We just checked in with CRA tech and they are doing a routine compression check on the #112 car as we speak.  The tech will be lengthy as it is already 12:30am ET, so we’re going to hit the road and let you know to check out Speed51.com for all the latest if any updates are to be made available.For now, Augie Grill is the unofficial winner of tonight’s US Auto Sales World Series of Speed at Gresham Motorsports Park.

Speed51.com will have live coverage of the TD Bank Oxford 250 on Sunday, so make sure to check it out!



Augie Grill is the unofficial winner of the CRA Southern Six Pack event at Gresham Motorsports Park. (51 Sports Photo) 



Results are unofficial as they are looking the 112 of Augie Grill over real good.



1 112 Augie Grill 100
2 51 TJ Reaid 100
3 18 Bubba Pollard 100
4 10 Ryan Blaney 100
5 67 Jeff Fultz 100
6 23 Jimmy Weller 100
7 70 Greg Simpson 100
8 115 Jody Lavender 100
9 7 Daniel Johnson 100
10 O9 Randy Gentry 100
11 92 Jason Hogan 98
12 36 Rodney Benefield 98
13 151 Stephen Nasse 86
14 97 Jimmy Garmon 86
15 29 Allen Karnes 76
16 96 Ben Kennedy 74
17 82 Donnie Wilson 74
18 18X Billy Leslie 72
19 58 Don Young 26
20 79 William Hoose 14



Comment From sportsman12 Congrats Augie..knew you would get it done! See ya here in P’cola in a few weeks…



Comment From Stephen Barker thanks for the coverage, cya at the redbud, congrats to A. Grill, and i’m one fan that doesn’t like double file restarts, only tears up more equipment



Sorry to be brief at the end Jason Hogan had a wild wreck with two laps to go and he ended up in the turn three wall.  Hogan was ok, but his car was tore up real good.  Augie Grill then held off TJ Reaid on the final restart to score the win.  Bubba Pollard was third.



Augie Grill holds on in the final laps to win the US Auto Sales 100.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 86: Jimmy Garmon and Stephen Nasse made contact in turns three and four.  Garmon has pulled behind the wall, while Nasse’s #151 is going up on the hook.Running order: Augie Grill, TJ Reaid, Bubba Pollard, Ryan Blaney, Jason Hogan, Greg Simpson, Jimmy Weller, Jeff Fultz, Jody Lavender and Gentry.



RED FLAG: Lap 74 – Donnie Wilson climbed the hill in turn two right into the door of Ben Kennedy.  Kennedy’s car climbed the outside wall on the backstretch and rode on his left-side door with his tires on the wall all the way down the backstretch.  Kennedy landed on all four tires in turn three.  He climbed from the car okay.  Both Kennedy’s and Wilson’s cars are pretty hurt and will be out of tonight’s race.



YELLOW FLAG Lap 73: Billy Leslie spun.  Jason Hogan spun to avoid the caution, but will be given his spot back.Augie Grill leads Bubba Pollard, TJ Reaid, Jason Hogan, Donnie Wilson, Ben Kennedy, Ryan Blaney, Jimmy Weller, Greg Simpson, Jimmy Garmon in the top-10.  Jeff Fultz is 11th, followed by Jody Lavender, Allen Karnes, Stpephen Nasse, Billy Leslie, Randy Gentry, Daniel Johnson, Rodney Benefield.  Don Young and Bill Hoose are retired from the event.



LIVE BROADCAST ON www.racetalkradio.com RIGHT NOW!  Click on the “Listen Live” link at the top of the RTR homepage.



YELLOW FLAG: Lap 26: Don Young slapped the wall in turn four and concerns are for fluids on the track.Current running order.  Pollard, Hogan, Gamron, Grill, Kennedy, Wilson, Blaney, Reaid, Fultz and Weller in the top-10.



Green is out, go to racetalkradio.com for live broadcast



LIVE BROADCAST ON www.racetalkradio.com RIGHT NOW!  Click on the “Listen Live” link at the top of the RTR homepage.



LIVE BROADCAST ON www.racetalkradio.com RIGHT NOW!  Click on the “Listen Live” link at the top of the RTR homepage.



