Until Wednesday from Bristol, good night! 
The other divisions’ feature results were not available, but will be soon on www.bowmangrayracing.com. Thanks to Gray Garrison, Dale Pinillis, Loren Pinillis and the entire staff here at BGS for their hospitality. 
We’ll be back with more Modified coverage Wednesday from Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) with the NASCAR Whelen Modified and Southern Modified Tours’ UNOH Perfect Storm 150. Our Bristol coverage will be presented by WCIParts.com
That will conclude tonight’s coverage. Thanks to Pro Shocks (www.proshocks.com) for their support of tonight’s coverage and to all of the fans who tuned in tonight. 
We’ll also have an extensive photo gallery next week on our Five Star Racecar Bodies Facebook page (www.facebook.com/speed51.com) coming soon. 
Tim Brown, in addition to his emotion for winning a record ninth Modified championship here at BGS, hurt his back earlier this week. He was in noticeable pain throughout the post-race ceremonies. We were able to get an interview with him in his trailer after things had calmed down and you can hear his thoughts on breaking Ralph Brinkley’s record next week on Speed51.com.

We also got interviews with tonight’s 150-lap winner Burt Myers, championship runner-up Jason Myers and Ralph Brinkley that you can hear next week as well. 

Chris Allison in the No. 7 Ford Pinto (pictured earlier in today’s coverage) has won the 15-lap Stadium Stock feature. Charlie Curry is the 2012 Stadium Stock Champion, his third at BGS. 
The Stadium Stocks are on the track now. 
Unofficial Carolina Farm Credit 150 Results
1 1 Burt Myers
2 22 Jonathan Brown
3 4 Jason Myers
4 40 Chris Fleming
5 65 Danny Bohn
6 2 Joseph Brown
7 53 John Smith
8 50 Michael Clifton
9 83 Tim Brown
10 5 Randy Butner
11 21 Tommy Neal
12 72 Brent Elliott
13 75 Robert Jeffreys
14 3 Danny Propst
15 77 Lee Jeffreys
16 71 Dean Ward
17 73 Cole Powell
18 7 Matt Cotner
19 66 Ronnie Clifton
20 68 Robbie Brewer
21 27 Mike Adams
22 81 Austin Pack
23 O5 Tony Black
24 79 Brian Loftin
25 69 Junior Milller
26 12 Mike Norman

