Speed51.com Trackside Now – 8/19/09 – NASCAR Modifieds at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) (Replay)


The Hills of Tennessee are alive with the Sound of Modifieds!Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now Coverage of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour UNOH Perfect Storm 150 at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN).


Wednesday morning practice opened at 8am but it wasn’t until 8:16 that Tommy McCann Jr pulled his #51 on track to get the session going.Now a bunch of cars are on-track and we are under way.While practice starts and we are getting started…we’ll catch you up on last night’s practice session.


We’ll have a full staff of Speed51.com guys here today. Jason “Stix” Buckley, Matthew Dillner, Bob Dillner and Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be covering the race for you from Bristol.Elgin Traylor and Doc Love will be setting up for the post-race radio show on RaceTalkRadio.comtonight.


Tuesday Practice Info….41 Cars hit the track yesterday at Bristol Motor Speedway. 

Practice was pretty clean for the most part. Early on you saw a few spins but no contact with the wall. Tom McCann, JR, Burt Myers, Jason Myers, and Glenn Tyler were among the drivers that looped it.


The practice was initially delayed because of a rain storm. Once the track was dry the cars hit the track and practice was extended until 9pm.


Teddy Christopher picked up right where he left off after his blistering laps in the February Bristol Mod test. The 2008 NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour champ topped yesterday’s speed charts. Burt Myers was the Southern Tour’s fastest driver and was second on the speed charts.


Tuesday Practice SpeedsPos  – No. –  Name –  Sponsor –  Best Time –  2nd Best Time
1  36  Ted Christopher  Al-Lee Installation  14.951  15.033
2  1  Burt Myers  Capital Bank/JRC Investments  15.039  15.079
3  16  Mike Stefanik  Diversified Metals/Sanderson-MacLeod  15.080  15.144
4  59  Erick Rudolph  Original Pizza Logs/Prime Tyme  15.096  15.180
5  4  Donny Lia  Mystic Missile  15.110  15.165
6  2  Todd Szegedy  Wisk/Snuggle  15.136  15.193
7  46  Eric Beers  Cape Cod Aggregates/J&R Pre-Cast  15.138  15.154
8  58  Eric Goodale  Riverhead Building Supply  15.157  15.193
9  93  Rowan Pennink  Monk Mechanics Hand Cleaner  15.203  15.206
10  68  Johnny Bush  J.B. Stone Setters/Mehner Racing  15.207  15.299
11  3  Ryan Preece  Davidson Co./Reynolds Auto Wrecking  15.208  15.255
12  09  Bobby Grigas III  Triple G Scaffold Service  15.242  15.305
13  38  LW Miller  John B. Plumbing & Utilities Inc.  15.252  15.256
14  23  Brian Loftin  L&R Transmission/QMF Fabrications  15.268  15.285
15  88  Woody Pitkat  TSI Harley Davidson/Ramar-Hall Inc.  15.278  15.318
16  98  Kasey Kahne  Mohawk Northeast Inc  15.281  15.309
17  12  Jimmy Blewett  TS Haulers/Blewett Recycling  15.297  15.402
18  17  Glen Reen  Reen Orthodontics/Pep-Boys  15.314  15.340
19  28  George Brunnhoelzl III  Oval Speed/Fibwrap  15.342  15.350
20  52  Chris Pasteryak  Furnace and Duct Supply  15.344  15.352
21  79  Ron Silk  Hill Enterprises/Coors Light/Sunoco  15.351  15.361
22  47  Andy Seuss  Advance Auto Parts  15.355  15.358
23  7  Ryan Newman  Aggressive Hydraulics  15.358  15.375
24  40  Frank Fleming  Nelson Ford/Pro Health Center  15.395  15.489
25  50  Kevin Goodale  Riverhead Building Supply  15.405  15.430
26  91  James Civali  Hills Enterprises/Coors Light/Sunoco  15.407  15.413
27  8  Glenn Tyler  Sypher Const/Financial Fed. Credit  15.447  15.456
28  10  Ed Flemke Jr.  Ron Bouchard Auto Stores/Kleer Trimboards  15.456  15.514
29  18  Ken Heagy  Budy One Seafood  15.583  15.691
30  6  Jason Myers  Capital Bank/Moorefield & Trantham  15.587  15.800
31  21  Richard Savary  Alloy Wheel Repair/Pine Hill Serice  15.613  15.674
32  14  Bobby Hutchens  Team Texas Driving School  15.625  15.629
33  31  Gene Pack  Comtech Solutions/Wing-N-Things  15.649  15.690
34  25  John Smith  Tutterow Surveying/Ricks Home Improvement  15.725  15.744
35  51  Tom McCann JR  Active 8/McCann’s Place  15.734  15.744
36  99  Jamie Tomaino  Ideal Racing  15.762  15.807
37  02  Buddy Emory  Ship on Site/RCS Construction  15.803  15.813
38  44  Rich Kukien  Flowmaster Testing/ Bertothy Motorsports  15.954  15.975
39  97  Bryan Dauzat  O.B. Buiders Inc.  15.987  16.046
40  33  Wade Cole  Perf Engines/Kendall Oil/ Ryan’s Oil  16.127  16.140
41  9  Jake Marosz  Middlesex Auto Center  16.383  16.399


Today’s Schedule for the Modfied Tour…

8am – 9:50am:   Practice
11am – 11:50am: Final Practice
2:50pm (10 mins): Tire Scuff Session
3pm: Qualifying (2-laps)
4:30: Drivers Meeting
5:45: Driver Introductions
6:15: Green Flag UNOH Perfect Storm 150



PHOTO: Sunrise at Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday.



PHOTO: A shot from yesterday’s practice session. Jamie Tomaino at speed with a reflection from the early rain storm. (51Sports Photo)


TC is on top of the boards 45-minutes into the morning session. Top-Five so far are Christopher, Erick Rudolph, Eric Goodale, Ed Flemke Jr and Jimmy Blewett.


Glen Tyler went around for a spin. He didn’t hit anything. We are under yellow flag right now as NASCAR checks the track.


Bryan Dauzat, Glen Tyler and Brian Loftin have all spun (seperate incidents) in turns one and two. That is why NASCAR is looking at that turn to make sure track conditions are safe.



PHOTO: Glen Tyler spun (51Sports Photo)


Jake Marosz has spun coming off of turn-two on the backstretch.



PHOTO: The Mods are pitted on the backstretch side of the track. (51Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Beautiful Blue Skies today at Bristol during the morning session. (51Sports Photo)


We are green flag again for practice. We’ll be back in a bit!


