Speed51.com Trackside Now – 9/17/09 – NASCAR CWE & WMT at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Welcome to Speed51.com’s coverage of Qualifying day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World East Series and NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.   
It’s a beautiful day here in Loudon, NH. The pit area is packed with racecars for Thursday’s action between the two divisions.35- cars took to the track for practice in the Camping World East Series. That practice has just concluded wiht Matt Kobyluck taking the fastest time.
The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is on track right now for their only practice session of the day.
The Schedule for Thursday…
11:30am  – 1pm   NASCAR CWE Practice
1:15pm – 2:45pm   NASCAR WMT Practice
3:15pm   NASCAR CWE Qualifying
4:30pm – 4:35pm NASCAR WMT Practice (qual scuff session)
4:40pm NASCAR WMT Qualifying
NASCAR Camping World East – Thursday Practice ResultsPos     No.     Name     Best    Tm     Best Spd1   40  Matt Kobyluck    30.279  125.790
2   71  Eddie MacDonald    30.463  125.030
3   55  Brad Leighton     30.499  124.883
4   9  Kevin   Swindell      30.519  124.801
5   19  David Mayhew      30.526  124.772
6   44  Brett Moffitt*     30.646  124.284
7   00  Ryan Truex*     30.662  124.219
8   18  Max Gresham    30.733  123.932
9   7  Ryan Duff     30.736  123.920
10  60  D.J.   Shaw      30.799  123.666
11   17  Jason Patison     30.877  123.354
12   53  Derek Ramstrom      30.882  123.334
13   35  Steve Park      30.896  123.278
14   3  Ty Dillon*      30.943  123.091
15   30  Jeff Anton     30.956  123.039
16   37  Alex Kennedy*      30.959  123.027
17   38  Alan Tardiff*      30.989  122.908
18   88  Jody Lavender      31.016  122.801
19   03  Josh Richards     31.035  122.726
20   96  Mike Johnson      31.222  121.991
21   61  Joe Polewarczyk     31.242  121.913
22   12  Jesus Hernandez      31.327  121.582
23   81  Jason Holehouse     31.343  121.520
24   74  Jarit   Johnson      31.374  121.400
25   31  Eric   Curran      31.407  121.272
26   16  Jonathan Smith       31.428  121.191
27   36  Corey LaJoie      31.429  121.187
28   50  Todd Peck      31.502  120.907
29   69  Tommy Close      31.571  120.642
30   10  Matthew Kurzejewski*     31.617  120.467
31   26  Scott Bouley      31.675  120.246
32   94  Tiffany Daniels      32.311  117.879
33   39  Dustin Delaney      32.365  117.683
34   63  John Salemi      32.452  117.367
35   5  Barney McRae     36.119  105.451
Car Counts…Right now there are 35 Camping World East cars and 40 NASCAR Whelen Modifieds.
A familiar face is back in a Modified. Steve Park has hopped from his #35 Camping World East car and will jump in the Kevin “Bono” Manion owned 7NY car.   Ryan Newman is the driver of that machine but is not here today. Newman is in New York doing required appearances for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.    Park will practice and qualify the car today. 
The #98 H & H Racing entry, originally slated to have Kasey Kahne behind the wheel, is now officially withdrawn from the event.
Speed51.com is hitting the pits right now to snap some photos and talk to the guys in the garages. We will be back soon.51’s Mike Twist is on his way from Maine to join the coverage. We will have a full-team covering the events here at NHMS.   Twist, Bob and Matthew Dillner, Matt “Duke” Kentfield, Jim Dupont, Rick Ibsen, Jamie Williams and Ken Spring Jr will all be contributing to the coverage on Speed51.com this weekend.
We have just learned that their was a fire on Donny Lia’s #4 Modified. The fire has been put out. We will go find out more and let you know. 
