Until next time, good night from Gresham Motorsports Park. 
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Second Outlaw win for Russell Fleeman in his dad’s memorial event. (Speed51.com Photo)
An emotional win for Russell Fleeman. (Speed51.com Photo)

1. Russell Fleeman
2. Jason Bates
3. Todd Vanderford
4. Brian Hardman
5. David Murphy
6. Russell Shore
7. Chad Hoopaugh
8. Hoyt Stephens 

CHECKERED FLAG: Russell Fleeman, for the second-straight year, wins the Outlaw Late Model feature in the event that honors his father, the late Larry Fleeman. 
Officials have decided that due to the quickly-strengthening shower, this race will be official next time by under caution. 
Under this yellow, the rain has picked up a bit. It had been misting during most of this feature, but not enough to keep the cars off the track. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 19: Vanderford cuts a tire, slides up and slaps the wall. 
Halfay, lap 18: Fleeman has checked out. Bates holds second over Vanderford. 
Lap 10: Vanderford is stalking Bates for second. 
GREEN FLAG: Fleeman clears Bates this time for the lead as Vanderford drops to third. 
Trouble for the 85.
As noted a minute ago, the Pro Late Model results are official. Chase Elliott is officially the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 winner. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 5: Hoyt Stephens goes for a spin on the backstretch. 
TECH UPDATE: Pro Late Models are clear. 
Vanderford runs second early in this 35-lapper. Stephens, Bates and Hardman round out the top five. 
GREEN FLAG: Russell Fleeman rockets out to an early lead. 

1. Todd Vanderford
2. Russell Fleeman
3. Hoyt Stephens
4. Brian Hardman
5. Jason Bates
6. David Murphy
7. Russell Shore
8. Chad Hoopaugh 

The Outlaws are now on track for their 35-lap feature. 
The final feature of the night, the Outlaw Late Models, is up next. 
Vassar broke a transmission in practice yesterday, but a second transmission was installed and took Vassar’s No. 69 to victory lane. 

1. Matt Vassar
2. Emilee Riley
3. Ronnie Wehunt
4. Jami Weimer
5. Matt Wortman
6. Taylor Dorner
7. Devin Vassar (DNS) 

CHECKERED FLAG: Matt Vassar starts the GMP Truck division’s season with a victory. 
White flag for Vassar 
Five laps to go for Matt Vassar. He’s up nearly three seconds on Riley. Third-place Ronnie Wehunt is the last car on the lead lap. 
Lap 24: Taylor Dorner had been battling with Jami Weimer for fourth, but pulled to pit road with an apparent issue. 
Lap 13: Vassar leads by 1.7 seconds on Riley. 
Lap 8: Vassar leads Riley, Wehunt, Weimer, Dorner and Wortman. The field is comfortably spread out around the track. 
GREEN FLAG: Matt Vassar takes an early lead from Emilee Riley. His brother Kevin was not able to get back on track for the green flag. 
Cars are now in tech.
Dorner was able to get rollin gagain and wills tart at the tail. 
Kevin Vassar has come to the pit area also before we even go green. The team is looking inside the cockpit of the 44 for Vassar. 
Chase Elliott and crew in victory lane. (Speed51.com photo)
Chase Elliott celebrates the win with “Lucky Dog.” (Speed51.com photo)
After coming up to speed for the pace laps, Taylor Dorner has come to the attention of his crew in the pit area. 
TRUCK STARTING LINEUP (Three-Truck invert post-qualifying)

1 Kevin Vassar
2 Emilee Riley
3 Matt Vassar
4 Jami Weimer
5 Matt Wortman
6 Ronnie Wehunt
7 Taylor Dorner

We’re back and will have some updates from the infield as they happen. The Truck feature is up next for a 35-lap feature. 
We’re headed trackside to talk to some of the major players in the race. We’ll have more shortly. 

1 Chase Elliott
2 Augie Grill
3 Bubba Pollard
4 Hunter Robbins
5 Russell Fleeman
6 Garrett Jones
7 Rodney Benefield
8 Kyle Plott
9 Fredrick Moore
10 Alex Guenette
11 Kevin Herbert (-8)
12 Colt James (-42)
13 Kyle McCallum (-70)
14 Matthew Wragg (-99)
15 Michael Lance (-102)
16 Josh Adkins (-125)
17 Anderson Bowen (-128)
18 Dalton Grindle (-183)

CHECKERED FLAG: Chase Elliott wins the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 over Augie Grill, Bubba Pollard, Hunter Robbins and Russell Fleeman. 
WHITE FLAG for Chase Elliott 
Lap 195: Robbins is trying to get back to Pollard to take third. 
Lap 193: Still all Elliott up front as the field is completely single-file. 
Lap 191: Elliott puts Kevin Herbert an eighth lap down. 
Elliott has checked out by two seconds on Grill. Pollard is a second-and-a-half behind Grill in third. 
Ten laps to go for Chase Elliott 
Fleeman is fifth, Jones is sixth, Plott is seventh, Moore is eighth, Guenette is ninth and Benefield is 10th. The only other car on the track is Kevin Herbert in 11th, seven laps down. 
Lap 184: Pollard to third from Robbins on the inside of turn three. 
Comment From Aarons greenville sc 

New leader #9…. 

Elliott leads Grill, then it’s five car lengths back to Robbins and Pollard who battle for third. 
Lap 181: Elliott to the inside of Grill into turn one and he’s clear to the lead by turn three. 
Lap 180: Elliott takes second past Robbins and wants more. He’s on Grill’s back bumper. 
Lap 179: Grill inside Robbins to take the lead in turns one and two. 
The four tires are working well for Elliott. He’s inside Grill for second, but Grill shuts the door in turn three on lap 179 
Pollard is up to fifth past Jones. 
Lap 176: Grill gives Fleeman a nudge and gets second. He brings Elliott with him to third. Fleeman back to fourth. 
Lap 175 of 198: Elliott by Jones to fourth. 
Benefield slides up in turn two on the restart and drops to ninth. 
GREEN FLAG: Fleeman chooses the outside lane, but Robbins takes the lead on the inside 
Restart order with 25 to go
1. Fleeman
2. Robbins
3. Jones
4. Benefield
5. Moore
6. Guenette
7. Elliott
8. Grill
9. Plott
10. Pollard 
Pollard took two and came back in for two more.
Russell Fleeman will inherit the lead with Elliott hitting pit road and Guenette and Pollard being sent to the rear. 
Ten cars remain on the lead lap. 
Kevin Herbert will get the free pass to go from eight to seven laps down. 
Pollard makes a second pit stop under this yellow. 
Kyle Plott has been sent to the back of the lead-lap cars for his contact with Guenette. Guenette is being penalized to the back of the lead-lap cars as well for his actions against Fleeman under cation. 
Chase Elliott takes four tires.
There are only 25 laps to go and your race dominator is on pit road. This will play out as a wild finish, folks. 
Pollard is on pit road, so is Grill. 
Leader Chase Elliott is on pit road. 
Guenette showed some displeasure to Fleeman under caution, but even the crowd’s reaction showed that he was focusing his frustration at the wrong driver. 
Guenette spun right in front of Fleeman, but Fleeman avoided the situation. 
That was a battle for second that ended in a Guenette spin. 
Lap 173: Kyle Plott gets into the back bumper of Alex Guenette between turns three and four and the young Canadian Guenette goes for a spin. 
Fifth through 10th are Robbins, Jones, Pollard, Benefield, Moore, Grill. 
Lap 170: The top four are nose to tail. Elliott, Guenette, Fleeman and Plott. 
Lap 167: Guenette tries it one more time in turn one. Door to door into three, but off four it’s still Elliott by a half of a car. 
Lap 166: Here comes Kyle Plott. The hard racing between the top three has allowed Plott to get to within four car lengths. 
Lap 165: Elliott steps sideways in turn four, but stays in the gas to hold the lead before Guenette can get underneath him. 
Lap 163: This is short track racing, folks. Incredible battle for the lead amongst three hungry drivers. 
Lap 162: Guenette tries again in turn two. He drives deep into turn three, but Elliott continues to hold the lead. 
Lap 160: Guenette again tries the inside going into the corner, but can’t get the speed back up off the corner to complete the pass. 
Lap 160: Elliott, Guenette, Fleeman continue to run nose-to-tail. 
Plott, in fourth, is about 15 car lengths behind the top three who run bumper-to-bumper. 
Lap 156: Guenette to the inside of Elliott. Elliott keeps the lead with the outside momentum. 
Lap 155: Guenette takes second from Fleeman and now starts to reel in Elliott. 
Lap 154: Fleeman gives up the fight and falls into the clutches of Guenette for second. 
Two straight laps of door-to-door racing. Fleeman on the inside and Elliott up high 
Lap 152: Fleeman gets to the inside door of Elliott. Still side by side a half-lap later. 
Lap 151: Fleeman gets better runs on the inside groove into the corners, but Elliott keeps momentum up high to hold the lead. 
Lap 150: Fleeman tries a bottom-shot move in turn three, but Elliott slammed the door. Some contact took place, but both continued on. 
The battle between Elliott and Fleeman has allowed Alex Guenette to catch the top two. 
Comment From Randy 

