This completes our coverage of the first Super Late Model feature event here at Gresham Motorsports Park.  Thanks to the staff here at GMP and the CRA Super Series Officials for their hospitality.  We’ll bring you coverage of the CRA Southern Six Pack events later on this year.Next week, we’ll be at Orange County Speedway for the second-annual running of the Frostbite Winter Nationals Tour-Type Modified event.  That race will also be broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com.  Thanks for joining us tonight and be sure to check out Speed51.com for more on tonight’s race during the week.

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PHOTO:  Augie Grill, after an extensive tech inspection, was officially declared the winner of the CRA Super Late Model Southern Six Pack feature tonight at Gresham Motorsports Park.





Everyone has passed tech.  Tonight’s Super Late Model feature is now official.  Augie Grill is the winner of the CRA Super Late Model Southern Six Pack season opener at Gresham Motorsports Park.



Joel Townsend won the Truck race that saw only two trucks and a car (the only Renegade to show up here at Gresham) finish the race.We’re still awaiting official word from tech on the finish from tonight’s Super Late Model finish.  We know that Augie Grill’s car is still in the tech shed.



With Augie Grill’s victory (unofficially, still awaiting word from tech), he has secured a guaranteed starting position in the World Crown 300 Super Late Model event on Sunday November 14th.



Next up is the Truck feature to close out the program.



Jason Bates has won the 30-lap Outlaw Late Model feature here at GMP tonight.  2) Mike Davidson  3) Tina Stephens  4) Terry Martin  5) David Murphy



Comment From smokersracin Thanks, guys! Awesome job as usual!



Comment From Guest Thank You and talk radio it is nice to hear and watch racing when we stuck in the north woods



Comment From Denise in KY Just want to give a shout out to 15 year old Mason Mingus in the car 98 for a great run tonight, good job Mason ! And thanks to Speed51/RaceTalkRadio for airing this race.



The top-five cars have headed over to technical inspection.  Eddie Chew and the rest of the CRA Officials will now take a look at them.  We’ll have an official finish, should it change from the unofficial finish, once it is available.




  1.  Augie Grill
  2. Chase Elliott
  3. Bubba Pollard
  4. Jason Hogan
  5. Mike Garvey
  6. Scott Hantz
  7. Russell FLeeman
  8. Jeff Fultz
  9. Greg Simpson
  10. Cale Gale
  11. T.J. Reaid
  12. Mason Mingus
  13. Joey Senter
  14. Ryan Crane
  15. Donnie Wilson
  16. Johanna Long
  17. Allen Karnes
  18. Lane Morrow
  19. Johnny Henderson
  20. Randy Gentry
  21. Ryan Lawler
  22. Casey Roderick
  23. Jimmy Garmon
  24. Don Young
  25. Scott Smith
  26. Johnny Van Doorn
  27. Todd Nichelson



Augie Grill has won in the CRA Super Series Gresham Motorsports Park season opener. We will have full results shortly.



Chase Elliott has closed in on Augie Grill for the lead.



GREEN FLAGAugie Grill performs yet another clean restart and pulls away from the field.



The lights are out on the Gresham Motorsports Park pacecar and we’re ready to go green.



Augie Grill paces the field with Chase Elliott directly behind him followed by Bubba Pollard, Jason Hogan, Scott Hantz, Jeff Fultz, Mike Garvey, Russell Fleeman, Greg Simpson, Jimmy Garmon and Cale Gale.



YELLOW FLAGThe cars are back rolling on lap 118.



A crew member has made his way over the wall and to Jeff Fultz’s #67 machine. No, Jeff’s not parched, but he is a little uncomfortable. The crew is cleaning Fultz’s windshield which has fogged up under this red flag.



The fluid was in fact, not from the #98 of Mason Mingus as originally thought. It was indeed from TJ Reaid’s #51.



They have discovered an oil leak on the KBM #51 of TJ Reaid and he has been sent to the pits.



Officials are saying that it was rearend grease that has come from the #98 onto the racing surface.



RED FLAGLap 118 : Track crews are cleaning up fluid on the track from the #98 of Mason Mingus.



