break away in the top three.



GREEN FLAG LAP 193 – Hantz leads the pack to turn one.



We think that Jason Shively got the luck dog on each of the last two yellows. If that’s the case he is only one lap down now.



Mason Mingus was also in that yellow as CRA said he got into Jeff Lane.



YELLOW LAP 189 – Jeff Lane spins in turn four.






Terry Fisher Jr. was sixth and came to pit road. He will not loose a lap becasue we have gone five laps under this yellow, but he will go to the back of the pack.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 185 – Jason Dietsch and Marrio Gosselin spin in turn four. Dietsch has lots of damage.



Scott Hantz still leads, but he is working with a ill-handling car. Eddie Hoffman is up to third.






YELLOW LAP 176: Debris on the track.



GREEN FLAG LAP 175 – Hantz leads the pack to turn one.



Campbell is done for the night.



Terry Fisher, Chase Elliott and Mario Gosselin are sixth, seventh and eighth.



Top Five under Yellow – Hantz, VanDoorn, Hoffman, Turner, and Crabtree Jr.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 172 – Brian Campbell get together coming off turn four. Both cars have damage.



Eddie Hoffman is now third with Rick Turner in fourth and Jim Crabtree Jr. in fifth.



Johnny VanDoorn is now up on the bumper of Hantz for the lead.



Chase Elliott is working his way back to the front, he’s up too 8th.



Hantz leads the pack as the lap car of Jeff Lane falls in beetween the first and second cars.



GREEN FLAG LAP 150: The second half is underway.



On the restart Scott Hantz leads Johnny VanDoorn lead the pack to turn one.



The group that took three include: Terry Fisher Jr. Jim Crabtree Jr., Eddie Hoffman, Rick Turner, Tommy St. John and Mario Gosselin. Chase Elliott will restart ninth and Brian Johnson Jr. will be 10th.



Scott Hantz, and Johnny Van Doorn took two tires and will start first and second.



Kyle Busch led 61 laps before the rear end broke. (51 Sports Photo) 


Jim Crabtree and Brian Campbell are on the lead lap in 11th and 12th. Jason Dietsch, Jeff Lane, and Mason Mingus round out the top 15.



The order will change after we see who took how many tires each driver takes.



Running order at halfway
1. Chase Elliott
2. Scott Hantz
3. Johnny VanDoorn
4. Brian Johnson Jr.
5. Terry Fisher Jr.
6. Eddie Hoffman
7. Rick Turner
8. Tommy St. John
9. Mario gosselin
10. Tyler Roarhrig



The cars are getting ready to pit for tires here at halfway. Drivers can take any amount of tires they want, the guys who take the least will start ahead of those who take four.



Chase Elliott is the leader at halfway, Scott Hantz and Johnny VanDoorn are second and third.



Three laps to halfway.



Chase Elliott’s crew chief Ricky Turner looks on. (51 Sports Photo) 


Ross Kenseth fell out early. (51 Sports Photo) 


We have 20 laps to halfway.



Top Five: Chase Elliott, Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Brian Johnson Jr., and Terry Fisher Jr.



The damage on the right side was too much and Kyle Busch will not go back-to-back here at Anderson.



Chase Elliott has taken the lead and as Kyle busch is done here tonight at Anderson.



Kyle Busch comes to the pits as the green comes out on lap 118.



The right rear on the 51 does not look good, but we have 32 laps till the midway break.



Busch has damage and still leads. He will stay on the track until halfway.



YELLOW FLAG: Kyle Busch made contact with Jeff Lane and got damage.



Check out our radio broadcast at RaceTalkRadio.com – click the listen live button.



We will have to check at halfway, but it looks as if we have only a dozen cars or so on the lead lap.



We are pushing the 100 lap mark and Busch leads by a few car lengths over Chase Elliott. Scott Hantz is a distant third.



the leaders get single-file as we hit lap 85. One note Brian Campbell, Steve Dorer and Aaron Pierce are all still runing after being in yellows.



GREEN FLAG LAP 79: Busch sails away into turn one with Chase Elliott in second.



