Speed51.com – 02/05/10 – New Smyrna Speedweeks – Day One at NSS (FL) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the 44th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway (FL). Today is day one of nine nights of racing action at the track, and Speed 51 will be here every day for Trackside Now coverage of the events as well as radio shows and radio broadcasts of the big events on RaceTalkRadio.com. We will have photos, videos, interviews and more. We hope you enjoy this year’s coverage.


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Here is today’s schedule of events:8:00 Gates Open/Tech Opens
10:00 SK/Tour Tech Opens / Tires open 9:00
10:30 Fuel Opens
11:00 Practice Begins
11:00-11:15 Late Models Yellow Stickers
11:20-11:35 Florida Mods
11:40-11:55 Super Late Models Red Stickers
12:00-12:15 Tour Mods
12:20-12:35 Crate/ASA Late Models Green Stickers
12:40-12:55 SK Mods Red Stickers
1:00-1:15 Late Models Yellow Stickers
1:20-1:35 Florida Mods
1:40-1:55 Super Late Models Red Stickers
2:00-2:15 Tour Mods
2:20-2:35 Crate/ASA Late Models Green Stickers
2:40-2:55 SK Mods Red Stickers
4:00 Qualifying
Super Late Models
Late Models
Crate Late Models
Tour Mods
Florida Mods
SK Mods
6:15 Drivers Meeting
7:30 Features Start
Late Models 25 Laps
Florida/IMCA Mods 25 Laps
Super Late Models 30 Laps
Tour Type Mods 25 Laps
Crate/ASA type Late Models 25 Laps
SK Mods 20 Laps


For a schedule of the entire events over the entire nine nights, click here:http://www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org/pdfs/WS_daily.pdf


While practice was supposed to start at 11am, they are just now starting to hit the track.If we get some times for the practice sessions today, we will post them, however there is no officials up in the booth as of this time.


The Late Models have hit the track for thier first practice session.


One of the #119 machines just spun in turn one, but didn’t hit anything.  It was either J.R. McMickle or Tom Molloy.


The weather here today is probably going to be an issue. The temperature isn’t the problem as it is currently 73 degrees, but it is clouds and is expected to get problematic later. By 2:00pm, there is a 35% chance of precipitation. By 4:00pm it goes up to 90%, then 100% by 5:00pm. It isn’t until 9:00pm that it drops down to 20%, so it appears for the moment that we will get wet later.


The Late Models have completed their first session.  The Florida Mods are up next.


Rain drops are being felt a bit in the infield.  We can now see some on the glass in the tower.


We do want to take a moment and let you know who is here with Speed51.com for New Smyrna Speedweeks.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor is here and will be manning the audio controls on the radio broadcasts.

Matt “Duke” Kentfield is here and will be producing our radio broadcasts as well as helping out at the keys of Trackside Now.

Jason “Stix” Buckley (myself) will be the main Trackside Now updater.

Bob Dillner, when he can get away from his SPEED duties over at Daytona, will be assisting here with various things.

Matthew Dillner will also pop over here from time to time to help out when he isn’t at the big track.

Jamie Williams and Jim DuPont will be here throughout some of the event to provide photos.

While Speed 51’s Editor Mike Twist won’t be here this trip, he will be up North keeping Speed 51 up to date on the news going on in racing outside of NSS.

Everyone will be working to bring you stories, videos, photos, news bits and more throughout the entire nine nights of action.  From all of us at Speed51.com, we hope you enjoy our coverage.


Comment From Brian What are the final postings of entries at NSS ?


We will have that complete information later today when we can get it from the track.


The sun is back out here at the track, peeking through the clouds.  The sprinkles have appeared to stop for the moment, and never was hard enough to halt practice.


The Florida Mods have completed their first practice with no incidents.  Next up will be the Super Late Models.


If you missed yesterday’s news and notes from practice day here at the track, check it out now to get caught up on some things:http://www.speed51.com/2010_Stories/Speedweeks/New_Smyrna_Practice_Notes_Thursday_2_4.html


We will be filtering in some news and notes as we get them here at the track today.


