The night has been called off due to rain. The weather in the area is too much to deal with for us to get the show in tonight. We have lots of lightning in the area and not much of a window to get the race in. The series and track have not announced a makeup date for the Miller Lite 100. They will plan on having this event later in the season. That wraps things up from Mobile International Speedway, goodnight. 
Track activities have stopped as we wait out this rain delay here at Mobile International Speedway (AL). 
Rain has moved into the area and the track is now wet here at Mobile. 
Carlson of course won the World Classic here in the past, but we are not really sure why he and his son don’t travel over to Mobile. 
Comment From Guest 

why dont scott carlson come to mobile anymore 

Mike Garvey has loaded up his Tracy Goodson number one car. It jumped out of gear on him a few times during practice and they think they may have bent a valve. He will not race tonight. 
There is rain in the area, but we are still dry here at Mobile Int’l Speedway. 
Comment From sportsman12 

the weather must be clearing up somewhat over there? Still messy here in P’cola… 

We expected John Bolen to be at Mobile tonight but they broke a rear end and did not a spar for Mobile. They will be at Montgomery next weekend. Without all the bad luck we could have had 20 or so cars here tonight. Eddie Mercer, John Bolen, Allen Karnes, Casey Smith, Dave Mader II, Rocky Boyd and Junior Niedecken would all have been here. 
Johanna Long had a great race last night at Five Flags Speedway. She started on the outside of the front row and was in the mix of the top five all night until a near spin took her out of a shot a victory. It was perhaps the best she has looked this season which can only bring momentum into tonight. 
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Any news on Johanna Long, she’s been quiet lately 

He’s been at the bottom of the speed chart, but we think that is planned. This is his first time on a big track and Jeff Fultz wants him to ease into it. We have a feeling he will be a factor later on tonight. 
Comment From DSR 

how is Daniel Hemric doing?? 

He went home after all kinds of problems last night. It’s been a long time since he has missed a race here. 
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is casey smith there tonite 

We have been told he went to Sunny South to run Legends cars. 
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Do you know why paul kelley isn’t there tonight? 

Practice Two Speeds
1 9 Chase Elliott 17.233
2 82 Donnie Wilson 17.314
3 112 Augie Grill 17.501
4 51 Josh Hamner 17.545
5 67 Jeff Fultz 17.654
6 18 Bubba Pollard 17.686
7 10 Johanna Long 17.696
8 49 Ryan Lawler 17.712
9 1 Mike Garvey 17.722
10 42 Steven Davis 17.862
11 167 Daniel Hemric 17.902
12 99 Dale Little no time
PHOTO: Augie Grill and 2030 Snowball Derby Champion Owen Grill look on during the drivers meeting. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Race director Dan Spence talks to the drivers and crews during the pre race drivers meeting. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: The “Georgia Posse” (l to r) Bubba Pollard, Mike Garvey and Chase Eliott. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Josh Hamner led the first practice with a lap of 17.431. (51 Sports Photo) 
14 last December. 
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how old is chase? 

Practice One Speeds
1 51 Josh Hamner 17.431
2 99 Dale Little 17.568
3 9 Chase Elliott 17.571
4 67 Jeff Fultz 17.614
5 1 Mike Garvey 17.616
6 82 Donnie Wilson 17.621
7 18 Bubba Pollard 17.664
8 10 Johanna Long 17.667
9 42 Steven Davis 17.703
10 49 Ryan Lawler 17.752
11 112 Augie Grill 17.790
12 167 Daniel Hemric 17.981
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Hey tad. Josh will win tonight. You can print that. 

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Augie who? More like Bubba Pollard! check it 

As this practice comes to a close Josh Hamner is the fastest car thus far. 
PHOTO: Chase Elliott won last night’s Blizzard race to take the points lead in the Gulf Coast Championship Series. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From tad 

you guys can bet the house that augie and his crew will have a rocket tonight!!! 

It is summer time and pop up showers do happen around the Mobile area. The Gulf Coast Series staff told the drivers that they need to be ready to go if they have make a change in the schedule due to weather. 
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If yall could can yall keep us posted on the rain in the area thanks 

We did loose several cars last night to accidents and mechanical issues. Case Smith went home because of motor and car damage, Allen Karnes also had issues. We expected John Bolen to be here, but last night they didn’t run very well so we expected they headed home to regroup for the next race. Eddie Mercer also lost a car last night, so that would be four cars that would have been here if not for problems. 
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23 last night 12 tonight mobile is weak.. there is a reason they dont get car counts 

Tonight’s race can be heard live on RaceTalkRadio.com. Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Tim Bryant will be on the call of the feature event here at Mobile. We will have limited updates on the computer during the radio broadcast, but we will have full results after the completion of the event. 
Cars Here today at Mobile
1 112 Augie Grill
2 18 Bubba Pollard
3 9 Chase Elliott
4 82 Donnie Wilson
5 67 Jeff Fultz
6 10 Johanna Long
7 51 Josh Hamner
8 1 Mike Garvey
9 49 Ryan Lawler
10 99 Dale Little
11 42 Steven Davis
12 167 Daniel Hemric
PHOTO: #9 Chase Elliott and #49 Ryan Lawler will be looking for wins today here at Mobile. (51 Sports Photo) 
Practice will be underway in just a few minutes. The drivers meeting was very interesting because everyone was wondering what was going to be said about Josh Hamner’s run off pit road. Hamner left pit road at a high rate of speed and got the top spot. Ricky Brooks called it “one of the stupidest things he’d seen on pit road in a long time.” In an effort to police it tonight the pace car will take the field down pit road at 15 miles per hour to show the safe speed for pit road. At the next Blizzard race they will have radar guns and penalties could be handed out tonight if Brooks feel someone is going too fast. 
We are heading to the drivers meeting and will be back shortly. 
Schedule of Events for Tonight’s Miller Lite Series Miller Lite 100 :1:00 pm CT – Pit Gate Opens
3:45 pm CT – Drivers Meeting
4:00 – 5:30 pm CT – SLM Practice
5:30 pm CT – Local Practice
Blizzard Cars to Pre-Qualifying Tech
6:45 pm CT – SLM Qualifying
7:30 pm CT – Local Driver’s Meeting
7:50 pm CT – Pre Race Festivities
8:00 pm CT – Feature Races Begin
Local Features
Miller Lite “100” Lap Feature
Here are the Gulf Coast Series points after last night’s Papa John’s 100.
1 Chase Elliott 495
2 Bubba Pollard 467
3 Jeff Fultz 445
4 Johanna Long 439
5 Casey Smith 422
6 Josh Hamner 422
7 Donnie Wilson 404
8 Augie Grill 400
9 Mike Garvey 359
10 Ryan Lawler 336
11 Eddie Mercer 293
12 Allen Karnes 284
13 Dave Mader III 240
Good afternoon and welcome to Mobile International Speedway for the fourth round of the Gulf Coast Championship Series. Today we will have the second leg of the two day Super Late Model Doubleheader here of the Gulf Coast. 

Trackside Now: Miller Lite 100 at Mobile International Speedway – 5/29/10