Top 10: Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott, Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Brian Johnson, Terry Fisher Jr., Tommy St. John, Rick Turner, Mario Gosselin, and Eddie Hoffman.



YELLOW FLAG LAP 74: Steve Dorer stops in turn four.



Ross Kenseth is out of the event. Battery was the problem on the 25.



Sorry about the repeated entries, we are having some issues with our internet program.



GREEN FLAG LAP 68 – Kyle Busch leads the pack to the first turn.



YELLOW FLAG: Brian Campbell and Aaron Pierce spin off turn four.



Kyle Busch has taken the lead from Kyle Busch and Ross Kenseth has lost a lap here at Anderson.



Kyle Busch has taken the lead from Kyle Busch and Ross Kenseth has lost a lap here at Anderson.



Kyle Busch has taken the lead from Kyle Busch and Ross Kenseth has lost a lap here at Anderson.



Brian Johnson Jr. is now fifth with Terry Fisher Jr. in sixth.



Kyle Busch has taken the lead from Kyle Busch and Ross Kenseth has lost a lap here at Anderson.



Brian Johnson Jr. is now fifth with Terry Fisher Jr. in sixth.



Chase Elliott still leads over Kyle Busch after 50 laps.



Johnny VanDoorn has taken fourth from him. Kenseth is now losing several spots.



Kenseth is having trouble and is falling back.



Scott Hantz moves under Ross Kenseth for third.



Kyle Busch and leader Chase Elliott have broken away from the pack here after the restart.



GREEN FLAG LAP 43: Chase Elliott leads the pack to turn one.



YELLOW FLAG: LAP 37 – Aaron Pierce spins in turn two.



Kyle Busch has moved to second and Kenseth is back to third. Scott Hantz and Johnny VanDoorn make up the top five.



Chase Elliott used lap traffic to get around Ross Kenseth for the lead.



25 laps in the books and the 25 of Ross Kenseth is the leader from the start.



Leaders are already in lap traffic.  Check out our radio broadcast at RaceTalkRadio.com – click the listen live button.



Kyle Busch moves to third on lap 14.  Ross Kenseth still leads.



Top five after 10 laps: Ross Kenseth, Chase Elliott, Scott Hantz, Kyle Busch and Jason Shively.



Chase Elliott has moved into second on lap 8.



Scott Hantz has dropped into second and Chase Elliott is third after five laps.



Ross Kenseth leads the first lap at Anderson.



GREEN FLAG is out and we are underway at Anderson Speedway!



Engines have fired and we are rolling here at Anderson Speedway for the Redbud 300.



Drivers are getting in their cars right now.



Driver introductions are underway and we are a few minutes away from the start of tonight’s 300 lapper.



We are about 15 minutes away from the start of the Redbud 300.



Our Radio broadcast is on the air at RaceTalkRadio.com



Drivers are on the front stretch for the autograph session.



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Check out the past winners of the Redbud 300 here at Anderson Speedway.  This is a link to Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor’s website that has tons of info on short track history.  http://p4.hostingprod.com/@shorttrackhistory.org/Events/Redbud_300.html



Comment From BH Good luck TJ Fisher and Jason Shively!



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The number 49 of Colin Nickolai has withdrawn from the event.  So we will have 27 cars in the show.



Don’t forget, we’re less than an hour away from the start of the live RaceTalkRadio.combroadcast of tonight’s event.  It’ll kick off at 7pm ET with the ARBodies.com Pre-Race Show from here at Anderson, and the Redbud 300 will go green live on RTR at 7:30pm ET.SPEED’s Bob Dillner and Adam Mackey will be in the booth, while Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will be at the board and typing away here on Trackside Now.  Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be on pit road.  Special thanks to Dennis Kimble who is here as a photographer for Speed51.com tonight.



