About 10 minutes ago, tech cleared for the Super Late Models, so Chase Elliott is the official winner.

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We are going to head to tech to see if there are any issues and what is happening.  We will post an update before we close down Trackside Now.



Chase Elliott in victory lane.





1) Chase Elliott
2) Bubba Pollard
3) Ben Kennedy
4) Johnny Henderson
5) Allen Karnes
6) Jimmy Garmon
7) Scott Sutherland
8) Kevin Dicks
9) Roger Delp



Comment From Hoss 

Good job Chase! and a good job by Bubba too!



CHECKERED FLAG:  The winner is Chase Elliott.

We will have more info before we complete out our coverage, so stay tuned as we head to the pits for drivers’ reactions and photos.



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AT LAP 75:

1) Chase Elliott
2) Bubba Pollard
3) Ben Kennedy
4) Johnny Henderson
5) Allen Karnes
6) Jimmy Garmon
7) Scott Sutherland
8) Kevin Dicks
9) Roger Delp

There are five cars on the lead lap.



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AT LAP 50:

1) Chase Elliott
2) Bubba Pollard
3) Ben Kennedy
4) Johnny Henderson
5) Allen Karnes
6) Jimmy Garmon
7) Scott Sutherland
8) Roger Delp
9) Kevin Dicks

There are six cars on the lead lap.



AT LAP 25:

1) Chase Elliott
2) Bubba Pollard
3) Ben Kennedy
4) Johnny Henderson
5) Allen Karnes
6) Jimmy Garmon
7) Scott Sutherland
8) Roger Delp
9) Kevin Dicks



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Starting Grid


1)      #9 Chase Elliott

2)      #97 Jimmy Garmon

3)      #118 Johnny Henderson

4)      #18 Bubba Pollard

5)      #22 Scott Sutherland

6)      #96 Ben Kennedy

7)      #29 Allen Karnes

8)      #29a Roger Delp

9)      #38 Kevin Dicks



Comment From Guest 

good luck PaPa Delp from Christopher



The engines have been fired and we will be going green in the matter of the next five minutes.



The drivers have made their way to the front stretch for driver introductions.  We are going to step away for a few moments, but will have the starting line-up before the green flag.

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The printout we had earlier might be incorrect with the starting order of the Super Late Model race, so we are going to wait until they hit the track to print the correct line-up.



Comment From bob 

the race is gonna be between chase and bubba.



Next up is the George Elliott Memorial 100 Super Late Model race.



Brian Hardman won the Outlaw Late Model race.



Earlier, the Truck feature winner was Alexander Fox and the Renegades winner was Joey Trivett.



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We are currently LIVE on RaceTalkRadio.com as we are starting the Outlaw Modifieds feature.



Before here at the track, there was a hydro-barrier there coming off turn two, but during the NASCAR East Series race, a car smacked that hard, pouring water down the track and causing a very long clean-up.  The track has replaced that with a foam barrier, and it looks like it has done it’s job tonight.



They have checkered flagged this race, giving the win to Steve Hill.  Also, we are hearing that Darrell Carlson was also involved and his car is on the inside wall, but he is ok too.



We were about to get the checkered flag in this race, but Avery Burgess went head on into the foam barrier in turn two.  He is out and ok.  It was a scary wreck.



We are 10 laps into the Mini Stock feature.  We have had a few cautions throughout the first part of this race.

Earlier during practice, the drivers weren’t paying attention in this class, and weren’t slowing down for a few of the yellows, and even a red.  Micky Cain gave them a lecture during the driver’s meeting in regards to paying attention to the yellow flag and lights around the track.



Comment From Rhoda 

That #18 is a great looking car and fast too. Go, go, go Bubba. Pulling for you from home.



The 20-lap Mini Stock race is now on the track.



Will Fagan has won the second 20-lap Mini Cup feature.



There is a second Mini Cup race on the track.  We understand this is a different division, so there might be a power difference.



Will Fagan has won the 20-lap Mini Cup feature.



The Mini Cup cars are on the small track for their feature.



