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After a beautiful day of racing here at Dillon Motor Speedway (SC) the Speed 51 crew is ready to hit the road. Thanks to everyone who joined us both here at the track and on Trackside Now.

For those of you at the track, travel safely and we’ll see you next week at “The Race” from North Wilkesboro Speedway (NC)!



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PASS officials have advised us that all results are UNOFFICIAL until PASS publishes the official set on their website here.



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Comment From Shep 

Once again guys, AWESOME coverage!



Ryan Blaney gets the unofficial PASS South win in the South Carolina Clash 150. (51 Photo)




Here are the UNOFFICIAL South Carolina Clash 150 Results:

Pos. No. Name
1 10 Ryan Blaney
2 26 Preston Peltier
3 4 Jay Fogleman
4 91 Heath Hindman
5 98 Justin Wakefield
6 18 Bradley McCaskall
7 33 Roger Lee Newton
8 00 Grant Davidson
9 48 John Batten
10 60 R.A. Brown
11 05 Alex Fleming
12 20 Steven Legendre
13 2 Gray Gaulding
14 23 Jimmy Weller
15 115 Jody Lavender
16 7 Dana White
17 71 Jimmy Doyle
18 14 Clete Caywood
19 29 Andy Loden
20 15h Joe Heigl
21 12 Mark Reedy



We’re gonna run down to victory lane, but we’ll be back with your unofficial results.



CHECKERS: Blaney is your unofficial winner.



Lap 148: Blaney still leads. Fogleman is battling back under Peltier. Peltier maintains the position.



GREEN Lap 146: Blaney gets away. as Peltier gets under Fogleman. They battle for second, but Peltier gets it.



Ryan Blaney will lead Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier, Heath Hindman and Justin Wakefield to the gree.



This will be a single-file restart.



CAUTION Lap 146: The flagman accidentally hit the caution button. This should be a quickie yellow.



Lap 145: Ryan Blaney leads with five to go.



Lap 140: Blaney has a straightaway’s lead over second-place Hindman.



Lap 135: Ryan Blaney leads Hindman and Fogleman.



Lap 134; Ryan Blaney has reached lap traffic. He gets by JImmy Weller and Jody Lavender.



lap 130: Blaney leads Hindman, Wakefield, Fogleman, Peltier, McCaskall, Newton, Davidson, Batten and Gaulding.



Lap 129: Blaney gets the lead of Turn 2.



Lap 127: Hindman, Blaney, Wakefield, Fogleman and Peltier are the top five.



Lap 125: Blaney looks inside Hindman. Can’t get it yet.



Lap 124: Ryan Blaney is catching the leader, Heath Hindman.



Lap 120: Jay Fogleman has pulled to the bumper of Wakefield, He can’t make the pass for third yet.



Lap 118: HIndman, Blaney, Wakefield, Fogleman and Peltier.



Lap 116: Blaney gets second under Wakefield in Turn 1.



Lap 115: Ryan Blaney gets to inside of Wakefield, but can’t make the pass for second.



Lap 114: Hindman leads.



GREEN Lap 112: McCaskall gets a good restart, but Hindman gets loos under him and slides up the track. McCaskall falls to 6th to avoid a collision.



The No. 60 of R.A. Brown is back out on the track. He’ll go to the tail as we head to green.



Comment From Ross 

looks like blaney was waiting until 50 to go



Running Order:

1. Heath Hindman
2. Bradley McCaskall
3. Justin Wakefield
4. Ryan Blaney
5. Jay Fogleman
6. Alex Fleming
7. Preston Peltier
8, Roger Lee Newton
9. Grant Davidson
10. Jimmy Weller
11. John Batten
12. Gray Gaulding
13. Steven Legendre



CAUTION Lap 111: Jody Lavender has gone around off Turn 4. It’s a single spin and he’s rolling.



Lap 110: Hindman, McCaskall, Wakefield, Blaney and Fogleman are top five with 40 to go.



Lap 107: Justin Wakefield is working hard on Bradley McCaskall for second.



