We’ll be back Saturday night.  Until then, good night from Caraway Speedway.
We’ll be back with more live Trackside Now coverage from Caraway tomorrow for the make-up here on Speed51.com.  Thanks to Draco Springs for their support of our Trackside Now this weekend at Caraway.
The Modified field was set per the rulebook for tomorrow night’s race.
Pits open at 4:30pm
Grandstands open at 6pm
Racing begins at 8pm

Southern Modified Light – 30 laps
Mini Stocks – 20 laps
Sportsman – 30 laps
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour – 150 laps

Fans who were here at Caraway tonight, your ticket stub is your rain check for tomorrow’s event.

1 98 BJ Mackey 100
2 1 Lee Pulliam 100
3 83 Matt Bowling 100
4 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr. 100
5 28 Travis Swaim 100
6 88 Robert Tyler 100
7 5 Brandon Dean 100
8 16 Mack Little 100
9 3 Kaz Grala 100
10 12 Ryan Wilson 100
11 47 Ben Rhodes 100
12 2 Myatt Snider 100
13 02 Randy Benson 100
14 42 Paul Wark 100
15 7 Gene Kepley 98
16 18 Annabeth Barnes 98
17 41 Cameron Hedgecock 98
18 17 John Kidwell 97
19 81 Patrick Coleman 97
20 15 Trey Hutchens 97
21 10 Dan Moore 9
BJ Mackey picked up his third Rusty Harpe Memorial victory. (Speed51.com photo)
Mackey also won this event in 2008 and 2011.
Winner BJ Mackey in makeshift victory lane at Caraway with the family of the late Rusty Harpe. (Speed51.com photo)
We’re awaiting the unofficial Late Model finishing order from timing and scoring officials.
The rest of the racing card, including the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, is moved to tomorrow night, Saturday July 6. Pit gates open tomorrow at 4:30pm. Grandstands at 6pm.
The Late Model Stock Car race is an official race. BJ Mackey is the winner, according to officials.
We’ve got some great fans sending us weather updates, which is greatly appreciated. We’re hoping the rain comes to a halt quickly so we can get the remainder of tonight’s events back underway.
It’s still raining, but has lessened up again.
Just as the call to get drivers to their cars came, the rain intensified and car covers are going back on the cars.
Track officials have made the announcement for Late Model drivers to report to their cars. The track is just about dry and we’re ready to finish this race off.
About a half-dozen safety vehicles an a couple Mini Stocks are on track trying to get the track dry.
The rain has stopped once again and track service vehicles are circling the track trying to get it dry.
The rain has picked up a bit in intensity here at Caraway. The Late Models are on pit road under cover.
The pace car is leading the Late Model field down pit road. Officials are allowing one crew member per car to clean and dry the windshield.
The shower has turned to a mist now and Late Models are still on track circling the asphalt.
Under this caution, another shower has fallen over the speedway. Looking at the radar, it shouldn’t be here long. The NWSMT teams are covering their cars on pit road and the Late Models are still on track under caution.
Randy Benson hit the cone and had it lodged beneath his car. It eventually came loose on the backstretch just as the field was about to get the green flag, but the caution came back out quickly before the green came out. Officials are now fetching the cone from the backstretch.
Mackey inside, Bowling outside, Pulliam inside, Lemons outside, Swaim inside, Dean outside for the first three rows.
The choose restart is in effect. Drivers can choose the lane they wish to start in when they get to the cone.
1. Mackey
2. Pulliam
3. Bowling
4. Lemons
5. Swaim
6. Tyler
7. Dean
8. Little
9. Grala
10. Wilson
11. Rhodes
12. Snider
13. Benson
14. Wark
15. Coleman
16. Hutchens
17. Kepley
18. Kidwell
19. Barnes
20. Hedgecock
21. Moore (out)
The field is now rolling back out to complete the Rusty Harpe Memorial 171.
Just a couple minutes left in this break. Drivers who got out of their cars are now strapping back in.

1 28 George Brunnhoelzl, III
2 5 Kyle Ebersole
3 02 Tim Brown
4 4 Jason Myers
5 1 Burt Myers
6 11 Andy Seuss
7 23 Brian Loftin
8 25 John Smith
9 77 Gary Putnam
10 65 Danny Bohn
11 40 Luke Fleming
12 97 Bryan Dauzat
13 2 JR Bertuccio
14 70 Jeremy Gerstner
15 12 Mike Norman
16 04 David Calabrese
17 44 Brandon Ward
As mentioned earlier, NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour qualifying was cancelled. The field was set per the 2013 series rulebook.

