All results are now official and everyone has passed tech. Congratulations to Jeff Fultz on his first Gulf Coast victory here at Mobile International Speedway. Stay tuned to Speed51.com throughout the week for more coverage from this weekend’s events in both the Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway and tonight’s Miller Lite Series event here at Mobile International Speedway. Thanks for joining our coverage and goodnight! 
Photo : Jeff Fultz with his winning #67 after post-race tech. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From jimmy dru 

another great broadcast guys 

Comment From Steve 

Great Job Jeff Fultz! Super nice Guy! 

Cars still have to go through tech. 
Unofficial Results
1 67 Jeff Fultz 100
2 51 Josh Hamner 100
3 9 Chase Elliott 100
4 99 Casey Smith 100
5 19 Casey Roderick 100
6 10 Johanna Long 100
7 82 Donnie Wilson 100
8 112 Augie Grill 100
9 1 Mike Garvery 100
10 18 Bubba Pollard 100
11 1 Eddie Mercer 66
12 18 Dave Mader III 59
13 29 Allen Karnes 33
14 42 Steven Davis 27
15 49 Ryan Lawler 15
Looks like it was Chase Elliott with the best average from the two nights. 
Comment From Steve 

When it’s over, can you let us know who won the $1,000 bonus for the best average finish? it looks like Chase Elliot is going to get it! 

Jeff Fultz has won here at Mobile. 
Jeff Fultz leads Josh Hamner, Casey Roderick, Chase Elliott and Casey Smith. 
The red flag has been lifted and we are back under the caution flag at lap 15. 
Official word from the race director is that Ryan Lawler has gone over and they are now trying to get his #49 back into the pits here at Mobile International Speedway. 
We are also hearing that it might not have been a blown motor as the fluid on the track has already dried up. 
We stand corrected once again, it was the #49 of Ryan Lawler that slid off the track in turn three not the leader Casey Smith. 
We stand corrected, we meant to refer to his status as one of the youngest Pro Division winners at the famous AMS Thunder Ring. 
Comment From Guest 

Casey Roderick is in 2nd place for wins at AMS in Legend racing behind Doug Stevens in first. This was talked about on the live feed. In fact only one win seperates the two. 

They have all now returned to the track and are stopped on the front straightaway under the red flag. 
We are now under red-flag conditions at lap 15 for a possible blown motor by Ryan Lawler. Lawler oiled down the track and Casey Smith, Bubba Pollard, and Augie Grill all hit the oil and slid off the track in turn three. 
Caution one out for a spin by Augie Grill in turn two after a bump by Casey Smith. 
The Super Late Models are now coming to the track for the Miller Lite 100. 
If you’re at the track you can also listen along to our radio broadcast at 454.5000 on your scanner. 
Don’t forget we will be switching over to RaceTalkRadio.com for the live call of the race shortly. We will have minimal updates throughout the event and full results will follow the event as soon as they become available. To tune in click the “Listen Live” link in the top right corner of RaceTalkRadio.com
The Sportsman cars have a 25 lap event and then we will be coming on the air with our live coverage of the SLM 100 event. The second race of the Gulf Coast Championship Series. 
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go BUBBA do it again tonite.wish me and and Mr. Wayne had not had to come back home …………. 

Josh Hamner is on the track taking a few test laps after having rear end trouble in qualifying. 
JJ leads, nothing new in the Cup world. It’s been the Augie Grill show here the last two nights as he has taken both track records. 
Comment From Bob Dillner 

Good job guys! Nice to peak in from time to time on the coverage. Back to pit road to check out the Cup race here in Phoenix. Denny is still in the car just past halfway. JJ is leading. 

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lets go augie! the bad lucks behind now! 

We are letting the track wrap up their local heat races and first feature before we come on the air. 
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i am hearing a greg biffle interview 

The local cars are finishing up their heats right now. 
We are hearing that the Kyle Busch Motorsports team with driver Josh Hamner broke parts in the rear end as well. The team is still working on it as we clsoe in on feature time. 
Our broadcast is on 454.5000. 
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What is the broadcast track frequency 

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great race last night at five flags 

There might be a delay in the start of our broadcast tonight because the local racers have still yet to run their heat races. 
Track crews are currently dealing with an issue with the lights on the front straightaway. They are now cycling back on and as soon as they do the bomber feature will roll onto the track. Following the bomber feature will be the Super Late Model show. 
We are now preparing to switch over to RaceTalkRadio.com for our live broadcast of the opening race of the Miller Lite Super Late Model Series here at Mobile International Speedway. Feel free to make the transition with us and head to RaceTalkRadio.com. To tune in click the “Listen Live” link in the top right corner of the screen. 
PHOTO: Grill in the white number 112 gets set fro his record breaking lap. (51 Sports Photo) 
Grill’s lap, like last night, is a new track record. 
Time Trail Results
1 112 Augie Grill 16.804
2 49 Ryan Lawler 16.903
3 18 Bubba Pollard 16.907
4 67 Jeff Fultz 16.933
5 99 Casey Smith 16.941
6 1 Eddie Mercer 16.947
7 19 Casey Roderick 16.972
8 9 Chase Elliott 17.008
9 10 Johanna Long 17.079
10 1 Mike Garvery 17.146
11 82 Donnie Wilson 17.166
12 42 Steven Davis 17.181
13 18 Dave Mader III 17.261
14 29 Allen Karnes 17.564
15 51 Josh Hamner no time
Josh Hamner broke a driveshaft on his first lap and did not post a lap. The team is working on the car as we type. 
Yes, it is the Chase Elliott back-up car that he is driving tonight. 
Comment From Curt 

Is Roderick in one of Chase’s cars?? 

