Bubba Pollard poses for win number 7 at Mobile in 2011. (Speed51.com Photo)
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And finally, Bubba Pollard has cleared tech, he is the winner of the Miller Lite 100. 
Augie Grill had cleared tech 
The inspection continues. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard’s car continues to be inspected as Augie Grill’s car sits behind Pollard’s. Donnie Wilson and the rest of the field are loading up. 
Donnie Wilson has cleared post race tech. 
Solid top tens by both Ryan Reed (6th) and Kenzie Ruston (9th) who made their first starts tonight. 
Post race tech inspection continues. The top three finishers are not clear yet. 


Miller Lite Series – June 25, 2011

  1. 18 – Bubba Pollard
  2. 112 – Augie Grill
  3. 82 – Donnie Wilson
  4. 9 – Chase Elliott
  5. 67 – Jeff Fultz
  6. 04 – Ryan Reed
  7. 5 – Jerry Artuso
  8. 1 – Mike Garvey
  9. 39 – Kenzie Ruston
  10. 99 – Casey Smith
  11. 10 – Ryan Crane
  12. 41 – Chris Davidson
  13. 22 – Josh Bragg
  14. 99 – Dale Little
  15. 14 – David Jones
  16. 4 – DJ VanderLey
  17. 42 – Steven Davis
  18. 12 – Thomas Praytor
  19. 29 – Allen Karnes
Post race tech inspection continues as the Super Stocks race. 
Bubba Pollard wins a caution free race! Augie Grill, Donnie Wilson, Chase Elliott and Jeff Fultz round out the top five.  We are now going trackside for post race interviews, photos and more.  Stay tuned for full finishing results and more on TRACKSIDE NOW presented by Atlanta Thrifty Nickel. 
Lap 91: Pollard is in command of the race, ten lengths ahead of Grill. 
Ten to go: Pollard leads Grill, Wilson, Elliott and Fultz. 
Lap 87: Bubba Pollard takes the lead from Donnie Wilson. 
Lap 85: Pollard continues to look low on Wilson on the Backstretch, but finds himself about a car length behind. 
Lap 80: Top Ten: Wilson, Pollard, Grill, Fultz, Elliott, Reed, Garvey, Artuso, Smith, Ruston. 
Lap 78: Wilson is now lapping 12th place Ryan Crane. 
Lap 73: Pollard up to the rear of Wilson, takes a peek on the back stretch but can’t do it yet. 
Lap 70: No chage up front. Wilson still leads Pollard, who is in striking distance with Grill close behind. 
Lap 63: Wilson leads Pollard, Grill, Fultz, and Elliott. 
Z3 Sports John Kenny is reporting from pit road that both DJ VanderLey and Steven Davis’ nights are done due to engine failure.
Lap 56: David Jones hits pit road. 
Lap 55: Chsse Elliott is pressuring Casey Smith for 6th, and gets the spot. 
The hood is up on both cars. 
Lap 51: Steven Davis and DJ VanderLey both come to pit road.
Lap 50: Wilson leads at halfway with Pollard, Grill, Garvey, Smith behind. 
Lap 47: Pollard takes second from Garvey and brings Grill along with him. 
Lap 46: 2nd-4th… Garvey, Pollard, and Grill all nose to tail. 
Lap 43: 13th place Josh Bragg has a big wiggle in turn two allowing Ryan Crane to get to his bumper. 
Lap 39: Donnie Wilson is now in lap traffic, lapping David Jones. 
Lap 38: Pollard scoots under Smith to take 3rd going into turn one. 
Lap 36: The race is for 12th-15th… Ruston, Davidson, Bragg and Crane. 
Lap 33: Kenzie Ruston looks under Chris Davidson for 12th. 
Lap 30: Wilson continues to lead, Garvey is a tick quicker and gaining. 
Lap 28: Thomas Praytor is out of the event. 
Lap 24: Thomas Praytor to pit road. 
Lap 22: The field is now strung out around Mobile International. 
Lap 20: Wilson leads Garvey, Smith, Pollard, Grill, VanderLey, Fultz, Elliott, Davis, Reed and Artuso. 
Lap 18: Mike Garvey is 3 tenths quicker than leader Donnie Wilson. 
Lap 15: Bubba Pollard into 4th position. 
Lap 12: Garvey dicing through the top 5, now 3rd. 
Lap 10: Grill looses 5th to Mike Garvey coming off of turn 2. 
Lap 8: Grill works over the back bumper of Fultz. 
Lap 4: Donnie Wilson has a ten car length lead over Casey Smith Jeff Fultz, Augie Grill and Chase Elliott.
Lap 2: New Leader, Donnie Wilson. 
Lap 1: Fultz squirts out to a lead lap one. 
START: Jeff Fultz leads the field to the start and into turn one.
ONE TO GO: This race will be 100 green flag laps.  Caution laps do not count.  LUCKY DOG rule is in affect until the 10 laps to go mark. 
BACK ‘EM DOWN: The field resumes pace speed and is shown the two to green sign from Chief Starter Adam Crawford. 
SPEED ‘EM UP!: The pace car will increase speed to help the drivers get a little heat in their tires.  45-50mph should do the trick. 
Chase Elliott and Josh Bragg will start on row two. 
INVERT: The field slows down to allow Donnie Wilson and polesitter Jeff Fultz to move up to the front row, inverting as they move forward. 
WAVE BY: The fans are on their feet as the field drives by waving to the crowd. 