51’s coverage of the Redbud 300 is presented by Shively High Performance (shivelyhp.com) 


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1 Ross Kenseth (qual 7th)
2 Scott Hantz (qual 6th)
3 Chase Elliott (qual 5th)
4 Jason Shively (qual 4th)
5 Johnny VanDoorn (qual 3rd)
6 Brian Johnson, Jr. (qual 2nd)
7 Kyle Busch (qual 1st)
8 Terry Fisher, Jr.
9 Rick Turner
10 Tommy St. John
11 Brian Campbell
12 Nick Lay
13 Mario Gosselin
14 Tyler Roahrig
15 Jim Crabtree, Jr.
16 Robert Maynor
17 Jeff Lane
18 Steve Dorer
19 Mason Mingus
20 Eddie Hoffman
21 Ken Schrader (last-chance race winner)
22 Aaron Pierce (last-chance race 2nd)
23 Jason Dietsch (CRA provisional)
24 Colin Nickolai (CRA provisional #1)
25 Brett Rowe (Promoter’s option)
26 Jared Marks (Promoter’s option)
27 Jay Niewiek (Additional Starter)
28 Brandon Fagin (Additional Starter)



There will now be four Promoter’s Options for this event.  They go to Brett Rowe, Jared Marks, Jay Niewiek and Brandon Fagin.



Jason Dietsch and Colin Nickolai have been granted the CRA points provisionals.  We’re now just waiting on word from track officials on if there will be two more promoter’s option starters to complete a 26-car starting field.



CHECKERED FLAG: Schrader and Pierce have locked themselves into the show.  Brett Rowe, Jared Marks, Jay Niewiek and Brandon Fagin were the final finishers.



White flag: Schrader and Pierce look to be in the show.



GREEN FLAG: Schrader and Pierce have checked out again.



Back under yellow.  Schrader will lead Pierce, Rowe, Marks, Niewiek and Fagin.  Those are the only cars left on the track.



He did pull the car to the pit area with some front-end damage.



Comment From R. J. the 49 would have been the other guaranteed starter from points…if he can go now



RED FLAG for cleanup in three and four.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 9: Joey Baird spun in turns three and four.  About five seconds after the yellow came out, Colin Nickolai clobbered the door of Baird’s car.  Both cars have pulled away, but are going towards the pits with extensive damage.



Halfway: Schrader and Pierce have checked out, while Jared Marks and Brett Rowe battle for third.



GREEN FLAG: Schrader has pulled out to a lead once again with Aaron Pierce following in his tire tracks.



Tony Dager and Kenny Tweedy have words after their wreck in the last chance race. (51 Sports Photo) 


Tony Dager wrecked. (51 Sports Photo) 


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Running order: Schrader, Pierce, Jared Marks, Brett Rowe, Nay Niewiek, Brandon Fagin, Joey Baird, Dietsch (who pitted and returned) and Nickolai.



Jason Dietsch has pulled off the track as a likely candidate for a CRA points provisional.



Tweedy and Dager are pointing their fingers at each other with helmets in hand, but nothing beyond yelling and pointing escalated.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 2: Tony Dager and Kenny Tweedy went for a ride into the turn-one wall bringing out the yellow.  Dager’s car has extensive body damage and has climbed from his car in a rush and is headed towards Tweedy’s wrecked car on the apron.



GREEN FLAG: Ken Schrader leads into turn one



Scroll back for the starting lineup if you missed it.  Two cars will transfer.



Comment From Scott Larson I am pulling for the Indiana drivers …… they need to stop the dominance of the invaders from Michigan, Wisconsin and Nascar.



The 15-lap last-chance race is now on track.



The last-chance race is set to take the green flag at 5:30pm in just a few minutes.



Don’t forget to bring your scanner and listen to our broadcast on frequency 454.0000



Comment From Hoosier Highbanks Great coverage! Perfect for the people that have to work today and then are heading to the racetrack.



51’s coverage of the Redbud 300 is presented by Shively High Performance (shivelyhp.com) 


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The KBM team, in addition to Kyle Busch, has two other drivers in its stable.  TJ Reaid has competed in some of the CRA Southern Six Pack Super Late Model events in the KBM #51, while Hamner has been the pilot of the Toyota at Pensacola and Mobile during the Sunoco Gulf Coast Championship events.



Comment From kdog Is that 51 car of KBM the same one Josh Hamner has been running down here in Mobile/Pensacola?