A big thanks to Speed 51, for amazing coverage 

Lap 148: Fleeman gives Elliott a tap in turn four, but still can’t get the momentum to make a pass for the lead. 
Lap 146: Plott is on the move. He’s taken fourth from Garrett Jones. 
Lap 144: Plott takes fifth from Robbins 
Lap 144: James returns to competition after a stay on pit road. 
Lap 143: Fleeman is all over Elliott. He peeks under Elliott off turn four, but can’t make the pass. 
Lap 139: Colt James slows and comes to the pits. There appears to be some damage to the right-rear of his brand-new Hamke chassis car. This is the first race for the new ride for James. 
Lap 138: Plott is on the back bumper of Robbins for fifth. 
Lap 136: Fleeman is there. He has caught Chase Elliott to create a battle for the lead. 
Lap 132: Guenette moves to P3 past Jones. 
Lap 130: Fleeman has been consistently quicker than Elliott on the lap chart. 
Comment From Derek Greeson 

Lets go 98!! 

Lap 129: McCallum pulls to pit road with an ill-sounding engine. 
Comment From Ti-Gaz Canada 

Go Teams Guénette 

Those are the only cars remaining on the track. 
Lap 125
1. Elliott
2. Fleeman
3. Jones
4. Guenette
5. Robbins
6. Pollard
7. Plott
8. Moore
9. Benefield
10. Grill
11. McCallum
12. Herbert (-7)
13. James (-7) 
Lap 124: Jones gets big-time sideways off turn two, opening the door for Fleeman to take the second spot. 
Lap 123: Fleeman has caught Jones for second. He’s all over the youngster’s back bumper. 
Comment From Amy 

Go Chase Elliott!! 

Lap 121: Fleeman is now reeling in second-place Garrett Jones. Guenette runs fourth, then Robbins is fifth, Pollard is sixth and Moore, Plott, Grill and Benefield round out the top 10. 
Lap 116: Elliott has stretched out his lead by about three car lengths now on Garrett Jones. 
Lap 114: Kyle Plott gets inside Augie Grill to take eighth. 
Lap 112: Elliott and Jones run nose-to-tail. It’s a 10 car length gap back to Fleeman in third. Then Guenette and Robbins are about the same distance back in fourth and fifth. 
Lap 111: Jones has caught Elliott in a battle for the lead. 
Lap 109: Pollard clears Grill and brings Fredrick Moore with him. Grill has dropped back to eighth. 
Lap 107: Pollard jumps to the inside of Grill for sixth. He can’t complete the pass off turn four, but he’s right there. 
The top four, Elliott, Jones, Robbins and Fleeman, have a seven car length gap back to Guenette, Grill, Pollard, Moore and Benefield. 
Lap 103: Garrett Jones is under Hunter Robbins and gets second in turn one. Fleeman is now on Robbins’ back bumper for third. 
Comment From Daniel 

Let’s Go Chase Elliott 

Fleeman completes the pass on lap 101 to get to fourth. Grill back to fifth, but Guenette is under him for that spot. 
Garrett Jones uses the outside groove to pass Augie Grill for third. Fleeman is trying to do the same thing on the outside groove. 
GREEN FLAG: Another strong start for Elliott to clear Robbins in turn one. 
Comment From Jay&amber 

Keeping up with Russell while we take prom pictures. Lets go Russell! Jay and daughter Amber 

Elliott again chooses the outside groove for the double-file restart. 
It will be a complete restart back to the lap 100 break because the field did not complete a lap. 
There was some contact between Kyle McCallum and Wragg that initiated the spin. 
Wragg has some damage to the right-front of his car after contact with the outside wall. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 100: Before the field could complete the lap, Matthew Wragg gets spun in turn three. 
GREEN FLAG: Good start for Elliott, who clears Robbins by turn one. 
Doubled up for the restart. Elliott chooses the high side. 
Kyle Plott will get his second free pass, which will put him back on the lead lap. 
Fifteen of the original 18 starters remain on the track. Josh Adkins, Anderson Bowen and Dalton Grindle are all out of the race. 
The engines have re-fired and all cars were in line, so there are no penalties for not answering the call at the end of the break. 
Elliott still has sticker tires left. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars are starting to roll back to the grid as there’s only a couple minutes left in the break. 
Russell Fleeman took stickers while Augie Grill is on old rubber. 
Halfway through this break, five minutes in and five minutes left. 
Garrett Jones took sticker tires. 
Elliott’s team is now swapping right sides front to back. 
Pollard put his old set back on after scuffing his stickers. 
Hunter Robbins gets four fresh tires.
Chase Elliott on pit road.
The procedure was that any car that did not pit at this halfway break could start ahead of those who do pit, but there were no takers. 
The 10-minute break is underway. Every car came to pit road. 

1 Chase Elliott
2 Hunter Robbins
3 Augie Grill
4 Garrett Jones
5 Russell Fleeman
6 Alex Guenette
7 Fredrick Moore
8 Kyle McCallum
9 Bubba Pollard
10 Rodney Benefield
11 Kyle Plott (-1)
12 Matthew Wragg (-1)
13 Michael Lance (-4)
14 Kevin Herbert (-6)
15 Colt James (-7)
16 Josh Adkins (-27)
17 Anderson Bowen (-30)
18 Dalton Grindle (-85)

YELLOW FLAG Lap 100: 10 minute break upcoming. 
Lap 98: Elliott is checking out up front. Fleeman is trying to take a look on Jones for fourth. 
Lap 93: Pollard up to ninth past Benefield. Those are the last two on the lead lap. Kyle Plott runs 11th, one lap down. 
Lap 90: Elliott leads Robbins by four car lengths. Grill is on Robbins’ back bumper for second. 
The clouds have begun to block the sun and it’s getting noticeably darker behind turn four. There is weather approaching, so perhaps there’s some strategy involved with Pollard’s early tire change. 
Lap 85, 15 to the break. Elliott leads Robbins, Grill, Jones and Fleeman in the top five. Then Guenette, Moore, McCallum, Benefield and Pollard sixth through 10th. 
Pollard restarted 10th on the restart, the last car on the lead lap. 
GREEN FLAG: Elliott holds the lead on the outside with Robbins tucking into second. Augie Grill is third with Garrett Jones and Russell Fleeman behind. 
Elliott picks the outside lane for the restart. 
Green will come on lap 82. 
Doubled-up for the restart. 
The end of the day for Bowen. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Aarons greenville sc 

