That concludes our Trackside Now coverage from the CRA Super Series’ Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100 at Toledo Speedway.We hope you enjoyed our Trackside Now coverage as well as the RaceTalkRadio.combroadcast.  Stay tuned to Speed51.com and RTR for a link to an archived broadcast, complete with post-race reaction from the top-five drivers.

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Have a great night, and congratulations to Johnny VanDoorn for his victory tonight here at Toledo.

Johnny VanDoorn in CRA victory lane (Ron Harner/SuperChargedPhotos.com)
1.  Johnny VanDoorn
2.  Joey Miller
3.  Scott Hantz
4.  Nick Gullatta
5.  Brian Campbell
6.  Rick Turner
7.  JR Roahrig
8.  John Long
9.  Tyler Roahrig
10.  Nick Lay
11.  Tommy St. John
12.  Jason Dietsch
13.  Tony Dager
14.  Jack Kalwasinski
15.  Colin Nickolai
16.  Jay Niewiek
17.  Brandon Watson
18.  Cole Powell
19.  Adam Purdy
20.  Jeff Lane
21.  Terry Fisher, Jr.
22.  Justin Alsip
23.  Jerry Artuso
24.  Chad Poorman
DNS.  Derrick Griffin 
Comment From Hantz Fan 

Great job as always Speed51 and RTR!!!! 

Comment From Stephen Barker 

sounded like a hulluva race, Toledo is a great track, great coverage, thanks alot 

CHECKERED FLAG: Johnny VanDoorn has won tonight’s race.  Stay tuned for more in a few minutes, including the unofficial finish.Fans listening to RaceTalkRadio.com, you’ll now be switched over to the Blizzard Series race live at Five Flags Speedway.
Lap 91: Miller has nudged Hantz out of second 
10 to go: VanDoorn is in command over Hantz and Miller 
Lap 80: VanDoorn, Hantz, Miller, Gullatta, Campbell are the top-five 
Lap 78: Hantz has worked by Miller for second, but he’s still a straightaway behind VanDoorn. 
Lap 75 of 100: VanDoorn is almost a full straightaway up on Miller and Hantz
Lap 72: Miller’s car is wiggling a bit through the corner, allowing Hantz to pull up to his bumper, but Hantz can’t get enough of a run to get under Miller 
Lap 70: Johnny VanDoorn has opened up a five carlength lead on Joey Miller.  Hantz got his momentum back and is pressuring Miller for second.  Gullatta and Campbell have closed in on that battle, as well.
Lap 63: VanDoorn and Hantz make contact for the lead.  Hantz slowed a bit, allowing Miller to re-take second as VanDoorn is your new leader. 
Lap 62: Scott Hantz has moved to the lead and brough VanDoorn with him as Miller settles in third. 
Lap 60: Hantz has jumped underneath Miller.  They ride side-by-side as Miller leads at the stripe on lap 61 
Lap 57: The top three have broken away as Miller, Hantz and VanDoorn run bumper-to-bumper up front 
GREEN FLAG: Scott Hantz puts a bumper to Miller into turn one on the restart.  Miller held the lead over Hantz, Vandoorn, Gullatta and Campbell. 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

