That will conclude our coverage from Thunder Road today. Remember, we’ll be live with pay-per-view coverage tomorrow from Barre, Vermont. We expect dry weather, more cars and as always excitement on the high banks of the Thunder Road Speedbowl.

Thanks for joining us goodnight.

Final Practice from 3pm to 5pm


1 99vt Cody Blake 13.429
2 15vt Brade Babb 13.497
3 5vt Bobby Therrien 13.532
4 17ma Eddie MacDonald 13.543
5 48qc Alex Labbe 13.575
6 16me Travis Stearns 13.602
7 14vt Phil Scott 13.609
8 85vt Trampas Demers 13.614
9 1vt Shawn Fleury 13.624
10 11nh Brett Gervais 13.629
11 88vt Nick Sweet 13.633
12 51vt Joey M. Laquerre 13.641
13 40vt Eric Chase 13.652
14 21qc Jean-Francois Dery 13.659
15 42vt Matt White 13.674
16 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 13.688
17 13vt Boomer Morris 13.706
18 4vt Eric Badore 13.709
19 68vt Brooks Clark 13.728
20 26vt John Donahue 13.737
21 96qc Elie Arseneau 13.745
22 41vt Jamie Aube 13.747
23 91qc Patrick Laperle 13.748
24 25vt Dave Whitcomb 13.789
25 10vt Josh Demers 13.816
26 41qc Jonathan Bouvrette 13.818
27 17vt Lance Allen 13.831
28 54VT Mike Ziter 13.848
29 58vt Jimmy Hebert 13.892
30 2vt Eric Williams 13.902
31 30vt Ed Patterson 13.925
32 72vt Scott Coburn 14.002
33 22vt Randy Gonyaw 14.028
34 11VT Terry Reil 14.351
Practice has come to an end.
Joey Pole’s car gets loaded up. (Speed51.com photo)
It\’s not live pit stop practice, however Alex Labbe has been in for a \”gas and go\” after running out of fuel just shy of his pit stall. (Speed51.com photo)
10 minutes reaming in practice.
After hours of practice, quite a few cars have been loaded up for the night and will be back at it again tomorrow morning. (Speed51.com photo)
Nick Sweet heads back out. (Speed51.com photo)
YELLOW FLAG: Brett Gervais loops it in turn three. He gets back going and we are green for this final run up till 5pm.
With 20 minutes left in practice, Eddie MacDonald is making some big changes and rushing to get out one last time. (Speed51.com photo)
Who\’s name will we add to history this weekend? (Speed51.com photo)
Less then 30 minutes to go here at Thunder Road.
Jason Allen has also gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Speed51.com Photo)
Shawn Fleury, who was fastest in the afternoon practice, is currently the only car on the track.
It’s the toughest short track race in America. Don’t miss out. (Speed51.com Photo)
Eddie MacDonald takes a look at his team’s notes between practice runs. (Speed51.com Photo)
Current Top-10 in Final Practice

1 99vt Cody Blake 13.439
2 15vt Brad Babb 13.497
3 17ma Eddie MacDonald 13.574
4 48qc Alex Labbe 13.575
5 16me Travis Stearns 13.602
6 14vt Phil Scott 13.609
7 85vt Trampas Demers 13.614
8 1vt Shawn Fleury 13.624
9 11nh Brett Gervais 13.629
10 5vt Bobby Therrien 13.631
Mike Ziter has arrived at Thunder Road and is currently on the track. That brings us to 38 cars in the pit area with more expected to arrive tomorrow morning.
With one hour remaining in today’s final practice, Cody Blake leads the way with a fast lap of 13.439 seconds.
Josh Demers at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jean-Francois Dery is currently the only car on the track.
Mitch and Mickey Green look over practice times with ACT president Tom Curley. (Speed51.com Photo)
A number of teams including Travis Stearns and Jason Corliss have packed things up for the day. Still, the track is busy with drivers trying to take advantage of every minute of practice that they can.
Is there a more picturesque pit area in the country than what we have here at Thunder Road? (Speed51.com Photo)
3 p.m. started the final practice session of the day here at Thunder Road. The session will go from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m.
“Road Closed” signs come in handy these days, or at least they do for defending Milk Bowl winner Nick Sweet. (Speed51.com Photo)
Milk Bowl Afternoon Practice Results

