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Photo: Jeff Fultz climbs out of his winning #67 car as the 2010 Rattler 250 Champion. (Jamie Williams Photo) 
Tech has cleared here at South Alabama Speedway. Jeff Fultz is officially the winner of the Rattler 250 here at South Alabama Speedway. 
Comment From Ruby Ingram 

The young folks are going to get it together yet. Congrats to Chase for a 4th place finish and for leading some laps. Great show. 

Comment From sdixon 

Good job Tony Clark on a good finish in youe first super race 

Comment From David H 

way to go Fultz and crew 

Comment From Dirk Redder 

Congrats to Fultz and his whole team….first class guys all the way!! 

Final finishing order of the Rattler 250 :Position Car # Name Laps
1 67 Jeff Fultz 250
2 18 Bubba Pollard 250
3 99 Casey Smith 250
4 9 Chase Elliott 250
5 42 Tony Clark 250
6 49 Ryan Lawler 250
7 23 Jeremy Rice 250
8 182 Donnie Wilson 249
9 82 Grant Enfinger 248
10 110 Johanna Long 247
11 10 Danny Bagwell 245
12 71 Johnny Brazier 201
13 112 Augie Grill 132
14 16 Korey Ruble 109
15 1 Eddie Mercer 76
16 51 Brian Ickler 36
Jeff Fultz wins the Rattler 250 we’ll be back with full results shortly. 
It doesn’t seem like Bubba Pollard just doesn’t have what he needs to get by Fultz with one lap to go. 
Three laps to go. 
5 laps to and it appears to be a 2-car race between Fultz and Pollard. 
Enfinger yields to the leaders and allows them to make it by on the outside. 
Ten laps to go and the leaders have caught the lapped car of Grant Enfinger. 
On lap 235 Bubba Pollard has closed in on Jeff Fultz for the lead, looks like this one is setting up for another exciting Rattler finish. 
25 laps to go and Jeff Fultz continues to lead with Bubba Pollard right in his rearview mirror. It is half a straightaway back to Casey Smith in third. 
Casey Smith has worked his way by Chase Elliott for third. 
Fultz and Pollard have pulled away from Chase Elliott and Casey Smith here on lap 217. 
Jeff Fultz and Bubba Pollard both make their way by Chase Elliott to send him back to third. 
Jeff Fultz is looking below Chase Elliott for the lead with Bubba Pollard on his back bumper. 
Jeff Fultz and Bubba Pollard have both made their way by Ryan Lawler and shuffled him back to fourth. 
The top five cars of Elliott, Lawler, Fultz, Pollard and Smith have pulled away from the rest of the field by a straightaway. 
Bubba Pollard is now looking under Jeff Fultz for third. 
Jeff Fultz is working hard to make his way underneath Ryan Lawler. 
Chase Elliott has made it away clean. 
The lights are out on the South Alabama Speedway pacecar and we will be back under the green flag in one lap. 
Augie Grill, Brian Ickler, Eddie Mercer, Korey Ruble and Johnny Brazier are all out of the race for various reasons. 
We’re still under caution here on lap 203 as track crews are cleaning the #71 of Johnny Brazier off the turn three wall. 
Current Top-5 :1.Chase Elliott
2. Ryan Lawler
3. Jeff Fultz
4. Bubba Pollard
5. Casey Smith
Grant Enfinger and Johnny Brazier spin and hit hard in turn three. 
12 cars still on track. 
Comment From scorer27 

How many cars are still running? 

Chase Elliott pulls away on lap 201. 
The field is doubling up for a restart on lap 201. 
It should be really good now that Elliott is still out front and Fultz and Pollard are now deep within the lapped traffic after pitstops. 
Comment From Shep 

Fultz is the seasoned veteran and Eliott is the Young gun…should be a good finish! 

Fultz, Pollard and Casey Smith have all stopped for fresh left side tires. 
We’ll see. This caution has definitely helped him catch up to the top-two leaders. 
Comment From Guest 

pollard going to win 

Ryan Lawler has hit pit road. 
Caution is out on lap 201 for a spin by Johanna Long. She was spun by Grant Enfinger and they will go to the rear of the field. 
He’s looking strong but Chase Elliott is not letting him out of his sights. 
Comment From Rickaa 