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The pit road speed for tonight is 35 mph. 
PACE LAPS: The field is now rolling behind the Chevy Camaro pace car. 
The command has been given and the Super Late Models have fired their engines. The Miller Lite 100 is only moments away. 
Comment From Sportsman12 

Here at Mobile, from Pensacola…going to be a great 2nd half..Steven Davis looked real good in practice..hoping Kenzie make a better showing. 

Comment From Ryan Reed Fan 

He’s doing awesome… Good luck tonight! 

A broken rear end is the reason Allen Karnes will not be racing tonight. (Charles Ernest Photo)
Allen Karnes will not be racing tonight.  Karnes broke a rear end gear during qualifying.  This will be the second Miller Lite race in row that Karnes will miss after something happening post qualifying.  At the last Miller Lite event, Karnes pulled his car from the impound lot after quaifying and was told he could not race for doing so.  Tonight, it’s a rear end gear. 
Yes Jeff, Donnie WIlson’s crew chief is Freddie Query. 
Comment From Jeff 

Who is Donnie Wilson’s crew chief ? Is it Freddie Querry ?? Thanks for the coverage Speed51! 

With the dice rolling to his favor, Jeff Fultz will start on the pole. When asked if he’ll ride or run, the choice is ride. Fultz said you have to be there at the end to win so he will save his tires and make his move late. 
Ryan Reed I looking for a solid tip ten run as he makes his first start at Mobile tonight. 
Chase Elliott plans to use the same plan as last night in Pensacola.. Ride early, go harder and harder as the race draws near the end. 
Fast qualifier Steven Davis. (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott accepting a trophy for last year’s championship. (Speed51com Photo)
The Miller Lite Super Late Models are lining up on the front stretch. 
The TBRA Winged Sprint Cars will be hitting Mobile International on July 9th.  One of these wicked fast spirnt cars just turned some blazzing laps in the sub-15 second bracket. 
Comment From Mike Ray 

Update from Hickory and the UARA Late Model event, Kyle Grissom wins. 

Kenzie Ruston will make her first start at Mobile tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jeff Fultz, starting 10th. (Speed51.com Photo)
Wesley Barnhill leads the field to the green. 
The Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsman are rolling, coming to green. 
Comment From Curtis K 

Go get ’em Fultzie!! 

