Tech has cleared tonight at Five Flags. Congratulation to Augie Grill for his win here tonight the Miller Lite 100. We’ll have Trackside Now coverage tomorrow at Gresham Motorsports Park for the 100 lap Pro Late Model event. Thanks for joining us, goodnight. 
Augie Grill got all the hardware tonight here at Five Flags. (51 Sports Photo)
The win tonight by Augie Grill puts him into a tie with Scott Carlson for most Blizzard series wins. Grill and Carlson each have six win in the 100 lappers here at Five Flags Speedway. The points race also tightens as the series heads to the final race in September. Grill will enter the event 29 points behind Chase Elliott for the Blizzard Series Championship. 
Unofficial Results
1 112 Augie Grill 100
2 51 Josh Hamner 100
3 82 Donnie Wilson 100
4 52 TJ Reaid 100
5 67 Jeff Fultz 100
6 1 Mike Garvey 100
7 29 Allen Karnes 100
8 9 Chase Elliott 99
9 31 Tyler Millwood 99
10 12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 99
11 49 Ryan Lawler 99
12 41 Chris Davidson 99
13 99 Jr. Niedecken 97
14 10 Johanna Long 51
15 23 Jeremy Rice 50
16 18 Bubba Pollard 44
17 92 Ron MacDonald 23
18 18 Dave Mader III DNS 
Comment From charles e 

good drive Augie 

Comment From sunshine 

congrats augie!!!! 

Augie Grill has won the Miller Lite 100 here at Five Flags Speedway. This is his sixth-career Blizzard Series win, which ties him with Scott Carlson for the most in the series history. 
Two laps to go for Augie Grill. 
Five laps to go. 
Elliott as been lapped. Grill has seven laps to go. 
Grill now about to lap Chase Elliott in the closing laps. 
No change in the top five with 10 laps to go. 
80 laps in the books – Grill leads Hamner, Donnie Wilson, TJ Reaid, Jeff Fultz, Mike Garvey, Allen Karens and Chase Elliott. 
This is really going to even things up for the final race with the way they are running on the track. 
Augie has been nothing more then the “white rabbit” here tonight. Everyone is chasing him like it’s a dog race. 
The top three have really gotten away from the rest of the pack. TJ Reaid and Jeff Fultz are fourth and fifth. 
65 laps in the books and it’s Augie Grill’s race to win or lose. 
Mike Garvey takes Sixth away from Chase Elliott. 
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ooooh!!! it’s friday the 13th – lots of bad luck happenin! too bad! 