I’m going with Fultz for the win 

Pollard is almost a straightaway back from Elliott in third. 
Jeff Fultz has now put two car lengths between himself and Elliott. 
Jeff Fultz has taken the lead from Chase Elliott on lap 195. 
Jeff Fultz is now right on the back bumper of Chase Elliott with 60 laps to go. 
Pollard has taken the spot from Lawler. 
Bubba Pollard is below Lawler for third. 
Elliott continues to lead with Fultz, Lawler, and Pollard right behind him. 
Jeff Fultz wastes no time in getting below Elliott on lap 183. 
Jeff Fultz and Chase Elliott pull away. 
Listen to the Rattler 250 on RaceTalkRadio.com, a production of Speed51 Radio. 
Those are the top-five cars but don’t let that fool you. They are all nestled deep within the lapped traffic of this event. 
Chase Elliott now leads Jeff Fultz, Ryan Lawler, Bubba Pollard and Casey Smith. 
CRA officials have confirmed that Chase Elliott will now be our leader. 
This time by all the leaders hit pit road. Danny Bagwell was the only car still on the track. 
The only lead lap car to hit pit road was the #9 of Chase Elliott. 
Lap 182 : Johnny Brazier spun in turns one and two. 
Since the cars that have gotten by him are all a few laps down, Elliott has yet to lose any positions. 
Ryan Lawler made his way by Elliott for fourth and it appears the #9 Aaron’s Dream Machine of 14-year old Chase Elliott has fallen back considerably. 
Lawler and Elliott are the battle for fourth. 
Ryan Lawler is working to make his way by Chase Elliott and it appears he may be smoking a bit exiting the turns. 
Lap 166 and the top-three cars have cleared all of the lapped traffic and now have clear sailing ahead of them. 
It is lap 157 here and looking at “Big ‘un”, the South Alabama Speedway flagman, in his stand above the front straightaway it looks like the wind has really picked up here in South Alabama. 
Ryan Lawler who got the Lucky Dog award on the last caution, has now made it up into the fourth position behind Bubba Pollard who is third. 
Fultz has now made his way by Enfinger and and pulled away from he and Casey Smith in second. 
Jeff Fultz has started looking below Grant Enfinger in each corner and Casey Smith is closing back in on Fultz quickly. 
Grant Enfinger is desperately holding onto his position just ahead of Jeff Fultz and holding him up a bit. 
Enfingers push rattled Casey Smith just enough for veteran Jeff Fultz to take advantage of his slip and grab the lead back on lap 140. 
Grant Enfinger who was two laps down and racing for a lap back gave leader Casey Smith a hard pop to make it by him and get a lap back. 
Augie Grill has pulled through the pits, not stopping on pit road, and parked his #112 machine in the infield. We are hearing from CRA officials that it is a motor issue. 
Augie Grill is now off the pace and come to pit road. 
Casey Smith now leads with Jeff Fultz looking below him each time they reach the corners. 
Grant Enfinger restarted inside of Jeff Fultz and ran him up the track in turn two which slowed Fultz considerable and allowed Casey Smith to rocket by him for the lead. 
Jeff Fultz leads the field to green.
Lead Lap :
1. Jeff Fultz
2. Casey Smith
3. Augie Grill
4. Bubba Pollard
5. Chase Elliott
6. Ryan LawlerOne Lap down :
7. Donnie Wilson
8. Tony Clark
9. Jeremy Rice

10.Grant Enfinger
11. Johanna Long
12. Danny Bagwell
13. Johnny Brazier

Everyone has completed their pitstops and made their way back rolling behind the pacecar. 
Since this is not a live pitstop the teams are taking their time and making sure they do everything they need to before sending their drivers back out onto the asphalt. 
Since all cars came in they will restart just as they were when the caution flag flew. The only exception will be that the #49 of Ryan Lawler received the Lucky Dog award and will now be on the lead lap. 
It doesn’t matter here at South Alabama when they come in during the caution and the rest of the field came in on the next time by. 
On the first time the top several cars didn’t make their way in. 
The pits are currently closed as CRA officials straighten out their scoring, they will be open next time by. 
Mandatory caution at halfway. 
It is lap 122 and Casey Smith has made his way right up onto Jeff Fultz’s rear bumper and is looking to make a move to the lead before the halfway break. 
I wish we could. We are a little short-staffed this weekend and weren’t able to station anyone on pit road for this race. We are working hard to find out the issue though. 
Comment From guest 

can you send a pit reporter down to see what the problem was on the KBM 51 car? 

Meanwhile, Casey Smith has made his way around Augie Grill for second and set his sights on Troutman, North Carolina’s Jeff Fultz. 
Ruble has now made his way to pit road. 
As Jeff Fultz makes his way around Korey Ruble to put him another lap down, smoke has been seen coming from the rear of Korey Ruble’s #16. 
Another interesting thing about this race is that, to ensure a good show for the fans, the final 125 laps of this race will all be run under green, caution laps will not count. 
Things could get spicy here really quickly, Casey Smith and Bubba Pollard have now cleared all of the lapped traffic and are now directly behind Jeff Fultz and Augie Grill. 
Although they are what seems like miles away from the rest of the field there is still a race going on up front, Augie Grill is slowly reeling in the #67 of Jeff Fultz. 
On lap 88 Jeff Fultz is five car-lengths ahead of Augie Grill and then you have to look deep into the lapped traffic to find Casey Smith and Bubba Pollard in third and fourth. 
Jeff Fultz got a great start and immediately pulled away from the entire field. 
The cars have doubled up and are getting the one lap to go signal by the flag man. 
It’s the Rattler at South Alabama! The stands are packed! 
Comment From Mark Smith 

Wish I could have made it there, but had to work this morning. How’s the crowd? 