The Sportsman cars are lining up to race next. 
Jay Jay Day has won the bomber race, continuing his dominance here at Mobile. 
Kenzie Ruston is making her first trip to Mobile. She said that she doesn’t know what to expect; she didn’t really race anybody in practice so tonight will be a lesson on how to race here. Ruston is looking at a top ten or better tonight. 
Jeff Fultz qualified 10th for tonight’s Super Late Model race. He said qualifying was the first time they’d put new tires on the car and that he hit the chip too early, which killed his lap. He said he’ll be fine for the race. 
Racing is underway. Michael Beasley leads early in the bomber race. 
A TBRA sprint car is here and will make a few hot laps latter promoting an upcoming race here at Mobile on July. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Bombers are lining up on the grid now, they will tonight’s first feature. 
The field is now impounded until tonight’s race. (Speed51.com Photo)


Miller Lite Series – June 25, 2011

  1. 42 – Steven Davis, 16.982 seconds
  2. 4 – DJ VanderLey, 17.010
  3. 18 – Bubba Pollard, 17.017
  4. 112 – Augie Grill, 17.071
  5. 1 – Mike Garvey, 17.093
  6. 99 – Casey Smith, 17.124
  7. 22 – Josh Bragg, 17.141
  8. 9 – Chase Elliott, 17.147
  9. 82 – Donnie Wilson, 17.240
  10. 67 – Jeff Fultz, 17.261
  11. 04 – Ryan Reed, 17.290
  12. 5 – Jerry Artuso, 17.345
  13. 99 – Dale Little, 17.358
  14. 12 – Thomas Praytor, 17.395
  15. 29 – Allen Karnes, 17.449
  16. 10 – Ryan Crane, 17.452
  17. 41 – Chris Davidson, 17.464
  18. 14 – David Jones, 17.474
  19. 39 – Kenzie Ruston, 17.599
Sorry Jo, there will not be radio coverage of tonight’s race, but the weather is great so if you’re in the area come on out to the track.  If you cannot be here, stay tuned to TRACKSIDE NOW, presented by the Atlanta Thrifty Nickel for more! 
Comment From mama Jo 

Will there be radio coverage tonight at Movile Int’l Speedway tonight? Goodluck to Chase Elliott. 

Comment From Hoss 



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18 – Jessie Reid practiced today, but did not take a qualifying lap, nor will he race tonight.  His best lap in practice was in the 19 second bracket. 
Steven Davis takes the pole here at Mobile!  Davis was the only driver in the sub-17 second bracket. 
4 – DJ VanderLey
Lap 1: 17.242
Lap 2: 17.010 (Best, P2) 
14 – David Jones
Lap 1: 17.617
Lap 2: 17.474 (Best) 
04 – Ryan Reed
Lap 1:  17.469
Lap 2:  17.290 (Best) 
42 – Steven Davis
Lap 1: 17.031
Lap 2: 16.982 (Best, Prov. Pole) 
82 – Donnie Wilson
Lap 1: 17.271
Lap 2: 17.240 (Best) 
67 – Jeff Fultz
Lap 1: 17.471
Lap 2: 17.261 (Best) 
112 – Augie Grill
Lap 1: 17.206
Lap 2: 17.071 (Best) 
99 – Dale Little
Lap 1: 17.465
Lap 2: 17.358 (Best) 
12 – Thomas Praytor
Lap 1: 17.622
Lap 2: 17.395 (Best) 
39 – Kenzie Ruston
Lap 1: 17.630
Lap 2: 17.599 (Best) 
99 – Casey Smith
Lap 1: 17.225
Lap 2: 17.124 (Best, P3) 
22 – Josh Bragg
Lap 1: 17.265
Lap 2: 17.141 (Best, P3) 
1 – Mike Garvey
Lap 1: 17.229
Lap 2: 17.093 (Best, P2) 
10 – Ryan Crane
Lap 1: 17.504
Lap 2: 17.452 (Best) 
18 – Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 17.221
Lap 2: 17.017 (Best, Prov. Pole) 
29 – Allen Karnes
Lap 1: 17.655
Lap 2: 17.449 (Best) 
5 – Jerry Artuso
Lap 1: 17.345 (Best)
Lap 2: 17.381 
9 – Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 17.288
Lap 2: 17.147 (Best, Prov. Pole) 
41 – Chris Davidson
Lap 1: 17.469
Lap 2: 17.464 (Best, Provisional Pole) 

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The local driver’s meeting has concluded.  Chris Davidson and Chase Elliott will be the first drivers out to take time.
Comment From guest 

qualifyint is now 25 minutes past scheduled time – what’s up? 

