Speed51.com Trackside Now – 8/29/09 – PASS South at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the PASS South “Over the Mountain 150” Super Late Model event at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, North Carolina.


Kevin Streigle and myself, Jason “Stix” Buckley, are here with Speed51.com to provide all of the action from today’s event.


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Here is today’s schedule, according to the PASS South website:

1:00 PM Pit Gate Opens
3:00 – 4:30 pm Rotating Practice Starts  


PASS South started practice about 15 minutes early today, possibly due to the large car count, which we are estimating between 32 and 36 Super Late Models.   We will have a full list of who is here shortly.


The Super Late Models have already been on the track for their first practice session and the PASS Trucks just completed their first session.   The Allison Legacy cars are next.


We have a lot of information to throw towards you during the practice session, so stick around for some news and information momentarily.


SPEED TV and Speed51.com’s Bob Dillner is here with his BDI Racing team as his primary focus, but he took a few moments to interview PASS South points leader Ben Rowe earlier today.To see the video, visit the Speed51.com Facebook page here:http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1143652120614&ref=mf


Friday was a practice session for the PASS South drivers and teams.   According to Alan Dietz, announcer for PASS, there were approximately 25 drivers here for the test.


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Stremme was here yesterday, practicing his Super Late Model, however he is not expected to race today.


Justin Wakefield might be in a bit of hot water with the track.   When his new hauler made it’s way into the track, it hit the track surface in turn four, dragging across it and damaging the track a bit.



PHOTO: The track surface was damaged a bit after Justin Wakefield’s hauler drug across it.   (51 Sports Photo)


The Allison Legacy Series cars completed their first practice session.   The PASS South Super Late Models are back on track for their second session.If we get times from the officials on the SLM practice sessions, we will post them.


The second Super Late Model practice has been completed.   There hasn’t been any major incidents to this point that we have seen.   The Trucks are on the track for their session.


We have counted 33 Super Late Models here.   Here is a roster of who is here:

00 Jeramie Whorff
02 Tim Nooner
04 Jerrod Foley
05 Gene Kirila
05 Alex Fleming
09 Keeton Hanks
1 Fredrick Moore
4 Jay Fogleman
4 Ben Rowe
8 Cassius Clark
9 Chase Elliott
10 Ryan Blaney
10 Logan Dernoshek
18 Bradley McCaskill
18x Billy Leslie
20 John Stancill
22 Perry Brown
23 Jimmy Weller
25 Jeff Bolen
26 Preston Peltier
29 Andy Loden
33 Jeff Choquette
35 Devin Jones
47 Corey Williams
48 John Batten
51 Michael Pope
55 Alex Yontz
74 Ryan Moore
91 Heath Hindman
92 Mart Nesbitt
93 Tayla Orleans
98 Justin Wakefield
101 CJ Faison


Of note, three drivers are not here that were possibly expected.   We told you about David Stremmebeing here yesterday to shake down his car, but he isn’t planning on racing today.   Spencer Wauters was rumored to be here, but he has not showed.   Also, Ralph Carnes was thought to be here, but we understand he might have a race elsewhere today.There are some drivers that are here racing in the PASS South event that were planning on racing elsewhere.   Keeton Hanks, Jeff Choquette, Chase Elliott and  Jerrod Foley all were pre-entered to race in the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA) today, but the series cancelled the show at the beginning of the week (visit Speed51.com for three stories  on the multiple cancellations and issues with sponsors the ASA SAT group is having).   All four drivers are now here to race in today’s event.


Comment From Billy Long Ralph Carnes is racing a late model stock tonight at Greenville Pickens Speedway


Comment From Rita I love Pass Racing,have made almost all of them this year and was planning to be there today but was unable todo so,I have a special interest in the series of course Heath Hindman is my step-son thanks for making the day available on Seed 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The practice sessions have rotated back around to the Super Late Models, which are on the track currently.


There have been three practice sessions for the Super Late Models.   We have some times.   Here are the top five from each session.   Of note, in the second session, there was a debris caution, so the times reflected are after that yellow.


