Thanks for joining us we’ll be back here at New Smyrna for Speedweeks in just a few weeks. 
Thanks for joining us this evening. We’ll be back next weekend with SpeedFest at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA). Right now 32 Super Late Models and 26 Pro Late Models have signed up for the action. 
For full results of the local class check out the track website www.http://newsmyrnaspeedway.org later this week. 
Maureen Dahm won the Strictly Stock race. 
The Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach is an eco-friendly hotel with 112 spacious and beautiful rooms complete with flat screen televisions, DirecTV channels and clean and fresh Hampton beds.  In addition, the newly-opened hotel offers free hot breakfast, including fresh baked waffles, scrambled eggs/omelets or sample healthy options such as cereals, yogurt, fruit and more.  After a rough day at the track, grab a towel and unwind beside their sparking outdoor saline pool or recharge in their fitness center.  For reservations, call 386.898.9444 
Kyle Benjamin celebrates in victory lane with the Orr Family. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Stricktly Stocks are on the track for the final FASCAR event. New Smyrna will be a NASCAR track at the next event. 
Comment From Superman 

Great coverage Speed51 Thank you .. 

Scott Reeves won the Pro Truck race. 
Earl Beckner won the E-Modified race. 
The battle for second between Travis Cope and Rich Clouser was just as impresive.  We’ll have both stories on Speed51.com next week. 
The story of the win for Kyle Benjamin tonight was special, but it meant more to the crew chief Freddie Query who was awarded the Pete Orr Sportsman Ship award before the race.  Query used to race with Orr years ago. 
Unoffical Top 10 In Triple Crown Points
1 51 Stephen Nasse 96
2 26 Travis Cope 88
3 29 Spencer Davis  88
4 11 David Rogers 83
5 58 Michael Lira 82
6 19 Ray Black Jr.  81
7 20 Anthony Sergi  79
8 07 Jeff Scofield  78
9 67 Chad Allman 77
10 33 Ricky Wood  62
We will have a Triple Crown point update in a minute. 
Super Late Model tech has clearned.
Sandy Lee won the Sportsman race. 
Dave Davis won the Mini Stock race. 
Comment From Steven 

Congrats to Kyle and the entire 71 team! 

Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100 Unofficial Results

1 71 Kyle Benjamin 100
2 26 Travis Cope 100
3 9 Rich Clouser 100
4 51 Stephen Nasse 100
5 11 David Rogers 100
6 10 George Gorham 100
7 07 Jeff Scofield 100
8 29 Spencer Davis 100
9 84 Daniel Keene Jr. 100
10 89 Matt Tifft 100
11 18 Casey Caudill 100
12 19 Ray Black Jr. 100
13 39 Alex Guenette 100
14 0 Josh Todd 73
15 20 Anthony Sergi 72
16 58 Michael Lira 52
17 36 Tim Russell 41
18 67 Chad Allman 39
19 33 Ricky Wood 15
20 4B Alan Bruns 12
21 7 Doug Elliott 9
We are back in the tower and will track down the results shortly. 
We’ll have more in a few minutes. 
Comment From David Martin

Thanks for the coverage!!! 