New leader #9 

Working lap 80 under caution. 
Pollard back to pit road. This time it’s left-side tires. 
Bubba Pollard pits on lap 77. (Speed51.com Photo)
Right side tire change for Pollard. The car initially fell off the jack, but the crew recovered to get the tires changed and the 42 off pit road to stay on the lead lap. 
Bubba Pollard comes to pit road under this caution. 
Comment From Lenny 

tough break for Bowen,such a talented driver 

That’s correct. He’s in the Mississippi Bragg family’s No. 22. 
Bowen said the car was driving fine and there was no sign of a problem. This is a tough one to swallow and being so strong today. 
Comment From Guest 

augie not in his car the 112 

Kyle Plott was scored the first car down laps at the time of the caution, so he’ll get one of his two laps back. 
That will give Elliott the lead over Pollard, Robbins, Jones and Grill in the top five. Sixth through 10th will be Fleeman, Guenette, Moore, McCallum and Benefield. 
There has been a significant amount of oil-dry dropped all around the track. 
Window net is down and Bowen is done for the day. 
Getting reports the Bowen car has cracked an oil pan. 
Leader on pit road.
Bowen’s crew started by looking beneath the rear of the 29, but now have switched their attention to beneath the hood on pit road. 
Strategy begins to play out. Leader Anderson Bowen is headed onto pit road. So does Rodney Benefield and Josh Adkins 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 68: Matthew Wragg goes for a loop in turn four. 
Lap 68: Colt James comes to pit road. 
Lap 66: Robbins is looking both high and low on Bubba Pollard in a battle for fourth. 
Lap 61: Bowen leads by 15 car lengths on Elliott. Pollard is on Elliott’s back bumper in third. Fourth is Robbins and Grill is fifth, but under attack from Garrett Jones. Then it’s Fleeman, Guenette, Moore and Wragg back to 10th. 
Michael Lance leaving pit road. The left rear was cut down. (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott, who rides second, won a Dirt Late Model feature last night at Tri-County Race Track, a dirt track just across the Georgia border in Western North Carolina. 
There’s damage to the left-rear of Lance’s car. 
Lap 53: Michael Lance got way out of the groove and may have slapped the outside wall. He’s crawling down the back stretch and makes a hard turn to pit road. 
Lap 49: Bowen gets inside Robbins and takes the lead off turn four. Pollard and Elliott follow on the inside groove, knocking Robbins back to fourth. 
There was no free pass on that first yellow because the only car eligible, Kevin Herbert, was the cause of the yellow. 
Lap 47: Bowen clears Pollard and continues in second. Then it’s Pollard, Elliott, Grill and Jones back to sixth. 
GREEN FLAG: Robbins holds the lead, but Pollard has used the inside to get to along side Bowen for second. 
Plott’s crew had to use some bungee cords to fix minor damage in the nose. 
Plott lost two laps in the pits. 
Doubled-up for the restart. 
As they run under yellow

1 Robbins
2 Bowen
3 Pollard
4 Elliott
5 Fleeman
6 Grill
7 Fleeman
8 Lance
9 Guenette
10 Moore
11 Wragg
12 McCallum
13 Adkins
14 James
15 Benefield
16 Plott
17 Herbert
18 Grindle

Kyle Plott comes to pit road and his crew is looking at the left-front. His crew is primarily just his dad Alan and littler brother Kason. Some of the Fleeman Racing crew are also assisting. Plott has been racing under the tutelage of Russell Fleeman this season. 
Rodney Bennefield’s team adjusts the right front. (Speed51.com Photo)
Colt James needed a chassis adjustment. (Speed51.com Photo)
James’ car is having a hard time re-firing, but was able to get rolling before losing a lap. 
Tape was removed from the grille of James’ car and crew members are looking under the right-rear. Benefield’s team is making an adjustment to the right-front. 
A few cars are lined up to head to pit road under this caution period. Colt James and Rodney Benefield are headed to the attention of their crews. 
Kyle McCallum pits before pit road was opened and will receive a penalty. 
Comment From Aarons greenville sc 

Let’s go Chase…… 

YELLOW FLAG Lap 37: Kevin Herbert spins all by himself in turn two. 
Lap 35: Hunter Robbins continues to lead by a couple car lengths on Bowen. They have about a half-straight away lead on Pollard, Elliott and Jones who run third through fifth. Then it’s Plott up to sixth, Grill in seventh, Fleeman in eighth, Lance in ninth and Guenette in 10th. 
Behind Elliott and Pollard is 13-year-old Garrett Jones. Undoubtedly the youngster is learning as much as possible by running behind the two Southeastern Late Model dominators ahead of him. 
Grindle is out with engine trouble. 
Lap 28: Elliott is taking a look on Bubba Pollard for third, but hasn’t quite gotten the run he needs to make a pass. 
Lap 26: Plott clears Grill and now runs seventh. Michael Lance is two car lengths ahead of him in sixth. 
Lap 25: Kevin Herbert loses a lap to the leaders. 
Lap 23: Plott is putting pressure on the back bumper of Grill for the seventh spot. Some contact in turns three and four opened the door for Plott to get inside Grill in turns one and two. 
Lap 20: Robbins continues to show the way over Bowen by two car lengths. Pollard, Elliott, Jones, Lance, Grill, Plott and Fleeman all ride behind the top two, separated by about a car length in between each of them. 
Grindle’s crew takes a look under the hood. 
Lap 16: Dalton Grindle slows and brings his car to pit road. 
Lap 13: The field is completely single file back to a battle for 16th. There, Grindle has passed Wragg on the inside groove. 
Lap 10
1. Robbins
2. Bowen
3. Pollard
4. Elliott
5. Jones
6. Lance
7. Grill
8. Plott
9. Fleeman
10. Guenette 
Up front, Robbins leads Bowen by two car lengths. Third through fifth, Pollard, Elliott and Jones, are about 12 car lengths behind the top two. 
Lap 7: Elliott to the inside of Garrett Jones for fourth. He completes the pass in turn four. 
Elliott clears Lance and makes it to fifth. Lance back to sixth and Augie Grill is putting a move on Russell Fleeman for seventh. 
Lap 3: Single file for the first few spots, but Chase Elliott has Michael Lance up for the fifth spot. 
Lap 1: Robbins leads Bowen, who has Pollard peeking on the outside. 
GREEN FLAG: Good start for Robbins to clear Bowen in turn one. 
One lap to green. 
We will see pit stops later tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
Pace laps are underway. The drivers have waved to the crowd and the crowd has reciprocated. 
Today’s Trackside Now coverage is presented on Speed51.com by April 6th’s Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco season opener at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee.

“Old School” is the approach the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is taking in their debut season of 2013. The 16-race slate brings together five racetracks in four different states and will include such legendary races as the World Crown 300 and the All American 400. Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway and Montgomery Motor Speedway, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park and Tennessee’s Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville make up the facilities that some of the best Super Late Model racers will compete on with the series this coming year.

The inaugural season’s opener comes on Saturday, April 6th at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. Some of the top names in short track racing from around the country are already signed up for the event. For more details on this event and a current entry list visit www.southernsuperseries.com

Tonight’s winner will earn $7,500. 
Today’s race is 198 laps run in two segments.