We’re three minutes away from going live on RaceTalkRadio.com.  Go on over to RTR now and click on the “Listen Live” button on the top-right of the page.  You’ll hear the last show currently, but we’ll be live in a few minutes.



CHECKERED FLAG: Jason Bates has won the Outlaw Late Model feature.UNOFFICIAL OUTLAW RESULTS
1.  Jason Bates
2.  Mike Davidson
3.  Tina Stephens
4.  David Murphy
5.  Brian Hardman
6.  Terry Martin
7.  Hoyt Stephens



Lap 28: Bates is six tenths of a second up on Mike Davidson, Tina Stephens and David Murphy and Brian Hardman



With both of our 51 staff members on the broadcast tonight, we won’t be able to provide full lap-by-lap coverage of the race here on Trackside Now.  But, please listen in on RaceTalkRadio.com and we’ll keep you entertained there.  We will have victory photos and results here on Trackside after the race when available from CRA officials.



We are now 10 minutes away from going live on RaceTalkRadio.com for a live flag-to-flag broadcast of tonight’s Super Late Model feature.To listen, go to www.racetalkradio.com and click on the “Listen Live” link at the top-right of the page and we’ll be live at 10:48pm ET.



15 laps into the race: Jason Bates leads Mike Davidson, Tina Stephens, David Murphy and Brian Hardman



Lap 3: Hoyt Stephens has slowed and gone on pit road with his #85.



GREEN FLAG: Jason Bates has opened up an early lead over Brian Hardman and Hoty Stephens.



Max Gresham, grandson of the owner of this facility, has won the ARCA Racing Series event at Mansfield Motorsports Park (OH).



1.  Jason Bates
2.  Brian Hardman
3.  Hoyt Stephens
4.  Tina Stpehens
5. Mike Davidson
6.  David Murphy
7.  Terry Martin



The Outlaw Late Models are on track for their pace laps.  This will be 35-lap feature.



Comment From Taylor Go nasse #151!!



Comment From Bigbill Any 5 hour sponcers there. The SLM drivers might ned some to stay awake



CHECKERED FLAG: Greg Jarrett has won the 20-lap Renegades feature.UNOFFICIAL RENEGADES FEATURE RESULTS
1.  Greg Jarrett
2.  Mike Childers
3.  Jody Trivette
4.  Brian Beckner
5.  Nathaniel Carlisle
6.  Jackie Manley
7.  Jeremy Dills



Four laps to go in the Renegade feature.  Greg Jarrett still leads Mike Childers, Jody Trivette and Brian Beckner



Comment From NasseFan Go #151!



Halfway in the Renegades feature.  Greg Jarrett leads Jody Trivette, Mike Childers, Brian Beckner and Jackie Manley.  Nathaniel Carlisle and Jeremy Dills are sixth and seventh.



We’ll be live in just a little while for tonight’s SLM feature in a while on RaceTalkRadio.com.  After this Renegades feature, there will be another intermission for sponsor obligations, then an Outlaw Late Model race before the SLM feature.We will still have live flag-to-flag coverage on RaceTalkRadio.com tonight of the Super Late Model race, but instead of the 9:30 start time, we’re now looking at about a 10pm start time, approximately.  We’ll keep everyone updated.



Now ready to go green with the RenegadesRENEGADES STARTING LINEUP
1.  Greg Jarrett
2.  Jody Trivette
3.  Brian Beckner
4.  Jeremy Dills
5.  Nathaniel Carlisle
6.  Mike Childers
7.  Jackie Manley



Before we go green with the Renegades, there is a vintage car exhibition going on on the track.



The Renegades will have the next feature on-track.



1.  Curt Britt
2.  Brian Huff
3.  Cohen Motes
4.  Brittney Finley
5.  Chris Wagner
6.  Bill Hoose
7.  Joel Townsend
8.  Brandon Franklin
9.  Ashley Harvey
10.  Matt Vassar
11.  Cecil Flowe
12.  Jeremy Parris
13.  Kristen Wallace



CHECKERED FLAG: Curt Britt has won the 35-lap Truck race.



