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We would like to congratulate Richard Savary on his fourth VMRS win of 2014 and all of today’s winners.

Speed51.com will have more coverage on the Valenti Modified Racing Series event during the week.

Speed51.com will be live with Trackside Now coverage of the World Series of Speedway Racing from Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT) starting Friday morning.

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Jimmy Ryder in victory lane for the Star Outlaws (Speed51.com Photo).
CHECKERED FLAG: Ryder scores the win over Jay Sands as they battled through traffic at the line.
WHITE FLAG: Jay Sands all over Ryder as they catch slower cars.
This race has been shortened to 25 laps.
Lap 20: Ryder and Sands battle for the lead about five car lengths ahead of Rollins who has lost touch with the leaders.
Lap 17: Jay Sands is all over the back of Jimmy Ryder for the lead.
Lap 13: Ryder finally clears Rollins off turn four and Sands follows to take second.
Lap 12: The top three are putting one one great battle for the lead. Rollins and Ryder have been side-by-side for the last four straight laps.
Lap 10: Ryder and Rollins have been door-to-door for the last three laps by Ryder has yet to get by. Jay Sands has joined the fray now.
Lap 8: Ryder gets under Rollins off turn two and they’re still side by side into turn three.
Lap 5: Jay Sands moves by his son Eric into third place in turn four as Ryder closes on Rollins for the lead.
Lap 4: Jimmy Ryder has taken over second place after Eric Sand slipped in turn one.
This is a 30-lap feature.
Geoff Rollins has the pole for the Star Outlaw feature which has just gotten underway.
A happy Todd Ceravolo in victory lane (Speed51.com Photo).
CHECKERED FLAG: Todd Ceravolo scores the win in dominating fashion over Bill Kimball and Sumnor Scott.
WHITE FLAG: Ceravolo flashes under the white flag four car lengths ahead of Kimball.
Lap 20: Kimball under pressure for second now from Sumnor Scott with five laps to go.
Lap 17: Sumnor Scott gets underneath MacMichael and takes third back.
Lap 15: Ceravolo has jumped out to a four car length lead over Kimball and MacMichael.
GREEN FLAG: Ceravolo slowly brings the field to the restart but gets a great jump and clears Kimball off turn two.
YELLOW FLAG: Keyser goes for a spin in turn four to bring out the caution.
GREEN FLAG: Ceravolo clears Kimball by the time they enter turn one. MacMichael is outside Scott as they come off turn four for third.
Bleau, Srydynski and Dion round out the field.
Ceravolo, Kimball, Scott, MacMichael, and Keyser are the top five.
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thanks seed 51 see ya at thompson next week

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 10): Brandon Dion went for a spin on the backstretch to bring out the caution flag with 15 laps to go.
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Thank you for bringing us Lee’s Oktoberfest Weekend to those of us unable to travel.

Lap 5: Ceravolo goes to the bottom of Kimball into turn one and takes the lead from Kimball off turn two.
Lap 3: Kimball is charging hard and takes the lead off turn four. Ceravolo follows into second.
GREEN FLAG: Dion gets a huge jump on the restart and takes off. Serydynski falls through the field fast and causes them to go three-wide around him into turn three.
Clean-up from the mini Roadrunner race is complete. The SK Lites are on track behind the pace car.
SK Lites Starting Lineup:

Pos. No. Driver
1 8 Scott Serydynski
2 04 Brandon Dion
3 43 Bill Kimball
4 5 Sumnor Scott
5 15 Trevor Bleau
6 16 Todd Ceravolo
7 7NH Scott MacMichael
8 27 Leslie Keyser


