That completes tonight’s coverage from here at Bowman Gray Stadium.

We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon at 5pm ET with live Trackside Now coverage of the Army Strong 150 for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, as well as qualifying and a 100-lap feature for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Modifieds.

The track is quiet up until 6;30pm ET on Saturday, so we’ll be back around then with all the action on Speed51.com.

Also, if you can’t make it to the track, follow along with Trackside Now and tune in to the NASCARHomeTracks.com broadcast of both the East Series and Modified features tomorrow night here at “The Madhouse.”

Now that we’re all done here, tune in to Speed 51 Radio’s broadcast of the Wayne Carter Classic 125 ASA Midwest Tour event at Grundy County Speedway (IL).  The link is right on the front of Speed51.com.

Good night from Bowman Gray.


1 Coleman Pressley 14.772
2 Matt DiBenedetto 14.798
3 Robert Johnson 14.858
4 Brett Moffitt 14.908
5 Sergio Pena 14.972
6 Max Gresham 14.975
7 Chase Elliott 14.988
8 Brandon Haley 15.000
9 Darrell Wallace, Jr. 15.015
10 Brandon Gdovic 15.044
11 Ben Kennedy 15.089
12 Ryan Gifford 15.105
13 Corey LaJoie 15.112
14 Benny Gordon 15.117
15 Dale Quarterley 15.118
16 Chad Boat 15.129
17 Alex Bowman 15.161
18 DJ Shaw 15.172
19 Andrew Smith 15.225
20 Rick Gdovic 15.249
21 Eddie MacDonald 15.281 (provisional)
22 Cody Hodgson 15.293 (provisional)
23 Michael Cherry 15.260 (provisional)
24 Cale Conley 15.472 (provisional)
25 Chad Finchum 15.293 (provisional)
26 Clay Campbell 15.556 (provisional)
27 Kevan Combs 15.606 (provisional)

We’re just a couple minutes away from being handed the full starting lineup for tonight’s race, hang tight. 
Top 10 qualifiers: Pressley, DiBendetto, Robert Johnson, Brett Moffitt, Sergio Pena, Chase Elliott, Brandon Haley, Darrell Wallace, Jr., Brandon Gdovic. 
Coleman Pressley will start from the pole in Saturday’s Army Strong 150. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’ll have the full qualifying rundown momentarily. It will be an all-X Team Racing front row with Pressley and DiBenedetto qualifying first and second. 
Qualifying is now complete. Coleman Pressley has earned his first career NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Pole for tomorrow night’s Army Strong 150. 
Alex Bowman
Lap 1: 15.314
Lap 2: 15.161
Best Lap: 15.161
Corey LaJoie
Lap 1: 15.421
Lap 2: 15.112
Best Lap: 15.112
Clay Campbell
Lap 1: 16.197
Lap 2: 15.556
Best Lap: 15.556
Eddie MacDonald
Lap 1: 15.691
Lap 2: 15.281
Best Lap: 15.281
Sergio Pena
Lap 1: 15.186
Lap 2: 14.972
Best Lap: 14.972
Sergio Pena, the next car out, stopped as soon as he hit the track to allow Smith to leave the premises. 
As Andrew Smith finished his qualifying laps, he spun and backed into the outside fence slightly between turns one and two after getting the checkered flag. 
Andrew Smith
Lap 1: 15.534
Lap 2: 15.225
Best Lap: 15.225
Cody Hodgson
Lap 1: 15.439
Lap 2: 15.293
Best Lap: 15.293
Rick Gdovic
Lap 1: 15.768
Lap 2: 15.249
Best Lap: 15.249
Brett Moffitt
Lap 1: 15.230
Lap 2: 14.908
Best Lap: 14.908
Robert Johnson
Lap 1: 15.275
Lap 2: 14.858
Best Lap: 14.858
At this point, X Team Racing teammates Coleman Pressley and Matt DiBenedetto are 1-2. 
Matt DiBenedetto
Lap 1: 15.018
Lap 2: 14.798
Best Lap: 14.798
Kevan Combs
Lap 1: 16.080
Lap 2: 15.606
Best Lap: 15.606
Chad Finchum
Lap 1: 15.531
Lap 2: 15.293
Best Lap: 15.293
Chad Boat
Lap 1: 15.591
Lap 2: 15.129
Best Lap: 15.129
Michael Cherry
Lap 1: 15.700
Lap 2: 15.260
Best Lap: 15.260
Brandon Gdovic
Lap 1: 15.267
Lap 2: 15.044
Best Lap: 15.044
Benny Gordon
Lap 1: 15.585
Lap 2: 15.117
Best Lap: 15.117
After 10 cars, Coleman Pressley continues to top the speed chart. 
Ryan Gifford
Lap 1: 15.264
Lap 2: 15.105
Best Lap: 15.105
Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 15.240
Lap 2: 14.988
Best Lap: 14.988
Cale Conley
Lap 1: 15.567
Lap 2: 15.472
Best Lap: 15.472
Darrell Wallace, Jr.
Lap 1: 15.276
Lap 2: 15.015
Best Lap: 15.015
Coleman Pressley is currently atop the board. 
Coleman Pressley
Lap 1: 15.028
Lap 2: 14.772
Best Lap: 14.772
DJ Shaw
Lap 1: 15.434
Lap 2: 15.172
Best Lap: 15.172
Max Gresham
Lap 1: 15.351
Lap 2: 14.975
Best Lap: 14.975
Dale Quarterley
Lap 1: 15.227
Lap 2: 15.118
Best Lap: 15.118
Brandon Haley
Lap 1: 15.314
Lap 2: 15.000
Best Lap: 15.000
Ben Kennedy
Lap 1: 15.528
Lap 2: 15.089
Best Lap: 15.089
The first car, Ben Kennedy, is now on track. 
Comment From Guest

