This will conclude Speed51’s coverage of the Catawba Valley 250. Thanks to everyone who tuned in today. We wish you a blessed rest of the weekend and hope to see you at the track or here on Trackside Now soon.

Good night!



The next race for the X-1R Pro Cup Series will be May 4th at Anderson Motor Speedway in Anderson, SC. The series will also be at Kingsport Speedway in Tennessee May 17th. Make plans to attend if at all possible.






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Some notes on today’s finish:

* This is Rogers’ 32nd career win, 2nd on the all-time X-1R Pro Cup Series win list.
* Rogers has now won at Hickory Motor Speedway three times.
* This is the best finish at Hickory (2nd) in eight career starts for defending series champ J.P. Morgan
* Brady Boswell (5th) and Richard Gould (7th) earned their best career Pro Cup finishes.
* Despite having fast cars both races, mechanical issues have left rookie Reid Wilson in last place for both of the Pro Cup races this season.



Fans who have stayed at the track are being treated to a drifting exhibition by Mooresville-based DR Motorsports.



Rogers said after the race he was impressed how much the rest of the field improved from the first half of the race to the second half. He said he was pushing the car hard to get back to the lead because it was getting tight back in traffic.



Unofficial Results – Catabwa Valley 250:


1 16 Clay Rogers 258
2 23 J.P. Morgan 258
3 02 Tyler Young 258
4 21 Eric Gerchak 258
5 2 Brady Boswell 258
6 41 Rusty Skewes 258
7 85 Richard Gould 258
8 33 Stacy Puryear 258
9 1 Dalton Hopkins 257
10 56 Gus Dean 252
11 62 Andrew Smith 248
12 13 John Gibson 185
13 00 Lucas Ransone 131
14 66 Reid Wilson 125



Clay Rogers and team have collected a cool $20,000 in two X-1R Pro Cup races (Speed51.com Photo)




Comment From Gunny Hwy

Clay Rogers is reelng in Bobby Gill for all time pro-cup wins.



Tyler Young fell a lap down early but came back to finish third in a battle-worn machine (Speed51.com Photo)




Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)




Clay Rogers climbs out (Speed51.com Photo)




Comment From Lenny

Congrats to Rogers on the win



Comment From RacerNC

Great coverage. Thanks Speed51! Way to go Clay!



Clay hands daughter Ava the flag (Speed51.com Photo)




Smoky night in Hickory (Speed51.com Photo)




Clay Rogers just burned down the house with a smoky burnout all the way down the frontstretch



We are heading down to victory lane.



CHECKERED: Clay Rogers has won another $10,000 Pro Cup winner’s check here tonight, as he wins the Catawba Valley 250. Rogers holds off J.P. Morgan, Tyler Young, and Eric Gerchak.



WHITE FLAG: Rogers looking good to start the season 2-for-2.



GREEN FLAG: Much better outcome for Rogers this time. He clears Morgan down the backstretch.



Series officials quickly double the field back up. Rogers we believe is the leader. If he is or he isn’t, he will start on the inside regardless.



YELLOW FLAG – Skewes gets sent around in Turn One. Rogers had completed the pass but we did not see the Checkered.



WHITE FLAG – Rogers comes right back on Morgan, dives under in Turn One.



GREEN FLAG – Poor restart for Rogers when it counts the most. Morgan is to the lead



Here is the running order as we line up:

1 Clay Rogers
2 J.P. Morgan
3 Tyler Young
4 Rusty Skewes
5 Brady Boswell
6 Eric Gerchak
7 Stacy Puryear
8 Dalton Hopkins



Smith team pushes the #62 to the hauler.



Smith was protesting being placed back to 9th and has parked his car at pit entrance.



Hopkins lost a lot of momentum in the incident and is back to about 8th.



We are heading to a Green-White-Checkered.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 246: Andrew Smith is around in Turn Four after contact from Hopkins.



Lap 245: Five to go. Hopkins and Smith are banging doors racing for third.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 243: Rogers got a good restart but Morgan is keeping on his bumper this time.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 239: Puryear goes around on the frontstretch. He avoids damage and the only thing he leaves on the frontstretch is a smoky haze.



GREEN FLAG – Another fine restart for Rogers. Morgan will clear Hopkins for second but still find himself two carlengths behind the leader.



Lining up for the restart. We will have twelve laps to go. Rogers chooses the inside line with Morgan on his outside.



Gould gets the free pass . He will still be at least one lap down we believe. Maybe two.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 233: Rusty Skewes and Eric Gerchak make contact, sending Skewes sliding up the Turn One pavement. Skewes drives away without further incident.



Lap 231: Morgan prevails in the battle for second and tries desperately to reel in Rogers.



GREEN FLAG – Rogers is again long gone as he watches Morgan and Hopkins duel in his rearview mirror.



Gould gets another lap back as the free pass. Rogers leads Morgan, Hopkins, Smith, and Puryear.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 223: Rusty Skewes goes for the spin cycle in Turn Four. Eric Gerchak gets spun around trying to avoid.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 222: Rogers gone. Morgan forces his way by Hopkins for second.



Running Order under caution at Lap 219:

1 16 Clay Rogers
2 1 Dalton Hopkins
3 23 J.P. Morgan
4 62 Andrew Smith
5 33 Stacy Puryear
6 41 Rusty Skewes
7 21 Eric Gerchak
8 02 Tyler Young
9 56 Gus Dean
10 2 Brady Boswell

11 85 Richard Gould (-2)
12 13 John Gibson (OFF)
13 00 Lucas Ransone (OUT)
14 66 Reid Wilson (OUT)



Dean pits under this yellow. Believe Richard Gould will get one of his laps back as the free pass.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 215 – A bumper bar from Puryear’s machine has fallen off.



Lap 212: Gerchak by Young for seventh. Now Dean will try to get eighth from the #02



Lap 210: Rogers has pulled his lead to 1.5 seconds on Hopkins. Then it’s even further back to Morgan, Smith, and Puryear.



