Good night from Caraway. 
That will conclude our coverage of tonight’s Firecracker 150 at Caraway Speedway.

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The win was Brunnhoelzl’s 14th career on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, breaking the tie with LW Miller for the all-time win lead on the Tour. 
Brunnhoelzl calls his wife Heather at home from victory lane. (Speed51.com Photo)
George Brunnhoelzl, Jr. (left) and GBIII (right) celebrate the victory. (Speed51.com Photo)
After the 7/6/12 event

1. George Brunnhoelzl, III 219
2. L W Miller 190
3. Danny Bohn 186
4. Jason Myers 182
5. Brian Loftin 179
6. Burt Myers 171
7. Tim Brown 170
8. Kyle Ebersole 163
9. John Smith 162
10. Frank Fleming 160 


1 George Brunnhoelzl, III
2 Brandon Ward
3 Danny Bohn
4 Brian Loftin
5 Jason Myers
6 Jon McKennedy
7 John Smith
8 Michael Speeney
9 Tim Brown
10 Joe Scarbrough
11 Frank Fleming
12 Gary Putnam
13 Kyle Ebersole
14 Thomas Stinson
15 Burt Myers
16 Bryan Dauzat
17 Cole Powell
18 Andy Seuss
19 LW Miller
20 Mike Norman
21 Gary Fountain

Comment From kelly 

Thank you for the coverage for those of us that couldn’t make the trip! 

Tracks are responsible to welcome the Tour into their facilities just as much as NASCAR is responsible to schedule them. The Southern Tour does run many races here at Caraway, but they do have some races at other historic facilities such as Bowman Gray, South Boston and Charlotte Motor Speedway and combination events with the Northern Tour at Bristol and Thompson. The Southern Tour has competed at all three of those tracks you mentioned in the past. 
Comment From drew johns 

How can NASCAR call it a touring series if they run the same track 6 times a year there are great tracks in the area like ace,concord and motor mile 

With the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour win, George Brunnhoelzl, III unofficially leaves Caraway tonight with a 29-point lead in the standings. 
Comment From Justin

YES!!!! Me and my brother went to school with Jared 

Jared Fryar gets interviewed in Sportsman victory lane. (Speed51.com Photo)
SPORTSMAN CHECKERED FLAG: Jared Fryar wins over Bobby Reed as Kenny Bost. 
Back under yellow with two laps to go. Fryar does lead. 
Comment From Justin

Did Jared Fryar win the Sportsman Race? 

Jarred Fryar is the current leader as the green is about to come out with three to go. 
The 30-lap Sportsman race is still going on. We are at lap 27. Eight cars started. Six still run and just about all of them have been involved in a crash at some point thus far. 
Andy Seuss gave his side of the incident with LW Miller and we will have that as part of the Speed51.com race story next week. Miller left the track quickly after the checkered flag flew according to his crew. 
We are stuck in the infield until the end of this 30-lap Sportsman race. Until we can type the names in at our computer, here is a snap shot of the unofficial finish. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Brunnhoelzl wins over Ward, Bohn, Loftin and Jason Myers. Full results after post-race ceremonies. We’re headed down to talk to the winner. 
White flag for Brunnhoelzl 
GREEN FLAG Lap 148: Brunnhoelzl gets a good start and clears Ward. Ward tries to get to his bumper in three to no avail 
It’ll be a two-lap shootout, but not considered a green-white-checkered attempt. 
The field is doubled up and we’re a lap away from green. 
Engines have been re-fired. 
1 Brunnhoelzl
2 Ward
3 Bohn
4 Loftin
5 McKennedy
6 J. Myers
7 Brown
8 Smith
9 Speeney
10 Scarbrough
We’ve been under RED FLAG conditions for a few minutes on lap 144 for cleanup. 
The catch fence is not damaged. 
From a long distance away from our vantage point, Miller (red and black suit) and Seuss (black and blue suit) discuss the incident. (Speed51.com Photo)
Reports are that Miller got up into the turn three catch fence for a moment. 
Word from officials is that the conversation was “cordial” and everything is “good to go.” 
Miller and Seuss both got out of their cars and seemed to have a non-confrontational discussion about what happened. 
These two have a history, but eyes were on the leaders when the incident happened to see if there was a catalyst. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 143: LW Miller and Andy Seuss crash in turn three. 
Eight laps to go for Brunnhoelzl 
Lap 140: Bohn loses some ground again off turn two to Ward. Brunnhoelzl leads Ward by about seven car lengths. 
Lap 138: Brunnhoelzl puts Burt Myers another lap down as Bohn has caught Ward again for second. 
Lap 138: Norman’s night is done as his car is pushed up to the trailer. 
Lap 133: Bohn tries the high side of Ward, but the lapped car of Stinson was in the bottom groove. Ward moved up the track and Bohn got pushed almost to the marbles and lost about three car lengths 
Lap 131: Bohn tries the inside of Ward in three but can’t make it stick. 
Lap 130: Bohn is on the back bumper of Ward as Brunnhoelzl puts the 13th place car of Stinson down a lap. 
Lap 129: Mike Norman comes to pit road. 
Lap 126: Bohn is still two-tenths quicker than the leader, but Brunnhoelzl is 2/3 of a straight away ahead of Bohn and Ward is still in between them. 
Lap 125, 25 to go:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Ward
3. Bohn
4. Loftin
5. Seuss
6. Miller
7. McKennedy
8. Brown
9. J. Myers
10. Smith 
Lap 124: Bohn to third by Loftin. Bohn is by far the fastest car on track. 
Lap 120: Bohn gets the fourth spot on the outside of Seuss. 
Lap 119: Bohn is peppering the back bumper of Seuss. 
Burt Myers gives way to the leaders and appears to be a bit off the pace, but remains on track. 
As the leaders caught them, Putnam punted Burt out of the way to make the pass for 15th as the leaders get to their bumpers. 
Lap 114: Brunnhoelzl puts Norman a lap down and now sets his sights on lapping Gary Putnam and Burt Myers. 
Lap 111: Bohn is all over the back bumper of Seuss, but can’t quite get the momentum for the pass. 
Lap 110: Brunnhoelzl is picking up the pace and leads Ward by six car lengths 
No he got his two laps back via the free pass earlier. 
Comment From Guest 

