Jonny Clark is the winner here today and most likely the PASS North champion for 2010. Clark unofficially has over a 60 points lead (official points come out later in the week) over Ben Rowe and that in all likelihood cannot be made up at White Mountain on Friday.

Clark held off Cassius Clark for the win by about one full car length. Cassius was upset in victory lane, not with Johnny, but the fact they lost this one by only one position. We will have much more from the Clark boys, no relation, later this week on Speed51.com in our leftovers section. For now thank you for tuning into our coverage here this weekend at the PASS 400 weekend. Goodnight.

Johnny Clark scored his second-career PASS 300 win. (51 Sports Photo)
Official Finish
1 54 Johnny Clark 300
2 8 Cassius Clark 300
3 53 Bill Rodgers 300
4 33 Richie Dearborn 300
5 84 Scott Mulkern 300
6 21 David Oliver 300
7 17 Travis Benjamin 300
8 14M Matt Fraham 300
9 1T Chris Thorne 300
10 10 Scott Dragon 300
11 22 Aaron Ricker 300
12 2 Tom Scully Jr. 300
13 77 Scott Chubbuck 300
14 60 DJ Shaw 300
15 26 Preston Peltier 300
16 20 Steve Legendre 300
17 23 Lonnie Sommerville 299
18 47 Kelly Moore 299
19 7 Donnie Whitten 299
20 85 Nick Ribbe 298
21 03 Scott Moore 298
22 44 Trevor Sanborn 297
23 73 Joey Doiron 296
24 2X Mike Rowe 294
25 98 Adam Bates 279
26 4 Jay Fogleman 243
27 75 Gary Smith 237
28 48 Ben Rowe 224
29 29 Ricky Morse 184
30 17A Scott Alexander 181
31 0 Bill Whorff Jr. 178
32 71 Gary Drew 136
33 79 Keith McKinnon 59
Comment From Ron Conley 

Johhny Clark is the man!! Been on a tear lately!! 

Comment From 54 fan 

awesome job again this weeks guys, congrats from nova scotia……………..wish we were there like last week…………… 

Comment From Ontario 

the last two Sunday’s have been profitable for Mr. Clark 

Johnny Clark has won the PASS 300 here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. We’ll have much more after we go trackside. Stay tuned. 
Two to go and Johnny stil leads. 
Five to go and Cassius cuts it down to one length. 
It’s two car lengths with seven to go. 
10 to go. It’s Clark and Clark going for it out front. 
Cassius Clark is closing in for the lead. 
15 to go. 
Cassius Clark gets clear and now sets his sights for the leader. 
GREEN FLAG LAP 281: Johnny Clark leads to turn one as the lap car of Nick Ribbe is outside. 
19 lap shootout here at Beech Ridge. 
Aaron Ricker, Scott Mulkern, Scott Dragon, Travis Benjamin and Chris Thorn the rest of the top 10. 
Top Five: Johnny Clark, Cassius Clark, Bill Rodgers, Richie Dearborn, and David Oliver. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 281: Adam Bates spins in turn three. 
Cassius Clark is now up to second and is closing in on the leader. 
Today’s winner will pocket $10,000 for the victory in the PASS 300. 
25 laps to go. Johnny Clark leads Bill Rodgers and Cassius Clark. 
Cassius Clark got around Richie Dearborn thanks to the spin. 
Lonnie Sommerville spins in turn one, but no yellow comes out.
Scott Moore, and Steve Legendre also give way to leader Johnny Clark. 
Johnny Clark now gets away and laps Trevor Sanborn. 
With a great crossover move Johnny clark takes the lead on lap 260. 
Former leader Donnie Whitten will go down a lap coming off turn two. 
Leaders will have lots of traffic to deal with in the final 40 laps. 
Johnny Clark goes low on Bill Rodgers and the front two are side-by-side. 50 laps to go. 
Donnie Whitten is smoking more now as he drops out of the top 10. 
55 Laps to go. Jay Fogleman has pulled in and is out of the race. 
Top five: Bill Rodgers, Johnny Clark, Richie Dearborn, Cassius Clark, David Oliver, Lonnie Sommerville, Scott Dragon, Adam Bates, Scott Chubbuck, and Scott Mulkern. 
Cassius Clark has snuck up to fourth and is knocking on the door for third. 
Comment From Ontario 

