Fan’s coming back out to South Alabama Speedway tomorrow will get a real treat with a “2 for 1” ticket. Adult ticket prices have not changed and are still $25 and fans will now see both the CRA Super Series Super Late Model Rattler 250 as well as the Pro Late Model Rattler 100.

On track action will begin at 11:30am. If you’re in South Alabama tonight have a safe evening and join us for the remainder of our Rattler coverage presented by Atlanta Thrifty Nickel tomorrow morning bright and early.


From CRA and South Alabama Speedway officials, the reasoning behind tonight’s postponment was that although rain is not falling, a Tornado Warning and Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in affect for the area. 
Here is tomorrow’s revised schedule of events :

8am – Pits open
10am – Driver’s Meeting
10:30am – 11:30 – Super Late Model Tech (then to pit road for staging)
11:30am – Pro Late Model Hot Laps
12:15pm – Pro Late Model Qualifying (cars impounded after qualifying)
1:15 – Autograph Session
1:45 – Pro Late Model Last Chance Qualifying Race (if more than 30 cars)

CRA Super Series Super Late Model Rattler 250 will follow the Last Chance Qualifier and the Pro Late Model Rattler 100 will immediately follow the Rattler 250. 

Rattler Pro 125 postponed until Sunday due to incliment weather. (51 Photo)
Comment From guest 

great decision on part of the officials. Only makes sense to run Pro’s tomorrow, as a lot of them have drove long distances to this race. 

If canceled tonight, the modifieds will run next week. 
Comment From Guest 

what will happen to the modifies?????? 

Rain came over the track a half an hour ago. (51 Photo)
If the show is rained out (which there is currently a 90% chance of rain) they will qualify the pro cars tomorrow. 
Comment From tony pendley 

Glad they gave the drivers the choice. Great for those who drove a long ways to watch also! Any word on pro qualifying? 

We are still trying to get qualifying and potentially a race tonight, however if/when the rains arrive this will be the plan of action for tomorrow. 
No, nothing has officially been cancelled yet as it is only sprinkling at the moment. 
Comment From Guest 

what about the modifieds? are they going to just cancel? 

More then, fans attending tomorrow’s Rattler 250 CRA Super Series Super Late Model show will likley get “2 for the price of 1.” They will see both the Rattler 250 as well as tonight’s previously scheduled Rattler 125. Ticket price for adults is $25, children ages 6-12 $10 and children under 5 years old will be admitted free of charge. 
That was likely a factor in the decision they made. 
Comment From tony pendley 

Why don’t sas run the pro race tomorrow? Great car count this weekend and half won’t be back next weekend! 

Track owner John Dykes called a brief meeting with the Pro Late Models drivers and proposed to them two options. They were given the choice of either running the Pro Late Model show next weekend at the advertised distance of 125 laps or running it tomorrow when there is likely going to be no weather interfering for a shortened distance of 100 laps and a slightly reduced purse. The drivers, almost unanymously, agreed to run the race tomorrow for a reduced payout. 
We’re now heading down to the pits to gather a few news and notes items. We will return shortly. 
Comment From ben wilder 

flying under thhe radar! GO KENZIE! oh ya! WINNING! 

Comment From Lorna Stroup 

thanks Speed51 ! you are the best! 

We are hearing that Ross Kenseth is not here this weekend, because he may have had to play in a state basketball game. 
Comment From Juice 

You guys may have already answered this, but any reason why Ross Kenseth isn’t runnin this weekend? 

CRA Super Series Super Late Model Rattler 250 Unofficial Qualifying Results

Pos No. Name Best Tm
1 112 Augie Grill 15.123
2 9 Chase Elliott 15.175
3 83 Cale Gale 15.204
4 82 Grant Enfinger 15.269
5 41 Chris Davidson 15.346
6 67 Jeff Fultz 15.352
7 51 T.J. Reaid 15.37
8 99 Casey Smith 15.384
9 18 Bubba Pollard 15.386
10 82 Donnie Wilson 15.41
11 49 Josh Hamner 15.433
12 14 Tyler Roahrig 15.434
13 4 Derrick Griffin 15.457
14 84 Clay Alexander 15.489
15 9 Randy Gentry 15.521
16 45 DeWayne Buggay 15.567
17 72 Scott Hantz 15.578
18 10 Ryan Blaney 15.584
19 1 Mike Garvey 15.6
20 23 Eddie VanMeter 15.604
21 47 Dakota Stroup 15.605
22 96 Ben Kennedy 15.606
23 4s D.J. Vanderley 15.64
24 97 Jimmy Garmon 15.671
25 15 Damon Ecoff 15.746
26 10 Danny Bagwell 15.766
27 29 Allen Karnes 16.272
28 94 Ron McDonald 16.662