SLM Practice Session #1 (top 5)

1 20 John Stancill 15.156
2 33 Jeff Choquette 15.195
3 29 Andy Loden 15.204
4 51 Michael Pope 15.226
5 10 Ryan Blaney 15.278


SLM Practice Session #2 (top 5)

1 47 Corey Williams 15.056
2 33 Jeff Choquette 15.176
3 20 John Stancill 15.180
4 10 Ryan Blaney 15.201
5 74 Ryan Moore 15.210


SLM Practice Session #3 (top 5)

1 8 Cassius Clark 15.065
2 9 Chase Elliott 15.078
3 35 Devin Jones 15.089
4 10 Ryan Blaney 15.101
5 47 Corey Williams 15.157



PHOTO: Corey Williams on pit road. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Chase Elliott at speed.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: PASS Super Late Models are lined up for practice.   (51 Sports photo)


We thought there was going to be another practice round, but the track is currently silent.   We are going to head trackside to talk with drivers before qualifying, which starts at 5pm.


PASS Super Late Model Qualifying is underway.


Tayla Orleans looped it around coming off of turn four on her qualifying run, but avoided contact with the outside wall, drove it around backwards to get another go at it and completed her qualifying run.


Qualifying is almost complete, and we will have a full rundown shortly.


John Stancill has set fast time for tonight’s PASS South Super Late Model race.We will have ful qualifying results shortly.


Before we post the complete qualifying results, we have a bit of news, but not news, but news, from the pits.Apparently before the activities here today, PASS head tech Scott Reid and racer Preston Peltierhad a chat session.   Peltier has been the focus of a lot of attention and critisism this year as he has been involved in multiple incidents with a few drivers.According to Peltier, it was just a chit-chat.   According to Reid, it was the same.   However, both drivers did have a smirk on their face when they told us, so we think there was more to that story than what we were told.



PHOTO: John Stancill watched other drivers qualify before throwing his car on the track as the fast qualifier.   (51 Sports Photo)



1 20 John Stancill 14.914
2 9 Chase Elliott 14.935
3 47 Corey Williams 14.951
4 4n Ben Rowe 14.957
5 98 Justin Wakefield 14.968
6 33 Jeff Choquette 14.989
7 91 Heath Hindman 14.993
8 8 Cassius Clark 14.993
9 23 Jimmy Weller 15.019
10 35 Devin Jones 15.030
11 1 Fred Moore 15.045
12 09 Keeton Hanks 15.050
13 18 Bradley McCaskill 15.051
14 10 Ryan Blaney 15.058
15 02 Tim Nooner 15.065
16 93 Tayla Orleans 15.077
17 29 Andy Loden 15.078
18 55 Alex Yontz 15.095
19 22 Perry Brown 15.107
20 26 Preston Peltier 15.111
21 74 Ryan Moore 15.132
22 51 Michael Pope 15.140
23 00 Jeramie Whorff 15.160
24 48 John Batten 15.168
25 18x Billy Leslie 15.178
26 4s Jay Fogleman 15.199
27 05k Gene Kirlia 15.212
28 04 Jerrod Foley 15.269
29 101 CJ Faison 15.345
30 05 Alex Fleming 15.358
31 92 Mart Nesbitt 15.360
32 25 Jeff Bolen 15.490
33 10d Logan Dernoshek 15.523


How does the qualifying and starting positions work with PASS?The top 20 are locked into the show from qualifying.   First through 10th will redraw during the autograph session while 11th through 20th are locked into their starting position.The rest of the cars, 21st through 33rd here today, will race a 15-lap last chance race.   The top six will transfer into the feature (21st – 26th).   Then, the field will be completed with two PASS South provisionals, for a total of 28 cars starting the feature tonight.


John Stancill being fast is not new, but for him to be at the track is as of late.   When Stancill was younger, he had an issue with his inner ears.   That caused him to have prosthetics put in his ears to help him hear.   Earlier this year he had an operation to replace one, and from it he acquired an infection, which kept him from racing the last PASS South race at Orange County.   He is better now, and obviously he is ready to race.


Jeff Choquette is one of the ASA SAT drivers that is now racing here tonight in the PASS South event.   What did he have to say about the situation?Visit the Speed51.com Facebook page to view the video here:http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1143720602326&ref=mf


The Last Chance race is now making it’s way onto the race track.   Remember, the top six transfer.


Here is the starting line-up for the last chance race:

1 74 Ryan Moore
2 51 Michael Pope
3 00 Jeramie Whorff
4 48 John Batten
5 18x Billy Leslie
6 4s Jay Fogleman
7 05k Gene Kirlia
8 04 Jerrod Foley
9 101 CJ Faison
10 05 Alex Fleming
11 92 Mart Nesbitt
12 25 Jeff Bolen
13 10d Logan Dernoshek




YELLOW FLAGGene Kirila went around in turn two on the start of the last chance race.Meanwhile, up front, Ryan Moore leads Jeramie Whorff, Michael Pope and Billy Leslie.