Kyle Benjamin with the Pete Orr 100 win. (Speed51.com Photo)
Stephen Nasse was fourth and David Rogers was fifth. 
Kyle Benjamin has won the Pete Orr Memorial 100. 
The battle for second was one of the best we have seen in recent memory. 
Kyle Benjamin wins the race. as Travis Cope gets second by half a car length. 
Side-by-side for second. 
Kyle Benjamin takes the white flag. 
Two laps to go. 
Benjamin leads Cope and Clouser. 
Three laps to go. 
Door-to-door for second. 
Five to go for Benjamin. 
Lap 93: Rich Clouser comes along side as Travis Cope powers along side on the outside. 
Cope and Clouser trade paint. 
Lap 91: Rich Clouser is trying for all his life to get second. 
10 laps to go. 
Lap 88: Cope gets way loose off two and still hangs on. 
The race is for second and Cope and Clouser are putting on a show. 
Lap 85: Kyle Benjamin is all alone up front. 
Lap 84: Cope and Clouser are still having a battle as they snake all over the track. 
Lap 82: Rogers goes low on Nasse for fourth. 
Cope is doing all he can to hold off Clouser for second. 
20 laps to go. 
Rogers is fifth waiting to pounce. 
Cope and Clouser battle for second, much like they did two weeks back. 
Stephen Nasse rides fourth.
Lap 75: Kyle Benjamin is gone up front as Cope now his hands full with Rich Clouser. 
David Rogers looked three wide, but backed out for fourth. 
Lap 72: Clouser spun the tires and Cope goes into second. 
GREEN FLAG: Lap 72: Benjamin and Clouser bring them to the green. 
One lap to green. 
14 of 21 still running. 
28 laps to go. 
More from the Sergi wreck, we are heaving somethnig may have broken and there was some contact getting him into the wall.
Matt Tifft pits under this yellow. 
We are back to yellow. 
Top Five: Benjamin, Clouser, Nasse, Cope and Rogers. 
They are taking the 20 back to the pits. Driver is ok.
We are going RED for clean up. 
72 laps in the books. 
YELLOW FLAG: Anthony Sergi goes hard into frontstretch wall. The right front tire came off the car with the contact.
Travis Cope rides fourth, but now David Rogers is right with him. 
Lap 70: Stephen Nasse is losing touch with the leaders. 
Lap 68: Rich Clouser is starting to close in on Kyle Benjamin. 
Lap 65: David Rogers gets by Matt Tifft for fifth. 
Lap 64: Rich Clouser takes second from Nasse. 
Lap 63: Nasse is slipping back into the hands on Rich Clouser. 
Lap 61: Cope goes low on Tifft and makes the pass. 
Benjamin, Nasse and Clouser have pulled away from the pack a bit. 
Travis Cope is all over Matt Tifft for fourth. 
Lap 56: Anthony Sergi is going backwards.  They may have a problem in the 20 car. 
Travis Cope is back up to fifth. 
Lap 52: Benajmin gets another good start as Nasse slides into second. Clouser is third. 
GREEN FLAG: We are racing again. 
One lap to green. 
Jeff Scofield has to be smiling as he’s not been able to get past halfway here in a race in months. 
Running Order: Benjamin, Nasse, Tifft, Clouser, Rogers, Cope, Sergi, Scofield, Keene Jr. and Davis. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 52: Michael Lira spins and gets the wall in turn one. 
Kyle Benjmain leads as Stephen Nasse is not using a ot of pressure right now. 
Travis Cope has come back up to seventh after several pit stops. 
David Rogers takes fifth back from Sergi as we hit lap 50. 
Anthony Sergi has worked his way into the fifth spot. 
Tifft gets it back and Clouser is fourth. 
Lap 45: Cluser and Tifft battle door-to-door for third. 
Lap 44: Benjamin and Nasse have a battle to turn one and Benjamin uses the high lane to keep the lead. 
Lap 44: We are back to GREEN on the restart. 
One lap to green. 
Kyle Benjmain has been taking the outside for each restart. 
Running order: Benjamin, Nasse, Clouser, Tifft, Rogers, Sergi, Davis, Scofield, Caudill and Gorham. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 44: Michael Lira spins in turn one. 