rough two weeks for Ben 

Johnny Clark has now turned up the tempo and is all over Bill Rodgers for the lead. 65 laps to go. 
Ben Rowe is out of the race with motor trouble. 
Bill Rodgers takes the lead on lap 227. 
Bill Rodgers takes second and is now looking for the lead. 
Ben Rowe is having engine trouble and is skipping. 
Bill Rodgers moves into third. 
Lonnie Sommerville pulls up and takes the lead as the top four are two rows, side-by-side. 
Donnie Whitten is showing a little smoke in the turns, but he still holds fdown the top spot. Bill Rodgers looks to have the best car in the top five. 
208 laps in the books. 
Bill Rodgers takes fourth from Richie Dearborn as Donnie Whitten takes the lead back up front. 
Sommerville and Whitten are side-by-side in the turns for the top spot. 
Top 10: Lonnie Sommerville, Donnie Whitten, Johnny Clark, Richie Dearborn, Scott Dragon, Scott Chubbuck, Bill Rodgers, David Oliver, Travis Benjamin, and Adam Bates. 
Sommerville gets away, but he can’t clear Donnie Whitten. Johnny Clark still rides in third. 
Leaders are side-by-side as Johnny Clark looks to get around. 
Johnny Clark with fresh tires is now up to third. 
Lonnie Sommerville rockets the high lane into the lead. 
GREEN FLAG LAP 184: Donnie Whitten leads the pack to one. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 182: Kelly Moore spins off turn four. 
Scott Dragon is third and clear the lap cars up front. Whitten is still the leader. 
Lap 178 pit stops. (51 Sports Photo)
GREEN FLAG: Donnie Whitten takes the lead on the restart. 
Sommerville is the leader, with Donnie Whitten, Scott Dragon, Richie Dearborn, and Johnny Clark. 
Several cars are taking two and coming back in for two more. 
All cars came to pit road, but Lonnie Sommerville stayed out. 
We think we will see all the leaders on pit road. 
Ricker and Peltier stayed on the lead lap. 
YELLOW LAP 177: Joey Doiron spins in turn four. 
Leader Cassius Clark is now lapping Aaron ricker, Tom Scully and Preston Peltier. 
Adam Bates is up to fifth as Lonnie Sommerville takes sixth from Johnny Clark. 
Bill Whorff Jr. is the next car to fall a lap behind to race leader Cassius Clark. 
Joey Doiron, Scott Moore, and Kelly Moore, have all lost a laps. 
Back in the pack Richie Dearborn is up to third and Bill Rodgers is fourth, Johnny Clark is back to fifth. 
Ben Rowe, Jay Fogleman, and Nick Ribbe have all lost laps. 
Cassius Clark takes the lead on lap 152 with the aid of a lap car. 
Travis Benjamin has moved in on lap traffic. Jay Fogleman and Ben Rowe will be his first victims. 
Gary Drew has fallen out of the race. 
As far as the point battle goes, Johnny Clark is looking really good as he is in the top five while Ben Rowe is fighting to stay on the lead lap. 
David Oliver has not really picked up any major ground since the restart. Richie Dearborn is all over Scott Chubbuck for fifth. 
20 laps to halfway. 
Richie Dearborn, Scott Chubbuck, Lonnie Sommerville, Tom Scully and Scott Mulkern ar ethe rest of the top 10. 
Benjamin leads, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Bill Rodgers, and Adam Bates are the top 5. 
Travis Benjamin made the low lane work to stay in the lead. 
Oliver is now like 20th in line. 
GREEN FLAG: LAP 120: Travis Benjamin leads the race to turn one. 
Travis Benjamin will now be the leader. David Oliver lost a few spots on pit road. 
David Oliver pits out of the lead for left side tires. Kelly Moore and Aaron Ricker also pit out of the top 10. This will mover Lonnie Sommerville into the top 10. 
Comment From Guest 

Where is Sommerville running? 