1 1vt Shawn Fleury 13.403
2 16me Travis Stearns 13.459
3 66vt Jason Corliss 13.463
4 60vt Derrick O’Donnell 13.472
5 88vt Nick Sweet 13.485
6 85vt Trampas Demers 13.504
7 48qc Alex Labbe 13.504
8 68vt Brooks Clark 13.511
9 91qc Patrick Laperle 13.515
10 17ma Eddie MacDonald 13.518
11 58vt Jimmy Hebert 13.519
12 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 13.537
13 13vt Boomer Morris 13.546
14 26vt John Donahue 13.555
15 29vt Jason Allen 13.563
16 5vt Bobby Therrien 13.570
17 42vt Matt White 13.585
18 4vt Eric Badore 13.611
19 40vt Eric Chase 13.628
20 96qc Elie Arseneau 13.629
21 11nh Brett Gervais 13.647
22 10vt Josh Demers 13.659
23 14vt Phil Scott 13.677
24 2vt Eric Williams 13.692
25 41qc Jonathan Bouvrette 13.695
26 41vt Jamie Aube 13.707
27 15vt Brade Babb 13.714
28 21qc Jean-Francois Dery 13.731
29 17vt Lance Allen 13.803
30 25vt Dave Whitcomb 13.821
31 72vt Scott Coburn 13.913
32 51vt Joey M. Laquerre 13.919
33 22vt Randy Gonyaw 14.053
34 11vt Josh Masterson 14.063
35 30vt Ed Patterson 14.072
36 99vt Cody Blake 17.752
The afternoon practice session (1-3pm) has concluded with Shawn Fleury at the top of the speed chart. We’ll have full results momentarily.
Speed51.com’s Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor grabs some footage of Joey Polewarczyk’s No. 97NH for the 51 TV broadcast. (Speed51.com Photo)
Phil Scott, Eric Williams, Jason Allen, Brooks Clark, and Dave Whitcomb are the cars currently making laps around the high-banked Barre, Vermont oval.
Eddie MacDonald turns some practice laps. MacDonald failed to make the race in 2013. (Speed51.com photo)
Caption contest, anyone? (Speed51.com Photo)
Eddie MacDonald is on the track for the first time today. MacDonald, who has won practically everything there is to win in an ACT Late Model, failed to qualify for this event in 2013.
Shawn Fleury is quickest so far during the afternoon practice session with a fast time of 13.406. Since this morning when the track temperatures were dramatically lower, lap times have dropped by three-tenths of a second.
52nd Annual Milk Bowl Roster (Updated at 2:15pm)

1vt Shawn Fleury
2vt Eric Williams
4vt Eric Badore
5vt Bobby Therrien
9vt Chip Grenier
10vt Josh Demers
11nh Brett Gervais
11vt Josh Masterson
13vt Boomer Morris
14vt Phil Scott
15vt Brad Babb
16me Travis Stearns
17ma Eddie MacDonald
17vt Lance Allen
21qc Jean-Francois Dery
22vt Randy Gonyaw
25vt Dave Whitcomb
26vt John Donahue
29vt Jason Allen
30vt Ed Patterson
40vt Eric Chase
41vt Jamie Aube
41qc Jonathan Bouvrette
42vt Matt White
48qc Alex Labbe
51vt Joey M. Laquerre
58vt Jimmy Hebert
60vt Derrick O’Donnell
66vt Jason Corliss
68vt Brooks Clark
72vt Scott Coburn
85vt Trampas Demers
88vt Nick Sweet
91qc Patrick Laperle
96qc Elie Arseneau
97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
99vt Cody Blake
Ed Patterson goes for a spin earlier today during practice.(Speed51.com photo)
Alex Labbe takes a break from practice to watch his fellow competitors. (Speed51.com photo)
As the day goes on, more and more big name drivers and past champions pull into the pit area. This is going to be an event you won’t want to miss. If you can’t make it to Thunder Road this weekend, you can watch 51 TV’s live pay-per-view broadcast by purchasing a one-day or two-day pass at the following link:


“The Outlaw” Eddie MacDonald has pulled into Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl.
Super Late Model competitor Brad Babb is taking over driving duties in the Joey Laquerre-owned No. 15 for the weekend.
ACT announcer Aaron Maynard and ACT handyman Marvin Galarneau are sharing the flagging duties during today’s practice session.
We’re now up to 37 ACT Late Models in the pit area.
Matt White and Dave Whitcomb just swapped paint on the frontstretch forcing White to get loose. He was able to save it and displayed his frustrations by sticking his hand out the window as he went by Whitcomb a few laps later.
Cody Blake in line for another round of practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Derrick O’Donnell tells us he is pleased with his No. 60. So pleased that he is currently out of his drivers suit and watching other drivers turn laps.
Eric Williams at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Dery makes his first laps of the day. (Speed51.com Photo)
Add Jean-Francois Dery to that roster. He is now on the track for the first time today.
52nd Annual Milk Bowl Roster (Updated)

1vt Shawn Fleury
2vt Eric Williams
4vt Eric Badore
5vt Bobby Therrien
10vt Josh Demers
11nh Brett Gervais
11vt Josh Masterson
13vt Boomer Morris
14vt Phil Scott
15vt Joey Laquerre
16me Travis Stearns
25vt Dave Whitcomb
26vt John Donahue
29vt Jason Allen
30vt Ed Patterson
40vt Eric Chase
41vt Jamie Aube
42vt Matt White
48qc Alex Labbe
51vt Joey M. Laquerre
58vt Jimmy Hebert
60vt Derrick O’Donnell
66vt Jason Corliss
68vt Brooks Clark
85vt Trampas Demers
88vt Nick Sweet
91qc Patrick Laperle
96qc Elie Arseneau
97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
99vt Cody Blake
Correction: Ed Patterson is in the No. 30vt car normally driven by Tom Estes.
Matt White (42) and Terry Reil (11) side-by-side during practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
There’s smoke coming from underneath Badore’s No. 4 machine. The smoke, although minimal, has been noticeable since the start of practice.
Canadian driver Jonathan Bouvrette is here and is on the track for the first time today.
The 52nd Annual Milk Bowl from Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl (VT) will be aired live on 51 TV both Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday. If you haven’t purchased the live broadcast yet, you still have time. Click on the following graphic for more information and to purchase.
Eric Badore powers down the backstretch. (Speed51.com Photo)
The track is the busiest we’ve seen it all day. Williams, Chase, Demers, Joey Laquerre, Gervais, Polewarczyk, and Demers are all making laps.
Milk Bowl Practice Results (2 hours complete)

1 5vt Bobby Therrien 13.157
2 16me Travis Stearns 13.209
3 88vt Nick Sweet 13.234
4 60vt Derrick O’Donnell 13.238
5 42vt Matt White 13.279
6 97nh Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. 13.300
7 66vt Jason Corliss 13.331
8 1vt Shawn Fleury 13.370
9 26vt John Donahue 13.416
10 4vt Eric Badore 13.422
11 13vt Boomer Morris 13.447
12 68vt Brooks Clark 13.481
13 85vt Trampas Demers 13.516
14 41vt Jamie Aube 13.518
15 58vt Jimmy Hebert 13.519
16 10vt Josh Demers 13.526
17 91qc Patrick Laperle 13.530
18 96qc Derek White 13.581
19 48qc Alex Labbe 13.632
20 25vt Dave Whitcomb 13.773
21 11nh Brett Gervais 13.778
22 11vt Terry Reil 13.780
23 2vt Eric Williams 13.850
A picturesque view here at Thunder Road.(Speed51.com photo)
After two hours of practice, Bobby Therrien continues to lead Travis Stearns, Nick Sweet, Derrick O’Donnell, and Matt White.
Patrick Laperle wheels his No. 91QC around turn four. (Speed51.com Photo)
2013 Vermont Governor’s Cup winner Cody Blake is on the track for the first time today.
Alex Labbe makes his way around T’Road.(Speed51.com photo)
Boomer Morris (13) and Josh Demers (10) battle through turn one. (Speed51.com photo)
Teams pick out tires for the weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jimmy Hebert and Eric Badore roll through tech. (Speed51.com photo)
A number of drivers here at Thunder Road today are on the ballot for Speed51.com’s Late Model Most Popular Driver Award. Place your vote today by clicking the photo below.
The damage could have been worse for Estes. (Speed51.com photo)
Alex Labbe is now making his first laps of the day at Thunder Road. Labbe set fast time in time trials for last year’s Milk Bowl.
Will the Milk Bowl crown go north of the border? (Speed51.com photo)
GREEN FLAG: The track is green after safety crews attended to Estes’ No. 30.
He put on a good side-by-side battle with Shawn Fleury for a number of laps earlier today, so we’d certainly expect him to be competitive come race time. Times will be available to us every two hours today.
Comment From Guest

How’s Eric Williams looking in Norm Andrew’s car so far? Any times?