 “The cars are holding up good and they do look bad-ass out there,” says Modified veteran Jamie Tomaino.


One of the biggest surprises this weekend so far is the performance of Johnny Bush. Bush is a low-budget racer and an underdog. He hit the track last night and layed down some impressive laps. He was all smiles after the session under the lights.”The car was great,” said a happy Bush.  “We wound up 10th on the charts today. We haven’t been doing that good this year and tonight we came to life. Bono (Sprint Cup / Newman Mod crew chief Kevin Manion) came running over and said ‘wow, you’re the fastest thing here.’  That was pretty nice.

“I really like these kind of tracks. When I first started I got the opportunity to race at places like Trenton and places like this but only bigger. A racetrack is just a racetrack to me.”


NASCAR Sprint Cup star Ryan Newman struggled a bit last night. He and the 7NY team are currently 18th  on the  speed charts in the morning session.   They came out of the box fighting an uphill battle.”We   had transmission problems that put us behind about a good half-hour to 45-minutes,” said  Newman on Tuesday night.  “We are just working on the balance and working on the car with these guys. It’s fast around here there is no doubt about it. 

“There is no second groove right now. There is not a lot of rubber on the track and there are marbles up high.   There’s a pretty big difference in speeds from the front to the back.”




PHOTO: Johnny Bush during the Tuesday practice session.


Note: So far Bush has not taken laps. He is in a t-shirt watching practice and tinkering on his car.


Bobby Grigas III came into 2009 with a lot of expectations. The young driver has hasn’t had the year he had hoped for. Bristol is about new beginnings for Grigas. He and crew chief Kevin Crowley have parted ways. Brad Lafountaine is assisting Grigas and his new-look team.Last night Grigas knew he had to get his #09 better around the high banks of Bristol.”It’s the first race back with our new deal. We parted ways with our crew chief Kevin Crowley. Brad Lafountaine is helping me this weekend. We have a little bit of an inexperienced team here right now but I know we will learn and get even better.


“The car just turns too good. You never hear a driver say the car turns too good but it does.”

Grigas has improved greatly in  this mornings session and is currently  14th  on the speed charts.



PHOTO: Grigas pulls his #09 in to his pit stall during morning practice. (51Sports Photo)


We’ve been clean and green for a while. TC is still on top of the charts. James Civali is now second in speed in the second Hillbilly Motorsports entry.


Tom McCann Jr is back behind the wheel of a Modified. The former Riverhead Raceway Mod competitor is back in the mod ranks after trying his hand in the southern Super Late Model wars.Tuesday was a rough day for the second generation driver.”Yesterday was rough to say the least,” admitted McCann.  “I hadn’t been in a car of any kind in over a year and hadn’t been in a Modified for ten-year. We worked 16-hour days for 8-days straight to build a car to get here. It was pretty rocky at first. Nobody can really prepare you for what this track has to offer. The banking is unreal. I don’t mind the speed but the banking is different because I’m used to having to turn the wheel getting into the corner and here you don’t have to do that. We had the car way to loose in.


“I went in the corner and I turned the wheel like I’m used to and the thing went right down onto the apron. I hit the apron and it spun around. I was like ‘well, that was weird’.   The second time we went around I was chasing Donny Lia.   They told me he was a good car to follow him. I sent the car in harder than I had and it just turned around on me.”
McCann continues to struggle to find speed and comfort and is currently 33rd on the speed chart with 8-minutes to go in practice.



PHOTO: Tom McCann Jr’s pit was a Long Island racers reunion on Wed morning. McCann (left) talks with his father (a former mod racer) and Mod veteran Bill Park. While in the background Tommy Baldwin Jr and Mod great Wayne Anderson chat away. (51Sports Photo)


Burt Myers was the top-dog of the Southern Mod boys durign Tuesday’s session although the “Dirty South” #1 wasn’t always facing the right direction.”We came back with the same thing that we had when we ran the test here,” said Myers.  “The car was just wicked loose. We came in and made an adjustment. I don’t care if the track was green. I was probably driving the car too hard for the conditions and I ended up looping the car. We made wholesale changes on the car and got it to where I think we’ll be pretty good. We layed down one real good lap. After that we were consistent.”


Wed morning’s first practice is over.The top-five is….
Ted Christopher, James Civali, Rowan Pennink, Andy Seuss, LW Miller.We’ll get you the full list of speeds as soon as they are made available.


We will be right back. Hitting the ground running to get some scoop!


Andy Seuss went from 24th to 4th on the speed charts after bolting on four new Hoosier tires. He is now the top  Southern Modster.”It’s amazing what a set of sticker tires will do,” said the Advance Auto Parts driver.   “We knew we had a good car for the long run. A lot of guys were putting up big numbers would come back to where we were running in the long run. We weren’t falling off.  We put a set of stickers on and went out to do a run, not a mock-qualifying run, but just to see what we would do with new tires.


“You keep telling yourself ‘we have a   good car for the long-run,’ but you want to see yourself at the top of the speed chart. Up there in the top-five is where we wan to be. As much as we want to win the race we have to watch points too in our respective divisions. Hopefully it will be a good race. Doing that run we showed we can qualify up front because that is where we want to be. Ahead of the traffic and out front because it will be hard to pass here.”



PHOTO: Andy Seuss stopped in to the media center to chat with Speed51.com’s Jason Buckley and our friend Denise Dupont from TheChromeHorn.


Can anyone top Ted Christopher? He’s the fastest so far and he just told us that speed (he’s the only one to break into the 14-second barrier) is on old tires.TC told us he loves the speed at Bristol and said concentration and keeping focus is key.”It’s a serious mind-game out there,” said the cagy veteran.