Jeramie Whorff has taken the point and currently leads Ryan Moore and Michael Pope.


The top three have seperated themselves from the rest of the drivers a bit.   In fourth is Billie Leslie, then a bit of a gap back to Alex Fleming in fifth and Jerrod Foley in the final transfer spot at the halfway mark.


CHECKERED FLAGJeramie Whorff has won the last chance race.Ryan Moore, Michael Pope, Billy Leslie, Alex Fleming and Gene Kirila finished second through sixth and all transfer.   Jerrod Foley, who battled side by side with Kirila for the final few laps, just missed making it into the field by a few inches at the line.


We will have the provisionals and who didn’t make it into the show shortly.


Jay Fogleman and John Batten will get the final two starting spots (provisionals).   Going home tonight without racing in the feature are Jerrod Foley, CJ Faison, Jeff Bolen, Mart Nesbitt and  Logan Dernoshek.


Speaking of drivers that are not racing here tonight, one driver was planning on making her Super Late Model debut here if it wasn’t for an illness.   Meghan Dillner, daughter of SPEED TV and Speed51.com’s Bob Dillner, had been practicing a BDI Racing car here over the last month and was ready to make her debut as a teammate to Michael Pope, but she was diognosed with mono, which, according to the doctors, will have her out from behind the wheel for quite a while until she gets healthy.Meghan Dillner got her first Pro Challenge Series victory here at Hickory earlier this year and she has raced here in a PASS Truck.


The National Anthem has been sung and the PASS Trucks are heading out on the track for their feature.   Ben Ebling will start on the point with Jody Measamer outside pole.   Points leader Grant Davidson will start fourth in the 12 truck feature.We will update with who wins shortly.


Comment From Scott Poland Best wishes to Meghan Dillner to get well soon. Had mono once during race season. Still raced against everyone’s recommendations. Give it about a month and then get back to killin it on the asphalt!!!


Comment From Racing Mama Go 98!!


Comment From david go whorff


Comment From Norm D Glad you guys are there…….55 and raining like mad in New England – so you’re the only show in town today!



PHOTO: Last Chance race start. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Everyone was standing on the haulers to watch the last chance race.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Last Chance racing action.   (51 Sports Photo)


Jody Measamer has won the PASS Truck Series feature.



PHOTO: Jody Measamer was thrilled with his PASS Truck Series win. (51 Sports Photo)


The Allison Legacy feature is next.


After four years of wearing a driving suit that was old, ragged and even ripped in the “back end” area, Corey Williams has a new firesuit.   Williams said it was something he was able to afford since he finally won a race.   He won the last PASS South race, which was at Orange County Speedway (NC) on August 8th.



PHOTO: Corey Williams in his new fire suit.   (51 Sports Photo)


Timmy Hill has won the Allison Legacy Series feature.


Next up is the PASS South pit party.   We are going to head down trackside to talk with the drivers before the feature.   We will be back shortly.


The pit party has been completed and the drivers are ready to get going.   We should be starting momentarily.


Here is the starting lineup after the top-10 redraw:

1 8 Cassius Clark
2 35 Devin Jones
3 33 Jeff Choquette
4 9 Chase Elliott
5 98 Justin Wakefield
6 47 Corey Williams
7 23 Jimmy Weller
8 20 John Stancill
9 4n Ben Rowe
10 91 Heath Hindman
11 1 Fred Moore
12 09 Keeton Hanks
13 18 Bradley McCaskill
14 10 Ryan Blaney
15 02 Tim Nooner
16 93 Tayla Orleans
17 29 Andy Loden
18 55 Alex Yontz
19 22 Perry Brown
20 26 Preston Peltier
21 00 Jeramie Whorff
22 74 Ryan Moore
23 51 Michael Pope
24 18x Billy Leslie
25 05 Alex Fleming
26 05k Gene Kirlia
27 4s Jay Fogleman
28 48 John Batten


The key to tonight’s race is patience.   According to Ben Rowe said drivers are going to have to pace themselves.




Cassius Clark had led the first lap with Jeff Choquette dropping into second.   Devin Jones is third.


Five laps are in the books.   We are clean and green currently, but there is a lot of side by side racing through thte pack.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 7Multiple cars piled up in turn three, causing a big wreck.   We will have the cars involved momentarily.