JR Roahrig has finished 2nd in CRA race at Toledo last three years 

Nick Lay has given up seventh for a trip to the pits.  Lay had slipped a few spots since the restart. 
Running Order: Miller, Hantz, VanDoorn, Gullatta, Campbell, JR Roahrig, Nick Lay, Tyler Roahrig 
All cars have pulled away, but all the cars just listed have fairly extensive damage. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 55: Tony Dager, Brandon Watson, Jay NIewiek and Cole Powell have crashed in turn three 
Hantz is six carlengths behind Miller in second.  VanDoorn is on Hantz’s bumper. 
Lap 52: Brian Campbell and JR Roahrig have passed Nick Lay to move into fifth and sixth, respectively 
Lap 50: Halfway: Scott Hantz has moved beneath Johnny VanDoorn for second. 
Lap 48: Jeff Lane has slowed and pulled to pit road 
Lap 47: Nick Gullatta has moved into third around Nick Lay, while Brian Campbell, who got a great restart, is putting pressure on Lay for fifth.
GREEN FLAG: Miller has moved out about six carlengths ahead of VanDoorn 
Running order: Joey Miller leads Johnny VanDoorn, Scott Hantz, Nick Lay, Nick Gullatta 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 45: Terry Fisher, Jr. has slowed in turn four.
Lap 40: Joey Miller has checked out by a full straightaway over VanDoorn up front.  Hantz has given up his pressure of VanDoorn a bit for second as there is now about a four carlength gap between them 
Lap 36: Terry Fisher, Jr. has just moved to fourth underneath Nick Lay. 
Father and son, JR and Tyler Roahrig, have both just passed Jeff Lane for sixth and seventh.
Joey Miller has just put Tony Dager and Jack Kalwasinski a lap down, while VanDoorn and Hantz have wored by the already-lapped Canadians Watson and Powell 
Lap 25: Miller, VanDoorn, Hantz, Lay, Fisher, Lane, Gullatta, Campbell, JR Roahrig, Tyler Roarhig, John Long and Rick Turner. 
Lap 20: Miller is checked out, but the #61 of VanDoorn appears to be on the loose side and is doing his best to hold off Hantz for second. 
Lap 15: Miller is up a half-straightaway on Johnny VanDoorn, who has a rear-view mirro full of Scott Hantz.  Nick Lay and Terry Fisher, Jr. are nose-to-tail about eight carlengths behind Hantz. 
GREEN FLAG: Single-file restart has Miller five carlengths into the lead off turn two 
Running order: Joey Miller, Johnny VanDoorn, Scott Hantz, Nick Lay, Jeff Lane, Terry Fisher, Jr., Nick Gullatta, Rick Turner, Brian Campbell and JR Roahrig
Artuso’s car is being hooked up to the flatbed. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 5 – Jerry Artuso has slammed the turn-three wall with his #5.  He has lowered the window net and has climbed out okay
Lap 2 – Miller has moved to the inside of VanDoorn and leads at the line to complete lap 3
GREEN FLAG: Johnny VanDoorn leads through turns one and two as Joey Miller and Scott Hantz are side-by-side for second 
One lap to green

1 John VanDoorn
2 Scott Hantz
3 Joey Miller
4 Nick Gullatta
5 Jeff Lane
6 Nick Lay
7 Terry Fisher, Jr.
8 Rick Turner
9 Brian Campbell
10 JR Roahrig
11 Tyler Roahrig
12 Justin Alsip
13 John Long
14 Tommy St. John
15 Adam Purdy
16 Jason Dietsch
17 Jerry Artuso
18 Colin Nickolai
19 Cole Powell
20 Brandon Watson
21 Tony Dager
22 Jack Kalwasinski
23 Jay Niewiek
24 Chad Poorman
Scratch Derrick Griffin
The engines have fired…Adam and Bob are on the call and we’re ready to go green here at Toledo Speedway.  Duke’s back here and ready to provide the action on Trackside Now here on Speed51.com
Driver intros are underway 
Tonight’s RTR broadcast will kick off at 8:30pm ET sharp, so head on over to RaceTalkRadio.com.  We’ll provide as many updates as we can here in the booth on Trackside Now during the broadcast. 
We’ll be kicking off the live broadcast of tonight’s race on RaceTalkRadio.com in less than a half hour.  
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The local features have now begun.  It’s looking like an approximately 8:30pm green flag for the CRA cars. 
During these heat races, CRA Super Late Model teams are lining up their pit equipment on pit road.  Tonight’s race will be 100 green flag laps and no tire changes will be allowed except if they are deemed flat by CRA officials.  
The Factory Stock heat races are now on the track.  
Fans, while we have just a few minutes of down time here, don’t forget to open up another web browser window and check out the other half of Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage tonight from the fourth round of the Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL.  Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor is in control of Trackside Now down there and will hand it off to Robbie Harvey and Dave Pavlock for the call on RaceTalkRadio.com for the race tonight around 10pm ET. 
Kyle Busch is currently taking fans on school bus rides around the racetrack, getting close to putting it up on two wheels through the corners. 
Cole Powell’s #25
Comment From Mr. Whipple 

As I recall, Watson is quite a shoe and put in a strong performance last September in the inaugural ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway 

Canadian fans have several drivers to cheer for here tonight.  In addition to the previously-mentioned Jerry Artuso, Brandon Watson (from Strayner, Ontario) and Cole Powell (Mt. Brydges, Ontario) have both spent time competing in the ACT Late Model series in the Northeastern part of the US, plus other series throughout Ontario before trying their hand in these powerful Super Late Models. 
Comment From Mr. Whipple 

Would love to join you boys there this evening. Cars look great, lots of talent on hand – should be a whale of a race. Thanks for the world-class coverage. 