Top 10: David Oliver, Travis Benjamin, Cassius Clark, Scott Chubbuck, Johnny Clark, Bill Rodgers, Kelly Moore, Adam Bates, Richie Dearborn, and Aaron Ricker. 
looks like Sanborn will get the free pass. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 120: Ricky Morse spins in turn three. 
Trevor Sanborn has lost a lap and Preston Peltier is next on the track. 
David Oliver still leads as Travis Benjamin is second, Cassius Clark, Scott Chubbuck and Johnny Clark are the rest of the top five. 
David Oliver has left the pack and has 15 lengths on the second-place car of Chubbuck. 
DJ Shaw has also lost a lap. 
Mike Rowe has gone down a lap to the leaders. 
Travis Benjamin also worked his way around Johnny Clark to take third. 
David Oliver has taken the lead from Scott Chubbuck on lap 93. 
Leaders are closing in on lap traffic again. 
We have lots of action all over the track outside the top 10. 
75 laps in the books. 32 of 33 cars still runiing. Only the 79 of Keith McKinnon is off the track. 
Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, Tom Scully, Aaron Ricker and Richie Dearborn are the rest of the top 10. 
Top Five: Scott Chubbuck, David Oliver, Johnny Clark, Travis Benjamin, and Cassius Clark. 
David Oliver and Johnny Clark take second and third and Travis Benjamin moves to fourth. 
Scott Chubbuck has taken the lead on lap 63. 
GREEN FLAG LAP 62: Tom Scully and Scott Chubbuck lead to the first turn. 
DJ Shaw, Mike Rowe, Preston Peltier, Scott Mulkern, Ben Rowe, Gary Smith, Ricky Morse and others pit. 
Bill Rodgers is now up to 10th after the last green flag session. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 61: Trevor Sanborn and Keith McKinnon get together in turn one. Sanborn has a flat tire on his 44 machine. 
Tom Scully makes the outside work and takes the lead back on lap 60. Scott Chubbuck takes second as well. 
GREEN FLAG LAP 59: Cassius Clark leads the pack to the first turn. 
Scott Mulkern, Gary Smith, and Gary Drew also pitted. Ben Rowe is back in again. 
Most of them took fuel and made adjustments. 
Preston Peltier, Ben Rowe, Mike Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Jay Foglemna, Lonnie Sommerville, Steve Legendre, Nick Ribbe all pitted. 
TOP 10: Cassius Clark, Tom Scully, David Oliver, Scott Chubbuck, Johnny Clark, Adam Bates, Aaron Ricker, Scott Dragon, Kelly Moore and Travis Benjamin. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 59: Ricky Morse and Keith McKinnon spin in turn three. 
Johnny Clark is now fifth behind Scott Chubbuck in fourth. 
Cassius Clark is leading back he has run up on a pack of 15 or so cars who are racing hard. Sanborn is now down a lap. South drivers Preston Peltier and Jay Fogleman are next. 
Mike Rowe is falling back and is only a few spots from going down a lap as well. 
Trevor Sanborn has not really made the move to the front in his backup car like most expected. Sanborn is two cars from being lapped. 
Adam Bates is up to fifth now as Cassius Clark still leads Tom Scully. 
Today is an eight tire race with live stops. We will see teams make serveral stops to adjust and those with the fresh tires at the end tend to rise to the top. 
Comment From scorer27 

Is it a pitstop race or is there a break? 