Steve Park has brought out a caution flag for spinning coming out of turn-two. Park did not make contact with the wall. 
Donny Lia Fire Update – Donny Lia told Speed51.com that he felt a pop at the end of the backstretch.  He though he hit the chip initially. He then said the #4 Mystic Missile caught fire.Lia will not be attempting to qualify today. Instead, the team is feverishly working on the 4-car and hauler, packing it up to hit the road. They will drive back to their Mystic, CT raceshop,  unload the damaged  #4  and  load up  the backup car. Another person with the team is already picking up a second engine from Hutter Racing Engines. Modifieds are not on-track tomorrow here at Loudon so the team has until Satuday.Lia will have no-practice with the  backup car and will take a provisional and start from the rear of the field.
Engine Troubles in the Camping World East Series –   Corey Lajoie and Mike Johnson both had engines blow during the practice session.   We will do our best to find out more.Alex Kennedy put a New Hampshire stripe on his car during practice, making contact with the wall.   Also getting into the concrete during the practice was Barney McRae in the #5.
Chuck Hossfeld is here with his own Modified. Not a good day so far for the New York driver. They blew the rear on the #22 Troyer and are putting in a new rear end on pit road right now.
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour points leader Ted Christopher has engine woes. The #36 team is changing the powerplant on that machine.
PHOTO:   Donny Lia’s #4 sits damaged from a practice fire. (51Sports Photo)
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour practice is over.   Timing and Scoring has not been delivered to the media center yet. We are awaiting speeds so we can let you know who was fast.Next Up… Camping World East Qualifying
PHOTO: Todd Szegedy at speed. (51Sports) 
Eddie MacDonald will be racing the #70 Modified on Saturday that is normally driven by Andy Seuss. Seuss is locked in a battle for the Whelen Southern Modified Title (2nd in points) and will be racing his Advance Auto Parts #47 at Caraway Speedway in North Carolina on Saturday.   Today Seuss put his car through the paces at NHMS and then turned the keys over to MacDonald for some laps.   MacDonald knows how to get around this place. He swept both Camping World East races here last year.
PHOTO:  Eddie MacDonald straps into the Andy Seuss #70 during practice.  (51/Jim Dupont Photo) 
We walked down to Ted Christopher’s pit to check on the #36. Several reports said TC blew up during practice. Brad Lafountaine joked with Speed51.com and said that he heard it was on the internet that they blew up. He told us the car ran out of gas and did not expire and engine. 
We are being told NASCAR’s timing and scoring is not communicating with the infield Media Center.   That is why we don’t have times posted yet.   NASCAR is working hard to provide the information to us as.
NASCAR Camping World East qualifying is underway.
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Practice ResultsPos     No.    Name    Best     Time     Best Spd1  36  Ted Christopher      29.220  130.349
2  79  James Civali    29.290  130.038
3  46  Eric Beers      29.358  129.736
4  2  Todd Szegedy    29.366  129.701
5  10  Ed Flemke Jr.     29.392  129.586
6  17  Glen Reen      29.396  129.569
7  3  Ryan Preece      29.400  129.551
8  6  Ronnie Silk      29.418  129.472
9  16  Mike Stefanik      29.480  129.199
10  19  Doug Coby      29.493  129.143
11  01  Richard Savary      29.514  129.051
12  12  Keith Rocco      29.519  129.029
13  70  Eddie McDonald      29.549  128.898