The SK Lites are up next for their 25-lap feature as soon as the mess in turn two is cleaned up.
Swallow and Osborne have been disqualified. Chris Davis is being scored the winner of a wild race.
Swallow takes the win over Osborne in a wild finish and now Osborne takes out Swallow after the checkered flag. A big impact in turn two as both slam the wall hard. Both drivers got out of their cars and started screaming at each other. Swallow was standing on the hood of his car as he yelled at Osborne.
Scoring is being reverted back to the last completed lap which places Osborne back ahead of Swallow with two laps to go.
Osborne throwing blocks on Swallow and then Swallow gives Osborne a huge shot to the rear going into turn one to take the lead, but the caution is back out for the stopped car of Nadeau with two laps to go.
Swallow is back up there as well. Osborne has gotten by Maniatis with six laps to go and Swallow followed to take second.
So all of the madness over the last four laps has put Nick Maniatis back in the lead and Osborne is right there with him.
Anderson goes for a spin off the front of Anthony Nadeu’s front bumper.
Anderson leads after Osborne was also penalized for jumping the restart.
Amazingly Nick Maniatis has made his way back up to fourth already.
Shawn Swallow has been penalized to the rear of the field for jumping the restart. Billy Osborne is your new leader.
Swallow and Maniatis get together in turn four. Maniatis cuts down a left-front tire which brings out the caution. That is truly a shame as Swallow and Maniatis were putting on a fantastic battle for the win.
About 10 laps remain in this Four Cylinder mini Roadrunner 25-lap feature. Nick Maniatis and Shawn Swallow are putting on a great battle for the lead as they now go four-wide through lapped traffic.
Thank you, Scott, and everybody else, for following along with us all weekend long. We appreciate each and every one of you who follow us here at Speed51.com.
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Thanks speed51 for all updates all weekand

We’ve been under caution for ten minutes but the green is back out. Shawn Swallow leads the field back into turn one.
We have not been given results to any races other than the Valenti Modified Racing Series event. We advise all of our followers to check www.LeeUSASpeedway.org later tonight or tomorrow for full results from today’s action.
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What was the finish in the last race

We’ve completed just one lap in the mini Roadrunner 4-cylinder 25-lap feature. Shawn Swall leads. The race is under caution for a five-car crash at the start/finish line.
Four races are still left to run.
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how many features are left to run??

Murphy holds off Shorey in a thrilling last lap to take the win.
Jim Shorey is all over the back of Murphy for the lead with five laps to go. He’s literally pushing Murphy down the straightaways.
PJ Murphy leads Mike Williams. Jim Shorey runs third with Crystal Serydynski to his outside for this restart.
The Hobby Stock feature is still under yellow to clean up that big wreck. The track crew is just finishing up and this race should be back underway soon with 11 laps remaining.
Big pileup in the hobby stock feature (Speed51.com Photo).
PJ Murphy has the lead as the Hobby Stock feature closes in on the halfway mark. He leads Mike Williams by two car lengths.
The Hobby Stocks/Strictly Stocks have rolled out onto the race track for their 30-lap feature. Mike Williams and Stephen Douphinette will lead the field to the green flag.
The win is Savary’s fourth win of the season. “There’s no sense trying to race with him when all that could happen is possibly wrecking my car.” Savary was already notified that Barrett had been penalized and was not being scored the leader.

Savary said he is a big fan of Tommy Barrett and he said he wishes that Barrett wasn’t disqualified so that they could have actually raced it out at the end.

“I like his competitiveness. We would have been 1-2 at the end whichever way it went.”

From John Spence Jr., Valenti Modified Racing Series race director: “The decision was made because he was warned. We addressed it in the driver’s meeting that we weren’t going to tolerate any use of the bumper, or driving through anyone. The 9 (Barrett) used the bumper at least three or four times. He almost spun the no. 51 on the backstretch I guess trying to get a caution.”
“I didn’t dump anybody. I don’t really know,” said Barrett when asked if he knows why he was penalized. “We won’t be back.”
VMRS 100 Unofficial Results:

Pos. No. Driver
1 99 Richard Savary
2 21 Justin Bonsignore
3 42 Woody Pitkat
4 76 Dennis Perry
5 38 Mike Willis Jr.
6 16CT Keith Rocco
7 51 Russ Hersey
8 5CT Chris Pasteryak
9 28 Dwight Jarvis
10 04 Joey Jarvis
11 0 Mike Holdridge
12 17 Donnie Lashua
13 14 Dana Smith
14 53 Norm Wrenn
15 05 Todd Patnode
16 69 Jimmy Dolan
17 51W Russ Wood Jr.
18 33 Rob Richardi Jr.
19 93 George Sherman
20 27 Kevin Ianarelli
21 19 Dave Schneider
22 9 Tommy Barrett Jr.
23 25 Rowan Pennink
24 77 Matthew Mead


Rowan Pennink has a big whole to climb out of next week. He finished 23rd today.
Comment From Tom bomsignore

Great job by the 21 spafco race team coming from dead last.

