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Kyle Busch Motorsports crew working on the fuel pump issue on TJ Reaid’s #51




Our Speed51 video crew on the roof here at North Wilkesboro.




Johnny Clark after redrawing the first starting position.




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Geoff Bodine will start 43rd and Sterling Marlin will start 44th in tomorrow’s 300-lap Super Late Model race.



There is a very severe band of weather headed this direction around 6pm that may involve tornado activity so officials have postponed the racing action to tomorrow. The Modified feature will roll of at 2pm ET immediately followed by the Super Late Model feature.



North Wilkesboro Speedway has added two provisionals for the two former Daytona 500 winners Geoff Bodine and Sterling Marlin.



Cars covered in the pits as the rain falls.




Rain falling on the North Wilkesboro Speedway.




There are only five drivers who are elligible for the bonus in tonight’s race. They are: Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe and Steve Legendre. These drivers could earn $100,000 tonight if they take the top spot in “The Race” here at North Wilkesboro Speedway.



The rain has stopped and activity has resumed in the pits. Track officials are saying they can have this track dried in 30 minutes and they will begin attempting to do so soon.



The provisionals have been handed down and now we have the starting lineup for “The Race.”

1 54 Johnny Clark
2 4 Jay Fogleman
3 53 Pat Kelly
4 29 Andy Loden
5 112 Augie Grill
6 18 Bubba Pollard
7 98 Justin Wakefield
8 74 Ryan Moore
9 154 Brian Ickler
10 51n Stephen Nasse
11 83 Cale Gale
12 39 Kenzie Ruston
13 29s Trevor Sanborn
14 51 TJ Reaid
15 O8 Chris Eggleston
16 91L Patrick Laperle
17 25 Ross Kenseth
18 10 Ryan Blaney
19 129 Jeff Choquette
20 26 Preston Peltier
21 115 Jody Lavender
22 51k Becca Kasten
23 61 Mario Gosselin
24 62 Brandon Ward
25 7 Erik Darnell
26 91 Heath Hindman
27 47s Corey Williams
28 24n Mike Rowe
29 64 Garrett Evans
30 84 Scott Mulkern
31 47 Trey Mitchell
32 O5 Alex Fleming
33 4n Ben Rowe
34 73 Joey Doiron
35 20 Steve Legendre
36 8 Cassius Clark
37 75 Gary Smith
38 48 John Batten
39 23 Jimmy Weller
40 17a Scott Alexander
41 1n Randy Turner
42 2 Gray Gaulding



Last Chance Race #2 Top-7 Finishers:
1. Alex Fleming
2. Ryan Reed
3. Donnie Wilson
4. DJ Shaw
5. Brian Leavitt
6. Devin Jones
7. Sterling Marlin



Alex Fleming has won the last heat and will now have a starting spot in “The Race.”



Don’t forget the only place to watch live full coverage of “The Race” is on Speed51.com’s live video broadcast at http://www.speed51.com/2011_Stories/PASS_South/The_Race_Video.html



Current Top-10 at Lap 25 :
1. Alex Fleming
2. Ryan Reed
3. Donnie Wilson
4. DJ Shaw
5. Brian Leavitt
6. Sterling Marlin
7. Tommy Pecaro
8. Joey Doiron
9. Randy Gentry
10. Steve Legendre



Ryan Reed leads early in the second and final last chance race of the day.



Trey Mitchell won the first last chance race and now has a starting spot in “The Race.”






Just after 2 p.m. we will switch over to our live video broadcast for today’s events both leading up to and including the 300-lap PASS “The Race” feature event. We will be providing only a few updates throughout the rest of the afternoon, because we know there’s nothing better than watching a live event!

The two 40-lap last chance races are up first at 2 p.m., followed immediately by the 100-lap Modified event.



The track crews have now gotten the historic scoreboard here at North Wilkesboro Speedway working all the way down through the top-7 positions.



Joey Pole and Joey Doiron side by side during practice.




Modifieds on track during practice.




Ryan Blaney naps in his car in the garage.




Comment From guest 

Way to Go, Johnny!!!



Comment From fan in florida 

watched Mike Fritts race for years at N.S.B. Speedway would like to see him pull it off .For him and tuner motorsports



Johnny Clark, who drew the first starting spot said, “I wanna lead the last lap, not the first lap.”



Fast qualifier Stephen Nasse said after drawing the 10th starting spot, “I’d rather be chasing something, I don’t want to be chased.”