This is soooo ridiculous…K & N was supposed to start qualifying at 8:30pm with the garage for them closing at 9pm. I really hope this isn’t any indication of what tomorrow night is going to be like 

Comment From Guest

Oh we wont miss this..Section 22 is ready for us 

There’s a long line of fluid on the backstretch from the Street Stock feature. That’s being cleaned up with oil-dry and a leaf blower as we speak. 
Still waiting for the first car to hit the track for KNPSE qualifying. 
It’s going to be wild tomorrow night, for sure. Come on out if you’re in the area, but if you’re not, check out our Trackside Now coverage and the live NASCARHomeTracks.com broadcast from here at Bowman Gray. 
Comment From Guest

Not sure whats going to be Wilder tommorow..The K&N on a 1/4 Madhouse..The Mods in 100 lapper Cone style or the Chain race..Man its gona be good. 

Again, all 27 cars that will take time will start tomorrow night’s Army Strong 150. 
Drivers will get the green flag their second time by. They will exit the pits onto the track via a chute in turn four, then see the “one to go” signal as they pass the start-finish line the first time. They will do one “dead” lap, then get the green flag for their two laps of qualifying. 
Qualifying for the Army Strong 150 will begin in a few minutes. The first five cars to take time will be:

1) Ben Kennedy
2) Brandon Haley
3) Dale Quarterley
4) Max Gresham
5) DJ Shaw 

Jerry Helms has won the 20-lap Street Stock feature. 
Under caution with one lap to go for the Street Stocks. K&N East qualifying will be following the victory lane ceremonies and a brief sweep of the track. 
Comment From Guest

granny can run a race faster than this!!! 

Comment From speakdatruth

The street stocks are, week in and week out, the worst division at BGS 

We’re now under red on lap 17 for our first true “Madhouse” moment of the weekend. One driver spun another in the Street Stock race going into turn three, then the spinning driver retaliated under caution, driving through the infield grass across the track to t-bone the other car. Both cars are now destroyed as we try to clean up the track. 
20 minutes into the Street Stock feature, we’re under caution on lap 2. 
Tonight’s Trackside Now coverage on Speed51.com from Bowman Gray Stadium is presented by Racing Electronics, the leader in professional motorsports communications…worldwide! Visit them at http://www.racingelectronics.com
While you await K&N East qualifying, open up another web browser window and check out the live broadcast of the ASA Midwest Tour’s Wayne Carter Classic 125 at Grundy County Speedway (IL). SPEED’s Bob Dillner and Speed51.com’s Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor are on the call of that event tonight.


Still trying to set the lineup in the Street Stock race here on lap 0. 
We’ve had a 14-car pileup in the first corner of the Street Stock race, further delaying the start of the K&N East qualifying. 
NASCAR officials have confirmed to Speed51.com that all 27 cars will start tomorrow’s feature. Originally, only 24 were going to start per the entry blank, but the additional three starters have been added to the field, so every car that takes the green tonight will start tomorrow’s Army Strong 150. 
We also caught up with Chad Finchum, who will look to make his second start of the season in the KNPSE, driving for Troy Williams’ team. Finchum, a former Bandolero and Legends Car champion, never competed in either division here at Bowman Gray, but had one word to describe this track. “Cool!” 
We stopped and chatted with Corey LaJoie who promised to put on a show for the fans here tomorrow night. We asked “Supershoe” how important qualifying up front was going to be today, and his response was classic LaJoie.

