That ends our day here at Kalamazoo. We will be back with Trackside Now and Radio Coverage tomorrow from the 19th Annual Kalamazoo Klash. Goodnight! 
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A huge thank you to everyone at Speed51.com for all that you do for short track racing. 

Final Klash Practice.
Second Klash Practice.
Final Super Late Model Practice.
We will have to look into it. We have a busy schedule, but always want to make it too more. 
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Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow night. Looking forward to listening to a great race. Quick question, will Speed51.com cover the Glass City 200 at Toledo Speedway this year? Thanks. 

Practice is over. Times will be up soon. 
10 minutes to go. We are heading trackside to get the final set of speeds and we will have them for you. 
Hope to see you and all the fans make the trip to the Klash. Nothing beats seeing it in person. 
Comment From Mark 

Looklng forward to being at the track tomorow for some great racing . Porter Indiana 

Less then 15 minutes to go. This practice has only a few cars on the track as others had close to 10 or more at once. 
Scott Hantz says it’s time to load up for the day. (Speed51.com Photo)
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Thanks for today’s practice coverage on Speed51.com

No change in the top three as we hit the final 20 minutes of practice. 
Just over half an hour to go in practice. 
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Good luck Steve Dorer! 


2010 Rick Sexton
2009 Steve Needles
2008 Terry Senneker Jr.
2007 Andy Bozell
2006 Johnny Benson
2005 Lee Anderson
2004 Fred Campbell
2003 Tom Thomas
2002 Chris Orr
2001 Ken Scheffler
2000 Todd Currier
1999 Chris Orr
1998 Mike Vansparrentak
1997 Andy Bozell
1996 Bob Holley
1995 Brian Cloud
1994 Andy Bozell
1993 Andy Bozell

Ted Christopher and Johnny Benson talk about there cars. Benson has won the Klash in the past, for TC it’s his first trip. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tom Thomas , Phil Bozell and JR Roarhrig are the rest of the top five right now. 
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Trent Hellenga is the quickest so far in final practice over Terry Senneker. We will have the full rundowns at the end of the day. 
The Premier Boyne Super Late Models are done for the day and only the Outlaw Super Late Models are left on the track. We will finish up at 9pm. 
We will be live at 6:30pm leading up to racing at 7pm. 
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What time does radio coverage start tomorrow? 

We have not seen him yet, but there are over 40 cars here. The final speed chart will tell the story. 
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Is Main Event regular and point leader Jimmy Carter there at the Klash? 

Ross Kenseth is in the Tim Steele Super Late Model and Bozell Outlaw Super Late Model. 
Comment From Jake 

What team is Ross Kenseth driving for in both divisons? 

Comment From erin 

is ross in his own superlate ? i see it is # 44 

We had some fans ask about tomorrow so here is the information. We will be back in a few minutes. 
Wednesday’s Schedule
Pit Gates Open Noon
Driver’s Meeting 1:30
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Practice 2:00-2:30
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Practice 2:35-3:25
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Final Practice 3:30-4:00
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Final Practice 4:05-4:55
Qualifying 5:00
Premier Boyne Machine Super Lates 2 Laps
Outlaw Super Late Models 3 Laps
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Fast Time Presentation 6:30
First Race Lineup on Frontstretch 6:40
Invocation/National Anthem 6:56
Racing 7:00
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Last Chance Race #1 20 Laps
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Last Chance Race #2 20 Laps
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Feature 75 Laps
Kalamazoo Klash XIX – Segment 1 100 Laps
15-Minute Break
Kalamazoo Klash XIX – Final Segment 50 Laps 
Four times in the past Andy Bozell has won this race. (Speed51.com Photo)
We will not have a scanner feed at the track this weekend. We hate to have the fans in the stand miss out, but it’s a heavy piece of equipment that does not travel well. We hope to have it at bigger shows later this season. 
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Will you be able to pick up the radio broadcast on your scanner tomorrow? If so what’s the frequency? Thanks 

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Steve Needles won this race in 2009. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ted Christopher at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
Here is some info on the purse breakdown:
2011 Klash A Feature Payout: $10,000-2,275-1,975-1,875-1,775-1,050-1,025-1,015-1,005-1,000-970-965-960-955-950-945-940-935-930-925-920-915-910-905-900 to start

Renegade Non-Regular Bonus: $1,000 to the highest finishing non-Kalamazoo Speedway regular. A non-regular will be considered a driver that has not finished in the top 10 in Outlaw Super Late Model points from 2007-2010 and is not in the top ten in points in 2011 at the time of the Klash.