Is the 79 a lap down? 

Bohn was two-tenths of a second quicker than Brunnhoelzl that last lap. 
Lap 106: Danny Bohn has the fastest car on the track. He’s caught Andy Seuss for fourth. 
Lap 104: Ward reels in Loftin and makes the pass for second in turns three and four. 
Lap 103: Brunnhoelzl and Loftin get by Dauzat and Powell to put them a lap down. 
Lap 100 running order:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Loftin
3. Ward
4. Seuss
5. Bohn
6. Brown
7. Miller
8. McKennedy
9. Stinson
10. J. Myers
11. Scarbrough
12. Smith
13. Fleming
14. Speeney
15. B. Myers
16. Putnam
17. Norman
18. Dauzat
19. Ebersole
20. Powell
21. Fountain 
Lap 95: The top three have broken away from Seuss in fourth, Bohn in fifth, Brown in sixth and Miller in seventh. McKennedy, Stinson and Jason Myers round out the top 10. 
Lap 94: It’s Brunnhoelzl by three car lengths on Loftin. Ward is two car lengths behind Loftin in third. 
Lap 91: Bohn and Brown battle for fifth. Give it to Bohn off turn two. 
Lap 88: Seuss is on a roll. He’s now by Brown to fourth. 
Lap 85: Seuss runs Miller up the track a bit in turn one to take fifth. Bohn now follows by Miller to sixth as now Stinson tries to get by too but can’t 
Lap 84: Brunnhoelzl clears Loftin and Ward clears Brown for third. Miller, Seuss and Stinson battle for fifth. 
GREEN FLAG: Side by side again up front. Top eight cars still door-to-door for a full lap. 
Running Order
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Loftin
3. Ward
4. Brown
5. Miller
6. Bohn
7. Seuss
8. Stinson
9. McKennedy
10. Norman 
One lap to green 
Ebersole comes to pit road with a flat tire. Burt Myers pits as well because he got a bad restart and didn’t come up to speed. 
Cole Powell gets the free pass. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 79: Off turn two after the restart Kyle Ebersole came up the track a bit and into LW Miller. Miller then crowded Ebersole in turns three and four, causing Ebersole to spin. When he spun, the whole field stacked up. Everyone continued on, but the yellow flew. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 78: Brunnhoelzl and Loftin side-by-side into one, through two and down the back stretch. 
One lap to green here at Caraway. 
The cars have re-fired and are rolling back out on track. They will restart in the same position that they were in at the halfway yellow. 
Pit work. (Photo courtesy Derek Pernesiglio)
The three-minute session for the final group is now underway. 
Work to the leaders’ cars. (Speed51.com Photo)
Thank you folks for your support. 
Comment From chris 