Lap Leaders: Burt Myers, 1-70, Dean Ward 71-108, B. Myers 109-150

We’re now back up and will effort a finish momentarily. 
John Holleman just won the Street Stock division feature and Billy Gregg is the division champion. 
Brown stands between Brinkley (left) and Bruce Hayes of Hayes Jewelers, the company in nearby Lexington that sponsored both champion drivers. (Speed51.com photo)
Tim Brown and the man whose record he broke, Ralph Brinkley, pose for championship photos. (Speed51.com photo)
Burt Myers and family in victory lane. (Speed51.com photo)
Big gaggles of fans around both Burt Myers’ and Tim Brown’s cars in victory lane. (Speed51.com photo)
We’re headed down to interview all of tonight’s major players. We’ll be back in a while. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Burt Myers wins over Jonathan Brown, Jason Myers, Chris Fleming and Danny Bohn. Tim Brown, unofficially ninth, is now a nine-time champion here at Bowman Gray. 
White flag for Burt Myers 
Tim Brown is ninth 
GREEN FLAG: Burt gets away from little brother. Jason loses second to Jonathan Brown. 
Cone restart:
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jason Myers
Row 2: Jonathan Brown, Danny Bohn
Row 3: Chris Fleming, John Smith
Row 4: BoBo Brown, Tommy Neal 
Just as the field doubled up for the restart, Michael Clifton stalled off turn two. 
Burt Myers still leads. (Speed51.com Photo)
The mess in three. (Speed51.com Photo)
YELLOW FLAG Lap 144: Michael Clifton, Lee Jeffreys and Dean Ward all get collected in a fracas in turn three. Clifton drives away, but the others are stuck against the fence. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 143: Myers gets away clean. 
Cone restart
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown
Row 2: Jason Myers, Danny Bohn
Row 3: Chris Fleming, Randy Butner
Row 4: Michael Clifton, Lee Jeffreys
Row 5: BoBo Brown, Tommy Neal 
Dean Ward made the contact with Cotner to bring out that yellow. Ward will be sent to the rear. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 138: Matt Cotner goes around in turn two. 
Lap 135/150: Single file throughout the field. It’s Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown, Dean Ward, Jason Myers, Danny Bohn in the top five. Then it’s Chris Fleming, Michael Clifton, Tim Brown, Randy Butner, BoBo Brown. 
Lap 133: Robbie Brewer slows on the backstretch, but comes to pit road before a yellow flies. 
Lap 130: Burt Myers leads by two car lengths on Jonathan Brown 
Tim Brown is riding in eighth, plenty good enough to win title number-nine. 
Top five single file back to Bohn, then Fleming and Michael Clifton duke it out for sixth. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 127: Drag race to one, Myers holds off turn two. 
Cone Restart
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown
Row 2: Dean Ward, Danny Bohn
Row 3: Jason Myers, Michael Clifton
Row 4: Chris Fleming, BoBo Brown
Row 5: Tim Brown, Tommy Neal 
There are just 25 laps to go. 
Mike Adams also got a piece of that tangle and will need to go off on the hook. 
Tim Brown could be 25 laps from a championship. (Speed51.com Photo)
YELLOW FLAG Lap 122: Cole Powell, Matt Cotner and Danny Propst tangle in turn four as they banged wheels deep in the field. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 121: Myers holds the lead as Jonathan Brown tries to get second from Ward. He does off turn four. 
Cone restart
Row 1: Burt Myers, Dean Ward
Row 2: Jonathan Brown, Jason Myers
Row 3: Danny Bohn, Chris Fleming
Row 4: Michael Clifton, BoBo Brown
Row 5: Tim Brown, Randy Butner 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 116 for the slow car of Austin Pack. 
Lap 115: Austin Pack slows to a crawl, but no caution yet. 
Lap 115: Burt Myers leads by two car lengths on Dean Ward. 
Myers now has to work over Austin Pack and Brent Elliott before he gets a little clean track ahead of him. 
Lap 109: Robbie Brewer once again holds up the leader and allows Burt Myers to slip under Dean Ward for the lead. 
Lap 105: Ward puts a gap on Burt Myers, but there’s a pack of about six cars ahead of him all trying to stay on the lead lap. 
Lap 100/150
1. Dean Ward
2. Burt Myers
3. Jonathan Brown
4. Jason Myers
5. Danny Bohn
6. Michael Clifton
7. Tim Brown
8. Chris Fleming
9. Joseph Brown
10. Mike Adams 
Lap 94: Matt Cotner holds up the leader just enough to allow Burt Myers to get to Ward’s back bumper 
Lap 92: Leader Ward catches the tail end of the field. Cars in his sights include Tony Black, Matt Cotner, Danny Propst and Robert Jeffreys. 
Lap 88: Dean Ward is pulling away from Burt Myers as he now leads by a half-straight away. 
Lap 85: The field is single file throughout. Ward, Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown, Jason Myers, Danny Bohn in the top five. 
In turn two after the restart, Austin Pack and Brian Loftin tangle, but keep going after dropping to the rear. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 82: Good start for Ward as he clears Myers. 
Cone restart
Row 1: Dean Ward, Burt Myers
Row 2: Jonathan Brown, Danny Bohn
Row 3: Jason Myers, Michael Clifton
Row 4: Tim Brown, Chris Fleming
Row 5: Austin Pack, Joseph Brown 
Comment From NCGirl 

Bet Tim Brown can breathe a little easier without Junior Miller on his back bumper when going for a championship. 