It appeared something broke or a tire went flat on the #98 of Mason Mingus downt he front straightaway. He has made his way to the pits.



YELLOW FLAGLap 119 : Mason Mingus in the wall in turn one.



Running Order at Lap 110 : Augie Grill, Chase Elliott, TJ Reaid, Bubba Pollard, Jason Hogan, Scott Hantz, Jeff Fultz, Russell Fleeman, Greg Simpson, and Mike Garvey.



Joey Senter has hit pit road after smoke poured from the car down the back straightaway.



Chase Elliott is in the second spot almost an entire straightaway behind Grill.



We are now at lap 100 where Augie Grill still holds the top spot.



Ryan Crane has come to pit road where his crew is working on the right front of that car.



GREEN FLAGAugie Grill pulls away clean.



Jimmy Garmon has come out from behind the wall and rejoined the field as they get the one lap to go signal.



CRA Officials have sent Mike Garvey to the rear of the field for his altercation with Donnie Wilson.



We are under caution here at lap 81 as Augie Grill continues to pace the field.



YELLOW FLAGMike Garvey made contact with Donnie Wilson on the front straightaway which caused Wilson to spin while battling for fourth.



Johanna Long has brought her car back to pit road and appears to be parking her #10 behind the wall.



When we mention a driver using the “high line” it’s not quite the same line we used to see before this track was reconfigured, when it was Peachstate Speedway. We are referring to a much lower line closer to just one line up from the bottom.



Augie Grill has pulled away from the field but there is plenty of racing going on behind him. TJ Reaid is pressuring Chase Elliott for the second spot while Bubba Pollard tries to make his way by Mike Garvey for fifth. Behind them Scott Hantz is working hard to get around Jeff Fultz for eighth.



The halfway flags have been shown to the field.



GREEN FLAGAugie Grill got a little loose as he got on the gas as the green flag waved but again wasted no time in pulling away from the field.



The field has just been given the one lap to go signal.



We are hearing that the trouble with Randy Gentry was a valve spring issue.



Ryan Lawler has exited his #49 on pit road and appears to be out of the race.



Johnny Henderson has taken his #118 behind the wall.  Johanna Long and Ryan Crane have both come to the attention of their crews on pit road.



YELLOW FLAGLAP 55 : Johanna Long spun off turn four and collected Johnny Henderson who tried to squeeze by between her #10 and the inside wall.



GREEN FLAGAugie Grill wastes no time launching his #112 machine off turn one and pulls away from Chase Elliott.



Augie Grill continues to lead Chase Elliott, TJ Reaid, Donnie Wilson, Bubba Pollard, Mike Garvey, Johanna Long, Ryan Crane, Jason Hogan, Jeff Fultz, Johnny Henderson, Scott Hantz, Joey Senter, Russell Fleeman, Greg Simpson, and Cale Gale.



Ryan Lawler does indeed have some fluid leaking and has gone to the attention of his crew on pit road. Should he make it back onto the track before the green flag falls, he will start from the rear of the field.



Ryan Lawler has been called to pit road for CRA Officials to check his #49 for fluid loss.



It appears Roderick may have a brake problem as he was unable to stop in his pit stall.



Casey Roderick and Cale Gale have both hit pit road under this caution as track crews attempt to remove Randy Gentry’s #09 from the turn four wall.



Comment From RTR Dennis If anyone is having trouble listening to the broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com, close your browser and open a new one and you will hear the broadcast.



Casey Roderick slowed on the back straightaway and threw a kink into the cars behind him which eventually resulted in Gentry’s spin.



if you can’t hear RaceTalkRadio.com’s broadcast, close your web browser and then re-launch it on RTR.



YELLOW FLAGLap 45 : Randy Gentry spins in turn four.



TJ Reaid has now taken the fifth spot from Donnie Wilson.



Elliott has made his way below Lawler on the bottom but he doesn’t have anything for Lawler’s #49 ion the high side.



Chase Elliott has now caught Ryan Lawler and is looking to take the second spot away.