Don’t forget.  Before the Super Late Model race starts, we will switch to the radio broadcast of the event, which can be heard live on RaceTalkRadio.com.  We will have periodic updates here on Trackside Now during the feature, as well as closing it out at the end of the night with full unofficial results and more.



On the redraw for the Super Late Model race, Chase Elliott will start on the pole with Johnny Henderson second, followed by Bubba Pollard, Scott Sutherland, Roger Delp, Kevin Dicks, Ben Kennedy and Allen Karnes.  We will reprint that starting order before the Super Late Model feature, which will be the last feature of the night.



A skydiver comes in for a landing.




Comment From Jerry from ARBODIES 

Congratulations to Bubba Pollard & Chase Elliott for being the st and 2nd qualifiers and thanks for



We are currently in our opening ceremonies.  We are awaiting skydivers that are supposed to be jumping at some point from a plane.  We have been waiting for a bit for them, but we hear they are on the way to the ground now.



Bubba Pollard set fast time during qualifying.




1) #18 Bubba Pollard 16.205
2) #9 Chase Elliott 16.344
3) #97 Jimmy Garmon 16.582
4) #96 Ben Kennedy 16.593
5) #118 Johnny Henderson 16.606
6) #29 Allen Karnes 16.617
7) #22 Scott Sutherland 17.020
8) #29a Roger Delp 17.480
9) #38 Kevin Dicks 17.544



Bubba Pollard has set fast time during qualifying.  We will have the full rundown shortly.



Fans are being asked to return to their seats as the autograph session has completed.  We are about 10 minutes away from qualifying for the Super Late Models.  We will have results of the qualifying once it completes before the racing action starts.



The infield is full of cars and fans for the autograph session.




Bubba Pollard during the autograph session.




Chase Elliott giving fans autographs.




Micky Cain giving roll call in the driver’s meeting.




Comment From guest 

man,the economy is reaking havic on short track racing,expecially asphalt racing



The autograph session is currently happening on the track.  Qualifying will begin in about a half hour.



Up next is Mini-Cup practice / qualifying on the small track.



We have had a few yellows in the Mini Stock practice, including one that was a red flag for a multiple car wreck.  A few of the issues would have been just one-car deals, but well after the yellow was out on this last one, multiple cars appeared to not slow, piling in and causing more issues.



Comment From Dan 

Most UGA fans would rather die then go to a race after losing to Arkansaw!



For those that buy a ticket here tonight and attended the UGA and Arkansas game earlier will want to bring their ticket stub from the game earlier as you will get $2 off the GMP ticket price.



We are back around to the Mini Stocks.

The driver’s meeting will be up at 5:30pm with the autograph session to follow at 6pm.



We have rotated practice back around to the Outlaws.



The Renegades are on track for their practice session.



The Trucks and Outlaw Late Models have been on the track for their practice.  The Mini Stocks are next, with Renegades to follow.



Practice for the other divisions is hitting the track now.  Currently the pre-qualifying tech is open for the Super Late Models.



Super Late Model Third Practice Times

1) #18 Bubba Pollard 16.770
2) #118 Johnny Henderson 16.807
3) #9 Chase Elliott 16.897
4) #96 Ben Kennedy 17.093
5) #36 Rodney Benefield 17.450
6) #38 Kevin Dicks 17.850



Only six drivers hit the track during the third session with Bubba Pollard clocking in fastest.



It appears that is the end of practice.



Rodney Benefield’s car wrecked in turn three.




Rodney Benefield has looped it and slapped the wall pretty hard in turn three, getting up in the air a bit from the contact.



The third practice for the Super Late Models continues.  Bubba Pollard is the fastest of the six cars that have hit the track so far with a 16.770 second lap.



In the first session, Scott Sutherland didn’t practice.  In the second, Johnny Henderson didn’t hit the track.  There are nine total that have been on the track.  The possible 10th car is the second Karnes car, but we are thinking now that car will not race.



Comment From Guest 

I see only 8 cars in practice who is missing?



We are not sure if the other Karnes car will race today, so there might be only nine Super Late Models that will race.



