Speed51.com Trackside Now – 8/1/09 – NASCAR Southern Mods at Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Advance Auto Parts 199 at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


We are here, ready to bring you all the action from before the action starts on the track, during the race and the post-race news and information.


There is a lot of news and notes prior to tonight’s action, from the practice and qualifying yesterday to driver news and information, so stay tuned throughout the day as we bring you updates from the “Mad House.”


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Photo: Speed51.com is set up and ready to bring you all the action from Bowman Gray Stadium tonight.   (51 Sports)


Here is today’s order of events:6:00pm – Ticket Gates Open; Practice
7:10pm – Driver Introductions
7:45pm – Pre-Race Award Presentations
8:00pm – Sportsman Division race (40 laps, 40 minute time limit)
8:40pm – Intermission
8:50pm – Advance Auto Parts 199 NWSMT race (199 laps)
10:10pm – Street Stock Division race (20 laps)
10:30pm – Stadium Stock Division race (15 laps)


Qualifying for the Tour Modifieds took place yesterday.   Brian Loftin set fast time during the session, followed by Burt Myers, George Brunnhoelzl, Frank Fleming and Bobby Hutchens.Here is the full qualifying results:

1 23 Brian Loftin, Lexington, N.C. L & R Transmissions/QMF Metal Solutions Chevrolet 13.597 66.191
2 1 Burt Myers, Walnut Cove, N.C. Capital Bank Ford 13.604 66.157
3 28 George Brunnhoelzl III, West Babylon, N.Y. Oval Speed/ Fibrwrap/PT Ford 13.669 65.842
4 40 Frank Fleming, Mount Airy, N.C. Jerry Hunt Auto/Pro Health Center Pontiac 13.688 65.751
5 14 Bobby Hutchens, Winston-Salem, N.C. Team Texas Driving School Chevrolet 13.735 65.526
6 4 Jason Myers, Walnut Cove, N.C. Capital Bank/Moorefield & Trantham Ent. Ford 13.752 65.445
7 47 Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H. Advance Auto Parts/Q Racing Oil/Stuart Auto Chevrolet 13.778 65.322
8 25 John Smith, Mount Airy, N.C. Tutterow Surveying/Rick’s Home Improvement Chevrolet 13.79 65.265
9 18 Zach Brewer, Winston-Salem, N.C. DMC Auto Exchange Chevrolet 13.811 65.165
10 5 Randy Butner, Pfafftown, N.C. Tucson/Angel Clean Chevrolet 13.843 65.015
11 2 Buddy Emory, Petersburg, Va. RCS Construction Chevrolet 13.846 65.001
12 49 Scott Rigney, Mt. Airy, N.C. Scott’s Custom Cab./BAM Enterprises Chevrolet 13.853 64.968
13 72 Brent Elliott, Denton, N.C. Back Country Water Stoves Chevrolet 13.868 64.898
14 36 L.W. Miller, Dushore, Pa. John Baker Plumbing & Utilities Pontiac 13.902 64.739
15 31 Gene Pack, Washington, D.C. Clubhouse/Wings-N-Things Chevrolet 13.985 64.355
16 71 Dean Ward, Winston-Salem, N.C. * Bibs Dowtown Restaurants Chevrolet 14.07 63.966
17 44 Rich Kuiken Jr., Staffordville, N.J. Flowmasters Testing & Balancing Chevrolet 14.261 63.109
18 21 Tommy Neal, Walkertown, N.C. Hunter Motorsports/Affordable Septic Chevrolet 14.271 63.065
19 13 Luke Fleming, Mt. Airy, N.C. Jerry Hunt Auto & Truck Sales Pontiac 14.276 63.043
20 97 Bryan Dauzat, Midland, N.C. O.B. Builders Chevrolet 14.309 62.897


After qualifying, the top-10 redrew for positions.   The top 10 starting positions will be:1) 28 – George Brunnhoelzl
2) 1- Burt Myers
3) 23 – Brian Loftin
4) 14 – Bobby Hutchins
5) 5 – Randy Butner
6) 4 – Jason Myers
7) 40 – Frank Fleming
8) 47 – Andy Seuss
9) 18 – Zach Brewer
10) 25 – John Smith


The stadium Modifieds took to the track last night with some Tour drivers taking place in the event.   Unfortunately for Bobby Hutchens, the night didn’t go so well.   He was involved in a grinding crash on the back stretch the damaged his car as well as the driver.Last night, Hutchens was seen in the pits after the accident with his wrists a bit swelled up.   He told Speed51.com that he might have broken both wrists.   Today though, his hauler is here and NASCAR officials have told Speed51.com that his team worked on his car last night to get it fixed and ready for tonight.   So, as of now, Hutchens will be racing this evening.