Lap 208: Gerchak still can’t get Young for seventh. Gerchak’s car has been bottoming out hard in Turn One every lap this race. Same for Gus Dean.



Lap 204: Young couldn’t make it stick and now is under attack from Eric Gerchak.



Lap 203: Forty-seven laps to go. Stacy Puryear has come to fifth. Tyler Young working on the outside of Skewes for sixth.



Gibson’s team on pit road was trying to push their car to get refired and rejoin the race but that does not appear as though it will happen.



Lap 198: Andrew Smith has done a nice job since re-drawing into first place for the restart, but now he loses his podium placement to J.P. Morgan. Move Morgan to fourth.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 194: Rogers was able to clear Hopkins on the restart, but in de ja vu it is Hopkins now riding Rogers’ bumper and not going away.



Gibson will not return to the race.



Rogers has chosen the inside for this restart ,which will come on lap 193



John Gibson could never get his car refired after rolling away from the scene and now is getting pushed in.



Gus Dean, Tyler Young, and Richard Gould will pit under this yellow.



Free pass should go to Brady Boswell here.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 185: John Gibson goes for a spin as he tried to stay off Gus Dean racing for sixth.



Lap 184: Rogers laps Brady Boswell. Ten cars remain on the lead lap.



Lap 182: Halfway through this tire run, Rogers is running laps in the 16.7 bracket.



Lap 180: Rogers’ lead has grown slightly in the last few laps since he returned to being a bottom feeder, his lead is up to 1.3 seconds.



Lap 176: John Gibson draws even with Gus Dean for sixth.



Lap 175: Seventy-five to go. Unlike Dillon, the two leaders are using a dramatically different line. Rogers is using the middle groove in the turns while Hopkins keeps his car right around the yellow line.



Lap 174: Rogers lead stands even at eight tenths of a second.



Lap 170: It’s just like it was in the second half of the Dillon race. 4-time series champ Clay Rogers leads sophomore Dalton Hopkins. Can Hopkins take what he learned two weeks ago to get around Rogers tonight? 80 laps to go.



Lap 169: Hopkins around Smith for second.



Lap 166: Morgan completes his pass. The top five is now Clay Rogers, Andrew Smith, Dalton Hopkins, Rusty Skewes, and J.P. Morgan.



Lap 165: Morgan still can’t get by Dean. In front of them, Hopkins goes under Skewes for third and will take the spot.



Lap 163: Morgan, Rogers’ biggest competition thus far tonight, is working Dean hard for fifth as he knows he can’t lose too much ground to the silver and red #16



Lap 162: Lead change. Rogers was trying the highline but then just diamonded turn Four to get under and around Smith for the lead.



Lap 161: Rogers meanwhile is going to use the high groove to try to make one more pass.



Lap 160: Rogers now clear in second as Hopkins sizes up what he wants to do with Skewes for third.



Lap 159: Rogers finally draws door-to-door with Skewes using the high lane.



Lap 157: Skewes and Rogers have both caught Smith as Rogers continues to try to use the second groove to slip around both.






Lap 154: Rogers trying to use the outside groove to draw even with Skewes, nothing doing for now.



Lap 150: One hundred laps to go. Top-five are nose to tail.



Lap 149: Smith has now opened up the lead as Rogers begins to size up Skewes for the runner-up spot.



Lap 145 – Running Order:

1 62 Andrew Smith
2 41 Rusty Skewes
3 16 Clay Rogers
4 1 Dalton Hopkins
5 56 Gus Dean

6 23 J.P. Morgan
7 13 John Gibson
8 33 Stacy Puryear
9 02 Tyler Young
10 21 Eric Gerchak
11 2 Brady Boswell
12 85 Richard Gould (-3)



Lap 143: Hopkins to fourth by Gus Dean.



Lap 142: Smith and Skewes are actually doing a fine job for now holding Rogers off. Now Skewes cranks up the pressure on Smith for the lead.



Lap 141: Morgan by Boswell for sixth and Gibson will also take seventh from Boswell.



Lap 140: Dean washes up the track exiting Turn Four, allowing Rogers under and by.



Lap 138: Brady Boswell is his highest spot of the night – 6th. But Morgan is now threatening to take that away from the inside.



Lap 137: Smith leads Skewes, Dean, and now Rogers back on the attack as he is by Hopkins for fourth.



GREEN FLAG – Smith long gone by the time they hit the backstretch. The field stacks up behind Skewes, sending Rogers and Morgan back out of the top-five.



Doubling up for the restart, which will come with 135 of 250 laps in the books.



Richard Gould will get a free pass and gain back one of his three laps.



Ransone will park his car instead of attempting to fix the machine.



YELLOW FLAG – Lap 130: Ransone slaps the Turn Two wall with a flat right front.



Lap 129: Now Rogers is by Hopkins for third.



Lap 128: Rogers gets Ransone for fourth. Morgan will follow through for fifth.



Lap 126: Skewes settles into second. Hopkins and Ransone are door to door for third as Rogers waits for a lane to open up.



Green Flag – Smith chose the outside for the green and gets the jump on Skewes for the lead down the frontchute.



Restart Order:

1 62 Andrew Smith
2 41 Rusty Skewes
3 1 Dalton Hopkins
4 00 Lucas Ransone
5 56 Gus Dean
6 16 Clay Rogers
7 23 J.P. Morgan
8 2 Brady Boswell
9 21 Eric Gerchak
10 33 Stacy Puryear
11 13 John Gibson
12 02 Tyler Young
13 85 Richard Gould (-3)

Not Returning: 66 Wilson



Here’s the post-redraw order:

1 62 Andrew Smith (+7)
2 41 Rusty Skewes (+4)
3 1 Dalton Hopkins (+4)
4 00 Lucas Ransone (-1)
5 56 Gus Dean (-1)
6 16 Clay Rogers (-5)
7 23 J.P. Morgan (-5)

Reid Wilson, who was 5th, is not returning to the track. His team told us they would have to look at how the oil levels were in the engine at halfway and they must not have liked what they saw.



Comment From RedLounger

Way to go #56!!!!