Some of the cars involved were Preston Peltier, Tayla Orleans, Alex Yontz and Alex Fleming all got damage in the incident.   Also, during this yellow, Jay Fogleman has been on and off pit road.


Preston Peltier is still on pit road with a lot of front end damage.   Alex Yontz has pulled into his pits nose first, so it appears his day is done.   Alex Fleming and Tayla Orleans are also on pit road making repairs.


Up front, Jeff Choquette took the lead right before the yellow, so he leads Cassius Clark, Devin Jones, Justin Wakefield and Corey Williams.




Cassiys Clark is hanging tough on the outside of Jeff Choquette for the lead for the past few laps.


Cassius Clark has cleared Jeff Choquette and currently leads with Justin Wakefield right behind the two leaders.


The top 12 cars are all single file with the first side by side battle back in 13th.With 16 laps down, Cassius Clark currently leads the field.


Preston Peltier, who was involved in that first big wreck, got back out before the green flew, but just got lapped by the leader as his car is damaged quite extensively.


It looks like Preston Peltier has had enough.   He just pulled it into his pits nose first and appears to be done for the day.


With 30 laps complete, Cassius Clark has a decent size lead over Jeff Choquette, Justin Wakefield, Corey Williams and Devin Jones.   Chase Elliott is running just outside the top five.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 34Tayla Orleans went for a spin in turn one, but got righted and kept going.


Top five: Cassius Clark, Jeff Choquette, Justin Wakefield, Corey Williams, Devin Jones


Multiple cars were on pit road making some adjustments, including John Stancill, Michael Pope, Fred Moore, Jay Fogleman and Jeramie Whorff.


Preston Peltier has not given up.   He has come back out on the track with part of his car missing.




The high lane looks to be the place to be on these restarts as Jeff Choquette has taken the lead from Cassius Clark.   Corey Williams is third with Justin Wakefield fourth.   Chase Elliott is now fifth.


YELLOW FLAG: 46Jeramie Whorff has spun in turn three.   It was a single car spin and he got going right away.


Top 10: Jeff Choquette, Cassius Clark, Corey Williams, Chase Elliott, Justin Wakefield, Heath Hindman, Devin Jones, Ben ROwe, Ryan Blaney, Keeton Hanks




This time the low line worked for Jeff Choquette as he has the lead firmly over Cassius Clark after the restart.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 51Jeramie Whorff’s day just got worse.   He appeared to break something or cut down a right front tire as he pounded the turn one wall.   With some assistance from a wrecker, he was able to roll off.


During that green flag run, we noticed that Devin Jones glanced off the wall and has some right side damage.   He currently runs in the 11th position as has slid back since he started second.


Top five: Jeff Choquette, Cassius Clark, Corey Williams, Chase Elliott, Heath Hindman


Jeramie Whorff’s car was towed to the pits as it wouldn’t roll all the way around the track since it has a lot of right front damage.




Jeff Choquette has held serve up front with Cassius Clark a close second.     Corey Williams is third and Chase Elliott is fourth, but behind them is a wad of race cars battling for position.


Chase Elliott has just worked his way into third around Corey Williams.


The battle for fifth has settled down a bit as Heath Hindman has moved into the position.   He is followed by Ben Rowe, Bradley McCaskill and Ryan Blaney.


YELLOW FLAG: 66Billy Leslie tried to get under another car for position off turn four and got loose, sliding to a stop just before hitting the inside wall.


Top 10: Jeff Choquette, Cassius Clark, Chase Elliott, Corey Williams, Heath Hindman, Ben Rowe, Bradley McCaskill, Ryan Blaney, Andy Loden, Justin Wakefield




YELLOW FLAG: LAP 69A few cars got together, which caused a few more to spin and wreck in turn one.   A few that appeared to be involved were Alex Fleming, Preston Peltier, Michael Pope and possible John Stancill and Corey Williams.


From what we saw, there was a huge jam-up around sixth or so on back.   Justin Wakefield got turned sideways a bit in turn one, which caused a few other cars to check up.All cars pulled away and some have been on and off pit road.


Top five: Jeff Choquette, Cassius Clark, Chase Elliott, Ben Rowe, Ryan Blaney


During this yellow, John Stancill, Michael Pope and Jay Fogleman have been on pit road making repairs or changes to their cars.


Tim Nooner is also on pit road.