Cassius Clark takes the lead on lap 31. He used the lap car of Gary Smith as a pick and now Clark leads. 
We now have 25 laps in the books as the leaders work lap traffic. 
Top 10: Tom Scully, Cassius Clark, David Oliver, Joey Doiron, Scott Chubbuck, Adam Bates, Scott Dragon, Johnny Clark, Donnie Whitten and Aaron Ricker. 
Johnny Clark has cracked the top 10 and Kelly Moore is moving up as well. 
Cassius Clark is the story. He’s up to second and looking for more as he closes in on Tom Scully for the lead. 
Cassius Clark is now up to third and the Farmington Flash is looking racey early on. 10 Laps in the books. 
Mike Rowe is having some trouble back in the pack and lost a few spots. 
Joey Doiron looks really good in second with David Oliver, Scott Chubbuck, and Cassius Clark in the top five. 
Tom Scully leads lap one as we work the second lap. 
GREEN FLAG: We are underway! 
The best Super Late Model races are held during the day and we are set to go GREEN with the PASS 300. 
We are on the wave lap. Two to Green. 
Good crowd today here at Beech Ridge. 
Comment From L.D. Moore 

How’s the crowd size for today’s race? 

Engines have fired and we are rolling on the parade laps. 
33 cars lined up for the PASS 300. (51 Sports Photo)
Comment From Marv 

good luck Ben R 

Comment From kinman 

go 98 

Comment From rjm 

David Oliver wins 

Comment From B_Sharon 

good luck 47 & 60 

Comment From elaine 

my pick is going to have the last name rowe 

Comment From Jessica 


Comment From cecil 

jay fogleman kelly moore ben rowe 

Comment From Jesse (Speedway660) 

I Say Scott Chubbuck Will Win Today 

Comment From b dub 

congrats Andy Shaw and Dave Weir. Good luck DJ!!!!! 

The field is rolling onto the track now. 
Comment From Alex 05 

Come on South! Represent NC well! 

Comment From Heather Peltier 

Best of Luck to Preston and the entire #26 Johnson Motorsports team! 

Comment From seekonk fan 

Tom Scully Jr. ! 

Comment From Mike Ray 

Good Luck to all!I’ve gotta pull for the Pass South guy’s;peace,out. 