Augie Grill continues to lead on lap 33.



Donnie Wilson has a mirror-full of TJ Reaid battling for the fifth spot.



Teammates Chase Elliott and Casey Roderick have made contact off turn four as Elliott makes his way by Roderick for the third position.



On lap 22, Grill continues to lead Lawler, Roderick, Chase Elliott, Donnie Wilson, TJ Reaid, Bubba Pollard, Mike Garvey, Randy Gentry, Johanna Long, Ryan Crane, Jason Hogan , Johnny Henderson, Jeff Fultz, Scott Hantz, Joey Senter, Russell Fleeman, Greg Simpson, and Cale Gale.



It’s now lap 17 and Augie Grill has put several car-lengths on Ryan Lawler in second.



Augie Grill has taken the lead from Ryan Lawler after making contact in turn one.



In his pursuit of the lead, Augie Grill made contact with Ryan Lawler. Lawler slammed the door on Grill, held the spot and continues to lead.



Jimmy Garmon has slowed on the front straightaway and is making his way to the pits.



Ryan Lawler, Augie Grill, Casey Roderick, and Chase Elliott are now nose to tail in the top-four spots.



Lawler leads with Grill directly in his rearview mirror followed by Roderick, Chase Elliott, Donnie Wilson, TJ Reaid, Bubba Pollard, and Mike Garvey.



Augie Grill is aggressively looking below Casey Roderick for second.



Ryan Lawler made his way by Roderick and led the first lap.



GREEN FLAGCasey Roderick and Ryan Lawler touch door to door coming out of turn four but the two break away clean.



Go to racetalkradio.com and click the “Listen Live” link to tune in to Speed51 Radio here at Gresham Motorsports Park.



Comment From zach how do u listen to the radio on the computer or can u even?



Driver introductions have concluded, the engines have fired, and the initial pace laps are underway.



The cars have lined up on the front straightaway and we’re just waiting on the command to fire engines.  CRA Officials have worked hard to try and keep this show on schedule after all of the rain delays we’ve endured today and they’ve wasted no time in getting the cars ready to race quickly after qualifying. The drivers and their cars are on track while several teams are still rolling their pitboxes up to pit road.



Several Super Late Models are now lining up on the frontstretch. There will be a few more minutes before we’re ready to race. CRA officials told teams there would not be an impound after qualifying, allowing teams to have a qualifying setup in their cars for time trials because the race was originally supposed to be second in tonight’s order. But, with the rain earlier today, the CRA race is now first. But, there is going to be some time built in right now to allow teams to get ready for tonight’s race. We’re just a few minutes away from that.



The re-draw number was a three, so now Casey Roderick will start on the pole. Fast timer Augie Grill will start third, while Ryan Lawler will remain second.



Pre-race ceremonies are beginning here on the frontstretch. They have moved the CRA Super Late Model feature to the first feature. We’ll have live updates, but we’re just a couple minutes away from starting the RaceTalkRadio.com broadcast of tonight’s event.



Qualifying Results :

Car No. Name Fastest
1 112 Augie Grill 16.169
2 49 Ryan Lawler 16.335
3 51 Casey Roderick 16.429
4 51 TJ Reaid 16.432
5 9 Chase Elliott 16.433
6 82 Donnie Wilson 16.435
7 10 Johanna Long 16.475
8 18 Bubba Pollard 16.495
9 110 Ryan Crane 16.512
10 1 Mike Garvey 16.525
11 97 Jimmy Garmon 16.58
12 9 Randy Gentry 16.591
13 92 Jason Hogan 16.593
14 72 Scott Hantz 16.606
15 67 Jeff Fultz 16.618
16 118 Johnny Henderson 16.631
17 12 Joey Senter 16.76
18 14 Cale Gale 16.767
19 10 Greg Simpson 16.805
20 98 Russell Fleeman 16.847
21 98 Mason Mingus 16.945
22 58 Don Young 17.178
23 25 Lane Morrow 17.498
24 29 Allen Karnes 17.582
25 7 Scott Smith 18.619
26 61 Johnny VanDoorn No Time
27 5 Todd Nicholson Withdrew