YELLOW FLAG: Tom Estes makes hard contact with the outside wall on the frontstretch.
The track was quiet until… La Grande Laperle, Patrick Laperle, pulled onto the track in turn one. The three-time Milk Bowl winner is here and hoping to land a fourth smooch on the bovine beauty queen.
It’s nearling lunch time, so a few teams have decided to take a break until later this afternoon. (Speed51.com Photo)
Derek White, Eric Williams, and Trampas Demers are now on the track for practice.
2014 American-Canadian Tour championship runner-up Jimmy Hebert has arrived and is now making laps.
The “Bad Boy” Bobby Therrien is fastest in practice thus far. (Speed51.com Photo)
Current Top-10 in Practice

1. Bobby Therrien
2. Travis Stearns
3. Nick Sweet
4. Derrick O’Donnell
5. Matt White
6. Jason Corliss
7. Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
8. Eric Badore
9. Brooks Clark
10. Josh Demers

One hour into today’s open practice session, Bobby Therrien sits at the top of the speed chart with a 13.157 second lap.
Milk Bowl Open Practice Cars in the Pit Area

2vt Eric Williams
4vt Eric Badore
5vt Bobby Therrien
10vt Josh Demers
11nh Brett Gervais
11vt Josh Masterson
13vt Boomer Morris
14vt Phil Scott
15vt Joey Laquerre
25vt Dave Whitcomb
26vt John Donahue
40vt Eric Chase
41vt Jamie Aube
42vt Matt White
48qc Alex Labbe
51vt Joey M. Laquerre
60vt Derrick O’Donnell
66vt Jason Corliss
68vt Brooks Clark
85vt Trampas Demers
88vt Nick Sweet
96qc Derek White
97nh Joey Polewarczyk
Travis Stearns is on the track for the first time today. He told us earlier this morning that he planned on waiting for a few other cars to make laps because he thought the track would be slick due to the “goop” put down.

He also told us,”There’s no sense in going out there for six hours. You can really end up in left field if you do that.”

Comment From JF

Kinda cool to see a car with Buick decals on the front like the 88.

Even the 51 TV production area has a bit of foliage behind it here at Thunder Road. (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s practice is a six-hour open practice that will last from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. According to ACT officials, the track will stay “hot” for that entire time.
Boomer Morris, a feature winner at Thunder Road in 2014, is now on track.
Shawn Fleury leads Eric Williams into turn one. (Speed51.com Photo)
2014 American-Canadian Tour champion Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. is the only car currently on the track.
Add another former Milk Bowl champion to the roster for this weekend’s 52nd Annual People’s United Bank Milk Bowl. Eric Williams will be piloting Norm Andrews’ No. 2 here this weekend.
Jason Corliss, Nick Sweet, and Joey Laquerre are currently the cars circling the track.
The Larue Motorsports car hauler and 2014 Serie ACT champion Alex Labbe has arrived at Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl.
Shawn Fleury straps in for a practice run. (Speed51.com Photo)
2014 Thunder Road champion Derrick O’Donnell is now on track.
Sweet comes off track after an early practice run. (Speed51.com Photo)
Joey Laquerre and Shawn Fleury are now on track.
Jason Corliss goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Speed51.com Photo)
Defending Milk Bowl winner Nick Sweet is the first car on track for practice.
ACT president Tom Curley had jumped on the mic to inform teams that the track is now open.
If you haven’t ordered 51 TV’s live pay-per-view broadcast of the Milk Bowl, you still have time to do so. Visit the following link for more information and to purchase the broadcast.


2014 “King of the Road” Derrick O’Donnell is one of the drivers already unloaded this morning. (Speed51.com Photo)
It’s been a chilly morning here on Fisher Road in Barre, Vermont. Temperatures were close to freezing earlier this morning, but are beginning to approach 50 degrees as we near the first practice session at 11am.
Good morning from Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, Vermont. Welcome into today’s coverage of open practice day for the 52nd Annual People’s United Bank Milk Bowl, which will air live on 51 TV on Sunday afternoon.

A number of teams have already made their way into the pit area to begin preparing their cars for today’s practice.

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