Wednesday Moring – First Practice 

1 36 Ted Christopher 14.957 128.288
2 91 James Civali 14.990 128.005
3 93 Rowan Pennink 15.002 127.903
4 47 Andy Seuss 15.036 127.614
5 38 LW Miller 15.057 127.436
6 58 Eric Goodale 15.066 127.360
7 59 Erick Rudolph 15.071 127.317
8 1 Burt Myers 15.072 127.309
9 79 Ron Silk 15.077 127.267
10 28 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.093 127.132
11 12 Jimmy Blewett 15.120 126.905
12 6 Jason Myers 15.123 126.880
13 98 Kasey Kahne 15.138 126.754
14 8 Glenn Tyler 15.139 126.745
15 10 Ed Flemke Jr. 15.152 126.637
16 2 Todd Szegedy 15.179 126.411
17 09 Bobby Grigas III 15.202 126.220
18 7 Ryan Newman 15.246 125.856
19 23 Brian Loftin 15.246 125.856
20 88 Woody   Pitkat 15.251 125.815
21 31 Gene Pack 15.268 125.675
22 2 Buddy Emory 15.316 125.281
23 40 Frank Fleming 15.336 125.117
24 46 Eric Beers 15.357 124.946
25 3 Ryan Preece 15.377 124.784
26 99 Jamie Tomaino 15.402 124.581
27 14 Bobby Hutchens 15.424 124.404
28 52 Chris Pasteryak 15.426 124.387
29 50 Kevin Goodale 15.446 124.226
30 21 Richard Savary 15.448 124.210
31 18 Ken Heagy 15.549 123.403
32 44 Rich Kukien 15.611 122.913
33 51 Thomas McCann JR 15.681 122.365
34 25 John Smith 15.728 121.999
35 97 Bryan Dauzat 15.781 121.589
36 33 Wade Cole 15.873 120.885
37 9 Jake Marosz 16.472 116.489



PHOTO: NASCAR Whelen Southern Mod points leader George Brunnhoelzl III at speed.



PHOTO: Dick Bergerren will be a part of tonight’s SPEED broadcast along with fellow Mod enthusiasts Mike Joy and our own Bob Dillner.



PHOTO: Ronnie Silk at speed.


We are about set to start the second and final round of practice.


Donny Lia and Mike Stefanik will be hitting the track for the first time today. They sat out the morning session.


Practice is underway. Kasey Kahne is the first to hit the track in the #98 Troyer house car.


Tom McCann has withdrawn from the event.   He hasn’t been in a Modified in a while and just isn’t ready.   He thinks it could be a wreckfest as well, as told to Speed51.com by Jeff Fultz (Super Late Model driver), who owns the building that McCann rents space from.


Corey Latham from Race22.com asked us if Burt Myers had sticker tires on during his best lap last night. He did. Myers has been working on consistency today and is happy with the car.


Woody Pitkat says he is just working on getting comfortable out there and is looking for more speed. He is going to try some different techniques as far as attacking the corner. Some drivers say they are breathing off the throttle 1/4 of the way, some all the way, then back on the gas hard. Pitkat isn’t sure what is best yet and told us he is going to try some different lifting points during this session.


Todd Szegedy said this practice will be very interesting because the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series just got done with their first practice. The Trucks run on radial tires while the Mods have bias-ply Hoosiers.   Szegedy believes the increased rubber might tighten up the car a bit.   He also told us that this “will be a very important practice”.


John Smith is a budget racer. He hasn’t gone out on stickers yet.   He is getting set to bold on some during this practice. Smith is trying to do the event with three sets of tires (including practice) to save money.


Smith told us a set of tires is somewhere around 900-dollars



PHOTO: From the infield to the media tower high above, Speed51.com has all angles of the event covered.


Bobby Grigas still doesn’t have his car where he wants it to be. Grigas said they are working on “comfort.”   Once they get the car comfortable, they will then bolt on stickers.


Jason Myers spun the #6  spun coming off turn two just now in practice, but got righted without hitting anything and continued.



PHOTO: The Mod Squad is on the track during their final practice.


Mike Stefanik sat out the morning session and will attack the final practice.Moments before practice started he told Speed51.com that Bristol is a place that is physically and mentally demanding as a driver.”I think that if you are relaxed you are ok,” said Stefanik of getting a  Modified around the high banks.  “The car is driving well and we are pretty high up on the sheet. This track is obviously not like any other track we race. You have to really pay attention because you can get yourself in trouble pretty easy here. I’m trying to stay focused on my game. It’s driving nice so that makes my job easier. I can still tell though that my grip on the wheel is a little excessive because I can feel it in my forearms.

“We’re gonna try and tighten it up on entry. I just need a little bit more comfort level getting off into the corner. I don’t know if that   will bite me in the race.”


On the opportunity to race Bristol…

“I was certainly surprised when they said this was on the schedule. It certainly puts a lot of excitement into the Whelen Modified Tour. I’ve raced here three times. Still when you walk into the place you have to be in awe of the banking and the facility.  If this doesn’t take your breath away as a racecar driver you’re in the wrong game.”


Practice was stopped for a few moments while the clean-up crew picked up some debris coming off turn four, but we are back to green during the practice session.


Comment From Elaine Thank you guys so much for covering this for all us people who are home and working. Thanks for also having it on tv tonight, The Modified series all over the US need more tv coverage as they so deserve it. Thanks


Comment From david “mendsimage” sell how many are starting tonight?


RESPONSE: 36 cars will start tonight. Thanks David! Good to hear from ya!


Comment From Tony Stevens from RTR Doing great guys! Nothing beats logging on here at work at Carolina Racing Supply to see how everyone is doing. Tough break for Tom McCann. Guess I’ll have to go buy a few hot dogs from him this weekend 🙂 Keep up the great coverage, photos, and all. It lets us know what to expect when we all watch tonight.


Former series champion Jeff Fuller is here.   He is helping out Ryan Newman.


Practice stopped again for a few minutes for debris cleanup.   We are not sure who, but someone lost their pipes as they were laying on the track.



PHOTO: The rescue crew picked up some pipes someone dropped on the track during practice.


Comment From Jimmy Great coverage! thank you!!!


Comment From walt at pro shockswhat is the weather forecast for this afternoon and this evening thx again


That is something I am not sure we want to talk about.   While it is going between sunny and cloudy now, there have been percentages thrown around between 30% and 50% of a chance for something we do not want to say.   However, we are going to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


The final practice has ended here at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Modifieds.   We will have times momentarily.


Comment From SteveWhat time does coverage start on Speed ?


We believe the coverage starts at 7:00pm on SPEED.   That means it will be “live tape-delayed” as the race is scheduled to start at the 6:15pm time frame.   What you can do is follow along live here on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now, then turn on the TV to watch the broadcast of it while listening to the RaceTalkRadio.com Modified special show, then after you get done watching the TV coverage, come right back here to Speed51.com and RaceTalkRadio.com for continued coverage of the event, including the 8:00pm post-race Modified party Radio show.



PHOTO: The Modified pits from high above.


We have had questions about Brad Lafontaine being here and who he is actually with.   While he is assisting setting up  the Bobby Grigas machine, he is actually Ted Christopher’s crew chief.


Comment From GuestThanks guys for everything, but your not helping anyone’s work production today,lol.