Nasse looks low and has to slam on the brakes. 
Lap 43: Benjmain leads as Stephen Nasse comes to second. 
Lap 41: A very even restart as Benjamin and Clouser had a heck of a drag race to one. 
GREEN FLAG: Lap 41: We are back racing. 
Tim Russell is climbing out of the car. One lap to green. 
they are looking over the Tim Russell car as they jack up the left side.  They might have had a flat tire. 
Tim Russell has now drove away from the wreck after checking with the wrecker crew.  He might not be done. 
Tim Russell is going up on the hook. 
41 laps in the books. 
YELLOW FLAG: Tim Russell goes around and gets the wall.  There could have been some contact with Tifft. 
Matt Tifft is back to third as Tim Russell goes around the outside. 
Lap 39: Benjamin takes the high lane with him and Clouser coems to second. 
GREEN FLAG: Back to Action.
One lap to green. 
Michael Lira was pushed down pit road the wrong way. They tried to get it fired up and now he’s pointed back the right way. 
George Gorham Jr. rolled away and now Michael Lira are getting pushed back to the pits. 
Rich Clouser had gotten up to second, but it will not count as we did not complete the lap. 
We are back under YELLOW.
Geroge Gorham and Alex Guenetta tangle over in turn two. 
Benjamin takes the lead as we have a yellow. 
GREEN FLAG: LAP 39: Benjamin and Tifft lead the pack to the line. 
One lap to Green. 
Behind that it’s Geroge Gorham Jr. Casey Caudill, Josh Todd, Alex Guenetta, Ray Black, Travis Cope and Jeff Scofield. 
Running Order: Benjamin, Tifft, Nasse, Clouser, Rogers, Russell, Lira, Davis, Sergi, Keene Jr. 
Travis Cope pits under this yellow.
YELLOW FLAG: LAP 39: Ray Black Jr. spins off turn two.
Jeff Scofield is still on the track working his way forward. 
Lap 37: Rich Clouser takes fourth away from David Rogers. 
Lap 36: Benjamin still leads Tifft and Nasse. 
Lap 33: Give Lira the seventh spot as he goes by Travis Cope. 
Behind Cope in eighth is Michael Lira who is running a very good race in his second time out in a Super Late Model. 
Lap 30: Kyle Benjamin has built his advantage up on the front few cars. 
It’s Benjamin, Tifft, Nasse, Rogers, Clouser and Russell. 
The front six have broken away from Travis Cope in seventh. 
Lap 24: Matt Tifft has his hands full in second as Stephen Nasse is looking to go. 
Lap 20: Kyle Benjamin leads, but Matt Tifft and Stephen Nasse are all over him for the lead. 
Lap 18: Rogers and Clouser make contact for fourth. 
Lap 17: Stephen Nasse uses the high lane and gets third back. 
GREEN FLAG: Lap 16: Benjamin takes the outside and the lead again on the restart. 
One lap to green. 
Jeff Scofield pitted and is coming back out. 
Running Order: Benjmain, Tifft, Rogers, Clouser, Nasse, Russell, Cope, Lira, Sergi and Davis. 
YELLOW FLAG: Jeff Scofield stops on the track and draws the yellow.  The car shot up the track in turn four. 
Lap 17: Rich Clouser gets by Stephen Nasse for fourth. 
Lap 15: Benjmain leads Tifft, Rogers, Nasse and Clouser. 
Alan Bruns pits with steam coming out of the car. 
Lap 12: Kyle Benjamin looks to be on a rail out front.
Lap 11: Clouser has gotten by Scofield for fifth. 
Doug Elliott hits pit road. 
Lap 8: David Rogers gets by Stephen Nasse for the third spot. 
Lap 7: Rich Clouser works low on Scofield for fifth. 
Lap 5: Lots of sparks from the 9 car of Rich Clourser. He rides sixth. 
Lap 3: David Rogers rides fourth and Jeff Scofield is fifth. 
Lap 2: Matt Tifft will take second as Stephen Nasse settles in third. 
Lap 1: Kye Benjamin got a huge jump and will lead lap 1. 
GREEN FLAG: We are racing in the Pete Orr 100! 
One lap to green. 
We are on the wave lap. Drivers and fans are waving in honor of Pete Orr. 
All cars rolled away without any problems. 
Comment From TOMCAT 