thank you speed 51 rules great service you guys have 

Comment From Doc 

Great Coverage from you folks as allways Thanks 

The second group, from Seuss back to Scarbrough, are now having their work session. The crews have been forced to move away from the first group of cars that pitted. 
He didn’t hit anything, but as we mentioned, Frank Fleming did slow down but still hit McKennedy in the right-side nerf bar. Both cars continued on. 
Comment From chris 

did mckennedy hit anything when he spun from massachusetts 

The first group now pits for their three minute break. Teams can swap tires, but can not put on new tires. First through seventh are in group one. 

1 George Brunnhoelzl, III
2 Brian Loftin
3 Tim Brown
4 Brandon Ward
5 Kyle Ebersole
6 LW Miller
7 Danny Bohn
8 Andy Seuss
9 Thomas Stinson
10 Burt Myers
11 John Smith
12 Jason Myers
13 Jon McKennedy
14 Joe Scarbrough
15 Frank Fleming
16 Mike Norman
17 Gary Putnam
18 Bryan Dauzat
19 Michael Speeney
20 Cole Powell -2
21 Gary Fountain -36

The cars are headed to pit road now. 
Speeney gets by the pace car and join the field at the tail before they all come to pit road. 
Ebersole will be given the spot over Miller. Michael Speeney will be the free pass. 
YELLOW FLAG: Halfway break lap 75 
Lap 75: Ebersole uses the lapped car of Powell as a pick to take fifth from Miller as the yellow flag waves. We’ll see how the scoring shakes out. 
The pit crews are beginning to assemble on pit road for the halfway break pit stops. 
Lap 72: Brunnhoelzl puts a lap on Cole Powell. 
Lap 70: 10th through 13th are nose-to-tail as Burt Myers leads Jason Myers, Michael Speeney (who is a lap down) and Jon McKennedy 
Lap 68: Thomas Stinson gets to the back bumper of Seuss for eighth, but can’t make a pass yet. 
Lap 65: Loftin is starting to reel in Brunnhoelzl a bit. It’s down to a car length gap. The rest of the field is single-file. 
Lap 60: Brunnhoelzl leads Loftin by two car lengths. It’s an eight length gap back to Brown in third with the same gap to Ward in fourth. 
Lap 56: Miller is starting to put some heat on Ward for fourth. 
Fountain gets out of the way via the pit access road. 
Lap 55: The field is single fiel throughout as they pass the very slow machine of Fountain. 
Gary Fountain, after hitting the wall to bring out the last yellow, is headed back on track 
Lap 50, 1/3 distance: Brunnhoelzl, Loftin, Brown, Ward, Miller, Ebersole, Bohn, Seuss, Stinson, B. Myers are the top-10. 
Lap 49: Battle for fifth shaping up as Ebersole looks to the outside of Miller before thinking again and settling in behind him. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 48: Brunnhoelzl clears Loftin off turn two. Brown still third and Ward fourth. 
One lap to green 
Positions 11-21:
11. Smith
12. Scarbrough
13. Putnam
14. Dauzat
15. J. Myers
16. Norman
17. Fleming
18. McKennedy
19. Speeney
20. Powell
21. Fountain 
Race control is stating that Bohn and B. Myers need to swap spots, so Bohn will restart 8th and Myers 9th. 
Jon McKennedy gets the free pass and will be back on the lead lap. 
Current running order:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Loftin
3. Brown
4. Ward
5. Miller
6. Ebersole
7. Seuss
8. B. Myers
9. Bohn
10. Stinson 
It appears that Fountain will need a wrecker. 
Frank Fleming again comes to pit road under yellow. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 41: Gary Fountain in the outside wall turn four with Michael Speeney spinning in the aftermath. 
Top seven are single file as Seuss has moved into P7. Side-by-side for eighth between Burt Myers inside and Danny Bohn outside 
GREEN FLAG Lap 38: Side by side again for a half lap before Brunnhoelzl clears Loftin 
Brunnhoelzl and Loftin lead them to green. 
One lap to green. Fleming comes on and off pit road a few times and remains on the lead lap. 
Jon McKennedy gets one lap back as the free pass recipient. 
Fleming pits under a closed pit road. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 33: Jason Myers spins in turn one. Frank Fleming had nowhere to go and t-boned him at a slow speed. All cars drove away. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 32: Brunnhoelzl clears loftin into one, but Loftin fights back up high off turn two. 
One lap to green. 
McKennedy comes to pit road under this yellow. Unofficially he lost two laps by spinning and pitting. 
Running order under yellow:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Loftin
3. Brown
4. Miller
5. Ward
6. Ebersole
7. B. Myers
8. J. Myers
9. Seuss
10. Stinson
11. Fountain
12. Bohn
13. Fleming
14. Speeney
15. Smith
16. Scarbrough
17. Dauzat
18. Putnam
19. Powell
20. Norman
21. McKennedy 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 26: Jon McKennedy spins in turn two. He rolls down the track just ahead of the leaders as he tried to get re-fired, forcing Brunnhoelzl down into the apron to sneak by. 
Lap 23: The battle for ninth has cooled as now Seuss has pulled away from Stinson and is putting pressure on Jason Myers for eighth. 
Lap 21: Loftin got a little too high off turn two on Brunnhoelzl’s back bumper and nearly tagged the wall. That bobble cost him about five car lengths. 
Lap 20: Loftin is filling up the rear-view mirror of Brunnhoelzl. 
Lap 18: Thomas Stinson is starting to put some pressure on Andy Seuss for ninth. 
Lap 15: The top four could fit under a blanket, nose to tail. 
Lap 10: Brunnhoelzl leads Loftin, Brown, Miller, Ward, Ebersole, B. Myers, J. Myers, Seuss, Stinson, Fountain, Bohn, McKennedy all single file 
Lap 8: Loftin jumps to the inside of Brunnhoelzl but can’t make it stick. 
Comment From jim 