That is why you should have asked for the day off. 🙂


Comment From GuestAs I was there for the two tests, all the cars were single file and one at a time. At any point during the practice were the cars 2+2, or did they just “let’em go” as they got to them. Really wanting to see how the high groove will come into play, I know Teddy will be up there if he has to come from behind. What are the drivers saying about that aspect?


We will check in with the drivers to see what they think during the day.   From practice, it seemed like they were more wanting to just run single file around the track.   However, it is just practice, so hopefully we will see more side-by-side action tonight in the race.


Comment From Catfishyes very true, but i why take off when i can sit at my desk, get paid and not waste a day off all the while on the computer cheching out the coverage


That is what we like to hear!   Just make sure you do not get fired for following along here on Trackside Now.   We do not compensate folks if they lose their jobs over our coverage. 🙂 Sorry.


Comment From GuestDo the modifieds require a pit stop (even a stop and go) much like USAR has in past years? If so, is everyone planning to short pit or stay out or play it by ear? THAT would certainly lead to some excitement!


We were told that there will be a five minute half-way break.   If we find out more, we will let you know.


Comment From Have feeling…Were gonna see one heck of a big one. Not enough research done on “raceability” the guys are hanging on the race is gonne be a mess.


The two big keys here tonight are going to be respecting the track and respecting the competitors.   If they think they are at Bowman Gray Stadium, we are going to see some problems here.   Still though, even if the drivers respect the track and each other, if there is a tire failure, someone spins the tires on a restart or has a mechanical failure in front of the field, there is a good chance we will have a pile-up.   Lets hope not though, and hopefully we will have a good, safe race.


Donny Lia set fast time in the second practice with a time of 14.924.   Ted Christopher was second fastest with a 14.959, and he was followed by Frank Fleming, George Brunnhoelzl III and Glen Reen.We will have the complete times momentarily.




They are not.   NASCAR tested with them on and off earlier this year, but they have decided not to use them.   Pretty much they didn’t do too much with the times.


Eddie Flemke on running Bristol… “It gets your attention.”


Donny Lia, who skipped the morning’s first session, was quickest in the final practice. He told Speed51.com that the Mystic Missile is running great. How great? They went out to scuff a set of tires for the race and ran their fastest lap.


Second Round Modified Practice Times

Pos No. Name Time Speed
1 4 Donny Lia 14.924 128.571
2 36 Ted Christopher 14.959 128.271
3 40 Frank Fleming 15.027 127.690
4 28 George Brunnhoelzl III 15.063 127.385
5 17 Glen Reen 15.083 127.216
6 91 James Civali 15.109 126.997
7 59 Erick Rudolph 15.140 126.737
8 38 LW Miller 15.166 126.520
9 93 Rowan Pennink 15.167 126.512
10 12 Jimmy Blewett 15.188 126.337
11 1 Burt Myers 15.235 125.947
12 7 Ryan Newman 15.251 125.815
13 79 Ron Silk 15.253 125.798
14 3 Ryan Preece 15.264 125.708
15 68 Johnny Bush 15.267 125.683
16 88 Woody   Pitkat 15.272 125.642
17 50 Kevin Goodale 15.282 125.559
18 2 Todd Szegedy 15.295 125.453
19 46 Eric Beers 15.360 124.922
20 31 Gene Pack 15.361 124.914
21 98 Kasey Kahne 15.371 124.832
22 10 Ed Flemke Jr. 15.378 124.776
23 47 Andy Seuss 15.408 124.533
24 09 Bobby Grigas III 15.413 124.492
25 52 Chris Pasteryak 15.419 124.444
26 8 Glenn Tyler 15.439 124.283
27 18 Ken Heagy 15.447 124.218
28 14 Bobby Hutchens 15.471 124.026
29 99 Jamie Tomaino 15.484 123.921
30 25 John Smith 15.580 123.158
31 6 Jason Myers 15.607 122.945
32 02 Buddy Emory 15.620 122.843
33 97 Bryan Dauzat 15.676 122.404
34 21 Richard Savary 15.720 122.061
35 44 Rich Kukien 15.752 121.813
36 16 Mike Stefanik 15.867 120.930
37 9 Jake Marosz 16.426 116.815
38 23 Brian Loftin 17.224 111.403


While one Myers brother has been comfortable and fast, the other has been the complete opposite. Jason Myers, Burt’s younger brother, has struggled all day in his #6 Ford.”This last practice actually went better than it had been,” said a visibly down  Jason Myers.  “We’ve been so far off I don’t even know where to start. We’ve been junk all weekend and I don’t know what it is. I just was running into the corner too hard trying to find that limit. I’m fortunate that I have a brother (Burt Myers) who’s one of the fastest ones here.   He’s helping me out trying to get me around this place. He told me I’m not driving it in deep enough. So I drive it in until I spin out and get on the   gas as hard as I can. I don’t have speed.”Qualifying… we’re either gonna have a good lap or we’re gonna hit the fence.”


Even though the tire scuff doesn’t happen until 2:50pm, there are Modifieds already lined up to go out, two hours in advance.



PHOTO: Mods lining up for the  tire scuff, prior to qualifying.


Matt Hirschman is subbing for Kevin Goodale in the red #50 car.   Hirschman has not been as fast as he would like. He told us that he is struggling in the middle of the corner.”I thought we were pretty respectable for the first time getting in this car,” said Hirschman.  “We just never really picked it up. We’ve been just ok the whole time we’ve been here.   When I try to carry more speed through the corner I just loose grip and I can’t get the times as quick as I want. We’ll be ok for qualifying but I am not sure about the race.”


Oh boy… it’s raining here at Bristol Motor Speedway. Teams are scurrying to get the cars and tires coverered.We knew weather would be a possiblity but this came quick and unexpected.


We have lost the track, and the Trucks have pulled in. The rain is very hard right now.In the media center we have named this “the Not-So-Perfect Storm” since the race-name is the “UNOH Perfect Storm 150”.We will let you know more soon.   Remember, this is a fast drying track.



PHOTO: The Mods are covered on pit road on the backstretch.


Comment From Corey Latham Don’t worry, Stix will float…… RESPONSE FROM MATTHEW DILLNER: “Corey, I think I would float longer than Stix. Maybe we should go have a contest!”


Comment From Phil Whipple This is excellent coverage today guys. Sure is a ground-breaking day for the Mod tour. RESPONSE FROM MD: Thanks Phil. It is a great day for the Tour and an awesome day to be a Modified guy!


How about some bonus video coverage?   Check the Speed51.com Facebook fan page now for a practice video:   www.facebook.com/speed51


Comment From david “mendsimage” sell how many hot dogs has matt dillner ate so far today? RESPONSE FROM STIX: I am not sure, but it is Martinsville where he digs on the hot dogs.