Augie Grill set fast time for tonight’s Super Late Model event. We will have the full results shortly. 
There is a slight delay for time trials, but we are heading trackside and will be back to tell you who will be on the pole for tonight’s race. 
Eddie Mercer is on the track for a few extra laps to dial his car in. He was way off last night at Five Flags and looks to rebound tonight. 
Super Late Models are making their way to pre-qualifying tech. The local cars have been on the track for their rounds of practice. Time Trials should start at 6:45pm Central time here in Mobile. 
PHOTO: Casey Roderick with his hand out the window in practice. (51 Sports Photo) 
The Super Late Models are on the track for their tire scuff session. 
We will again have live coverage of tonight’s Super Late Model feature live on RaceTalkRadio.com. We will be on the air at 9:30pm Eastern for our Beef O’ Brady’s pre-race show. 
Augie Grill told us the 86 was gonig to be here, maybe the rear end change mixed things up. 
Comment From sportsman12 

Is Mike Fritts listed to drive for the #86 team or because a rear end went to Augie is Mike on the sideline? I know Chet brought 2 cars with him, but the Black #86 had some issues last night so Mike drove the orange/red #86..the black #86 is a Frankie Grill car by the way…Mike told me that was the car he was excited to drive but the issues prevailed… 

Comment From OSF 

Great coverage this weekend. Hope to see you guys cover some Northern CRA races this year ….. like the big shows at Berlin, Winchester, Anderson………. 

Comment From Guest 

go casey smith 

If you were wondering, the track record for the Super Late Models is 16.827 set by Bubba Pollard here last June. 
Practice Three Times (Final Practice)
1 9 Chase Elliott 17.183
2 19 Casey Roderick 17.336
3 10 Johanna Long 17.350
4 1 Mike Garvery 17.361
5 51 Josh Hamner 17.404
6 49 Ryan Lawler 17.413
7 18 Bubba Pollard 17.471
8 67 Jeff Fultz 17.501
9 1 Eddie Mercer 17.539
10 99 Casey Smith 17.569
11 112 Augie Grill 17.624
12 42 Steven Davis 17.696
13 82 Donnie Wilson 17.943
14 29 Allen Karnes 23.285
15 18 Dave Mader III no time
Lawler was fastest in the second round. Elliott was on top of the charts in the third and final round. 
Comment From Guest 

i thought lawler was the fastest? 

PHOTO: Mike Garvey and Bill Elliott talk prior to practice. (51 Sports Photo) 
Final practice is in the books and Chase Elliott had the quick time in this final run for the Super Late Models. 
Both Josh Hamner and Mike Garvey have towed to Mobile International Speedway today and unloaded different cars from last night’s Blizzard Series opener at Five Flags Speedway for tonight’s Miller Lite Series opener.Hamner was in the Kyle Busch Motorsports #51 that Kyle himself drove to the win in last year’s Snowball Derby at Five Flags last night and after not quite racing up to their own standards last night with a seventh place finish and losing a lap during the event, they have elected to try a different hot rod here today.

Mike Garvey was involved in a crash in turn three in last night’s Pepsi Max 100 that rendered his car out of commission for today. Not only is Garvey’s team-owner Tracy Goodson’s shop local to Pensacola, Florida but the team had the backup car sitting next to the trailer in the pits all day yesterday just in case as well.

Another driver running some different equipment today is the #112 of Augie Grill. Grill experienced rear-end trouble last night which forced him to pull in from the lead with only five laps to go after a dominating 95 lap performance. Grill has gotten a new rear-end from the #86 Chett Morrison team that Mike Fritts was driving for last night and will be back in racing condition for tonight’s Miller Lite Super Late Model Season Opener.