Comment From Uncle Johnny 

third to first i can see it now 51# 

Engines have fired. The roar of 21 Super Late Models rumble as the fans come to thier for the pace laps. 
A very solid crowd has filed into the track for the race tonight. 
We are waiting on the comand to fire engines. 
Comment From Bob 

Speed51 You guys are great 

Remember Kyle Larson won his first Super Late Model race in his first start here in the Pete Orr Memorial.  Perhaps we can make histroy again tonight.
Comment From sportsman12 

Stephen Nasse got this one too? Good kid..met him at Snowball..GL Stephen..make it 2 in a row for 2013.. 

Comment From Jake 

Good luck David Rogers……. 

We have a full card of racing here tonight. We’ll provide what we can for updates of the other events after the Super Late Model race. 
Comment From frank 41 

Good luck spencer. 

Time to add a new name to this trophy. (Speed51.com Photo)
21 cars will take the green here tonight at New Smyrna Speedway (FL). 
Driver intros are underway. 
George Gorham Jr. changed rearends and will start on the tail. 
Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100 Starting Lineup

1 71 Kyle Benjamin
2 89 Matt Tifft
3 51 Stephen Nasse
4 11 David Rogers
5 9 Rich Clouser
6 07 Jeff Scofield
7 20 Anthony Sergi
8 26 Travis Cope
9 84 Daniel Keene Jr.
10 36 Tim Russell
11 19 Ray Black Jr.
12 58 Michael Lira
13 29 Spencer Davis
14 4B Alan Bruns
15 18 Casey Caudill
16 10 George Gorham
17 39 Alex Guenetta
18 0 Josh Todd
19 67 Chad Allman
20 7 Doug Elliott
21 33 Ricky Wood
Rich Clouser got a five as Matt Tifft got a two and Kyle Benjamin pulled the pole. Full rundown coming up. 
Stephen Nasse pulled a 3. 
The drivers are pulling pill for the top 10.
Freddie Query in his Pete Orr shirt earlier tonight.
Freddie Query has been honored as the 2013 winner of the Pete Orr Sportsmanship award. 
Pre-race ceremonies are underway. 
Comment From Tina 

This has GOT to be David Rogers’ night! Hoping to see that TM Ranch #11 in victory lane tonight!! : ) 

For the first time in 60 years, NASCAR racing will return to Pensacola, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway. The NAPA 150 will be the first-ever visit for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East to the Pensacola half-mile April 12 and 13. The young up-and-coming NASCAR stars and short track veterans of the K&N Pro Series East will battle at the “Home of the Snowball Derby” for 150 laps as NASCAR racing returns to the Florida Panhandle. For more information, visit www.fiveflagsspeedway.com
Comment From noble 

Go KYLE 71 

Comment From Mattice MotorSports 

Good Luck Nasse!!!! 

David Rogers was just introduced as the first NASCAR licensed drive from New Smyrna Speedway. He’ll chase points here at New Smyrna Speedway and Orlando SpeedWorld. 
The top 10 drivers will redraw for starting spots tonight. 
Comment From rick 

Go stephen! 

Comment From Ti-Gaz 

Good luck Alex Guenette 

Rich Clouser was second quick. (Speed51.com Photo)
BJ McLeod hopes to land in victory lane with Matt Tifft tonight.
The entire right side of this car was put back together in the last two weeks. Cope was spun out while leading. (Speed51.com Photo)
Spencer Davis signs autographs. (Speed51.com Photo)
This race means a lot to the Russell team Pete Orr and David Russell were teammates back in the day. (Speed51.com Photo)
Super Late Models and Pro Late Models from across the country will battle for the famed Rattlesnake Trophy during the 37th Annual Rattler 250 weekend at South Alabama Speedway, March 15, 16 and 17. Some of short track racing’s biggest names have put their name in the Rattler 250 record books over the years and this year many Super Late Model racers will try to do the same. Pro Late Model racers will also have a major part in Rattler weekend with their 100-lap feature. For more details on Rattler weekend, visit www.southalabamaspeedway.com
Spencer Davis in his machine. (Speed51.com Photo)
Anthony Sergi is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his MJS Concrete Machine this weekend. After a sub-par performance to start the year they have tweaked things just right and were fast off the track on Friday night and were seventh quick in time trials tonight. 
Jeff Scofield looks over is car at the end of practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach is an eco-friendly hotel with 112 spacious and beautiful rooms complete with flat screen televisions, DirecTV channels and clean and fresh Hampton beds.  In addition, the newly-opened hotel offers free hot breakfast, including fresh baked waffles, scrambled eggs/omelets or sample healthy options such as cereals, yogurt, fruit and more.  After a rough day at the track, grab a towel and unwind beside their sparking outdoor saline pool or recharge in their fitness center.  For reservations, call 386.898.9444 
Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100 Time Trial Results