Starting Lineup After the Top-10 Redraw :

1. Johnny Clark
2. Jay Fogleman
3. Pat Kelly
4. Andy Loden
5. Augie Grill
6. Bubba Pollard
7. Justin Wakefield
8. Ryan Moore
9. Brian Ickler
10. Stephen Nasse



There will be many drivers running with heavy hearts this weekend. Not only has the sport lost an inspiration in Beau Slocumb but the Vanderley family of VDL fuel systems lost the patriarch of their family this past week. DJ Vanderley will run the Pro Late Model show at Mobile International Speedway tonight in his honor. The Alabama racing world also experienced a big loss this week with the passing of Southern Super Stars Short Track Series founder and promoter BJ Parker who lost a long battle with cancer.



Comment From guest 

should be great last chance races. good luck to all!



We are hearing that T.J. Reaid has broken a fuel pump and the team is working to change it right now.



We have just launched our live broadcast of “The Race” from North Wilkesboro Speedway. If you’ve already paid for your coverage then you can go ahead and login using the link below.


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We have just a little more than half an hour before we are set to go green for the first of two last chance races today. We will begin broadcasting live from the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway at 2 p.m. Eastern for those races.

Here is the link for our coverage for tonight’s “The Race” at North Wilkesboro Speedway:



Comment From K. Black 

Way to go, Stephen Nasse! Have a great race. Go 51n!



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Qualified Competitor Practice Times :

1 Jody Lavender 19.292
2 Preston Peltier 19.304
3 Brandon Ward 19.318
4 Scott Mulkern 19.337
5 Stephen Nasse 19.344
6 Ryan Blaney 19.364
7 Mike Rowe 19.368
8 Johnny Clark 19.382
9 Ryan Moore 19.396
10 Brian Ickler 19.444
11 Kenzie Ruston 19.455
12 Andy Loden 19.464
13 Trevor Sanborn 19.511
14 Bubba Pollard 19.512
15 Jay Fogleman 19.516
16 TJ Reaid 19.53O
17 Rebecca Kasten 19.53O
18 Corey Williams 19.549
19 Cale Gale 19.553
20 Patrick Laperle 19.559
21 Augie Grill 19.562
22 Heath Hindman 19.586
23 Ross Kenseth 19.597
24 Pat Kelly 19.616
25 Justin Wakefield 19.644
26 Chris Eggleston 19.721
27 Jeff Choquette 20.028
28 Dean Clattenburg N/A



Comment From SpeedyFanColorado 

Good luck to Ronnie Hults and Chris Eggleston. Show these folks that you Colorado guys can drive.



Modified Driver Lineup :
1 11 Rick Kluth
2 95m John Markovic
3 36 Junior Miller
4 1 Burt Myers
5 4 Jason Myers
6 9x Matt Clemens
7 O7 Jimmy Zacharias
8 5 Randy Butner
9 45 Lee Stimpson
10 1Pink Ricky Knapp Jr.



Modified practice is now on track.



Qualified Competitor Practice/Scuff session has now completed and up next will be Tour Type Modified Scuff Session.



Comment From Guest 

good luck becca and toby wisconsin bring it home



For those of you who have purchased our live video coverage today, don’t forget that your login information will not work and you will receive an error message until we begin the broadcast at 2pm Eastern.



Comment From Tim kirby 

Go Andy loden form ur friends form hickory motor speedway



We’ve gotten word from the 51K team of Becca Kasten that the car drives really really good and she’s really really happy with her machine.



With five minutes left in the practice Corey Williams, Heath Hindman, Mario Gosselin, Ryan Moore, Brian Ickler, Jody Lavender and Stephen Nasse are on track.



Ten minutes remain in the Qualified Competitor Practice here at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Becca Kasten is joined on track by Patrick Laperle, Garrett Evans, Augie Grill and Kenzie Ruston.



Last Chance Event Practice Times :

1 Trey Mitchell 19.346
2 John Flemming 19.453
3 Ben Rowe 19.52O
4 Lonnie Sommerville 19.532
5 Donnie Wilson 19.554
6 DJ Shaw 19.624
7 Ryan Reed 19.628
8 Joey Doiron 19.71
9 Steven Legendre 19.71
10 Gray Gaulding 19.727
11 Alex Fleming 19.735
12 Joey Pole 19.761
13 Geoff Bodine 19.789
14 Joey Coulter 19.802
15 Tommy Pecaro 19.811
16 Jimmy Weller 19.814
17 Ronnie Hults 19.819
18 Martin Latulippe 19.843
19 Cassius Clark 19.88
20 Aaron Ricker 19.894
21 Allen Karnes 19.953
22 Sterling Marlin 19.972
23 Randy Turner 19.974
24 Brian Leavitt 19.985
25 Gary Smith 20.228



Caution is out during the PASS Super Late Model scuff session for debris.