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
29 Allen Karnes 18.023 17.582 17.582



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
67 Jeff Fultz 16.641 16.618 16.618



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
118 Johnny Henderson 16.631 17.033 16.631



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
49 Ryan Lawler 16.335 16.859 16.335



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
110 Ryan Crane 16.512 16.548 16.512



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
12 Joey Senter 16.849 16.76 16.76



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
25 Lane Morrow 17.916 17.498 17.498



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
51 TJ Reaid 16.461 16.432 16.432



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
58 Don Young 17.34 17.178 17.178



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
1 Mike Garvey 16.708 16.525 16.525



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
10 Greg Simpson 16.975 16.805 16.805



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
72 Scott Hantz 16.647 16.606 16.606



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
97 Jimmy Garmon 16.58 16.667 16.58



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
98 Russell Fleeman 16.847 17.128 16.847



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
51 Casey Roderick 16.429 16.519 16.429



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
9 Randy Gentry 16.644 16.591 16.591



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
10 Johanna Long 16.628 16.475 16.475



Augie Grill has just set a new track record.



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
112 Augie Grill 16.169 16.169



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
9 Chase Elliott 16.535 16.433 16.433



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
14 Cale Gale 17.018 16.767 16.767



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
92 Jason Hogan 16.806 16.593 16.593



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
98 Mason Mingus 17.145 16.945 16.945



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
7 Scott Smith 18.682 18.619 18.619



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
82 Donnie Wilson 16.435 16.435



Car No. Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Fastest
18 Bubba Pollard 16.495 16.724 16.495



One quick pre-qualifying note…Johnny VanDoorn broke something inside the motor of his #61 and will not be qualifying. He will race Scott Hantz’s backup car in the feature.



The fields of the local features have been set by their fastest practice laps. The Super Late Models have now lined up to begin their qualifying.



Georgia Pro Late Model regular Kevin Stephens’ better half, Tina Brown Stephens, just put herself at the top of the scoreboard in Outlaw Late Model practice.  Tina Stephens’ father is former late model driver Debris Brown.



The track-drying efforts have ceased and the track and the outlaw late models have started their practice session.



The #5 machine of Todd Nichelson will not start tonight’s CRA Super Late Model season opener here at Gresham Motorsports Park. He’s experienced brake troubles that they won’t be able to recover from before the green flag waves tonight.



PHOTO : CRA Super Series regular, not to mention three-time champ, Scott Hantz has gone out in all three practice sessions.  Hantz was 14th in the first round, 10th in the second, and 17th in the final round of practice. (51 Sports Photo)





It has let up here for now and the sun is beating down on the surface of the track as the track vehicles continue to make laps.



Comment From zach raining here in north eastern indiana too



Due to the rain we’ve had here today, practice has concluded and the next thing up on the schedule will be qualifying for the CRA Super Late Models.



Track vehicles have once again taken to the asphalt to make another effort at drying the track. CRA Super Late Models are now in line for qualifying tech.



Comment From Billybob Thanks for the coverage! If it makes yall feel any better, the weather is doing the same thing here in South Georgia. Sunshine one minute and rain the next.



PHOTO : After a few moments reminiscing about the event with our own Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor, Pollard took the liberty of signing one of the newly named, “Bubba Barriers” the track has installed in his honor.  The new barriers are not inclined as the previous “Jersey Barriers” were, in hopes of avoiding another crash like Pollard’s. (51 Sports Photo)





PHOTO : Bubba Pollard took a tumble here in the World Crown 300 last November after hitting one of the “Jersey Barriers” that made up the wall along the front straightaway. (51 Sports Photo)







PHOTO : As the weather here is constantly switching between sunshine and rain, we’ve found a full rainbow off turns one and two. (51 Sports Photo)



John Long did not make here to Jefferson, Georgia this weekend to join us here at the Gresham Motorsports Park for the season opener.



Comment From Guest is John Long there today?



The rain has picked up and his now falling sideways. It looks like this will be the end of this practice session.