Lap 103: Hindman, McCaskall, Wakefield, Blaney and Fogleman make up the top five.



Lap 100: Blaney gets another spot from Fleming as they bang doors off Turn 2.



Lap 98: Blaney gets fifth from Newton.



Lap 97: Blaney looks under Newton for fifth.



Lap 95: Blaney goes under Fogleman for sixth.



Lap 94: Newton has pulled to the bumper of Fleming. They’ve been nose to tail for about three laps now. Fleming holds on to the spot.



Lap 90: Hindman, McCaskall, Wakefield, Fleming, Newton, Fogleman, Blaney, Davidson, Peltier, Batten, Weller, Brown, Gaulding, Lavender and Legendre are the only cars running.



Lap 87: There are 15 cars remanining on the track.



Lap 85: Hindman continues to lead McCaskall by four car lengths.



Jay Fogleman is in sixth.



Lap 80: Hindman, McCaskall, Wakefield, Fleming, and Newton are your top five.



Lap 77: Justin and Fleming continue their battle in Turns 3 and 4, but Wakefield is gets it.



Lap 75: Justin Wakefield lost third to Fleming on the restart, but he’s back to Fleming’s bumper in no time.



GREEN Lap 74: Hindman and McCaskall are side by side. Hindman gets the lead on the backstretch.



Jimmy Weller gets the wave around.



CAUTION: Halfway caution. Heath Hindman is the leader.



Lap 71: The field is single file.



Lap 69: Wakefield makes the pass under Fleming in Turn 2 for the third position.



Lap 68: Justin Wakefield is under Alex Fleming, but can’t make the pass.



Lap 65: Hindman continues to lead by three car lenghts of over McCaskall, Fleming, Wakefield and Newton.



Lap 61: Justin Wakefield is slicing through the field as he takes the fourth spot from Roger Lee Newton.



Lap 60: Heath Hindman, Bradley McCaskall, Alex Fleming, Roger Lee Newton and Justin Wakefield are your top five.



Lap 58: Justin wakefield has pulled to the bumper of Ryan Blaney he gets under him in Turn 4 to take fifth.



Lap 55: Heath Hindman leads McCaskall, Alex Fleming, Roger Lee Newton and Ryan Blaney.



Lap 52: Heath Hindman inherits the lead from McCaskall.



GREEN Lap 51: Justin Wakefield misses a shift again and falls to sixth on the restart.



PASS officials are telling the drivers to double up. Jimmy Weller will now rejoin the field at the tail end of the line.



Bradley McCaskall is the leader. He is followed by Heath Hindman, Justin Wakefield, Alex Fleming and Ryan Blaney in the top five.



From what we can see, Preston Peltier’s team is up under the rear of that machine.



Gray Gaulding and Jody Lavender are both back in the pits.



The No. 26 of Preston Peltier is in under caution. Peltier makes his way to his pit area. Also in is the No. 20 of Steven Legendre after he was collected in the last caution.



CAUTION Lap 50: As we took the green, leader Justin Wakefield missed the shfit and they stacked up behind him. Jimmy Weller, Jimmy Doyle, Preston Peltier, Jody Lavender and Dana White were all involved.



The drivers are getting the signal from PASS South officials to double up. We’re going green.



Andy Loden’s team is assessing the damage to the No. 29 as it sits idle on pit road.



Grant Davidson and John Batten were also in under this caution.



Justin Wakefield leads McCaskall, Peltier, Hindman, Weller, Fleming, Newton, Blaney, Doyle, Brown, Lavender, Gaulding, Legendre and White.



Jay Fogleman is in under caution. The team is working under the right rear.



CAUTION Lap 49: The No. 14 of Clete Caywood has blown up on the frontstretch. he limps back to pit road.



Lap 46: McCaskall has caught leader Wakefield, but he can’t seem to get under him.



Lap 44: The top 10 are single file.



Lap 42: Ryan Blaney is under attacck fro the seventh postition from Alex Fleming. Fleming takes it.



Lap 39: Wakfield leads McCaskall, Peltier, Hindman and Weller.