Watching from the Stafford Motor Speedway grandstand 

Lap 6: Loftin puts pressure on GBIII for the lead but to no avail. The field is single file all the way through. 
Lap 3: Brunnhoelzl leads as Loftin tucks into second. Brown, Ward, Miller, Ebersole and Burt then Jason Myers follwo single file. 
The start. (Speed51.com Photo)
Loftin hangs tough up high as Tim Brown settles into third. 
GREEN FLAG: Brunnhoelzl and Loftin drag race for a full lap, give the lead lap one to GBIII 
The field is doubled up. One lap to green. 

1 George Brunnhoelzl III 171
2 LW Miller 165
3 Danny Bohn 145
4 Jason Myers 143
5 Burt Myers 142
6 Brian Loftin 139
7 Tim Brown 135
8 Kyle Ebersole 132
9 Thomas Stinson 129
10 Frank Fleming 127


1 09 George Brunnhoelzl, III
2 23 Brian Loftin
3 02 Tim Brown
4 44 Brandon Ward
5 88 LW Miller
6 51 Kyle Ebersole
7 1 Burt Myers
8 33 Gary Fountain
9 65 Danny Bohn
10 4 Jason Myers
11 7 Thomas Stinson
12 79 Jon McKennedy
13 40 Frank Fleming
14 11 Andy Seuss
15 25 John Smith
16 37 Joe Scarbrough
17 97 Bryan Dauzat
18 80 Michael Speeney
19 73 Cole Powell
20 77 Gary Putnam
21 12 Mike Norman

The command has been given. Twenty-one NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour groundpounders roar to life. 
Jason Myers focuses on the task at hand. (Speed51.com Photo)
Gary Putnam straps in. (Speed51.com Photo)
The pre-race ceremonies are complete here at Caraway. The command to fire engines is moments away. 
Gary Fountain had an impressive qualifying run and will start eighth. (Speed51.com Photo)
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It’s straight-up as they qualified. Scroll to the 7:33pm post. We’ll post it again shortly. 
Comment From Maggie 

What is the Starting line up??? 

Burt qualified seventh and Jason 10th. 
Comment From Guest 

What about Burt and Jason? Did I miss their times 

The Modifieds get lined up for their feature. (Speed51.com Photo)
Like has been the case this season with the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, there will be a halfway break in this event. The cars can come to pit road at or around halfway (if a caution falls near that point). The crews can work on the cars in the order they come to pit road, split into three groups. The first group will go for three minutes, then the second group gets the same amount of time, followed by the third group. The cars will restart in the same order that they come to pit road in. Any change that can be made to the car short of a tire change can be made. Tires can be swapped (lefts for rights), but not changed. 
After the redraw, the Sportsman race lineup will be:
1. Jarred Fryar
2. Chase Hunt
3. Rich Hunter
4. Luke Fleming
5. Dean Lowder
6. Kenny Bost
7. Bobby Reed
8. Rudy Ruddock 
The Sportsman cars were the only local division that took time trials. 