The excitement of TBRA Late Models returns in one of the most anticipated template-bodied Super Late Model events north of the Mason-Dixon line is building. “The Piney V,” September 7th and 8th at Motordrome Speedway in Smithton, PA, will be the fifth-annual running of the Piney Lasky Memorial. The local favorites and TBRA regulars such as 2011 Piney Lasky winner Jimmy Carter and current TBRA point leader George Skora III will try to defend Motordrome against notable invaders such as 2010 Piney Lasky winner and Texan-turned-North Carolinian Colt James and others. Also in action at Motordrome on “The Piney V” night will be the Super Cup Stock Car Series and the track’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program. Motordrome Speedway is located in Smithton, PA, 20 minutes south of downtown Pittsburgh. For more information on “The Piney V,” visit www.motordromespeedway.com
Junior Miller is going to need the wrecker to assist him off the track. 
That started when Robbie Brewer, now down a lap, ran Miller up the track in turn three. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 75: Six-time track champion and 71-time race winner Junior Miller broke and slid against the outside wall in turns three and four. 
HALFWAY Lap 75: It’s Dean Ward ahead of Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown and Danny Bohn 
Cotner is still very slow in the high lane now a lap down and is bottling up several lead-lap machines. 
Lap 70: New leader Dean Ward as the lap-down cars of Matt Cotner and Robbie Brewer ran side-by-side. Ward knifed his way between the lappers to steal the lead from Burt Myers. 
Lap 68: The 05 of Tony Black rode around very slow for two laps before going to the pit area. 
Lap 65
1. B. Myers
2. Ward
3. Jonathan Brown
4. Bohn
5. J. Myers
6. T. Brown
7. Miller
8. Pack
9. M. Clifton
10. Fleming 
Lap 60: Ward is all over the back bumper of Myers for the lead. It’s a half-straight away back to third-place Jonathan Brown 
Lap 58: Burt Myers and Dean Ward dispatch of the first few lapped cars. 
Tim Brown rides one spot behind Jason Myers, which is a perfect spot to clinch the title. As we mentioned earlier, Myers would have to finish at least 12 spots ahead of Brown to steal the Modified division championship. 
Lap 55: Burt Myers has caught the tail end of the field, Cole Powell and Danny Propst. 
Lap 50/150: Burt Myers leads Dean Ward, Jonathan Brown, Danny Bohn, Jason Myers, Tim Brown, Junior MIller, Austin Pack, Michael Clifton, Chris Fleming and Brian Loftin 
Lap 48: Lee Jeffreys gets tagged by Mike Adams. Jeffreys does a half-spin in turn four but keeps on going and we stay green. 
Michael Clifton is backing up the high lane, costing himself and Brian Loftin several spots. 
Danny Bohn is now up to fourth with Jason Myers fifth and Tim Brown sixth. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 44: Anothe rgood start for Burt Myers as he clears Brown off turn two. 
Cone restart
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown
Row 2: Dean Ward, Jason Myers
Row 3: Danny Bohn, Michael Clifton
Row 4: Tim Brown, Brian Loftin
Row 5: Junior MIller, Chris Fleming 
Burt Myers under yellow. (Speed51.com Photo)
YELLOW FLAG Lap 38: John Smith and Chris Fleming came together off turn four. There is a history between those two, as they have tangled several times this year. That bottled several cars up and Mike Norman, Ronnie Clifton and Cole Powell all got a piece of the action started between the two Mount Airy, NC combatants Smith and Fleming. 
Lap 36: B. Myers, Jonathan Smith and Dean Ward are a half-car length away from one another. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 34: Burt Myers clears Brown for the lead quickly. Deeper in the field Chris Fleming and Junior MIller bang nerf bars and each lost a couple spots. 
Cone restart:
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown
Row 2: Dean Ward, Jason Myers
Row 3: Danny Bohn, Michael Clifton
Row 4: Tim Brown, Junior Miller
Row 5: John Smith, Brian Loftin 
Under yellow and before we get the cone out for the restart, here’s the current order.