GREEN Lap 38: Justin Wakefield get the lead on the restart.



Andy Loden’s No. 29 is done for the night. The whole front of his machine is torn up.



Jody Lavender, John Batten, Dana White, Grant Davidson and Clete Caywood all came in under this caution. We’ll let you know where they line up when we can.



Running Order:

1. Bradley McCaskall
2. Justin Wakefield
3. Heath Hindman
4. Preston Peltier
5. Ryan Blaney
6. Jimmy Weller
7. Alex Fleming
8. John Batten
9. Jay Fogleman
10. Roger Lee Newton
11. Jimym Doyle
12. Steven Legendre
13. R.A. Brown
14. Gray Gaulding–free pass car under this caution



CAUTION Lap 38: The No. 48 of John Batten got into the rear of Andy Loden in the No. 26 coming off Turn 4. Loden went around, collected Batten as well as Jody Lavender, R.A. Brown and Grant Davidson.



Lap 35: Jimmy Weller is not moving in on Ryan Blaney for the fifth spot. Blaney holds him off for now.



Lap 32: Weller and Fleming still battling for the sixth spot. They touch in Turn , but Weller gets it.



Lap 30: Jimmy Weller is loose under Alex Fleming for the 6th spot.



Lap 30: McCaskall, Wakefield, Hindman, Peltier and Blaney are the top five.



Lap 27: Justin Wakefield moves into second under Hindman.



GREEN Lap 26: McCaskall and Hindman are side-by-side and Justin Wakefield joins the mix.



Gray Gaulding changed a right front and has rejoined the field.



McCaskall leads Hindman, Wakefield, Jimmy Weller and Ryan Blaney.



CAUTION Lap 25: The No. 2 of Gray Gaulding comes to a temporary stop on Turn 2 after getting high. He’s now in under this catuion and the team goes under the hood.



GREEN Lap 25: Hindman spins his tires a bit and McCaskall gets him on the outside.



Drivers have doubled up we are going green.



One-to-go at the line.



The drivers are bunching back up under the pace car after the flagman’s signal. We should be going green here shortly.



Still under caution here, but only green flag laps are counting tonight.



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It looks like the No. 12 of Mark Reedy is done for the night. The driver is out of the car and they are preparing to load his Super Late Model. We can see some donuts on the right side of his car, proof that the racing is tight here at Dillon Motor Speedway.



The No. 7 of Dana White is in under this caution. He has rejoined the field.



Comment From Trace 

Wakefield is coming to town I can feel it.



Jimmy Weller, Alex Fleming, Andy Loden, John Batten, Gray Gaulding and Jay Fogleman make up 6th through 11th.



Heath Hindman leads Bradley McCaskall, Justin Wakefield, Preston Peltier and Ryan Blaney.



The No. 115 of Jody Lavender is the free pass.



Heigl’s machine looks like it has heavy damage on the driver’s side.



CAUTION Lap 25: Clete Claywood and Joe Heigl get together in Turn 3 after some contact. Both cars are stopped in Turn 3.



GREEN Lap 22: Heath Hindman gets a good start. Justin Wakefield looks inside McCaskall for second, but can’t make the pass.



Heath Hindman leads Bradley McCaskall, Justin Wakefield, Jimmy Weller, Preston Peltier, Andy Loden, Ryan Blaney, Gray Gaulding Alex Fleming and John Batten.



CAUTION Lap 21: Jody Lavender goes around after contact from the No. 05 Alex Fleming in Turn 4. Lavender saved it from the wall after some tight racing.



Lap 20: After hard racing Hindman makes it past McCaskall for the top spot on the frontstretch.



Lap 18: Bradley McCaskall is under attack from Heath Hindman. Hindman looks inside again.



Lap 15: McCaskall, Heath Hindman, Justin Wakefield, Jimmy Weller, Preston Peltier, Andy Loden, Ryan Blaney, Jody Lavender , Alex Fleming and Gray Gaulding are the top 10.



Lap 11: The top 10 are single file.