Spotters have redrawn for their drivers and we will hear those results announced over the PA in just a moment.






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Busy, busy, busy for the rest of the Pro Cuppers (Speed51.com Photo)




Pit stop for your leader (Speed51.com Photo)




Air wrenches fire up and tires are being swapped.



Running Order at Halfway:

The following cars will redraw:
1 16 Clay Rogers
2 23 J.P. Morgan
3 00 Lucas Ransone
4 56 Gus Dean
5 66 Reid Wilson
6 41 Rusty Skewes
7 1 Dalton Hopkins
8 62 Andrew Smith

Rest of the field:
9 2 Brady Boswell
10 21 Eric Gerchak
11 33 Stacy Puryear
12 13 John Gibson
13 02 Tyler Young (-1; Free Pass)
14 85 Richard Gould (-3)



Teams will put four new tires on their machines and gas up shortly. The caution laps here do NOT count towards the 250 mark.






CAUTION FLAG – Lap 125: Halfway break.



Lap 125 – Crossed flags mean halfway and we will see the competition caution in a second. Rogers has won the halfway bonus.



Lap 123: Dean working in the inside of Ransone for third. Fifth place Wilson is a full straightaway back.



Lap 122: John Gibson continues to fall like a rock. He was third on the last restart. Now Puryear drives by him for 12th and Gibson may be the one who needs that lucky dog at halfway as Rogers bears down.



Lap 120: Good to see the entire field still running here as we approach halfway. Mechanical gremlins fell three cars in the first 50 laps at Dillon.



Lap 118: Rogers no longer appears as though he will catch Puryear before this break, so Young is hoping for the Lucky Dog at halfway.



Lap 115: Morgan gets back by Ransone for second after Ransone got trapped behind Gould and Young racing side by side.



Lap 113: Rogers gets by Gould and Tyler Young in a single lap and now has two lapped cars, a second and a half, and twelve laps separating him an the halftime bonus check.



Lap 112: Rogers has had issues getting around Gould to put him a third lap down and Ransone has cut into the lead greatly.



Lap 110: Hopkins by Gibson for 7th and Andrew Smith is going to follow through to take eighth.



Lap 108: As we alluded to, there will be a re-draw of the top eight cars at the halfway break. The consolation to the halfway leader though is a nice bonus check (plus the fact you could also redraw 1st), so there is plenty for Rogers and Ransone to race for.



Lap 107: The last three laps, Rogers and Ransone have mirrored lap times. The lead is stable at two seconds.



Lap 105: Gus Dean has followed Ransone’s example by using the extreme high line and will be catching Morgan shortly.



Lap 104: Ransone blasts around Morgan through Turn Three and Four, give the former Rookie of the Year second spot.



Lap 100: If this race goes caution free until halfway, it looks like Young and Puryear will most likely lose the lead lap. Eveyrone else seems to have enough of a cushion for now.



Lap 95 – Running Order:

1 16 Clay Rogers
2 23 J.P. Morgan
3 00 Lucas Ransone
4 56 Gus Dean
5 66 Reid Wilson

6 13 John Gibson
7 41 Rusty Skewes
8 1 Dalton Hopkins
9 62 Andrew Smith
10 2 Brady Boswell

11 21 Eric Gerchak
12 33 Stacy Puryear
13 02 Tyler Young
14 85 Richard Gould (-2)



Lap 92: Ransone in third is really the only one working the high groove right now and it’s paying off. He has eaten away half of his defecit to Morgan in the last 5 laps.



Lap 88: Rogers’ lead has stabilized. Looking at the lap times, he has backed off the race pace since building the big cushion.



Lap 86: Gerchak by Tyler Young for 11th.



Lap 84: Clay Rogers is g-o-n-e at this point of the race. It’s a two second lead. Rogers running a consistent tenth to two tenths of a second faster than Morgan.



Lap 82: Now Wilson uses the outside line to scoot around Gibson for fifth.



Lap 79; Wilson dives under Dean for fifth but Dean gets such a run on the outside he actually launches around Gibson for fourth.



Lap 77: Ransone sails around Gibson for third.



Lap 75 – Running Order (50 to go til Halfway Break)

1 16 Clay Rogers
2 23 J.P. Morgan
3 13 John Gibson
4 00 Lucas Ransone
5 56 Gus Dean

6 66 Reid Wilson
7 1 Dalton Hopkins
8 41 Rusty Skewes
9 62 Andrew Smith
10 2 Brady Boswell

11 02 Tyler Young
12 21 Eric Gerchak
13 33 Stacy Puryear
14 85 Richard Gould (-2)



Lap 70: Ransone finally breaks free with fourth and immediately sets up Gibson for third.



Lap 69: Dean goes low to try to get Ransone for fourth but Wilson behind him goes even lower as it’s a three car tussle for that spot.



Lap 67: Rogers leads Morgan, John Gibson, Lucas Ransone, and Gus Dean.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 66: Puryear rejoins the field half a lap back. Rogers clears Morgan easily into Turn One on the restart.



Now Puryear does indeed pull down for his pass through penalty.



We’re now unclear if Puryear is actually going to get a penalty here. Initially we were told that, but we never saw the black flag. And he is lining up third for this restart.



Two successive cautions caused have led X-1R Pro Cup Series officials to black flag Puryear. He will have a pass-through.



Gould’s team ripped off most of the front sheet metal and sent him on his way.



CAUTION LAP – Lap 58: Puryear and Smith tangle, sending Smith backwards up the track. Boswell and Gould get collected. All three drivers – Smith, Boswell, and Gould – drive away with cosmetic damage. Gould may have gotten the worst of it.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 57: Rogers and Morgan door to door for the first lap.






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One to go til green. Rogers will again choose the outside line.



Young then pits and was the only car to hit pit road under this yellow. Wilson may very well have flatspotted his tires but did not pit, so we will watch his machine carefully.



Tyler Young will get the free pass.



Wilson tried driving back up to third but X-1R Pro Cup officials have ordered him to fall back to about 9th.



