Speed51.com Trackside Now – 10/24/09 – PASS South Howler 125 – Greenville-Pickens Speedway (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the “Howler 125” PASS South Super Late Model Series event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Easley, South Carolina.   We will be here all day bringing you the action from today’s season-finale for the PASS South Super Late Models, from before, during and after the racing action takes place.


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Comment From BRIAN Has there been any practice yet?If so how did Lonnie look?


Practice hasn’t started yet, but will kick off here in about 30 minutes.


Besides myself, Jason Stix Buckley, being here at Greenville-Pickens Speedway to provide Trackside Now coverage, Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor is also here assisting with today’s coverage as well as shooting some video clips, which will be seen next week on Speed 51’s video page.   You can check out past videos by going to www.speed51video.com.


Here is today’s schedule of events:Gates open @ 11:00 amPASS SLM PRE RACE TECH OPENS @ 11AM   Practice Schedule PASS SLM                                     1:00 – 2:00 Allison legacy                                     2:00 – 2:15   PASS SLM                                       2:15 – 2:45 Allison legacy                                      2:45 – 3:00   PASS SLM                                       3:00 – 3:10   PASS SLM Drivers meeting @ 3:15pm @ Scale Building Any Renegade or Charger Practice   3:30 – 3:45   3:30 pm     Line up PASS SLM time trials   ALL CARS WILL BE IN LINE UP POSITION BY 3:50 OR WILL BE PERMITTED ONLY 1 LAP TIME TRIAL EFFORT!!!   4:00 pm     PASS SLM time trials Allison legacy time trails immediately following 1 lap   ALL Renegade and charger drivers must sign in and draw by 5pm for heat starting positions!   4:50 – 5:00   Renegade Practice 5:00 – 5:10   Charger   Practice   Renegade drivers meeting 5:15-5:20 Charger drivers meeting 5:25-5:30   5:45 pm       PASS Super Late Model Last chance qualifier(if needed)12 laps Charger heats (2)       (6 laps) Renegades (2)                (6 laps)   6:15 – 7:00pm                  PASS SLM ON TRACK Meet and greet with Halloween contest/Plus top 10 redraw    7:15 pm    Renegade feature                                         12 laps Charger feature                                               15 laps                      Allison Legacy feature                           35 laps 7:45 PM     PASS SLM – line up for feature event in qualified position on pit road.     ALL CARS WILL BE IN LINE UP POSITION BY 8:00 pm OR WILL BE POSITIONED AT THE REAR OF THE STARTING GRID!!!     Approx 8:15 pm                               PASS Super Late Model “Howler” 125 feature event.


We do not have a complete car count yet and who is all here as teams were still signing in as we arrived about 40 minutes ago, but currently we see approximately 25 Super Late Models on the front stretch.


Even though PASS has a race scheduled at Thanksgiving time at Southern National (NC), this is the final 2009 points race in the PASS South season.   Ben Rowe will pretty well take the championship today by just starting the event.Here is the current point standings (top 10 only):

Pos. Car Driver Points
1 4N Ben Rowe 2782
2 10 Ryan Blaney 2712
3 26 Preston Peltier 2674
4 98 Justin Wakefield 2650
5 91 Heath Hindman 2640
6 4S Jay Fogleman 2626
7 48 John Batten 2332
8 O5 Alex Fleming 1992
9 18 Bradley McCaskill 1934
10 35 Devin Jones 1808

12:52 12:52 12:52 12:52

PHOTOS: The pits at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC).   (51 Sports Photos)


We aren’t sure if practice is going to start right on time as all the front gates are locked, so spotters cannot get across at the moment.   We do expect to start sometime soon.


Comment From John Bowen Good Luck Devin Jones and the entire Chase Pistone team


We are going to head trackside though and work our way to the infield for photos from the first practice.   We will be back shortly.


The first practice for the PASS South Super Late Models has concluded.   We do not have times available to post.


During the first practice, James Edwards experienced some mechanical issues.   While he was on the track, he had smoke coming out the back of his car.   At one point, a flame could be seen under his car.   He brought his car in, but when he went back out, it completely went up in smoke.Edwards said that a fitting broke or came off at the bottom of the engine area, which pushed oil out and all over under the hood.   He said he is done for the day.


The day hasn’t started off well for Jay Fogleman.   Per a crew member, Fogleman woke up this morning pouring sweat and not feeling well.   He eventually went to the hospital for evaluation.   We haven’t heard any updates on his condition.Fogleman’s car has been unloaded and is sitting on pit road, but it didn’t hit the track during the practice.   The crew said someone was going to pick up Toby Porter to come here and practice the car, and he may even race it if Fogleman isn’t back from the hospital or not feeling well later.