1. B. Myers
2. Jonathan Brown
3. Ward
4. J. Myers
5. Bohn
6. Tim Brown
7. M. Clifton
8. Miller
9. Smith
10. Loftin 

Still working in the oil dry through the first and second corners. 
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There’s a lot of oil dry being put down on the high groove through turns one and two. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 24: Danny Propst goes for a spin in turn two. 
Brian Loftin, after starting 16th, is already up to 10th. 
Lap 21: Myers leads by a car length as Brown has a back bumper full of Dean Ward for second. 
Top five back to Bohn single file. Then Tim Brown goes to the inside of Michael Clifton for sixth. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 18: Burt Myers holds the lead off turn two. 
Cone restart:
Row 1: Burt Myers, Jonathan Brown
Row 2: Dean Ward, Jason Myers
Row 3: Danny Bohn, Michael Clifton
Row 4: Tim Brown, Junior MIller
Row 5: John Smith, Randy Butner 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 14: A lot of dirt got kicked up into the groove in turn four, bringing out the yellow. Track crew is on scene cleaning things up already. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 13: Burt Myers and Jonathan Brown again side-by-side into turn one 
Burt Myers to start first with Brown second. Row two will be Dean Ward and Jason Myers. Row three Danny Bohn and Michael Clifton. Row four Tim Brown and John Smith. 
The cone comes out. Again, each driver, when the get to the cone, can choose whether he wants to start on the inside or outside groove. 
Yellow flag laps do count. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 9: Cole Powell goes for a spin off turn two. He then got stuck momentarily in the infield before getting goin gagain. Report is that the 68 of Robbie Brewer got into him. As Powell drove by Brewer, it would appear that was the case as Powell expressed his displeasure. 
Lap 5: Point leader Tim Brown runs seventh. The top 15 or so cars are all single file. Brian Loftin and Tommy Neal duel as the first side-by-side battle. 
Top four single file with Burt, Brown, Dean Ward and Jason Myers. Then Danny Bohn in fifth. 
GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers and Jonathan Brown stay side-by-side for a lap before Myers clears to the lead. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 0: As the leaders hit turn three, the yellow came out due to a “not-acceptable start.” 
GREEN FLAG: Burt Myers gets the jump and leads to turn one with Johnathan Brown second. 
Lights are off on the pace car. In 150 laps, we’ll either have history with a ninth title for Tim Brown or one heck of a story if someone else comes out with the title 
Fans looking for a Sportsman finish, as soon as we can obtain one from the track scoring officials, we’ll post it. 
The command to start engines for the Modifieds has been given. 
1 Burt Myers
2 Jonathan Brown
3 Jason Myers
4 Dean Ward
5 Danny Bohn
6 Michael Clifton
7 Randy Butner
8 Tim Brown
9 John Smith
10 Robert Jeffreys
11 Lee Jeffreys
12 Junior Miller
13 Austin Pack
14 Ronnie Clifton
15 Tommy Neal
16 Brian Loftin
17 Joseph “BoBo” Brown
18 Mike Adams
19 Robbie Brewer
20 Chris Fleming
21 Tony Black
22 Brent Elliott
23 Cole Powell
24 Danny Propst
25 Matt Cotner
26 Mike Norman
Tim Brown going for history. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim Brown enters tonight’s season finale with a 44-point lead.  Jason Myers has to finish at least 12 spots higher than Brown to overtake him for the title.  Brown is chasing a record ninth track title, while Myers is going for his first.

Top 10 in Modified Points Heading into Tonight

1 83 Tim Brown 643
2 4 Jason Myers 599
3 77 Lee Jeffreys 585
4 22 Jonathan Brown 583
5 65 Danny Bohn 564
6 1 Burt Myers 538
7 5 Randy Butner 533
8 25 John Smith 532
9 71 Dean Ward 512
10 50 Michael Clifton 512 