There will not be an invert, Augie Grill and Chase Elliott will start on the front row. 
The rest of the top five were Chase Elliott, Cale Gale, Grant Enfinger, and Chris Davidson 
Augie Grill has unofficially won the pole for Sunday’s Rattler 250 
Ron McDonald
Lap 1 16.662
Fastest 16.662 
Chris Davidson
Lap 1 15.644
Lap 2 15.346
Fastest 15.346 
Josh Hamner
Lap 1 15.526
Lap 2 15.433
Fastest 15.433 
Jeff Fultz
Lap 1 15.567
Lap 2 15.352
Fastest 15.352 
Donnie Wilson
Lap 1 15.410
Fastest 15.410 
Randy Gentry
Lap 1 15.723
Lap 2 15.521
Fastest 15.521 
Chase Elliott
Lap 1 15.394
Lap 2 15.175
Fastest 15.175 
Scott Hantz
Lap 1 15.786
Lap 2 15.578
Fastest 15.578 
Mike Garvey
Lap 1 15.675
Lap 2 15.600
Fastest 15.600 
Derrick Griffin
Lap 1 15.648
Lap 2 15.457
Fastest 15.457 
Allen Karnes
Lap 1 16.272
Fastest 16.272 
TJ Reaid
Lap 1 15.450
Lap 2 15.370
Fastest 15.370 
Casey Smith
Lap 1 15.384
Fastest 15.384 
Cale Gale
Lap 1 15.462
Lap 2 15.204
Fastest 15.204 
Ryan Blaney
Lap 1 15.584
Fastest 15.584 
Eddie VanMeter
Lap 1 15.604
Fastest 15.604 
Augie Grill
Lap 1 15.194
Lap 2 15.123
Fastest 15.123 
Bubba Pollard
Lap 1 15.386
Lap 2 15.397
Fastest 15.386 
Clay Alexander
Lap 1 15.489
Fastest 15.489 
Grant Enfinger
Lap 1 15.533
Lap 2 15.269
Fastest 15.269 
Tyler Roahrig
Lap 1 15.575
Lap 2 15.434
Fastest 15.434 
Damon Ecoff
Lap 1 15.746
Fastest 15.746 
Ben Kennedy
Lap 1 15.671
Lap 2 15.606
Fastest 15.606 
Dwayne Buggay
Lap 1 15.688
Lap 2 15.567
Fastest 15.567 
Jimmy Garmon
Lap 1 15.778
Lap 2 15.671
Fastest 15.671 
DJ Vanderley
Lap 1 15.640
Fastest 15.640
Dakota Stroup Lap 1 15.819 Lap 2 15.605 Best 15.605
10 Danny Bagwell Lap 1 15.766 Best 15.766
The first qualifier, Danny Bagwell, is now on track. 
Ron McDonald, Danny Bagwell, Damon Ecoff, Clay Alexander, Eddie Van Meter, Ryan Blaney, Casey Smith, Allen Karnes and Donnie Wilson will all only get one lap of qualifying due to pre-qualifying tech infractions. 
Danny Bagwell will only get one lap of qualifying due to pre-qualifying tech infractions. 
We want to thank Atlanta Thrifty Nickel for being our presenting sponsor for our Trackside Now coverage. We will be going gree with Super Late Model qualifying in just a few minutes. 
Cars are making there ways to the infield for Super Late Model time trials. We see the final few cars going into the tech line now. We will be ready to go in just a few minutes. 
Dakota Stroup ready to roll out in turn four. (51 Photo)
Comment From Dale Dobak 

Keep up the great work guys! – Let’s go racin’! 

Pro Late Model Practice Speeds From Saturday, March 5th
Pos No. Name Speed
1 41 Chris Davidson 15.650
2 47 Dakota Stroup 15.672
3 71 Kyle Benjamin 15.682
4 18 Hunter Robbins 15.684
5 4 Erik Jones 15.698
6 66 Daniel Hemric 15.714
7 112 Augie Grill 15.716
8 16 David Hodges 15.776
9 39 Kenzie Rustin 15.785
10 9 Chase Elliott 15.788
11 11 Logan Boyett 15.806
12 1 Mike Garvey 15.831
13 25 Cole Powell 15.845
14 7-11 Max Gresham 15.859
15 1 Roger Adkins 15.893
16 29 Anderson Bowen 15.894
17 81 Dillon Spreen 15.906
18 83 Scotty Ellis 15.910
19 12 Brandon Brilliant 15.920
20 66 Korey Ruble 15.925
21 45 Nick Potts 15.933
22 42 Tony Clark 15.965
23 81 Brandon Odom 15.985
24 12 Will Mack 16.006
25 17 Sam Smith 16.020
26 5 Donald Crocker 16.071
27 7 Justin Caton 16.081
28 79 Kyle Bryant 16.090
29 61 Shane Nally 16.099
30 4 Eddie Craig 16.671
31 4 Chase Knox -.—
32 18 Bubba Pollard -.—
33 26 Johnny Henderson -.—
34 30 Bobby Knox -.—
35 45 Dwayne Buggay -.—
We have about six teams that have gone through tech here before Super Late Model time trials. 
Comment From Bob Dillner 