Ross Kenseth will go off from the pole tonight. (51 Sports Photo) 


Kyle Busch before he set fast time. (51 Sports Photo) 


The top-two finishers in the last-chance race will automatically transfer.  The next two finishers eligible for CRA provisionals will get the next two starting spots, with the promoter’s options filling our field of up to 26 cars tonight.




1 Ken Schrader
2 Jason Dietsch
3 Aaron Pierce
4 Colin Nickolai
5 Kenny Tweedy
6 Tony Dager
7 Brett Rowe
8 Jared Marks
9 Nay Niewiek
10 Joey Baird
11 Brandon Fagin
12 Damon Ecoff



The invert was a seven, meaning Ross Kenseth and Scott Hantz will start on the front row.1.  Ross Kenseth
2.  Scott Hantz
3.  Chase Elliott
4.  Jason Shively
5.  Johnny VanDoorn
6.  Brian Johnson, Jr.
7.  Kyle Busch
8-on: by time to 20th…everyone from 21-down will have to compete in the last-chance race or rely on points provisionals.



1 Kyle Busch 12.129
2 Brian Johnson, Jr. 12.153
3 Johnny VanDoorn 12.161
4 Jason Shively 12.182
5 Chase Elliott 12.206
6 Scott Hantz 12.253
7 Ross Kenseth 12.263
8 Terry Fisher, Jr. 12.273
9 Rick Turner 12.274
10 Tommy St. John 12.32
11 Brian Campbell 12.328
12 Nnick Lay 12.351
13 Mario Gosselin 12.353
14 Tyler Roahrig 12.387
15 Jim Crabtree, Jr. 12.41
16 Robert Maynor 12.426
17 Jeff Lane 12.428
18 Steve Dorer 12.443
19 Mason Mingus 12.446
20 Eddie Hoffman 12.447
21 Ken Schrader 12.462
22 Jason Dietsch 12.486
23 Aaron Pierce 12.487
24 Colin Nickolai 12.554
25 Kenny Tweedy 12.591
26 Tony Dager 12.598
27 Brett Rowe 12.699
28 Jared Marks 12.729
29 Jay Niewiek 12.773
30 Joey Baird 12.942
31 Brandon Fagin 12.943
32 Damon Ecoff no time



The invert draw was a seven, putting Ross Kenseth on the pole.



We’re hearing he had transmission problems in practice. We have a reporter down in the pits hunting down the info as we speak.



Comment From R. J. What happend to Ecoff?



Qualifying top-five results: Kyle Busch, Brian Johnson, Jr., Johnny VanDoorn, Jason Shively and Chase Elliott. Full results to follow.



That completes qualifying. Kyle Busch is the unofficial fast qualifier.



Tommy St. John
Lap 1: 12.32
Lap 2: 12.529
Best Lap: 12.32



Kenny Tweedy
Lap 1: 12.591
Lap 2: 12.644
Best Lap: 12.591



Colin Nickolai
Lap 1: 12.57
Lap 2: 12.554
Best Lap: 12.554



Coming to the checkered flag, Rick Turner kissed the frontstretch wall with his right-front fender. Minimal damage to the fender was shown on his cool-down.



Rick Turner
Lap 1: 12.347
Lap 2: 12.274
Best Lap: 12.274



Terry Fisher, Jr.
Lap 1: 12.44
Lap 2: 12.273
Best Lap: 12.273



Jared Marks
Lap 1: 12.789
Lap 2: 12.729
Best Lap: 12.729



Jay Niewiek
Lap 1: 12.891
Lap 2: 12.773
Best Lap: 12.773



Mario Gosselin
Lap 1: 12.493
Lap 2: 12.353
Best Lap: 12.353



Jeff Lane
Lap 1: 12.428
Lap 2: 12.448
Best Lap: 12.428



Aaron Pierce
Lap 1: 12.5
Lap 2: 12.487
Best Lap: 12.487



Joey Baird
Lap 1: 13.329
Lap 2: 12.942
Best Lap: 12.942



Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 12.239
Lap 2: 12.206
Best Lap: 12.206



Brian Campbell
Lap 1: 12.328
Lap 2: 12.403
Best Lap: 12.328



Johnny VanDoorn
Lap 1: 12.161
Lap 2: 12.216
Best Lap: 12.161



Scott Hantz
Lap 1: 12.253
Lap 2: 12.253
Best Lap: 12.253



Kyle Busch is now first on the chart.