Taylor Branch won the race. (Speed51.com Photo)
The 150-lap Modified feature will be next. 
Derek Stoltz wins the championship. (Speed51.com Photo)
CHECKERED FLAG: Taylor Branch wins.  Jeff Garrison finishes second with Derek Stoltz third.  The third-place run for Stoltz earned him the 2012 Sportsman division championship over Garrison.  It is Stoltz’s first title.
GREEN FLAG: Good start for Branch.  Everyone gets away single-file.
Restarts will be single-file inside of five laps to go. There are three to go.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 37: Kyle Southern goes for a spin off turn two.  Branch leads Garrison, Stoltz, Adams and Triplett. 
Lap 36:  Garrison underneath Southern for second.  Stoltz follows. 
LAP 33: Branch to th elead as Southern moves to second with Garrison and Stoltz in tow. 
GREEN FLAG: Bobby Reed holds the lead, but Branch stays right with him 
On the double-file restart it will be Reed first, Brnach second, Southern third, Adams fourth, Garrison fifth, Tilley sixth, Stoltz seventh 
Branch and Reed continue to run side-by-side under yellow, debating on who should be the leader. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 30: David Sell goes up in a shower of sparks in turn one on the restart.  He drove right to the pit area. 
Reed will start first with Branch on his outside.  Then it’s Garrison and Kyle Southern in the second row.  Stoltz will be fifth. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 29:  John Lain goes around again on the front stretch. 
Lap 26: Nose-to-tail amongst the top four.  Reed leads Branch, Garrison and Stoltz.  Wayne Hill is fifth. 
GREEN FLAG:  Bobby Reed clears Branch for the lead.  Garrisson runs third with Stoltz fourth.  As they run, Stoltz would be the champion. 
The new leader will be Taylor Branch.  Garrison will start third with Bobby Reed outside in second.  Stoltz will restart fifth. 
YELLOW FLAG:  Heavy damage to Triplett and Bost.  Triplett drove away but Bost is still against the outside fence.  They were side-by-side off turn two when they banged doors.  Sparks began flying from under Bost’s car and he drove into turn three to cause the contact.  After climbing from his car, Bost sprinted into the pit crew area behind the turn-four wall where some pushing and shoving ensued. 
Leaders tangle in turn three. (Speed51.com Photo)
GREEN FLAG: Triplett and Bost make contact while side-by-side for the lead off turn two.  They then wreck hard in the outside wall in turn three. 
Kenny Bost is the leader and chooses the inside.  Garrison will also pick the inside, so will Stoltz.  The first car to go outside is the fourth place Triplett, who will move to second. 
All parties involved have gone to the rear of the field and will start near one another. 
Clifton drove from turn one to turn three through the infield, got to Lain’s back bumper and slammed into him in turn four. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 19:  Big skirmish on the front stretch as John Lain gets into Zack Clifton.  Clifton drives through the infield grass to the other side of the track and exacts payback on Lain. 
GREEN FLAG: Bost gets the run on the high side and clears Garrison for the lead.  Derek Stoltz is up to second. 
Garrison chooses the inside with Bost moving up to second.  Stoltz will start third with Branch fourth.  Then it’s Triplett in fifth. 
One lap to green.  After a brief chat with a NASCAR Whelen All American Series official, Triplett has been moved back to fifth. 
Garrison leads as Triplett and Stoltz debate the second spot side-by-side under yellow.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 18: Bryant Robertson spins off turn two. He heads to the pit area.
GREEN FLAG:  Taylor Branch did not come up to speed on the outside groove, allowing Stoltz to move to second. 
Double-file cone restart.  Everyone can choose which lane they want to start in, going in order as they run under yellow.  Garrison chooses the inside with Branch moving to the outside of the front row.  Triplett will restart third with Derek Stoltz now fourth.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 17:  John Lain comes to a stop on the infield grass on the front stretch. 
GREEN FLAG: Garrison gets a good jump leaving Triplett to make a move for second around Branch.
Jeff Garrison leads Taylor Branch, Noah Triplett, Bobby Reed, Wayne Hill, Derek Stoltz, Kyle Southern, Bryant Robertson, Zack Ore and Kenny Bost in the top-10. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 14: Zack Clifton made contact with the John Lain off turn two.  Lain got into the wall off the second turn and slowed to bring out the yellow. 
Lap 10: Point leader Derek Stoltz, in a rush to move forward, took out the 81 of Zack Clifton off turn two going for sixth. No yellow flew and Clifton continued on after stopping in the infield grass for a few moments. 
After two laps, Stoltz is up to seventh. Garrison, the leader, must finish at least two spots ahead of Stoltz to win the title. 
GREEN FLAG: Garrison holds the lead on the first lap with Taylor Branch and Noah Triplett second and third. 
Sportsman going green. (Speed51.com Photo)
Point leader Stoltz will start 11th, while Garrison will start from the pole. 
Derek Stoltz leads the Sportsman points over Jeff Garrison by just five points. There is a third-place tie between Zack Clifton and Kenny Bost, so there’s plenty of storylines in tonight’s Sportmsan race. 
Tonight’s feature action is just about to begin. The Bowman Gray Stadium Webb Heating & A/C Co. Sportsman Series is first on track. It will be a 40-lap or 40-minute feature. 
The pre-race fly over. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ralph Brinkley’s record of eight Modified division track championships is in danger of falling. Brinkley is on hand tonight to participate in post-race ceremonies should his record fall to Tim Brown. 
Packing them in for the final time in 2012. (Speed51.com Photo)
Lots of pre-race awards getting handed out. Tim Brown wins the pole award honor for the 10th time. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brian Loftin is competing in the Hillbilly Racing 79 tonight. (Speed51.com photo)
Opening ceremonies are now underway. While we have a few minutes, don’t forget to check in on tonight’s Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage from the Show Me The Money Series 100-lapper at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL).