Unfortunately, it appears he is. They have pulled the car off pit road and into the infield and Brian is out of the car. 
Comment From LRI 

Is Ickler done? 

Since it is possible to lose a lap under caution in the pits here in the Rattler 250 here at South Alabama Speedway many drivers are making two stops and taking two tires at a time. 
Jeremy Rice has also made his way into the pits. The crew is actually taking the hood ooff of that car and not just putting fresh rubber on. 
On the next time by Johanna Long, Grant Enfinger, Korey Ruble, Donnie Wilson, and Johnny Brazier all came in. 
The pits are open and it seems Ryan Lawler in Stanley Smith’s #49 is the only car coming in. 
Lap 77 : Something has broken on the #1 of Eddie Mercer and he is in the pits. 
Jeff Fultz has just taken the lead from Augie Grill on lap 75. 
I’m sure the Cup race there at Atlanta Motor Speedway is exciting but there is no lack of excitement here in Kinston, Alabama where Jeff Fultz has made his way to the bumber of Augie Grill. 
Comment From Bob Dillner 

Thanks guys – good job this weekend! Wish I were there! Going back to watching the Cup race here in the A-T-L. 

Don’t forget to tune into RaceTalkRadio.com and click the “Listen Live” link to hear the boys of Speed51 Radio, Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor live on the call of the Rattler 250 here at South Alabama. 
Augie Grill has just put last night’s winner Korey Ruble one lap down. That leaves only himself, Jeff Fultz, Bubba Pollard, Eddie Mercer, Casey Smith , and Grant Enfinger and Johanna Long on the lead lap here at lap 62. 
You will be pleasantly surprised when the 51 crew returns to NC. 
Comment From Bob Dillner 

Make sure we get a picture of one of the peeps from 51 with a Rattlesnake! 

They have now pushed the Kyle Busch Motorsports #51 of Brian Ickler off pit road and into the infield here at South Alabama Speedway. 
Augie Grill and his #112 machine are coming up on the #49 of Ryan Lawler who is the last car on the lead lap. As he makes his way around the lapped cars, Bubba Pollard all over the back bumper of Jeff Fultz and they are quickly gaining on Grill’s #112. 
Meanwhile, Augie Grill is still out in front of this field on lap 44. Jeff Fultz is a few car lengths back in second, navigating his way through some lapped traffic. Behind him Bubba Pollard is right in his rearview mirror. 
As the laps continue to tick, we are now on lap 41 and Brian Ickler is still on pit road losing a lot of time. They have a track official also looking under the hood of that car but it appears the damage may be terminal. 
The crew is looking under the hood as well as under the rear end of the car. 
Brain Ickler seems to have had a problem in turn two. He went high and almost off the track but kept it on and has down made his way to the bottom of the track and onto pit road. 
Ickler and Smith have now stepped away from Enfinger but Casey Smith has not let up at all, he is still right in Ickler’s tire tracks. 
Brian Ickler, Casey Smith and Grant Enfinger are battling hard almost three-wide for sixth. 
It is lap 27 now and Augie Grill who is always a dominating driver here at South Alabama is closing in on Jeremy Rice at the tail of the field. 
It appeared that Bubba Pollard may have been holding Chase Elliott up a bit as he and several other cars were right on his tail but the field has now settled down a bit and fallen in line single filed and spread out around the track a little more. 
Augie Grill has a three car-length lead over Jeff Fultz but you have to look almost an entire straightaway back to Bubba Pollard, Chase Elliott, Grant Enfinger, Eddie Mercer, Korey Ruble and Brian Ickler who are all battling nose to tail. 
Comment From scorer27 