Photo: Bobby Hutchens’ hauler is here after he wrecked hard yesterday. (51 Sports photo)


The driver’s meeting is currently happening right now in the pit area.   We have heard that Sherry Clifton has told the drivers in the meeting “this is a NASCAR race and is run under NASCAR rules, so we need to behave accordingly.”


One name that is missing from here today is Tim Brown.   He currently leads the points in the Bowman Gray Stadium Modified series, but didn’t come to run this Tour event.   Why?   He feels the purse isn’t strong enough to warrant racing this event.We believe it is $2000 to win.


More news from the driver’s meeting as it happens:The pit road speed is 25 miles per hour.   Last year it was apparently an issue.   Here at Bowman Gray, the drivers pit outside the track between turns three and four.   The penalty for speeding will be a pass-through penalty.


We believe this is the longest event for the Tour on the same tires (199 laps).   Drivers are only able to change tires if a tire is flat and approved by an official or if they have a bent wheel.


An additional note on the double-file restarts.   All restarts will be double file until the last 10 laps.


Yesterday, the Legends Cars and Bandoleros were here for their once-a-year appearance at Bowman Gray Stadium.   If you want to see who won and what happened in four spectacular races, visit our sister site www.legendsnation.com and check out the LN Trackside Now coverage.


Here is the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour standings coming into tonight’s race (top five):

Pos Driver Name Points Wins Top 5 Top 10
1 George Brunnhoelzl III 815 1 4 4
2 Andy Seuss 798 2 4 4
3 Brian Loftin 753 0 4 4
4 Burt Myers 735 0 2 5
5 Frank Fleming 731 0 2 4


We do have some track action right now, but it is the stadium stocks that are coming on track for their practice session.


The Modifieds have just hit the track for their one and only practice of the day, prior to tonight’s 199-lap event.   They will have the track from now until 6:25pm.


If you have any comments about tonight’s coverage, send us live feedback directly to us using the information at the bottom of the page.   You might even have your comment published live here on our Trackside Now coverage.


Of note, Bobby Hutchens is currently on the track, practicing.


The red and black flags have been displayed.   The practice session for the Tour Modifieds has been completed.   There were no incidents during the final practice session.The Street Stocks are on the track for their practice session.


This will be the first time the Advance Auto Parts 199 Mod Tour race will have Double-File restarts. The procedure has some smilin’ and others scratching their heads.“I like it because I’m starting 14th tonight. If I wasn’t starting there I probably wouldn’t like it.” – LW Miller.“With these tires you can’t charge the corners. If people realize that we will be alright. If they don’t it’s going to be bad.” – Burt Myers

“I think if everyone respects each other it will be alright.” – Defending race winner Brian Loftin


The practice was incident free, except for a little off-track excursion. Scott Rigney’s #49 made contact with the tire barrier while exiting the track and entering the pits. It was just a small hiccup in the session.


The Bowman Gray Stadium Street Stock Division is on the track for their practice. The Mods are in the pits and teams are de-briefing.



PHOTO: The Drivers Meeting took place in the new fieldhouse at Bowman Gray. It was held in the lockeroom where Winston-Salem State University football players ready for games. (51 Sports Photo)


Sportsman Practice is over. The fans are rolling into “The Madhouse” The Track staff is getting ready for the hoopla that is the opening ceremonies of the Advance Auto Parts 199.


We are heading down to the frontstetch to be a part of the festivities. We will return with some more info soon!


We are back at the helm.   Pre-race festivities have concluded, and the first race is on track – the 40-lap Sportsman division race.


Tommy Neal is making NASCAR Mod Tour start. The veteran of the weekly Sportsman ranks at Bowman Gray Stadium has plenty of experience getting around the tricky ¼ mile oval. But he knows the Modified is a different animal.  Neal will be behind the wheel of the Hunter Motorsports #21.   Neal said he felt good in the car yesterday and competed in the 50-lap Stadium Modified race for more seat time. Unfortunately, Neal got caught up in a wreck last night. The car is fixed and he is ready to go.Neal said he got some good input from former Modified driver Melvin “Puddin” Swisher.“Puddin Swisher told me it would take me about two-years to be able to win in a Modified here at the Stadium,” said Neal.  “After yesterday, he came up and told me it might only take two-weeks.”



PHOTO: Tommy Neal’s pit area is a busy place between his #21 Modified and Sportsman car.


Neal currently runs fourth in the Sportsman race at the halfway mark.