1. Mackey
2. Pulliam
3. Bowling
4. Lemons
5. Swaim
6. Tyler
7. Dean
8. Little
9. Grala
10. Wilson
11. Rhodes
12. Snider

YELLOW FLAG Lap 100: This is a scheduled competition caution. Teams can come to pit road to have any service done they can, including the option of changing two tires.
Lap 98: Snider and Grala are battling hard for ninth. The two young drivers swapped paint a few times before Grala was able to take the spot away. Wilson came along with him
Lap 92: Mackey puts a lap on Trey Hutchens and Patrick Coleman. Pulliam lost a bit of ground, not able to get past the lapped cars as quickly as the leader Mackey.
Lap 90: The lapped car of Cameron Hedgecock served as a bit of a road block for Swaim, Tyler, Dean and Little on the back end of the top-10. Eventually Swaim was able to open the door past the Hedgecock machine, bringing the rest of the lead-lap group with him.
1. Mackey
2. Pulliam
3. Bowling
4. Lemons
5. Swaim
6. Tyler
7. Little
8. Dean
9. Snider
10. Wilson
Lap 82: Pulliam rides about four car lengths behind Mackey. It’s another six car lengths back to the Bowling and Lemons battle. Lemons is on the back bumper of Bowling for third.
Lap 81: Mackey puts a lap on Gene Kepley
Lap 76: Mackey puts Barnes another lap down.
Lap 71, 100 to go: Mackey continues to lead Pulliam, Bowling, Lemons, Swaim, Little, Tyler, Dean and Snider. Snider continues to slide backwards as Tyler and Dean start to move forward.
Lap 65: Leaders Mackey and Pulliam have reached a pack of cars that includes Cameron Hegecock, Patrick Coleman, John Kidwell and Annabeth Barnes to potentially put them a lap or more down.
Lap 62: Swaim is to Snider’s door. Snider chops Swaim in turns three and four, then Swaim moved Snider up the track in turns one and two to take fifth. Mack Little followed along to sixth as Snider is now seventh.
Lap 58: Battle for fifth as Swaim takes a look under Snider, but no pass just yet.
Lap 55: Lemons is putting some pressure on Matt Bowling for third. Snider, Swaim, Little and Tyler run in a pack to themselves behind the top four.
Lap 52: Mackey and Pulliam have pulled away a bit from third-place Matt Bowling.
Lap 50: Snider is back to fifth. Bowling is now third and Lemons fourth
Lap 49: Pulliam is clear in second. Snider backslides a bit.
Swaim is back up to sixth.
1. Mackey
2. Snider
3. Pulliam
4. Lemons
5. Bowling
6. Tyler
7. Little
8. Swaim
9. Grala
10. Wilson
Hedgecock doesn’t appear to have any damage to the 41 machine and he has continued on, rejoining at the tail end of the field.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 48: Cameron Hedgecock goes for a spin off turn two.
Lap 45: Mackey leads by about a half straight-away.
Lap 44: Mackey has lapped Paul Wark.
Lap 42: The lapped car of Gene Kepley got a bit squirrelly in front of second-place Myatt Snider, but everyone continued on without issue.
Lap 35: Mackey leads Snider by about eight car lengths. Pulliam is third, Lemons is fourth, Bowling is fifth. Then it’s Tyler, Little, Swaim, Hedgecock, Grala, Wilson and Rhodes.
Lap 27: Barnes lets the leader Mackey go by to put her a lap down, then rode right in the path of second-place Matt Bowling. Bowling had to check up big time, which opened the door for Myatt Snider to take second, Pulliam to get to third and Lemons up to fourth before Bowling settled in to fifth.
All the leaders have worked past Hutchens, who is the first and only car one lap down at this point. The next car to fall victim to Mackey is Annabeth Barnes.
Lap 23: Leader Mackey puts a lap on Trey Hutchens.
Lap 21: Bowling gets to the inside of Tyler for second. He’s there and has the spot, taking Myatt Snider with him. Snider is now third with Tyler back to fourth with now Pulliam in tow. Swaim has backpedalled to eighth.
Lap 19: Matt Bowling is taking a look under Robert Tyler for second, but can’t quite make the move yet.
Lap 17: Brandon Dean is up to 15th after getting by Patrick Coleman.
The top eight back to Mack Little in eighth have broken away from ninth on back, Cameron Hedgecock, Ryan Wilson, Kaz Grala and Ben Rhodes.
Lap 12: Mackey leads by two car lengths over Tyler, Bowing, Snider and Swaim. Pulliam is sixth and has Tommy Lemons, Jr. on his tail.
After one lap under green, Dan Moore takes his car to pit road.
GREEN FLAG Lap 7: The field starts the race single file, keeping Mackey out front with Tyler in tow.
We’re about to officially go green flag racing here for the Late Models…
The field will be set by points.
NWSMT Update:
Officials have announced that tonight’s starting lineup for the 150-lap NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event will be set per the 2013 series rulebook. Modified qualifying has been cancelled.
There are several drivers with special recognition from several different NASCAR initiatives in this Late Model event. Lee Pulliam is the 2012 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Champion and is in the hunt for the same distinction again this year. Annabeth Barnes is a member of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program competes in some Late Model events for Rev Racing, but tonight she is in her family’s car. Also, Ben Rhodes was recently part of the NASCAR Next program.
Still under caution as the field circles to make sure the track is completely dry and ready for action.
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour officials have announced that the NWSMT race will now be the second feature of the night and will immediately follow the Late Models.
Officials have stopped counting the laps as “weepers,” water leaking through the cracks in turns three and four, are being addressed by track workers.
Working lap 7 under caution
These 10 caution laps are counting towards the total of 171.  We’re currently on lap four.
GREEN FLAG/CAUTION FLAG: The race is now underway under caution-flag conditions for the first 10 laps.
STARTING LINEUP (Top six qualifiers re-drew for starting positions)