Comment From DebSnyder Good luck Ryan Blaney!!!


Comment From MadFan How many Pass cars are trhere now?


We have counted 28 PASS South Super Late Model racers here.   We will have a list shortly.


The Allison Legacy cars are currently on the track for their first practice session.


The second practice for the PASS South Super Late Models has just started.


Toby Porter is here and has been on the track in Fogleman’s #4 machine.


Comment From Norm Desjardins Wish I was there, looks like a good day for racing! It’s raining cats and dogs in New Hampshire………..


Comment From blue Does Rowe have the yellow Ford or red Chevy? Thanks


Ben Rowe is here in the #4 yellow Moody Brothers machine.

2:28 2:29

PHOTO: Ben Rowe during practice.   (51 Sports Photo)

2:31 2:31

PHOTO: James Edwards is done for the day after a fitting malfunctioned, pushing oil all over the place and starting a fire.   (51 Sports Photo)


One person we are extremely happy to see here is Jimmy Doyle.   Doyle raced in the Easter Bunny race at Hickory at the beginning of the season, but hasn’t been back.   Why?   Right after the race, he had to go in for heart surgery due to a 95-percent blockage.   Doyle said he has lost 40 pounds, has changed his diet and feels like a new person, ready to return to the seat for tonight’s race.

2:44 2:44

PHOTO: Jimmy Doyle, working on his car.   (51 Sports Photo)


The second practice session has ended for the PASS South Super Late Models.   Due to a scoring loop issue, times are currently unavailable.


Here is the driver roster as we have been able to tabulate.

02 Tim Nooner
09 Randy Gentry
2 Ralph Carnes
4N Ben Rowe
4E James Edwards
4S Jay Fogleman / Toby Porter
5 Preston Peltier
8 Cassius Clark
10 Ryan Blaney
12 Mark Reedy
20 Steve Legendre
23 Lonnie Sommerville
28 Terry Horak
29 Austin Northcut
32X Corey Gibson
32 Randy Porter
35 Devin Jones
47 Corey Williams
48 John Batten
54 Johnny Clark
60 DJ Shaw
62 Brandon Ward
71 Jimmy Doyle
80 Shannon Mines
88 Tommy Stokes
91 Heath Hindman
93 Tayla Orleans
98 Justin Wakefield

2:58 2:58

PHOTO: Corey Williams being video interviewed by Speed 51’s “Stat Boy” for a video feature on the website next week.   (51 Sports Photo)


The Allison Legacy cars have been on the track for their second session.   The PASS South Super Late Models are on the track for their final 10-minute session.


Comment From Marilyn Good luck Lonnie , the canadians are watching ……


Comment From gerry wish i was there good luck lonnie it very cool in nova scotia

3:07 3:08

PHOTO: Lonnie Sommerville at speed during practice.   (51 Sports Photo)

3:10 3:10

PHOTO: Ryan Blaney, coming right into your living room.   (51 Sports Photo)


The third and final practice for the PASS South Super Late Models has been completed.   Only 17 of the 27 cars went out (the 28th car, James Edwards, has already left).Top five from practice: 1) Heath Hindman – 20.441 2) Cassius Clark – 20.460 3) Devin Jones – 20.664 4) Jimmy Doyle – 20.706 5) DJ Shaw – 20.774


We are hearing that Jay Fogleman has the flu.   We also heard he might have made his way back to the track, and it is possible he will start the event to get points.


The PASS South Super Late Models are starting to line up for their qualifying, which will start around 4pm.


As pointed out by one of our readers, today is Dave Blaney’s birthday.    Dave will be here later this afternoon to watch his son Ryan race, and I am sure he is looking for a great birthday gift by seeing Ryan take the checkered flag first later tonight.


Qualifying is set to begin shortly.   We are going to step away from the PC to chat with the drivers and take pictures during the qualifying session.   We will be back after qualifying with who set fast time.


Qualifying has been completed.   Justin Wakefield has set fast time during the qualifying session.   The top 10 will redraw for their starting position during the pit party.   We will have full results from qualifying shortly


During qualifying, Randy Gentry completed his first lap, but pounded the wall hard in turn one on the second lap.   It appeared that his throttle hung.   The car is heavily damaged and it appears he will not participate in the race tonight.   The good news is that Gentry is ok.