Lap 10: McCaskall leads Hindman, Wakefield, Weller and Peltier.



Lap 6: Hindman gets to the bumper of McCaskall, but gets way loose off Turn 4.



GREEN Lap 4: McCaskall gets another good restart, but Hindman is on his bumper.



Bradley McCaskall leads Jimmy Weller, Heath Hindman, Justin Wakefield and Preston Peltier are the top five.



CAUTION Lap 3: The No. 15 of Joe Heigl goes around in Turn 1. He gets it going again.



GREEN Lap 1: Bradley McCaskall gets a great start and shoots to the lead.



We’ve been shown the one-to-go signal.



They’re double file behind the pace truck. Fans are on their feet for the driver salute at Dillon Motor Speedway. Looks like a great crowd despite the slightly chilly weather here in South Carolina.



“Gentleman Start Your Engines.” The field has fired and they are rolling behind the pace truck.



Jimmy Weller has just been introduced and the rest of the field has strapped in their cars. Invocation and the National Anthem are now underway.



Driver introductions are underway. We should be ready to be ready to go green here shortly.



Drivers are rolling their cars to the frontstretch. According to tonight’s driver’s meeting, the drivers will line up and we will do out of car intros for the race.



Here is the official line up for tonight’s race after the redraw:

Pos. No. Name
1 23 Jimmy Weller
2 18 Bradley McCaskall
3 91 Heath Hindman
4 26 Preston Peltier
5 98 Justin Wakefield
6 29 Andy Loden
7 2 Gray Gaulding
8 4 Jay Fogleman
9 10 Ryan Blaney
10 115 Jodey Lavender
11 00 Grant Davidson
12 05 Alex Fleming
13 14 Clete Caywood
14 71 Jimmy Doyle
15 48 John Batten
16 15h Joe Heigl
17 20 Steven Legendre
18 12 Mark Reedy
19 33 Roger Lee Newton
20 7 Dana White
21 60 R.A. Brown



Tonight’s race will have an interesting twist as those drivers preparing for “The Race” will have to balance the desire to win and not wanting to push their Supers too far before the big money race next weekend. Only time will tell how heavily “The Race” at North Wilkesboro Speedway (NC) will weigh on these drivers.



Before we get rolling tonight, don’t forget to check out Speed 51’s coverage of the K&N Pro Series East race at Greenville-Pickens, the NASCAR Wheelen Southern Modified Tour at Hickory Motor Speedway and the Show Me The Money Series race at Montgomery. We will also have coverage of the Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut tomorrow.

You can find all of our Trackside Now coverage links on the Speed51.com homepage.



DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.



The PASS South Super Late Models are now beginning to roll towards the grid as they get set to roll out for driver introductions at 5:45 p.m. The green flag is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight.



Comment From Nate from Maine 

I can’t wait for next week we are leaving Wendesday for Wilkesboro. It should be a great race with a lot of money on the line.



Comment From cw 

hope they have a good race and not wreck a bunch before next weekend.



After the redraw, Jimmy Weller will now start on the pole. When asked if he was going to be reserved in tonight’s race or just go for it, he said, “You’ve always got to just go for it.”



Comment From jon 

Ryan Blaney



There will be a redraw for the top 10 in tonight’s PASS South Carolina Clash 150. We’ll have the official starting line-up here in a few minutes.



Comment From Linda 

Jody Lavender is my 1st choice and Jay Fogleman is my 2nd choice.



Comment From Maxine Wakefield 

no bias on my part 🙂 but I’m counting on Justin Wakefield



Heath Hindman in his qualifying effort. (51 Photo)




Comment From guest 

Heath Hindman #91!!!!!!!! Go Heath!!!!!



Comment From Nate from Maine 

I am going to go with the Folgeman for the win I think he is going to have a great 2011 year with the PASS tour.



Comment From Guest 

Hindmans due for one



Comment From smokersracin 




While we have some down time, we want to know who you’ve got to win this year’s South Carolina Clash 150.