1 BJ Mackey
2 Robert Tyler
3 Matt Bowling
4 Myatt Snider
5 Travis Swaim
6 Lee Pulliam
7 Tommy Lemons, Jr.
8 Mack Little
9 Dan Moore
10 Cameron Hedgecock
11 Kaz Grala
12 Paul Wark
13 Ryan Wilson
14 Ben Rhodes
15 Gene Kepley
16 Annabeth Barnes
17 John Kidwell
18 Patrick Coleman
19 Brandon Dean
20 Randy Benson
21 Trey Hutchens
The first 10 laps will be counted under caution to make sure the track is safe for the cars to compete on after the rain shower earlier.
Engines have been fired for the 171-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car portion of the Rusty Harpe Memorial. It will be 171 green flag laps. Caution laps will not count.
Burt Myers pushes his car on pit road as the Mod teams move to open up lanes for the Late Models to come in for service. (Speed51.com photo)
During pre-race ceremonies for the Late Models, track operator Darren Hackett announced intentions for a Race of Champions event here at Caraway during the speedway’s 50th anniversary in two years. He intends to have an event that features all 50 years worth of Caraway Late Model champions to compete in one special race. More details are still to be announced and Hackett announced that he is hoping for sponsorship to help make the event a reality, but it would be a really cool event here at Caraway should it come to fruition.
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Late Model pole winner BJ Mackey accepts the pole award from event sponsors Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law. (Speed51.com photo)
Lee Pulliam is ready for action. (Speed51.com photo)
Matt Bowling gives a smile before strapping in for 171 laps. (Speed51.com photo)
The Late Models line up for action. (Speed51.com photo)
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We have just confirmed with NASCAR officials that NWSMT qualifying has not yet been cancelled. Repeating, at this time NWSMT qualifying is still on the table, but the Late Models are lining up for their feature.
The call to get the Late Models to the starting grid has been given. We’re awaiting official confirmation on the event schedule, but that would indicate that NWSMT qualifying has been scrapped and the field will be set per the rulebook. We’ll get confirmation on that.
The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour driver and crew chief meeting has been called for 7:45pm. Teams are starting to work their way over to the tech shed for the meeting now.
We’re seeing some gray areas on the track surface, indicating the drying efforts are going well. Estimating another half hour or so of track drying, but hopefully less time. The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour cars are still sitting at the ready to qualify and to this point, qualifying has not been cancelled. Should that change, we will certainly pass it along.
CRA Racing Powered by JEGS “Night of Stars Twin 100’s” at Lucas Oil Raceway on Friday, July 26 will bring some of the biggest favorite drivers for the Midwest fans. Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace, David Stremme and Fox Sports/Speed TV NASCAR reporter Bob Dillner will be on hand for this special event. There will be a meet and greet with the fans and twin 100-lap feature events for the ARCA/CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour presented by Chevrolet Performance. For more information, visit www.cra-racing.com.
George Brunnhoelzl III’s team tosses around a football to pass the time during the track drying efforts. (Speed51.com photo)
Track staff and Mini Stocks help dry the track. (Speed51.com photo)
The richest race in the history of the American Canadian Tour (ACT) is coming July 20-21…it’s the ACT International 500 at Plattsburgh, New York’s Airborne Speedway. The ACT Invitational is the new “mid-summer classic” for ACT teams when old rivalries between the US and Canada, and new rivalries between veteran favorites and brash new-comers from both the US and Quebec-based ACT organizations are re-established at Airborne.