CAUTION – Lap 50: Stacy Puryear pops Reid Wilson around in Turn Four. The rest of the field made some great evasive moves to avoid making further contact and Wilson drives away without damage.



Lap 48: Wilson is back on the war path, reclaims third from Puryear as leaders Rogers and Morgan have driven away into the Appalachian sunset.



Lap 46: Puryear scoots around Wilson on the outside for third. Gould and Young make contact in the middle of Turn One at the back of the pack but carry on.



GREEN FLAG: We get the restart with 45 of 250 laps in the books. Clay Rogers picked the outside and uses it to clear Morgan exiting Turn Two.



Hopkins, Young, and Gould pit under this caution. They are going under the hood on Young’s car, but buckle it down to avoid losing a lap.



Running Order – Lap 40:

1 16 Clay Rogers
2 23 J.P. Morgan
3 66 Reid Wilson
4 33 Stacy Puryear
5 00 Lucas Ransone

6 1 Dalton Hopkins
7 62 Andrew Smith
8 13 John Gibson
9 56 Gus Dean
10 85 Richard Gould (Free pass)

11 41 Rusty Skews (-1)
12 02 Tyler Young (-1)
13 21 Eric Gerchak (-1)
14 2 Brady Boswell (-1)



Looks like 10th place Richard Gould will get the free pass.



CAUTION FLAG – Lap 38 : Looks like some sort of debris or mechanical issue has caused the caution. No cars are evidently in trouble.



At the halfway point they do a redraw of the top-eight cars. So instead of simply inverting the field, the top-eight will jumble significantly.



Comment From Jeff Gibson

Are they going to invert at the halfway point again like last week.



Lap 33 – Lead change. Clay Rogers has ascended from 7th to 1st in 33 laps and made it look easy. he just powered by Morgan in Turn Three.



Lap 32: Wilson got loose trying to stay alongside Morgan exiting Turn Four, give Rogers second now.



Lap 31: Wilson and Morgan are side by side, Rogers looking to see who wins that battle so he can steal their position.



Lap 30: Wilson will try again as Rogers has caught the lead duo.



Lap 28: Wilson tried drawing alongside through 3 and 4, but couldn’t pull even with the #23 down the frontstretch.



Lap 25: Hickory is a very abrasive track on rubber. Hard to see who is saving right now versus who is riding. We’ll probably find out late in this run when all of a sudden some cars will look like they have an anchor dragging behind their rear bumper.



Lap 23: Morgan has opened up a little gap on Wilson, about two carlengths. Rogers is closing on both in a hurry. He is turning in lap times two-tenths of a second faster.






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Lap 20: The field is now single file, first to last is still pretty tight as everyone is within a half lap of each other.



Lap 18: Morgan starting to get loose and Wilson is applying the pressure.



Lap 15: Morgan and Wilson have really separated themselves from the field but Clay Rogers is coming to the front in a hurry, diving under and past Hopkins for third.



Lap 12:

1 J.P. Morgan
2 Reid Wilson
3 Dalton Hopkins
4 Clay Rogers
5 Stacy Puryear

6 Lucas Ransone
7 Andrew Smith
8 John Gibson
9 Richard Gould
10 Rusty Skewes

11 Gus Dean
12 Tyler Young
13 Eric Gerchak
14 Brady Boswell



Lap 10: Wilson gets second from Hopkins. Rogers pulls up alongside Puryear for fourth.



Lap 9 – Lead change. Morgan gets a great bite through 3 and 4 and takes the lead from Hopkins. Now Wilson is on the attack for second.



Lap 8: Defending race winner Tyler Young is struggling, back to 12th.



Lap 7: Morgan trying to run a lower groove on corner exit to get a run on Hopkins for the lead but remains a carlength back for now.



Lap 4: Wilson finally settles in in third, holding off Puryear for now. Rogers is up to fifth.



Lap 2: Morgan complest the pass around Wilson on the outside for second. Now Puryear pulls alongside Wilson for third.



Lap 1: Hopkins has a carlength lead while Morgan and Wilson go door to door for second.



GREEN FLAG – Hopkins gets the jump on the outside.



Lights extinguish on the X-1R pace Camaro, we are just moments from the start.



Starting Lineup – X-1R Pro Cup Series


1 66 Reid Wilson
2 1 Dalton Hopkins
3 33 Stacy Puryear
4 23 J.P. Morgan
5 02 Tyler Young
6 00 Lucas Ransone
7 16 Clay Rogres
8 13 John Gibson
9 62 Andrew Smith
10 2 Brady Boswell
11 85 Richard Gould
12 41 Rusty Skewes
13 21 Eric Gerchak
14 56 Gus Dean



Brady Boswell and Eric Gerchak have been sent to the rear for unimproved adjustments post-qualifying.



Race Procedures
* Restarts are double file

* Caution laps will count

* There will be a halfway break at 125 Laps. Teams can change tires and add fuel at that time.



Pace laps are now underway.






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Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit  www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.



Clay Rogers told 51 before the start of the race that his car is just about perfect on the long run. It was running its fastest times 20 laps into a tire run.



At the ready (Speed51.com Photo)




National Anthem has been given, and to the tune of “We Will Rock You” coming over the PA system the Pro Cup machines fire up.



The Boston Marathon tragedy hit close to home for the X-1R Pro Cup Series teams this week. Andrew Collier, a mechanic for Hendrick Motorsports is also a crew member for defending Pro Cup champion J.P. Morgan. Collier’s brother, Sean, was the MIT Security Officer shot and killed by the alledged bombers early yesterday morning. We are now having a moment of silence for Sean and the rest of the victims from this week’s attacks.



Clay Rogers and daughter Ava (Speed51.com Photo)




Driver introductions were given and we are on to the invocation.



J.P. Morgan has an outgoing and charismatic personality that attracts fans of all ages (Speed51.com Photo)




The autograph session has ended and fans are returning to their seats. A good crowd always shows up at this historic racetrack.



Boswell just celebrated his sweet 16th birthday Thursday.



Comment From Jennifer

Good Luck Brady Boswell!!!