Good Job Matt & Elgin 

On lap ten, Augie Grill leads Jeff Fultz, Grant Enfinger, Bubba Pollard, Chase Elliott, Korey Ruble, Eddie Mercer, Brian Ickler, Casey Smith, Danny Bagwell, Donnie Wilson, Ryan Lawler, Tony Clark, Johanna Long, Johnny Brazier, and Jeremy Rice. 
Grant Enfinger has grabbed the spot and Bubba Pollard has fallen in behind him in fourth. 
A little further back in the field Ryan Lawler and Casey Smith are battling side by side for tenth. 
Grill made his way by Fultz to take the lead as Bubba Pollard battles side by side with Grant Enfinger for third. 
Augie Grill and Jeff Fultz got away side by side into turn one. 
The field has gotten the one lap to go signal. 
Photo : Listen live on RaceTalkRadio.com (51 Sports Photo) 
Don’t forget to tune in to RaceTalkRadio.com and click the “Listen Live” link to hear our own Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor on the live call of the Rattler 250 here at South Alabama Speedway. 
One interesting thing they do here at South Alabama is take the cars through the pits on the initial caution laps to make sure everyone is familiar with how to get in and out of the pits efficiently. 
We had to take a break from the keys for a moment to grab some sights and sounds that will be available later in the week on Speed51.com. But we’re back now and the cars are rolling setting pit road speed and getting heat in their tires. 
Photo : The top-seven cars lined up ready to roll. (51 Sports Photo) 
The RaceTalkRadio.com coverage of today’s Rattler 250 is now live. Go to www.racetalkradio.com and click on the “Listen Live” link at the top-right of the page to listen to Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor’s call of today’s race.Pre-race festivities are ongoing. The driver intros will happen in just a few moments.
We made a trip down to the autograph session to snap a few photos of the rattlesnakes that are usually a staple attraction here at the Rattler. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found. We did, however, see ARCA Racing Series regular, Tom Hessert, who flew in this morning to watch his roommate Grant Enfinger compete today. Grant will roll off third. 
The fans have hit the track to get autographs from their favorite drivers and we’re one hour away from the drop of the green flag. 
The cars have now gone through tech and are lined up on track for their autograph session which well get underway shortly. 
Here is the schedule of events for today’s Rattler 250 :9:00 am – Pit Gates Open
10:00 am – Driver’s Meeting
10:00 am – All Enclosed Hualers removed from infield pit area
10:30 am – Church Service
11:00 am – Qualifying Tires Released
11:15 am – All Cars to Tech and Straight to Grid
12:30 pm – All Cars Must be Gridded – Remaining Race Tires Released
1:00 pm – Autograph Session
1:45 pm – Driver Introductions
2:00 pm – Green Flag : 34th Annual Rattler 25
The starting lineup for today’s Rattler 250Pos. Car # Driver Hometown
1 112 Augie Grill Hayden, AL
2 7 Jeff Fultz Troutman, NC
3 82 Grant Enfinger Fairhope, AL
4 18 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
5 9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
6 1 Eddie Mercer Pensacola, FL
7 16 Korey Ruble Dothan, AL
8 10 Danny Bagwell Cordova, AL
9 49 Ryan Lawler Mooresville, NC
10 99 Casey Smith Austin, TX
11 51 Brian Ickler Concord, NC
12 23 Jeremy Rice Royston, GA
13 110 Johanna Long Pensacola, FL
14 182 Donnie Wilson Oklahoma City, OK
15 71 Johnny Brazier Lickskillet, AL
16 42 Tony Clark Sharpsburg, GA
Yesterday, CRA Officials talked to several Pro Late Model teams about using their cars in today’s Super Late Model feature. Several drivers, including Stephen Nasse, Elliott Massey and Josh Hamner in Johanna Long’s Pro Late Model, were to compete today, according to officials. But, none of those committed drivers have returned for today’s feature for various reasons and Chris Davidson withdrew his Super Late Model entry. What was to be a 24-car starting lineup is now a 16-car field for today’s Rattler 250. 
Photo : Korey Ruble taking the checkers in last night’s Pro Rattler 125. (Jamie Williams Photo) 
Korey Ruble won here last night in the Pro Late Model Rattler 125 and made it through Ricky Brooks’ “Room of Doom” afterwards. Second place finisher Bubba Pollard wasn’t so lucky. Pollard was thrown out over a valve spring discrepency which moved 14-year old Stephen Nasse into the runner up spot and put Brandon Johnson in third.Pollard’s #18 had a Johnny Pruitt engine under the hood which featured valve springs legal in the Georgia Asphalt Series per Mickey Cain. Unfortunately for Pollard and car-owner Ronnie Sanders, South Alabama Speedway rules are that a chevrolet crate engine must have Chevrolet valve springs. After several calls to Pruitt and Mickey Cain, it was determined that although there may be no significant advantage, they were not the mandated valve springs and he was disqualified.

Both Pollard and Ruble will compete in today’s Rattler 250 as well. Pollard will be rolling off from the fourth position and Ruble will start seventh.

Welcome to South Alabama Speedway, last night’s Pro Rattler 125 is now in the books and we’re getting set for today’s Super Late Model Rattler 250 which we will bring to you via our Trackside Now coverage right here on Speed51.com as well as live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximatey 1:30 Central time.

Trackside Now: Rattler 250 Weekend at South Alabama Speedway – 3/7/10