1 51 Stephen Nasse 17.299
2 9 Rich Clouser 17.558
3 89 Matt Tifft 17.560
4 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.578
5 26 Travis Cope 17.595
6 07 Jeff Scofield 17.727
7 20 Anthony Sergi 17.745
8 11 David Rogers 17.815
9 36 Tim Russell 17.867
10 84 Daniel Keene Jr. 17.869
11 19 Ray Black Jr. 17.941
12 58 Michael Lira 17.957
13 29 Spencer Davis 18.084
14 4B Alan Bruns 18.129
15 18 Casey Caudill 18.129
16 10 George Gorham 18.145
17 39 Alex Guenetta 18.251
18 0 Josh Todd 18.382
19 67 Chad Allman 18.512
20 7 Doug Elliott 19.536
Stephen Nasse led Rich Clouser, Matt Tifft, Kyle Benjamin, Travis Cope in qualifying. 
Stephen Nasse has set fast time here tonight for the Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100. 
29 – Spencer Davis
Lap 1: 18.084
Lap 2: 18.154
Best: 18.084 
4B – Alan Bruns
Lap 1: 18.484
Lap 2: 18.129
Best: 18.129 
18 – Casey Caudill
Lap 1: 18.535
Lap 2: 18.129
Best: 18.129 
7 – Doug Elliott
Lap 1: 19.630
Lap 2: 19.536
Best: 19.536 
19 – Ray Black Jr.
Lap 1: 18.227
Lap 2: 17.941
Best: 17.941 
51 – Stephen Nasse
Lap 1: 17.441
Lap 2: 17.299
Best: 17.299 – FAST TIME 
36 – Tim Russell
Lap 1: 17.867
Lap 2: 17.876
Best: 17.867 
58 – Michael Lira
Lap 1: 18.396
Lap 2: 17.957
Best: 17.957 
07 – Jeff Scofield
Lap 1: 18.026
Lap 2: 17.727
Best: 17.727 
0 – Josh Todd
Lap 1: 18.614
Lap 2: 18.382
Best: 18.382 
71 – Kyle Benjamin
Lap 1: 17.881
Lap 2: 17.578
Best: 17.578 
20 – Anthony Sergi
Lap 1: 18.040
Lap 2: 17.745
Best: 17.745 
26 – Travis Cope
Lap 1: 17.819
Lap 2: 17.595
Best: 17.595 
10 – George Gorham Jr.
Lap 1: 18.350
Lap 2: 18.145
Best: 18.145 
84 – Daniel Keene Jr.
Lap 1: 18.212
Lap 2: 17.869
Best: 17.869 
11 – David Rogers
Lap 1: 18.074
Lap 2: 17.815
Best: 17.815 
9 – Rich Clouser
Lap 1: 17.802
Lap 2: 17.558
Best: 17.558 – FAST TIME 
89 – Matt Tifft
Lap 1: 17.851
Lap 2: 17.560
Best: 17.560 – FAST TIME 
67 – Chad Allman
Lap 1: 18.824
Lap 2: 18.512
Best: 18.512 
39 – Alex Guenetta
Lap 1: 18.629
Lap 2: 18.251
Best: 18.251 
We are about to get underway. 
He’s out of Canada and is running with support from Mario Gosselin. 
Comment From Frasson118 

What is the background of Alex Guenetta? He’s the only driver in the field I know nothing about. 

Fans are filing in to the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tonight the FASCAR area comes to an end as the track will operate under NASCAR starting with the World Series. (Speed51.com Photo)
All cars have gone in and out of the tech building. 
Alan Bruns in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
25 minutes to time trials. 
Travis Cope may have been good and lucky after he was spun out of the lead here in the Red-Eye 100 two weeks back. After hitting the inside wall the car was found to have only body and rear end damage and nothing to the frame. Cope is back hoping to take the second leg of the triple crown. 
the track is now quiet as teams roll into pre-qualifying tech. 
The nominations are in and it’s now time for fans to vote for the 2012 51’s, Speed51.com’s annual contest honoring the best in short track racing from the past season. 51 has taken the best moments of the 2012 season with the help our staff, fans, drivers, track owners and other notable people in the short track world. Now help us determine who is the best in each of the posted categories. You can vote once per day, per email address. Voting will end on February 8th at 12:00am.