PHOTO: Ryan Lawler paced the second practice here at Mobile. (51 Sports Photo) 
Practice Two Times
1 49 Ryan Lawler 17.419
2 51 Josh Hamner 17.427
3 112 Augie Grill 17.435
4 10 Johanna Long 17.438
5 1 Eddie Mercer 17.448
6 18 Bubba Pollard 17.477
7 99 Casey Smith 17.518
8 67 Jeff Fultz 17.578
9 1 Mike Garvery 17.586
10 18 Dave Mader III 17.689
11 82 Donnie Wilson 17.763
12 9 Chase Elliott 17.771
13 42 Steven Davis 17.787
14 19 Casey Roderick 17.831
15 29 Allen Karnes no time
Round Two is in the books and Ryan Lawler had the quickest time in that round. 
And there may still be a few kinks to work out. We will see tonight. Glad we could help. 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

Thanks for the reply. I understand a little more what the rule is trying to do. I’ve never heard of a rule that prohibits passing the leader if they spin their tires, assuming it’s done after the start/finish line 

There were a number of cars who weren’t able to continue on after troubles last night. Mike Garvey is here in his back-up car. Tyler Millwood, David Rogers, and Brandon Carlson are just a few of the names that will be doing extensive work on their cars in the coming weeks. 
Comment From 51 

15 wow lost alot of cars 

Practice One Times
1 99 Casey Smith 17.418
2 49 Ryan Lawler 17.466
3 51 Josh Hamner 17.512
4 10 Johanna Long 17.547
5 67 Jeff Fultz 17.596
6 42 Steven Davis 17.620
7 18 Bubba Pollard 17.638
8 112 Augie Grill 17.675
9 19 Casey Roderick 17.684
10 82 Donnie Wilson 17.731
11 1 Mike Garvery 17.773
12 9 Chase Elliott 17.816
13 18 Dave Mader III 17.916
14 1 Eddie Mercer 18.012
15 29 Allen Karnes no time
PHOTO: Josh Hamner at Speed in the KBM ride. (51 Sports Photo) 
Early on in this practice Casey Smith has the fastest lap. 
There was a pre-existing rule that there was no passing before the start finish line to prevent cars from jumping the restarts and that has just been extended to include the scenario of the leader spinning the tires on the restart. If the leader should do so and another car is able to get beside him, they cannot take the lead from the leader in that attempt. 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the rule about the leader spinning their tires can’t be passed. I’ve never heard of that. Somebody please explain to me what’s the purpose. If the leader spins their tire, tough luck that’s fair game to be passed. 

As we mentioned before, Steven Davis and Casey Roderick are the only two drivers on track here at Mobile International Speedway that didn’t compete last night at Five Flags Speedway. 
Here is a quick rundown of the 15 driver’s we’ve got with us here today.1 Mike Garvey
18 Bubba Pollard
18 Dave Mader
51 Josh Hamner
10 Johanna Long
29 Allen Karnes
67 Jeff Fultz
99 Casey Smith
49 Ryan Lawler
1 Eddie Mercer
19 Casey Roderick
9 Chase Elliott
42 Steven Davis
82 Donnie Wilson
112 Augie Grill
Eddie Mercer has taken a spin here in the first round of practice but has pulled away with no damage. 
We’ve been trolling the pits here at Mobile International Speedway and have a few notes from our travels as well as the driver’s meeting.We have a few new drivers with us that weren’t present at Five Flags Speedway last night. Casey Roderick is in the Bill Elliott Driver Development #19 and Steven Davis is here in his #42. We will have a full rundown of all the cars here today shortly.

The major issue that was addressed in the driver’s meeting was a scoring issue in last night’s Pepsi Max 100. Just moments after the track announcer noted that no cars would receive a free pass within the last ten laps of the race, two cars proceeded to pass the pacecar on the last two restarts and make their laps up. Race director Dan Spence simply explained, “I made a mistake.”

Also addressed in the meeting was the situation of the leader spinning their tires on the restart. We experienced this scenario on the last two restarts of last night’s Blizzard Series opener at Five Flags Speedway, a scenario that ultimately allowed Bubba Pollard to make his way by Chase Elliott for the win. In tonight’s race if the leader spins his tires, another car may get up beside him but going into turn one the spot must be returned.

At 6:00 pm CT there will be a Super Late Model tire scuff session where each team must scuff all six of their tires for tonight’s race.

Miller Lite Series qualifying will roll off at 7:00 pm CT just like last night due to the position of the sun going into the turns, despite the time set forth on the schedule.

There will be three other divisions with us here tonight. The Super Late Model feature will be the second of four during the night.

The first practice is underway here at Mobile for the Super Late Models. Stephen Davis was the first car on the track. 
PHOTO: Dave Mader III is here today racing and his Parrott will be here watching him circle the track. (51 Sports Photo) 
Here is the schedule of events for tonight’s Miller Lite Series event :1:00 pm CT – Pit Gate Opens
3:45 pm CT – Super Late Model Drivers Meeting
4:00 – 5:30 pm CT – Super Late Model Practice
5:30 pm CT – Local Practice
Super Late Models Cars to Pre-Qualifying Tech
6:45 pm CT – Super Late Model Qualifying
7:30 pm CT – Local Driver’s Meeting
7:50 pm CT – Pre Race Festivities
8:00 pm CT – Feature Races Begin
Welcome to Mobile International Speedway for the first race of the Miller Lite Super Late Model season and the second race of the Gulf Coast Championship Series. It’s 73 degrees and slightly cloudy here in Irvington, AL and we’re looking forward to a great night of racing.

Trackside Now: Miller Lite Series – Miller Lite 100 at Mobile Int’l Speedway – 4/10/10