Teddy Christopher asked Glen Reen after practice, ‘how’d ya get so fast?’   He told TC that when going out the last time, his crew put two lug nuts in my suit because “I needed more balls to go around this racetrack faster.”



PHOTO: Glen Reen with his “lug nuts”


The rain shower (or downpour) has pretty well ended and the skies are fairly bright again, but the track is soaked.   They haven’t moved the jet dryers out yet though.


On track activity is done until the scheduled Modified scuff session at 2:50pm.   So a rare time of quiet in Thunder Valley.


In-car ride along with Ted Christopher during practice (courtesy of NASCAR)



PHOTO: Ryan Preece and spotter Mike Herman sit on the back of the trailer about 10-minutes before the rains came.   Preece gave us the thumbs up and say his car is good.



PHOTO: Several teams put on new tires for the final practice session.


Glen Reen was fifth in final practice and is smiling at Bristol.   It’s a far cry from the emotions he felt the last time he was at Bristol. In the test in June, Reen wrecked.   Reen’s good run today has the driver confident for tonight’s race.”It took a little while to get my confidence back,” said Reen about hitting the track for the first time since he tested and wrecked here. “It took a couple of laps and then I forgot about it.  Then you start going after your goals. Last night we just wanted to feel the car out in race trim. Today it was qualifying trim. We were pretty happy to be fifth in the last practice. We had a couple of bottoming out issues and if we take care of that we will probably be in the top-three. 

Reen says he loves racing at Bristol and says the G-forces are amazing.

“It’s crazy. People ask ‘how is it?’   In the middle of the corner your eyelids will start to close because you are pulling so many G’s. It reminds me a lot of when I was running shifter karts. I feel at home. I love it and think it’s awesome.”


Word of the day: WickedRonnie Silk was 13th in the final practice.   He told Speed51.com after practice that he was   “wicked loose last night.”   Silk and the Hillbilly Motorsports #79 team worked on tightening up the car a bunch. He thinks it will be good in the race because “last night the track was wicked loose.”


The rain has started to fall gently from the sky again here at Bristol.Stix and I (MD) are dry in the media center and taking the time to grab a burger. No Hot Dogs!


Kasey Kahne and the Troyer #98 team was standing around the car trying to figure out how to go faster. The team said they went the wrong way on some changes and it hurt them bad in that last practice.”We tried some more things with our car and just got it too loose,” said Kahne.  “We need to make it where it can run the whole race tonight. It’s got to be tight enough to go.About going out after the Trucks and the radial rubber…

“I didn’t think it changed it a whole lot. It might have been a little bit more free.”

About tonight’s race…

“I don’t know if you are going to be comfortable out there with 36 cars out there. There’s going to be things going on everywhere.   It just needs to be stable and then you just drive it and stay out of the wrecks.”




PHOTO: The #98 braintrust, Troyer’s Billy Colton, Tommy Baldwin Jr and Phil Moran discuss setup with their driver Kasey Kahne. (51Sports Photo)


The rain has stopped again. Hopefully we can get this track dry and go racing soon! Stay tuned… we are going to go take a stroll through the pits and talk to the drivers and teams.


We don’t need no stinkin’ jet driers!No jet driers on the track. Good ol’ Mother Nature is taking care of business. The track is drying up super-fast.


A few people in particular are hoping the weather stays gone.Among the drivers that unofficially would not make the show if the “R-word” (another word for precipitation) wins and washes out qualifying: James Civali, Richard Savary and two other guys named Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne.



PHOTO: James Civali has some fun with the camera after discussing the weather. He has his fingers crossed hoping we get qualifying in.   Ok…so we made him do it! haha


Jason “Stix” Buckley reports from the pits that Burt Myers #1 car has a bad Heim-joint. They are on the left side of the car fixing it right now.


Comment From Matt “Duke” Kentfield Bob and I just put up our second video of the day on the Speed51.com Facebook page. Check it out!




Our Bob Dillner reports that 2008 NASCAR Whelen Southern Mod Champ Brian Loftin did not go out in 2nd practice because they had fuel pick-up problems.   They believe they now have the problem fixed for qualifying.



PHOTO: Brian Loftin’s crew pushes the #23 out to the qualifying grid.



PHOTO: It’s the tale of two skies…. the Clouds in the distance and the blue skies on the other side. It looks like the sun may win!


Comment From Zach What time is qualifying supposed to be? RESPONSE: Qualifying is at 3pm. Scuff session at 2:50pm


Comment From alex is matt hirschman still going to fill in for kevin goodale? on his website it says he is but i dont see his name in any of the practice sessions? RESPONSE: Matt IS in Kevin Goodale’s #50 car. We wrote a blurb on Matt earlier. I think NASCAR still has the car listed under Goodale. We will look into that. Matt is running though. Thanks for asking.


Comment From Justin Crider Does anyone know if they are running the mods at Bristol next year? RESPONSE: Justin, we hope they are. This is the first time the Mod Tour is running Bristol. If it all goes well, I could see this being a every-year deal. Maybe you can get a Mod next year bud and wheel it here! See ya at a track soon Justin.


We are moments away from the scuff session here at Bristol Motor Speedway. Right after the session, drivers will go out for two-laps of qualifying.


Qualifying has begun.   Ken Heagy is on the track for his laps.We will have updates after qualifying.


We did not hear a time for Heagy, but we will try to get the times as they come across.


40 Frank Fleming 15.699


33 Wade Cole 17.865


7 Ryan Newman 15.297


96 Kasey Kahne 15.768


59 Erick Rudolph 15.382


They are checking the track right now as the dark clouds have moved overhead.   Car covers have come out.


We are not sure what the situation was with Ken Heagy, but it doesn’t appear he was the first qualifier, even though he was on the track first.   We do not have a time for him, and on one of the other sheets we have Frank Fleming first out.


And it is downpouring here at Bristol as the skies have opened up.


“Everytime this series tries to do something cool, it rains,” said Chris Pasteryak as the rains came down.



PHOTO: The Modifieds sit on pit road, covered, as rains came right as qualifying started.


NOTE TO STIX IN THE TOWER FROM MD:   I’m glad you didn’t snap that picture 2-minutes earlier, you’d see me running. It wasn’t pretty. – MD


NOTE TO MD IN THE  PITS FROM STIX:     And I think our readers thank me as well. – Stix


A special thanks to Johnny and Charlene Bush!   (Johnny is the #68 Modified).   Knowing the Dillner boys would be here…they brought DiRamo’s pizza from our hometown of Huntington, Long Island NY.   That’s awesome. As soon as the rain stops I’m going to grab a slice.