Pope and Fogleman are back on the track, but Stancill is still on pit road as we are coming to green.




Jeff Choquette held the lead on the start, but Cassius Clark is right on his back bumper.


Heath Hindman is also on pit road.   We are not sure if we missed him during the last yellow or not, but he appears to be done as the team just nosed the car into his pit stall.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 92Ryan Blaney went for a spin in turn four.   We are not sure what happened, but it didn’t appear Blaney was too happy.   He ran all the way up to the fifth spot during yellow before he had to drop back to the tail of the field.


Top five: Jeff Choquette, Cassius Clark, Chase Elliott, Bradley McCaskill, Andy Loden




YELLOW FLAG: LAP 94A multiple car incident happened on the backstretch.   Corey Williams was heavily damaged and has pulled nose first into his pits.   Ryan Moore, Perry Brow and Alex Fleming were also involved. 




Jeff Choquette held the lead on the restart with Cassius Clark behind.   Behind them, it is a a scramble for position.


Perry Brown and Alex Fleming have both nosed into their pits, so it appears they are done for the night.Also, on that last yellow, Ben Rowe was on pit road and is trying to work his way back up to the front from the back.


Michael Pope just pulled off the track with possible rear end issues.


There are 13 cars currently left on the track of the 28 that started.There are 110 laps complete of the 150 laps.   Jeff Choquette leads Cassius Clark, Chase Elliott, Bradley McCaskill and Andy Loden.


There are 25 laps left in the 150-lap race.   Jeff Choquette still leads the field with Cassius Clark a short bit behind.   Chase Elliott has been putting pressure on Clark for the second position while Bradley McCaskill has reeled them both in.   Andy Loden is fifth.


Chase Elliott is still working over Cassius Clark for the second position.   There are 15 laps left.


10 laps remain.   It is Jeff Choquette’s race currently to lose.


Chase Elliott has moved side by side with Cassius Clark for second as the two drivers are reeling in the leader a bit.


Chase Elliott used a lapped car as a pick and took second from Cassius Clark.   Five laps remain.


Chase Elliott is on the back bumper of the leader Jeff Choquette with two laps to go.


CHECKERED FLAGChase Elliott has won the PASS South Over the Mountain 150.


Going into turn three prior to the final lap, Chase Elliott worked his way to the back bumper of Jeff Choquette and made slight contact.   As the two drivers came to the white flag, they were side by side.   Jeff Choquette tried to work the high side through three and four, but Elliott had the preferred line and won the event.At 13 years old, he becomes the youngest winner in PASS South, and PASS Super Late Model overall, history.Choquette finished second with Cassius Clark third and Bradley McCaskill fourth.


We will have more from Hickory soon.   We are heading to the pits to talk to the drivers.


Chase Elliott and Jeff Choquette were both supposed to be somewhere else.   Both drivers were planning on racing in the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA), but due to yet another cancellation of a race by ASA SAT due to sponsor woes, both drivers decided to race in the PASS South Super Late Model Series at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC), and as they battled hard over the last few laps, Elliott came out on top as the victor and the invader of a series that might eventually become home for the 13-year-old racer.


Unofficial Results: PASS South “Over the Mountain 150”

1 9 Chase Elliott
2 33 Jeff Choquette
3 8 Cassius Clark
4 18 Bradley McCaskill
5 29 Andy Loden
6 10 Ryan Blaney
7 9 Keeton Hanks
8 35 Devin Jones
9 4n Ben Rowe
10 05k Gene Kirlia
11 98 Justin Wakefield
12 18x Billy Leslie
13 48 John Batten
14 4s Jay Fogleman
15 51 Michael Pope
16 23 Jimmy Weller
17 47 Corey Williams
18 1 Fred Moore
19 22 Perry Brown
20 05 Alex Fleming
21 74 Ryan Moore
22 91 Heath Hindman
23 02 Tim Nooner
24 20 John Stancill
25 26 Preston Peltier
26 00 Jeramie Whorff
27 93 Tayla Orleans
28 55 Alex Yontz



PHOTO: Chase Elliott in victory lane at Hickory.   (51 Sports Photo)


That is it for our Trackside Now coverage of the PASS South “Over the Mountain 150” at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC).   Stay tuned to Speed51.com next week for more from the event, including interviews with the top drivers and some of the drivers that fell out of the night’s event.Goodnight from Hickory.

Trackside Now: PASS South at Hickory Motor Speedway – 8/29/09