Kyle Busch
Lap 1: 12.208
Lap 2: 12.129
Best Lap: 12.129



Tyler Roahrig
Lap 1: 12.387
Lap 2: 12.401
Best Lap: 12.387



Jason Shively
Lap 1: 12.182
Lap 2: 12.186
Best Lap: 12.182



Jason Dietsch
Lap 1: 12.486
Lap 2: 12.52
Best Lap: 12.486



Current top five: Johnson, Kenseth, Lay, Crabtree, Maynor



Mason Mingus
Lap 1: 12.544
Lap 2: 12.446
Best Lap: 12.446



Nick Lay
Lap 1: 12.351
Lap 2: 12.371



Jim Crabtree, Jr.
Lap 1: 12.443
Lap 2: 12.41
Best Lap: 12.41



Steve Dorer
Lap 1: 12.447
Lap 2: 12.443
Best Lap: 12.443



Brian Johnson, Jr. currently holds the quick time.



Brian Johnson, Jr.
Lap 1: 12.153
Lap 2: 12.257
Best Lap: 12.153



Ken Schrader
Lap 1: 12.462
Lap 2: 12.501
Best Lap: 12.462



Brandon Fagin
Lap 1: 12.983
Lap 2: 12.943
Best Lap: 12.943



Brett Rowe
Lap 1: 12.768
Lap 2: 12.699
Best Lap: 12.699



Robert Maynor
Lap 1: 12.426
Lap 2: 12.608
Best Lap: 12.426



Eddie Hoffman
Lap 1: 12.513
Lap 2: 12.447
Best Lap: 12.447



Ross Kenseth
Lap 1: 12.263
Lap 2: 12.467
Best Lap: 12.263



Tony Dager
Lap 1: 12.621
Lap 2: 12.598
Best Lap: 12.598



Tony Dager of Spencerville, IN is the first car on track for qualifying



We’re just a few minutes away from the start of qualifying for tonight’s Redbud 300.  Cars are lined up in the infield X and there are just a few more to go through tech before we go green.



DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.



Lunch Time here at Anderson. (51 Sports Photo) 


Ken Schrader and Track Owner Rick Dawson talk after practice. (51 Sports Photo) 


Tonight’s event will be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com live at 7pm.  SPEED’s Bob Dillner and Adam Mackey will be in the booth with “Stat Boy” Elgin Traylor at the production controls.  Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be reporting from the pits.If you’re going to be here at Anderson, bring your scanner and tune it to frequency 454.0000 to listen the live broadcast, as well.



Comment From Guest is any one going to have it onthe radio



Here are some other highlights discussed in the driver’s meeting:- Tonight’s race will be 300 laps with a 15-minute break at halfway.  Caution laps will count.
– As many as 26 cars will start the event.  The top 20 will be locked into the race on their time trial speeds (the fast timer will draw anywhere from three to eight for an invert).  Positions 21-22 will come from the Last Chance Race, positions 23-24 will go to CRA points provisionals, while spots 25 and 26 may go to Promoter’s Options.
– The race must be started on the four tires qualified on.  Tire changes may only be made during the halfway break or if approved flat by CRA officials.  Only eight tires will be allowed in the pit area.
– The restart immediately after the break will be lined up based on the results at the break, with ars that changed no tires starting in front of the cars that changed one tires, starting in front of the cars that changed two tires and on down to four tires.
– The teams will pit on the infield “Figure-8” X.  Pit stalls will be selected on qualifying results.
– Restarts will be with lapped cars on the inside lane, lead-lap cars on the outside.



Earlier today in the driver’s meeting, CRA Managing Partner Glenn Luckett announced that the August 28th CRA Super Series event at Columbus Motor Speedway (OH) would be bumped up from its scheduled start time to a mid-afternoon race that day.  The reason for that change is because at the facility adjoining the speedway in Columbus that night, 1970’s rock band Blue Oyster Cult (of “Don’t Fear the Reaper”…the ‘More Cowbell!’ song fame) will be performing a free concert and the Speedway’s parking areas will be needed.