Comment From Guest 

let’s keep a clean race



Comment From Guest 

go get it preston



A look at the Super Late Model grid after qualifying for the PASS South Carolina Clash 150. (51 Photo)




Comment From john vangee 

good luck andy loden #29 and the monroeway crew



John Flemming is not racing here at Dillon tonight. We caught up with Johnny Clark at North Wilkesboro Speedway earlier this week when he hit the track for testing. He told us that he would not be racing in this event, but he would be ready for “The Race” next week!



Comment From maurice boudreau 

like to know about the 54 jonny clark and 97 john flemming



It doesn’t appear that Fogleman went to his backup car. The team pulled the car out of the rig and worked under the hood, but his primary car was re-inspected before practice.



Comment From Guest 

did jay fogleman go to a backup car?



Comment From Guest 

Good Job Gray Gaulding!!!!



The Sportsmen are out on the track rigt now for their qualifying efforts. Super Late Model teams have about an hour before the line up to roll on the track for driver introductions.



Comment From guest 

Way to go Heath!!!!!!!!!!!! From ur family at home!!!!!!!!



It appears the top five Super Late Model qualifiers have rolled through post-qualifying inspection.



Unofficial Qualifying Results for the Carolina Clash 150

Pos. No. Name Fast Time
1 4 Jay Fogleman 15.620
2 91 Heath Hindman 15.622
3 98 Justin Wakefield 15.626
4 26 Preston Peltier 15.701
5 18 Bradley McCaskall 15.707
6 10 Ryan Blaney 15.709
7 115 Jodey Lavender 15.768
8 2 Gray Gaulding 15.783
9 23 Jimmy Weller 15.806
10 29 Andy Loden 15.807
11 00 Grant Davidson 15.941
12 05 Alex Fleming 15.975
13 14 Clete Caywood 15.978
14 71 Jimmy Doyle 16.025
15 48 John Batten 16.092
16 15h Joe Heigl 16.141
17 20 Steven Legendre 16.260
18 12 Mark Reedy 16.263
19 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.289
20 7 Dana White 16.440
21 60 R.A. Brown 16.573



Jay Fogleman grabs the pole for the Carolina Clash 150 at Dillon Motor Speedway. (51 Photo)




Comment From Jeff Thomas 

i think Grant Davidson will end up being one of the biggest surprises of 2011



Jay Fogleman is your unofficial polesitter. We’ll have the rest of the unofficial qualifying results in just a minute.



Jody Lavender

Lap 1: 16.095
Lap 2: 15.768
Fast Lap: 15.768



Alex Fleming

Lap 1: 16.068
Lap 2: 15.975
Fast Lap: 15.975



Preston Peltier

Lap 1: 16.014
Lap 2: 15.701
Fast Lap: 15.701



Ryan Blaney

Lap 1: 16.15
Lap 2: 15.709
Fast Lap: 15.709



Fogleman takes the pole.



Jay Fogleman

Lap 1:15.918
Lap 2: 15.620
Fast Lap: 15.620



Clete Claywood

Lap 1: 16.310
Lap 2: 15.978
Fast Lap: 15.978



John Batten

Lap 1: 16.337
Lap 2: 16.092
Fast Lap: 16.092



Gray Gaulding

Lap 1: 15.895
Lap 2: 15.783
Fast Lap: 15.783



Jimmy Weller

Lap 1: Spin
Lap 2: 15.806
Fast Lap: 15.806



Jimmy Weller spins in Turn 2.



Roger Lee Newton

Lap 1: 16.470
Lap 2: 16.289
Fast Lap: 16.289



Hindman takes the pole.



Heath Hindman

Lap 1: 15.932
Lap 2: 15.622
Fast Lap: 15.622



Steven Legendre

Lap 1: 16.
Lap 2: 16.260
Fast Lap: 16.260



Mark Reedy

Lap 1: 16.601
Lap 2: 16.263
Fast Lap: 16.263



Jimmy Doyle

Lap 1: 16.198
Lap 2: 16.025
Fast Lap: 16.025



Joe Heigl

Lap 1: 16.536
Lap 2: 16.141
Fast Lap: 16.141



R.A. Brown

Lap 1: 16.573
Lap 2: 16.573
Fast Lap: 16.573



Wakefield is now on the pole.