Good job on Trackside Now… we are all looking in from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the Racing Electronics Mobile Tech Center. We wish we could be there! 

Comment From Chris Carter 

Happy Birthday to Cale Gale!!! 

For our readers who are watching our coverage from all around the country we are in the Central Time Zone here at South Alabama Speedway. 
Anderson Bowen spins off turn four as yellow come out. (51 Photo)
Practice has finished and Super Late Model qualifying will begin after all cars are through tech. 
We are in the final few minutes of practice for the Pro Late Models here at South Alabama Speedway. 
Caution: Yellow is out, the 29 Pro Late Model of Anderson Bowen has spun coming off turn four. 
The track was busy with action today in practice. (51 Photo)
Just a reminder we are working on a revised minute-by-minute schedule in an effort to get as much done today as possible. Super Late Model qualifying will happen as soon as the cars make their way through tech. Officials are shooting for 2pm, however if that is pushing it they will run when all cars are through the line. 
Tony Clark was fifth at last year’s Rattler 250. (51 Photo)
Scotty Ellis at speed in practice. (51 Photo)
We’ve still got about 20 minutes remaining of Pro Late Model practice. David Hodges, Dakota Stroup, and Erik Jones are now on track. 
Chris Davidson is on top of the Pro Late Model charts with a 15.650. Davidson is a former winner of the Alabama 200 winner here at SAS. 
Both Derrick Griffin and Tyler Roahrig of Welch and Wilson Motorsports are happy with their cars. They made two mock quailfying runs and are preparing for qualifying. 
Cole Powell is one of the Pro Late Models here this weekend. Powell ran a few weeks back at New Smyrna Speedweeks. Powell did well down there with a win, and he hopes to keep it going here at South Alabama. 
After fixing his motor problems, track officials have allowed Scott Hantz to practice his Super Late Models with the Pro Late Models for a few laps as he wasn’t able to participate in Super Late Model practice. 
We’ve gotten word from the pits that 3-time CRA Super Series Champion Scott Hantz now has the help of the McGunegill crew on his #72 Super Late Model so he should be good to go and free of motor troubles today. 
At the driver’s meeting, it was stated that they were aiming for a 3pm start to Super Late Model qualifying. However, that will depend upon how quickly the SLM’s are able to make their way through pre-qualifying tech. 
Comment From smitdog 

will there be a change in qualifing start time due to weather 

Super Late Model Practice #1 From Saturday, March 5th.
1 9 Chase Elliott 15.207
2 10 Ryan Blaney 15.327
3 82 Donnie Wilson 15.337
4 51 T.J. Reaid 15.359
5 112 Augie Grill 15.379
6 18 Bubba Pollard 15.386
7 96 Ben Kennedy 15.398
8 99 Casey Smith 15.407
9 23 Eddie VanMeter 15.408
10 41 Chris Davidson 15.423
11 67 Jeff Fultz 15.449
12 83 Cale Gale 15.468
13 14 Tyler Roahrig 15.491
14 49 Josh Hamner 15.529
15 4 Derrick Griffin 15.53
16 1 Mike Garvey 15.571
17 4s D.J. Vanderley 15.575
18 45 DeWayne Buggay 15.621
19 9 Randy Gentry 15.643
20 84 Clay Alexander 15.687
21 10 Danny Bagwell 15.811
22 97 Jimmy Garmon 15.816
23 15 Damon Ecoff 15.831
24 29 Allen Karnes 15.942
25 99 Dale Little 17.534
26 94 Ron McDonald -.—
27 47 Dakota Stroup -.—
28 72 Scott Hantz -.—
29 82 Grant Enfinger -.—
Chris Davidson is currently fastest in Pro Late Model practice with at 15.650 second lap. 
Chase Elliott was the fastest car in Super Late Model practice. (51 Photo)
There are about a dozen modifieds here. Korey Ruble, Bubba Pollard and Augie Grill will all be in their modified rides here this weekend as well as their late models. 
Comment From jack 

how many modifieds are there? 