4:45 4:45 4:45

PHOTOS: Randy Gentry’s car on the hook and up close, showing the damage.   (51 Sports Photos)


Full Qualifying Results:

1 98 Justin Wakefield 19.968
2 54 Johnny Clark 19.982
3 47 Corey Williams 20.056
4 5 Preston Peltier 20.192
5 4N Ben Rowe 20.207
6 4S Jay Fogleman 20.259
7 8 Cassius Clark 20.274
8 91 Heath Hindman 20.300
9 35 Devin Jones 20.308
10 32 Randy Porter 20.308
11 60 DJ Shaw 20.400
12 10 Ryan Blaney 20.452
13 2 Ralph Carnes 20.497
14 62 Brandon Ward 20.619
15 02 Tim Nooner 20.671
16 23 Lonnie Sommerville 20.674
17 20 Steven Legendre 20.708
18 48 John Batten 20.721
19 32x Corey Gibson 20.788
20 93 Tayla Orleans 20.811
21 71 Jimmy Doyle 20.849
22 09 Randy Gentry 20.872
23 29 Austin Northcutt 20.877
24 80 Shannon Mines 21.079
25 28 Terry Horak 21.132
26 88 Tom Stokes 21.478

Of note, James Edwards and Mark Reedy both loaded up and went home (Edwards with mechanical failure and we did not get a report on Reedy).

5:00 5:00

Photo: Justin Wakefield set fast time during qualifying.   (51 Sports Photo)


Jay Fogleman did qualify his car.   He said that he has taken some medication for the flu and is feeling a bit better and will attempt to race the entire event.   Toby Porter is standing by in case he needs a relief driver.

5:03 5:03

PHOTO: Jay Fogleman in his car during qualifying.   (51 Sports Photo)


We are going to take a break from the keys and get some food.   We will be back around 6:00pm Eastern with more coverage from the “Howler 125.”


We are back from our dinner and ready to bring coverage of tonight’s events.


Currently the local divisions are on the track for their heat races.


When we got back to the track, it appeared that Randy Gentry’s crew was thinking about racing his car since they were fixing it, but it appears they were just getting things aligned so they can at least roll  it inside their hauler.   They are packing up now.


The pit party is happening now.   We are going to head down in a moment, but we are going to stay up for the moment as the top-10 drivers are currently redrawing for their starting position.


The top-10 redraw has occured.   Here is the new adjusted top-10:

1 32 Randy Porter
2 4S Jay Fogleman
3 5 Preston Peltier
4 91 Heath Hindman
5 4N Ben Rowe
6 47 Corey Williams
7 35 Devin Jones
8 8 Cassius Clark
9 98 Justin Wakefield
10 54 Johnny Clark

We will repost the starting line-up before the race starts.


We are heading down to talk to the drivers during the pit party and will have more shortly.




Comment From Evon Good Luck to DJ Shaw and the rest of the North Boys


Comment From Laura Good luck daddy! Go Lonnie Go!


Comment From David Hicken good luck Cassius and crew from pei canada


Comment From Missa Thank you Jason and Stat Boy for the updates. Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Go Ryan Go!


Comment From Guest You guys at Speed51 do a great job with this coverage. Hopefully we all get to see more and more of this from major short track events all over the US and Canada in race seasons to come. Good luck to all the competitors. Dean Clattenburg


The Pit Party has ended and the opening ceremonies are now occuring on track.


The Renegade feature is currently on the track.   It will be followed by the Charger feature, then the Legacy feature before the Howler 125 Super Late Model event.


If you are in the area, there is still time to get here to Greenville-Pickens Speedway prior to the start of the Super Late Model feature.   It is a great night for racing, so come on down.   If you cannot make it here, stay tuned for flag-to-flag coverage on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now.

7:17 7:18

PHOTO: Cassius Clark got into the holiday spirit with this on his hood. (51 Sports Photo)

7:22 7:22

Devin Jones signs an autograph for a fan aka Optimus Prime.   (51 Sports Photo)


We want to take a moment to thank the over 1500 people that have tuned in so far today to our coverage of the Howler 125 event.


The Chargers feature is on the track currently.


Announced tonight here by PASS will be the first race of the 2010 racing season for the Super Late Models.   It will be the Florida Winterfest at New Smyrna Speedway (FL) on January 29th – 30th.   This will be a non-points event for PASS South and will be the first time the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) will enter the state of Florida for a racing event.


The Allison Legacy feature is currently on the track.   Stay tuned for complete coverage of the Howler 125 Super Late Model event shortly.


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The Allison Legacy race has completed.   It will still be a few moments before they clear the track and get prepared for the start of the Howler 125.