Chase Elliott has now lost fourth to TJ Reaid. Jeff Fultz also got around the number nine car for fifth. 
Big battle is for fourth as Chase Elliott is fighting off TJ Reaid as the top four gets away. 
Grill sails off into the night over Josh Hamner. 
GREEN FLAG LAP 51 – Grill leads the race to turn one. 
Grill will be the leader on the restart. 
Looks like Johanna Long is done for the night. It was a power steering issue. Jeremy Rice is also out. 
Chase Elliott came back in late and swapped left side tires front to back. 
Top Five on the restart – Augie Grill, Josh Hamner, Donie Wilson, Chase Elliott and TJ Reaid. 
The clock is up and Johanna Long did not make the clock nor did the 23 of Jeremy Rice. 
The clock is at two minutes. 
Chase Elliott likes his car and thinks they can make some good adjustments to be strong in the second half of the race. 
Donnie Wilson has told Dave Pavlock on the PA that his car is loose. 
Looks as if Bubba Pollard is done for the night. 
All teams will change tires as this is their only chance to take on their two fresh tires. 
Jeremy Rice will get the free pass under this yellow. The crews will have five minutes to make changes. 
YELLOW FLAG LAP 51 – This is the halfway break. Grill leads Hamner, Donnie Wilson, Chase Elliott and TJ Reaid. 
Grill and Hamner are have a full two corners on the third-place car of Donnie Wilson. 
We are three laps to halfway. 
Bubba Pollard is off the pace and hits pit road. We are hearing here in the tower it might have been a rear-end issue. 
Augie Grill has a 2.2 second lead over Josh Hamner and he is adding to it. 
Jeff Fultz has gone around Tyler Millwood for the eighth spot. 
Augie Grill leads Josh Hamner, Donnie Wilson, Johanna Long and Chase Elliott. 
The field is pretty much strung out all around the track as we have 35 laps complete. 
30 laps in the books and we look back in the pack and see Bubba Pollard running in 13th. A big off night for him here in Pensacola. 
Grill is once again in his own zip code here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Jump over to RaceTalkRadio.com as we are live with our at the track presentation. 
Grill is now pulling away from Hamner for the lead as we put 22 laps on the board. TJ Reaid, Mike Garvey, Tyler Millwood, Jeff Fultz and Allen Karnes are the top 10. 
On lap 18 Augie Grill shoots by the 51 of Josh Hamner and takes the lead. 
15 in the book and Hamner leads as Grill closes in. Donnie Wilson, Johanna Long, and Chase Elliott are the rest of the top five. 
Augie Grill takes the high lane around Donnie Wilson for second. 
Josh Hamner has fallen back to the second and third place cars. 
Hamner still leads as Grill is all over Wilson for the second spot. 
Ron MacDonald is off the pace. 
Johanna Long is fourth and Chase Elliott is fifth after five laps. 
Donnie Wilson is second and Augie Grill is third. 
Josh Hamner jumps out to the lead in turn one. 
GREEN FLAG – We are underrway at Five Flags Speedway. 
Two laps to green. 
Cars are on the parade laps here at Five Flags Speedway. We are about ready to get round number four of the Blizzard Series underway. 
Engines have fired for the Super Late Model feature here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Starting Lineup for the Miller Lite 100.
1 51 Josh Hamner
2 82 Donnie Wilson
3 10 Johanna Long
4 112 Augie Grill
5 52 TJ Reaid
6 9 Chase Elliott
7 1 Mike Garvey
8 67 Jeff Fultz
9 29 Allen Karnes
10 31 Tyler Millwood
11 12 Chuck Barnes Jr.
12 18 Bubba Pollard
13 49 Ryan Lawler
14 41 Chris Davidson
15 99 Jr. Niedecken
16 23 Jeremy Rice
17 92 Ron MacDonald
The Super Late Models are rolling on to the track for their feature. Drivers are strapped in for the introductions. 
Dave Mader III will not be making the field tonight after getting into the wall in qualifying. 
The Blizzard Super Late Model event is up next. 
Earl Polk beat Randy Thompson in a near photo finish in the Super Stock race. 
Our radio coverage on RaceTalkRadio.com will start after the CRA Super Series event at Toledo. Stay with us on Trackside Now until the start of the coverage here at Five Flags. 
This will be a 20 lapper. Not 25 tonight. 
The Super Stock cars are on the track for their feature event. 
Local features start at the top of the hour. 
Qualifying Results
1 112 Augie Grill 16.790
2 10 Johanna Long 16.825
3 82 Donnie Wilson 16.828
4 51 Josh Hamner 16.845
5 52 TJ Reaid 16.907
6 9 Chase Elliott 16.976
7 1 Mike Garvey 16.995
8 67 Jeff Fultz 17.044
9 29 Allen Karnes 17.100
10 31 Tyler Millwood 17.127
11 12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 17.130
12 18 Bubba Pollard 17.146
13 49 Ryan Lawler 17.166
14 41 Chris Davidson 17.275
15 99 Jr. Niedecken 17.280
16 23 Jeremy Rice 17.303
17 92 Ron MacDonald no time
18 18 Dave Mader III no time
Grill rolled a four and Josh Hamner will be on the pole for tonight’s race. 
Augie Grill has won the pole for tonight’s race. Johanna Long and Donnie Wilson made up the top three. 
67 Jeff Fultz 17.145 17.044
1 Mike Garvey 16.997 16.995
18 Bubba Pollard 17.224 17.146
Dave Mader III slammed the wall off turn four coming to the green on his time trial run. We are under Yellow. 
23 Jeremy Rice 17.507 17.303
51 Josh Hamner 17.075 16.845
99 Jr. Niedecken 17.432 17.280
82 Donnie Wilson 16.997 16.828
9 Chase Elliott 17.215 16.976
52 TJ Reaid 17.100 16.907
41 Chris Davidson 17.478 17.275
49 Ryan Lawler 17.279 17.166
Grill now has the pole. 
112 Augie Grill 16.874 16.790
Long has the pole. 
10 Johanna Long 16.964 16.825
31 Tyler Millwood 17.278 17.127
29 Allen Karnes 17.461 17.100
12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 17.205 17.130
Chuck Barnes Jr. is on the track now. 
Comment From Stan 

Go Tyler Millwood 

This should be a real interesting round of qualifying as we didn’t have speeds from earlier due to technical issues. 
Tickets for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby go on sale on Tuesday August 17th. Go to the track website, http://5flagsspeedway.com/ for more information. 
We are closing on the start of qualifying for the Miller Lite 100. 
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johanna’s car looks great i like the new vinyl job 