Yes, Dean’s team fixed their clutch issues and intend to go the whole way tonight.



Comment From Sarge

Is Gus Dean going to make the race tonight?






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The X-1R Pro Cup race will go green right at 8 PM tonight.



Outside pole sitter Dalton Hopkins is also exuding some confidence. The 2nd place finish at Dillon really showcased the West Virginian is only getting better in his sophomore year and seems to genuinely believe he has the car to beat tonight. He rode Clay Rogers home the entire second half of the Dillon race and believes starting a few spots ahead of Clay tonight might give him the opportunity to turn those tables.



Pole sitter Reid Wilson is pretty excited about his chances and feels the pole position really gives him the opportunity to set the pace tonight. While he says holding onto the lead for a bunch of laps doesn’t really matter that much,, he’s hoping to give himself a nice “early” cushion to assure himself a good starting position after the halfway break. The team was fighting an oil leak in practice and there is some residual worry that it might show up in the race, but Wilson says it’s “do or die” for the team, looking to get a good run in afer falling out early in the Dillon opener.



Dalton Hopkins signs an autograph. His parents are celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary this weekend (Speed51.com Photo)




Autograph session at full swing (Speed51.com Photo)




We just asked Andrew Smith what his first impression of Hickory Motor Speedway was. He laughed and replied simply “We don’t have enough motor”. The K & N Pro Series East veteran is making just his second Pro Cup start and says his team is making a commitment at improving the #62 equipment and running this tour full-time this season.



Pro Cup drivers being called to grid their cars for the autograph session.






UNOFFICIAL Results – Allison Legacy Race Series

50 Laps – Race #3


1 10 Casey Hillenburg 50
2 5 Jantzen Sitrewalt 50
3 98 Hunter Moody 50
4 43 Devin O’Connell 50
5 33 Dale Ogburn 50
6 27 Justin LaDuke 50
7 29 Jake Ruggles 49
8 61 Tyler Farris 49
9 7 Daniel Redford 49
10 53 Logan Jones 47



Comment From Lenny

Congrats to Hillenburg on the win



Winner Casey Hillenburg (Speed51.com Photo)







Hillenburg is the son of Andy Hillenburg, 1995 ARCA champ and Rockingham Speedway owner. One week after hosting the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Andy is back at it supporting his son’s racing career as he was Casey’s spotter tonight.



Second place Stirewalt feels as though Hillenburg jumped the restart, and is expressing some displeasure with race officials for not waving the start off. Hillenburg’s point of view is that the green flew and “I had to go”.



CHECKERED: Casey Hillenburg claims his second career Allison Legacy victory here at Hickory tonight. Stirewalt stumbled on the last restart and simply could not recover in time to get Hillenburg for the win. He just put his right front fender to Hillenburg’s left rear but that was it.



GREEN & WHITE FLAG: Bad start for Stirewalt. Hillenburg shoots to the lead.



Looks like we will have a one lap shootout. LaDuke pits from fifth.



WHITE FLAG – Lap 49: Tyler Farris loops it around in Turn Four and Ruggles has to spin to avoid him.



Lap 48: LaDuke slides back, Hillenburg to second and Moody to third.



GREEN FLAG – Stirewalt gets gone on the restart and leaves LaDuke to handle Hillenburg for second.






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We will have four laps remaining when we go back green.



CAUTION FLAG: Tyler Farris finds another place to loop his machine, this time doing a 360 in Turn Four.



Lap 46: Stirewalt beginning to really push the lead as LaDuke has fallen back into the clutches of Hillenburg in third.



Lap 44: Stirewalt beginning to put a little bit of a gap on LaDuke. Stirewalt has two career Allison Legacy victories, the most recent one coming one year ago at Orange County Speedway.



GREEN FLAG – A quick yellow as Farris was able to drive away without damage. On the restart LaDuke takes second and immediately applies the pressure to Stirewalt for the lead.



CAUTION FLAG – Farris is around again, this time on the frontstretch.



Lap 40: Ten to go. LaDuke has caught Hillenburg for second.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 38 – Stirewalt easily clears the field in the first two corners and now LaDuke is by O’Connell for third.



Farris drove away from the accident scene with only cosmetic damage on his rear bumper.



CAUTION FLAG – Lap 37: Tyler Farris has backed his car into the Turn Two wall.



Lap 32: Jantzen Stirewalt stretches his lead over Casey Hillenburg. Devin O’Connell is third with LaDuke already back to fourth. Moody has also recovered from his last pit stop and is fifth.



Lap 26: LaDuke already up to sixth. Stirewalt has a two carlength lead.



GREEN FLAG – Lap 24: Stirewalt has inherited the lead once more and now leads Casey Hillenburg into Turn One.



LaDuke drives off pit road and makes it out in time for the restart.



LaDuke pits from the lead (Speed51.com Photo)




Leader LaDuke has just surrendered the lead to come down pit road. They are jacking the car’s right side up and the team looks underneath.



Hunter Moody will pit under this yellow and fall from the top-five.



CAUTION FLAG – Lap 23. Jake Ruggles in the Kevin Harvick look-a-like #29 has looped it on the frontstretch. He will drive away without any damage.



Lap 20: Running Order

1 27 Justin LaDuke
2 5 Jantzen Stirewalt
3 10 Casey Hillenburg
4 43 Devin O’Connell
5 98 Hunter Moody

6 29 Jake Ruggles
7 33 Dale Ogburn
8 7 Daniel Bedford
9 61 Tyler Farris
10 53 Logan Jones



Lap 13: Lead Change. LaDuke muscled his way inside through Turn Three and cleared at the stripe.



Lap 10: Stirewalt has had no more and no less than a half carlength lead on LaDuke in the first few circuits of this race. Casey Hillenburg is also keeping the lead duo well within his sights.



Lap 6: Stirewalt leads LaDuke. Hillenburg is third, O’Connell is fourth, and fifth goes to Moody.



Lap 3: LaDuke keeps looking under Stirewalt out of Turn Four, but can’t do anything and slides in line behind Stirewalt by Turn One.