PASS 300 Starting Line Up
1 2 Tom Scully Jr.
2 73 Joey Doiron
3 21 David Oliver
4 77 Scott Chubbuck
5 22 Aaron Ricker
6 8 Cassius Clark
7 60 DJ Shaw
8 98 Adam Bates
9 7 Donnie Whitten
10 10 Scott Dragon
11 54 Johnny Clark
12 53 Bill Rodgers
13 47 Kelly Moore
14 4 Jay Fogleman
15 2X Mike Rowe
16 14M Matt Fraham
17 17 Travis Benjamin
18 33 Richie Dearborn
19 1T Chris Thorne
20 48 Ben Rowe
21 26 Preston Peltier
22 85 Nick Ribbe
23 71 Gary Drew
24 0 Bill Whorff Jr.
25 84 Scott Mulkern
26 23 Lonnie Sommerville
27 03 Scott Moore
28 29 Ricky Morse
29 44 Trevor Sanborn
30 75 Gary Smith
31 20 Steve Legendre
32 79 Keith McKinnon
33 17A Scott Alexander
Last chance to let us know who you think will win today at Beech Ridge!?! 
Crews are heading to the infield with tires and pit equipment. 300 laps of Super Late Model racing are next here on Speed51.com
The Mini Stocks are finishing up and we will have the Super Late Model race will be next. 
PASS Mod winner and Champion Andy Shaw. (51 Sports Photo)
Modifed Finish
1 66 Andy Shaw
2 77 Jon Brill
3 14 Scott McDaniel
4 9 Marc Lucas
5 53W Alan Wilson
6 2X Wayne Whitten Jr.
7 33 Bill Dixion
8 50 Sumner Sessions
9 53 Wanderson Olieira
10 56X Richard Ferreira
11 28 Mark Lundbland
12 20 Frank Wear
Sportsman Race Results
1 38 Dan McKeage
2 09 Jay Sands
3 18 Carey Martin
4 8 Clyde Hennessey
5 42 Corey Bubar
6 58NH Sparky MacIver
7 7OZ Grant Aither
8 75 Doug Wolfe Jr.
9 63 Russell Morse
10 54 Steve Fogg
11 16 Dan Colpritt
12 34 Spencer Morse
13 83 Ryan Greene
14 40M Laura McKeage
15 07 Richard Pelton
16 0 Shane Green
17 60D Dave Torfano
18 51A RJ Austin
19 58 Lymaqn McKeage
20 40 Mike Landry
21 2 Robert Emery
22 35x Kris Watson
23 60ME Scott Dorr
24 77 Sally Ghrardi
25 20 Frank wear
26 80 Steve Moulton
27 15 Craig Smith
28 36x Peter Cook
29 7 Shane Tatro
30 35 Bobby Nadeau
31 7x Jimmy Burnham
32 36 Nate Leavitt
Andy Shaw made it a thrilling day by winning the PASS Modified feature and the champion in the same day. Jon Brill and Scott McDaniel finished second and third in the 50 lapper. 
After the Modified race we will have a Mini Stock race and then the PASS 300. 
Andy Shaw is looking to lock up the PASS Modified title today. With the start in the race today it should give him the title as he had 44 point lead coming into the event. 
Jay Sands (2nd), Dan McKeage (1st), and Carey Martin (3rd) (51 Sports Photo)
The Modifieds are on the track for their 50 lapper. 
A thrilling Sportsman race found Jay Sands dominated the event, but he lost the lead to Dan McKeage with 12 laps to go and McKeage scored the win. Point leader Mike Landry got up to second before making a late race pit stop. Landry finished way back after a wreck coming back to the front. Carey Martin finished third with Sands in second. Unofficially both McKeage and Martin will leap frog Landry in the points. 
Pit Notes:
Joey Doiron told our own Mike Twist earlier in the week that he feels he could have a good chance at getting a win here today at Beech Ridge.

Ben Rowe was so shocked how good Johnny Clark was yesterday he thought he was stuck in third gear when the 54 went around him in the heat race yesterday. Rowe was joking, but also stated they are just a clip behind, but being second in points with a shot at the championship is not really a bad year.

Tom Scully will start the race from the pole hoping to shock the Super Late Model world and score his first PASS win of 2010. A year ago, he won the PASS event at Seekonk Speedway (MA).

Aaron Ricker will give it a go for only like the third time in his PASS Super Late Model. He has the help of Jason Ricker and North Carolina tire man, Wes Weed.

Mike Rowe messed up his ride yesterday when he spun on the first lap of his heat. He still managed to get into the show and should be one of the favorites at days end.

The top ten is stacked with a decent group of cars, but with the PASS North rules of winners starting no better then 11th it really makes a great line up. 11th on back has Johnny Clark, Bill Rogers, Kelly Moore, Jay Fogleman, Mike Rowe, Richie Dearborn, Ben Rowe and others.

Lonnie Sommerville is the lone Canadian driver here today. He will start 26th today.

DJ Shaw will have a busy week ahead of him as he is currently running the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and will be at New Hampshire for the next race on Friday.

Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks 51 for the coverage as always. 

Steve Legendre is also here as a PASS South driver. Legendre hails from St. Johnsburry, Vermont, but runs the balance of the PASS South schedule. 
Comment From BG in GA 

Who is there from the south division other than peltier and fogleman? 