To vote for your favorites, click:

The 2012 World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Super Late Model Champion Kyle Benjamin returns to New Smyrna for the Pete Orr Memorial 100. Benjamin won three times here last February on his way to his first Super Late Model champion. 
Tonight’s race in the 11th annual Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100. Pete was a Super Late Model race and a friend to many around the garage and pit area. Over the years we at Speed51.com have come to learn that no one has ever had an unkind word about Pete. Tonight’s race is in his honor and for those who knew him this is a special event. 
Travis Cope has only run this race once and he finished outside the top 10. (Speed51.com Photo)
Speed51.com is still looking for an official restaurant for 2013 Smyrna Speedweeks. It’s a great way to steer hundreds of views into the direction of your facility. 51 is looking for a business or company in the New Smyrna area that want to jump on board and become the official Speed51.com Restaurant of Smyrna Speedweeks. If you are interested shoot us an email at [email protected]
Super Late Models are back out for their final round of the day. They should have the track for the next 20 minutes. 
Comment From Guest 

Thank you guys for the great coverage!! 

Comment From Mark Johnson 

Good Luck to David Rogers tonight. Hope he gets him a win and good luck to all of the other guys racing down at New Smyrna tonight……….Looking forward to the Rattler Race weekend at South Alabama Speedway in OPP, AL in the middle of March………….Thanks Speed51 for carrying all of these SLM races over the internet. You guys are fantastic. 

30 more minutes left in local division practice. 
David Rogers at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Racers from across North America are ready to fire up their 2013 seasons at the unofficial start to the short track racing season, the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway February 15-23.  It’s eight nights of racing ofver nine total nights with Super Late Models, NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds, Florida/IMCA Type Modifieds, Pro Late Models Pro-Trucks and the USAC Midgets, who will be making their first-ever trip to the high-banked half-mile.  It’s an action-packed week-plus of gritty short track racing.

For more details on the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing, visit www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org

Don’t forget to join our Facebook to get up to the date information, photos and results on the short track racing world. Our page is: facebook.com/speed51 
Matt Tifft works the turn. (Speed51.com Photo)
Saturday Practice Two Times

1 11 David Rogers 17.949
2 36 Tim Russell 18.071
3 26 Travis Cope 18.100
4 07 Jeff Scofield 18.154
5 9 Rich Clouser 18.186
6 39 Alex Guenetta 18.234
7 19 Ray Black Jr. 18.244
8 58 Michael Lira 18.251
9 0 Josh Todd 18.281
10 10 George Gorham 18.368
11 67 Chad Allman 18.540
12 4B Alan Bruns 21.660
13 51 Stephen Nasse no time
14 71 Kyle Benjamin no time
15 29 Spencer Davis no time
16 89 Matt Tifft no time
17 20 Anthony Sergi no time
18 84 Daniel Keene Jr. no time
19 18 Casey Caudill no time
20 7 Doug Elliott no time

The Super Late Models just had a short session on the track.  The gates are being cleared now as more local cars come into the track. 
Remaining Schedule
3:30pm – 5pm Open Practice
5:30pm Super Late Model Pre-Qualifying Tech
6:00pm Super Late Model Qualifying
6:30pm Support Division Meeting
6:45pm Driver Autograph Session
7:15pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm Features

Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100
Mini Stocks 25 Laps
Sportsman 25 Laps
E-Modified 25 Laps
Pro-Trucks 25 Laps
Stictly Stocks 20 Laps

Tim Russell sat out the Red-Eye 100 and he might have a bit more pressure for this race then any other event. Russell won this race as a driver coach last year with Kyle Larson and himself as a driver in 2011. Russell’s family used to be teammates to Pete Orr, who this race is named after, and they were a very dominate pair back in the day with Tim’s dad David. 
We spoke with David Rogers who will be chasing NASCAR points this season and he told us about 1994 where he won all 22 races at Volusia County Speedway (FL) before it was dirt. Rogers said there were several close call among the 22 wins. One night the leaders wrecked each other, another he blew all the plug wires at the line and one night a tire went flat in victory lane. He said it was a very lucky season. 
Local cars are on the track for practice. 
Stephen Nasse is still fast here at New Smyrna. (Speed51.com Photo)
The first major Late Model event of the 2013 season is just two weeks away.  SpeedFest 2013 will open the season for the ARCA/CRA Super Series and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour when drivers in both series tackle the tough Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Georgia, January 26 and 27.  Some of the top short track racers in the country will make the trip to Cordele for the annual event that has become one of the most anticipated events in all of short track racing.  NASCAR standout and hometown hero David Ragan will try to hold off some of Super Late Model racing’s best in the ARCA/CRA Super Late Model 200-lap portion of SpeedFest 2013, while defending race winner Chase Elliott and a slew of others will all be out to be the first JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour winner of the new season.  It’s a race that fans won’t want to miss.