Earlier this year, Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) announced there would be a Super Late Model race at the half-mile off of Old Selma Road in Montgomery, Alabama. The race, scheduled for September 1st and 2nd, is the first Super Late Model race at the track in over two years. The 150-lap spectacle will feature a six-tire rule, and pay $6,000.00 to the winner.

Now, as the date gets closer, excitement starts to build. Entry forms are now available, and entries have begun to come in for the race. Drivers get your entries in now as the qualifying will take place in the opposite order of entries received. Fans, mark your calendars for September 1st and 2nd for the 150-lap Super Late Model extravaganza at Montgomery. For more information, visit www.montgomeryspeedway.com

Burt Myers will lead the field to green tonight in the Carolina Farm Credit 150. (Speed51.com photo)
The field will start as they qualified. There will not be a re-draw nor invert. 
Qualifying Results
1 1 Burt Myers 13.522
2 22 Jonathan Brown  13.574
3 4 Jason Myers 13.616
4 71 Dean Ward 13.618
5 65 Danny Bohn 13.628
6 50 Michael Clifton 13.629
7 5 Randy Butner 13.630
8 83 Tim Brown 13.639
10 75 Robert Jeffreys 13.656
9 53 John Smith 13.656
11 81 Austin Pack  13.685
12 77 Lee Jeffreys 13.750
13 69 Junior Milller 13.764
14 66 Ronnie Clifton 13.823
15 21 Tommy Neal 13.827
16 79 Brian Loftin 13.855
17 2 Joseph Brown 13.925
18 27 Mike Adams 13.945
19 68 Robbie Brewer 13.968
20 40 Chris Fleming 13.990
21 O5 Tony Black 13.994
22 72 Brent Elliott 14.035
23 73 Cole Powell 14.077
24 3 Danny Propst 14.177
25 7 Matt Cotner no time
26 12 Mike Norman no time 
There are still two cars left to qualify, but the flagmen are leaving the flag stand and it appears that qualifying is over. Burt Myers is tonight’s pole winner. 
79 – Brian Loftin
Lap 1: 13.855
73 – Cole Powell
Lap 1: 14.077
53 – John Smith
Lap 1: 13.656
27 – Mike Adams
Lap 1: 13.945
3 – Danny Propst
Lap 1: 14.177
68 – Robbie Brewer
Lap 1: 13.968
2 – Joseph “BoBo” Brown
Lap 1: 13.925
75 – Robert Jeffreys
Lap 1: 13.656
72 – Brent Elliott
Lap 1: 14.035
05 – Tony Black
Lap 1: 13.994
21 – Tommy Neal
Lap 1: 13.827
40 – Chris Fleming
Lap 1: 13.990
69 – Junior Miller
Lap 1: 13.764
81 – Austin Pack
Lap 1: 13.685
66 – Ronnie Clifton
Lap 1: 13.823
50 – Michael Clifton
Lap 1: 13.629
71 – Dean Ward
Lap 1: 13.618
5 – Randy Butner
Lap 1: 13.630
1 – Burt Myers
Lap 1: 13.522
659 – Danny Bohn
Lap 1: 13.628
22 – Jonathan Brown
Lap 1: 13.574
77 – Lee Jeffreys
Lap 1: 13.750
4 – Jason Myers
Lap 1: 13.616
83 – Tim Brown
Lap 1: 13.639
Each car will receive one lap for qualifying. 
Brown, as the point leader, is the first car out for qualifying. 
Tim Brown is the division leader with seven poles this season. 
Modified qualifying should begin momentarily. 
Mike Norman’s No. 12. (Speed51.com photo)
Modified fans, this starts a busy couple of days for you. After Speed51.com brings you tonight’s live coverage of the Bowman Gray season finale, we’ll be live from Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour/Whelen Southern Modified Tour combination event, the UNOH Perfect Storm 150.