Segment 1: 100 laps, cautions count. You can lose a lap in the pits. After 100 total laps are completed, caution will come out and the lap count freezes. Pits will then open. 10 minute break to do whatever you can do on a normal pit stop. If a driver chooses not to pit at the break, he or she will move to the front of the field on the restart. Cars that do pit will restart in the order they were running at the time of the break, but behind the cars that do not pit. If caution comes out with five laps to go or less in the first segment, that will be considered the break.

The laps not run in the first 100-lap segment due to an early break in this instance will be added to the total of the second segment to equal 198 laps.

Segment 2: Scheduled for 98 laps. Green flag laps only will be scored. 

Engines have fired and the field will begin pace laps. 

1 18 – Hunter Robbins
2 29B – Anderson Bowen
3 88 – Garrett Jones
4 42 – Bubba Pollard
5 9 – Chase Elliott
6 04 – Michael Lance
7 4 – Kyle Plott
8 98 – Russell Fleeman
9 39 – Alex Guenette
10 22A – Augie Grill
11 15 – Colt James
12 36 – Rodney Benefield
13 2 – Kyle McCallum
14 30 – Fredrick Moore
15 23 – Dalton Grindle
16 1 – Josh Adkins
17 29 – Matthew Wragg
18 22 – Kevin Herbert

Bryan Beckner won the Renegades feature. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jeff Chadwick scores the win. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Lenny 

Congrats to Chadwick on the win 

NASCAR champion Bill Elliott is on hand and will be spotting for his son Chase in the PLM feature. 
The Pro Late Model feature is up next. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Jeff Chadwick wins the Sportsman division feature over Jackie Daniel. Bryan Beckner was third overall, but was the winner of the Renegades feature over Rob Hubbard. 
WHITE FLAG: Chadwick leads by about 10 car lengths on Daniel. 
Two laps to go for Chadwick. 
Lap 14: Chadwick and Daniel lap the Renegades of Beckner and Hubbard again. Beckner leads Hubbard by about five car lengths for the Renegade divisional win. 
Lap 12: Chadwick still leads Daniel by about three car lengths. 
Lap 6: Chadwick and Daniel put Beckner and Hubbard down a lap. Chadwick and Daniel are both Sportsman-classified cars, while Beckner and Hubbard are Renegades. 
Lap 5: Chadwick leads with Daniel two car lengths back. Third and fourth are about to be lapped. 
GREEN FLAG: Jeff Chadwick pulls out to an early lead over Jackie Daniel. Beckner and Hubbard are a distant third and fourth after a lap. 
Late Model drivers are strapping into their cars. 
1. Jeff Chadwick
2. Bryan Beckner
3. Rob Hubbard
4. Jackie Daniel
The Sportsman/Renegade feature is next up. This race will be 20 laps or 15 minutes. 
Spanky Hicks talks to the crowd in victory lane. He is the Mini Stock winner. (Speed51.com Photo)
Twelve laps were completed of the originally-scheduled 25 due to the 20-minute time limit. 

1. Spanky Hicks
2. Scotty Beck
3. Avery Burgess
4. Dion Ciccarelli
5. Aaron Calvert
6. Bill George (-2)
7. Erik Czechowski (-2)
8. Trace Embry (-9)
9. Zack Minielly (-9) 

CHECKERED FLAG: Spanky Hicks wins the first Mini Stock feature of the season here at GMP over Scotty Beck and Avery Burgess. 
WHITE FLAG for Hicks. 
GREEN FLAG: Hicks gets the lead from Beck on the restart. Burgess shoots up to third. 
Now a fifth car, Burgess, returns from pits just in time for the restart. 
The 20-minute time limit has been surpassed, so when we get the green, there will be a green-white-checkered restart to settle this Mini Stock feature. 
Only four of the nine starters are on track. 
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YELLOW FLAG Lap 11: Burgess gets turned after some contact with Hicks in turn one. 
Lap 10: Still side-by-side for the lead as Burgess is inside Hicks. 
Lap 8: Burgess shoots underneath Hicks at the stripe for the lead. 
GREEN FLAG: Hicks gets away on the start, but Burgess is not letting him check out too far. 
The time limit has been extended from 15 to 20 minutes. There are about five minutes left or 18 laps, whichever comes first. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 7: Calvert, who had been backsliding after a battle for the lead, went around in turn one after some contact with Scotty Beck. 
Lap 8: Hicks has cleared Burgess for the lead. 
GREEN FLAG: Hicks and Calvert run side-by-side for a full lap. At the stripe it’s Hicks by inches. 
Now back under caution. As they run:
1. Hicks
2. Calvert
3. Burgess
4. Ciccarelli
5. Beck 
The field is under RED FLAG conditions for the cleanup. 
Under caution, a fire erupted beneath the hood of the 21 of Zack Minielly. Minielly climbed out from the car unscathed in turn two as it was engulfed in flames. 
Fire in the mini stock race. (Speed51.com Photo)
YELLOW FLAG Lap 3: Fast-timer Trace Embry slaps the turn two wall 
GREEN FLAG: Spanky Hicks holds the lead on the start. 

1. 0 Spanky Hicks
2. 4B Avery Burgess
3. 01 Aaron Calvert
4. 9 Trace Embry
5. 81 Dion Ciccarelli
6. 6 Bill George
7. 25 Scotty Beck
8. 21 Zack Minielly
9. 33 Erick Czechwoski 

Feature racing is about to begin with the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. 
Late Models will go off third. (Speed51.com Photo)
Yes, the Truck and the Outlaw Late Model features will follow the PLM race. 
Comment From sportsman12 

trucks run tonight too right? 

We have just gotten word that the schedule will go as following:
Mini Stock: 25 Laps or 15 Minutes
Sportsman/Renegade – 20 Laps or 15 Minutes
Pro Late Model Race 198 Laps

This is an adjustment to the previous update that we had just about and hour ago. We are expecting a green flag at 6pm ET. 

Late Model teams are getting their pit carts into place right now for the feature event. 
All the Easter eggs and other goodies have been collected and the fans are headed back to the grandstands. Opening ceremonies will begin at 5pm. 
Kids hustle to get the loot. (Speed51.com photo)
A helicopter drops goodies for kids to grab. (Speed51.com photo)
Now a track official has hopped on board a helicopter and is dropping plastic easter eggs and more goodies for kids to start collecting during the annual “Easter Egg Drop” here at the track. 
Hunter Robbins told 51 he was pleased with the run as they picked up a bunch more then expect after practice. He also said he was pumped to run a race in dusk time conditions. 

1 18 – Hunter Robbins 16.758
2 29B – Anderson Bowen 16.789
3 88 – Garrett Jones 16.874
4 42 – Bubba Pollard 16.887
5 9 – Chase Elliott 16.936
6 04 – Michael Lance 16.963
7 4 – Kyle Plott 16.974
8 98 – Russell Fleeman 16.975
9 39 – Alex Guenette 16.979
10 22A – Augie Grill 17.035
11 15 – Colt James 17.040
12 36 – Rodney Benefield 17.150
13 2 – Kyle McCallum 17.164
14 30 – Fredrick Moore 17.167
15 23 – Dalton Grindle 17.253
16 1 – Josh Adkins 17.282
17 29 – Matthew Wragg 17.318
18 22 – Kevin Herbert 17.457