GREEN FLAG: Pole sitter Stirewalt gets the good jump while LaDuke will slide into second.



Ogburn, who wrecked in qualifying, was able to answer the call for this race after repairs



Starting Lineup – Allison Legacy Race Series

50 Green Flag Laps


1 5 Jantzen Sitrewalt
2 98 Hunter Moody
3 27 Justin LaDuke
4 10 Casey Hillenburg
5 43 Devin O’Connell
6 29 Jake Ruggles
7 61 Tyler Farris
8 7 Daniel Redford
9 53 Logan Jones
10 33 Dale Ogburn



Allison Legacy cars now on the track for pace laps.






The Joe Shear Classic 100, May 4-5 at Wisconsin’s Madison International Speedway will kick off the 2013 ARCA Midwest Tour point season.   It’s one of the highlights on the ARCAMT schedule each year as Super Late Model racers from throughout the Midwest and beyond battle on the high banks of Madison to honor a Midwestern short track racing legend, Joe Shear.   Fans and racers can get more information on the Madison International Speedway Joe Shear Classic 100 for the ARCA Midwest Tour, visit www.madisoninternationalspeedway.com.



Five minutes to go until the Allison Legacy race starts. They will go fifty laps.



J.P. Morgan meets a young fan (Speed51.com Photo)




Clutch issue is the diagnosis from the Gus Dean pit. Team feels like they should have the repairs done easily in time for the race. (Speed51.com Photo)




J.P. Morgan is hoping the track really tightens up tonight, he really thinks everyone set their car up for varying degrees of looseness, guessing just how much the track will tight up come nighttime.






Today’s      Speed51.com      Trackside Now coverage is presented by Automotive Specialists Racing Engines of Concord, North Carolina.

Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit  www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.



Qualifying Results – X-1R Pro Cup


1 66 Reid Wilson 15.846
2 1 Dalton Hopkins 15.857
3 33 Stacy Puryear 15.941
4 23 J.P. Morgan 15.950
5 02 Tyler Young 15.995
6 00 Lucas Ransone 15.997
7 16 Clay Rogres 16.038
8 13 John Gibson 16.060
9 62 Andrew Smith 16.068
10 2 Brady Boswell 16.143
11 85 Richard Gould 16.202
12 41 Rusty Skewes 16.315
13 21 Eric Gerchak 16.446
14 56 Gus Dean NO TIME



Gus Dean did not attempt to make a qualyfing lap. We will try to follow up on that in a bit to see what is happening on the #56.
In the meantime, Reid Wilson has won the pole for tonight’s Catawba Valley 250. It comes in just his second X-1R Pro Cup Series start.



#62 – Andrew Smith


L1: 16.254

L2: 16.068 (+)

Position: 9th of 13



#41 – Rusty Skewes


L1: 16.378

L2: 16.315 (+)

Position: 11th of 12



#1 – Dalton Hopkins


L1: 16.004

L2: 15.857 (+)

Position: 2nd of 11



#13 – John Gibson


L1: 16.226

L2: 16.060 (+)

Position: 7th of 10



#16 – Clay Rogers


L1: 16.057

L2: 16.038 (+)

Position: 6th of 9



#23 – J.P. Morgan


L1: 16.050

L2: 15.950 (+)

Position: 3rd of 8



#00 – Lucas Ransone


L1: 16.121

L2: 15.997 (+)

Position: 4th of 7



#85 – Richard Gould


L1: 16.356

L2: 16.202 (+)

Position: 5th of 6



#21 – Eric Gerchak

L1: 16.589

L2: 16.446 (+)

Position: 5th of 5



#66 – Reid Wilson


L1: 15.911

L2: 15.846 (+)

Position: 1st of 4.



#2 – Brady Boswell


L1: 16.237

L2: 16.143 (+)

Position: 3rd of 3



#33 – Stacy Puryear


L1: 16.288
L2: 15.941 (+)
Position: 1st of 2



#02 – Tyler Young


L1: 16.074

L2: 15.995 (+)



Defending Catawba Valley 250 winner Tyler Young is the first one to take to the track (Speed51.com Photo)




The tire scruff session is now complete and Tyler Young will be the first Pro Cup car out for his time trial shortly.



Pro Cup cars are now on the track to get some heat in their radials.






The Hollywood Casino 100 will kick off the ARCA Late Model Gold Cup Series at Ohio’s Toledo Speedway on Saturday, May 10th.   Be there when the top Outlaw Super Late Model teams in the Midwest and beyond battle on the high banks of Toledo Speedway.   Also on the card will be the Toledo Speedway Sportsman and X-Car divisions.   Racing begins at 7:30pm.   For more details on this event and the ARCA Late Model Gold Cup Series, visit www.toledospeedway.com.



Pro Cup qualifying grid (Speed51.com Photo)




We are now heading directly to the tire scuff for Pro Cup teams.



Qualifying Times – Allison Legacy Race Series


1 5 Jantzen Sitrewalt 16.916
2 98 Hunter Moody 16.956
3 27 Justin LaDuke 19.965
4 10 Casey Hillenburg 16.984
5 43 Devin O’Connell 17.186
6 29 Jake Ruggles 17.472
7 61 Tyler Farris 17.671
8 7 Daniel Redford 17.990
9 53 Logan Jones 18.589
10 33 Dale Ogburn NO TIME



Dale Ogburn’s wrecked racer (Speed51.com Photo)




Dale Ogburn has wrecked his #33 machine off Turn Two on his qualifying lap. Damage looks pretty significant to the rear of his machine.



Allison Legacy Qualifying is now underway. Scoring is taking a while to cycle through so we will provide you a rundown when their time trials are complete. Right after Allison qualifying is the Pro Cup tire scruff and then time trials.