Track vehicles have made their way off the track and into the infield. Jeff Fultz and Jason Hogan have both taken their Super Late Models onto the track to kick off the last session of CRA Super Late Model practice, just as the rain begins again.



The rain has let up and the sun is back out again. The track drying efforts are still underway and making great progress.



Comment From brendan doherty WELCOME BACK MIKE GARVEY!!



Nothing has been announced but if things go well for the team in the Gulf Coast Series, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him in a driver’s suit in Pensacola at the end of the year.



Comment From Guest is Garvey also shooting to be in the car for this years derby?





PHOTO : Mike Garvey is in Tracy Goodson’s #1 Super Late Model out of Pensacola, Florida. This is Garvey’s first time back in the seat of a late model in six years. He and Goodson have teamed up for this race as well as the Gulf Coast Championship Series which includes the Five Flags Speedway Blizzard Series as well as the Miller Lite Series at Mobile International Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)



The rain let up for a while but a few dark clouds have once again settled over the track. It’s only sprinkling at the moment so maybe we’ll be lucky enough to dodge another hard shower.



PHOTO : TJ Reaid in the Kyle Busch Foundation #51. (51 Sports Photo)





It is good news. A great opportunity for a young driver like himself.



Comment From Guest thats great news. tj reaid impressed the hell out of pretty much everyone at the snowflake!!



No, TJ Reaid is actually scheduled to run several times with KBM this season. He is set to run all of the races here at Gresham Motorsports Park in the KBM #51.



Comment From Guest is today TJ Reaids lone schduled appearance in a KBM car?





PHOTO : Bill Elliott Driver Development and ARCA Racing Series driver Casey Roderick was 8th in the last practice. (51 Sports Photo)



Comment From Guest you guys are fantastic!



PHOTO : Hayden, Alabama’s Augie Grill was on top of the charts in the last round of practice. (51 Sports Photo)





PHOTO : Three-time CRA Super Series champion Scott Hantz is another series regular here today ready to take on the Gresham Motorsports Park. (51 Sports Photo)





Notably, missing from today’s season opener here at Gresham Motorsports Park is local driver Shane Sawyer. Sawyer ran into some bad luck here last year flipping his car during a test session before the World Crown 300 and has not been able to shake his bad luck thus far in the 2010 season at Lanier National Speedway in both the Ice Cold Shrine Bowl and Speedfest and at South Alabama Speedway for the Rattler.



The pace car, fire truck, and wrecker have all hit the pavement to begin the track-drying efforts.



Comment From Mike Ray Thanks for your coverage today 51!peace,out.



Comment From Don Thanks for all You do.



CRA Super Late Model Practice Round 3Pos No. Name               Class         Best Tm
1 112 Augie Grill CRA Super Series 16.447
2 82 Donnie Wilson CRA Super Series 16.555
3 97 Jimmy Garmon CRA Super Series 16.556
4 49 Ryan Lawler CRA Super Series 16.669
5 51 T.J. Reaid CRA Super Series 16.710
6 67 Jeff Fultz CRA Super Series 16.745
7 9 Chase Elliott CRA Super Series 16.784
8 151 Casey Roderick CRA Super Series 16.809
9 18 Bubba Pollard CRA Super Series 16.818
10 110 Ryan Crane CRA Super Series 16.838
11 118 Johnny HendersonCRA Super Series 16.850
12 12 Joey Senter CRA Super Series 16.865
13 1 Mike Garvey CRA Super Series 16.927
14 14 Cale Gale CRA Super Series 16.936
15 09 Randy Gentry CRA Super Series 16.954
16 98 Mason Mingus CRA Super Series 16.975
17 72 Scott Hantz CRA Super Series 17.043
18 70 Greg Simpson CRA Super Series 17.056
19 10 Johanna Long CRA Super Series 17.086
20 61 Johnny VanDoorn CRA Super Series 17.089
21 92 Jason Hogan CRA Super Series 17.114
22 198 Russell Fleeman CRA Super Series 17.359
23 29 Allen Karnes CRA Super Series 17.412
24 5 Todd Nichelson CRA Super Series 17.949
25 25 Lane Morrow CRA Super Series 18.237
26 58 Don Young CRA Super Series 19.065
27 7 Scott Smith CRA Super Series 19.445



CRA Super Series practice has concluded and shortly after local series practice began the rain finally started to fall at Gresham Motorsports Park.