David Rogers has hit the track for the Super Late Model practice session.  He was not here yesterday, so this is his first time on the track in practice this weekend.


With the internet being a quick source of information, Speed 51 isn’t the only one keeping fans up to date on what is happening here at the track.  Drivers like Jeff Choquette are keeping their fans abreast of their weekend on Twitter, and some on Facebook.


David Russell (SLM) has pulled the motor on his car and the team is taking it to an engine shop.  He was here practicing yesterday.


Brandon Sweet (Crate/ASA), who wrecked yesterday in practice, pulled his motor to be put in a back-up car that is on its way.  They are hoping for a wash-out tonight because they do not think their back-up car will arrive in time to race today.


After practice concluded last night, many drivers and teams headed to the local hang-out, Pub 44.  One of the louder groups there last night having a good time was Hooker Brothers Racing from Ontario, Canada.  We weren’t sure if they were happier about being at the track or just being south where it was a bit warmer.


Comment From Guest Is David Russell related to Tim Russell?


He is not, but I bet he will be asked that question many times throughout the weekend.


The yellow flag came out briefly during this Super Late Model practice.  We didn’t see anything except Kelsey Steele going slow on the bottom of the track.  She did get back up to speed before pulling down on pit road, so we aren’t sure what the issue was.Steele is the daughter of racer Tim Steele.


Comment From www.wirphotos.net Saw the picture of Steve Carlson by Rebecca Kasten’s car. Kasten’s car looks like it was a car that Carlson drove this year. Is Carlson helping Kasten?


Yes, Rebecca Kasten is driving a car that Steve Carlson has driven to victory lane multiple times, including winning the King’s Ransom race with.  If I remember correctly, Carlson said that car has won 23 of the 27 races it has competed in.Kasten’s first laps in that car was yesterday during practice.


Comment From Guest We wonder which Canadians have a better time at Speedweeks – the Hooker Brothers or the Laperle Brothers. Both camps know how to have a great time.


For those that might have missed the photos from yesterday’s action, check the Speed 51 Facebook at www.facebook.com/speed51Also, Bob Dillner will be updating the Facebook photo galleries from Daytona of the ARCA Series as well as the other action over at the big track, so make sure to become a fan of Speed 51 on Facebook and check out the photo galleries.


Comment From Matt Prieur Best of luck to 13-year-old Erik Jones and 17-year-old Jimmy Novak in the ASA / Crate Late Models and to 20-year-old Travis Eddy and veteran, Don Morse in the Florida / IMCA Modifieds. Jones and Eddy are representing the Owosso Speedway in Ovid, Michigan while Novak and Morse are representing the Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run, Michigan.


The Super Late Models are now off the track as the Tour Mods are up next.


Ted Christopher (Tour Mods) is on the track with sticker tires while most of the other racers are on scuffs.


Former NASCAR Busch North Series Champion Jamie Aube is here acting as crew chief for Dustin Delaney.


Cole Powell is back tonight after spending all night repairing front and rear end damage from the end of the night’s crash yesterday in the Crate/ASA practice.


For a list of pre-entered drivers, check here:http://www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org/content/view/345/1/

(note: we will get a more complete list once provided by the track)



PHOTO: Ted Christopher on the track during practice.  (51 Sports Photo)


The Tour Mods are now off the track as the Crate / ASA Late Models are up next.


Ricky Brooks, who is heading up tech this year, said tech has been going well.  Some guys have had to go through twice just to get things right, but nothing major.He did also say that he would love to drive a Tour-Type Modified.


Erik Jones looped his Crate/ASA car in practice.  He might have made slight contact with the turn two wall, but after a quick trip on pit road, he went back out on the track.


David Wagner had his #98 Crate/ASA Late Model completely sideways off turn four, but was able to save it and keep going.


The Crate / ASA Late Model practice is over.  In the last few minutes of practice, a black #5 machine looped in turn four, but didn’t hit anything.  We do not have a name of the driver in that car at this time.Next up is the SK Mod practice.