14  93  Rowan Pennink     29.569  128.811
15  28  Woody   Pitkat      29.614  128.615
16  0  Tim Arre      29.621  128.584
17  09  Bobby Grigas III      29.625  128.567
18  8  Glenn Tyler     29.626  128.563
19  96  Bobby Santos      29.660  128.415
20  50  Kevin Goodale      29.680  128.329
21  14  Reggie Ruggiero      29.685  128.307
22  59  Erick Rudolph      29.687  128.299
23  11  Anthony Sesely     29.693  128.273
24  71  Rob   Fuller      29.700  128.242
25  7  Steve Park      29.700  128.242
26  4  Donny Lia      29.708  128.208
27  52  Chris Pasteryak      29.720  128.156
28  1  Rob Summers      29.739  128.074
29  68  Johnny Bush      29.759  127.988
30  90  Renee Dupuis      29.768  127.949
31  18  Ken Heagy     29.912  127.334
32  82  Michael Christopher      29.913  127.329
33  99  Jamie Tomaino    30.055  126.728
34  21  Jon McKennedy      30.092  126.572
35  58  Eric Goodale      30.170  126.245
36  05  Joe Hartmann      30.246  125.927
37  26  Gary McDonald      30.577  124.564
38  33  Wade Cole      31.175  122.175
39  22  Chuck Hossfeld      31.621  120.452
40  9  Jake Marosz     32.768  116.235
MIke Johnson’s team has loaded up and withdrew from the NASCAR Camping World East Series race after having engine problem in practice.   Johnson’s car, which was towed to the track this weekend in the trailer belonging to the former Woodworks #33 team  that featured drivers  Fred Skaff and MIke Gallo, has left the premises. 
We caught up with a few of Eddie MacDonald’s crew members prior to qualifying for the NASCAR Camping World East Series and they are happy with the handling on his #71 machine and are hopeful for a top five qualifying run this afternoon.   They also reported that MacDonald has been very comfortable driving the #70 Modified as Andy Seuss’ subsitute driver today.   MacDonald swept both NASCAR Camping World East Series races at NHMS in 2008. 
Derek Ramstrom has just run his qualifying lap for the NASCAR Camping World East Series.   We’ll be waiting around for official results to see where he’ll stack up, but he might not be waiting around for those results.   Ramstrom, a regular in the PASS North Series, is racing a Super Late Model at Thompson International Speedway in Connecticut tonight and will be booking it out of this track to go to that one shortly.   Ramstrom is currently leading the SLM point standings at Thompson. 
We ran into Ryan Preece’s spotter, Mike Herman, while walking through the infield at NHMS.   He reports that Preece is happy with the race that his #3 Modified is running today and while they might not be quite quick enough to win the pole, they are hoping for a solid top five qualifying result. 
Kevin Swindell has just set the fastest time so far in NASCAR Camping World East Series qualifying with his entry out of the Dave Davis Motorsports shops. 
Kevin Swindell’s pole hopes did not last for long.   The next car out on the track, the #61 Fadden Racing entry of ACT standout Joey Pole, set the fastest time so far in qualifying.   There have been 17 cars that have run so far, so we are about halfway through the session.
There is a bit of a short track flair at New Hampshire Motor Speedway from the first moment that you pull into the track.,   The front gate guard for the track entrance leading to the competitor camping and infield areas is Beech Ridge Motor Speedway racer, and proud  racing Dad,  Lewis Anderson.   Since the Beech Ridge season is now over, Anderson has a little bit more free to do a little bit of side work. 
Eddie MacDonald has now knocked Joey Pole off the pole just past halfway in the NASCAR Camping World East Series qualifying session. 
Comment From Steve Bennett 