The International 500 is also featuring a Monza-style twin 50-lap Airborne Modified feature event and a 100-lap non-qualifier “Reserve Feature” for ACT Late Model teams who do not qualify for the main event. Both events will post over $20,000.00 in purse and prize money. The 40 lucky teams who qualify for the “Milk Bowl”-style feature will run three 100-lap inverted races that make up the 300. A minimum of $25,000.00 to the overall winner in the unique event has been posted.

For more details on the ACT International 500, visit www.acttour.com.

Comment From Kevin Thomas 

Thanks for the coverage tonight. Best of luck to Luke Fleming in the NWSMT race.

Comment From Guest 

Good luck & safe race to GBIII, Auntie M & Poppy in Fl are watching!

Track staff just announced to the competitors and fans that they are going to do everything in their power to get this event back underway after the most recent shower. The radar does look quite promising for the next several hours.
Track drying efforts are now underway. Several of the track service vehicles and the Mini Stock division with their treaded tires have been called out to help dry the track.
The Yellow River Racing Series first event has been rained out twice, hopefully the third time is a charm for 75-lap event on Saturday, July 13. Some of the best Super Late Model drivers in central Wisconsin will challenge the competitive half-mile oval. Will Steve Holzhausen defend his championship or will there be a new champion in 2013? For more information, please visit www.marshfieldmotorspeedway.com.
The rain has just about let up and teams are beginning to come out from under cover.
Comment From Jonathan Wilborn 

Good luck to Lee Pulliam, Tommy Lemons, Tim Brown, Brian Loftin, & Andy Suess tonight

The third Gulf Coast Doubleheader weekend for the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is set for July 26 and 27. The weekend kicks off with a combination event for the Southern Super Series and the Buddy’s Home Furnishings Blizzard Series at Pensacola, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway on Friday, July 26. The action shifts a few miles down Interstate 10 to Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway on Saturday, July 27, for the combination Southern Super Series and Miller Lite Series 125-lap feature. Daniel Hemric swept both ends of the Gulf Coast double last month, but who will take the checkered flags home from the Gulf Coast this time around? Find out July 26 and 27. For more details, visit www.southernsuperseries.com,www.5flagsspeedway.com and www.mobilespeedway.net.
1-Lap Qualifying: George Brunnhoelzl III, Chevrolet, 15.648 seconds, 104.678 mph, April 21, 2012
The next big Pro Late Model event on the schedule at historic Montgomery Motor Speedway in Alabama comes on Saturday, July 13 with the Four Star Freightliner 100. Be there when the Southeast’s top Pro Late Model talents battle on the Montgomery half-mile for a special mid-Summer classic. For more details on the Four Star Freightliner 100, visit www.montgomerymotorspeedway.com
Another brief shower has fallen over Caraway, but skies are brighter on the horizon. NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour qualifying was scheduled to be next on track.
Josh Nichols, a former competitor on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, has set fast time in the Southern Modified Light division.
Comment From michael 

good luck to Ryan Wilson, Matt Bowling, and Tommy Lemons JR in late model tonite

The All-American 400 is one of the most prestigious short track events in the country and it’s back in 2013 even bigger and better than before. Set for November 1 and 2 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, the AA400 will be a return to glory for the event that has seen the biggest names in the sport go to its victory lane. Butch Lindley, Bob Senneker, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip, Butch Miller, Jeff Purvis, Bobby Gill, Freddie Query, Wayne Anderson and Mike Garvey have all etched their name onto the All-American 400 record books over the years. The top names in Super Late Model racing and more will be on hand to battle for the famed guitar that goes to the AA400 winner. This year’s event will be a Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco Super Late Model race co-sanctioned by Champion Racing Association. More details are to be announced soon for this year’s All-American 400. Visit www.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com‬‬ for more.
The Southern Modified Lights are on track right now for time trials.   These are chassis that are the same as Tour Modifieds and SK Modifieds for those fans joining us from the Northeast, but operate with a crate engine, used tires and spec shocks.   They are similar to the SK Lights that compete at places like Stafford Motor Speedway (CT).   There are about eight or so Southern Modified Light cars here today.