Justin Wakefield

Lap 1: 16.005
Lap 2: 15.626
Fast Lap: 15.626



Bradley McCaskall

Lap 1: 15.829
Lap 2: 15.707
Fast Lap: 15.707



Dana White

Lap 1: 16.721
Lap 2: 16.440
Fast Lap: 16.440



Andy Loden

Lap 1:16.100
Lap 2: 15.807
Fast Time: 15.807



Grant Davidson

Lap 1: 16.390
Lap 2: 15.941
Fast Time: 15.941



Drivers are hopping in their cars as we get ready to qualify these Super Late Models for tonight’s feature event!



Comment From cw 

what coverage will you guys have next weekend? radio or just trackside now?



Speed 51 will have a special announcement on Tuesday regarding our coverage of “The Race”.  Stay tuned to Speed51.com for all the details!



Qualifying Order for Carolina Clash 150

  1. Grant Davidson
  2. Andy Loden
  3. Dana White
  4. Bradley McCaskall
  5. Justin Wakefield
  6. R.A. Brown
  7. Joe Heigl
  8. Jimmy Doyle
  9. Mark Reedy
  10. Steven Legendre
  11. Heath Hindman
  12. Roger Lee Newton
  13. Jimmy Weller
  14. Gray Gaulding
  15. John Batten
  16. Clete Caywood
  17. Jay Fogleman
  18. Ryan Blaney
  19. Preston Peltier
  20. Alex Fleming
  21. Jodey Lavender



We’re just about 15 minutes away from the qualifying time trials for tonight’s PASS South Carolina Clash 150. The No. 00 of Grant Davidson will roll off first.



There won’t be radio of the Carolina Clash 150 here at Dillon Motor Speedway tonight, but Speed 51 will have live radio coverage of both the K&N Pro Series East race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway and the NASCAR Wheelen Southern Modified Tour race at Hickory Motor Speedway. Visit NASCAR Hometracks for the radio links.



Comment From bob 

is there going to be radio of this race?



Comment From Norm from PASS 

great work, just a shout out and a welcome aboard to PASS South’s new presenting sponsors, JE Pistons and Roush Yates Performance Products! looking forward to a great race!



We just got back from the driver’s meeting. The empasized that only green flag laps will be counted and that driver’s will be scored at the moment of caution, not as they race back to the line.



Comment From Flyn Brian 

all this trackside now coverage is awesome…you lot are amazing



We’re going to step out and head down to the infield for a bit. We’ll let you know what we find out when we get back. We’ll be back up here just before 4 p.m. as the Super Late Models line up for qualifying time trials.



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Jimmy Weller sets the fast time in the last practice session. (51 Photo)




Final Super Late Model Practice Times:

Pos. No. Name Fast Time
1 23 Jimmy Weller 15.730
2 91 Heath Hindman 15.739
3 10 Ryan Blaney 15.789
4 2 Gray Gaulding 15.870
5 115 Jody Lavender 15.910
6 29 Andy Loden 15.922
7 18 Bradley McCaskall 15.932
8 05 Alex Fleming 15.983
9 00 Grant Davidson 15.989
10 71 Jimmy Doyle 15.998
11 15h Joe Heigl 16.018
12 12 Mark Reedy 16.170
13 14 Clete Caywood 16.186
14 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.292
15 48 John Batten 16.430
16 20 Steven Legendre 16.528
17 7 Dana White 16.576



Jimmy Weller takes the top spot in the last practice session with a fast time of 15.730 seconds.



Blaney will take the black and red flags to end the final practice session.



Ryan Blaney is again the lone car on the track.



Jimmy Weller and Ryan Blaney are back out and making the most of the last practice session.



As Ryan Blaney pulls in, the track is quiet.



Lavender is now joined by Ryan Blaney, Andy Loden, Jimmy Weller and Roger Lee Newton.