Will DJ Shaw try to run the PASS race at White Mountain Friday night too? 

No, the #60 team is not planning on racing at White Mountain in Friday night’s PASS North race.   There just isn’t enough time to try and pull off the double.   Fans may remember that earlier this season, Shaw attempted to run at NHMS and in the PASS North race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (NH) on the same evening.   The team even rented a helicopter to try and pull it off.   But weather kept that chopper grounded and Shaw had to try and drive between the tracks.   It didn’t work.    Shaw was still on the Maine Turnpike when the green flag waved at Beech Ridge. 
Comment From Justin Tyme 

What caused the fire on Donny Lia’s car? 

Lia’s fire started under the hood of the Mystic Missile.   We’re not sure if it was the result of a blown engine or electrical problem, but we can tell you that both the engine and the electrical system were heavily damaged as a result of the blaze. 
Comment From Jessica 

Great job guys!!!! Thanks for doing this… Wish I was there… 

Thanks Jessica.   If you or any of the other fans out there are in New England and want to try and see Friday’s NASCAR Camping World East Series race or Saturday’s line-up of NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and ACT Late Model action, there are still tickets available at www.NHMS.com.   If you can’t make it, we’ll have Trackside Now coverage of the CW East and Modified Tour races on Speed51.com and live coverage of the ACT race on Speed 51 Radio heard on RaceTalkRadio.com
Comment From Cooper Faassen 

I love the updates! Great Job as always.. 

Thanks for logging in Cooper….and the race team thanks you for your thoughtful “gift” at the shop this week. 
Comment From Maurie Hampstead,NH 

How is the 70 MOD doing with the replacement driver 

Eddie MacDonald has taken right to the Modified.   With some coaching from Andy Seuss, who has not flown down to North Carolina for this weekend’s NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour race yet, MacDonald is very comfortable in the car.   He was quick too – 13th of the 40 cars here in the latest practice session. 
We have just been informed that Barney McRae will only be allowed one lap in qualifying  for the NASCAR Camping World East Series due to being late to pre-qualifying  technical inspection.   
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks guy’s for today’s coverage of the Whelen East Series and the Whelen Modified Tour.Ms.Hotrod has gotten herself a new knee so I hope to see you at Martinsville and Southern National later this month.Peace,out! 

Thanks for logging in and get well soon Mrs. Hot Rod! 
Comment From Cooper Faassen 

Your very welcome, It was the least I could do… Keep up the great work, wish I was there! 

Comment From Molly 

How’s Keith Rocco and Ronnie Silk doing so far? 

Both Rocco and SIlk have placed their TS Haulers Modifieds in the top 12 of the latest practice session. 
Comment From Dan 

Where is the Matt Dibendetto(sp) ride? 

Matt “Guido” DiBendetto is only running a partial schedule in the NASCAR Camping World East Series this season for Joe Gibbs Racing.   This weekend, the team is fielding an entry for ASA SAT driver Max Gresham at NHMS. 
Track announcer Al Robinson, who is a walking encylopedia of racing knowledge, has just told us that John Salemi’s father is celebrating his 63rd birthday this week.   Salemi’s car number in the NASCAR Camping World East Series is also #63.   Could this be a good sign for the team? 
Comment From TSF 

Ty Dillon qualify yet? 

Yes, Ty Dillon has qualified and we believe that he is in the middle of the top 10 right now.   The timing and scoring system is currently down in the infield Media Center, so we’ll have to wait until qualifying is finished to give you an exact position. 
Comment From Kris 

I just want to thank you guys for the updates!! I wish I was there!!! 

There are five cars left to take laps in NASCAR Camping World East Series qualifying.
Jesus Hernandez is out on the track right now, but will only get to take one (not two) qualifying laps as a penalty for being late to go through the pre-qualifying tech line.   His lap just wrapped up and he is the slowest of the drivers who have time trialed so far. 
Comment From Guest 

thank you for doing this 

We have counted a very loyal 26 fans who are watching NASCAR Camping World East Series qualifying here in the fronstretch grandstands at NHMS.   The actual attendence is greater though as we can only see half of the vast fronstretch grandstands from where we sit. 
Comment From FBR93 

did corey lajoie put a new motor in or did he go home 

Corey LaJoie is taking his qualifying lap as I type this.   Stand by…..he is…..20th fastest on his first lap.   He pulled off the track after that and decided not to take a second lap. 
Those 26 fans that we just mentioned in the grandstands will have plenty of company this weekend.   Track officials have just made the announcement that there will be a capacity crowd for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday.   A few infield tickets still remain. 
Comment From jmoon 

why did the troyer house car withdrawl from the even? 