PHOTO: Crate / ASA Late Models during practice.  (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Becky Jackman Please tell Ben Dodge Becky says “hello” have a great nine days of racing



PHOTO: Ben Dodge at the track Thursday during practice day.  (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Dan Everybody pass along a big Happy Birthday to ole MD today!!!!!!!



PHOTO: SK Mods on track for their practice session.  (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Dick The winning days for the Carlson car are over now!


Comment From GW We’re cheering for the Hooker brothers on and off the track


We have received word that Drew Brannon will be here for some of the action here at New Smyrna, but not the whole event.  Due to his busy school schedule, he will be at the track Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only to race his Crate / ASA Late Model.


Jeffrey Gallup has spun his SK Mod in turn four.


We are spending a long time under yellow here as Jeffrey Gallop’s car required a push to get back to the pits.


Comment From bubba have they mentioned a deadline for how long they will wait for rain to clear otnight


We are not sure.  There are no officials in the tower and they are making PA announcements in the garage only.  When we hear anything from either the pits or the tower, we will post it.


The SK practice is back to green.


Comment From Scott How did young Brandon Watson from Ont, Can. make out in Crate/ASA practice??


Comment From gerry allen how did lonnie sommerville run in his slm


We do not have practice times at the moment and probably will not have them today as no track officials are in the booth.


The SK practice has completed.  The Late Models are back on tap for their second and final round of practice.



PHOTO: Late Models on the track during their practice.  (51 Sports Photo)


Late Model practice has completed.  The Florida Mods are up next.


Comment From Mike Ray I just wanted to thank Team 51 for the coverage from the World Series.Ms.Hotrod is ill so I’m staying in Raleighwood but I’ll see you guy’s and gal’s in Raleigh for the Pass South event May 7th.peace,out.


Denis Pierce spun his Florida Mod out during practice in turn four, but got righted.


Comment From GW Second that one Mike Ray – thanks Speed51 for providing us with updates


It appears the Denis Pierce spin wasn’t the reason for the yellow.  There is a car on the back stretch low on the inside that spun or stopped.  That driver is being hooked up on a tow truck.  If we find out who it is, we will pass it along.


The Florida Mod that appears to be heading back to the pits via a tow is Charlie Barrett.


The Florida Mods are back up to speed for their last practice of the day.


Charlie Barrett’s team is assessing the damage on his Florida Mod.  It has shifted over the rear end after contact with the inside backstretch wall.


The Florida Mods have completed their practice.  The Super Late Models are now going on the track for their practice session.


Over at the “big” track, James Buescher has snagged the pole for the ARCA race.  Mikey Kile, Joey Coulter, Dakoda Armstrong, Bryan Silas, Mark Thompson, Nelson Piquet, Bobby Gerhart, John Wes Townley and Steve Arpin round out the top 10.


Super Late Model practice has completed with no incidents.  Tour Mods are next on the track.We do not have any timing and scoring to pass along.


Comment From Denise Good for Drew Brannon watch that boy race go Drew go!


Comment From Guest Buescher won the pole? I didn’t know there was anyone in the ARCA race other than Danica! LOL


She qualified 11th.


We all know that tires win races and that is the case here at New Smyrna.  The Super Late Model teams pretty much have to buy a new set of tires each night in order to be competitive.  Although old tires pick up the same speed after a lap or two, it’s those short runs that force the hand of teams into new tires.  2009 Super Late Model Champion David Rogers had at least 10 sets of tires for his week long-run for the title.


We have seen Jimmy Weller in the pits here this week working on David Rigan and David Russell’slate models.  Weller won on opening night here last year in the Crate Late Model division.


By our count trackside, we have eight Late Model teams here from Canada.  Patrick Laperle, Wayne Smith, Shaun McWhirter, Cole Powell, Brandon Watson, Kirk Hooker, Lonnie Sommerville and Bruce Gowland have all been on the track today.


Comment From Steve Einhaus Good luck to everyone at Speedweeks from the cold tundra of WI. Steve Carlson is down crewing for Becca Kasten after our return trip from South Africa. Have fun! Steve Einhaus, ASA Midwest Tour


Comment From CW Do you guys have any practise times from the create late models and the super late models?