1 Dean Lowder 18.125
2 Chase Hunt 18.163
3 Fjarred Fryar 18.190
4 Kenny Bost 18.194
5 Luke Fleming 18.374
6 Rich Hunter 18.387
7 Bobby Reed 18.413
8 Rudy Ruddock No Time

The NWSMT race will be first at 8pm. The pre-race autograph session has been eliminated from tonight’s program due to the rain earlier. 

1 George Brunnhoelzl, III 15.730
2 Brian Loftin 15.769
3 Tim Brown 15.812
4 Brandon Ward 15.835
5 LW Miller 15.849
6 Kyle Ebersole 15.869
7 Burt Myers 15.883
8 Gary Fountain 15.921
9 Danny Bohn 15.938
10 Jason Myers 15.942
11 Thomas Stinson 15.975
12 Jon McKennedy 15.982
13 Frank Fleming 16.061
14 Andy Seuss 16.067
15 John Smith 16.126
16 Joe Scarbrough 16.201
17 Bryan Dauzat 16.306
18 Michael Speeney 16.330
19 Cole Powell 16.399
20 Gary Putnam 16.461
21 Mike Norman 16.472

Qualifying is now complete. George Brunnhoelzl, III has set fast time. 
73 – Cole Powell
Lap 1: 16.500
Lap 2: 16.399
Best Lap: 16.399
80 – Michael Speeney
Lap 1: 16.625
Lap 2: 16.330
Best Lap: 16.330
33 – Gary Fountain
Lap 1: 16.128
Lap 2: 15.921
Best Lap: 15.921
65 – Danny Bohn
Lap 1: 16.069
Lap 2: 15.938
Best Lap: 15.938
40 – Frank Fleming
Lap 1: 16.186
Lap 2: 16.061
Best Lap: 16.061
02 – Tim Brown
Lap 1: 16.125
Lap 2: 15.812
Best Lap: 15.812
37 – Joe Scarbrough
Lap 1: 16.364
Lap 2: 16.201
Best Lap: 16.201
44 – Brandon Ward
Lap 1: 16.103
Lap 2: 15.835
Best Lap: 15.835
25 – John Smith
Lap 1: 16.240
Lap 2: 16.126
Best Lap: 16.126
79 – Jon McKennedy
Lap 1: 16.132
Lap 2: 15.982
Best Lap: 15.982
7 – Thomas Stinson
Lap 1: 16.255
Lap 2: 15.975
Best Lap: 15.975
Current top five:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. Loftin
3. Miller
4. Ebersole
5. B. Myers
23 – Brian Loftin
Lap 1: 15.849
Lap 2: 15.769
Best Lap: 15.769
77 – Gary Putnam
Lap 1: 16.629
Lap 2: 16.461
Best Lap: 16.461
97 – Bryan Dauzat
Lap 1: 16.534
Lap 2: 16.306
Best Lap: 16.306
51 – Kyle Ebersole
Lap 1: 15.956
Lap 2: 15.869
Best Lap: 15.869
88 – LW Miller
Lap 1: 15.913
Lap 2: 15.883
Best Lap: 15.883
After five cars:
1. Brunnhoelzl
2. B. Myers
3. J. Myers
4. Seuss
5. Norman 
1 – Burt Myers
Lap 1: 15.980
Lap 2: 15.883
Best Lap: 15.883
11 – Andy Seuss
Lap 1: 16.270
Lap 2: 16.067
Best Lap: 16.067
12 – Mike Norman
Lap 1: 16.647
Lap 2: 16.472
Best Lap: 16.472
09 George Brunnhoelzl III
Lap 1: 15.824
Lap 2: 15.730
Best Lap: 15.730
4 – Jason Myers
Lap 1: 16.168
Lap 2: 15.942
Best Lap: 15.942
NWSMT Qualifying is now underway. We’ll have the Sportsman times available after this round. 
When we get to the NWSMT qualifying session, everyone will be shooting for George Brunnhoelzl, III’s qualifying track record, set earlier this year on April 21st at 15.648. 
The Sportsman cars will qualify first. 
NASCAR officials just drove around the track in safety vehicles and said the track is in good shape. Local divisions will qualify first, then the NWSMT cars. 
He drove away and continues to run out there. 
One of the Mini Stocks, #26, just backed it into the outside wall in turn two going too fast in the track drying efforts. Several of these cars think it’s practice and are going full race pace, but th etrack isn’t quite dry enough for that yet in our opinion. 
Local divisions help dry the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
The track is drying nicely. Caraway Speedway’s weekly division drivers have been asked to come to the track and help dry things out. 
Drying efforts are underway. (Speed51.com Photo)
The rain has stopped and track crews have begun draining hte big puddles throughout the track surface, especially in turns one and two. 
The rain is still falling, but the skies are getting brighter. (Derek Pernesiglio photo)
Cars get covered up in this thunder shower. (Speed51.com Photo)
The drivers have been called to the tire barn in the infield for their driver’s meeting. It’s still raining, but hopefully it’ll pass quickly. 
We’re now hearing a few rolls of thunder and some rain has begun to fall here at Caraway. There are a few thunderstorm cells in the area, but it’s very spotty as typical Summertime showers are here in this area. 
The new Andy Seuss ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Andy Seuss is debuting a brand new Ideal Racing car today. Many rumors swirled overnight that it was the re-built former Jeff Riggs car that was destroyed in a crash with LW Miller earlier this season because of a post made on the Riggs Racing Facebook page by team PR man Mike Paris, but there was nothing that could be saved of that car. This is a new car, with a few not-as-new pieces bolted on it. The paint scheme, according to the team, combines a little bit of the paint schemes from the Ideal Racing and Riggs Racing schemes from throughout the years.