Bobby Hutchens is one tough customer. Hutchens was involved in a crash during last night’s weekly Modified 50-lapper. Walking out of the pit area last night Hutchens told Speed51.com that he believed he broke both of his wrists.Still in pain today, Hutchens got back behind the wheel of his Chik-fil-A #14. He told us he didn’t have time to go get the wrists x-rayed. After the practice he gave us a thumbs up and said he is ready to go for tonight.



PHOTO: Bobby Hutchens sits in his hauler at Bowman Gray. (51 Sports Photo)


A highlight of opening ceremonies… the boo-birds that gave Burt Myers some love. Myers ate up the boo’s and was laughing and giving some attention back to the fans.The crowd has picked up at the stadium. Some were worried that the absence of stars like Tim Brown and Junior Miller would hurt attendance. There are some empty seats but it looks like about 14-thousand spectators.


The Sportsman race is over. Kyle Edwards has taken the checkered flag in his purple #05.   Double-duty driver Tommy Neal finished fourth.


The Modifieds are starting to roll out of the pit area. Teams are pushing the cars down the front stretch. The cars will be lined up on the track for the fans before the command to start engines.



PHOTO: George Brunnhoelzl will start on the pole. This photo is from today’s practice. (51 Sports Photo).


Comment From Maurie NHAny news on the 47


Andy Seuss qualified well, is confident and ready to race.   He knows he needs to keep his nose clean to have a good finish here at Bowman Gray Stadium.


We want to give a congrats to Steve Park, who won the NASCAR Camping World East Series race today at Adirondack Speedway in New York.   Park was one of the Grand Marshalls here last year.


Here is the starting line-up:

NWSMT – Bowman Gray – Starting Lineup
1 28 George Brunnhoelzl
2 1 Burt Myers
3 23 Brian Loftin
4 14 Bobby Hutchens
5 5 Randy Butner
6 4 Jason Myers
7 40 Frank Fleming
8 47 Andy Seuss
9 18 Zach Brewer
10 25 John Smith
11 02 Buddy Emory
12 49 Scott Rigney
13 72 Brent Elliott
14 36 LW Miller
15 31 Gene Pack
16 71 Dean Ward
17 44 Rich Kuiken Jr
18 21 Tommy Neal
19 13 Luke Fleming
20 97 Bryan Dauzat


The engines have been fired, and we should be racing here shortly.


The Modifieds are rolling here at Bowman Gray Stadium.




George Brunnhoelzl has led lap one with Burt Myers following in second.


Everyone has tried to get single file, but Andy Seuss is caught on the outside about the sixth or so car back.


Andy Seuss bounced off the wall a bit, but he is still rolling.   He has got to the inside and currently rides in eighth.The whole field is now single file.   There are 10 laps on the board with George Brunnhoelzl leading over Burt Myers, Brian Loftin and Randy Butner.


20 laps are in the books and we are clean and green right now.   Nothing has really changed in the first 15 cars or so over the last 10 laps.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 22 Brent Elliott went around in turn two.   Dean Ward slid through the grass to avoid.   Elliott has some damage to the nose of his car and is being pushed to the pits.


This will be the first double file restart of the night with George Brunnhoelzl on the inside and Burt Myers on the outside.




Andy Seuss has hit the turn one wall on the restart.   We are waiting to see if a caution comes out.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 27Andy Suess’ car was slow / stopped on the back stretch.   When the field came to turn one, George Brunnhoelzl and Brian Loftin got together in turn one, creating the whole field to stop in their tracks.   The only car that didn’t stop was John Smith, who went through the grass.


RED FLAGScoring is trying to figure out how to line up the field. 


It appears that John Smith will be the leader because he was the only one to continue going.


Burt Myers appears to be the big loser in this whole mess as he was one of the last to move.   He is in the rear of the field.


Burt Myers is heading to the pits.


Brian Loftin went from second to eighth.


Here is the top five: John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl, Luke Fleming, Dean Ward and Jason Myers.   Burt Myers did make it back out before getting lapped.




Andy Seuss is back in the pits.


George Brunnhoelzl made a power move on the outside to take the lead from John Smith, but Smith is still hanging on on the inside.   We are side by side for the lead.


John Smith got the lead back from George Brunnhoelzl as they are nose to tail.


Rich Kuiken just drove through the whole infield from turn two to the flagstand, and kept going.


Burt Myers is back up to 13th now.   Meanwhile, Brian Loftin is seventh,


We are at lap 50.   John Smith leads George Brunnhoelzl, Dean Ward, Luke Fleming and Jason Myers.


Scott Rigney got into the back of the Bryan Dauzat to bring out the yellow.   Rich Kuiken went through the grass.   Under caution, Dauzat enacted a bit of revenge by going after Rigney.   For the tap, he got a two-lap penalty.


