That wraps up our Trackside Now coverage and we would like to thank the staff here at Mobile for extending their invitation to us for this weekend’s event. Be sure to check out Speed51.com next week as we recap all the weekends action and don’t forget to join us for our radio show on Tuesday night’s from 6 to 8 on RaceTalkRadio.com. Goodnight. 
1 18 Bubba Pollard 150
2 22 Josh Bragg 150
3 52 Eric Courville 149
4 64 David Jones 149
5 10 Johanna Long 148
6 79 Kyle Bryant 148
7 15 Mike Maddox 141
8 40 Dave Mader III 134
9 4 Elliott Masey 124
10 12 Michael Pitts 80
11 1 Mike Garvey 59
12 11 Junior Niedecken 59
13 28 Thomas Prader 52
14 81 Dillon Spreen 39
15 72 DJ VanderLey 36
Bubba Pollard has won the Lee Fields Memorial in each of the last two seasons. (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard is the winner here tonight at Mobile International Speedway (AL). Pollard passed Johanna Long late in the race and went on to score the win for the second straight year. Several others had mechanical problems and Pollard lapped up into the top three. Long actually spun off the track on the final lap giving third to Eric Courville. 
Bubba Pollard wins the Lee Fields Memorial 150 at Mobile, more to come! 
Bubba Pollard leads Josh Bragg at halfway. Johanna Long fell back to fourth. Listen live on RaceTalkRadio.com
Long Leads Pollard after 67 laps. 
Johanna Long Leads after 23 Laps. 
Jump over to RaceTalkRadio.com to listen to our live radio coverage from the Lee Fields Memorial 150. Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Tim Bryant from Five Flags Speedway will be on the call. 
Howard Langham won the Super Stock race. The Pro Late Models are up next. 
Comment From Michael Hughes 

Clay Alexander has won The Ken-Ten Pro Late Model Series 125 at Fairgrounds Speedway-Nashville (TN) over John Bolen, Michael House, Ryan Gifford, and Johnny Brazier. 

We just had a big oil down in the first turn. This race and our live radio broadcast is running a bit behind tonight. 
We will have minimal updates during the Late Model feature as our crew will be on the radio broadcast. 
This race will now be 20 laps not 30. 
Super Stocks are next. 
Gerald Wilkerson beat Bubba Pollard in the 30 lap Modified feature. 
The Modified feature is on the track right now. 
Bubba Pollard is doing double duty as he is in a Modified tonight here at Mobile. 
We have two races prior to the Lee Fields Memorial 150.
Modified (30 laps)
Super Stocks (30 laps)
1 81 Dillon Spreen
2 4 Elliott Masey
3 22 Josh Bragg
4 72 DJ VanderLey
5 18 Bubba Pollard
6 10 Johanna Long
7 40 Dave Mader III
8 28 Thomas Prader
9 64 David Jones
10 1 Mike Garvey
11 11 Junior Niedecken
12 52 Eric Courville
14 79 Kyle Bryant
15 15 Mike Maddox
15 12 Michael Pitts
Long redrew a six so Dillon Spreen will now be on the pole. 
Time trials are in the books and Johanna Long won the pole for tonight’s Lee Fields Memorial 150. 
We are heading trackside for Pro Late Model qualifying and we will come back at the conclusion to post the time trial results. 
The atmosphere outside here at the track is great because of the great weather tonight. It’s that time of year where the weather is perfect here in the Deep South. The fans that showed up tonight are in for a real treat with the great weather and atmosphere. 
Another great sunset here at Mobile.
Comment From jimmy dru 