GREEN FLAG: Curt Britt got the jump at the start and leads Brian Huff and Cohen Motes.  On the restart, Bill Hoose couldn’t come up to speed and dropped to sixth.



In this Truck feature, the cleanup is just about complete from Matt Vassar’s blown motor and we’re almost ready to go back to green for the final three laps.



Fans interested in the USARacing Pro Cup race, Clay Rogers won tonight at Motor Mile Speedway (VA).  Chase Elliott was eighth.Also, on lap 112 of 200 in the ARCA Racing Series race at Mansfield (OH), Chris Buescher leads Max Gresham, Tom Hessert, Dakoda Armstrong and Craig Goess.



Restart with three laps remaining; Curt Britt will have Brian Huff on his outside.  Brittney Finley will be third, Bill Hoose will be fourth with Chris Wagner fifth.



YELLOW FLAG:  Matt Vassar went up in a plume of smoke in turn one and spun in his own fluids.  Cecil Flowe spun in the fluid put down by Vassar’s #2 truck.



Comment From Guest Go Nasse!!



25 laps into the Truck race, Curt Britt is almost three seconds ahead of second-place Brian Huff.  Brittney Finley runs third, followed by Bill Hoose and Chris Wagner.



Six laps into this 35-lapper, Curt Britt leads Brian Huff, Bill Hoose, Brittney Finley and Joel Townsend.



Matt Vassar, #2, is the son of former Stafford Motor Speedway (CT) regular Larry Vassar.  The elder Vassar was one of the most successful Late Model racers at the Connecticut half-mile back in the day.




1 Jeremy Parris
2 Brian Huff
3 Bill Hoose
4 Chris Wagner
5 Brittney Finley
6 Curt Britt
7 Cecil Flowe
8 Joel Townsend
9 Cohen Motes
10 Brandon Franklin
11 Ashley Harvey
12 Matt Vassar
13 Kristen Wallace



The bikers are done “stunting,” so the Trucks are on track now for their 35-lap feature.



Comment From patty Go TJ !! Let,s get a win tonight !



The “Habitual Stunters” (yes, that’s their real name) are back on track with their motorcycle exhibition before the Truck feature.



Casey Willingham beat Will Fagan and Emille Riley.



The second Mini Cup feature is now on the infield quarter-mile.  Emilee Riley, Will Fagan and Casey Willingham are the only three cars to go to green in this 20-lapper.



Comment From jimmy dru go augie , get another win!!!!



Comment From sportsman12 Go get em Augie!!



Don’t forget fans, tonight’s U.S. Auto Sales World Series of Speed 100 will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 9:30pm ET.  That time, of course, is highly tentative at this point due to weather delays.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be bringing you Trackside Now coverage up until the start of the CRA Super Late Model feature, before switching their attention to calling the action on RTR.



Comment From Bigbill The times are all stacked together (real close) Should be a great race. See which one saves it for the finish.



Comment From Bigbill Looks like Ryan Blaney got the better deal out of that invert



More street bike exhibitions are underway on the frontstretch as we await the next feature to hit the track.




1 Jason Hogan
2 Bubba Pollard
3 Ben Kennedy
4 Jimmy Garmon
5 Ryan Blaney
6 Donnie Wilson
7 Augie Grill
8 TJ Reaid
9 Jeff Fultz
10 Jimmy Weller
11 Greg Simpson
12 Stephen Nasse
13 Allen Karnes
14 Jody Lavender
15 Randy Gentry
16 Billy Leslie
17 Don Young
18 Rodney Benefield
19 Daniel Johnson
20 William Hoose



SLM pole winner TJ Reaid has pulled an “8” for the invert, meaning he will now start eighth, while Jason Hogan will start from the pole.



Will Fagen has won the first Mini Cup feature.
1.  Will Fagen
2.  Emilee Riley
3.  Brody Bullard
4.  Mason Elzey
5.  Austin Raines



The first of two Mini Cup features is on the infield quarter-mile racetrack.  Will Fagen leads Emilee Riley on lap 15 of this 20 lapper.



