Rick Sexton in Kalamazoo Victory Lane
That concludes our Speed51.com and RaceTalkRadio.com coverage of tonight’s Kalamazoo Klash XVIII here at Kalamazoo Speedway.We hope you enjoyed the pre-race updates here on Speed51.com and the RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast  presented by SponsorEdge.com.

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Until then, thanks for checking out Speed51.com and congratulations to Rick Sexton, winner of Kalamazoo Klash XVIII.

1.  Rick Sexton
2.  Phil Bozell
3.  Trent Hellenga
4.  Andy Bozell
5.  Tom Thomas
6.  Mike Luberda
7.  Randy Day
8.  Phil Massuch
9.  Curt Spaulding
10.  Tyler Roahrig
11.  Scott Hantz
12.  Mike Brooks
13.  Corey Ryman
14.  Evan Barrett
15.  Doug True
16.  Johnny Benson
17.  Andy Ponstein
18.  Brandon Lyons
19.  Terry VanHaitsma
20.  Billy Shannon
21.  Jerry Drake
22.  Adam Terry
23.  Todd Harrington
24.  Mark Shook
25.  Steve Needles
26.  John Chapman
27.  Dan McEndarfer
We’re typing them up as we speak, stay tuned… 
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Will you be posting full results 

Tune in to RaceTalkRadio.com for an exclusive interview with Rick Sexton. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Rick Sexton has won the Kalamazoo Klash XVIII over Phil Bozell and Trent Hellenga, Andy Bozell and Tom Thomas.
Folks who may just be joining us, we’re live on RaceTalkRadio.com with a live broadcast from SPEED’s Bob Dillner and Speed51.com’s Matt “Duke” Kentfield.  We’re at the lap-100 break, with 50 to go.  Trent Helenga leads Phil Bozell at this point.  Please tune into www.racetalkradio.com for the live broadcast. 
Updates will be limited during the race, so be sure to tune in RTR! 
We’re live on RaceTalkRadio.com now! 
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Glad you made the show Evan!!!!! 

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Good Luck to Hantz, Roahrig and Barrett!!!! 

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good luck to mike luberta!!!! 

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GO 72 

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Nice run by Mickey Cornwell to finish 4th 

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nice move by Kalamazoo to add that guy as an extra starter for the race 

Phil Bozell, who will start second in the Kalamazoo Klash, has won the Super Stock feature.1.  Phil Bozell
2.  Rick VanHouten
3.  Chris Shannon
4.  Mickey Cornwell
5.  Steve Stacey
Evan Barrett has been added to the field, making it 27 starters tonight. 
Tom Thomas
Johnny Benson
Mike Luberda
Scott Hantz
Phil Bozell
The Super Stocks are on track for their 50-lap feature.  For all you Super Stock fans, we’ll let you know who wins at the conclusion of this race. 
2010 Klash A Feature Payout:
1.  $10,000
2.  $2,500
3.  $2,000
4.  $1,750
5.  $1,500
6.  $1,400
7.  $1,300
8.  $1,200
9.  $1,100
10.  $1,000
11.  $950
12.  $900
13.  $850
14.  $800
15 – down  $750- $20 will be given to the leader of every lap.  $50 will be given to the leader on lap 76, 101 and 150.
– $1,000 bonus if the driver that leads the first lap wins the race, presented by D&S Automotive of Kalamazoo
– $500 bonus if the leader at halfway wins the race, presented by D&S Automotive of Kalamazoo
– Possible to win $14,590
Officials have said that Adam Terry has earned the final starting spot by finishing fourth, but officials will check to make sure that his transponder was mounted in the proper spot, as his transponder showed he finished fourth over Barrett.
Third-place finisher Dan McEndarfer was in the #11 car that was entered by Steve Dorer.  The Florida-native Dorer put McEndarfer, a driver with many laps here at Kalamazoo, in the car to get it in the show.  McEndarfer has done his job and the #11 will be in tonight’s feature. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Corey Ryman has held on to win over Todd Harrington, while McEndarfer was third.  Adam Terry and Evan Barrett were side-by-side for the final transfer spot and it was a dead heat to the line.  We’re awaiting final word from officials on who got that final transfer spot.
HALFWAY Lap 10: The top five cars could fit under a blanket:  Todd Harrington has come up to pressure Ryman for the lead.  It’s Ryman, Harrington, McEndarfer, Barrett, Terry 
Evan Barrett currently has the final transfer spot in fourth, but Adam Terry is starting to reel him in. 
GREEN FLAG: Ryman and McEndarfer are side-by-side for the top spot
GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG: Corey Ryman got a heck of a jump and officials didn’t like it.
The top-four finishers in this race transfer to the main event. 
YELLOW FLAG: Evan Barrett has spun out in turns one and two.  He continued on at the rear of the field.  Jeff Bozell appears to have gotten into him. 
GREEN FLAG: Dan McEndarfer and Corey Ryman drag race into turn one, before Ryman takes the lead early.
The 20-lap Outlaw SLM Last-Chance Race is next on track. 
Phil Massuch has been given a starting position as the highest finisher in the August 7th preliminary Klash race here at Kalamazoo that did not transfer in on time tonight. 
Billy Shannon, #16, has won the fan vote.  He has the option of starting the last-chance race to improve his position, but he’s now locked into the show regardless.An honorable mention for the fan vote went to Todd Harrington, who was a close second.  Harrington will still have to race his way into tonight’s Kalamazoo Klash, however.
Last-Chance Races and the Super Stock feature are set to begin around 7pm ET.
Kalamazoo Klash XVIII fast-timer Johnny Benson
After qualifying, polesitter Johnny Benson rolled the dice for the invert.  The invert was at least a six, plus the roll of two dice.  Both dice were rolled and came up “2” both comes, so that added four to six so the invert will be a 10 at the start of tonight’s feature.That means Johnny Benson will start 10th, while Trent Hellenga and Phil Bozell, the winner of the Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway (IN) last week, will start on the front row.