The post that made the rumor mill spin was:

My yesterdays were burned by Phoenix fire
Yet in the death’s ash, embers of hope remain
New dreams given birth in despair
Covered with ash, I mourn what was
To remember what will be no more
Then like the Phoenix I’ll rise
With renewed passion glowing red, yellow, orange
Ash will give way to flame
Like the Phoenix I’ll soar again

But Paris told us today that it was made just to prove that Andy and the Ideal team are back and ready to get back into victory lane. 

Burt Myers’ team has changed the clutch on the No. 1 car and they are in line for qualifying. 
We just got a text from our friend and colleague Derek Pernesiglio, the NASCAR K&N Pro Series pit reporter for their SPEED broadcasts, who reported that George Brunnhoelzl, III broke the clevis piece in the left-front suspension of his No. 09 machine. The piece has been fixed and he’s rolling through pre-qual tech now. 
The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour cars are currently going through pre-qualifying tech inspection. Qualifying will begin at 6:15pm. 
Jon McKennedy. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jon McKennedy will be making his NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour debut tonight. McKennedy, of Massachusetts, is the newest driver in the Hillbilly Racing stable. McKennedy has made three NASCAR Whelen (Northern) Modified Tour starts in the Sandra Hill-owned No. 79 this year with one top-10 finish. Daniel Hemric finished in the top-10 with one top-five finish in each of his three NWSMT starts in the 79 before leaving the ride to focus on his JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour title chase. 

1 George Brunnhoelzl, III 15.899
2 Jason Myers 16.168
3 Jon McKennedy 16.173
4 Frank Fleming 16.199
5 Brian Loftin 16.228
6 LW Miller 16.252
7 Andy Seuss 16.263
8 Brnadon Ward 16.275
9 Tim Brown 16.280
10 Kyle Ebersole 16.375
11 Danny Bohn 16.384
12 John Smith 16.569
13 Gary Fountain 16.582
14 Gary Putnam 16.630
15 Michael Speeney 16.643
16 Cole Powell 16.676
17 Joe Scarbrough 17.101
18 Bryan Dauzat 17.122
19 Mike Norman 17.181

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LW Miller paced the first practice round. (Speed51.com Photo)
George Brunnhoelzl, III was quickest in second WSMT practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
George Brunnhoelzl, III was quickest in second and final practice. We’re still awaiting those times from timing and scoring officials. 