Qualifying for the Miller Lite 100 will take place at the top of the hour. 
We currently have Trackside Now coverage going from Toledo Speedway (OH) for the CRA Super Series race. They will also have radio coverage of the Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100 at Toledo and it will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 8:30pm ET. SPEED’s Bob Dillner and the voice of the CRA Super Series, Adam Mackey, will be on the call. Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be on pit road and at the keys of Trackside Now leading up to tonight’s broadcast. 
While the Kyle Busch Motorsports team goes through tech here at Five Flags Speedway at Toledo Speedway in Ohio Busch himself is taking fans around the track in a school bus. 
Johanna Long is running her old Super Late Model tonight that won two races here a year ago. (51 Sports Photo)
Practice is in the books for the Super Late Models. 
Chassis builders Hamke Racecars and Grand American Race Cars have had a strangle hold on the competition here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Hamke vs. GARC? Each have five wins in the last 10 events here. (51 Sports Photo)
The scoring staff here at Five Flags Speedway is one of the best in the nation, and we’re not just saying that. Few groups of scorers can deal with 120 Late Models on Derby weekend, but they do it every year. At present time the transponders are having issues collecting data. They hope to have things figured out before qualifying. We currently have very little information on practice. After all it is Friday the 13th. 
Comment From Guest 

Who is the fastest in practice? 

Last night we took a ride with Johanna Long around the half-mile track of Five Flags Speedway. Here’s a look at the video we shot with our camera.
Tonight’s event has lots of implications for the 43rd annual Snowball Derby. The top two drivers in the points get automatic berths into the event if they don’t qualify on time. Also, it pays to be in the top 10 in points as a provisional will be awarded to the highest non-qualifying guy in the top 10 if they don’t make the show. 
Gulf Coast Standings
1. Chase Elliott, Dawsonville, GA. 835
2. Bubba Pollard, Senoia, GA 785
3. Johanna Long, Pensacola, FL 744
4. Casey Smith, Austin, TX 704
5. Mike Garvey, Atlanta, GA 670
6. Jeff Fultz, Troutman, NC 668
7. Augie Grill, Hayden, AL 666
8. Josh Hamner, Chelsea, AL 658
9. Donnie Wilson, Oklahoma City, OK 642
10. Ryan Lawler, Colleyville, TX 561
11. Jeremy Rice, Royston, GA 436
12 Eddie Mercer, Pensacola, FL 399
13. Allen Karnes, Sharpsburg, GA 345
14. Chris Davidson, Pearland, TX 344
15. Dave Mader, III, Irvington, AL 310
16. Brandon Carlson, Cantonment, FL 286
17. Paul Kelly, Pendergrass, GA 262
18. Wayne Niedecken, Jr. Pensacola, FL 260
19. John Bolen, Jasper, AL 238
20. David Rogers, Orlando, FL 236
21. Steven Davis, Satsuma, AL 233
22. Danny Bagwell, Cordova AL 201
23. Ron McDonald, Pensacola, FL 196
24. Rocky Boyd, Pensacola, FL 161
25. Dale Little, Satsuma, AL 149
26. Casey Roderick, Dawsonville, GA 149
27. Korey Ruble, Headland, AL 76
28. Tyler Millwood, Kingston, GA 59
29. Mike Fitts, Concord, NC 50
Today’s race and the entire Blizzard Series along with the Miller Lite Series events at Mobile are a part of the Gulf Coast championship Series. Here are the standing after 5 of 9 events. Keep in mind it’s normally a 10 race series, but a rainout at Mobile cost the series one event. 
Augie Grill will be looking for his sixth career Blizzard win. (51 Sports Photo)
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TJ Reaid is on top of the charts early here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
After 25 minutes, TJ Reaid has the quick time. His teammate, Josh Hamner, is up on jacks right now. 
Comment From Ben 

Always nice to know you guys are on the job. I can’t tell you how much a lot of us out here appreciate your work. Thank you, Ben. 

Practice is about to start here at Five Flags Speedway. Chuck Barnes Jr. will be the first car on the track. 
Each team voted for the round five pit stop rules. (51 Sports Photo)
Last night’s practice had some interesting twist too it. Johanna Long test not one, not two, but three Super Late Models here at Five Flags. When it was all said and done here old car with new colors was the fastest. We are still not sure which one she will drive today.Bubba Pollard lost a motor about halfway through practice stopping all action as track officials cleaned up the mess. Pollard will be driving his Mobile car here today at Five Flags.

The Hamke vs. GARC war continues down here on the Florida Panhandle, GARC has won the last five Blizzard races dating back to last season. When they won their first of the five a year ago they stopped a five race win streak by Hamke Race Cars. Tonight could be the rubber match.