Folks, as you can tell, here at Speed51.com, we love this stuff.   While we hate the rain, we live for short track racing.   That is why almost the whole gang is here.   From myself (Stix) to Matt Dillner, Bob Dillner, Matt “Duke” Kentfield that are here now, to Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Doc Love who will be here later for the radio show.   Held back is Mike Twist, Editor of Speed51.com, who is holding down the fort at the 51 North offices, but you will be able to hear him talk Modifieds later this evening on RaceTalkRadio.com.


We were just discussing this event in the media center.   For all of you at home who aren’t here… the buzz in the pits is special. This event is special. There is an excitment and thrill about the whole day. There is an aura of unknown surrounding these cars competing here for the first time that is  very interesting. It’s a shame that the event is wet right now. Let all hope and pray the weather lets us get this great race in.


Comment From mike is jimmy blewett there?


Yes, he was 11th fastest in the first practice and 10th fastest in the second.



PHOTO: LW Miller hops out of his car in disbelief when the rains came.


Comment From Guest myers bros lookn good? RESPONSE: Burt is lookin’ good. Jason is not. Jason was pretty honest with the assesment of his week so far. Scroll down and check it out. Thanks!


Even though it is still raining, the good news is that it is lightening up.   Also, we took a look at the radar, and there is a clearing behind this shower, and what rain is behind that appears to be breaking up a bit.   We are still very hopeful we will get this event in tonight.


Comment From alex from RI how come andy suess isnt running? i just watched him run at waterford this past weekend and im surprised i dont see his name anywhere. you guys got any clue?


Andy Seuss is here and has been on the track.   If you scroll through the coverage from earlier in the day, you will see a photo of Andy talking with myself (Stix) and Denise DuPont.


Comment From gene do all cars start the race?


That is an interesting question.   They were going to start 36 cars, sending a handful home.   However, there are discussions about starting everyone that is still here, ready to race.


Bristol Motor Speedway and NASCAR are in talks about it right now. If quals are officially washed out… they might start all the cars. If they do so James Civali, Richard Savary, Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne will be in the show. That would preserve Newman’s attempt at competiing in all four races this weeeknd.



PHOTO: Todd Szegedy has been in a great mood all day. He had fun with our cameras. We think it probably turned to a thumbs-down when the skies opened up.



PHOTO: Jimmy Blewett sits in his car, focusing and praying before hitting the track at Bristol. (51Sports Photo)


What does Jamie Tomaino think about Modifieds at Bristol?   Check out the video of what he had to say on the 51 facebook by going to www.facebook.com/speed51


“Qualifying has been cancelled. All 40-cars will start. All cars have been impounded.”   – Jason Christley (NASCAR) on Media Center PA System.


Comment From Foster This is gonna be crazy, 40 Mods on a track like this, and not one of them has raced a tire in anger yet. Get your popcorn ready.


Comment From Steve How are they giong to do this lineup??? by points and entry blanks ?


We are working on getting the starting line-up from NASCAR now.   Once we have it, we will post it.



PHOTO: Bobby Hutchens at speed during the final practice for the Modfied Tour.


While we have a moment, do not forget some of the other full-coverage Modified madness we will have from Bristol Motor Speedway today.   While the race is going on here, RaceTalkRadio.com will have a Modified discussion show,  discussing what the Modifieds are all about, from 7pm – 8pm.   Then, at 8pm, Speed 51 Radio will be on air, live from Bristol Motor Speedway, with the Modified post-race show with multiple guests and a recap of the day’s events.   It will be held at the Racing Electronics trailer, outside the track in turn three, for those that are in the area and want to watch the show live.


VIDEO EXCLUSIVE…Check out the video from Speed51.com’s Facebook page of Ryan Newman’s Qualifying lap.http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1137574608680&ref=mf#/video/video.php?v=1137574608680&ref=mf


The rains have stopped at this time and the jet dryers are on the track currently to get the surface back to race conditions.



PHOTO: The jet dryers are working to get the track dry.


Earlier in the day we told you about Glen Reen and the lug nuts he was carrying around with him.   Now, hear from him, right before qualifying was supposed to start, by visiting the Speed 51 Facebook page for the video here:http://www.facebook.com/speed51#/video/video.php?v=1137580848836&ref=mf


Comment From Jason Woodham How will the weather affect the TV coverage?


We are not sure how it will affect their coverage, but as far as our coverage, we aren’t going anywhere.   You will be able to follow all the action on Trackside Now as it happens.


Comment From Steve A big Thank you to all you guys for this … really great coverage .. I can almost smell the race fuel !!!!


Comment From jay They are starting 40 cars. which car is going home? didnt 41 unload?


Tom McCann withdrew from the event.   More on that in the 11:11am posting.


Comment From Connie Great coverage!!!! Thank you…


Looking down at the track, it is pretty well dry all the way around, thanks to a few things.   The heat is one.   It is quite warm here today.   Also, the jet dryers have been working hard on the track to get it ready.   Also, the sun is back out here at Bristol, so that with the concrete surface has made track drying a bit quicker than at other tracks.


Comment From Diane You guys make us feel like we’re there. Thank you so much for doing such a great job! RESPONSE: Thanks Diane for the kind words and support.



PHOTO: Shelly Seuss and Jessica Ordway are always up to something at a Mod race. They surprised us with this sign right outside of where we are stationed in the infield media center!


The NASCAR Trucks are on track right now for their qualifying session.


We are hearing that the Modified driver introductions will be at 5:45pm with the prayer and National Anthem at 6:01pm and the race starting around the 6:09pm time frame.


We are going to stretch our legs and check on a few things.   We will be back shortly with the starting lineup and more coverage from Bristol momentarily.