1 LW Miller 16.226
2 Andy Seuss 16.346
3 Jon McKennedy 16.411
4 George Brunnhoelzl, III 16.417
5 Kyle Ebersole 16.492
6 Gary Putnam 16.557
7 Danny Bohn 16.560
8 Gary Fountain, Jr. 16.581
9 Burt Myers 16.611
10 Michael Speeney 16.630
11 Brian Loftin 16.649
12 Tim Brown 16.707
13 Frank Fleming 16.822
14 John Smith 16.832
15 Cole Powell 16.832
16 Jason Myers 16.870
17 Joe Scarbrough 17.067
18 Brandon Ward 17.072
19 Mike Norman 17.259
20 Thomas Stinson 17.275
21 Bryan Dauzat 17.355

Practice is complete. We are headed back to the press box for full results. 
Burt Myers’ car developed clutch problems earlier in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Andy Seuss heads out for another run. Joe Scarbrough must think he gets no respect, like Rodney Dangerfield’s famous line suggests. (Speed51.com Photo)
A big fan tries to keep John Smith cool between runs. But it’s tough with mid-90’s temps today. (Speed51.com Photo)
LW Miller, Andy Seuss, Jon McKennedy, George Brunnhoelzl, Kyle Ebersole were top five in session one. Full results when we can get across the track. 
We checked in with Brunnhoelzl. Baby and wife are doing fine. His wife’s cousin is in town and will be bringing her home from the hospital. George will be staying here at the track to hopefully bring another Caraway trophy home for the family. 
The second and final 25-minute session is now on track. 
We will have practice results as soon as they are made available to us from timing and scoring. 
The first practice session is now complete. There were only two incodents, one when Cole Powell came to a stop in turn two and the other when Mike Norman spun on his own. 
Brandon Ward is back in the Fishel Motorsports 44 after winning Tuesday’s PASS South Super Late Model race at Anderson (SC). (Speed51.com Photo)
Brunnhoelzl strapped in. (Speed51.com Photo)
That information we got on Brunnhoelzl earlier from NASCAR PR appears to be already changed. GBIII is here in his car and ready for practice. 
The mods line up for practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim Brown sporting a patriotic look for the Firecracker 150. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re headed across the track for practice. More news and photos shortly. 
One driver not practicing today, according to NASCAR PR, will be NWSMT point leader and seven-time Caraway winner George Brunnhoelzl, III. George and his wife Heather recently welcomed a baby daughter, but the baby was premature and will remain in the hospital. His wife was supposed to be able to stay in the hospital until tomorrow with the baby, but the hospital is making her leave today. No one is able to bring her home except for George, so he’ll be bringing her back to their house in the Charlotte area. GBIII will have someone practice his No. 09 machine (we’ll find out who shortly) and that will count as an on-track attempt, so when George returns to the track later today after getting his wife home, he will start tonight’s race from the rear. 
Joining the NWSMT cars will be six of Caraway Speedway’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Divisions:

30 Lap Lowder Construction Sportsman
20 Lap Bib’s Downtown Mini Stocks
15 Lap Auto & Metal Recycler U-Cars
15 Lap Street Stocks
10 Lap Auto & Metal Recycler Hornets
15 Lap Mini Trucks   


Noon Haulers Enters
12:45 p.m. Garage Opens
3:45-4:05 p.m. First Practice
4:15-4:40 p.m. Final Practice
5:45 p.m. Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
6:15 p.m. Qualifying
7:15 p.m. Driver Autograph Session
8 p.m. Firecracker 150

02 Tim Brown Cana, VA
09 George Brunnhoelzl, III West Babylon, NY
1 Burt Myers Walnut Cove, NC
4 Jason Myers Walnut Cove, NC
7 Thomas Stinson Hampton, VA
11 Andy Seuss Hampstead, NH
12 Mike Norman Lewisville, NC
23 Brian Loftin Lexington, NC
25 John Smith Mount Airy, NC
33 Gary Fountain, Sr. Clermont, FL
37 Joe Scarbrough Richmond, VA
40 Frank Fleming Mount Airy, NC
44 Brandon Ward Winston-Salem, NC
51 Kyle Ebersole Hummelstown, PA
65 Danny Bohn Freehold, NJ
73 Cole Powell Mt. Brydges, Ontario
77 Gary Putnam Concord, NC
79 Jon McKennedy Chelmsford, MA
80 Michael Speeney Newtown, PA
88 LW Miller Dushore, PA
97 Bryan Dauzat Alexandria, LA
Twenty-one cars are here for tonight’s event, which will be the sixth of 11 NWSMT races in 2012. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, North Carolina for the Firecracker 150 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event. 
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Trackside Now: NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour – Caraway Speedway (NC) – 7/6/12