Comment From Perfect Circle Race Fan Special thanks to Shively High Performance for sponsoring the updates today!!



51’s coverage of the Redbud 300 is presented by Shively High Performance (shivelyhp.com) 


So far today, Kyle Busch has backed up the speed he had here in the Redbud 300 last year, when he took his NOS Energy Drink #51 Toyota to victory lane.To recap what happened during the 2009 Redbud 300, click here for the Trackside Now coverage.



We won’t know where anyone starts until qualifying takes place at 4:15pm.  We’ll provide live qualifying updates as each car takes time, then have a full rundown of speeds post-qualifying.



Comment From simmie hicks get me know where brian campbell starts



Comment From simmie hicks good luck brian campbell



Brian Ross is the all-time wins leader in CRA Super Series action here at Anderson Speedway.  Of the 45 previous CRA races at this quarter-mile, Ross took the win in nine of them.  Kenny Tweedy and Junior Hanley are tied at the number-two spot with four wins.  Other previous winners include three-time winner Bobby Parsley, two-time winners Scott Hantz, Jeff Lane, Rick Turner and Johnny VanDoorn, while drivers such as Kyle Busch (in last year’s Redbud 300), Bobby Blount, Matt Hagans, Eddie Hoffman, Joel Kauffman, Andy Ponstein and Ken Weaver all have one win apiece.  There have been 25 different winners here at Anderson in the 45 events.



Comment From Christy Good luck Steve Dorer.




1 Kyle Busch 12.142
2 John VanDoorn 12.17
3 Scott Hantz 12.299
4 Brian Campbell 12.389
5 Tommy St. John 12.395
6 Brian Johnson, Jr. 12.401
7 Chae Elliott 12.411
8 Robert Maynor 12.428
9 Ross Kenseth 12.431
10 Aaron Pierce 12.435
11 Jason Dietsch 12.451
12 Steve Dorer 12.473
13 Mason Mingus 12.474
14 Jeff Lane 12.483
15 Jason Shively 12.485
16 Rick Turner 12.487
17 Kenny Tweedy 12.512
18 Ken Schrader 12.515
19 Tony Dager 12.516
20 Nick Lay 12.522
21 Tyler Roahrig 12.524
22 Jim Crabtree, Jr. 12.542
23 Mario Gosselin 12.548
24 Eddie Hoffman 12.612
25 Terry Fisher, Jr. 12.697
26 Damon Ecoff 12.727
27 Brett Rowe 12.767
28 Brandon Fagin 12.786
29 Jared Marks 12.85
30 Jay Niewiek 12.894
31 Joey Baird 12.919
32 Colin Nickolai 12.972



Practice is now complete.  Kyle Busch is quickest at 12.142.  We’ll have full results in just a few minutes.



Comment From Nashville fans Go Mason Mingus, we are cheering you on back here in Nashville



Anderson Speedway dubs itself “America’s Fastest Quarter-Mile.”  We’re not arguing that fact, either, because this place is bad-fast with these high-horsepower Super Late Models.The all-time Super Late Model track record was set by Jeff Lane on August 9, 2008 at a time of 11.922, with an average speed of 75.491mph around this high-banked quarter mile.



Ken Scharder waits to hit the track. (51 Sports Photo) 


With just about six minutes left in practice, Johnny VanDoorn is atop the scoreboard, followed by Hantz, St. John, Johnson, Jr, and Elilott.



Fan favorite Ken Schrader is here competing in a second Robert Maynor entry.  Likewise, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series competitor (and former Hooters Late Model and Pro Cup Champion)  Mario Gosselin is here competing in a second Kenny Tweedy machine.



Hantz is a driver racing with a heavy heart here at Anderson.  Last week, his longtime car owner, sponsor and Angola Motor Speedway track owner Dick Poe passed away after a lengthy illness.  Poe’s EMF Corporation backed Hantz’s efforts and races in the Midwest for more than 10 years before his passing.At the memorial services for Poe last week, Hantz led the procession from the funeral home to the cemetary driving one of the Poe-owned #72 racecars.