TJ Reaid is here today in a second Kyle Busch Motorsports entry. Reaid is making his first start in the Gulf Coast Championship Series. His teammate Josh Hamner has been strong down here at times, but has not yet visited victory lane in 2010.

Donnie Wilson is back looking to erase some bad luck he has had here in the past. In each of the last two Gulf Coast Super Late Model events he has been spun out while running in the top 10. Tonight he wants to first off finish and go from there.

We have a few notable drivers not here tonight, first off Eddie Mercer has decided to sit this race out after having lots of handling issues in the first three races. We expect him to be back four round five. Also Brandon Carlson is not here tonight, a local favorite who is a former Snowflake 100 winner. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Casey Smith who has not missed a Blizzard race since 2006. Smith had to work and will miss out on this weekend’s events. 
Comment From tad 

where is eddie mercer??? 

Tonight’s poll is for the fifth round of the Blizzard Series. 
Comment From LeadSeventeen 

So the “poll” of the drivers for live pit stops is not for tonights race, is that correct? 

We figure that he is just sitting this one out. Rogers loves coming to Five Flags, we should see him at the next Blizzard event. 
Comment From Guest 

david rogers didnt make the run up there this time? i know he is running the bright house show at NSS tomm, he usually does a double. 

We are heading trackside for the drivers meeting. We’ll be back shortly. 
We also have learned that drivers are going to be polled about having live pit stops for round five in the Super Late Model division here Five Flags and at Mobile. If you remember series officials put in a halfway break last time around and it was met with some heavy disapproval. Mobile drivers will also have a chance to vote tomorrow. We expect the votes to pass for live pit stops. 
We will be moving the drivers meeting up to 3:30 as there is weather in the area which could mess with tonight’s schedule. We should be ok to roll, but it’s just a percaution. 
Blizzard Points
1    Chase Elliott 504
2    Bubba Pollard 498
3    Johanna Long 441
4    Augie Grill 435
5    Casey Smith 423
6    Donnie Wilson 387
7    Josh Hamner 385
8    Mike Garvey 383
9    Jeff Fultz 364
10    Chris Davidson 344
Ricky Turner works on Chase Elliott’s ride before practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Miller Lite 100 Driver Roster
1 18 Bubba Pollard
2 10 Johanna Long
3 51 Josh Hamner
4 52 TJ Reaid
5 41 Chris Davidson
6 49 Ryan Lawler
7 99 Jr. Niedecken
8 23 Jeremy Rice
9 1 Mike Garvey
10 29 Allen Karnes
11 82 Donnie Wilson
12 67 Jeff Fultz
13 92 Ron MacDonald
14 12 Chuck Barnes Jr.
15 9 Chase Elliott
16 112 Augie Grill
17 18 Dave Mader III
18 31 Tyler Millwood
The field gets ready for practice here at Five Flags. (51 Sports Photo)
Later this evening, at-the-track radio will start at approximately 9:00pm Central / 10:00pm Eastern, on RaceTalkRadio.com. The coverage is brought to you by Racing Electronics, Beef O Bradys and Xtreme Suspension Technology. Until then, sit back and enjoy our live updates from the track. 
Schedule of Events for Tonight’s Blizzard Series Miller Lite 100 :1:00 pm CT – Pit Gate Opens
3:45 pm CT – Blizzard Drivers Meeting
4:00 – 5:30 pm CT – Blizzard Practice
5:30 pm CT – Local Practice (Super Stock, Sportsman, Bombers)
Blizzard Cars to Pre-Qualifying Tech
6:45 pm CT – Blizzard Qualifying
7:30 pm CT – Local Driver’s Meeting
7:50 pm CT – Pre Race Festivities
8:00 pm CT – Feature Races Begin
Sportsman 20 Lap Feature
Miller Lite “100” Lap Feature
Super Stock 25 Lap Feature
Bomber 20 Lap Feature
The word of the day is “hot”. Temperatures are only in the upper 90’s but the heat index is up over 115 with 60% humidity. The dew point is at 80 and most online graphics report that a s a “miserable” feeling. We couldn’t agree any more as it is extremely hot today. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Five Flags Speedway here in Pensacola, Florida. Today we are trackside for the fourth round of the Blizzard Super Late Model Series which is part of the Gulf Coast Championship Series. We’ll be here during the day and will continue our live coverage during the race while you can listen live on RaceTalkRadio.com

Trackside Now: Miller Lite 100 – Five Flags Speedway – 8/13/10