The audio with the live video coverage will be the track and series announcers here at the track.



Comment From Canuck 

Is there an audio feed available for the big race?



The Qualified Competitor Practice is now on the track. Becca Kasten, Stephen Nasse, Jody Lavender, Chris Eggleston, Patrick Laperle, Ryan Blaney, Preston Peltier, Jeff Choquette, TJ Reaid, Ross Kenseth, Corey Williams, Garrett Evans, Johnny Clark, Bubba Pollard, Andy Loden, Heath Hindman, and Brian Ickler are among the cars on track.



The redraw for the top-10 starting spots will be at 1:30pm.



We’ve finally heard that the driver’s meeting will be held at 4:30pm today.



You can purchase the coverage as late as you would like, including during the race.



Comment From Guest 

is it to late to pay for the video



For those of you who have purchased our coverage here is the link. The live video coverage will begin at 2pm.




Comment From Tim 

Its too bad these races aren’t televised. Races Llke this will be much more entertaining then any nascar race. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to watch it live on the computer!



This practice will continue until 12:30. Then the cars who have already qualified for the event will hace a practice/scuff session from 12:30 to 1:00pm.



Donnie Wilson is now on track with Cassius Clark, Gary Smith, Jimmy Weller and Joey Coulter



Thanks for the update Jim!



Comment From Jim Carson – LM Digest 

Correction from yesterday – the 2000 All American 400 at Nashville Fairgrounds had 70 cars, so that makes this the largest Super Late Model turnout in the South in at least 11 years.



Matt Matheson and Ronnie Hults are also taking advantage of this practice session.



Aaron Ricker and Joey Pole are also making laps at the moment.



Ben Rowe has joined the cars out for practice.



Ryan Reed is also on the track.



Gaulding is joined on the track by Dean Clattenburg, Martin Latulippe, Joey Coulter, Alex Fleming, DJ Shaw, Jimmy Weller, Steve Lengendre, Tommy Pecaro and Dustin Hubbard.



The video coverage will begin at 2pm just before the PASS Super Late Model Last chance events.



Comment From gary 

At what time will be able to log in for the pay per view



Gray Gaulding will lead the field to the green in this last chance practice session.



Cars are lining up at the exit of pit road as we’re about 2 minutes away from the start of this last chance practice session.



Comment From Norwood arena fan 

Good Luck Joey Pole well im off to thompson speedway



Comment From Blake 

Go #29 Greg Proude!



Comment From Guest 

Godd luck to Patrick Laperle and Mario Gosselin



The top 10 qualifiers will redraw for their starting positions for tonight’s race.



Comment From Steve 

Is there an invert for tonight’s 300 lap race?



Last Chane #2 Line Up:

  1. Jimmy Weller
  2. Ryan Reed
  3. DJ Shaw
  4. Gray Gaulding
  5. Mike Fritts
  6. Steve Legendre
  7. Blake Jones
  8. Sterling Marlin
  9. Donnie Wilson
  10. Joey Doiron
  11. Kevin Roberge
  12. Brian Leavitt
  13. Tommy Pecaro
  14. Randy Gentry
  15. Dustin Hubbard
  16. Keith Oliver
  17. John Batten
  18. Bill Penfold
  19. Michael Pilla
  20. Matt Matheson
  21. Ryan Crane
  22. Devin Jones



Last Chance #1 Starting Lineup:

  1. Joey Coulter
  2. Trey Mitchell
  3. Lonnie Sommerville
  4. Ben Rowe
  5. Geoff Bodine
  6. Cassius Clark
  7. Martin Latulippe
  8. Gary Smith
  9. Joey Pole
  10. Alex Fleming
  11. Aaron Ricker
  12. Michael Bilderback
  13. Greg Proude
  14. Spencer Wauters
  15. Randy Turner
  16. Ronnie Hults
  17. Dean Clattenburg
  18. Mark Shaffer
  19. Allen Karnes
  20. Scott Alexander
  21. John Flemming
  22. Justin Allison






Former PASS North Champion Johnny Clark qualified 9th for “The Race.”




Michael Conforth and the Kyle Busch Motorsports crew work on TJ Reaid’s #51 machine this morning.




NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Brian Ickler qualified fourth for “The Race” in his #154 Fultz Racing machine.




Comment From Guest 

Go Justin wakefid



Randy Gentry has a few battle scars on the rear bumper of his #09 car after a rough heat race last night. Gentry will have to run a last chance race today to make “The Race.”




Comment From Doc Wahl 

Good luck to Becca Kasten and the BDI race team, also Ross Kenseth do us northerners proud!