We are hearing that George Brunnhoelzl has a loose left front.


From the tower, it looks like the left front rim on Brunnhoelzl’s car is bent and it is reflecting off the lights here.   He hasn’t hit the pits though.


The top five: John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl, Dean Ward, Luke Fleming, Jason Myers.


Rich Kuiken is being towed off the track.




John Smith held serve up front with George Brunnhoelzl sliding in behind him in second.   Meanwhile, there was a bit of a jam-up during the restart, and the driver that got the worst of it was Burt Myers, who went all the way to the rear of the field.


Buddy Emory is off the pace.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 71Buddy Emory has stopped just before the entrance to turn three.


Top five: John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl, Dean Ward, Luke Fleming, Jason Myers


There are 15 cars on the track currently.




John Smith retained the top spot and once again, George Brunnhoelzl slotted back in second behind him.Meanwhile, Luke Fleming is going the wrong way.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 80Jason Myers got into Luke Fleming, sending him around in two.   Bobby Hutchens and Burt Myers were collected.   Hutchens has been in and out of the garage making repairs while Burt Myers is being towed off the track with right front damage.   The fans are going nuts here as  Myers is one of the most liked and hated drivers here.


Jason Myers also appears to be off the track as well.


Top five: John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl, Dean Ward, Randy Butner, Frank Fleming




Andy Seuss is back on the track as well.


John Smith held serve up front.   Meanwhile, Brian Loftin moved into fifth with Frank Fleming in fourth behind Smith, George Brunnhoelzl and Dean Ward.


Brian Loftin is beating the back bumper of Frank Fleming’s car pretty good.   These two drivers have a history here, playing bumper tag.


We have reached the halfway mark, lap 100.


There are 14 cars on the track currently.   Up front it is still John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl and Dean Ward.   There are 105 laps on the board.


Tommy Neil has been black flagged for leaking fluids.


The only passing happening right now on the track is when a lead-lap car comes up on a lapped car.   Otherwise, it is fairly spread out now.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 124Bryan Dauzat spun in turn three, right in front of the leaders. George Brunnhoelzl just barely made it by without contact.


Top five: John Smith, George Brunnhoelzl, Dean Ward, Frank Fleming, Brian Loftin




John Smith held the lead, even with banging wheels with George Brunnhoelzl.   Meanwhile, Frank Fleming has been the restart king.   He has moved to third now with LW Miller moving to fourth.   John Smith is now fifth.


Brian Loftin, meanwhile, is now eighth after that restart.


Burt Myers is back on the track, multiple laps down.


John Smith is off the pace at lap 144.   He slowed on the back stretch.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 146John Smith has coasted to a stop on the front stretch.   His motor isn’t running.   He is now getting a push to the garage.


That now puts George Brunnhoelzl in the lead.   He is followed by Frank Fleming, LW Miller, Dean Ward and Randy Butner.




George Brunnhoelzl held the lead while Frank Fleming is trying to get down to the inside line.


LW Miller is now second.   Frank Fleming, meanwhile, has shoved his way to the inside line and is third.


YELLOW FLAG LAP 161Scott Rigney spun Dean Ward in turn three, but his brakes were on fire a bit, so it is possible he lost his brakes.


Top five: George Brunnhoelzl, LW Miller, Frank Fleming, Randy Butner, Brian Loftin


Andy Seuss was the “lucky dog” driver, getting a lap back, but his is multiple laps down.




YELLOW FLAG LAP 168LW Miller jumped the start on the outside, and going through turn two, George Brunnhoelzl got into Miller and the whole field stacked up.   It was about a nine-car wreck.   In the middle of it, Bobby Hutchens is up on his side and on top of another car.   Ironically, that is the same spot where Hutchens wrecked hard yesterday, injuring his wrist.


RED FLAG LAP 168Due to the stack-up on the back stretch, the red flag is out.



PHOTO: The lap 168 “big wreck” with Bobby Hutchens on his side and on a car.   (51 Sports photo)


Luke Fleming is currently the leader.   He got two “lucky dogs” and got back on the lead lap, and currently leads.   Wow.


Comment From Duke 51For Northern Mod fans, Ryan Preece has won the Whelen Mod Tour event at Riverhead Raceway (NY) tonight. Good work J-Buck tonight.


Thanks to Matt “Duke” Kentfield of Speed51.com for that news update!


Bobby Hutchens’ car has been hauled off by the double hook.   Meanwhile, we have found out that under his car was Frank Fleming’s car.   The back of his car is all smashed, but he has been able to drive it to the pits.