go bubba!!!! #18 

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Comment From cecil 

johanna long 

Tell us who you think is going to win tonight? Will it be Bubba Pollard, Mike Garvey, Johanna Long, DJ VanderLey or someone else? 
Just to recap we have 15 cars that will attempt to qualify for tonight’s Lee Fields Memorial. We lost John Thompson, Hunter Robbins, Donald Crocker and Logan Boyett to mechanical issues. We also lost Gene Kirila to a practice crash at Gresham, they were planning on coming down here as well. Also with Nashville running that could have added a few more rides, but scheduleing conflicts to happen in the world of racing. We have a stout list of cars here today and we will have a great show tonight.If you’re coming to the track or are on your way bring your scanner and listen to our broadcast on 454.5000.
Tonight’s race is also a radio race in addition to our Trackside Now coverage. Join Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Five Flags Speedway owner and operator Tim Bryant on the call of the Lee Fields Memorial 150 on RaceTalkRadio.com. We will also have in car audio with the two previous winners of the Lee Fields Memorial 150, Bubba Pollard and Johanna Long. Coverage is expected to start at 10pm eastern. 
When you think of the biggest events in Pro Late Model racing the Lee Fields Memorial has quickly become one of the bigger events. Other shows like SpeedFest at Lanier, the Baby Rattler at South Alabama, the Alabama 200 at ether location and of course the Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway are the cream of the crop. 
One special part of the Lee Fields Memorial is the pace cars that get taken out of storage to honor Lee Fields here at Mobile. This Chevy Malibu is just one of five special pace cars that will be here for pre-race festivities here tonight. 
One of the old Chevy pace cars. (51 Sports Photo)
Wayne Niedecken Jr. at speed. (51 Sports Photo)
The local divisions are on the track for their qualifying sessions. 
The Pro Late Model tire scuff is in the books. We will have time trials at 7pm. 
This is not the only Pro Late Model event taking place this weekend as the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway is hosting a Ken-Ten Late Model event and 25 cars are on hand for the race and John Bolen won the pole. Our friends at Z3Sports.com have live coverage from the Nashville track click here to see their updates. http://www.z3sports.com/virtualticket/2010/ken-ten/09042010_nashville_125laps.html
The Pro Late Models will be scuffing tires here at the top of the hour. 
More bad news from the pits, Hunter Robbins lost a motor and will not be racing here tonight. 
Grant Enfinger, an ARCA driver and former Snowball Derby pole sitter, is here working with Josh Bragg. However, they did not take any laps in practice so we will have to see if he comes out for the race. 
Dillon Spreen at speed. (51 Sports Photo)
A big congratulations goes out to Chase Elliott who won the PASS South Super Late Model Labor Day Classic at North Wilkesboro today. Elliott got around Jody Lavender late in the race to score the historic win at North Wilkesboro.  Speed51.com was there today and will have more later on the week on all the happenings. You can look back at the Trackside Now from today to by clicking here http://speed51.com/2010_Stories/PASS_South/trackside_now_Wilkesboro_9_4.html
Dillon Spreen from Texas put down a great lap at the end of practice to jump to the top of the charts. We are sure some teams are wondering what they are going to do now if the 81 can run that fast all night. 
1 81 Dillon Spreen 17.769
2 40 Dave Mader III 18.033
3 18 Bubba Pollard 18.057
4 72 DJ VanderLey 18.122
5 1 Mike Garvey 18.201
6 11 Junior Niedecken 18.204
7 18 Hunter Robbins 18.259
8 4 Elliott Masey 18.282
9 64 David Jones 18.337
10 10 Johanna Long 18.348
11 28 Thomas Prader 18.455
12 15 Mike Maddox 18.561
13 52 Eric Courville 18.757
14 79 Kyle Bryant 18.818
15 12 Michael Pitts 20.545
16 22 Josh Bragg no time
The man that we all need to be looking at is the 72 of DJ VanderLey. They have won 11 races between here and at Five Flags Speedway in the Pro Late Model ranks. VanderLey’s wins have all been in 40 lap events, but with as good as he has been it’s hard to count him. Out. 
Bubba Pollard looks to be very quick here today. (51 Sports Photo)
Tonight is going to be the first ever Pro Late Model race for Mike Garvey. He has never driven one of these cars with a crate motor. Chances are he’ll pick it up quickly. 
We checked in with Kyle Bryant to find out how old his race car is. Come to find out it’s the same frame that his uncle Tim Bryant drove in the early 90’s. It’s still got some life in it and looks good today. 
Early on in the is practice Bubba Pollard has the fast lap of the day. We were listening to radio and he liked the car early on. 
Drivers meeting here at Mobile
One twist to tonight’s event is the two extra tires can be taking at any point during the race and not just at halfway. We think teams might wait till lap 100 to take on their right-side rubber. 
We did have two cars withdraw from the event. The 11 of Logan Boyett broke a clutch last night and the 54 of John Thompson has motor trouble and he is out as well. 
We are back from the pits and we are about to get practice underway. 
We will be back shortly as we are using the pre-practice time to set up and gather info for later. 
Tonight’s race is also a radio race in addition to our Trackside Now coverage. Join Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Five Flags Speedway owner and operator Tim Bryant on the call of the Lee Fields Memorial 150 on RaceTalkRadio.com. We will also have in car audio with the two previous winners of the Lee Fields Memorial 150, Bubba Pollard and Johanna Long. Coverage is expected to start at 10pm eastern. 
DJ VanderLey
Dillon Spreen from Texas.
Mike Garvey’s number 1.
We were here for last night’s open practice and got some shots from around the pits. Only a few Pro Late Models pulled into today and did not take part in last night’s practice. 
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1 Mike Garvey
4 Elliott Masey
5 Donald Crocker
10 Johanna Long
11 Logan Boyett
11 Junior Niedecken
12 Buddy Pitts
15 Mike Maddux
18 Hunter Robbins
18 Bubba Pollard
22 Josh Bragg
28 Thomas Prader
40 Dave Mader III
52 Eric Courville
54 John Thompson
64 David Jones
72 DJ VanderLey
79 Kyle Bryant
81 Dillon Spreen 
1:00 Pits Open
3:30 Pro Late Model Drivers’ Meeting
4:00 Pro Late Model Practice
5:00 Practice for Local Cars (1 round):
Super Stocks
Pro Late Model Tire Scuff
6:00 Qualifying for Local Divisions:
Super Stocks
7:00 Qualifying: Pro Late Models
7:30 Drivers’ Meeting for Local Divisions
7:50 Pre-Race Activities
8:00 Feature Races:
Modified (30 laps)
Super Stocks (30 laps)
Pro Late Models (150 laps)
Sportsmen (25 laps)
Bombers (20 laps)
Tonight’s feature is 150 laps with a halfway break at 75 to put on two right side tires. As far as Pro Late Model racing goes this one of the longest events for the crate engine class. The others that have been longer include the Alabama 200, and the World Crown 300, which is now a Super Late Model event. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Mobile International Speedway (AL) for today’s running of the Lee Fields Memorial 150. Tonight’s event is season’s top event for Pro Late Models here at Mobile, we are a custom to seeing the Super Late Models here on the high-banks, but tonight it’s a Pro Late Model special. Lee Fields was one of the very special people who kept short track racing alive here in the Deep South, this race is the 11th annual memorial event in his honor.

Trackside Now: Lee Fields Memorial – Mobile Int’l Speedway – 9/4/10