Tonight’s Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100 at Toledo will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 8:30pm ET.  SPEED’s Bob Dillner and the voice of the CRA Super Series, Adam Mackey, will be on the call.  Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be on pit road and at the keys here for Trackside Now leading up to tonight’s broadcast. 
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Brian Campbell is a former Glass City 200 winner here at Toledo.
Veteran short track racer Jerry Artuso, who is from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, but lives most of the year in Florida, is here racing with the CRA SS tonight.
Johnny VanDoorn will start from the pole after the invert.
Second-fastest qualifier and defending winner of this event, Scott Hantz.
Lakeville, Minnesota’s Joey Miller takes the checkered flag on his pole-winning qualifying run.
Polesitter Joey Miller has pulled a “3” pill for the invert.  That will now put Johnny VanDoorn on the pole.  Miller will start third.

1 Joey Miller 15.671
2 Scott Hantz 15.700
3 Johnny VanDoorn 15.722
4 Nick Gullatta 15.743
5 Jeff Lane 15.808
6 Nick Lay 15.820
7 Terry Fisher, Jr. 15.830
8 Rick Turner 15.847
9 Brian Campbell 15.866
10 JR Roahrig 15.907
11 Tyler Roahrig 15.961
12 Justin Alsip 16.028
13 John Long 16.044
14 Tommy St. John 16.105
15 Adam Purdy 16.166
16 Jason Dietsch 16.204
17 Jerry Artuso 16.207
18 Colin Nickolai 16.309
19 Cole Powell 16.329
20 Brandon Watson 16.338
21 Tony Dager 16.528
22 Jack Kalwasinski 16.626
23 Jay Niewiek 17.000
24 Derrick Griffin no time
25 Chad Poorman no time
We’re now back from the infield.  Qualifying is now complete and Joey Miller has set fast time. 
We’re going to head down and take some photos during qualifying.  We’ll be back online after CRA time trials with full results. 
Track offiicals have bumped up CRA qualifying to 6pm.  We’re just about 15 minutes from Adam Purdy taking to the Toledo half-mile as the first CRA car to qualify.First CRA cars to qualify:
Adam Purdy
Tommy St. John
Jack Kalwasinski
Jay Niewiek
JR Roahrig
Fans are starting to file through the grandstand gates here at Toledo Speedway.  Many are excited for the track’s special event here tonight…school bus rides with NASCAR driver Kyle Busch.  When instructed to do so, fans will line up on the midway and be given rides around the track in a school bus driven by “Rowdy.”Busch competed in this event last year and was among the leaders early on, but broke a shock mount and brought out the race’s first caution with a trip into the wall.  Scott Hantz dominated last year’s CRA race here at Toledo over JR Roahrig, Boris Jurkovic, Rick Turner and Nick Diano.
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks 51.com for the excellent coverage 

The local Factory Stocks and 4-Cylinders are on track for their practice and qualifying sessions.  Those cars compete on an infield quarter-mile, while the Super Late Models will do battle on the half-mile outer track. 

1 Johnny VanDoorn 15.798
2 Brian Campbell 15.938
3 Joey Miller 16.028
4 John Long 16.11
5 Nick Gullatta 16.121
6 Scott Hantz 16.159
7 Terry Fisher, Jr. 16.217
8 Nick Lay 16.237
9 Rick Turner 16.312
10 Tommy St. John 16.312
11 Derrick Griffin 16.331
12 Jeff Lane 16.386
13 Tony Dager 16.405
14 Adam Purdy 16.439
15 JR Roahrig 16.478
16 Tyler Roahrig 16.487
17 Jerry Artuso 16.515
18 Brandon Watson 16.531
19 Colin Nickolai 16.632
20 Jason Dietsch 16.671
21 Jack Kalwasinski 16.725
22 Cole Powell 16.762
23 Justin Alsip 16.875
24 Jay Niewiek 17.406
25 Chad Poorman no time
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CRA practice is now complete.  As soon as we get time sheets from officials, we’ll pass along the results.
Fans may recognize Griffin’s name as the winner of the Outlaw Super Late Model “Stan Perry Memorial” from back in June at Angola Motor Speedway (IN).  Griffin parlayed that win into his first-ever NASCAR Nationwide Series start with Braun Racing shortly thereafter at O’Reilly Raceway Park (IN).  
YELLOW FLAG – With just five minutes left in practice, the right-front tire came off Derrick Griffin’s #23 and the young racer clobbered the turn-four wall at near full-speed.  Griffin is okay, but his car is pretty well hurt.
1.  John Long – 286
2.  Jay Niewiek – 270
3.  Colin Nickolai – 266
4. Nick Gullatta – 262
5.  Tony Dager – 245 
1.  Johnny VanDoorn – 538
2.  Terry Fisher, Jr. – 496
3.  Tommy St. John – 486
4.  Scott Hantz – 481
5.  Jason Dietsch – 466
6.  Rick Turner – 463
7.  Brian Campbell – 441
8.  Jason Shively – 425
9.  Colin Nickolai – 372
10.  Tyler Roahrig – 359 
Johnny VanDoorn holds the CRA track record here at Toledo with a lap of 15.437 (116.603 mph), set on this same race weekend last year. 
Toledo Speedway has hosted 11 previous CRA Super Series events.  Previous winners here include:
Junior Hanley (2)
Scott Hantz (2)
Johnny Belott II
Fred Campbell
Harold Fair, Jr.
Chris Gabehart
Joel Kauffman
Jeff Lane
Johnny VanDoorn 