We do not have any times from practice as there is no officials in the booth and we weren’t able to find any times in the pits earlier today.


While it isn’t raining yet, it appears to only be a matter of time.  Heavy rains are just to the west of here, moving this way.  Also, the wind has been whipping all day, and currently the county is under a tornado watch until 8pm.


Comment From Dan Just be thankful your in FL and not back home for the SNOW AND ICE STORM heading this way lol


The Crate/ASA Late Models are up next as the Tour Mods completed their practice.



PHOTO: While we might get drenched tonight, Greg Wood from CRA sent us this photo of what he sees out his window in Indiana today.  (Greg Wood Photo)


Comment From MD from Speed51.com Got a little break here before the going back to work at Daytona International Speedway. I’m a fan too, and can’t get to Smyrna, so am enjoying catching up with the action on Trackside Now. Good job guys and I hope to join you all later this week. :.)


The Crate/ASA Late Models have completed their practice.  SK Mods are next and will complete today’s practice sessions.



PHOTO: Matt Hirschman during Mod practice.  (51 Sports Photo)


Make sure to look through our past updates from today for more information if you just logged into our coverage.




15-year-old Kelsey Steele is running her first Super Late Model race here this weekend.  Her car has been sitting on pit road though for a bit since practice.  A piece of aluminum got caught in the rear of her car and broke a hub.



PHOTO: Kelsey Steele watches as her team works on her car.  (51 Sports Photo)


The checkered flag has waved and practice is over.  It might be good timing as we are hearing a few sprinkles are being felt here and there.


Qualifying is supposed to begin at 4pm.  We will let everyone know what we find out as the day progresses here and the weather moves closer.



PHOTO: Allen Bruns during practice.  (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTOS: J.R. Bertuccio and Rowan Pennick during practice.  (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Some teams already have their cars tarped, expecting the rain to fall.  (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Becky J. Shout out to Alan Bruns


Comment From bubba they better do more than tarp em..its gonna get ugly. i’d be rolling them into the hauler.


We haven’t really seen anyone do that quite yet, but I have seen some pit carts going back in, like teams are getting prepared to be able to roll the car right in and close up the back gate.


Comment From Jason Did something happen between Brandon Watson and Cole Powell in the crate late practice?


Check our recap from yesterday for news and notes on that (link on Speed51.com or earlier in Trackside Now).


Comment From Racemom I LOVE this website!!! Stuck at work but at least someone’s there to let us all know what’s going on.Thanks Speed51


Comment From Butch M. , Akron Oh. Good job Team51, We in ohio look forward to your coverage. Thanks sooo much. A big shout to RPM racing 88, 98 Crate/asa LM.


It has started to rain here at the track.We haven’t had any word yet from officials, but cars are being loaded into trailers to get out of the rain.



PHOTO: The infield here at New Smyrna Speedway is a bit wet.  (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Duane Well has there been any word yet if they are going to hold off and wait it out or are they calling it..


We haven’t heard anything over the PA in the pits except that someone has a package at the front to pick up.  Earlier they did announce to secure tents, but nothing since the rain started to fall.


Comment From squirrelkew are you goiin to have radio coverage. if so when?


The plan was to have radio coverage from the infield today around 6pm, but that is currently pending the weather as well.


Comment From RaceMa A BIG Happy Birthday to Matt!


Happy B-Day to our own Matthew Dillner, who is probably getting wet over at the big track right now.


The track has called the rest of the night’s action due to weather.  Those at the track today can use the same armband to get in tomorrow.


We will not have a radio show today.


We will however have photos from today’s action on our Speed 51 Facebook page, located at www.facebook.com/speed51


That is it for today’s Speed 51 Trackside Now coverage here at New Smyrna Speedway.  We are all going to head to Pub 44 to enjoy some great food tonight and be back tomorrow for all of the action here at New Smyrna Speedway.

Trackside Now: New Smyrna Speedweeks World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Day One – 2/5/10