Jimmy Garmon who has won many races here in several different vehicles when it was Peachstate Speedway, has found his way into the second position in this round of practice.



Augie Grill is currently on the top of the scoreboard in this practice session.



Comment From Florida Fan Who’s fastest so far in this session?



Three-time CRA Super Series champion Scott Hantz now has the track to himself at this point in practice.



Johnny VanDoorn has had a lot of success in the CRA Super Series, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him up front tonight.



Comment From Canadian VanDoorn Fan Great to see the #61 up front!!! Would love to see him win this one today



Comment From Guest Sure hope to see Johanna Long run some more races up north this season!



It is unknown whether he has “officially” retired or not but there have been no plans announced for him to get back in the driver’s seat anytime soon.



Comment From Guest Does Query still drive any or has he retired?



That would be Freddy Query. The team and crew chief had an amicable split after the 2009 season as the Panhandle Motorsports team was looking to do a few things different with Johanna Long this year. Possibly branching out and running a few more events outside of the tracks familiar to her in the Southeast.



Comment From Florida Fan Which driver was it that was recently helping Joanna long



Famed short track driver turned crew chief, Freddy Query, is here this weekend helping Ryan Crane with his #10 machine.



The #49 team had a mechanical problem and had to change a few transmission parts after the first round of practice on Ryan Lawler’s Super Late Model.



Comment From texas fan any idea why the #49 didn’t practice in the 2nd practice session?



This will be the first of the two, hour-long practices left for the Super Late Models today.



CRA Super Series practice is back underway until 2:00 pm ET.



Mike Garvey, who has stepped back into a late model for the first time in six years this weekend, says it fits like a glove.



It was announced at the CRA Super Late Model driver’s meeting, much to the delight of late model racing world, that the All American 400 Weekend will return in 2010. The event will be held the first weekend of October at the famed Fairgrounds Speedway (TN). It will be the sixth and final race of the CRA Six Pack schedule.



The CRA Super Late Model driver’s meeting has now concluded and the cars will hit the track again soon for another round of practice.



The more we look at the weather radar, the better it is looking. It appears we may be able to dodge the showers all together this evening.



There has been no schedule released as both track and series officials are doing everything they can to make sure this race is run today.



Comment From racer rob if they don’t get it in today, what is the schedule for tomorrow, can’t get there today but can get there from Hickory,NC tomorrow



No rain yet, the clouds have actually cleared quite a bit. We will just have to wait and see what mother nature has in store for us for the rest of the day.



Comment From Firehawk Is it raining there yet ?



Unfortunately Paul Kelley, last year’s World Crown 300 winner, is not here today.



Comment From bubba is paul kelley racing today



PHOTO : TJ Reaid is kicking off his Kyle Busch Motorsports Super Late Model season here at the Gresham Motorsports Park season opener. (51 Sports Photo)





The track is quiet right now as the CRA Super Late Model driver’s meeting is underway in the infield.



Comment From Hughes Motorsports Holdin’ it down at Speed51 headquarter’s here in Concord, checking on the updates from Gresham….. Awesome job guys!



PHOTO : Mike Garvey has stepped back into the driver’s seat this weekend. He will be in Tracy Goodson’s #1 for several races this season. (51 Sports Photo)





Comment From The Foot Racing Love the updates!