1 Joey Miller 16.028
2 Nick Gullatta 16.121
3 Brian Campbell 16.261
4 Johnny VanDoorn 16.275
5 Scott Hantz 16.311
6 Jeff Lane 16.416
7 Derrick Griffin 16.467
8 Nick Lay 16.478
9 Terry Fisher, Jr. 16.494
10 Rick Turner 16.546
11 Tommy St. John 16.559
12 Brandon Watson 16.615
13 Tyler Roahrig 16.616
14 Tony Dager 16.623
15 Adam Purdy 16.648
16 Jason Dietsch 16.671
17 Jerry Artuso 16.685
18 JR Roahrig 16.686
19 Jack Kalwasinski 16.913
20 Colin Nickolai 16.919
21 Justin Alsip 16.937
22 Cole Powell 17.47
23 Jay Niewiek 18.028
24 John Long no time
25 Chad Poorman no time
We’re about halfway through the one and only CRA practice session.  Joey Miller was quickest.  Full times to follow. 
1:30pm – Pits Open
3:15pm – Driver’s Meeting
4pm – CRA Practice
5pm – Local Divisions Practice
5:35pm – Local Divisions Qualifying
6pm – CRA Qualifying
7pm – Bus Rides with Kyle Busch
7:30pm – Race Program Begins
Factory Stock Heats
4 Cylinder Heats
Factory Stock Last-Chance Race
Factory Stock A Main – 20 Laps
Factory Stock B Main – 10 Laps
4 Cylinder Feature – 15 Laps
CRA Super Series Feature – 100 Laps
Tonight’s Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100 at Toledo will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 8pm ET.  SPEED’s Bob Dillner and the voice of the CRA Super Series, Adam Mackey, will be on the call.  Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be on pit road and at the keys here for Trackside Now leading up to tonight’s broadcast. 
Coverage of tonight’s CRA event on Speed51.com and RaceTalkRadio.com is being presented by Allstar Performance and Lane Automotive.
It’s a beautiful day for a race here in Toledo, Ohio.  It’s definitely on the warm side, in the low 90’s, but there’s not a cloud in the sky and there is a zero-percent chance of rain.

0 Tony Dager
5 Jerry Artuso
7 Jason Dietsch
9 Brandon Watson
11 Jeff Lane
14 Tommy St. John
15 Joey Miller
20 Brian Campbell
23 Derrick Griffin
24 Tyler Roahrig
25 Cole Powell
26 Rick Turner
32 John Long
49 Colin Nickolai
61 John VanDoorn
71 Chad Poorman
72 Scott Hantz
81 Terry Fisher, Jr.
84 Jay Niewiek
92 Adam Purdy
98 Nick Lay
99 Jack Kalwasinski
124 JR Roahrig
128 Justin Alsip
131 Nick Gullatta
Twenty-five cars are entered into Toledo Speedway’s pit area. We’re just tying up a few loose ends here at the track and we’ll give you a full roster in just a few minutes. 
Welcome to Toledo Speedway in Toledo, OH, where tonight the CRA Super Series Super Late Models will hit this top-notch racing facility for 100 green flag laps in the “Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100.”

Trackside Now: Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 100 – Toledo Speedway – 8/13/10