TJ Reaid has set fast time for tonight’s US Auto Sale World Series of Speed 100 at Gresham Motorsports Park. (51 Sports Photo) 




1 TJ Reaid 16.315
2 Augie Grill 16.341
3 Donnie Wilson 16.427
4 Ryan Blaney 16.488
5 Jimmy Garmon 16.582
6 Ben Kennedy 16.61
7 Bubba Pollard 16.615
8 Jason Hogan 16.648
9 Jeff Fultz 16.662
10 Jimmy Weller 16.664
11 Greg Simpson 16.704
12 Stephen Nasse 16.73
13 Allen Karnes 16.826
14 Jody Lavender 16.978
15 Randy Gentry 16.984
16 Billy Leslie 17.088
17 Don Young 17.18
18 Rodney Benefield 17.336
19 Daniel Johnson 17.616



CRA rules say that a driver must buy at least four new tires at the track and practice and qualify on those four tires purchased at the track.  Bill Hoose never bought his four tires, so he did not take time.  He’ll have to purchase tires if he wants to compete in the feature.



Qualifying is now complete.  TJ Reaid has set fast time.



Rodney Benefield
Lap 1: 17.506
Lap 2: 17.336
Best Lap: 17.336



Stephen Nasse
Lap 1: 16.747
Lap 2: 16.73
Best Lap: 16.73



Jody Lavender
Lap 1: 16.978
Lap 2: 17.033
Best Lap: 16.978



Greg Simpson
Lap 1: 16.704
Lap 2: 16.769
Best Lap: 16.704



Top five with just a few cars remaining: Reaid, Grill, Wilson, Blaney, Garmon



Augie Grill
Lap 1: 16.341
Lap 2: 16.424
Best Lap: 16.341



Billy Leslie
Lap 1: 17.12
Lap 2: 17.088
Best Lap: 17.088



Ben Kennedy
Lap 1: 16.659
Lap 2: 16.61
Best Lap: 16.61



Jeff Fultz
Lap 1: 16.662
Lap 2: 16.774
Best Lap: 16.662



Donnie Wilson
Lap 1: 16.427
Lap 2: 16.601
Best Lap: 16.427



Order so far: TJ Reaid, Ryan Blaney, Jimmy Garmon, Bubba Pollard, Jason Hogan in the top-five.



Ryan Blaney
Lap 1: 16.488
Lap 2: 16.8
Best Lap: 16.488



Jimmy Garmon
Lap 1: 16.582
Lap 2: 17.415
Best Lap: 16.582



Jimmy Weller
Lap 1: 16.708
Lap 2: 16.664
Best Lap: 16.664



Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 16.615
Lap 2: 16.662
Best Lap: 16.615



Randy Gentry
Lap 1: Lap 2: 16.984
Best Lap: 16.984



Daniel Johnson
Lap 1: 17.646
Lap 2: 17.616
Best Lap: 17.616



Allen Karnes
Lap 1: 16.826
Lap 2: 16.993
Best Lap: 16.826



Jason Hogan
Lap 1: 16.648
Lap 2: 17.248
Best Lap: 16.648



Don Young
Lap 1: 17.312
Lap 2: 17.18
Best Lap: 17.18



TJ Reaid
Lap 1: 16.315
Lap 2: 17.245
Best Lap: 16.315



Qualifying is now underway.  TJ Reaid is the first car to take time.



Oklahoman Donnie Wilson has already had a trying weekend before the racing even kicks off for the CRA Super Late Models.  Wilson’s trailer had a flat tire that popped a suspension air bag on their race trailer on the way to Gresham Motorsports Park yesterday.  The team was stuck at a Pilot truck stop until 5am this morning, missing all of yesterday’s practice.Noted short track racer and crew chief Freddie Query is serving as crew chief for Wilson here today.



Once victory lane ceremonies conclude, we’ll roll with SLM qualifying.



Comment From Ronnie Garmon Way to Go SPANKY




1 Spanky Hicks
2 Avery Burgess
3 Steve Hill
4 Scott Beck
5 Troy French
6 Vernon Hicks
7 Jimmy Burgess
8 Ken Candiotti, Sr.
9 Wayne Smith
10 Bryan Muse
11 Tim Greer
12 Bryan Bellew
13 Blake Freeman
14 Jason Alexander
15 Darrell Carlson



Spanky Hicks has won the Mini Stock feature.