“It don’t matter. I’ll push my way through to the front if I have to.” 

Ryan Robertson has won the 20-lap Limited Sportsman feature. The Street Stocks will have a feature up next before KNPSE qualifying. 
Rowley, MA’s Eddie MacDonald helps get his Grimm Racing #71 through technical inspection before qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
A couple veterans of yesterday’s KNPSE, Andy Santerre (left) and Dale Shaw (right). (Speed51.com Photo)
NASCAR Managing Director of Racing Operations George Silbermann (left) chats with Ben Kennedy. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re back from a tour around the pit area for a while. Qualifying for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series is scheduled to start in about 15 minutes, tentatively. However, there are two more local features to run before KNPSE qualifying. 
The K&N East cars will have a couple hours off from on-track action at this point, as qualifying is not scheduled until 8:30pm ET. We’re going to take a break and hit the pits to talk with the drivers. We’ll have more coverage coming up shortly.

In the meantime, switch on over to the live Trackside Now coverage of the ASA Midwest Tour Wayne Carter Classic going on at Grundy County Speedway in Illinois tonight. Just click on the link on the front page of Speed51.com to check that out for a while. There will also be a broadcast of the feature events from Grundy on Speed 51 Radio later on tonight. 

KNPSE point leader Brett Moffitt was third-quickest in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
To give fans a scope of how the KNPSE cars get around the quarter-mile here at Bowman Gray compared to the weekly Modified division, Speed51.com was on hand for the final Modified event of last season with Trackside Now coverage. In that event, Tim Brown set fast time with a lap of 13.385. 
Max Gresham was quickest in KNPSE practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
1 Max Gresham 14.366
2 Coleman Pressley 14.394
3 Brett Moffitt 14.402
4 Sergio Pena 14.418
5 Matt DiBenedetto 14.494
6 Darrell Wallace, Jr. 14.523
7 Corey LaJoie 14.534
8 Chase Elliott 14.559
9 Robert Johnson 14.592
10 Ben Kennedy 14.648
11 Ryan Gifford 14.657
12 Michael Cherry 14.705
13 Alex Bowman 14.706
14 Benny Gordon 14.723
15 Brandon Gdovic 14.739
16 Brandon Haley 14.739
17 Andrew Smith 14.741
18 Chad Finchum 14.746
19 DJ Shaw 14.753
20 Eddie MacDonald 14.766
21 Clay Campbell 14.771
22 Dale Quarterley 14.777
23 Chad Boat 14.810
24 Rick Gdovic 14.867
25 Cody Hodgson 14.958
26 Kevan Combs 15.003
27 Cale Conley 15.057
Practice is now officially over. Max Gresham was atop the board. Stand by for a full-field rundown. 
Practice has been extended to allow one more group of KNPSE cars to hit the track for approximately 10 more minutes. 
Two minutes to go in practice. 
Approximately 17,000 fans, and just about every seat will be filled tomorrow night as it is every Saturday night here at BGS. 
Comment From Lenny

How many people does Bowman hold? 

Gresham, who is atop the board at the moment, has a familiar name serving as “driver coach” this weekend at BGS. It’s none other than multiple-time Bowman Gray Modified track Champion and defending NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour titlist Burt Myers. Myers has been on the radio with the young Gresham, giving him pointers on getting around the quarter-mile. 
Just as we type that, Max Gresham has gone to the top of the board. 
With 15 minutes left in practice, Coleman Pressley is back on top. We’ll have a full field rundown after practice. 
Yes, caution laps will count in tomorrow night’s race. There will be three attempts at a green-white-checkered finish if necessary. 
Comment From Randy

Does the East series count caution laps. If so this might be a 50 lap race. 

Comment From dw 

if you start up front your going to hit lap traffic in about 3 laps! 

DJ Shaw will drive for Spraker Racing Enterprises for a second-straight race. Shaw’s team struggled with their own brand-new car in the first few races of 2011, so they partnered with Spraker for Iowa and again this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Current top-10:
1) Darrell Wallace, Jr.
2) Coleman Pressley
3) Matt DiBenedetto
4) Sergio Pena
5) Brett Moffitt
6) Chase Elliott
7) Alex Bowman
8) Robert Johnson
9) DJ Shaw
10) Ben Kennedy 
There are several folks wondering where their favorite driver is in the standings during practice. We’ll have a full-field rundown following practice in about 45 minutes. Until then, we’re just getting periodic updates on the top of the charts. 
17. He will turn 18 this August. 
Comment From Lenny 

How old is Robert Johnson? 