In case you missed it on our Speed51.com Facebook page, “Big John” Phippen, a longtime and very colorful racer from Bar Harbor, Maine has passed away. Phippen ran his #59 cars in the Late Model & Pro Stock/Super Late Model classes at Unity, Wiscasset and Speedway 95, as well as occasionally in PASS North and several open shows. Last Saturday (9/4), Phippen won the late model feature after a last lap pass. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 
Comment From BG in GA 

Looks like there is a nice big field of cars there this weekend. 

PASS Sportsman point leader Michael Landry started deep in this pack. He started 22nd. Dan McKeage and Carey Martin are also close in the points. 
Sanborn did get back out to the track today and will start 29th in his backup car. 
Comment From Jesse (Speedway660) 

Did Trevor Sanborn Get His Backup Car Ready And Did He Make It In To The Feature? 

Sportsman cars are on the track and are getting ready for green. 
A few Super Late Models will not be racing today. Here is the the list of those who are going home.
7G Curtis Gerry
00 Jeremie Whorff
1 Randy Turner (did not start last chance race)
11 Tyler King
Starting Lineup For Sportsman Race
1 7OZ Grant Aither
2 09 Jay Sands
3 15 Craig Smith
4 60ME Scott Dorr
5 0 Shane Green
6 58NH Sparky MacIver
7 42 Corey Bubar
8 8 Clyde Hennessey
9 20 Frank wear
10 83 Ryan Greene
11 7 Shane Tatro
12 18 Carey Martin
13 34 Spencer Morse
14 38 Dan McKeage
15 75 Doug Wolfe Jr.
16 51A RJ Austin
17 80 Steve Moulton
18 40M Laura McKeage
19 77 Sally Ghrardi
20 16 Dan Colpritt
21 2 Robert Emery
22 40 Mike Landry
23 60D Dave Torfano
24 36 Nate Leavitt
25 58 Lymaqn McKeage
26 07 Richard Pelton
27 54 Steve Fogg
28 63 Russell Morse
29 35 Bobby Nadeau
30 36x Peter Cook
31 35x Kris Watson
32 7x Jimmy Burnham
The Mini Stocks are on the track for their heat races. The PASS Sportsman 100 lapper is up next. 
We just got word of the provisional spots from PASS. Trevor Sanborn and Gary Smith are in on PASS North points. The 20 of Steve Legendre is in on PASS South points. The 79 of Keith McKinnon is a Beech Ridge provisional and the 17A is a promoters provisional.
A quick walk through the pits today found that many people are looking at the 47 of Kelly Moore and 54 of Johnny Clark as being two of the best cars. Dale Shaw told us he thought that Trevor Sanborn could be a factor from the rear in his backup car. Shaw said he had a hand in Sanborn’s misfortunate disqualification here earlier in the season. It would be a nice revenge story if he could come back and win the longest race on the tour. 
Maine racing legends Mike Rowe (left) and Stan Meserve (right) chat before the race today.
Last Chance Finish
1 Scott Moore
2 Ricky Morse
3 Jeremie Whorff
4 Steve Legendre
5 Tyler King
6 Scott Alexander
7 Curtis Gerry
8 Gary Smith
9 Keith McKinnon
10 Trevor Sanborn 
We are waiting on the word about those who got the provisional spots. 
Scott Moore got the win and Ricky Morse makes it around Jeremie Whorff on the final lap for second those two are in. 
White Flag 
Give the lead to Scott Moore and now Ricky Morse is pulling to challenge for second. 
Scott Moore now looks to the outside for the lead. 
Scott Moore is second and Ricky Morse is third behind leader Jeremie Whorff. 
Trevor Sanborn is at the back of the pack in his back-up car after a wreck today. 
Jeremie Whorff jumps out to the lead. 
Those are the cars in the field. 
Scott Moore
Steve Legendre
Curtis Gerry
Randy Turner
Scott Alexander
Trevor Sanborn
Jeremie Whorff
Keith McKinnon
Ricky Morse
Gary Smith
Tyler King
We will start the day off with the last chance race as the cars roll onto the speedway. 
Today’s race will have a big shake up in the points for both the National Super Late Model tour and the PASS north points battle. Each division has one race remaining after today and in the North Johnny Clark leads Ben Rowe my 17 markers. The North tour will wrap up next week at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Friday night.