For ticket information, visit www.watermeloncapitalspeedway.com.  Entry information and more can be found on the CRA website, www.craracing.net.  Speed51.com is the Official News Site of SpeedFest 2013 and will have in-depth Trackside Now coverage and more from the event. 

Comment From Heckert72 

Good luck to fellow BJ Mcleod Motorsports driver Matt Tifft! Go get em. 

Local cars are on the track for practice. 
Saturday Practice Times

1 51 Stephen Nasse 17.498
2 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.644
3 29 Spencer Davis 17.777
4 26 Travis Cope 17.814
5 11 David Rogers 17.873
6 89 Matt Tifft 17.942
7 20 Anthony Sergi 17.958
8 9 Rich Clouser 17.996
9 36 Tim Russell 18.009
10 84 Daniel Keene Jr. 18.063
11 07 Jeff Scofield 18.086
12 18 Casey Caudill 18.091
13 4B Alan Bruns 18.172
14 19 Ray Black Jr. 18.186
15 58 Michael Lira 18.225
16 0 Josh Todd 18.286
17 39 Alex Guenetta 18.299
18 67 Chad Allman 18.458
19 10 George Gorham 18.485
20 7 Doug Elliott 19.540
Stephen Nasse was the fastest with a 17.498. 
Comment From Lenny 

Go Nasse and Tifft 

Practice has now ended and we are waiting on practice times. 
Comment From Rick Bristol 

Just wanted to say I am excited to sponsor tonights coverage of Pete’s race and will be headed to the track soon. I will stop by to say hi to the speed51 crew !!! 

Stephen Nasse is already done practice. Travis Cope, Ray Black jr., and Casey Caudill are some of the final cars out. 
15 minutes left in practice. 
Michael Lira is still smiling ear-to-ear after being second in the Red-Eye 100.
Comment From Boo

Its good to see Mickey land on his feet, great guy. Bring that Trophy back to GA. GO #29!!! 

Doug Elliott is in the seven car. 
Today things are much cooler after the first run. (Speed51.com Photo)
Last time out David Rogers had a hot night. (Jim Jones Photo)
Matt Tifft comes in for a quick adjustment. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice is underway and has been clean early on. 
Correction on 18. Casey Caudill is the driver. 
Practice is about to start. 
Stephen Nasse is set for his second race of the year. (Speed51.com Photo)
We are showing 21 Super Late Models on the grounds. 
If you want to pick a minor sleeper tonight then perhaps Matt Tifft is that pick. He ran very strong last fall at Governor’s Cup 200 and maybe tonight he takes the BJ McLeod Motorsports Team to victory lane. 
Lots of work went into the 29 car of Spencer Davis as they reworked the front end geometry trying to find some speed for this weekend. Another unexpected change is that of the crew chief. David Ray is home after a death in the family. We at Speed51.com send our condolences to the Ray family. Mickey Cain, former World Crown 300 winner, has stepped in to sure as acting Crew Chief for the weekend. 
Heading here to New Smyrna Speedway or Daytona International Speedway this February for the Speedweeks racing action? Need a place to stay while you’re in town? Contact Ocean Properties in New Smyrna Beach for your Speedweeks “Home Away From Home.” With properties that include all the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel, Ocean Properties can accommodate families heading to the races or whole race teams competing in the action. For more details, visit www.oceanprops.com or call 1-800-728-0513.

Ocean Properties is the “Official Accommodations” of Speed51.com during Florida Speedweeks and has been a loyal supporter of the local racing scene on the East Coast of Florida for many years.