Devin Jones, who will start tonight’s event from the seventh position, skipped the last PASS South event last weekend at South Boston (VA), but it wasn’t by choice.   Jones contracted the H1N1 / Swine Flu, and was stuck in bed for days.   He is here and is basically over it, but is still trying to build his strength back up.   Jones said the car is good, but the driver is 80 percent.


Preston Peltier has been driving Brandon Johnson’s #26 machine this season since Johnson has been overseas serving our country in the military.   According to PASS, Johnson is here, back from overseas, to watch Peltier race.   Peltier is not in the #26 tonight though.   He is in his own #5 machine since it has a big motor, according to Peltier.


The PASS South Super Late Models have made their way to the front stretch for driver introductions.


The engines have been fired and the racing action will begin momentarily.



1 32 Randy Porter
2 4S Jay Fogleman
3 5 Preston Peltier
4 91 Heath Hindman
5 4N Ben Rowe
6 47 Corey Williams
7 35 Devin Jones
8 8 Cassius Clark
9 98 Justin Wakefield (set fast time)
10 54 Johnny Clark
11 60 DJ Shaw
12 10 Ryan Blaney
13 2 Ralph Carnes
14 62 Brandon Ward
15 02 Tim Nooner
16 23 Lonnie Sommerville
17 20 Steven Legendre
18 48 John Batten
19 32x Corey Gibson
20 93 Tayla Orleans
21 71 Jimmy Doyle
22 09 Randy Gentry
23 29 Austin Northcutt
24 80 Shannon Mines
25 28 Terry Horak
26 88 Tom Stokes


When the green flag goes in the air, Ben Rowe will technically claim the PASS South Super Late Model Championship, due to his lead over Ryan Blaney in the points.   So, tonight is about who wins and what happens during the race.




Jay Fogleman has taken the lead on the first lap, followed by Randy Porter.


Randy Porter put the bumper to the back of Jay Fogleman and almost caused the field to compact, but they all straightened out and everything is still green at lap five.


Randy Porter has moved to the outside groov eand is side by side with Jay Fogleman for the lead.   Preston Peltier is third, followed by Heath Hindman and Ben Rowe.


Randy Porter has moved around Jay Fogleman for the lead.   Meanwhile, Corey Williams has moved to fifth with Cassius Clark sixth, putting Ben Rowe back to seventh.


Currently the whole field is single file.   It might be a patience game until the end of the race.   There are 16 laps on the board and we are still green.


There are 25 laps in the books.   Randy Porter leads Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier , Heath Hindman and Cassius Clark.


Corey Williams is currently sixth, followed by Justin Wakefield, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe, DJ Shaw and Devin Jones.


Tayla Orleans has driven her car to the pits and nosed it in, so it appears her day is done.


Devin Jones just drove his car to the pits.   They have taken the hood off and are looking around under it, possibly at the suspension.


Jay Fogleman is back out in the lead here at Greenville-Pickens, putting Randy Porter back to second.


Randy Porter doesn’t appear to want to ride as he has put his car to the high side several times, trying to get a run on Jay Fogleman.   Preston Peltier has moved within a few car lengths of the leaders while they decide who wants to lead.There are 41 laps on the board.


The Devin Jones crew has now nosed his car into their pits.   They are still looking under the hood, but the car placement might mean the end of the day for Jones.


Lonnie Sommerville just about put Ryan Blaney into the front stretch wall.   It appeared he might have thought he cleared Blaney.   Thankfully they both continued on and we are still green.


50 laps are complete.   Jay Fogleman leads Randy Porter, Preston Peltier, Cassius Clark and Corey Williams.


Jay Fogleman pulled over on the front stretch and let Randy Porter go into the lead at lap 54.   It looked deliberate, so it appears Fogleman doesn’t want to burn up his stuff.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 60Steven Legendre spun in turn two on his own.


Pit stops are occuring.   Jay Fogleman has pitted, along with Ben Rowe, Heath Hindman, Ryan Blaney, Justin Wakefield, Brandon Ward and a few others.


The new top five: Randy Porter, Preston Peltier, Cassius Clark, Corey Williams, Johnny Clark


On Tuesday here at Greenville-Pickens, the soap opera “As the World Turns” will be filiming here.   Tonight, we are enjoying the drama of Super Late Model racing action in the PASS South Super Late Model finale.




On the restart, Randy Porter appeared to have spun the tires as Cassius Clark had to almost swing three wide to miss him.   From the outside, Preston Peltier snagged the lead.


Randy Porter is in second, but is being challenged for the position by Corey Williams.   DJ Shaw runs in fourth, but is losing the position to Johnny Clark at lap 65.