The H&H Motorsports Troyer was going to have Kasey Kahne as its driver this weekend, but Kahne is going to be very busy with on and off track activities having to do with being in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series “Chase for the Championship” and decided against running the Mod race.   We aren’t quite sure why the team did not line up a substitute driver, but we can speculate that there might have not been enough time to change out seats and test a different driver in the car. 
Qualifying for the NASCAR Camping World East Series has concluded.   Eddie MacDonald won the pole position over Max Gresham, Brett Moffitt and Joey Pole. 
There will now be a brief tire scuff session for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour before those teams qualify.   There are 40 cars here to compete for 38 starting positions. 
Comment From jmoon 

thanks guys 

Brett Moffit was very quick here in the June NASCAR Camping World East  race before tire problems kept him from a shot at victory, but his Andy Santerre Motorsports team did not bring the same car back this time around.   They are saving that one for next week at Dover.   The car that they did bring ran pretty darn good though – as shown by Moffit’s third place qualifying run. 
Comment From Dan 

are you guys doing a trackside all weekend including the ACT stuff? 

Thanks Dan – We will be doing Trackside Now for the NASCAR Camping World East Series and NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races and will lead up to the ACT Late Model race with Trackside Now coverage.   For the ACT race though, we have a special treat.   We will be featuring live Speed 51 Radio coverage of that race with Bob Dillner and Mike Twist in the booth and Matt “Duke” Kentfield on pit road.   You can log onto RaceTalkRadio.com and listen in if you won’t be at the track.   All hands will be on deck for that radio broadcast, so there won’t be lap-by-lap coverage on Speed51.com
Comment From Greg 

Where did Derek Ranstrom qualify? 

Oops, we skipped right over Derek’s name.   He qualifying 21st.
When we were typing out the qualifying results for the NASCAR Camping World East Series race, we missed Derek Ramstrom’s name.   Thanks for pointing that out Greg.   Here are the CORRECT qualifying results for the NASCAR Camping World East Series Heluva Good 125:1.   Eddie MacDonald
2.   Max Gresham
3.   Brett Moffitt
4.   Joey Pole
5.   Matt Kobyluck
6.   Kevin Swindell
7.   David Mayhew
8.   Ty Dillon
9.   Ryan Truex
10.   Jonathan Smith
11.   Jody Lavender
12.   Ryan Duff
13.   Jeff Anton
14.   Steve Park
15.   Brad Leighton
16.   Josh Richards
17.   D.J. Shaw
18.   Tommy Cloce
19.   Alan Tardiff
20.   Corey LaJoie
21.   Derek Ramstrom
22.   Jason Holehouse
23.   Jarit Johnson
24.   Jason Patison
25.   Dustin Delaney
26.   Eric Curran
27.   Matt Kurzejewski
28.   Alex Kennedy
29.   Todd Peck
30.   Scott Bouley
31.   John Salemi
32.   Tiff Daniels
33.   Barney McRae
34.   Jesus HernandezNo Time – Mike Johnson   (Withdrew due to engine failure)
Comment From Jason “Stix” Buckley 

Also, for those that are wanting more Modified coverage on Speed51.com this weekend, we will be covering the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour event Saturday evening at Caraway Speedway (NC), live on Trackside Now with myself, Jason “Stix” Buckley, at the helm. The weather could be an issue though as it is a 40-percent chance of rain all day and through the night on Saturday. Stay tuned to Speed51.com for updates. 

We’re going to take a walk down pit road right before qualifying for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams and see what nuggets of news we can find.   We’ll be back online shortly, but feel free to keep those questions coming.
Jon McKennedy is running the famous Art Barry owned #21.   The Barry machine is back to flying its familiar red color it did for so many years in the Mod ranks.   Art Barry was all smiles on pit road when complemented on the new/old scheme. 
PHOTO: Jon McKennedy at speed in the immaculate Art Barry owned #21. (51/Jim Dupont Photo) 
PHOTO: Eddie MacDonald is on the pole for the Camping World East Series and just took qualifying laps in the #70 Modified. (51Photo) 
Comment From Alison 

Will they ACT race have a makeup if they should get rained out? 

