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We will be back at Lanier in just a few short weeks for SPEEDFEST 2012, featuring the ARCA/CRA Super Series and the JEGS CRA All-Stars Tour.  That event will take place January 27th through 29th. 
That concludes today’s coverage at Lanier.  We’re sorry we couldn’t bring you more action, but we can’t help Mother Nature. 
The sign beside the pit sign in booth here at Lanier tells the story, somewhat. According to officials, it will be made up at a later date. (Speed51.com Photo)
Donnie Clack, track promoter, also announced that the event, when it is rescheduled, will likely be on a Saturday afternoon.
We just spoke with track staff. Today’s race is officially postponed. It will be rescheduled for a date to be announced after Speedweeks in February. Lanier officials will announce the rescheduled date via press release sometime soon.
Until we know for sure, we’re assuming the cars into trailers is just to get them out of the rain, but we’ll find out the real scoop. 
We are noticing some teams loading their cars into trailers. We’re going to find some track staff to see what that means. 
Yes, Etheridge didn’t take time in qualifying yesterday and hasn’t shown up here at Lanier today. 
Comment From Guest 

Did the 46 pack it up and leave? 

I wouldn’t call it “raining” but more of a steady sprinkling. 
Comment From Bob 

Is it currently raining there? 

Now we have received word that the ambulance is not here yet and without the ambulance, no cars can be on the track so the track drying efforts have now ceased. 
There has been no rain date announced as of yet but we assume it would be in one of the next coming weekends before Speedfest at the end of the month. 
Comment From Bob 

Any rain date? 

The pace truck is now on track starting the track drying efforts. 
We are now hearing that track officials are in talks about moving the Pro Late Model main event to the first race. 
Comment From rob 

don’t understand why the race order can’t be changed. i’m sure a lot of folks have driven a long distance to see the 100-lapper and would be unable to come back if that part of the program is rained out. 

Looking at the weather map it isn’t looking great right now, but the rain has lifted a bit here and the track and we’re hopeful it will hold off. 
Teams gather for the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com Photo)
Track promoter Donnie Clack pointed out his pleasure with the turnout for what is the final event that he is promoting here. SpeedFest 2012 later this month is promoted by the CRA folks and after that event, the track will shut down until it is sold or new management comes in to run the facility. 
We had a great race with six Pro’s and three Masters yesterday and we’re expecting a similar field today. 
Comment From nick 

how many pro-masters? 

Several Pro Late Model crew members, some rather frustrated, asked if the PLM feature could be moved up in the feature order. The simple answer given was, “No.” 
Fans are already filling in the grandstands here this morning ready for a packed afternoon of racing. (51 Sports Photo)
The first point made in the drivers meeting was that the track will do everything in their power to get the event in today. 
Scroll down for yesterday’s Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl qualifying results. 
Comment From Sissy 

Were is kyle benjamin 

The chapel service and driver’s meeting are now underway at the start-finish line. 
The umbrellas are beginning to go up in the stands as a slight rain has started to fall.  However, the drivers are still being called to victory lane for the driver’s meeting. 
Dwayne Buggay’s car is under wraps for now, but later on it will start from the pole. (Speed51.com Photo)
Although they Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl has only a short history, the list of past winners is a who’s who of Lanier National Speedway success.

2011 – David Ragan – Who won his first ARCA Racing Series event here in 2005.

2010 – Bubba Pollard – Who was recently named the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame driver of the year and whose car-owner Ronnie Sanders’ car has finished in the top-six in every running of this event.

2009 – Shane Sawyer – A long-time Lanier National Speedway veteran with several years of success on this Braselton, Georgia bullring.

2008 – Joey Senter – Another Lanier National Speedway veteran whose cousin, RS Senter, will start from the fifth position in today’s Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl.

Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl Purse:

1. $2,000.00

2. $1,000.00
3. $900.00
4. $800.00
5. $700.00
6. $600.00
7. $500.00
8. $400.00
9. $300.00
10. $200.00
11. $200.00
12. $200.00
13. $200.00
14. $200.00
15. $200.00
Lanier National Speedway preparing for the 2012 edition of the Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl. (51 Sports Photo)
There are several competitive Pro Late Models here that could give Pollard a run for his money.  Mike Garvey, Dwayne Buggay and Russell Fleeman just to name a few. 
Comment From Babbi 

Is there anyone there that could beat Bubba? 

Mike Garvey (left) helps his crew prep his Pro Late Model. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kodie Conner won yesterday’s Bandolero division feature event, Cody Haskins went to victory lane in the Pro division, Payton Ryan took the checkered flag in the Young Lions class and Garrett Smithley won the Semi-Pro division event here at Lanier.  Visit our friends over at LegendsNation.com for full results. 
Teams mingle in the pits before on-track action kicks off. (Speed51.com Photo)
Drivers in the pits are now making their way to the drivers meeting which will begin in about 15 minutes.
There were only two outlaw late models here for their practice sessions yesterday but track officials are expecting a few more today.
Comment From bobby 

how many olm? 

Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl Sunday Schedule:

11:00 pits open
12:30 Drivers meeting
1:00 Autograph Sesssion
2:00 Feature races
Bandoleros – 20 laps
Legends young lion and Semi Pro – 20 laps
Pro Challenge – 20 laps
Legends Pro – Master – 20 laps
Outlaw Late Models – 25 laps
Trucks – 30 laps
Pro Late Models – 100 lap 

A pair of 29’s for young up-and-coming PLM drivers Spencer Davis (foreground) and Anderson Bowen (background). (Speed51.com Photo)
Track drying efforts are underway on a foggy morning here at Lanier National Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
There’s a strong fog around the speedway but it seems to be lifting a bit, hopefully long enough to get in all of today’s events. 
Comment From Ben N 

Kind of wet, south of Atlanta. How does it look at the track? 

Bubba Pollard sat on the pole in yesterday’s qualifying session and then rolled a four for the invert, which puts Dwayne Buggay starting from the top spot.

Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl Starting Lineup:

1. Dwayne Buggay
2. Mike Garvey
3. Kyle Benjamin
4. Bubba Pollard
5. RS Senter
6. Russell Fleeman
7. Brandon Jones
8. Shane Sawyer
9. Anderson Bowen
10. Brady Boswell
11. TW Fisher
12. Dalton Grindle
13. Jeff Holden
14. Spencer Davis
15. James Holton 

It’s a foggy morning here at Lanier but the track dryers are on the track and making progress in getting this facility dried out. 
Good morning folks and welcome to Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia, where today the Pro Late Models will kick off the Southern racing season with the Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl.

Trackside Now: Ice Cold Shriner’s Bowl 100 (RAIN) – Lanier National Speedway – 1/8/12