An additional $2,500 bonus will be given by Sweet Manufacturing if a non-Kalamazoo Speedway Outlaw Super Late Model regular wins the Klash.

Sun Drop Double-Duty Bonus: $1,000 to the driver that has the highest combined finish that competes in both the Kalamazoo Klash and the Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Model event. If there is a tie the bonus money will be split. 

Comment From Guest 

how much does the winner get? 

TC is in the house and we have already spoken with him… He is not going to worry about Modifieds these next two days. He is here to race and have fun. 
Comment From FLYIN BRIAN 

is ted christopher there? 

Normally we would type the times out for you, but we are prepping for radio and gathering notes for tomorrow’s radio Broadcast. 
KLASH Practice #1
Super Late Model Practice #1
Super Late Model Practice #2.
The Outlaw car is well over 40 as 33 had speeds, but not all have been out. 
Practice speeds are showing 23 Super Late Models. 
We went to the pits to get some information about what has gone on today. 
We will return with more info shortly. 
Action on the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
A History Lesson –
Back in the spring of 1993, Marty & Bobby Jones wanted to put together a Super Late Model spectacular that would rival any pavement race in the country. With many ideas from some of the sharpest minds in the business, the “Klash” was born, making this event the prize that hundreds of Midwest Late Model drivers would want to add to their racing resumes.
We have assembled this Klash history review, to show you some of the high profile names that have participated in the Klash over the fifteen-year history of this annual event. This year‟schapter of Klash history promises to be yet another thriller with the Kalamazoo Speedway regulars ready to try and defend their turf against some very stout outsiders. Terry Senneker will be looking to join Andy Bozell as the only back-to-back Klash winner while Bozell himself will be going after his fifth Klash victory. Other Kalamazoo regulars expected to compete for the victory include former ARCA race winner Phil Bozell, 2008 Modified champion Brian Bergakker, multiple time Limited Late Model champion Brandon Lyons, 2008 Klash quick qualifier Steve Needles and
2008 Late Model Rookie of the Year Trent Hellenga. The outsiders will be headed up by Klash XI winner Tom Thomas as well as 2008 Klash Super Series champion and former NASCAR Nationwide Series competitor Joe Bush. Stan Perry Memorial winner Phil Massuch, former Summer Sizzler winner John Delayre, Klash III winner Brian Cloud, and three time CRA Super Series champion Scott Hantz are also among the early entries for Klash XVII. Former Late Model standout Gary Terry, Jack Landis and Andy Ponstein are also expected to be contenders for the victory. As you read below, you will see the who‟s who of racing, both in short track and Cup racing, as well as several drivers that raced at the Zoo, on their way up to the big leagues.
The First “Klash” was held August 18, 1993 in front of a record crowd. Among the 51 entries were ARCA champion Tim Steele, ASA stars Butch Miller, Glenn Allen Jr., and Joe Shear, Open Wheel Ace Gary Fedewa, and Lane Automotive owner Doug Lane. When the dust settled a new star emerged as Andy Bozell chased down and passed fan favorite Mike Vansparrentak to collect the $10,000 cash prize 
Ross Kenseth (Speed51.com Photo)
We will be back in a few minutes. 
30 minutes remain in practice. 
Tom Thomas is on top of the charts according to the track announcer. 
We will work on a list of cars and see what we can do. 
Brian Campbell is here with a Super Late Model, but no Outlaw car this time. (Speed51.com Photo)
We have to thank Brian Campbell and the Perfect Circle race team for giving us a Trackside location so we can be close to the action. 
We will see tons of Outlaw Late Models over the next two days. (Speed51.com Photo)
On the track now Tim Devos is being black flagged for no transponder. 
Today’s Schedule
Pit Gates Open 2:00
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Practice #1 5:00-5:15
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Practice #1 5:20-6:10
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Practice #2 6:15-6:35
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Practice #2 6:40-7:35
Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Practice #3 7:40-8:00
Kalamazoo Klash XIX Practice #3 8:05-9:00 
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Speed51.com will have live Trackside Now coverage both days and radio coverage tomorrow night of all the action. Stay tuned for all the details. 
Action is already underway here on the practice day. Drivers are searching for speed as we get set to run the 19th edition of the race tomorrow. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Michigan for the practice day for the 19th Annual Kalamazoo Klash. 
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Trackside Now: Kalamazoo Klash Practice Day – Kalamazoo Speedway (MI) – 8/16/11