Gresham 125 Gresham Motorsports Park
Results of CRA Super Series – Practice #2Pos No. Name Class Best Tm In Lap
1 18 Bubba Pollard CRA Super Series 16.599
2 112 Augie Grill CRA Super Series 16.632
3 67 Jeff Fultz CRA Super Series 16.874
4 9 Chase Elliott CRA Super Series 16.951
5 82 Donnie Wilson CRA Super Series 16.974
6 118 Johnny Henderson CRA Super Series 17.011
7 12 Joey Senter CRA Super Series 17.028
8 110 Ryan Crane CRA Super Series 17.036
9 151 Casey Roderick CRA Super Series 17.039
10 72 Scott Hantz CRA Super Series 17.086
11 1 Mike Garvey CRA Super Series 17.091
12 61 Johnny VanDoorn CRA Super Series 17.232
13 51 T.J. Reaid CRA Super Series 17.292
14 98 Mason Mingus CRA Super Series 17.310
15 70 Greg Simpson CRA Super Series 17.336
16 14 Cale Gale CRA Super Series 17.347
17 198 Russell Fleeman CRA Super Series 17.398
18 92 Jason Hogan CRA Super Series 17.402
19 09 Randy Gentry CRA Super Series 17.481
20 10 Johanna Long CRA Super Series 17.531
21 5 Todd Nichelson CRA Super Series 18.125
22 58 Don Young CRA Super Series 19.028



PHOTO : Jimmy Garmon performing one of two spin’s in practice here today. (51 Sports Photo)





After a very eventful first late model event, the World Crown 300, here at Gresham Motorsports Park it’s been nice to only see two spins in practice here today.



PHOTO : Jeff Fultz under the rear end of his #67 Super Late Model. (51 Sports Photo)





Last week’s Rattler 250 at South Alabama Speedway winner, Jeff Fultz is also here today. We caught him earlier this morning doing a little last minute gear work before practice began.



Comment From robert wow what a good field of cars for todays race… Have no clue who to pic.



PHOTO : Georgia native Joey Senter is here with his #12 Super Late Model machine today. (51 Sports Photo)





We’ve got a few photos on the way to set the scene for the viewers at home of what’s going on and who’s here at the Gresham Motorsports Park season opener here today.



The first segment of CRA Super Late Model practice has concluded and the local classes are now on track. The CRA driver’s meeting will begin in about 20 minutes at noon.



Stay tuned to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage all day for live updates on everything going on in the Super Late Model world today here at Gresham Motorsports Park.



Comment From BJ Can’t come today, so keep the info coming.



First CRA Super Late Model practice times:Pos No. Name Best Tm
1 9 Chase Elliott 17.017
2 61 Johnny VanDoorn 17.238
3 49 Ryan Lawler 17.242
4 82 Donnie Wilson 17.248
5 151 Casey Roderick 17.258
6 112 Augie Grill 17.266
7 1 Mike Garvey 17.284
8 12 Joey Senter 17.320
9 118 Johnny Henderson 17.330
10 92 Jason Hogan 17.472
11 51 T.J. Reaid 17.523
12 97 Jimmy Garmon 17.524
13 29 Allen Karnes 17.612
14 72 Scott Hantz 17.631
15 67 Jeff Fultz 17.660
16 198 Russell Fleeman 17.708
17 14 Cale Gale 17.752
18 70 Greg Simpson 17.813
19 110 Ryan Crane 17.821
20 98 Mason Mingus 17.849
21 10 Johanna Long 17.906
22 18 Bubba Pollard 18.144
23 5 Todd Nichelson 18.534
24 25 Lane Morrow 18.644
25 7 Scott Smith 19.637
26 09 Randy Gentry
Pos No. Name Best Tm
1 9 Chase Elliott 17.017
2 61 Johnny VanDoorn 17.238
3 49 Ryan Lawler 17.242
4 82 Donnie Wilson 17.248
5 151 Casey Roderick 17.258
6 112 Augie Grill 17.266
7 1 Mike Garvey 17.284
8 12 Joey Senter 17.320
9 118 Johnny Henderson 17.330
10 92 Jason Hogan 17.472
11 51 T.J. Reaid 17.523
12 97 Jimmy Garmon 17.524
13 29 Allen Karnes 17.612
14 72 Scott Hantz 17.631
15 67 Jeff Fultz 17.660
16 198 Russell Fleeman 17.708
17 14 Cale Gale 17.752
18 70 Greg Simpson 17.813
19 110 Ryan Crane 17.821
20 98 Mason Mingus 17.849
21 10 Johanna Long 17.906
22 18 Bubba Pollard 18.144
23 5 Todd Nichelson 18.534
24 25 Lane Morrow 18.644
25 7 Scott Smith 19.637
26 09 Randy Gentry



It’s a little chilly in North Georgia today and bit cloudy. Although the blue skies are peeking through the clouds, the chance of rain increases throughout the afternoon to 40% at 5:00 pm here at GMP. However, track officials have said that they will do everything under their power to make sure they get this race in tonight.