Obviously, any time a series goes to a quarter-mile track, attrition will be something on the minds of many in the pit area. Canvassing the pits earlier, the main concern most drivers were concerned with was qualifying tonight. Many feel that an up-front starting spot will be the only way to ensure a chance for victory. 
Comment From Tank 

Will there be any East bodies left after tomorrow? 

One hour into practice with one hour to go: Coleman Pressley remains quickest, followed by his Team X Racing teammate Matt DiBenedetto, Darrell Wallace, Jr., Robert Johnson and Sergio Pena in the top five. 
Robert Johnson is making his NKNPSE debut here at Bowman Gray. He’s sporting a tribute paint scheme for his father, legendary racer and NASCAR Hall of Famer, Junior Johnson. (51 Photo)
Alex Bowman (#16) leads the way for Corey LaJoie. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars pack the track at BGS. (Speed51.com Photo)
Coleman Pressley is taking new colors and a new sponsor to the top of the boards early in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Dale Quarterley was the first KNPSE driver to hit Bowman Gray in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Top three, 45 minutes into practice:
1) Coleman Pressley
2) Darrell Wallace, Jr.
3) Sergio Pena 
40 minutes into practice, which will go one complete session from 4pm to 6pm, Coleman Pressley is the current fast-timer. 
Practice is underway.
Cale Conley has brought out the first yellow in practice for a solo spin in turn one. He made slight contact with the outside wall, but got refired and went to the pits. 
Engines have fired and practice is underway. Dale Quarterley is the first on track. 
If you’re not able to make it to the track tomorrow night, Speed 51 Radio will be producing a live broadcast of the K&N East and Whelen All American Series Modifieds features on NASCARHomeTracks.com. Matt Kentfield and Tim Quievryn will be on the call beginning Saturday at 7:45pm ET 
29 cars were on the original entry list, but Julian Albarracin and Michelle Theriault did not make the trip. 
As mentioned earlier, 27 cars are on the grounds, but only 24 will start tomorrow night’s feature. The starting lineup will be set tonight in Coors Light Pole Qualifying. 
Cars were scheduled to hit the track for practice 17 minutes ago, but there is some sort of delay that has kept the track quiet thus far. 
Yes, fans who have never been to BGS before, you really ARE that close to the action.
The calm before the storm at Bowman Gray.
We’re headed down to the racetrack to snap some photos of the first practice session. We’ll be back with more info and the scoops from the pit area in a short while. 

10 a.m. Haulers Enter
11 a.m. Garage Opens
3:30-4:30 p.m. Practice
5-6 p.m. Final Practice
8:30 p.m. Qualifying
9 p.m. Garage Closes

4 p.m. Garage Opens
6 p.m. Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
7:15-45 p.m. Driver Autograph Session
8 p.m. Army Strong 150


00 Brett Moffitt, Grimes, Iowa
2 Ryan Gifford, Winchester, Tenn.
03 Cody Hodgson, Escalon, Calif. *
4 Sergio Peña, Winchester, Va.
6 Darrell Wallace, Jr., Mobile, Ala.
07 Corey LaJoie, Concord, N.C. *
08 Clay Campbell, Martinsville, Va. *
8 Michael Cherry, Valrico, Fla. *
9 Chase Elliott, Dawsonville, Ga. *
11 Robert Johnson, Hamptonville, N.C. *
12 Chad Finchum, Knoxville, Tenn. *
14 Coleman Pressley, Asheville, N.C.
15 Matt DiBenedetto, Grass Valley, Calif.
16 Alex Bowman, Tucson, Ariz. *
18 Max Gresham, Griffin, Ga.
27 Cale Conley, Vienna, W.Va. *
32 Dale Quarterley, Westfield, Mass.
33 Kevan Combs, Oak Ridge, N.C. *
37 D.J. Shaw, Conway, N.H.
46 Brandon Gdovic, Yorktown, Va. *
51 Brandon Haley, Lavonia, Ga. *
62 Andrew Smith, Pooler, Ga. *
64 Rick Gdovic, Pittsburgh, Pa. *
66 Benny Gordon, DuBois, Pa.
71 Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass.
96 Ben Kennedy, Daytona Beach, Fla. *
98 Chad Boat, Phoenix, Ariz. *

Twenty-seven cars are entered into the pit area today for practice, which will begin in just a few minutes. 
Good afternoon and welcome to historic Bowman Gray Stadium, where the NASCAR K&N Pro Series will make their debut this weekend, starting with practice and qualifying today and the Army Strong 150 Saturday night.

Trackside Now: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East – ARMY Strong 150 Practice Day – Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) – 6/3/11