Starting Lineup for the Modifieds:

1 36 Ted Christopher
2 28 George Brunnhoelzl III
3 2 Todd Szegedy
4 47 Andy Seuss
5 3 Ryan Preece
6 23 Brian Loftin
7 4 Donny Lia
8 40 Frank Fleming
9 93 Rowan Pennink
10 38 LW Miller
11 12 Jimmy Blewett
12 1 Burt Myers
13 88 Woody   Pitkat
14 6 Jason Myers
15 46 Eric Beers
16 31 Gene Pack
17 10 Ed Flemke Jr
18 25 John Smith
19 16 Mike Stefanik
20 02 Buddy Emory
21 59 Erick Rudolph
22 99 Jamie Tomaino
23 52 Chris Pasteryak
24 44 Rich Kuiken, Jr
25 79 Ronnie Silk
26 97 Bryan Dauzat
27 17 Glen Reen
28 14 Bobby Hutchens, Jr
29 8 Glenn Tyler
30 58 Eric Goodale
31 09 Bobby Grigas III
32 18 Ken Heagy
33 33 Wade Cole
34 50 Matt Hirschman
35 9 Jake Marosz
36 68 Johnny Bush
37 21 Richard Savary
38 7 Ryan Newman
39 98 Kasey Kahne
40 91 James Civali


Truck qualifying has been completed, so next up is the Modifieds.   The stage has been brought to the front stretch for driver introductions.   Right now the weather looks good.


Drivers are gathering behind the stage for drivers introductions!


We just took a look at the weather radar.   There is heavy rain north and south of the track, with it moving northeast.   There is a gap in the weather, which is right where the track is.   The only thing that is questionable is a pocket to the southwest that is starting to blow up a bit, but for now, we look to be good to go to start the race.


Comment From michael gosselin was there a redraw for a invert of any kind


There was not a redraw.   It will start straight up by points.


Comment From Curious George Will the Speed TV Coverage join the race already in progress and will the truck race be delayed if the Mod race goes long?


From what we understand, SPEED will cover the entire race, green to checker, just live tape-delayed.As far as the length of the race, we haven’t heard anything official, but from what some teams told us, they will not go a minute over 7:30pm.


Comment From sobe hows the crowd????


It might not be the biggest crowd or what would have been expected, but it is fairly healthy, considering the weather issues today.


The prayer and National Anthem have taken place, and the engines have been fired.   We will be racing shortly.


Once again, here is the starting line-up for tonight’s Modified event.

1 36 Ted Christopher
2 28 George Brunnhoelzl III
3 2 Todd Szegedy
4 47 Andy Seuss
5 3 Ryan Preece
6 23 Brian Loftin
7 4 Donny Lia
8 40 Frank Fleming
9 93 Rowan Pennink
10 38 LW Miller
11 12 Jimmy Blewett
12 1 Burt Myers
13 88 Woody   Pitkat
14 6 Jason Myers
15 46 Eric Beers
16 31 Gene Pack
17 10 Ed Flemke Jr
18 25 John Smith
19 16 Mike Stefanik
20 02 Buddy Emory
21 59 Erick Rudolph
22 99 Jamie Tomaino
23 52 Chris Pasteryak
24 44 Rich Kuiken, Jr
25 79 Ronnie Silk
26 97 Bryan Dauzat
27 17 Glen Reen
28 14 Bobby Hutchens, Jr
29 8 Glenn Tyler
30 58 Eric Goodale
31 09 Bobby Grigas III
32 18 Ken Heagy
33 33 Wade Cole
34 50 Matt Hirschman
35 9 Jake Marosz
36 68 Johnny Bush
37 21 Richard Savary
38 7 Ryan Newman
39 98 Kasey Kahne
40 91 James Civali


Will a driver from the North, South, or a Cup “invader” win the race?

( 25% )


( 2% )


There will be a mid-way break around lap 75 for five minutes, and that is the only time teams will be able to fuel up.




Ted Christopher got the early jump and leads by a huge margin over George Brunnhoelzl.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 3Five cars wrecked on the backstretch.


Those involved were Ryan Newman, Jake Marosz, James Civali, Matt Hirschman and Burt Myers.


Ryan Newman is out of his car and appears to be done for the day.


The numbers we heard might not be correct as Burt Myers is on the track.   It was Buddy Emory instead.


Currently up front it is Ted Christopher, George Brunnhoelzl, Todd Szegedy, Andy Seuss and Ryan Preece.


We are back to double file and about ready to go back green flag racing.




Ted Christopher once again got the good jump, but Todd Szedegy is now in second, stalking him for the top spot.


The top 18 cars are nose to tail with a side by side battle back in the pack.


TC has caught the back of the pack on lap 20 and will be lapping cars.


Ted Christopher still leads Todd Szedegy with George Brunnhoelzl in third.


The leaders are passing the lapped cars on the high side, which is making for some interesting close calls in the corners.


Jason Myers, who has been off all day, just got lapped at lap 33.


The top three remain the same with Donny Lia and Ryan Preece in fourth and fifth.   35 laps are complete.


Currently it looks like everyone is respecting the track and the competition.   Will it stay that way until the checkered is waved?


Gene Pack has been trying to hold onto the lead lap.   He is in front of Ted Christopher, and appears to have blocked him a few times high and low.


Brian Loftin has just gone a lap down at lap 53.


Ted Christopher has worked his way around Gene Pack to put him a lap down.We are at lap 57.   Christopher leads Todd Szedegy, George Brunnhoelzl, Donny Lia nd Ryan Preece.


Mike Stefanik has worked his way from 19th to the top 10.


The gap between the top-two drivers in only a few car lengths, and has been pretty steady as they have been working lapped traffic.


Donny Lia has just moved into third around George Brunnhoelzl at lap 68.


Jimmy Blewett has just dropped off the pace and headed down pit road.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 75Glen Reen has spun and hit the wall on the backstretch.   We are hearing he might have had help, possibly from the Erick Rudolph machine.


We are now at the halfway break.


The top 10 are Ted Christopher, Todd Szegedy, Donny Lia, George Brunnhoelzl, Ryan Preece, Rowan Pennink, Andy Seuss, Burt Myers, LW Miller and Woody Pitkat.


During the break, we are going to check with the drivers and the crews of a few of the top guys and see how their cars are.


This is a five minute halftime break.



PHOTO: Pace laps.


Andy Seuss said his car is free in the center, but overall he said his car is good.


Donny Lia’s car rotates great in the center and they are going to tighten it up.


Kasey Kahne is sideways loose.


Ryan Preece said his car is good, but doesn’t know what he needs to do to catch up with the rest of the guys.


Ted Chistopher’s stagger grew more than they wanted, and it was a bit looser than expected.   He said the big thing is lapped traffic.   Some guys are not giving them enough room, and it is nuts out there.


Todd Szegedy’s crew chief said they are right where they want to be and the stagger is perfect.   They might be a tick loose, but think they have the car that can win.


We will be going green momentarily.




Ted Christopher once again held onto the lead with Todd Szegedy in second.


Donny Lia runs a close third, and is looking to move forward.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 89Gene Pack lost it on his own in turns one and two, and spun. 