The qualifying order for time trials later this afternoon:
1. Johnny VanDoorn
2. Bubba Pollard
3. Donnie Wilson
4. Scott Smith
5. Mason Mingus
6. Jason Hogan
7. Cale Gale
8. Chase Elliott
9. Augie Grill
10. Johanna Long
11. Randy Gentry
12. Todd Nicholson
13. Casey Roderick
14. Russell Fleeman
15. Jimmy Garmon
16. Scott Hantz
17. Greg Simpson
18. Mike Garvey
19. Don Young
20. T.J. Reaid
21. Lane Morrow
22. Joey Senter
23. Ryan Crane
24. Ryan Lawler
25. Johnny Henderson
26. Jeff Fultz
27. Allen Karnes



Here are the drivers and cars officially entered for today’s CRA Super Late Model race. Twenty-eight cars are on this list, but Shane Sawyer is not on site despite still being entered.1 Mike Garvey
5 Todd Nicholson
7 Scott Smith
9 Chase Elliott
9 Randy Gentry
10 Johanna Long
14 Cale Gale
18 Bubba Pollard
25 Lane Morrow
29 Allen Karnes
38 Shane Sawyer
49 Ryan Lawler
51 TJ Reaid
58 Don Young
61 John VanDoorn
67 Jeff Fultz
70 Greg Simpson
72 Scott Hantz
82 Donnie Wilson
92 Jason Hogan
97 Jimmy Garmon
98 Mason Mingus
110 Ryan Crane
112 Augie Grill
118 Johnny Henderson
121 Joey Senter
151 Casey Roderick
198 Russell Fleeman



We’ve got 27 Super Late Models currently on hand here today, and we are actually expecting a few more to trickle in as the day goes on.



CRA Super Late Model practice is now underway. So far we’ve been incident free with the exception of a spin by Jimmy Garmon in turn two and a recent spin by Johanna Long on the front straightaway. Long did tag the inside wall with her right rear but it appears the damage is minimal.



Due to wet weather in the area all throughout yesterday afternoon, there was no practice here at GMP, as originally scheduled. The INEX US Legend Cars portion of the weekend has been cut out since the parking area originally reserved for their haulers was washed out by the rain.Here is the revised schedule of events for today’s activities :
8:00 am – Pit Registration, Gates Open
10:00 am – Noon – Rotating Practice – All Divisions
11:00 am – CRA Race Tires Selected
Noon – CRA Driver’s Meeting
1:00 pm – CRA Practice
2:00 pm – Break
2:15 pm – GMP Outlaw Late Model Practice
2:35 pm – GMP Truck Practice
2:55 pm – GMP Renegade Practice
3:15 pm – CRA Practice
4:15 pm – Break
4:30 pm – GMP Outlaw Late Model Practice / Qualifying
4:50 pm – GMP Truck Practice / Qualifying
5:10 pm – GMP Renegade Practice / Qualifying
5:30 pm – Practice Ends
5:45 pm – CRA Qualifying
6:45 pm – Pre-Race
7:00 pm – Feature Events
GMP Trucks – 50 Laps
CRA Last Chance Race (if necessary)
GMP Outlaw Late Models – 30 Laps
CRA Super Late Models – 125 Laps
GMP Renegades – 25 Laps



Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the 2010 season opener at Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia. Follow along all day as we bring you all the on track action from today’s CRA Super Late Model race. We will have the call of the CRA Super Late Model show live on RaceTalkRadio.com, a production of Speed 51 Radio.

Trackside Now: Gresham Super Late Model 125 at Gresham Motorsports Park – 3/13/10