Cars on the grid, ready to qualify.
We are only moments from qualifying here at Mobile, but at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC), Andy Mercer has won the pole for tonight’s UARA race.  Follow along with TRACKSIDE NOW coverage from Hickory by clicking here.

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Comment From Dennis 

Hats off to Ricky Brooks and his tech Crew for a job well done 

Qualifying for tonight’s Miller Lite 100 was scheduled to begin at 6:45 pm cst, but it looks like it will be push back to 7 pm. 
David Jones in the Adam Crawford number 14. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Miller Lite Series Super Late Models have gone through pre-qualifying tech inspection and the scrutiny of tech man, Ricky Brooks.  The cars are now impounded, awaiting qualifying.
Meanwhile, back here at Mobile… The Bombers and Super Stocks have qualified.  The Sportsman cars are up next. 
Comment From Fan 

We have some of the best Drivers in the south here tonight that travel all over 

Chase Elliott. (Speed51.com Photo)
My applogies, Chase Elliott was at Berlin and Five Flags as well.  One other note, Pro Late Model standout Hunter Robbins also made the trip to Berlin.  Robbins, however, did not race in Pensacola or here today at Mobile. 
Comment From Guest 

You forgot Chase Elliott also did the same thing 

Pollard is the only driver to hit three state this week.  Both he and Allen Karnes raced at Berlin Raceway in Michigan for the Rowdy 251 and at Five Flags Speedway for the third Blizzard race of the season.
Comment From Guest 

pollard 3 states in one week. 

Dale Little looks on during practice. (Speed51.com Photo)

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Bubba Pollard chats with last night’s winner, Augie Grill in the tech line. (Speed51.com Photo)
The large amount of comments submitted to TRACKSIDE NOW make it impossible for us to publish everyone, but we do see them, read them and utilize them…  Thanks for all the comments and keep them coming! 
Comment From mike 

Why ya’ll put everybody’s comment ,but not mine?? 

Local Practice is over… Super Stock qualifying is rolling as Steve Buttrick is the first to take time.  He is also racing in the Sportsman division and going after the $200.00 bonus.
Donnie watches the competition during the second practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
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Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you for tonight’s coverage!Speed51.com is the short track specialist! 

Augie Grill didn’t post the fast laps in practice that correlate with the speed that the field knows he has.  Donnie Wilson said that come race time, Grill will be on point and tough to beat. 
Augie Grill is looking to pull out the broom and sweep the weekend’s races at both Five Flags and Mobile. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Reed set the fastest lap in Practice 2, as well as the fastest overall time. (Speed51.com Photo)

PRACTICE – Round 2

Miller Lite Series – June 25, 2011

  1. 04 – Ryan Reed, 17.527 seconds
  2. 4 – DJ VanderLey, 17.544
  3. 18 – Bubba Pollard, 17.648
  4. 42 – Steven Davis, 17.713
  5. 22 – Josh Bragg, 17.812
  6. 99 – Dale Little, 17.936
  7. 9 – Chase Elliott, 17.957
  8. 99 – Casey Smith, 17.964
  9. 41 – Chris Davidson, 17.979
  10. 29 – Allen Karnes, 17.995
  11. 67 – Jeff Fultz, 18.006
  12. 1 – Mike Garvey, 18.040
  13. 39 – Kenzie Ruston, 18.044
  14. 5 – Jerry Artuso, 18.098
  15. 12 – Thomas Praytor, 18.160
  16. 10 – Ryan Crane, 18.246
  17. 14 – David Jones, 18.430
  18. 18 – Jessie Ried, 19.364
  19. 82 – Donnie Wilson, NO TIME
Steven Davis has his car in tune as he set the fast time in Practice 1. (Speed51.com Photo)