The fastest man in town. (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying is now complete. Hunter Robbins has set fast time for tonight’s 198-lap feature over Anderson Bowen, Garrett Jones, Bubba Pollard and Chase Elliott 
23 – Dalton Grindle
Lap 1: 17.266
Lap 2: 17.253
Best Lap: 17.253
Position: 15th
29 – Anderson Bowen
Lap 1: 16.789
Lap 2: 16.898
Best Lap: 16.789
Position: 2nd
98 – Russell Fleeman
Lap 1: 16.975
Lap 2: 17.076
Best Lap: 16.975
Position: 7th
Bubba Pollard and Augie Grill watch the board. (Speed51.com Photo)
4 – Kyle Plott
Lap 1: 16.974
Lap 2: 16.980
Best Lap: 16.974
Position: 6th
15 – Colt James
Lap 1: 17.040
Lap 2: 17.112
Best Lap: 17.040
Position: 8th
Anderson Bowen is the next to last one to go out. (Speed51.com Photo)
2 – Kyle McCallum
Lap 1: 17.164
Lap 2: 17.180
Best Lap: 17.164
Position: 9th
Russell Fleeman has been quick this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
18 – Hunter Robbins
Lap 1: 16.758
Lap 2: 16.825
Best Lap: 16.758
Position: 1st
39 – Alex Guenette
Lap 1: 16.979
Lap 2: 17.045
Best Lap: 16.979
Position: 5th
Kyle Plott gets set to go. (Speed51.com Photo)
04 – Michael Lance
Lap 1: 17.035
Lap 2: 16.963
Best Lap: 16.963
Position: 4th
88 – Garrett Jones
Lap 1: 16.874
Lap 2: 16.996
Best Lap: 16.874
Position: 1st
36 – Rodney Benefield
Lap 1: 17.150
Lap 2: 17.239
Best Lap: 17.150
Position: 4th
29 – Matthew Wragg
Lap 1: 17.363
Lap 2: 17.318
Best Lap: 17.318
Position: 6th
30 – Fredrick Moore
Lap 1: 17.286
Lap 2: 17.167
Best Lap: 17.167
Position: 4th
Rodney Benefield watches the score board. (Speed51.com Photo)
42 – Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 16.887
Lap 2: 16.900
Best Lap: 16.887
Position: 1st
1 – Josh Adkins
Lap 1: 17.388
Lap 2: 17.282
Best Lap: 17.282
Position: 3rd
Bubba Pollard is the track record holder. (Speed51.com Photo)
9 – Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 17.019
Lap 2: 16.936
Best Lap: 16.936
Position: 1st
22 – Kevin Herbert
Lap 1: 17.457
Lap 2: 17.749
Best Lap: 17.457
Position: 2nd
Josh Adkins will be out soon. (Speed51.com Photo)
22 – Augie Grill
Lap 1: 17.035
Lap 2: 17.086
Best Lap: 17.035
Position: 1st
Garrett Jones is already in his car. He goes out ninth. (Speed51.com Photo)
Augie Grill, the first car out for qualifying, has rolled off pit road and we’re ready for Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 qualifying. 
Noted race director Dan Spence, who has held that position at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile International Speedway in Alabama, is the race director for today’s race and every race here at GMP this season. Spence will also be the race director for the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Spence, as well. This May, he will celebrate his retirement from the teaching profession, allowing him to spend even more time at racetracks in the future. 

Colt James enjoys a drink before Tim trials. (Speed51.com Photo$
Timing and scoring officials are in place and qualifying should begin any moment now. 
Chase Elliott pushes his car up on line. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Bowen family relaxes for a few minutes before time trials. (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying is set for about 15 minutes from now for the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198. 
The cars are about ready for qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
To reiterate, the Pro Late Model race is now second on the feature event schedule. 
Confirmed with track officials: Mini Stocks will have their feature first at 5pm, followed by the 198-lap Pro Late Model race. The remaining features will all take place after the PLM event. 
Earlier in the day, we spoke with track officials about tonight’s feature schedule. Officials had a contingency plan to move the Pro Late Model feature up in the race schedule should a potential for foul weather creep into the picture. Drivers are now confirming to us that the schedule has been altered to make the PLM race the first feature at 5pm ET. We’ll confirm that with track officials ASAP and relay it here. 
The Southern Superstars Early Bird 100, the second part of today’s doubleheader, at Sayre Speedway (AL) has been postponed to April 13th due to weather. Pit gates will open at 1pm on the the 13th with practice at 3pm, qualifying at 6pm and racing at 8pm. 
Michael Lance could be a sleeper here today. He’s got two Pro Late Models wins at this track. (Speed51.com Photo)
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That concludes all practice and the qualifying sessions for the local divisions. Next up is qualifying for the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 at 3:45pm ET. We’re going to take a quick lunch break and will be back with more coverage here on 51 shortly.

In the meantime, click on this link to open the browser window for when 51’s live Trackside Now coverage begins from Sayre Speedway in Alabama for the traditional Early Bird 100 event for the Southern Super Stars Short Track Series. Coverage from Sayre is presented by Hamner Racing Engines and will begin in about an hour or so.

Also, to get a gauge of what the late Larry Fleeman meant to the racing scene in Central Georgia and to his son Russell, click on this link for a recent story on Speed51.com:


1 9 – Trace Embry 20.941
2 01 – Aaron Calvert 20.957
3 0 – Spanky Hicks 20.993
4 4B – Avery Burgess 21.105
5 81 – Dion Ciccarelli 21.218
6 33 – Erik Czechowski 22.964
7 21 – Zack Minielly 23.336
8 6 – Bill George 24.421

Dalton Grindle has the cover taped down to keep the heat out of the inside. Lots of sun out here this afternoon. (Speed51.com Photo)
We spoke to Colt James who is looking at a lot of options for his 2013 racing schedule. He has some JEGS CRA races circled and hopes to make the big I-44 Master of the Pros event. 
Trace Embry has been the quickest Mini Stock on track so far in that division’s qualifying session. 
The UARA-STARS Late Model Series and the Frank Kimmel Street Stock Nationals (FKSSN) will join the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for the North Carolina Education Lottery 200 at The Rock presented by Cheerwine April 12, 13 and 14. UARA and FKSSN will be competing on Saturday, April 13 in the Fast Track High Performance Driving School 175 , with qualifying on Friday, April 12. The NCWTS will practice on Saturday with qualifying and racing on Sunday, April 14. For tickets and more information, visit www.rockinghamspeedway.com
Fans in the area planning to come to GMP tonight, be sure to get here early and if you’re on the fence on whether to come to the track, you won’t want to miss out on some special features. Later today is the fourth-annual Helicopter Easter Egg drop for the kids. The Easter Egg Drop will begin at 4:15 pm – don’t be late or you could miss all of the excitement, candy and prizes.

An Easter Egg drop would not be complete without the Easter Bunny, who will be here later as well. And if the Easter Bunny isn’t enough, Andy the Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse will also be making an appearance. 

Setting fast time today will reward the quickest driver with this pit stall. The order will be set by qualification and the open spot in front of this box could be the difference in winning and running second. (Speed51.com Photo)

1 20 – Jeff Chadwick 19.135
2 29 – Bryan Beckner 21.916
3 19 – Rob Hubbard 22.238

The nose is all blocked off for a qualifying run for Bubba Pollard. He is the Pro Late Model track record holder. We asked him if that will fall today and he jokingly said heck no. the track had a lot less grip then when Pollard set the record. (S
Not today. We were told by folks in the pit area that Garvey’s Tracy Goodson-owned race team will be focusing mostly on their Super Late Model efforts in 2013 and scaling back their PLM efforts, but that has not been confirmed yet by the team. 
Comment From Jeremy 

No mike Gravey 

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1 69 – Matt Vassar 19.424
2 21 – Emilee Riley 19.446
3 44 – Kevin Vassar 19.520
4 47 – Jami Weimer 20.050
5 32 – Matt Wortman 20.275
6 98 – Taylor Dorner 22.209
7 5 – Ronnie Welhunt No Time