1 BJ Mackey 17.118
2 Robert Tyler 17.229
3 Matt Bowling 17.309
4 Travis Swaim 17.313
5 Myatt Snider 17.329
6 Lee Pulliam 17.330
7 Tommy Lemons, Jr. 17.379
8 Mack Little 17.397
9 Dan Moore 17.412
10 Cameron Hedgecock 17.525
11 Kaz Grala 17.574
12 Paul Wark 17.586
13 Ryan Wilson 17.589
14 Gene Kepley 17.603
15 Ben Rhodes 17.648
16 Annabeth Barnes 17.732
17 John Kidwell 17.784
18 Patrick Coleman 17.796
19 Brandon Dean 17.861
20 Randy Benson 17.891
21 Trey Hutchens 18.208
That completes Late Model qualifying. BJ Mackey has set fast time.
12 – Ryan Wilson
Lap 1: 17.761
Lap 2: 17.589
Best Lap: 17.589
5 – Brandon Dean
Lap 1: 17.861
Lap 2: 19.238
Best Lap: 17.861
41 – Ben Rhodes
Lap 1: 17.779
Lap 2: 17.648
Best Lap: 17.648
7- Gene Kepley
Lap 1: 17.709
Lap 2: 17.603
Best Lap: 17.603
3 – Kaz Grala
Lap 1: 17.574
Lap 2: 17.708
Best Lap: 17.574
81 – Patrick Coleman
Lap 1: 17.990
Lap 2: 17.796
Best Lap: 17.796
15 – Trey Hutchens
Lap 1: 18.455
Lap 2: 18.208
Best Lap: 18.208
02 – Randy Benson
Lap 1: 17.891
Lap 2: 18.075
Best Lap: 17.891
1 – Lee Pulliam
Lap 1: 17.333
Lap 2: 17.330
Best Lap: 17.330
42 – Paul Wark
Lap 1: 17.913
Lap 2: 17.586
Best Lap: 17.586
27 – Tommy Lemons, Jr.
Lap 1: 17.594
Lap 2: 17.379
Best Lap: 17.379
16 – Mack Little
Lap 1: 17.898
Lap 2: 17.397
Best Lap: 17.397
18 – Annabeth Barnes
Lap 1: 17.898
Lap 2: 17.732
Best Lap: 17.732
83 – Matt Bowling
Lap 1: 17.576
Lap 2: 17.309
Best Lap: 17.309
41 – Cameron Hedgecock
Lap 1: 17.827
Lap 2: 17.525
Best Lap: 17.525
2 – Myatt Snider
Lap 1: 17.632
Lap 2: 17.329
Best Lap: 17.329
28 – Travis Swaim
Lap 1: 17.566
Lap 2: 17.313
Best Lap: 17.313
98 – BJ Mackey
Lap 1: 17.552
Lap 2: 17.118
Best Lap: 17.118
88 – Robert Tyler
Lap 1: 17.485
Lap 2: 17.229
Best Lap: 17.229
17 – John Kidwell
Lap 1: 18.106
Lap 2: 17.784
Best Lap: 17.784
10 – Dan Moore
Lap 1: 17.667
Lap 2: 17.412
Best Lap: 17.412
Qualifying is now underway for Late Models, a few minutes ahead of schedule
The call has been given to have Late Models get ready to qualify in three minutes.
Mack Little moves his machine into the qualifying line. (Speed51.com photo)
Ben Rhodes’s crew gets the car ready for qualifying. (Speed51.com photo)
The Modifieds are lined up for qualifying after the Late Models. (Speed51.com photo)
Practice is now complete for all divisions. Qualifying is next up at 6pm. The Late Models will be up first.
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Rusty Harpe’s car on display. (Speed51.com photo)
Tonight’s event is in memory of Rusty Harpe, a former racer here at Caraway and other local tracks. Since Harpe’s passing in 2007, the Independence Day weekend event here at Caraway has been in his honor.

Harpe won the 2000 Limited Late Model division championship at Caraway. Before his passing, Harpe had been planning to add the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour to his racing schedule.

Harpe is still remembered by many here at Caraway and there are many reminders of him throughout the track today, including one of his old racecars on the vendor midway behind the front stretch.

The sun is still shining brightly and temperatures are in the low 80’s here at Caraway. Tickets are still available – Admission $20 Adult; Youth 7-14 $5 Kids 6 & Under Free
Patrick Coleman (81) and Myatt Snider (2) run nose-to-tail in Late Model practice. (Speed51.com photo)
One of the most prestigious Super Late Model events in the country celebrates its 30th running in 2013 on a newly rescheduled date of August 10. It’s the World Crown 300 at Jefferson, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park. The World Crown winners’ list reads like a who’s-who in short track racing and drivers from throughout the country will try to etch their name into World Crown history on August 10 in the 30th annual running of the 300-lap event. For more details on the 30th Annual World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park, visit www.racegmp.com