Comment From Matt

Nice run for Dennis Perry in only his 2nd career start!!

One car goes for a spin in turn four (Speed51.com Photo).
Late Model Sportsman action from the infield (Speed51.com Photo).
Bonsignore and his team debrief after the race (Speed51.com Photo).
We will post the full results as soon as we are able to get out of the infield and back to the press box.
Savary said he was notified over the radio that Barrett had been penalized and said he pulled over and waved Barrett by when Barrett initially took the lead.
The decision did not sit well with the crowd as loud boos rained down when Richard Savary got out of the car.
This is what Tommy Barrett\’s front bumper looks like after the race (Speed51.com Photo).
Race director John Spence Jr. said Barrett was warned “at least three or four times” for using the bumper before he was finally penalized.
Tommy Barrett discusses the penalty with race director John Spence Jr. (Speed51.com Photo).
Pennink helps his crew pack up the car (Speed51.com Photo).
Rowan Pennink said he thinks something in the ignition broke. “We’ll go to Thompson and try to win and we’ll see what happens.”
A very upset Tommy Barrett (Speed51.com Photo).
Justin Bonsignore gets interviewed after finishing second (Speed51.com Photo).
Richard Savary in victory lane (Speed51.com Photo).
We are going to go to victory lane. We’ll be back in a bit with a full rundown of the finish.
Barrett was disqualified for excessive front bumper usage.
Tommy Barrett Jr. was not being scored for the last few laps. We are not sure why. Richard Savary gets the win.
CHECKERED FLAG: Tommy Barrett Jr. scores another win at Lee USA Speedway with a wild charge to the front of the field. Savary and Bonsignore complete the top three.
WHITE FLAG: Barrett, Savary and Bonsignore are the top three with one lap left.
Lap 98: Barrrett now quickly leads by six car lengths.
Lap 97: Barrett back to the lead going into turn three.
Lap 96: Barrett now has it back together and is after Savary again.
Lap 94: Barrett slows off turn two and loses the lead as quickly as he got it. Savary back out front.
Lap 93: Barrett goes to the outside of Savary and takes the lead going into turn three. What a charge by Tommy Barrett Jr.
Lap 92: Barrett has cut the gap in half to Savary in one corner and now is all over the no. 99 for the lead.
Lap 91: Barrett is now all over Perry for second and takes the spot into turn three.
Lap 89: Barrett is absolutely flying as he goes outside of Bonsignore and takes third off turn two. He may still have enough time.
Lap 88: Barrett takes fifth from Willis off turn two and quickly goes to the bottom of Pitkat and takes fourth.
Lap 87: Tommy Barrett has moved back through the field and is on the outside of Willis for fifth place off turn four.
Lap 85: Savary leads Perry by about three car lengths.
Lap 84: Bonsignore takes third and Pitkat follows. They’re about four car lengths back of Perry who holds second.
Lap 82: Bonsignore under Hersey for third as they shoot into turn three.
Lap 81: Justin Bonsignore moves into fourth place.
Pennink’s car will not refire.
GREEN FLAG: Pennink still on pit road as Perry takes the green flag. Savary gets the jump and takes the lead off turn two.
Top 10:
Pos. No. Driver
1 76 Dennis Perry
2 99 Richard Savary
3 51 Russ Hersey
4 38 Mike Willis
5 21 Justin Bonsignore
6 5 Chris Pasteryak
7 42 Woody Pitkat
8 16 Keith Rocco
9 04 Joey Jarvis
10 53 Norm Wrenn
Bonsignore started dead last and now he’s fifth with 20 laps to go.
Pennink is on pit road under this caution.
The racing got wild there as the leaders worked their way through traffic. Pennink came down and back into the groove and made contact with Mike Willis and both almost went around.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 80): Dwight Jarvis goes for a spin in turn three to bring out the caution.
Lap 80: Perry and Pennink make contact as they try to pass lapped cars. Pennink goes way up the track and loses ground.
Lap 79: Pennink takes second off turn four and gives Perry a shot.
Lap 78: Perry back to his lower line to keep Savary from going to the bottom. If he makes the pass it will be on the outside, but now Pennink is under Savary for second and all over Perry off turn two.
Lap 76: Perry makes contact with Schneider as he tries to laps him and now Savary is all over the back of Savary.
Lap 74: Barrett got into the back of Sherman off turn two just as the leaders caught the rear of the field. Sherman saves it and we stay green.
Lap 73: The leaders are catching traffic as they all continue to battle for position.
Lap 72: Hersey with a wiggle off turn two and that allows Savary to hold the spot.
Lap 70: Hersey is under Savary for second as they shoot down the backstretch and into turn three.
Lap 69: Bonsignore goes to the outside of Jimmy Dolan to take seventh as they come off turn two.
Lap 67: Perry now has stretched his gap on Savary to about three car lengths. Meanwhile Bonsignore takes eighth from Joey Jarvis off turn four.
Lap 65: Perry continues to take a lower line down the frontstretch to block Savary.
Lap 63: Dwight Jarvis looking under Dolan for sixth and gets it as they come off turn four.
Lap 61: The top three are nose to tail and Perry actually throws a block on Savary off turn four.
Lap 59: Tommy Barrett is the second to last car on track way off the pace. Meanwhile Pitkat is flying through the field with his new tire.
Lap 58: The front three are now three car lengths ahead of fourth-place Pennink.
Lap 55: Hersey now looking for second from Savary as they go into turn three but can’t get it done.
Lap 54: Hersey gets by Pennink for third off turn four.
Lap 53: Schneider is losing ground now on the outside as Pasteryak now gets by for 10th.
Lap 50: The first side by side battle is for eighth as Joey Jarvis tries to get by Schneider and does. Dwight Jarvis follows.
GREEN FLAG: Perry gets a great restart and clears Savary by turn one.
Tommy Barrett also visited pit road under that caution.
Top 10 Under Caution (Lap 49):