Bryan Dauzat also spun.


Top five: Ted Christopher, Todd Szegedy, Donny Lia, Ryan Preece, George Brunnhoelzl


It is getting a bit cloudy and dark here at the track.   Matt Dillner in the pits is reporting a few sprinkles.   There is some rain to the southwest moving this way.   Hopefully we can get the race in.


We are one lap to green.




Todd Szegedy has been credited with leading a lap from the outside, but Ted Christopher has moved back into the lead.   Meanwhile, Donny Lia has moved to second.


Donny Lia was a wheel under Ted Christopher for the lead, but Christopher chopped him going into three and still leads.


Donny Lia is all over the back of Ted Christopher for the lead.


Donny Lia has made the move in turn one under Christopher and now leads at lap 108.


In just a few laps, Donny Lia has stretched his lead over Ted Christopher.   A car length back from him is Todd Szegedy.   Ryan Preece and Woody Pitkat round out the top five at lap 111.


Mike Stefanik is on a rail and is now in fifth.


THere is a very light mist in the air right now.


WIth 30 laps to go, Donny Lia has about a half straightaway lead on the field.   Ted Christopher still runs second, followed by   Todd Szegedy, Ryan Preece and Mike Stefanik.


Mike Stefanik appears to have broken.   He just pulled off the track smoking.


It has been confirmed.   Mike Stefanik’s crew said he blew up.   He ran from 19th to fifth before his engine expired.We are still green.


The rain drops are getting thicker.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 132The rain drops got a little too heavy, so the yellow is out.   It isn’t pouring like earlier, so we will see how long this lasts. 


Top 10: Donny Lia, Ted Christopher, Todd Szegedy, Ryan Preece, Woody Pitkat, George Brunnhoelzl, Rowan Pennink, Andy Seuss, Burt Myers, Eric Goodale


We should get one to go here next time by.


The one to go was waved off, but it will be one to go next time by.   It is currently lap 136, so it will still be double file.   They will only go single file within 10 laps of the finish.




Donny Lia got a good jump on Ted Christopher.


Ted Christopher has worked his way by Donny Lia.


There might have been some bumper tag there for the lead.   Lia is now trying to get the lead back.


Lia has taken the lead at lap 143 as he went into turn one.


Five laps to go.   Donny Lia has stretched out his lead over Ted Chistopher.


Donny Lia has a huge lead now.   Just four laps remain.   Meanwhile, Ryan Preece has moved to third and challenging for second.


White flag is out for Donny Lia.


CHECKERED FLAGDonny Lia has won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Bristol.


Top five: Donny Lia, Ted Christopher, Ryan Preece, George Brunnhoelzl, Woody Pitkat.


We are not done yet.   We have plenty of post-race coverage, including the radio show, coming up.


Donny Lia is out of his car and in victory lane, doing his winning interview on SPEED with Bob Dillner.


We will have the complete unofficial finish shortly.


REMINDER: The Speed 51 Radio Post-Race Show will take place on RaceTalkRadio.com at 8:00pm Eastern.   Tune in now for some pre-post-race show Modified talk.We will keep going on here as well through the radio show, so you will be able to ask questions and see photos from the radio show as it happens.


Unofficially, Todd Szegedy, Rowan Pennink, Ed Flemke, Jr, Burt Myers and Erick Rudolph finished sixth through 10th.


Unofficial results from NASCAR should be in our hands in about 20 to 25 minutes, according to officials.



PHOTO: Donny Lia being interviewed by Bob Dillner on SPEED TV after winning.


REMINDER: SPEED 51 RADIO POST-RACE SHOW STARTS AT 8:00PM ON RACETALKRADIO.COMWe have talked to at least 15 drivers and we are talking to more that might make an appearance on our post-race radio show, so make sure to stay tuned, listen to the show and keep this browser open for more from Bristol shortly.


The radio show will begin shortly.


We are still here at Bristol.   They are still working on getting the radio show live.   We are just getting the last of the unofficial results and will have those posted shortly.



1 4 Donny Lia
2 36 Ted Christopher
3 3 Ryan Preece
4 28 George Brunnhoelzl III
5 88 Woody   Pitkat
6 2 Todd Szegedy
7 93 Rowan Pennink
8 10 Ed Flemke Jr
9 1 Burt Myers
10 59 Erick Rudolph
11 47 Andy Seuss
12 58 Eric Goodale
13 38 LW Miller
14 46 Eric Beers
15 09 Bobby Grigas III
16 52 Chris Pasteryak
17 99 Jamie Tomaino
18 14 Bobby Hutchens, Jr
19 23 Brian Loftin
20 21 Richard Savary
21 40 Frank Fleming
22 68 Johnny Bush
23 25 John Smith
24 44 Rich Kuiken, Jr
25 16 Mike Stefanik
26 18 Ken Heagy
27 6 Jason Myers
28 98 Kasey Kahne
29 31 Gene Pack
30 97 Bryan Dauzat
31 12 Jimmy Blewett
32 17 Glen Reen
33 79 Ronnie Silk
34 33 Wade Cole
35 8 Glenn Tyler
36 9 Jake Marosz
37 7 Ryan Newman
38 02 Buddy Emory
39 50 Matt Hirschman
40 91 James Civali


The Radio Show will begin shortly.   Go ahead and go to www.racetalkradio.com for some live coverage of short track racing news and information while we get everything ready for the radio show.


Live at Bristol Motor Speedway, after the UNOH Perfect Storm 150 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event.
Listen LIVE at www.RaceTalkRadio.comStay here and submit questions to our guests as the show is live.

Meanwhile, Stix is heading down from the tower to join the boys at the radio location, and MD is still in the infield gathering more drivers.



PHOTO: Ted Christopher on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: George Brunnhoelzl and Ryan Preece on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: Ed Flemke, Jr on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: Glen Reen and Todd Szegedy on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: Andy Seuss on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: Bob Dillner, Matt Carey (from the Carey and Coffey Show) and Woody Pitkat on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: Matt Carey and race winner Donny Lia on Speed 51 Radio.



PHOTO: The Speed 51 Radio group wrapping up.


That is it for us tonight at Bristol Motor Speedway.   We want to thank the thousands of people that followed along with our Trackside Now coverage and listened in to the Speed 51 Radio post-race show here of the Modified event.   We will have more from Bristol in the coming days.Goodnight.



PHOTO: Donny Lia, winner of the NASCAR Bristol Modified event.   (Rick Ibsen photo)

Trackside Now: NASCAR Modifieds at Bristol Motor Speedway – 8/19/09