Truck qualifying is complete and Matt Vassar finished with the quickest lap. 
Assisting Augie Grill’s effort today is Doug Chouinard, who spent much of the past two seasons as a crew member on Corey LaJoie’s NASCAR K&N Pro Series East efforts and is currently the crew chief for Brian Loftin on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. 
Billy Fulson works inside the Hunter Robbins car. (Speed51.com Photo)
Many of today’s entrants will also be competing in the April 27 Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco race here at GMP, as well as the season-opening race April 6 at Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway. Bubba Pollard, Augie Grill, Anderson Bowen and more will all be a part of the first Southern Super Series races of the 2013 season. Check out the full entry list for the SSS race at Nashville next weekend now on www.southernsuperseries.com
Fredrick Moore pushes the 30 car to the tech line. (Speed51.com Photo)
Saturday, April 27, the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco will make their first of three stops on the year here at Gresham Motorsports Park for the Racing Radios 125 presented by Schoenfeld Headers. Fans attending that event will have the opportunity to meet Mark, Jeff, Lance and Mike from the hit television show “Moonshiners.” For more information on this event, visit www.racegmp.com
Trucks are out next for their qualifying session. 
Russell Fleeman (left) gets the 98 team ready for the tech line. (Speed51.com Photo)

1 98 – Russell Fleeman 17.500
2 2 – Todd Vanderford 17.712
3 85 – Hoyt Stephens 17.857
4 10 – Brian Hardman 17.898
5 22 – Jason Bates 18.064
6 35 – David Murphy 18.076
7 87 – Russell Shore 18.177
8 36 – Chad Hoopaugh 18.332

Fleeman finished the Outlaw Late Model qualifying round with the fastest time. 
It’s a beautiful day here at GMP. Temperatures are climbing through the 60’s and are expected to climb a bit more and into the 70’s. The sun is shining brightly overhead on this pristine facility and it should be a fantastic afternoon and evening of racing here at GMP. Fans are already starting to find their place at the trackside parking spots right next to the racing surface to get ready for all the action. 
The highly-anticipated start of the 2013 CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is rapidly approaching. On Saturday, April 6, the excitement will come to a head when the series kicks off the new season with the Pee Dee 250 presented by X-1R at Dillon Motor Speedway in South Carolina. The April 6th event marks the season opening race for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series, and will set the stage for a fourteen race schedule set to take place in 2013. South Carolina native Gus Dean along with veterans Rusty Skewes, Bill Plemons, and 2012 series champion JP Morgan have all filed entrees for the upcoming 250 lap event. In addition, four time series champion Clay Rogers has also filed his entry for the event driving for L & R Racing. For more information on the Pee Dee 250 or the X-1R Pro Cup Series, visit www.x1rprocup.com
We have a strong group of support division drivers here today. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Outlaw Late Models are out first for their European-style Qualifying session. Russell Fleeman has set the fastest lap time so far, nearly two-tenths of a second quicker than second-place Todd Vanderford 
For you fans of the NASCAR Nationwide Series, you’ll probably recognize the name Dion Ciccarelli in the Mini Stock class. Ciccarelli is a veteran of the Nationwide Series, ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards and the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. Ciccarelli is a Maryland native now living in South Carolina who races strictly for fun these days. 
Crew Chief Joey Clanton does some cleaning on the Anderson Bowen machine. (Speed51.com Photo)

1 01 – Aaron Calvert 20.853
2 0 – Spanky Hicks 20.895
3 4B – Avery Burgess 21.160
4 81 – Dion Ciccarelli 21.546
5 25 – Scotty Beck 21.653
6 6 – Bill George 22.843
7 33 – Eric Czechowski 23.527
8 21 – Zack Minielly 24.082

Later today the question will be when to take tires in the Fleeman Memorial. (Speed51.com Photo)
Mini Stock practice is over. Now the local divisions will have their European-style Qualifying sessions. All cars that hit the track will have their fastest laps count as their qualifying laps. The starting lineup for each division’s feature will be set based on these sessions’ results. 
It’s the first major Outlaw Super Late Model race of the 2013 season…it’s the Intimidator 100 at historic Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Some of the top names in Outlaw Super Late Model racing will converge on one of the tracks best known for these sleek-bodied machines on opening night for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at Kalamazoo. Also on the card will be Kalamazoo’s Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks and Cyber Stocks. For more details, visit www.kalamazoospeedway.com
The crew for the Chase Elliott machine looks things over. (Speed51.com Photo)
Pre qualifying work is taking place on 15 if Colt James. He was second here in the World Crown 300 a few years back. (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s Trackside Now coverage is presented on Speed51.com by April 6th’s Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco season opener at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee.

“Old School” is the approach the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is taking in their debut season of 2013. The 16-race slate brings together five racetracks in four different states and will include such legendary races as the World Crown 300 and the All American 400. Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway and Montgomery Motor Speedway, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park and Tennessee’s Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville make up the facilities that some of the best Super Late Model racers will compete on with the series this coming year.

The inaugural season’s opener comes on Saturday, April 6th at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. Some of the top names in short track racing from around the country are already signed up for the event. For more details on this event and a current entry list visit www.southernsuperseries.com

A healthy field of Mini Stocks are now on track for their first practice round. 

1 20 – Jeff Chadwick 19.317
2 07 – Jackie Daniel 19.512
3 29 – Bryan Beckner 22.473

A combined session for the Sportsman and Renegades is on track. Three cars have hit the half-mile so far. 

1 21 – Emilee Riley 19.431
2 69 – Matt Vassar 19.452
3 44 – Kevin Vassar 19.716
4 5 – Ronnie Wehunt 20.047
5 32 – Matt Wortman 20.708

The cars and stars of the ARCA/CRA Super Series are set to kick off an exciting 2013 season in just a few short weeks at one of the toughest racetracks in the country. The 2013 ARCA/CRA Super Series season will start at the quarter-mile Anderson Speedway in Indiana on Saturday, April 13. The short track gladiators of the ARCA/CRA Super Series will battle for 125 laps in one of the most anticipated early-season Super Late Model events, the Anderson 125. For more details, entry forms for racers and more, visit www.cra-racing.com
Trucks are out on the track. Emilee Riley, who is suffering through a 102-degree fever today according to track officials, is atop the time charts over Matt Vassar and Kevin Vassar. 

1 98 – Russell Fleeman 17.694
2 10 – Brian Hardman 17.731
3 2 – Todd Vanderford 17.741
4 22 – Jason Bates 18.018
5 85 – Hoyt Stephens 18.023
6 35 – David Murphy 18.186
7 87 – Russell Shore 18.307
8 36 – Chad Hoopaugh 18.693

The Outlaw Late Models have completed their first practice session. Pro Late Model regular Russell Fleeman, the winner of this event’s Outlaw feature last year, was quickest. 

Speed51.com is proud to welcome Missouri’s only asphalt short track, Lebanon I-44 Speedway, to its industry-leading list of track and series partnerships in which 51 will be covering events in 2013. Lebanon I-44 is gearing up for the Mercy Masters of the Pros 144 JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour event on Saturday, May 18. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series weekly track will also host the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West on June 9. For more information on Lebanon I-44 Speedway, visit www.i44speedway.net

Speed51.com would like to thank all of its loyal partners for their support of 51’s coverage at tracks throughout North America. We appreciate the advertisers, tracks and series that allow 51 to bring the most professional and comprehensive short track coverage to fans across the world. 