1 5 Brandon Dean 17.300
2 2 Myatt Snider 17.482
3 1 Lee Pulliam 17.492
4 98 BJ Mackey 17.515
5 28 Travis Swaim 17.559
6 83 Matt Bowling 17.574
7 3 Kaz Grala 17.616
8 12 Ryan Wilson 17.660
9 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr. 17.667
10 88 Robert Tyler 17.802
11 18 Annabeth Barnes 17.821
12 47 Ben Rhodes 17.852
13 16 Mack Little 17.875
14 10 Dan Moore 17.904
15 41 Cameron Hedgecock 17.964
16 7 Gene Kepley 18.067
17 15 Trey Hutchens 18.117
18 81 Patrick Coleman 18.129
19 17 John Kidwell 18.149
20 02 Randy Benson no time
21 42 Paul Wark no time
Late Model practice is complete. Brandon Dean was the quickest with a lap time of 17.300.
Brian Loftin was quick in the Modified practice. (Speed51.com photo)
It’s the most prestigious Outlaw Super Late Model event in the country and it’s back for a 21st time at Michigan’s Kalamazoo Speedway…it’s the Kalamazoo Klash! The Klash brings in the best Outlaw talents from the Midwest plus invaders from all around the country to battle in the event that annually packs the Kalamazoo Speedway grandstands. For more on the Kalamazoo Klash XXI, visitwww.kalamazoospeedway.com.
The NWAAS Late Models are back on track now for their final practice session. 

1 02 Tim Brown 16.013
2 23 Brian Loftin 16.166
3 5 Kyle Ebersole 16.178
4 44 Brandon Ward 16.178
5 11 Andy Seuss 16.270
6 28 George Brunnhoelzl, III 16.271
7 25 John Smith 16.328
8 65 Danny Bohn 16.375
9 4 Jason Myers 16.428
10 2 JR Bertuccio 16.431
11 77 Gary Putnam 16.477
12 1 Burt Myers 16.541
13 40 Luke Fleming 16.557
14 97 Bryan Dauzat 16.634
15 04 David Calabrese 16.842
16 70 Jeremy Gerstner 16.890
17 12 Mike Norman 17.079
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour practice is now complete for the day. Tim Brown finished practice atop the board.
Brunnhoelzl gets a little slideways. (Speed51.com photo)
Tim Brown rolls through the corner during Modified practice. (Speed51.com photo)
Tim Brown has just shot to the top of the board with a lap of 16.013.
State Park Speedway’s second round of the their Triple X Challenge Series will be the Larry Detjen’s Memorial on July 26-27. The race honors a true hero who lost his life in a racing accident. The two days of racing will feature Super Late Models, Big 8 Series, Trucks and more. For more information, please visit www.stateparkspeedway.com.
So far in this one and only 45-minute practice, Brian Loftin is the quickest with a lap of 16.166. Andy Seuss is second, followed by Brandon Ward, Tim Brown and John Smith.
John Smith hits the track. (Speed51.com photo)
The Modifieds are now on track for their first practice run. Bryan Dauzat, JR Bertuccio, Brian Loftin, Andy Seuss, Jeremy Gerstner, Danny Bohn and Brandon Ward are amongst the first cars to roll out.
Dixie Motor Speedway will host the “Big One XI” on Friday, August 2. It will be a big night of racing with the Main Event Racing Series Outlaw Supers in a 100-lap feature event. Plus the Auto Value Super Sprints, Bombers and Figure 8’s will be in action. For more information, please visit www.dixiemotorspeedway.com.

George Brunnhoelzl III, 9
Brian Loftin, 8
L.W. Miller, 7
Andy Seuss, 6
Junior Miller, 5
Ted Christopher, 4
Tim Brown, 2
Danny Bohn, 1
Burt Myers, 1
Jason Myers, 1
John Smith, 1

Gary Putnam gets his 77 ride ready to roll. (Speed51.com photo)
Burt Myers makes a run through tech before practice starts. (Speed51.com photo)
The sun is now out and it should be a great night here at Caraway. We hope to see you at the track to tonight. (Speed51.com photo)
The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour has made 45 visits to Caraway Speedway, including two previous events earlier this season, which were won by Jason Myers and George Brunnhoelzl, III.
Casey Johnson will be looking for his second win in a row after winning round one of the Triple Crown Challenge Series earlier this month. The second round will take place on Sunday, July 14 at Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile oval with the running of the Bully Dog 100. Along with the Super Late Models, the Midwest Super Trucks and INEX Legends will be in action. Qualifying at 1:15pm with racing to follow. More information can be found at www.madisoninternationalspeedway.com.
Tim Brown has a lot going on this weekend. Not only is today the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event here at Caraway, but tomorrow, July 6 is his birthday. Above all that, tomorrow is also Tim’s wedding to his fiancée Megan Flynt. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Brown tomorrow from all of us atSpeed51.com. Kyle Froman of Motor Racing Outreach is here at Caraway and will present tonight’s invocation and then officiate the Brown wedding tomorrow.
Tim Brown gets his Modified tuned up. (Speed51.com photo)
The track is dry and on-track activities will begin again soon. Modified teams are getting their cars warmed up in anticipation for practice.
Kyle “Rowdy” Busch will be entering the second leg of the PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudière in Vallee-Jonction Quebec on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013. This race will be the second race of the prestigious PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at the famed high-banked quarter-mile. Busch will be participating in the event, which will undoubtedly be the biggest short track event in the history of the province of Québec, in his #51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Super-Late Model Camry.