Former FASCAR Late Model Champion Daniel Keene Jr. is driving for Wayne Anderson this weekend. 
We are 30 minutes from practice. 
Tim Russell won this race in 2011.(Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Old Man Richars

Thanks to Speed51 for bringing us this coverage == Pete Orr was quite a racer & Gentleman == Appreciate all the drivers & teams – The Track & Staff – And the sponsors == for putting on this race for us here at home == Everyone have a safe weekend == Thanks == Conyers, Ga. == 

Spencer Davis in practice last night. (Speed51.com Photo)
Anthony Sergi pushes the number 20 car to tech. (Speed51.com Photo)
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Friday Night Practice Times

1 89 Matt Tifft 17.639
2 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.803
3 26 Travis Cope 17.823
4 20 Anthony Sergi 17.908
5 36 Tim Russell 17.916
6 29 Spencer Davis 17.919
7 84 Daniel Keene Jr. 17.963
8 07 Jeff Scofield 17.998
9 58 Michael Lira 18.101
10 39 Alex Guenetta 18.260
11 0 Josh Todd 18.403
12 4B Alan Bruns 18.438
13 19 Ray Black Jr. Did not practice
14 11 David Rogers Did not practice
15 10 George Gorham Did not practice
16 18 Brandon Johnson Did not practice
17 7 Amanda Ferguson Did not practice
18 67 Chad Allman Did not practice
19 9 Rich Clouser Did not practice
20 51 Stephen Nasse No Transponder
We had an optional practice here last night with some cars taking part in on-track action. With a little weather and a power delay 12 cars took time over the course of the night. 
Some of the new things here at New Smynra include speakers all the way around the front stretch. Fans can listen in from every seat in the house. (Speed51.com Photo)
Stephen Nasse is hoping he can rip off a second win in a row after taking the Red-Eye 100 here last month. Nasse won the event for the second time and is hoping to win the New Smyrna Triple Crown series. His best run in the Pete Orr is third in 2012. 
Comment From Lenny 

Good luck to my Buddy Nasse,Go #51 

Fender, door and tailgate-banging action has a home in the Florida United Pro Truck Series. The FUPTS will compete at such historic Florida tracks as New Smyrna, Orlando, Citrus County, Auburnale and Desoto during its 2013 season. Full fields and edge-of-your-seat action can always be expected with the Florida Unite Pro Truck Series. The 2013 season will open March 9 at Orlando SpeedWorld. More information coming soon to the soon-to-be-launched Truck Series section of www.floridaunitedpromoterslatemodelseries.com/
Right now there are 20 cars on the grounds. We think we’ll have a few late arrivals as well. 
Teams have unloaded and are preparing for practice later today. The tech line is open and several cars have already gone across the scales. Tech was a hot button issue here two weeks back as Rich Clouser and Gus Dean were disqualified for left side weight infractions. Clouser has returned and we expect to see Dean at Speedweeks. 
Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100 this weekend is presented by C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause. C.A.R.S. is a Christian-owned 501C3 non-profit charity foundation that holds events such as the Joey Coulter Charity 200, to raise money during the year to help children and families facing serious and even terminal illnesses.
“Pete (Orr) was one of my closest friends, along with his family,” said Rick Bristol, President of C.A.R.S. “I wanted to help be sure Speed51 could cover this great event in honor of a truly great and gentleman race car driver. Pete was one of the very best in the business.”
For more on C.A.R.S. or the Joey Coulter Charity 200 at Auburndale Speedway (FL), visit www.carsevents.com.
For the first time the NASCAR banner flies over the speedway. (Speed51.com Photo)
In case you missed it yesterday there was some big news here at New Smyrna. Both New Smyrna Speedway (FL) and Orlando SpeedWorld (FL) will race under the NASCAR banner this season. Here is a link to our story – http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/WAAS/NewSmyrna_Orlando_1_18.html
It’s a warm day here in Florida with mixed sun and clouds and the temps in the 70’s. 
Good afternoon and welcome to New Smyrna Speedway (FL) for the 11th Annual Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom 100. Today’s race is the second leg for the 2013 New Smyrna Triple Crown Series. 
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Trackside Now: Pete Orr Memorial 100 – New Smyrna Speedway (FL) – 1/19/13