Strike that…as we were typing the last update, “The Hurricane” Scott Hantz jumped to P1.



Tommy St. John currently is on the top of the charts in practice with about 20 minutes left to go.  It’s St. John, Brian Johnson, Jr., Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch and Johnny Van Doorn in the top-five.



One person that everyone here at Anderson is happy to see is Bill Rievley.  Rievely, crew chief for Aaron Pierce, suffered a heart attack in the pit area at a recent CRA race at Plymouth Speedway.  Fellow competitor Kenny Tweedy jumped in and performed CPR on Rievely in the pit area until paramedics took him to the hospital.  Rievely underwent a successful surgery last week and is back on the mend, making his first appearance to the track back with the CRA tour since Plymouth.



#98 Nuck Lay and #9 Chase Elliott make laps in practice. (51 Sports Photo) 


Comment From Brian Steve Dorer all the way…………..



Remember fans, if you’re heading out to Anderson Speedway for tonight’s race, bring your scanners and listen to our live broadcast on frequency 454.0000.



Comment From Mike Bryant Gotta be pullin for my ole buddy Jeff Lane!!



51’s coverage of the Redbud 300 is presented by Shively High Performance (shivelyhp.com) 



1 Johnny VanDoorn 12.341
2 Chase Elliott 12.377
3 Jeff Lane 12.417
4 Kyle Busch 12.422
5 Tyler Roahrig 12.482
6 Robert Maynor 12.496
7 Tommy St. John 12.499
8 Mason Mingus 12.517
9 Jason Shively 12.535
10 Jason Dietsch 12.554
11 Kenny Tweedy 12.582
12 Tony Dager 12.584
13 Scott Hantz 12.589
14 Aaron Pierce 12.601
15 Brian Campbell 12.604
16 Steve Dorer 12.607
17 Rick Turner 12.647
18 Ross Kenseth 12.671
19 Terry Fisher, Jr. 12.69
20 Brian Johnson, Jr. 12.692
21 Mario Gosselin 12.694
22 Damon Ecoff 12.698
23 Ken Schrader 12.702
24 Jim Crabtree, Jr. 12.702
25 Nick Lay 12.728
26 Joey Baird 12.845
27 Colin Nickolai 12.854
28 Brett Rowe 12.991
29 Jared Marks 13.085
30 Jay Niewiek 13.152
31 Brandon Fagin 13.158



Johnny VanDoorn was the fastest in the last round. The tire mark is from another event and not today. (51 Sports Photo) 


We’re now halfway through practice here at Anderson.  So far, Johnny VanDoorn has the quickest time of all at 12.341.  Chase Elliott is second, followed by Jeff Lane, Kyle Busch and Tyler Roahrig.



We had a brief stop in the action for a five minute break. Cars are already lined back up to get more laps in this second hour.



The field has to wait their turn to practice in the infield here at Anderson Speedway. (IN) Each rotation is about 10 cars while those “on deck” wait in the infield. (51 Sports Photo) 


Jason Dietsch gets out of shape off turn four. (51 Sports Photo) 


#84 Jay Niewiek and #19 Brian Johnson Jr. battle in practice. (51 Sports Photo) 


In addition to the folks at the CRA Super Series, a big thanks goes out to Rick Dawson and his staff here at Anderson Speedway for their hospitality, and to Jason Shively and Shively High Performance for their presentation of Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage and the Speed 51 Radio/RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast that will kick off at 7pm tonight.



Comment From Guest Gonna be a great show tonight!! Thanks CRA.. Mike Bryant



In that first session, Eddie Hoffman’s #8 car was on track, but no times were picked up by the transponder.



Kyle Busch was fast in first round of practice. (51 Sports Photo) 


Johnny VanDoorn has just jumped to the top of the board, ahead of Chase Elliott and Kyle Busch.



Comment From R. J. Thanks for the great coverage! Looking forward to following all the action with you!