Comment From Bigbill Jimmy’s Dad races at Learnersville all the time.



Comment From Bigbill #23 Jimmy Weller is in the same garage as Ryan blaney #10. in N.C. but comes up to Ohio on his days off.



Super Late Model qualifying has not yet occurred, as we mentioned previously.  Feel free to scroll down to review what you may have missed if you’re just joining us.  Qualifying will take place immediately following this Mini Stock feature, which has four laps to go.



Comment From Oppal could u guys give us a qualifying order please



Back under green here in the Mini Stock race and Spanky Hicks is…well…spanking the field right now.  10 laps in, he’s up almost a full second on Scott Beck, Troy French and Avery Burgess, who have a tight battle working for second.



YELLOW FLAG: Darrell Carlson spun in turns one and two, bringing out the caution.



Kyle’s not here today.



Comment From Oppal with kyle being off this weekend has anyone seen him at GPM with his TJ Reid and the car



Lap 5: Spanky HIcks leads Vernon Hicks by four tenths of a second.  Steve Hill, Troy French and Scott Beck round out the top five.




1 Spanky Hicks
2 Troy French
3 Jason Alexander
4 Vernon Hicks
5 Tim Greer
6 Jimmy Burgess
7 Bryan Bellew
8 Avery Burgess
9 Byran Muse
10 Scott Beck
11 Darrell Carlson
12 Steve Hill
13 Blake Freeman
14 Greg Stephens
15 Wayne Smith
16 Ken Candiotti, Sr.



The Mini Stocks are now rolling for their 20-lap feature.



Comment From Guest Go Stephen Nasse!!!



Weller is an Ohio native now racing out of North Carolina.



Comment From GuestIs Jimmy Weller from Pennsylvania?



Opening ceremonies are now kicking off.



GMP Media Director John Close isn’t here tonight as he is home celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife this weekend.  We at 51 congratulate the still-happy couple.



Comment From LeadSeventeen Good Luck TJ Reaid and KBM!



The Super Late Models are gridded on pit road for their qualifying session, which will take place after the Mini Stock feature.  Officials have moved the Mini Stocks ahead of the SLMs to allow for some rubber to get back on the track after our most recent rain shower.



The track is dry here at GMP.  There are just a few motorcycle exhibitions going on on the front stretch as we wait for the Mini Stocks to get lined up for their feature.



Indeed…and it doesn’t stop tonight.  Tomorrow is the TD Bank Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine, arguably one of the most prestigious Late Model events in the country.  We’ll have live Trackside Now coverage from Oxford tomorrow right here on Speed51.com.



Comment From Bigbill A lot of great racing is going on tonight in all series…



While we’re here at Gresham Motorsports Park, we can’t help but recognize the youngest generation of Greshams, Max Gresham, has qualified eighth for tonight’s ARCA Racing Series event at Mansfield Motorsports Park (OH).  Chris Buescher set fast time, with Joey Coulter on the outside of the front row.



The sun is peeking back out now here at GMP.  The outside half-mile track is just about dry.  Once a little more drying can be done to the infield track, we’ll get racecars on the track.






Comment From Rhoda The radar looks like it’s clearing to the west. Most of the popup rain showers are south of the track.



There has been a slight change in the schedule.  The outside track is just about done being dried and some of the safety vehicles have focused their attention on the infield quarter-mile, where the Mini Cup cars will be competing later tonight.The change is that the Mini Stocks will compete in their feature on the half-mile to put some rubber back down on the track.  Then, the Super Late Models will have their qualifying round.



We mentioned Chase Elliott running tonight’s USARacing Pro Cup Series event at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA earlier.  Elliott has qualified on the outside pole for the Heritage Truck Center 250.  Clay Rogers earned the pole.



Comment From Rhoda I have never owned a Ford, only bowtie for me but I do believe this new motor is going to zoom Bubba straight to the front. We’ll rename him Rocket Man. Good Luck tonight Bubba. I’m in St. Louis and thinking about going to Gateway for the Nationwide race.