Jody Lavender is the sole SLM on the track.



Jody Lavender has joind the group of cars on the track in this session.



Clete Caywood, Alex Fleming and Gray Gaulding are the only cars on the track right now.



Keep trying, the our coverage at Montgomery should begin shortly.



Comment From Carolina Jack 

Is the Show Me Thie Money link working yet? It dosent start for me.



Jimmy Weller and Roger Lee Newton were the first two cars this time.



Mini Cup practice is over and we are almost clear for our final Super Late Model practice of the day. Who will it be atop the charts this time? Let us know who you think.






Comment From scorer27 

As usual, great job guys



In addition to our coverage of today’s event in the Carolinas, we will also have coverage of the Show Me the Money Series at Montgomery today. Click here for the link!



Jay Fogleman unloads his backup car. (51 Photo)




Justin Wakefield takes laps in practice. (51 Photo)




We’re going to step away from the computer for a second and grab some lunch before we get back to Super Late Model action at 2 p.m.



We’ve just gotten word that Kevin Floars and Hal Goodson have both scratched from this evening’s event. Floars had a major oil leak that the team couldn’t repair and Goodson dropped a valve during practice.



It appears as if Jay Fogleman may be going to a back up car. The team has unloaded the second No. 4 from their hauler. We’ll let you know as the story unfolds.



Super Late Model Second Practice Times:

Pos. No. Name Fast Time
1 29 Andy Loden 15.762
2 98 Justin Wakefield 15.815
3 23 Jimmy Weller 15.944
4 115 Jody Lavender 15.960
5 16 Hal Goodson 16.022
6 15h Joe Heigl 16.059
7 91 Heath Hindman 16.064
8 10 Ryan Blaney 16.075
9 71 Jimmy Doyle 16.129
10 2 Gray Gaulding 16.136
11 20 Steven Legendre 16.156
12 18 Bradley McCaskall 16.166
13 4 Jay Fogleman 16.220
14 14 Clete Caywood 16.255
15 00 Grant Davidson 16.341
16 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.344
17 55 Kevin Floars 16.417
18 7 Dana White 16.532
19 60 R.A. Brown 16.559
20 05 Alex Fleming 16.725
21 12 Mark Reedy 16.730



Andy Loden was fastest in the second practice session. He had a fast time of 15.762 seconds. We’ll have the rest of the field for you in just a second.



Below are the drivers here at Dillon Motor Speedway for tonight’s Carolina Clash 150.

4              Jay Fogleman

48           John Batten


98           Justin Wakefield


10           Ryan Blaney


23           Jimmy Weller


20           Steven Legendre


29           Andy Loden


42           Tim Pinion


71           Jimmy Doyle


115         Jody Lavender


33           Roger Lee Newton


2              Gray Gaulding


18           Bradley McCaskell


00           Grant Davidson


35           Devin Jones


7              Dana White


91           Heath Hindman


05           Alex Fleming


26           Preston Peltier


16           Hal Goodson


15h         Joe Heigl


12           Mark Reedy


14           Clete Caywood


55           Kevin Floars


60           R.A. Brown




Don’t forget to check out our other Trackside Now coverage. Click here for the K&N Pro Series East event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway we’re also at Hickory Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Wheelen Southern Modified Tour. For the Modified coverage, click here.



R.A. Brown, Clete Claywood and Justin Wakefield  are the only cars out on the track right now.



PASS South officials have confimed a total of 25 Super Late Models are on the ground for tonight’s Carolina Clash 150.



The No. 4 of Jay Fogleman is out on the track for the first time today.



Heigl gets his machine going again and they get back to it. It doesn’t appear that Heigl has any damage from that spin.



The No. 15 of Joe Heigl has spun in Turn 1. He brings us under caution in this practice session.



Supers are back out for their second practice of the day. Andy Loden, Grant Davidson, Bradley McCaskall, Mark Reedy and Ryan Blaney are just a few out right now.