Korey Ruble, Daniel Hemric, Max Gresham, Brandon Odom and Dillon Spreen are now on track during this round of Pro Late Model practice. 
Track officials are trying to limit the number of cars on track at a time to eight today. 
Anderson Bowen, Chase Elliott, Logan Boyett and Kyle Benjamin are now on track. 
The green is out on the track for Pro Late Model practice. 
Comment From dirk redder 

best of luck to erik jones in the prolates….. 

Dale Little is now done for the day. His #99 Super Late Model sustained chassis damage when it hit the back straightaway wall at the beginning of practice. 
Super Late Model practice has now concluded and those cars will now head to pre-qualifying tech. 
Bubba Pollard has been second at the Rattler each of the last two years. He has also has several wins here in the Pro Late Models. In fact the number 18 Pro Late Model has no finished a Baby Rattler 125 outside of the top five. 
The track is still busy for the Super Late Models. Josh Hamner and Augie Grill are the two cars on track right now. 
We’ve got a few more laps to be run here in Super Late Model practice before we switch over to the Pro Late Models. 
Bubba Pollard working the track here at SAS. (51 Photo)
Comment From james 

get-er-done chase 

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Not many people would know, but there is a hidden secret here at South Alabama Speedway. When track owner John Dykes built the new pits along the back straightaway he filled in the banking with whatever necessary. Along with many old Hoosiers and several old bumpers, you will also find the remains of a car that’s seen better days. 
The Rattler Junk Yard. (51 Photo)
In yesterday’s practice, Dale Little said his car was only, “So, So” in multiple long runs on old tires. His team, like many others chose to save their tires until after the rains had come and gone saying that there really was no point to wasting them since all the track rubber would be washed away and we will all be starting back at one. Little is now in the garage after contact with the outside wall. 
Chase Elliott will be running the same Pro Late Model car as Speedfest but the Super Late Model car is different (Not crate), he will be running fords still in his Late Model efforts, but will not have Ford logos on them due to Hendrick connection to Chevy. 
We have a quick yellow here at SAS so teams can get fuel from the infield. 
The Pro Late Models are on the track next. Tonight will be there 125 lap event know as the “Baby Rattler”. Here are some of the winners from the past few runnings of the event.

2010 Korey Ruble
2009 Bubba Pollard
2008 Ryan Crane
2007 Ronnie Sanders
2006 David Hole

Scott Hantz is having some engine trouble here this weekend. He spent much of Friday afternoon working on his car, and they were waiting on parts today to fix the 72 Super Late Model. 
Practice Times thus far for Super Late Models:

1. 9 – Chase Elliott, 15.207
2. 4 – Derrick Griffin, 15.530
3. 1 – Mike Garvey, 15.571
4. 82 – Donnie Wilson, 15.592
5. 18 – Bubba Pollard, 15.593 

Mike Garvey in Super Late Model practice. (51 Photo)
Ben Kennedy is just now coming up to speed for his first practice run of the day. 
Comment From Guest 

How is Ben Kennedy doing? 

Comment From BG 

Go Korey Ruble in the Gay’s Logging or AGR #66 in the ProLate and Modified Divisions. We’re rooting for you!!! 

The track is once agian green following Dale Little’s trip into the back stretch wall. 
Ricky Brooks was working on the track ealry today. (51 Photo)
The yellow flag is out for Dale Little scraping the back stretch wall. He is now stopped in turns three and four awaiting the wrecker. 
TJ Reaid and Chase Elliott have now exited the pits and made their way onto the track to begin their practice runs. 
Ryan Blaney was really slipping and sliding around 4/10 mile oval on his first trip around. He was originally the driver who gave the thumbs up that the track was ready for practice. 
The green flag is in the air for the start of Super Late Model practice. They will run until 12:45 CT, at that point the Pro Late Models will begin their hour of practice. 
Ryan Blaney is the first car on track for the first round of Super Late Model practice. 
After some serious studying of the weather radar we believe we’ve got a window in the rain clear enough to get two hours of practice in and hopefully tonight’s Pro Late Model Rattler 125. Both the Pro and Super Late Models will get an hour of practice each starting at 11:30 (Central Time). However, since the rain date for tonight’s Rattler 125 has already been set for next Saturday, March 12th, they will try to get Super Late Model qualifying in first if the weather should return and Rattler 125 qualifying will follow. 
Welcome to Speed51.com’s coverage of the 35th Annual Rattler 250 weekend presented by Atlanta Thrifty Nickel here at South Alabama Speedway. Today, pending weather, we’ve got practice for both the Pro and Super Late Model’s as well as qualifying for both divisions before the Pro Late Model Rattler 125 tonight on today’s schedule.

Trackside Now: Rattler 250 Weekend – South Alabama Speedway – 3/5/11