1 Johnny Benson 12.615
2 Tom Thomas 12.733
3 Andy Ponstein 12.781
4 Mike Luberda 12.791
5 Jerry Drake 12.797
6 Terry VanHeitsma 12.806
7 Rick Sexton 12.816
8 Steve Needles 12.819
9 Phil Bozell 12.831
10 Trent Hellenga 12.842
11 Mark Shook 12.842
12 Tyler Roahrig 12.846
13 Andy Bozell 12.847
14 John Chapman 12.889
15 Mike Boroks 12.916
16 Randy Day 12.937
17 Scott Hantz 12.95
18 Brandon Lyons 12.955
19 Curt Spaulding 12.955
20 Doug True 12.981
21 Evan Barrett 12.992
22 Phil Massuch 13.007
23 Todd Harrington 13.018
24 Corey Ryman 13.021
25 Dan McEndarfer 13.038
26 Adam Terry 13.073
27 Jeff Bozell 13.11
28 Billy Shannon 13.124
29 Doug Rodenhisler 13.15
30 Shawn Grace 13.44
31 Sonny Colito 13.657
32 Paul Jakubik 13.664
Top-five qualifying
1.  Johnny Benson
2.  Tom Thomas
3.  Andy Ponstein
4.  Mike Luberda
5. Jerry  Drake 
Unofficially, Johnny Benson has set fast time.  We’re headed down to the driver’s meeting and will have a full qualifying list in in a jiffy. 
KLASH RACE FORMAT/RULES- 150 laps – two segments of 100 laps and 50 laps, with a short break between the two segments

– All double file restarts, even in the last chance races

– Inversion for the Klash will be a six plus the roll of two dice (8-18)

– The leader at the completion of the first segment will roll one dice to set the invert for the second segment (1-6)

– Inversion for the Last Chance Race will be one more than the number of cars transferring to the Klash (3 or 5)

– Tire rule: Any Hoosier 970 purchased from the track on August 10th or 11th.  Any tires purchased from the track on the 10th were impounded overnight.

– A Lucky Dog Free Pass will be given to the highest running car at each caution not on the lead lap.  This will include a Free Pass at the 100-lap mark

– Positions 1-20: The fastest 20 qualifiers
– Positions 21-24: There will be one last chance race and four cars will transfer.
– Position 25: The highest finisher in the Kalamazoo Klash-Up, which took place August 7th, that is not locked into the top-24 positions and is not the fan vote winner.
– Position 26: After qualifying, the driver receiving the most votes from the fans that is not locked into the feature will be awarded the 26th starting position. That driver may choose to race in their last chance race to improve their starting position. In the case that the fan vote driver races their way into the feature via the last chance race, the field will be trimmed to 25 cars. 
Qualifying is currently underway here at Kalamazoo. We’ll provide an update after qualifying with all the speeds once we get them from Klash officials. 
Senneker’s wrecked car
Terry Senneker’s team assesses the night-ending damage to the #37 car
One of the pre-race favorites and 2008 Kalamazoo Klash winner Terry Senneker will not be making the start tonight. Senneker’s TAG Racing entry slammed the turn-one wall during this afternoon’s practice session. Senneker was okay, but his car was not. There was a possibility that Senneker would get into another driver’s car for tonight’s feature, but track officials told Speed51.com that would not likely happen because while Senneker was overall okay after the hit, his bell was rung enough that he likely would not take over anyone else’s car here tonight. 
Thirty-five cars entered into the pit area here today. Not all of them will attempt to qualify, and we’ll explain why in a few minutes.Until then, here is the entry list as provided by track officials.

O1 Phil Massuch
OO Andy Ponstein
4 Adam Terry
83 Andy Bozell
4 Jerry Drake
5 Shawn Grace
8 Phil Bozell
9 Rick Sexton
10 Johnny Benson
11 Randy Day
11 Steve Dorer
14 Mark Shook
14 Steve Needles
14 Trent Hellenga
15 Paul Jakubik
17 Corey Ryman
21 Billy Shannon
21 Brandon Lyons
21 Terry VanHaitsma
24 Tyler Roahrig
31 Todd Harrington
37 Terry Senneker
40 Curt Spalding
40 Mike Luberda
49 John Chapman
72 Scott Hantz
76 Doug Rodanhisler
82 Tom Thomas
84 Mike Brooks
93 Doug True
94 Evan Barrett
94 Sonny Coito
99 Jeff Bozell
O1 Phil Massuch
OO Andy Ponstein

SPEED broadcater and Speed51.com co-founder Bob Dillner and Matt “Duke” Kentfield will provide live coverage both here on Speed51.com before the feature, then be on the call of the 150-lap feature on RaceTalkRadio.com. Periodic updates during the race will be here on Trackside Now, but we encourage everyone to switch over to the RTR broadcast. 
RaceTalkRadio.com will also have a live broadcast of tonight’s feature live at approximately 8pm ET. 
Welcome to Kalamazoo Speedway, located just about an hour to the South of Grand Rapids, Michigan.Tonight, Speed51.com will provide live coverage of the 18th running of the Kalamazoo Klash Outlaw Super Late Mdoel event

Trackside Now: Kalamazoo Klash XVIII – Kalamazoo Speedway – 8/11/10