The Super Late Models are lining up for their second practice of the day. Gray Gaulding will lead the pack out on the track this time.



The No. 5 team of Spencer Wauters packs up and heads out after blowing up in first practice. (51 Photo)




The Mini Cup cars have made their way onto the track for their first practice session.



The crew has loaded the No. 5 of Specer Wauters into the hauler. I desn’t appear that he has a back up car for tonight’s race.



The Legends have finished their first practice session and now the Allison cars are out on the track. We’ll be back with Super Late Model practice session at 1 p.m.



First Super Late Model Practice Times:

Pos. No. Name Fast Time
1 26 Preston Peltier 15.777
2 10 Ryan Blaney 15.969
3 98 Justin Wakefield 16.035
4 23 Jimmy Weller 16.051
5 2 Gray Gaulding 16.158
6 115 Jody Laveneder 16.191
7 0 Grant Davidson 16.235
8 20 Steven Legendre 16.272
9 18 Bradley McCaskall 16.275
10 29 Andy Loden 16.371
11 14 Clete Caywood 16.375
12 55 Steve Smith 16.447
13 33 Roger Lee Newton 16.480
14 15h Joe Heigl 16.512
15 05 Alex Fleming 16.791
16 7 Dana White 16.884
17 5 Spencer Wauters 16.965
18 12 Mark Reedy 17.011



Preston Peltier, the 2010 PASS South and PASS National Champion, was quickest in the first practice session.



The first practice session for the Super Late Models has now ended.



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The track is green once again. Jody Lavender is making his first appearance in this practice session.



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CAUTION The No. 5 of Spencer Wauters appears to have gone up in smoke. The track is working to clean up what appears to be oil on the racetrack. The field will now get the black and red flags as track crews go to work .



Justin Wakefield, winnner of the 2010 World Crown 300 is now out on the track as the ffield is back under green.



CAUTION the No. 12 of goes Mark Reedy goes around in Turn 2.



First practice has begun here at Dillon Motor Speedway. Ryan Blaney, Andy Loden, Gray Gaulding are among them.



The Super Late Models are lining up on pit road for today’s first practice session. Preston Peltier will be the first out on the track in his No. 26 machine.



Teams prepare their Super Late Models for tonight’s PASS South Carolina Clash 150. (51 Photo)




Comment From lucky 

Go John Flemming! Go get’em!!!!



We’re hearing from the track that there are roughly 28 Super Late Models present here today.



Comment From pat connell 

how many slm are there



Comment From ur spotter got left 

go alex flemming sorry i cant make it stay out of trouble and goodluck



Comment From prostock0 

Good luck to John Flemming!



Comment From Linda 

Thanks for your coverage. Good luck to Jody Lavender!!



Today’s schedule is as follows:

Rotating Practice

12-12:20 Super Late Model
12:20- 12:30 Legends
12:30- 12:40 Allison
12:40-12:50 Sportsman
12:55-1:00 Mini Cup
1:00-1:20 Super Late Model
1:20-1:30 Legends
1:30 -1:40 Allison
140-1:50 Sportsman
1:50-1:55 Bandeleros
1:55- 2:00 Mini Cup
2:00-2:20 Super Late Model
2:20- 2:30 Legends
2:30-2:40 Allisons
2:40- 2:50 Sportsman
2:50 -2:55 Bandeleros
2:55 -3:00 Mini Cup

3:15 Drivers Meeting

3:30 Super Late Models line up for time trials

4:00 Super Late Model time trials

5:30 Super Late Models line up on starting grid

6:00 PASS South Carolina Clash 150

To follow:
Allison Legacy Series
Mini Cup
Late Model Stocks



We’re hearing that the schedule for today’s events has changed slightly as practice for the Super Late Models will now start at noon.



Good Morning! We’ve just arrived here at Dillon Motor Speedway for this evening’s PASS South Carolina Clash 150. The weather here is beautiful and we are ready to get today’s events underway after last weekend was rained out.

Trackside Now: PASS South Carolina Clash 150 – Dillon Motor Speedway (SC) – 4/2/11