Pos. No. Driver
1 76 Dennis Perry
2 99 Richard Savary
3 25 Rowan Pennink
4 69 Jimmy Dolan
5 51 Russ Hersey
6 38 Mike Willis
7 19 Dave Schneider
8 04 Joey Jarvis
9 28 Dwight Jarvis
10 21 Justin Bonsignore


Lashua and Rocco have also gone to pit road.
Pitkat, Wrenn, Holdridge, and Ianarelli are on pit road.
YELLOW FLAG: Woody Pitkat just blew a right rear tire off turn four just in front of Richard Savary. Savary just missed the spinning Pitkat.
Lap 48: Perry has now caught the rear of the field as now that back pack has decided to go 2×2 ahead of him. Pitkat is now a lap down to Perry as Pitkat continues to backslide.
Lap 46: Perry, Savary, Dolan, Pennink, Hersey, Mead, Willis, Schneider, Lashua and Joey Jarvis are the top 10.
Lap 44: Dave Schneider takes eighth from Donnie Lashua in turn three.
Lap 43: Perry is within ten car lengths of the third pack now with Savary about five car lengths behind him.
Lap 39: Pitkat gets passed by both Jarvis’ and Wrenn in turn two as he continues to lose ground.
Lap 38: Joey Jarvis, Norm Wrenn and Dwight Jarvis have decided it’s go time. They’ve left the second pack and are closing on Pitkat. There’s now three lines of cars around the track.
Lap 35: Tommy Barrett just got passed by Keith Rocco for 14th. Barrett is know for saving tires but he just dropped four spots in as many laps.
Lap 33: Bonsignore has moved into 16th by Mike Holdridge in turn two.
Lap 30: This race is flying by as most of the field is content to click laps off and save their tires. The first battle for position is for 11th as Joey Jarvis and Wrenn get by Barrett.
Lap 29: Savary finally clears Willis for second as he dives into turn one.
Lap 27: Savary is looking to take second from Willis on the outside.
Lap 26: Pitkat lost 10th to Schneider and now is losing ground from the lead group.
Lap 25: Perry leads Willis by five car lengths now.
Lap 24: We have two distinct lines of cars travelling around the track right now. The top 10 have left the 11th place car of Barrett by about 20 car lengths. He leads the second line.
LEAD CHANGE (Lap 21): Dennis Perry moves by Willis to take the lead.
Lap 20: Perry is trying the bottom but can’t seem to make it stick. He gets under Willis but can’t stay there and now he does and takes the spot in turn one.
Lap 19: Savary has moved by Dolan and into third place.
Lap 18: Willis and Pennink have separated themselves from Dolan by about six car lengths now.
Lap 14: Willis, Perry, Dolan, Savary, Pennink, Hersey, Lashua, Pitkat, Mead and Schneider are your top 10.
Lap 12: Perry looks to the bottom of Willis but Willis holds him off out of turn two.
Lap 10: Now it appears that Perry is starting to real in Willis just a bit as the whole field runs single file until you get to Rocco and Wrenn as they battle for 15th.
Lap 8: Willis leads Perry by five car lengths as they head through turn two.
Lap 6: Bonsignore has already gained six spots and is now up to 18th.
Lap 5: Savary finally gets the spot on the exit of turn four and now he dives to the bottom of Pennink in turn three and takes over fourth.
Lap 4: Hersey and Savary still side by side for fifth through turn two.
Lap 2: The first battle is for fifth between Hersey and Savary.
GREEN FLAG: Willis jumps out ahead of Perry and they get sorted out behind him.
Ready for Modified thunder (Speed51.com Photo).
Hot laps have been completed. The field is bunching up behind polesitter Mike Willis Jr. who will catch up to the pace car.
This is a very important race. Rowan Pennink and Justin Bonsignore enter this race tied atop the standings. Pennink will start fourth and Bonsignore starts dead-last in 24th place. There’s only one race after this one and that is next Saturday at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT) where the championship will be decided.
Okay race fans it is time for the big one. 100 laps for the ground-pounding Modifieds. We have 24, 600-horsepower beasts about to be unleashed.
VMRS 100 Starting Lineup:

Pos. No. Driver
1 38 Mike Willis Jr.
2 76 Dennis Perry
3 69 Jimmy Dolan
4 25 Rowan Pennink
5 51 Russ Hersey
6 99 Richard Savary
7 17 Donnie Lashua
8 42 Woody Pitkat
9 77 Matthew Mead
10 9 Tommy Barrett Jr.
11 19 Dave Schneider
12 33 Rob Richardi Jr.
13 0 Mike Holdridge
14 28 Dwight Jarvis
15 05 Todd Patnode
16 16CT Keith Rocco
17 53 Norm Wrenn
18 04 Joey Jarvis
19 5CT Chris Pasteryak
20 27 Kevin Ianarelli
21 14 Dana Smith
22 51W Russ Wood Jr.
23 93 George Sherman
24 21 Justin Bonsignore


CHECKERED FLAG: Wayne Helliwell Jr. takes the win by 15 car lengths over Glenn Martel who just grabs second place from Keith Rocco at the finish line.
WHITE FLAG: Helliwell flashes under the white flag in front of second place by 15 car lengths.
Lap 37: Helliwell continues to stretch his lead out over Rocco with three laps to go.
Lap 35: Helliwell out front by ten car lengths over Rocco and Martel.
Lap 32: Helliwell back out to five car lengths over Rocco who has pressure from Martel.
GREEN FLAG: Helliwell clears Rocco off of turn two to keep the lead.
As the field doubles up for the restart we can hear the Modifieds roaring to life on pit road. Except for one. The 16CT is without a driver as Keith Rocco still runs second place in this Late Model feature.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 28): Lundblack gets into the back of Hanessiti in the middle of turns one and two and Hanessiti goes for a spin in turn two. Helliwell’s big lead has been erased.
Rocco said before the race that he felt he had a second-place car to Wayne Helliwell. That appears to be a true statement.
Lap 23: Helliwell, Rocco, Welch, Martel and Bly are the top five.
HALFWAY: Helliwell leads Rocco by almost half a straightaway now. Then it’s five car lengths from Rocco back to Welch.
Lap 17: Rocco has separated himself from Welch by about two car lengths but he’s losing ground to Wayne Helliwell Jr.
Lap 14: Helliwell already has two car lengths between he and Rocco.
Lap 12: Helliwell and Welch side by side for second and now Helliwell moves to the outside of Rocco going into turn three. He takes the lead off turn four.
Lap 10: Helliwell is within three car lengths of the leaders now as they battle for the lead into turn three.
Lap 8: Welch is all over the back bumper of Rocco as Helliwell starts to close in.
Lap 6: Rocco and Welch are battling for the lead half a straightaway ahead of Helliwell who has moved into third.
Lap 3: Riendeau and Bly side by side for third off turn four.
GREEN FLAG: Keith Rocco jumps out to a two car length lead over Welch.
40 Lap Late Model Feature Starting Lineup:

Pos. No. Driver
1 1 Keith Rocco
2 4VT Larry Riendeau
3 0 Quincy Welch
4 05 Rick Bly
5 23 Glen Martel
6 27 Wayne Helliwell Jr.
7 91 Robert Hagar
8 00 AJ Hanessiti
9 49 Matt Anderson
10 28 Mark Lunblack
The Classic Lites feature has concluded and now the Late Models are making their way to the race track for their 40-lap feature.
Only one way to go for this car. Forward (Speed51.com Photo).
The N.E. Classic Lites feature is underway. This feature will go for 25 laps. The Late Models will follow with their 40-lap feature.
We advise that all of you following along today visit LeeUSASpeedway.org at the end of the night to find full results from this weekend’s festivities.
Tommy Tombarrello in victory lane (Speed51.com Photo).
CHECKERED FLAG: Tommy Tombarrello, the 2014 Lee USA Speedway Small Block Super Modified champion, wins the 30-lap Oktoberfest 2014 feature event. Whitcomb and Barthelemy round out the top three.
WHITE FLAG: Tombarrello leads Whitcomb by almost 1/3 of a lap.
According to Lee USA Speedway officials George Perrault has not been transferred to a local hospital. He is being evaluated in the track’s ambulance still on speedway property.
Lap 23: Tombarrello has jumped back out to a full straightaway lead over Whitcomb.
A cameraman films all the action high above turn one (Speed51.com Photo).
Tommy Tombarrello led by almost 1/3 of a lap over Eddie Whitcomb but his lead is now gone.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 14): MacIver’s motor detonates down the backstretch and goes for a spin in his own oil in turn three.
Lap 10: Tommy Tombarrello leads by a whole straightaway over Whitcomb.
GREEN FLAG: Spurling goes through the infield grass on the restart as Tombarello drives away from Whitcomb.
Tommy Tombarello and Eddie Whitcomb are the leaders on this restart.
We still have only completed one lap in this 30-lap feature and we are under our second caution.
GREEN FLAG: Tombarrello jumps out to the lead, but the caution is back out as MacIver goes for a spin in turn four.
We apologize for not having a starting lineup ready for this race. We were expecting a Four Cylinder Pure Stock race at the time but officials changed the order.
The accident scene has been cleared and the red flag has been lifted.
A tire and front wing are removed from the crash area (Speed51.com Photo).
Perrault has been placed in the track’s ambulance to be checked out.
We are under red flag conditions.
Meanwhile Carroll has walked over to Stergios’ stopped race car and was just screaming into the cockpit of Stergios’ no. 11.
Tony Carroll’s car has been towed away from the area.
Tony Carroll has gotten out of his car and has walked away.
The safety crew is attending to George Perrault.
We were in the process of getting the starting lineup determined for the Super Modified feature as they started their race. They went into turn one and a massive crash ensued. At least five cars involved. It appeared that PJ Stergios went three-wide and they ran out of room.
Big crash in Super Modifieds feature (Speed51.com Photo).
CHECKERED FLAG: Davis holds off Brian Kruczek by a fender as they came off turn four. Kruczek let Davis gather things back up after contact coming off turn two. Davis takes the win, Kruczek and Derek Griffifth places third.
WHITE FLAG: Kruczek all over Davis going into one and they make contact.
Lap 47: Davis is trying the outside now and seems to be making it work. He gets along side Davis into turn one
Lap 46: Kruczek gains a lot of ground going into the turn but Davis stretches it back out off the corner.
Lap 44: Moltz gets fourth from Fagan off turn two.
Lap 43: Moltz gets under and into Fagan as they come off turn four.
Lap 42: Brian Kruczek is still all over Davis and now Grifffifth is right there with them.
Lap 40: Moltz has fallen to fifth place but now he’s challenging hard on Fagan for fourth.
GREEN FLAG: Davis clears Kruczek off turn two, but Kruczek gets right back behind him going into turn three.
Davis, Kruczek, Griffifth, Moltz and Fagan are the top five. Wayne Helliwell has moved into sixth.
Davis has been placed back in the lead by track officials.
YELLOW FLAG: George Helliwell spins out in turn four and slides back down the banking right in front of leader Jeremy Davis. Davis checked up and Crusick got into the back of Davis who spun out to avoid George Helliwell.
Lap 37: Griffifth slides by Moltz for third going into turn one.