Second Practice Times

1) #9 Chase Elliott 16.853
2) #18 Bubba Pollard 16.884
3) #97 Jimmy Garmon 16.992
4) #96 Ben Kennedy 17.116
5) #22 Scott Sutherland 17.270
6) #29a Allen Karnes 17.644
7) #38 Kevin Dicks 17.692
8) #36 Rodney Benefield 17.743



The second practice session has completed.  Chase Elliott was the fastest during that session.



This is a standard Super Late Model show for the track.  It does not have a series affiliation, but it is the George Elliott Memorial event.



Comment From Jesse (Speedway660) 

What Racing Series Is This? CRA, Blizzard, ETC?



Chase Elliott is currently on top of the charts in the second practice session as it continues on track.



First Session Practice Times:

1) #97 Jimmy Garmon 16.952
2) #118 Johnny Henderson 17.016
3) #9 Chase Elliott 17.095
4) #18 Bubba Pollard 17.154
5) #36 Rodney Benefield 17.707
6) #29a Allen Karnes 17.719
7) #38 Kevin Dicks 17.858
8) #96 Ben Kennedy 39.256



Scott Sutherland has hit the track, and has spun in the same spot that Ben Kennedy did.  He didn’t hit the wall though.



Rodney Benefield has hit the track for practice, putting eight of the 10 SLMs  here making it out of the surface during this session.



There are two Allen Karnes machines here.  Only one has hit the track, and it shows Allen’s name next to it on the scoring monitor, but Z3 Sports is reporting that is not the car he is in.  We will figure out which car he is in and who the other driver is shortly.



Jimmy Garmon has hit the track during this practice session.



In the points, Bubba Pollard currently leads the Super Late Model division standings with 445 points.  Greg Simpson is second with 380.  Jason Hogan (360), Jimmy Garmon (333) and Augie Grill (330) round out the top five in points.

The points will shake up tonight as Jason Hogan and Augie Grill aren’t here, and we believe Greg Simpson isn’t either.



Bubba Pollard has just worked his way onto the track.



Currently only four cars have hit the track for practice – Johnny Henderson, Chase Elliott, Kevin Dicks and Ben Kennedy.  Henderson is the fastest so far.



Ben Kennedy gets going after spinning early in practice.




The report from the pits is that it appears to be minimal damage, so he should be good to go.



In the first few moments of practice, Ben Kennedy has already brought out the yellow has he spun off turn four, backing into the front stretch wll.  He was able to get the car going again and is headed to the pits with some damage to his car, but it didn’t look like it was major.



The Mini Cups were on the small track earlier.  Now, the big track is hot for Super Late Model practice.



Comment From Rich down South 

Hello Greshams! Will follow along here until 4 and then head over to the track



There are 10 total Super Late Models here at the track.  We will have their names shortly.



Here’s the Schedule –

11:00 am – Pit Ticket Sales Open
11:30 am – Pit Gate Opens
12:00 pm – Tech opens for all divisions
1:30-2:00 pm – Mini Cup Practice
2:00 pm – Trackside Parking and Grandstand Opens
2:15-3:45 pm – Practice for Super Late Models
3:45-5:00 pm – Pre-Qualifying Tech for Super Late Models (must be finished by 5:00 pm)
3:45-5:00 pm – Practice for Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Mini Stocks and Renegades (European Style Qualifying)
5:00-5:15 pm – Mini Cup Practice/Qualifying
5:15 pm – Chapel (Infield Tech Center)
5:30 pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:00 pm – Autograph Session
6:40 pm – Qualifying for Super Late Models
7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies – Feature Events To Follow
Mini Cup – 20 Laps
Mini Stocks – 20 Laps
Trucks – 35 Laps
Renegades – 20 Laps
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps (Double Points Race)
Super Late Models – George Elliott Memorial 100 Presented By Monolith Companies



It is a great day for racing here at Gresham Motorsports Park.  It is a bit hot with the sun shining bright, but we will take that over rain any day.



Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the George Elliott Memorial 100 at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA).  We will have information throughout the day, including practice and qualifying, all the way up to the green flag of tonight’s Super Late Model feature, which will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com.

Trackside Now: George Elliott Memorial 100 – Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) – 9/18/10