Comment From Old Man Richard

Thanks for the coverage == Everyone have a safe race == Speed/51 on top of things == Three races at one time == What a deal == Nothing could be finer == Conyers. Ga. == A racing nut ==



Pro Cup paddock as teams are getting gridded for qualifying (Speed51.com Photo)







Super Late Model racing is back in a big way at Wisconsin’s Madison International Speedway in 2013.   The Triple Crown Challenge Series includes four races in 2013 all taking place on Sunday afternoons.  The first race will take place on Sunday, June 16th followed by events on July 14th, July 28th, and September 8th.   The opening round of the Triple Crown is the first chance for Madison’s Super Late Model stars to start their hunt to take the track title away from Travis Sauter.   Some of the top names in Midwestern Super Late Model racing will all battle at Madison in this four-race Super Late Model spectacular.   For more, visit www.madisoninternationalspeedway.com.



Stacy Puryear heading to the qualifying grid (Speed51.com Photo)




Track is silent for half an hour until these Allison cars qualify.



Practice Results – Allison Legacy Race Series

1 27 Justin LaDuke 16.850
2 10 Casey Hillenburg 16.956
3 5 Jantzen Sitrewalt 16.977
4 98 Hunter Moody 17.143
5 43 Devin O’Connell 17.229
6 33 Dale Ogburn 17.257
7 29 Jake Ruggles 17.689
8 7 Daniel Redford 17.787
9 61 Tyler Farris 17.849
10 53 Logan Jones 18.584






Be there when the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour visits Missouri’s only asphalt oval, Lebanon I-44 Speedway, for the Mercy Lebanon Masters of the Pros on Saturday, May 18th. The event will pay a minimum of $8,000 to win with $600 to start, highlighted by the winner receiving a signature green jacket similar to the one donned by the champion of golf’s The Masters event. The Mercy Lebanon Masters of the Pros 144 will be the first headline touring series event on the track’s schedule, which also has the track’s first-ever NASCAR K&N Pro Series West visit on Sunday, June 9. For a detailed schedule and more, visit www.i44speedway.net.



If you’re unfamiliar with Legacy machines, they are 3/4 scale machines that run on snowmobile engines. Drivers that have recently been champions in Allison Legacy include Trevor Bayne, Chad McCumbee, Timmy Hill, and John Hunter Nemechek.



Twenty minutes remain in Allison Legacy practice. Justin LaDuke, who has won two of the three series races this year, is the fastest thus far at a 16.924.



Lucas Ransone runs through Turn Three of Hickory, USA. (Speed51.com Photo)







Today’s  Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage is presented by Automotive Specialists Racing Engines of Concord, North Carolina.

Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit  www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.



The Allison Legacy cars are running pretty fast lap times, they are also just into the 16-second bracket.



Richard Gould has a sharp sky blue & black paint scheme this weekend (Speed51.com Photo)







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Remember that today’s Trackside Now is not the only event Speed51 is at and covering right now. If you open up a new tab and go to the homepage of Speed51, you can also open up the ARCA CRA & ARCA Midwest combination race at Toledo as well as the Birthday Twins at Montgomery Motor Speedway



Remaining Schedule of Events


3:30 Allison Legacy practice (1 hr)
5:00 Allison Legacy Qualifying
5:30 Pro Cup Qualifying
6:00 Allison Legacy Race
7:15 Pro Cup Autograph Session
8:00 Pro Cup Race (250 Laps)



Allison Legacy machines now on the track.






It’s the first major Outlaw Super Late Model race of the 2013 season…it’s the Intimidator 100 at historic Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday, April 27.  Some of the top names in Outlaw Super Late Model racing will converge on one of the tracks best known for these sleek-bodied machines on opening night for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at Kalamazoo.  Also on the card will be Kalamazoo’s Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks and Cyber Stocks.  For more details, visit www.kalamazoospeedway.com



With the downtime, the Speed51 team is off to grab some lunch and check in with the drivers. We will be back in a bit.



Gus Dean has also been fast here in Hickory (Speed51.com Photo)




Clay Rogers was the fastest man in practice (Speed51.com Photo)




Next on the track will be Allison Legacy practice. That starts around 3:30.



Practice Times – X-1R Pro Cup Series

Final Practice



1 16 Clay Rogers 16.141
2 23 J.P. Morgan 16.168
3 00 Lucas Ransone 16.173
4 56 Gus Dean 16.218
5 62 Andrew Smith 16.271
6 85 Richard Gould 16.299
7 13 John Gibson 16.405
8 02 Tyler Young 16.507
9 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.572
10 33 Stacy Puryear 16.598
11 41 Rusty Skewes 16.704
12 2 Brady Boswell 16.847
13 21 Eric Gerchak 16.984
14 62 Andrew Smith NO TIME






Final practice is over. We will have times in a bit



Five minutes left in final practice



John Gibson (Speed51.com Photo)




A member of the Rogers’ team checks out how the car looks at the exit of Turn Four (Speed51.com Photo)




Lucas Ransone has just jumped to the top of the charts with a 16.173



It’s been a tale of two practices for Stacy Puryear. First practice was awful and the changes they tried only made things worse in that session. But they’ve made significant gains in this final practice and the team seems in good spirits. They will try a rear spring change now.



51 SNAPSHOT: The no spectator zone




Dalton Hopkins’ team takes tire pressures while Hopkins keeps strapped in. Few adjustments happening in these pits (Speed51.com Photo)




A Morgan crew member watches her driver go out for another practice run (Speed51.com Photo)




Gus Dean (16.484) leads this final practice at its halfway point over Stacy Puryear and Tyler Young



Rear spring change going on for Tyler Young while Lucas Ransome is going back out after work on the right front shocks



Flags fly at attention on a breezy Carolina afternoon (Speed51.com Photo)




Rusty Skewes on track (Speed51.com Photo)




Second practice is underway (Speed51.com Photo)




Richard Gould’s team making another run at the scales (Speed51.com Photo)




Scoring initially said it was Darrin Shaw driving the car, but Ransone appears to be driving it with Shaw crew chiefing this weekend



Comment From Jack

Is Lucas Ransone in the No. 00 or is it this fella named Darrin Shaw?