Lap 35: Davis and Crusick have gapped Moltz by about five car lengths as Griffifth goes after Moltz for third.
Lap 32: Helliwell moves into seventh spot from his brother, George.
GREEN FLAG: Davis clears Crusick off turn two and now Moltz goes after Crusick but Crusick holds the spot.
Davis, Crusick, Moltz, Griffifth, and Fagan are the top five. Helliwell is ninth.
Farrington has a flat left rear from the contact. He’s heading to the pits outside of the race track to get that tire changed.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 30): Farrington goes for a spin after contact from Crusick as they battled for second in turn one.
GREEN FLAG: Davis didn’t get a great jump but he powers back and once again clears Farrington off turn two.
Helliwell has returned to the race track.
The field has crossed over for the restart.
Top five under this caution are Davis, Farrington, Crusick, Moltz and Fagan.
YELLOW FLAG: Helliwell’s spin after contact from Dillon Moltz brings out the caution flag. Helliwell has taken his machine behind the wall.
GREEN FLAG: Farrington has his best restart of the day, but Davis still gets clear of him off turn two and now Wayne Helliwell goes for a spin off turn four. Welch and Fiscus go around as well.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 29): Mike Mitchell came to a stop facing the wrong direction at the entrance to the pit road to bring out the caution once again.
Lap 29: As Farrington and Crusick battle Davis has stretched out to about five car lengths over second.
Lap 28: Helliwell has moved into fourth as Crusick gets underneath Farrington in turn one but can’t get the spot off turn two.
GREEN FLAG: Davis gets another great restart and has Farrington cleared off turn two. Crusick gets third off turn two and goes after second into turn three.
Going green next time by.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 25): Quintin Welch goes for a spin in turn four to put us back under caution.
GREEN FLAG: Davis gets a great jump and clears Farrington before they reach turn one.
Clean-up is complete. The field has doubled up for the restart. Davis to the inside of Farrington.
Both drivers appear to be okay. Both cars have been cleared from the scene. Gelinas’ car going off on the back of a tow truck.
Gelinas and Maki in turn two (Speed51.com Photo).
YELLOW FLAG: Larry Gelinas just pounded the turn two wall head-on as he was lapping Jason Maki to bring out the caution with 25 laps complete.
Lap 24: Gelinas takes over seventh from Squeglia off turn two.
Lap 20: Fagan, Crusick and Helliwell in a great battle for third as they weave through lapped traffic.
Lap 17: Davis leads by about eight car lengths over Farrington. Meanwhile Crusick is all over Fagan for third.
Lap 14: Davis, Farrington, Fagan, Crusick and Helliwell are the top five.
Lap 11: Colby has yet to serve his penalty. Meanwhile Gelinas is charging forward. He’s challenging Griffifth for seventh and gets it.
Lap 9: Davis leads by about four car lengths over Farrington.
Lap 7: Dillon Moltz moves into sixth by Squeglia.
Lap 5: Colby gets black flagged. Helliwell now challenging for fourth.
Lap 3: Colby has a lot of nose damage from contact as he got squeezed by Rollins off turn four.
GREEN FLAG: Jeremy Davis and Farrington lead the field into turn one. Davis clears Farrington off the corner as Fagan moves into third off turn two and they go almost four wide off of turn four for fourth.
The field is doubling up for the restart.
Nadeau taken away on the hook (Speed51.com Photo).
Larry Gelinas did not make the start in time. He was late getting on the track and took the green flag about half a lap after the leaders did. This caution is a big break for him as it allows him to restart with the rest of the field.
Maki has driven away from the scene of the crash Nadeu’s white no. 35 will lead the assistance of a tow vehicle.
YELLOW FLAG: Bobby Nadeau and Jason Maki have crashed hard on the front straightaway to bring out the caution with just one lap complete.
Lap 2: Davis already leads by about five car lengths as Farrington now tries for second.
GREEN FLAG: Jeremy Davis gets the jump from the outside to take the lead off turn two.
The lights are out atop the pace car.
Our view from high atop turn one (Speed51.com Photo).
The Pro Stocks are rolling onto the raceway now as a traffic jam of fans are still trying to make their way onto the Lee USA Speedway property from the main road.
Pro Stock/SLM 50-Lap Feature Starting Lineup:

Pos. No. Driver
1 02 Geoff Rollins
2 09 Jeremy Davis
3 18 Kevin Fagan
4 23 Dave Farrington Jr.
5 07 George Helliwell
6 03 Joe Squeglia
7 00 Brian Crusick
8 72 Charlie Colby
9 51 Dillon Moltz
10 27 Wayne Helliwell
11 12 Derek Griffith
12 70 Billy Ryder
13 78 Quintin Welch
14 4 Rich Eaton
15 42 Jason Maki
16 35 Bobby Nadeu
17 7 Jesse Bosquet
18 53 Tyler Fiscus
19 40 Mike Mitchell
20 37 Larry Gelinas
21 13 Jimmy Russell


There are 21 Pro Stocks/Super Late Models here today
Comment From Scott

How many pros stocks do they have on hand for today race

Keith Rocco has a message for Wayne Helliwell (Speed51.com Photo).
Tommy Barrett and Rob Richardi in conversation (Speed51.com Photo).
That all means that Bonsignore has his work cut out for him today to keep things close going into Thompson next week. Pennink will roll off from the fourth starting position today. Bonsignore starts dead last in 24th.
Today is the penultimate race for the Valenti Modified Racing Series. They will wrap up their season in six days under the lights at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT). Coming into this weekend Justin Bonsignore led defending champion Rowan Pennink by five points. That changed yesterday. Pennink scored five points in his heat race. Bonsignore scored none. They are now tied atop the standings.
Race two is underway. One girl went 90-degrees to the left right at the start and drove her big wheel right into the grass before getting put back on the asphalt by a grown-up.
The big wheel race is underway on the frontstretch. It’s pretty close between the top two kids. The kid bringing up the rear has a serious disadvantage. His rear wheels are basically training wheels. They’re maybe a quarter of the size of the rear wheels the other kids have. He’s struggling to find grip.
The VMRS cars are out in their pit areas (Speed51.com Photo).
Oktoberfest Sunday Schedule of Events (Subject to Change):

11am: Kids Big Wheel race

Features at noon as follow:

Pro Stocks/Super Late Model- 50 Laps

Four Cylinder Pure Stock- 20 Laps

N.E. Legend Cars- 25 Laps

Late Models- 40 Laps

Valenti Modified Racing Series- 100 Laps

Ironman cars- 25 Laps

L/M Sportsman/Super Street- 30 Laps

N.E. Classic Lites- 25 Laps

Hobby/Strictly Stock- 30 Laps

Super Modifieds- 30 Laps

Four Cylinder Mini/Roadrunner- 25 Laps

SK Lites- 25 Laps

Star Outlaws- 30 Laps

Four Cylinder Outlaw- 25 Laps

Some people were wondering why Justin Bonsignore was in the consolation race yesterday for the Valenti Modified Racing Series when he finished in a transfer spot in his heat race. Bonsignore said that he was penalized for contact in his heat race and was placed in the consolation race as a result.
The infield is full on a beautiful New Hampshire Sunday (Speed51.com Photo).
Hello and welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of day two of the 31st Oktoberfest here at Lee USA Speedway (NH). It is an absolutely beautiful day for racing here in the Granite State. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. We encourage you to get on down here if you can. If not, sit back and follow along with us as we bring you coverage of 14 feature races today. As always we thank you so much for following along and we hope you enjoy today’s coverage as much as we’ll enjoy bringing it to you.
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