Kyle Plott will be a regular this year in Pro Late Models. (Speed51.com Photo)
Outlaw Late Models are now on track for practice. Russell Fleeman is atop the boards after eight cars have been on track. 
FINAL PLM PRACTICE RESULTS (Final 30 Minute Session)

1 29B – Anderson Bowen 16.813
2 39 – Alex Guenette 17.018
3 18 – Hunter Robbins 17.065
4 15 – Colt James 17.105
5 04 – Michael Lance 17.111
6 9 – Chase Elliott 17.122
7 22A – Augie Grill 17.155
8 98 – Russell Fleeman 17.158
9 4 – Kyle Plott 17.261
10 36 – Rodney Benefield 17.403
11 88 – Garrett Jones 17.444
12 29 – Matthew Wragg 17.459
13 1 – Josh Adkins 17.464
14 22 – Kevin Herbert 17.921

Russell Fleeman is doing double duty today. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice is now complete for the Pro Late Models. Anderson Bowen finished atop the board in the final session with the quickest lap of the day, 16.813. That’s an average of just north of 107mph. 
It’s the most prestigious Outlaw Super Late Model event in the country and it’s back for a 21st time at Michigan’s Kalamazoo Speedway…it’s the Kalamazoo Klash! The Klash brings in the best Outlaw talents from the Midwest plus invaders from all around the country to battle in the event that annually packs the Kalamazoo Speedway grandstands. For more on the Kalamazoo Klash XXI, visit www.kalamazoospeedway.com
Just a few minutes left in practice. Bowen still is P1, but Alex Guenette has shot up to second. 
Colt James and Matthew Wragg are on track making their final runs of the day with just about 10 minutes left in practice. 
Bubba Pollard won here back in 2008 in the 42 machine. (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard has won at Gresham Motorsports Park and Peach State Speedway in the numbers 18, 26, and 42. Pollard didn’t believe that he had won here in the number 42, but a quick check of the records shows that he did. 
Kyle McCallum roars down the backstretch. (Speed51.com photo)
Fifteen minutes left in practice. Anderson Bowen is now quickest over Augie Grill, Russell Fleeman, Michael Lance and Chase Elliott 
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Back under green and Michael Lance is the quickest of the eight cars that have been on track so far in this third and final practice session. 
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He didn’t hit anything and has driven away. 
The 22 of Kevin Herbert spins in turn four. The yellow flag is out. 

1 9 – Chase Elliott 16.982
2 18 – Hunter Robbins 17.007
3 42 – Bubba Pollard 17.014
4 15 – Colt James 17.078
5 98 – Russell Fleeman 17.080
6 4 – Kyle Plott 17.103
7 04 – Michael Lance 17.147
8 23 – Dalton Grindle 17.189
9 36 – Rodney Benefield 17.389
10 1 – Josh Adkins 17.454
11 88 – Garrett Jones 17.477
12 29 – Matthew Wragg 17.715

The second half-hour of practice is complete. Elliott was quickest over Robbins and Pollard. 
By a short search of 100 lappers and World Crowns here Paul Kelley has 10 wins at this track. 
We have talked a bunch about those who have won on the GMP surface, but guys like Fredrick Moore have done a lot on the old surface. Moore won five times here in the Georgia Asphalt Series and that includes the World Crown 300. 
Matthew Wragg at speed. (Speed51.com photo)
Yesterday, Russell Fleeman gave Speed51.com a few laps with our camera inside his US Auto Sales No. 98 during practice for the latest installment of “Speed51.com On Track.” Ride along with Russell during a quick session on the track here at GMP.

Elliott is atop the board 7 minutes into this second round over Pollard, Fleeman, Lance and Grindle in the top five. 
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Practice lap times are being split on the timing system by 30-minute increments. So far in this second round, Chase Elliott is atop the board with the second lap of the day in the 16-second bracket, 16.982. 
Bubba Pollard at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Late Models are back on the track for practice. 

1 29A – Anderson Bowen 16.819
2 9 – Chase Elliott 17.008
3 18 – Hunter Robbins 17.037
4 98 – Russell Fleeman 17.055
5 42 – Bubba Pollard 17.059
6 22A – Augie Grill 17.085
7 39 – Alex Guenette 17.146
8 15 – Colt James 17.164
9 2 – Kyle McCallum 17.200
10 04 – Michael Lance 17.212
11 23 – Dalton Grindle 17.260
12 30 – Fredrick Moore 17.286
13 88 – Garrett Jones 17.350
14 36 – Rodney Benefield 17.431
15 29 – Matthew Wragg 17.569
16 1 – Josh Adkins 17.727
17 22 – Kevin Herbert 17.887

A little more than 30-minutes into practice, Bowen still tops the board over Elliott, Robbins, Fleeman, Pollard in the top five. Sixth through 10th are Augie Grill, Alex Guenette, Colt James, Kyle McCallum and Michael Lance. 
It’s an unprecedented triple-header of Super Late Model action North of the Border in 2013…the Autobus La Quebecois Triple Crown at the Autodrome Chaudiere in Valley Junction, Quebec in 2013. The Autobus La Quebecois Triple Crown will pit the best Super Late Model drivers from across North America in a series of three events with a purse totaling $135,000. And, as an added bonus, drivers who compete in all three Triple Crown events will vie for their share of a bonus points fund totaling $30,000. Round 1 will be a 150 lapper on May 18, 2013 and will double as the Autodrome Chaudiere season opener. Round 2 will be staged on August 6, 2013 and will feature NASCAR star Kyle Busch competing at Chaudiere. The final round will be a 200 lap race on September 7, 2013. It will be pay $10,000 to win and will pay $100 per lap to the race leader, a total of $20,000 in guaranteed lap leader money.

For more details, visit www.autodromechaudiere.com

Anderson Bowen has gone to the top of the speed chart, becoming the first driver in the 16-second bracket with a 16.819. 
Sixteen cars have been on track. Elliott is still atop the board 20 minutes into this session.

1. 9 – Chase Elliott – 17.017
2. 18 – Hunter Robbins – 17.037
3. 98 – Russell Fleeman – 17.055
4. 42 – Bubba Pollard – 17.059
5. 22 – Augie Grill – 17.105 

Chase Elliott leads practice here after the first 25 minutes. (Speed51.com Photo)
One of the most prestigious Super Late Model events in the country celebrates its 30th running in 2013. It’s the World Crown 300 at Jefferson, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park. The World Crown winners’ list reads like a who’s-who in short track racing and drivers from throughout the country will try to etch their name into World Crown history on July 4 in the 30th annual running of the 300-lap event. For more details on the 30th Annual World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park, visit www.racegmp.com
If you missed any of yesterday’s Trackside Now coverage of the LFM198 practice day, re-play 51’s coverage:


The Pro Late Model track record at GMP is 16.306, set by Bubba Pollard in November of 2010. 
Sixteen cars now have been on track. Chase Elliott has shot to P1 with a lap of 17.017. 
Anderson Bowen has been quick so far in practice. (Speed51.com photo)
In June of 1953, Herb Thomas spoiled a dominant effort by Lee Petty to win a race in the series now known as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at a newly-opened Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.

Now nearly 60 years later, NASCAR racing will be back at Five Flags.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first-ever NASCAR event held at Five Flags, the legendary half-mile track will see the debut of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East at the track April 12 and 13. See all the rising stars of NASCAR racing at Five Flags for the first time ever in the NAPA 150. Advanced reserved tickets are now available by calling the Five Flags Speedway box office at 850-944-8400 and more information can be found on www.5flagsspeedway.com

Anderson Bowen has rocketed to the top of the chart so far, five minutes into this 90-minute practice session. 
Unfortunately no, but we at 51 certainly are sending well-wishes today to the Senter family. RS’s father Richard suffered a medical emergency earlier this week and has been recovering at a hospital near his Georgia home. A full recovery is expected, but RS will not be racing today. 51 checked in with RS this morning and he said that once he and his dad get home from the hospital today, they will all be tuned in to Speed51.com’s coverage here at Gresham. 
Comment From Guest 

is rs senter racing today ?? 