PRACTICE – Round 1

Miller Lite Series – June 25, 2011

  1. 42 – Steven Davis, 17.570 seconds
  2. 82 – Donnie Wilson, 17.666
  3. 18 – Bubba Pollard, 17.697
  4. 1 – Mike Garvey, 17.746
  5. 67 – Jeff Fultz, 17.858
  6. 41 – Chris Davidson, 17.943
  7. 99 – Casey Smith, 18.033
  8. 9 – Chase Elliott, 18.046
  9. 04 – Ryan Reed, 18.066
  10. 10 – Ryan Crane, 18.074
  11. 4 – DJ VanderLey, 18.122
  12. 39 – Kenzie Ruston, 18.132
  13. 22 – Josh Bragg, 18.166
  14. 12 – Thomas Praytor, 18.195
  15. 112 – Augie Grill, 18.250
  16. 5 – Jerry Artuso, 18.275
  17. 14 – David Jones, 18.390
  18. 99 – Dale Little, 18.549
  19. 29 – Allen Karnes, NO TIME
Tonight’s Super Stock could prove interesting.  Rick Crawford, along with title sponsor Praytor Realty have announced that tonight any Sportsman team wishing to run in the Super Stock race may do so, and the highest finishing Sportsman driver will recieve a $200.00 bonus. 
Second round of Local Division practice is gearing up. 
We’ll have photos and times from Late Model practice shortly. 
Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsman cars are hitting the track for practice. 
Island Motor II Bomber practice is now underway, begining local practices. 
Practice has concluded for the Super Late Models here at Mobile International Speedway. 
There are 19 Super Late Models here today. 
Comment From Dennis

do we have a good car count yet 

With only minutes left in practice, Casey Smith returns to the speedway for more hot laps. 
David Jones is running one of Adam Crawford’s super late models. Jones said he and Crawford tested here Thursday and that he is happy with the feel of the car. He complimented Crawford’s testing noting that Adam was a bit quicker than him. 
Chris Davisdson is in street clothes, practice is done for him. 
Second fastest in the first session, Donnie Wilson decided not run in the second half. “Too hot, and the car is just as good as last time here.” Wilson finished second the last time the Super late models raced here at Mobile. 
1st round practice times. (Speed51.com Photo)
Steven Davis topped the charts in the first half of practice with a time of 17.570 seconds. Donnie Wilson was second, .096 sec back. 
DJ VanderLey is happy with his first couple of runs on track. He credits crew chief Mike Williamson for the good ride after Williamson made a suggestion on the shock package. Williamson in addition to working with VanderLey and Craig Motorsports works with Johanna Long in Super Late Models and NASCAR trucks. 
The Jeff Fultz crew is making wholesale adjustments to his car as he searches to find the vest package for Mobile International. 
Casey Smith has made a limited number of laps so far. Smith says the car is tight all around the track. 
Josh Bragg is piloting a brand new GARC chassis and motor by Robby White. 
Josh Bragg at Mobile. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice is scheduled to run until 4:45 pm cat 
Practice is underway and it’s a flood of cars on track. 
Augie Grill made slight contact with Pual Kelley during last night’s race at Five Flags, but is no worse for the wear today as he has brought the same car he won with last night and at the last Gulf Coast weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Teams are preparing for practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars on the grounds…. Dale Little, DJ VanderLey, Augie Grill, Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard, Thomas Praytor, Allen Karnes, Mike Garvey, David Jones, Ryan Crane, Chris Davidson, Casey Smith, Donnie Wilson, Kenzie Ruston, Jeff Fultz 
Standard affair at the driver’s meeting here in Mobile. Tonight’s race will 100 green flag laps, yellow flag laps do not count. Teams get four Hoosier tires and may only change tires if their is a failure. That change must be a pre-approved scuffed tire. 
Welcome race fans to LIVE TRACKSIDE NOW coverage of the Miller Lite 100, Round 3 of the Miller Lite Series at Mobile International Speedway in Irvington (AL).  Today’s coverage is brought to you by the Atlanta Thrifty Nickel.  We’re headed trackside for the driver’s meeting and the start of practice. 

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Trackside Now: Miller Lite 100 – Mobile International Speedway – 6/25/11