1 Kyle Busch 12.422
2 Robert Maynor 12.496
3 Tyler Roahrig 12.498
4 Tommy St. John 12.499
5 Mason Mingus 12.517
6 Jason Dietsch 12.554
7 Jeff Lane 12.58
8 Kenny Tweedy 12.582
9 Aaron Pierce 12.601
10 Brian Campbell 12.604
11 John VanDoorn 12.635
12 Rick Turner 12.647
13 Jason Shively 12.69
14 Terry Fisher, Jr. 12.713
15 Ross Kenseth 12.715
16 Ken Schrader 12.719
17 Mario Gosselin 12.719
18 Damon Ecoff 12.727
19 Scott Hantz 12.739
20 Chase Elliott 12.741
21 Steve Dorer 12.741
22 Brian Johnson, Jr. 12.751
23 Jim Crabtree, Jr. 12.787
24 Nick Lay 12.788
25 Tony Dager 12.854
26 Colin Nickolai 12.95
27 Jered Marks 13.135
28 Brandon Fagin 13.158
29 Jay Niewiek 30.025



Aaron Pierce just spun out in turn two, staopping his car just short of hitting an infield jersey barrier.  Pierce continued on and took his car to the pits.



Thirty minutes into practice, Kyle Busch currently stands P1 on the charts.  Robert Maynor is second, followed by Tyler Roahrig, Tommy St. John and Nick Lay.



Practice is underway for the CRA cars.  So far, about 20-minutes into this two-hour practice session, we’ve only had one minor incident as the #26 of Rick Turner went for a harmless spin by himself in turn four.  He continued on without further incident.



DRIVER ROSTER – REDBUD 300#             DRIVER                        HOMETOWN

0 Tony Dager Spencerville, IN
O5 Jarad Marks Napoleon, OH
2 Kenny Tweedy Greenfield, IN
5 Brett Rowe Barbersville, WV
75 Joey Baird Shelbyville, IN
7 Jason Dietsch Edgarton, OH
8 Eddie Hoffman Wheaton, IL
8F Brandon Fagin Evansville, IN
9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
10 Steve Dorer Lakeland, FL
11 Jeff Lane Knightstown, IN
12 Mario Gosselin Lakes Wales, FL
14 Tommy St. John Indianapolis, IN
15 Damon Ecoff Greenfield, IN
18 Robert Maynor Colgate, WI
19 Brian  Johnson, Jr. Machesney Park, IL
20 Brian Campbell Wyoming, MI
24 Tyler Roahrig Mishawaka, IN
25 Ross Kenseth Spring Valley, IL
26 Rick Turner Yorktown, IN
31 Aaron Pierce Daleville, IN
49 Colin Nickolai Piqua, OH
51 Kyle Busch Las Vegas, NV
52 Ken Schrader Fenton, MO
61 John VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
63 Jim Crabtree, Jr. Muncie, IN
72 Scott Hantz Angola, IN
81 Terry Fisher, Jr. Ossian, IN
84 Jay Niewiek Cutlerville, MI
98 Nick Lay Cicero, IN
99 Jason Shively Ft. Wayne, IN
198 Mason Mingus Brentwood, TN



10:00 Open Pit Gates
12:00 CRA Driver’s Meeting
1:00 Practice – CRA Super Series
4:15 Qualify – CRA Super Series
5:30 CRA Super Series 15 Lap Last Chance Race
5:45 Cars Gridded
6:00 Autograph Session
7:00 Pre Race Ceremonies
7:00 RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast on-air
7:30 Redbud 300 Green Flag



Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will be at the keys here in the first part of the day, but when we go green focus will shift over to the RaceTalkRadio.combroadcast of tonight’s 300-lap feature event. SPEED TV’s Bob Dillner and Adam Mackey will call all the action in the booth, while Duke will be dispatched on pit road covering all the happenings there, while Stat Boy will continue our Trackside Now coverage here on Speed51.com.



Welcome to Speed51.com’s live coverage, presented by Shively High Performance, of the Welch & Wilson Motorsports Redbud 300 here at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, IN.The CRA Super Series is sanctioning tonight’s 300-lap feature for Super Late Models, which features some of the top Super Late Model talents in the country. Thirty-two Super Late Models have signed into the pits and we’re just about ready to fire engines for the first practice for the SLMs of the day.

Trackside Now: Redbud 300 at Anderson Speedway – 7/26/10