Johnny Clark has moved to third and is now after Randy Porter for second.


Jay Fogleman has cracked back in to the top 10.


Johnny Clark has moved into second around Randy Porter, and now will try to get to the bumper of Preston Peltier.


At lap 75, Preston Peltier leads Johnny Clark, Randy Porter, Corey Williams and DJ SHaw.   Cassius Clark is sixth, followed by Justin Wakefield, Jay Fogleman, Lonnie Sommerville and Ben Rowe.


At lap 77, Johnny Clark was side by side for the lead with Preston Peltier.   On lap 78, he took the lead on the inside and currently leads the Howler 125.


Jay Fogleman is still on the move.   He has just worked his way to fifth on lap 85.


Steven Legendre has slowed and worked his way to the pits, nosing in.   He appears to be the third driver out of the race.   23 cars are still on the track.


There is a huge side by side battle for the second position, two cars deep.


Coming out of the battle for second behind leader Johnny Clark is DJ Shaw.   He is followed by Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier, Randy Porter and Cassius Clark.   Corey Williams, Justin Wakefield and Ben Rowe are in tow.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 95Austin Northcutt has spun and hit the wall in turn two.


Corey Williams, Lonnie Sommerville, Ryan Blaney, Shannon Mines and Cassius Clark are some of the drivers hitting pit road during this yellow.


Top five: Johnny Clark, DJ Shaw, Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier, Randy Porter




Johnny Clark finally edged ahead coming off turn four to reclaim the lead on the restart with DJ Shaw in second.


Jay Fogleman has moved to third, and just now worked his way around DJ Shaw for second.


101 laps are on the board.   Johnny Clark leads Jay Fogleman, DJ Shaw, Preston Peltier, Randy Porter and Ben Rowe.


There is a heated battle on the track for the fourth position between Randy Porter and Preston Peltier.   Peltier got around Porter, but then Porter sailed it into turn three hard to get under Peltier.   Peltier still holds the position, but it is tight.


Randy Porter has cleared Preston Peltier for the fourth position.Meanwhile, Tayla Orleans has decided to go back out on the track.   She has been in the pits for most of the race and we assumed she was done for the night.


Preston Peltier has slowed and lost multiple positions.   He appears back up to speed, but has dropped way back.


115 laps are on the board.   10 laps remain.   Johnny Clark leads Jay Fogleman by only a few car lengths.   DJ Shaw is third with Cassius Clark fourth and Randy Porter fifth.


Five laps remain.   The distance between leader Johnny Clark and second-place Jay Fogleman is a few car lengths.


Cassius Clark has slowed on the track.


Cassius Clark has made it to pit road, nosing in and out for the last few laps.


White flag for Johnny Clark.


CHECKERED FLAGJohnny Clark has won the PASS South Howler 125 at Greenville-Pickens Speedway, while Ben Rowe has won the 2009 PASS South Super Late Model championship.  We will have more, including winner photos and results, after we jump down to the pits for some post-race reaction.


Comment From Tim Michael What problem did Devon Jones have? Great coverage. Thanks


We talked to the Jones team.   There was a wiring issue that burned up, causing his car to shut off.


We are currently locating the finishing results and will post them shortly.


We also found out Cassius Clark dropped out due to a shock mount failure (broke).



1 54 Johnny Clark
2 4S Jay Fogleman
3 60 DJ Shaw
4 4N Ben Rowe
5 32 Randy Porter
6 47 Corey Williams
7 98 Justin Wakefield
8 32x Corey Gibson
9 2 Ralph Carnes
10 62 Brandon Ward
11 23 Lonnie Sommerville
12 10 Ryan Blaney
13 5 Preston Peltier
14 48 John Batten
15 91 Heath Hindman
16 02 Tim Nooner
17 71 Jimmy Doyle
18 88 Tom Stokes
19 8 Cassius Clark
20 29 Austin Northcutt
21 28 Terry Horak
22 80 Shannon Mines
23 20 Steven Legendre
24 35 Devin Jones
25 93 Tayla Orleans


That is it for our coverage tonight of the PASS South Super Late Model Howler 125 at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC), but that doesn’t conclude  our total coverage of the event.   Stay tuned to Speed51.com next week, starting Monday, for video interviews from many drivers, including race winner Johnny Clark and South champ Ben Rowe.Thanks to the over 2600 people that watched our coverage of the event.


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10:20 10:21

PHOTO: Johnny Clark wins the Howler 125.   (51 Sports Photo)

Trackside Now: PASS South “Howler 125” at Greenville-Pickens Speedway – 10/24/09