For more details, visit www.autodromechaudiere.com

The sun has re-emerged here at Caraway and Late Model drivers have been called into the tech shed for their scheduled mandatory drivers’ meeting.
The weather is expected to be much better come race time tonight. Tickets are still available – Admission $20 Adult; Youth 7-14 $5 Kids 6 & Under Free
A slight pop-up shower has hit Caraway Speedway, but bright skies are on the horizon and this should only be a few minutes’ worth of rain.
Brandon Dean on track during second practice. (Speed51.com photo)

1 98 BJ Mackey 17.176
2 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr. 17.304
3 1 Lee Pulliam 17.311
4 28 Travis Swaim 17.332
5 83 Matt Bowling 17.401
6 3 Kaz Grala 17.454
7 88 Robert Tyler 17.468
8 2 Myatt Snider 17.480
9 12 Ryan Wilson 17.529
10 16 Mack Little 17.555
11 41 Cameron Hedgecock 17.621
12 5 Brandon Dean 17.626
13 10 Dan Moore 17.666
14 7 Gene Kepley 17.683
15 81 Patrick Coleman 17.759
16 42 Paul Wark 17.799
17 41 Ben Rhodes 17.820
18 15 Trey Hutchens 17.921
19 02 Randy Benson no time
20 17 John Kidwell no time
21 18 Annabeth Barnes no time
Second Late Model practice is now on track. Just about every car has been on track already in this session.
NASCAR star Clint Bowyer will mix it up on track with some of New England and Canada’s best short trackers in the 2013 Vermont Lottery Commission Governor’s Cup race, Thursday night July 11th at Barre, Vermont’s Thunder Road International Speedbowl. Nick Sweet leads the list of top Thunder Roadsters with whom Bowyer will have to deal. Winner of the Governor’s Cup in two of the last three years, he is considered a strong favorite for the 2013 tilt.

Brooks Clark, Derrick O’Donnell and Emily Packard are among the new names who will be featured in the event, along with Cody Blake, Dave Pembroke, Trampas Demers, Chip Grenier and Phil Scott. They are part of the 30-member cast expected for the 150 laps for what has proven to be one of the season’s best races.

For ticket and schedule information for this special event on July 11, visit www.thunderroadspeedbowl.com


1 Burt Myers, Walnut Cove, NC
02 Tim Brown, Cana, VA
2 JR Bertuccio, Centerreach, NY
04 David Calabrese, Toms River, NJ
4 Jason Myers, Walnut Cove, NC
5 Kyle Ebersole, Hummelstown, PA
11 Andy Seuss, Hampstead, NH
12 Mike Norman, Lewisville, NC
23 Brian Loftin, Lexington, NC
25 John Smith, Mount Airy, NC
28 George Brunnhoelzl, III, W. Babylon, NY
40 Luke Fleming, Mount Airy, NC
44 Brandon Ward, Winston-Salem, NC
65 Danny Bohn, Freehold, NJ
70 Jeremy Gerstner, Wesley Chapel, FL
77 Gary Putnam, Concord, NC
97 Bryan Dauzat, Alexandria, LA
Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, David Ragan, Kenny Wallace, Joe & John Hunter Nemechek and more will join ARCA Midwest Tour regulars Jonathan Eilen, Nathan Haseleu, Dan Fredrickson and others in a 150-lap Super Late Model event on the historic Milwaukee Mile to benefit the MACC Fund on July 8-9. Last year, Travis Sauter held off Chase Elliott to win the Howie Lettow Memorial 150 event.

There will be a special pre-race party on Monday, July 8 featuring music from 38 Special. Tickets are on sale now at www.arcafest.com.