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Austin Pack in the 81. (Speed51.com photo)
Comment From Austin 

Wish i could be there. In florida on vacation. Lets go showstopper and the rocket 

Mods getting set for another practice round. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jason Myers hopes to earn his first Modified track title at Bowman Gray. (Speed51.com Photo)
A brief overview of tonight’s point scenario for the Modifieds. Tonight’s race is worth double points with Jason Myers trailing Tim Brown by 44 points.

If Tim Brown finishes 12th or better, regardless of where Jason Myers finishes, Brown will be the Champion. Therefore, Myers would have to finish at least 12 positions or better than Brown in order to overtake him for the title. 

Stadium Stock competitor Billy Cameron, Jr. and his John Blewett, III tribute paint scheme. (Speed51.com Photo)
You don’t see Ford Pintos on track much anymore, but one is in action in the Stadium Stock division here tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cole Powell’s team gets things adjusted after changing a drive shaft before practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Robert Jeffreys’ 75. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim Brown is going for a record ninth track title tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars that have been out for practice (26) One Unknown right now
53 John Smith
4 Jason Myers
1 Burt Myers
22 Jonathan Brown
81 Austin Pack
83 Tim Brown
77 Lee Jeffreys
75 Robert Jeffreys
2 Joseph Brown
7 Matt Cotner
12 Mike Norman
65 Danny Bohn
5 Randy Butner
69 Junior Milller
O5 Tony Black
73 Cole Powell
68 Robbie Brewer
72 Brent Elliott
66 Ronnie Clifton
50 Michael Clifton
21 Tommy Neal
71 Dean Ward
40 Chris Fleming
3 Danny Propst
79 Brian Loftin
Tim Brown, Junior Miller, Jonathan Brown and others have been out.
16 or so have been out in the first group. 
Modifieds are on the track. 
Modifieds hit the track. (Speed51.com photo)
We’ll call out the names for the Modifieds when they roll out. 
Second wave of Stadium Stocks on track now. 
Stadium Stocks are on the track for the first practice. 
Don’t forget to open another window and check out the Pro Late Model action at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL). http://www.speed51.com/2012_Stories/PLM/Trackside_Now_SMTM_PLM_8_18_new.html
Tonight’s Schedule
6:00pm – Practice
7:10pm – Modified Qualfying
7:35pm – Pre-Race Awards
8:00pm – Sportsman Division (40 Laps)
8:45pm – Carolina Farm Credit 150
10:00pm – Intermission
10:10pm – Street Stock (20 Laps)
10:40pm – Stadium Stock (15 Laps)
11:05pm – Train Race (10 Laps)
Tim Brown comes into tonight with 66 career wins, that’s only five behind Junior Miller who is the all-time leader here at Bowman Gray. 
In the other divisions Derek Stoltz has a five point lead over Jeff Garrison in the Sportsman Series.  We’ll see how that one shakes out as well. 
Top 10 in Modified Points Heading into Tonight

1 83 Tim Brown 643
2 4 Jason Myers 599
3 77 Lee Jeffreys 585
4 22 Jonathan Brown 583
5 65 Danny Bohn 564
6 1 Burt Myers 538
7 5 Randy Butner 533
8 25 John Smith 532
9 71 Dean Ward 512
10 50 Michael Clifton 512

A full pit of more than 25 Modifieds (a full count to come shortly) are here tonight. (Speed51.com photo)
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Good evening and welcome to Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where tonight the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series’ Brad’s Golf Cars Modified division will hold their season finale in the Carolina Farm Credit 150.

Tonight, it’s more than just about crowning a champion – we could have a record-setting championship performance tonight.  Eight-time Bowman Gray track champion Tim Brown has a 44-point lead over Jason Myers as he looks to capture his record-setting ninth track title. 

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Trackside Now: NASCAR Modified 150 at Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) – 8/18/15