Actually, Saturday looks to be a good weather day here at NHMS, so there shouldn’t be an issue of any make-up dates for the ACT Late Model race.   There has not been an advertised raindate though, so I’m sure that series and track officials would look at the whole situation and come up with a plan if it did in fact rain. 
Comment From kmac 

are the mods qualifying now? 

The Modifieds are qualifying right now with Ryan Preece, Ronnie Silk and Keith Rocco making up the top three so far.   We’ll have a complete rundown once qualifying is complete. 
Comment From Neal Cantor 

Bono should leave Steve Park in the famed 7ny for the tour race. One of the Long Island boys should be behind the wheel of the black 7!! 

It would be awesome to see Steve Park race the 7NY wouldn’t it? 
Some members of the H&H Motorsports team that were going to field a car for Kasey Kahne before he redrew from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race this weekend still came to the track today and have been helping out the Rob Fuller team. 
Qualifying has concluded for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.   Ryan Preece has won the pole with Ronnie Silk and Keith Rocco following him on the speed charts.   Rocco is now headed to Thompson International Speedway (CT), where will race tonight – as he is in the thick of the track championship battle with his Sunoco Modified team.We should have complete WMT qualifying results shortly.   Stand by.
Here are the qualifying results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:1.   Ryan Preece
2.   Ronnie SIlk
3.   Keith Rocco
4.   Eric Beers
5.   Doug Coby
6.   Todd Szegedy
7.   Glen Reen
8.   Erick Rudolph
9.   Bobby Grigas, III
10.   Mike Stefanik
11.   James Civali
12.   Rob Summers
13.   Bobby Santos, III
14.   Ted Christopher
15.   Kevin Goodale
16.   Rowan Pennink
17.   Renne Dupuis
18.   Chris Pasteryak
19.   Rob Fuller
20.   Tim Arre
21.   Reggie Ruggiero
22.   Jon McKennedy
23.   Chuck Hossfeld
24.   Anthony Sesely
25.   Steve Park (In place of Ryan Newman)
26.   Glenn Tyler
27.   Richard Savary
28.   Eddie MacDonald
29.   Johnny Bush
30.   Woody Pitkat
31.   Ken Heagy
32.   Joe Hartmann
33.   Wade Cole
34.   Jamie Tomaino
35.   Eric Goodale
36.   Mike Christopher
37.   Jake Marosz
38.   Gary McDonaldNo Time – Donny Lia, Eddie Flemke, Jr.
Doug Coby crashed during his second lap of qualifying and the crew will have some work to do to get the #19 ready for Saturday’s race.
PHOTO: Doug Coby’s crew looks over the damage on the #19. (51/Jamie Williams Photo) 
PHOTO: Max Greshmam will start from the outside of the front row tomorrow in the Joe Gibbs Racing #18. (51/Jamie Williams Photo) 
PHOTO: Ryan Preece set fast time for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race. (51/Jamie Williams Photo) 
The sun has dropped behind the grandstands here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and today’s racing action is complete.   We are going to pack up and head to our campers for the night.Log-on to Speed51.com tomorrow for full Trackside Now coverage of the Camping World East Helluva Good 125 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NH).We will also have some videos and interviews for you too on our Speed51.com Youtube page and Facebook.
We thought we were done but NASCAR has just told us that all 40 cars will now start the Whelen Modified Tour race on Saturday.
PHOTO:   While we are wrapping up… our photographer Jamie Williams just shared this great photo from earlier today of Donny Lia climbing from his car that was on fire.     
This time we are serious… Trackside Now Coverage from New Hampshire International Speedway is done for the day.We will see you tomorrow!

Trackside Now: NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour/East Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway – 9/17/09