Practice is underway. Hunter Robbins, Chase Elliott, Fredrick Moore, Augie Grill, Garrett Jones, Matthew Wragg and Rodney Benefield were the first cars to hit the GMP half-mile. 
Run a GMP sticker on the car that is on the open trailer, or on the tow vehicle with the open trailer behind it, and get 10% added to whatever you win in that night’s feature. That’s only if you tow to and from the track with the car on the open trailer. 
Comment From Brad 

How does the 10% trailer bonus exactly work? seems like a great idea 

Practice is about to begin. 
Chase Elliott ran a dirt Late Model race last night at Tri-County Race Track (NC) and he scored the win. 
Comment From Greg D 

How did Chase do at the dirt track last night? 

The July 4th World Crown 300 is a $20,000 to win race and the with the sticker bonus the race winner could walk out of here with $22,000. That would be one of the largest paydays in short track racing. 
Teams were encouraged to run the GMP decals for the 10% open-trailer bonus in future races and have the Larry Fleeman Memorial decals on their cars today. (Speed51.com photo)
A busy pit area gets ready for practice in about 10 minutes. (Speed51.com photo)
In the drivers meeting, GMP General Manager Dan Elliott added that teams can have 10% added to their race purse if they run the GMP sticker on their car or towing truck and tow to and from the track in an open trailer for any remaining race at the track this season. 
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Today’s race is an eight-tire race. Tires can be changed at any point of the race, but only four approved tires beyond the four that the car starts on are allowed. 
After qualifying, all that can happen to the car when it comes off the track from its time trial laps is the driver can get out of the car. Tape can be pulled from the grille and air can be adjusted pre-race, but no other adjustments will be allowed immediately after qualifying. 
Today’s race is 198 laps run in two segments. Segment 1: 100 laps, cautions count. You can lose a lap in the pits. After 100 total laps are completed, caution will come out and the lap count freezes. Pits will then open. 10 minute break to do whatever you can do on a normal pit stop. If a driver chooses not to pit at the break, he or she will move to the front of the field on the restart. Cars that do pit will restart in the order they were running at the time of the break, but behind the cars that do not pit. If caution comes out with five laps to go or less in the first segment, that will be considered the break. The laps not run in the first 100-lap segment due to an early break in this instance will be added to the total of the second segment to equal 198 laps. Segment 2: Scheduled for 98 laps. Green flag laps only will be scored. 
Today will be the 25th Late Model (Pro and Super) event held here at GMP. A total of 14 different faces have gone to victory lane at this venue. Chase Elliott leads the way with five wins. He has won the World Crown 300, the Slocumb Memorial and other 100 lap events as well. Both Augie Grill and Bubba Pollard are tied for second with three each. 
While the Pro Late Model drivers meet we can see that several support division cars have or are making their way into the track. 
Cars will be impounded after today’s qualifying before the 198-lap feature. 
Lee USA Speedway, located on Route 125 in Lee, New Hampshire, will open its season Sunday April 14th with the ACT Governor’s Cup 150.  Despite winning four track titles, and the prestigious ACT Championship last season, Dover’s Wayne Helliwell Jr. has yet to claim the Governor’s Cup Trophy at his home track despite two dogged attempts. Helliwell was leading last year when tire woes relegated him to a top five position. 
Race Director Dan Spence kicks off the drivers meeting with roll call. (Speed51.com photo)
Drivers with Pro Late Model feature wins here at GMP
Chase Elliott 2
Michael Lance 2
Spencer Davis 2
Augie Grill 1
Mike Garvey 1
David Odell 1
Paul Kelley 1
Bubba Pollard 1
Stephen Nasse 1
Austin Hill 1
Hunter Robbins and Augie Grill chat before the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com photo)
Drivers start filing in for the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com photo)
The potent No. 9 of Chase Elliott has been unloaded here at GMP. (Speed51.com photo)
Augie Grill’s team is another addition to the roster today. (Speed51.com photo)
Josh Adkins and crew get ready for a busy day. (Speed51.com photo)
Bubba Pollard has a good track record at this race track. He won the first Beau Slocumb memorial here a few seasons back. 
Comment From Lenny 

Go #42 Pollard,go get that win tonight 

The drivers meeting is about to take place. We are heading that way. 
Cars on the Grounds
42 Bubba Pollard
98 Russell Fleeman
18 Hunter Robbins
15 Colt James
88 Garrett Jones
39 Alex Guenette
129 Matthew Wragg
1 Josh Adkins
22 Kevin Herbert
23 Dalton Grindle
29 Anderson Bowen
2 Kyle McCallum
30 Fredrick Moore
4 Kyle Plott
89 Russell Fleeman
36 Rodney Benefield
04 Michael Lance
22 Augie Grill
Bubba Pollard takes the 42 over the scales. (Speed51.com Photo)
Last week’s Cracker 200 winner Augie Grill has joined the racing lineup here today for the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198. Grill is a past Super Late Model and Pro Late Model winner here at GMP. 
Today’s Trackside Now coverage is presented on Speed51.com by April 6th’s Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco season opener at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee.

“Old School” is the approach the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is taking in their debut season of 2013. The 16-race slate brings together five racetracks in four different states and will include such legendary races as the World Crown 300 and the All American 400. Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway and Montgomery Motor Speedway, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park and Tennessee’s Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville make up the facilities that some of the best Super Late Model racers will compete on with the series this coming year.

The inaugural season’s opener comes on Saturday, April 6th at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. Some of the top names in short track racing from around the country are already signed up for the event. For more details on this event and a current entry list visit www.southernsuperseries.com 

Today’s Schedule
7:45 am: Pit Ticket Sales Open
8:00 am: Pit Gate Opens, Local Divisions Driver Registration Opens
8:30 am: Tech Opens for All Divisions
9:15 am: Tire Selection (Pro Late Models – 4 tires – based on order of entries received)
10:15 am: Pro Late Model Driver’s Meeting (Qualifying Position Pick)
11:00 am: Grandstands and Trackside Parking Opens
11:00 am – 12:30 pm: Pro Late Model Practice
12:35 pm – 2:45 pm: Tech for Pro Late Model Qualifying (Mandatory: Failure to be off scales and FINISHED by 2:45 pm = 1 lap to Qualify)
12:35 pm – 2:45 pm: Practice and European-Style Qualifying for Local Divisions (Outlaw Late Models, Truck, Sportsman/Renegade, Mini Stocks). Must go through safety inspection before being allowed to practice and qualify.
Top 5 MUST CROSS SCALES – Round 2 lap times will be lap of record for qualifying
2:45 pm – Chapel Service at Infield Tech Building
3:00 pm: MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting for ALL GMP LOCAL DIVISIONS (Outlaw Late Models, Truck, Sportsman/Renegade, Mini Stocks)
3:45 pm: Pro Late Model Qualifying (This will be an impound race)
4:15 pm: Helicopter Egg Drop
5:00 pm: Opening Ceremonies
Feature Events
Mini Stock: 25 Laps or 15 Minutes
Sportsman/Renegade – 20 Laps or 15 Minutes
Pro Late Model Last Chance (If Needed) – 25 Minutes
Trucks – 35 Laps or 30 Minutes
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps or 30 Minutes
Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 – Pro Late Models
First 100 Laps
10 Minute Break
Final 98 Laps 
Good morning and welcome to Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) for the Larry Fleeman Memorial 198. Today’s Pro Late Model race will highlight the racing card that includes a total of five division of racing. It’s a beautiful spring day here in North Georgia and you still have time to make it out to the track to see the action. 
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Trackside Now: Larry Fleeman Memorial 198 – Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) – 3/30/13