BJ Mackey at speed. (Speed51.com photo)
Annabeth Barnes (18) leads Ben Rhodes through the corner. (Speed51.com photo)
Lee Pulliam was quickest in first Late Model practice. (Speed51.com photo)
The “Driver Unknown” that finished second in practice was a transponder on a car that was not registered to a driver.  Timing and scoring officials were not able to determine which car it was before practice was completed.

Looking at the cars in the pits versus the cars that were listed on the practice result provided by officials, Matt Bowling’s name does not appear on the list.  Therefore, we’re taking a guess that it was Bowling P2, but officials said they would have whichever car’s transponder that was not registered in their system come second practice shortly.


1 1 Lee Pulliam 17.216
2 0 Driver Unknown 17.413
3 28 Travis Swaim 17.468
4 2 Myatt Snider 17.496
5 3 Kaz Grala 17.501
6 5 Brandon Dean 17.507
7 88 Robert Tyler 17.538
8 98 BJ Mackey 17.540
9 10 Dan Moore 17.643
10 12 Ryan Wilson 17.653
11 16 Mack Little III 17.737
12 42 Paul Wark 17.783
13 7 Gene Kepley 17.800
14 02 Randy Benson 17.900
15 41 Ben Rhodes 17.922
16 18 Annabeth Barnes 17.984
17 81 Patrick Coleman 17.986
18 15 Trey Hutchens 18.132
19 17 John Kidwell no time
20 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr. no time
21 41 Cameron Hedgecock no time
First Late Model practice is now in the books. Lee Pulliam was quickest. Stay tuned for full practice results. Twenty-one Late Models are signed into the pit area today.
Late Models hit Caraway. (Speed51.com photo)
Late Models are now on track for their first practice. Robert Tyler, Mack Little, Trey Hutchens, Ben Rhodes, Ryan Wilson, Myatt Snider and BJ Mackey are all on track to start the session.
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Several of Caraway’s local divisions have already hit the track for practice. The NWAAS Late Models are next up momentarily. The Modifieds won’t hit the track for the first time for a few hours still.

Among the Late Models in attendance are defending NASCAR Whelen All-American Series National Champion Lee Pulliam, NASCAR Next competitor Ben Rhodes, track standout Ryan Wilson, young stars Myatt Snider, Kaz Grala and former UARA-STARS champion and local standout Travis Swaim. We’ll have a full driver roster after the first practice session.

The temperature here in Asheboro, NC is currently 83 degrees under skies that feature a mix of sun and clouds. As with just about every evening in the Summer, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms later on, but all indications are showing that we’ll get a full night of racing in tonight.
Tonight’s racing action, which begins at 8pm ET, is highlighted by a 171-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car feature and a 150-lap NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour feature.
NWAAS Late Model teams unload for tonight’s feature. (Speed51.com photo)

1:00pm – 1:10pm Sportsman
1:12pm – 1:22pm Mod Lites
1:23pm – 1:33pm Mini Stock
1:35pm – 1:50pm Late Model Stock

Second Round Of Practice
1:50pm – 2:00pm Sportsman
2:00pm – 2:10pm Mod Lites
2:10pm – 2:20pm Mini Stock
2:20pm – 2:35pm Late Model Stock

Third Round Of Practice
2:40pm – 2:50pm Sportsman
2:50pm – 3:00pm Mod Lites
3:00pm – 3:10pm Mini Stock
3:10pm – 3:30pm Late Model Stock


4:00pm – 4:45pm Tour Mod Practice

Final Round Of Practice
4:50pm – 5:00pm – Late Model Stock
5:00pm – 5:10pm – Mod Lite
5:10pm – 5:20pm – Sportsman
5:20pm – 5:30pm – Mini Stock

6:00pm Qualifying Begins (LMSC 2 Laps; Mod Lite 2 Laps; SP 1 Lap; MS 1 Lap)
6:30pm Tour Mod Qualifying Begins
7:00pm Tour Mods on track followed by LMSC in race order Autograph Session
7:45pm Pole Awards (Clear the track of fans)
7:55pm National Anthem By Megan Smith / Invocation by Aaron Plummer – Track Chaplain
8:00pm (171 Lap LMSC; 30 Lap Mod Lite; 150 Lap Mod Tour; 20 Lap MS; 30 Lap SP)

Schedule & Amount of Practice Sessions & Race Order subject to change due to circumstances such as but not limited to weather.

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Good afternoon and welcome to Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, North Carolina, for today’s running of the Daggett & Shuler Rusty Harpe Memorial.

The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour and the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stocks headline the event that also includes several of Caraway’s local divisions.

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Trackside Now: NWAAS Late Models & Whelen Southern Modified Tour – Caraway Speedway (NC) – 7/5/13