The Allison Legacy Series is also here today and their teams have started to unload (Speed51.com Photo)




Reid Wilson told 51 that his car was pretty solid in practice, no real complaints. The 66 machine is actually an old Woody Howard car that hasn’t seen the track since 2008



Decaling up Lucas Ransone’s machine (Speed51.com Photo)




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It’s an unprecedented triple-header of Super Late Model action North of the Border in 2013…the Autobus La Quebecois Triple Crown at the Autodrome Chaudiere in Valley Junction, Quebec in 2013.  The Autobus La Quebecois Triple Crown will pit the best Super Late Model drivers from across North America in a series of three events with a purse totaling $135,000.  And, as an added bonus, drivers who compete in all three Triple Crown events will vie for their share of a bonus points fund totaling $30,000.   Round 1 will be a 150 lapper on May 18, 2013 and will double as the Autodrome Chaudiere season opener.  Round 2 will be staged on August 6, 2013 and will feature NASCAR star Kyle Busch competing at Chaudiere.  The final round will be a 200 lap race on September 7, 2013.  It will be pay $10,000 to win and will pay $100 per lap to the race leader, a total of $20,000 in guaranteed lap leader money.

For more details, visit www.autodromechaudiere.com



Practice Times – X-1R Pro Cup Series

First Practice


1 23 J.P. Morgan 16.123
2 66 Reid Wilson 16.124
3 02 Tyler Young 16.195
4 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.211
5 16 Clay Rogers 16.238
6 56 Gus Dean 16.290
7 00 Darrin Shaw 16.310
8 41 Rusty Skewes 16.340
9 13 John Gibson 16.348
10 62 Andrew Smith 16.351
11 85 Richard Gould 16.468
12 33 Stacy Puryear 16.671
13 2 Brad Boswell 16.679
14 21 Eric Gerchak 16.920



Five minutes are left in this practice.



Comment From 66Mom

On my way! But until I get there…Sending my love & best wishes to my son, Reid Wilson #66 Bojangles’ car.



Comment From Lenny

Go Gus Dean






Today’s    Speed51.com    Trackside Now coverage is presented by Automotive Specialists Racing Engines of Concord, North Carolina.

Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit  www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.



Stacy Puryear, making his first laps of the session has slipped under the 16-second barrier meaning every car in this field is currently in the 16-second range, just eight tenths of a second separating top to bottom.



Fifteen minutes remain in this practice. J.P. Morgan (16.123), Reid Wilson (16.124), Tyler Young (16.195), Dalton Hopkins (16.211), and Clay Rogers (16.238) make up a very tight top-five.



J.P. Morgan has just jumped to the top of the charts with a 16.123, a thousandth of a second fastest now than Wilson.



Twelve of the fourteen cars here today have gone out. We still wait Brady Boswell (#2) and Stacy Puryear (#33).



Andrew Smith at full song (Speed51.com Photo)




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The second round of the inaugural Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco season comes Saturday, April 27 on the high banks of Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia.   The top short track stars in the Southeast and beyond will be on hand at the fast half-mile GMP for the Racing Radios 125 presented by Schoenfeld Headers.   For more details on this event, visit www.southernsuperseries.com and www.racegmp.com.



Reid Wilson, who was the fastest in Dillon practice two weeks ago, is the fastest 15 minutes into the opening Hickory practice with a 16.124. Then comes J.P. Morgan (16.347) and Daltlon Hopkins (17.057)



A few minutes into practice, Andrew Smith has just broken into the 16-second bracket with a 16.692.



Comment From ray

GO Clayton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Track is now hot for practice. John Gibson, Reid Wilson, J.P. Morgan, and Dalton Hopkins will be the first ones out today.



John Gibson will be the first driver to hit the track once we get going.



Practice is being delayed by a few minutes because of a funeral going on at a cemetery adjacent to the track. Both the cemetery and the track were built at the same time and the track has mutually agreed with the funeral home to go quiet during afternoon funerals as a sign of respect to the families and the community.



Track and series officials are heading to their stations and we will start practice in about three minutes.



Today’s race at Hickory will be the 19th race in Pro Cup Series history at this facility. Only two drivers in the field have won a Pro Cup race here – Clay Rogers and Tyler Young – so the door may be wide open for a first-time Hickory winner or even a first-time Pro Cup winner this evening.






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Schedule of Events:

12:00 Pro Cup practice (1 hr)
1:30 Pro Cup practice (1 hr)
3:15 Pre-Qualifying Tech
3:30 Allison Legacy practice (1 hr)
5:00 Allison Legacy Qualifying
5:30 Pro Cup Qualifying
6:00 Allison Legacy Race
7:15 Pro Cup Autograph Session
8:00 Pro Cup Race (250 Laps)



Hickory pit area (Speed51.com Photo)




The Lamb & Robinson team pushes Clay Rogers’ machine through tech. The team won the season opener two weeks ago at Dillon Motor Speedway (Speed51.com Photo)




Cars on the grounds:

00 Lucas Ransone
02 Tyler Young
1 Dalton Hopkins
2 Brady Boswell
13 John Gibson
16 Clay Rogers
21 Eric Gerchak
23 J.P. Morgan
33 Stacy Puryear
41 Rusty Skewes
56 Gus Dean
62 Andrew Smith
66 Reid Wilson
85 Richard Gould



Tyler Young is the defending winner of this event (Speed51.com Photo)




Practice for these teams begins at high noon. We will post a full schedule in a bit



Comment From Matt Simmons

Getting tires ready for today’s festivities!! Lets go Reid Wilson- #66 Bojangles Car







Today’s  Speed51.com  Trackside Now coverage is presented by Automotive Specialists Racing Engines of Concord, North Carolina.

Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit  www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.



Unofficiailly, we count 15 cars on the ground. We will go down Trackside in just a few minutes to introduce you to some of the drivers and machines in today’s race.



Good morning and welcome to Speed51’s coverage of the Catawba Valley 250 X1-R Pro Cup Series race.

We are at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, North Carolina, just at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. It is a gorgeous day in the region, breezy and in the 60s. Weather looks great for tonight’s race.



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Trackside Now: Pro Cup Series – Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) – 4/20/13