Randy Butner has pulled away with the left front sparking.


Ok folks, here is the lineup as they have started rolling off:Luke Fleming, Gene Pack, George Brunnhoelzl


LW Miller changed a tire under the yellow and has been sent to the pits for a pass-through penalty for the infraction.   He was fourth.


There are currently seven cars on the track.




Luke Fleming held the lead with Gene Pack second and George Brunnhoelzl third.


LW Miller came out from the pits from his penalty, went flying through the corners and ended up spinning on his own in turn two.


Top three: Luke Fleming, Gene Pack and George Brunnhoelzl.   They are the only cars on the lead lap.   LW Miller is fourth, at least one lap down.




George Brunnhoelzl has moved to second behind Luke Fleming.


There are just 10 laps remaining.   Luke Fleming leads George Brunnhoelzl and Gene Pack.


George Brunnhoelzl is trying to get by Luke Fleming by using the bumper.


It is a two-car race.


There are five laps to go.   No change up front.


Luke Fleming has won the Advance Auto Parts 199 race ab Bowman Gray Stadium in his first ever NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour start.George Brunnhoelzl was second, followed by Gene Pack in third.   LW Miller, down at least a lap (maybe three), was fourth.


On the final 10 laps of the event, George Brunnhoelzl tried hard to get by Luke Fleming for the lead, even putting the bumper to him, but not enough to move Fleming or wreck him.   Over the last five laps, Fleming moved out a bit front Brunnhoelzl, not allowing him to get to his bumper.


Meanwhile, there was a bit of confusion at the end of the race.   The flagman gave the white flag on two consecutive laps, then the checkered flag on lap 200 instead of lap 199.


We are not done here on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of this event.   We will have more information and victory lane photos, as well as a full unofficial rundown if possible before we end our coverage tonight.Keep the browser open as we will be back momentarily.


While you are waiting for our end-of-night post-race coverage information, feel free to send us comments on this page (bottom of the page) or on the Speed51.com message board at MotorsportsLounge.com and tell us what you think of our new Trackside Now system.


Comment From Race ChaserEnjoyed it, Great job!!


Comment From Mark SAwesome coverage!!




We can tell you that scoring is currently working hard on trying to get everything squared away.   Meanwhile, we have talked to a few drivers and are rounding up a few more to get their reaction to tonight’s racing action.


While we are working on our post-race information, there is still racing action here at Bowman Gray.   The Street Stock division is on the track now for their feature.


Comment From Maurie NHGreat Job on the reporting like the fact the most current info is at the top of the screen


Comment From Mark SIll bet the NASCAR hauler is a happening place!


Yes, the NASCAR trailer had some action as always after a race at Bowman Gray Stadium. There is a reason they say “Still the most exciting of them all” when refrencing this place.LW Miller was the biggest story at the NASCAR hauler at races end.   He was penalized for changing a tire under red flag conditions. He told Speed51.com that it was not so and that NASCAR admitted to him that they had trouble monitoring the pits during that time. We will have more on this later in the week in what should be a very colorful batch of Leftovers.


Joseph “Bobo” Brown just won a long Street Stock race filled with many cautions. “I think that was the Advance Auto Parts 99,” joked Brown in victory lane.


24 Stadium Stocks are on the track for their feature event.


While NASCAR is working their hardest to get us the unofficial results, we are getting ready to share some images with you from victory lane.



PHOTO: Luke Fleming pulls into victory lane the winner of the Advance Auto Parts 199. (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Chris Fleming climbs from his #13 the victor while the Fleming family celebrates in the background.


PHOTO: Luke and the Fleming family pose for a picture in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo).


With George Brunnhoelzl’s 2nd place finish, it looks like he has unofficially padded his point lead to 66 points over Andy Seuss.Results Coming Soon….


NWSMT – Bowman Gray – Unofficial Results
1 13 Luke Fleming
2 28 George Brunnhoelzl
3 31 Gene Pack
4 36 LW Miller
5 97 Bryan Dauzat
6 71 Dean Ward
7 40 Frank Fleming
8 5 Randy Butner
9 23 Brian Loftin
10 14 Bobby Hutchens
11 49 Scott Rigney
12 1 Burt Myers
13 25 John Smith
14 47 Andy Seuss
15 21 Tommy Neal
16 44 Rich Kuiken Jr
17 4 Jason Myers
18 02 Buddy Emory
19 18 Zach Brewer
20 72 Brent Elliott


That is it for our Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Advance Auto Parts 199 at Bowman Gray Stadium.   We will have more on this event next week on Speed51.com.Good night.

Trackside Now: NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour at Bowman Gray Stadium – 8/1/09