Several teams are moving though the pits this morning filling up their fuel cans geting ready for 300 laps today.




Comment From Terry McMahan 

God Bless The Beau Slocumb family. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I lost my Dad and former crew member on Dec. 28th to cancer, but it is just not fair when someone so young is taken by this terrible disease.



Comment From Guest 

Praying for the family and friends of Beau…Bubba win it for Beau!



Ben Rowe, the all time winningest driver in PASS history will have to run a last chance race today to attempt to make “The Race.”




Comment From Shannon 

Good Luck To All The Guys And Girl’s Racing Tonight



Ryan Crane sustained heavy damage in his heat race last night and has now unloaded his backup car. Crane will start shotgun on the field in the second last chance race this afternoon.




As we mentioned earlier, those cars not locked into the race will have an opportunity to grab two of the last transfer spots today. The winner from each of the last chance races will advance into the field for tonight’s 300-lap feature.



Unofficial Top-30 Locked into “The Race” :

1 51N Stephen Nasse
2 98 Justin Wakefield
3 74 Ryan Moore
4 154 Brian Ickler
5 18 Bubba Pollard
6 112 Augie Grill
7 53 Pat Kelly
8 29 Andy Loden
9 54 Johnny Clark
10 4 Jay Fogleman
11 83 Cale Gale
12 39 Kenzie Ruston
13 29 Trevor Sanborn
14 51 TJ Reaid
15 O8 Chris Eggleston
16 91 Patrick Laperle
17 25 Ross Kenseth
18 10 Ryan Blaney
19 29 Jeff Choquette
20 26 Preston Peltier
21 115 Jody Lavender
22 51 Becca Kasten
23 61 Mario Gosselin
24 62 Brandon Ward
25 7 Erik Darnell
26 91 Heath Hindman
27 47 Corey Williams
28 24 Mike Rowe
29 64 Garrett Evans
30 84 Scott Mulkern



The infield area is a buzz with activity as those teams not locked into the show are preparing for the two 40-lap last chance races later today.



Oddly, there is no driver’s meeting listed on the schedule of events for today. We are now working to determine when that will be.



Combined with the seven modifieds that qualified yesterday we’ve now got a total of ten here today for their 100-lap feature.



We’ve spotted at least three more modifieds that have rolled into the infield here at North Wilkesboro.



Comment From Guest 

Good Luck To All You Guys And Girl’s Racing Tonight.



Comment From cecil 

sorry to hear about Beau my thoughts and prayer go out to his family and his racing family



Comment From Adam Ross 

Good luck to Trevor Sanborn and the RACE 101/Howe Racing/McGunegill Engines team!!!!



Tonight’s race will mark the first race to be held under the lights at North Wilkesboro Speedway. With a strong field of cars this race promises to be nothing short of spectacular in the foothills of North Carolina.



Our Trackside Now coverage will switch to only minimal updates at 2pm today as we are proud to offer you the opportunity to enjoy live video coverage of the race. For more information or to purchase your virtual ticket visit






Here is today’s schedule of events:

Saturday, April 9th


10:00am               Pit Gates Open

12:00pm – 12:30pm         PASS SLM Last Chance Event Competitor Practice

12:30pm – 1:00pm           PASS SLM Qualifying Competitor Practice – Scuff

1:00pm – 1:15pm             Modified Practice-Scuff

2:00pm                                 PASS Super Late Model Last Chance Event #1     40 laps

(Winner transfers to PASS 300 Main Event)

PASS Super Late Model Last Chance Event #2     40 laps

(Winner transfers to PASS 300 Main Event)

3:30pm                                 Modified Feature Event                                                                100 laps

5:00pm                                 PASS Super Late Models Stage on Frontstretch

5:30pm                                 Pre-Race Ceremonies

6:00pm                                 “The Race” Pass Super Late Model 300 Lap Feature Event



Comment From Joe 

Sad day in motorsports



We’ll be racing with heavy hearts today as the racing community has lost one of its bravest souls today. After a long fight with cancer, Beau Slocumb passed away last night. The Late Model racer was one of the most respected people in racing and became an inspiration to many in his fight with the disease over the past few years. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Beau was 26.



Teams who are not locked in to today’s show are already hard at work preparing for the two last chance races, scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. The first practice session for last chance competitiors will begin at noon today.



Good morning and welcome back to North Wilkesboro Speedway for our coverage of “The Race.” We’re all set up here and ready for raceday!

Trackside Now: PASS “The Race” – Practice & Last Chance Race – North Wtilkesboro Speedway (NC) – 4/9/11