In the National tour, Preston Peltier leads Jay Fogleman by 11 points. Only this event and the Mason Dixon Meltdown 250 at Newport Speedway (TN) in October. 

The pits have been busy all weekend here at Beech Ridge. (51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier leads the South here in Maine. (51 Sports Photo)
The 300-lap Super Late Model portion of the this weekend has been run five times in the past and Mike Rowe has won the event three times. This weekend he will look for his fourth win. His son Ben Rowe has also scored a win in the PASS 300. 
Cars in the Last Chance Race
Scott Moore
Steve Legendre
Curtis Gerry
Randy Turner
Scott Alexander
Trevor Sanborn
Jeremie Whorff
Keith McKinnon
Ricky Morse
Gary Smith
Tyler King
Practice Speeds From This Morning
1 47 Kelly Moore 15.099
2 8 Cassius Clark 15.162
3 60 DJ Shaw 15.171
4 23 Lonnie Sommerville 15.205
5 54 Johnny Clark 15.212
6 98 Adam Bates 15.221
7 85 Nick Ribbe 15.240
8 77 Scott Chubbuck 15.250
9 73 Joey Doiron 15.298
10 1T Chris Thorne 15.298
11 7 Donnie Whitten 15.302
12 44 Trevor Sanborn 15.317
13 53 Bill Rodgers 15.318
14 0 Bill Whorff Jr. 15.334
15 48 Ben Rowe 15.370
16 84 Scott Mulkern 15.379
17 33 Richie Dearborn 15.388
18 22 Aaron Ricker 15.433
19 21 David Oliver 15.438
20 2X Mike Rowe 15.468
21 17 Travis Benjamin 15.488
22 17A Scott Alexander 15.488
23 20 Steve Legendre 15.500
24 14M Matt Fraham 15.523
25 03 Scott Moore 15.533
26 10 Scott Dragon 15.564
27 7G Curtis Gerry 15.613
28 2 Tom Scully Jr. 15.630
29 00 Jeremie Whorff 15.652
30 29 Ricky Morse 15.824
31 79 Keith McKinnon 15.892
32 75 Gary Smith 15.926
33 4 Jay Fogleman 16.181
34 71 Gary Drew no time
35 1 Randy Turner no time
36 26 Preston Peltier no time
37 11 Tyler King no time
Not on the Schedule is the last chance race, we will have one for the PASS 300. There was lots of talk about how many cars and how many provisionals will make in the last chance race. The top two finishers will make it. As will two PASS drivers and one from Beech Ridge. 
2010 Beech Ridge 400 Weekend Sunday Schedule
Gates open @ 9:00 am.
Drivers Meeting @10:30am.
NEMST 11:00 – 11:10
PASS Sportsman(Limited/Sport Series) 11:10 – 11:20
PASS Super Late Models 11:20 – 11:40
NEMST 11:40 – 11:50
PASS Mods 11:50 – 12:00
Feature Events Starting time 12:15 pm.
NEMST Heats (2) 10 Laps
PASS Sportsman(Limited/Sport Series) 100 laps
PASS Mods 50 laps
NEMST 50 Laps
Cars to grid on front stretch (Crews/Teams set up pit road service area)
Driver Introductions
Drivers start engines / Warm up laps
PASS Super Late Models 300 laps 
Good morning and welcome to race day here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME). Today is filled with feature action between the PASS Super Late Models, the PASS Modifieds and the PASS Sportsman. We’ll be here with the action as we gear up for the sixth annual PASS 300 here at ‘The Ridge’. 

Trackside Now: PASS 400 Weekend – Beech Ridge Motor Speedway – 9/12/10