Many inside the CRA Super Late Model pit area are racing with heavy hearts today, as Dick Poe, a car owner, sponsor and track owner of Angola, Indiana, passed away this morning after a lengthy illness.We at Speed51.com wish to extend our condolences to Poe’s family and friends as we all mourn the loss of a strong supporter of short track racing.



While we have a second, we’ll go over tonight’s SLM procedures.- 100 green flag laps
– Double-file restarts
– No tire changes allowed unless for approved flats by CRA officials
– The winner of this event gets an automatic starting spot into November’s World Crown 300 here at Gresham Motorsports Park.  Jimmy Garmon and Augie Grill, both in tonight’s field, are already locked in, so if either of them win tonight’s feature, no one will get an automatic spot out of tonight’s race.



Don’t forget fans, tonight’s U.S. Auto Sales World Series of Speed 100 will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 8:30pm ET.  That time, of course, is highly tentative at this point due to weather delays.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be bringing you Trackside Now coverage up until the start of the CRA Super Late Model feature, before switching their attention to calling the action on RTR.



The track drying efforts are going well.  The Super Late Models have gone through technical inspection and will be ready for their qualifying round as soon as the track is ready.



Nothing has been announced, if there are any changes.



Comment From Guest Are there any changes in the schedule for tonight because of the rain?



No, this event is run by CRA, so head CRA tech man Eddie Chew is in charge of the Super Late Model tech.



Comment From SquirrelkewI Is Ricky B doing tech tonight



Track drying efforts are in full swing.



1. Tina Stephens – 17.6282. Hoyt Stephens – 17.794

3. Brian Hardman – 17.809

4. Jason Bates – 17.815

5. Mike Davidson – 17.850

6. David Murphy – 17.929

7. Terry Martin – 18.225



Nathaniel “Boo” Carlisle, driver of the #84 “Heavy Chevy Renegade checking in from the infield under this rain delay!



Comment From Boo How about the Heavy Chevy in p-2? Haha



The rain has let up for the time being.  Safety vehicles are on track trying to get things dried out.



There’s some big rumbles of thunder and lightning nearby now…plus the rain is coming in sideways.




1 Darrell Carlson 20.716
2 Spanky Hicks 20.94
3 Vernon Hicks 21.008
4 Avery Burgess 21.052
5 Troy French 21.084
6 Tim Greer 21.574
7 Wayne Smith 21.802
8 Bryan Muse 22.043
9 Scott Beck 23.530
10 Blake Freeman no time
11 Steve Hill no time



Rain has just started big time here at GMP.  Hopefully it’ll be a quick one.




1 Curt Britt 19.017
2 Brittney Finley 19.267
3 Chris Wagner 19.473
4 Bill Hoose 19.514
5 Brian Huff 19.599
6 Jeremy Parris 19.725
7 Cecil Flowe 19.766
8 Joel Townsend 20.001
9 Cohen Motes 20.060
10 Brandon Franklin 20.36
11 Ashley Harvey 20.729
12 Matt Vassar no time



That completes the first practice round for each weekly division.  The second round will count as the qualifying round for each of the local divisions.  How they finish up the second practice round will determine the starting lineup for their feature.




1 Greg Jarrett 21.993
2 Nathaniel Carlisle 22.888
3 Jeremy Dills 23.338
4 Doug Sexton 23.451
5 Jackie Manley 24.027
6 Mike Childers no time
7 Brian Sosbee no time
8 Jody Trivette no time




1 Steve Hill 20.826
2 Darrell Carlson 20.895
3 Vernon Hicks 20.966
4 Spanky Hicks 20.985
5 Avery Burgess 20.991
6 Scott Beck 21.137
7 Tim Greer 21.398
8 Wayne Smith 21.626
9 Ken Candiotti, Sr. 21.659
10 Bryan Muse 21.938
11 Bryan Bellew 22.133
12 Blake Freeman 23.956
13 Jimmy Burgess no time
14 Troy French no time



Tonight’s CRA Super Late Model race from Gresham Motor Sports Park can be heard live on RaceTalkRadio.com. Both Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will be on the call for the 100 lap event. The Broadcast is expected to start at approxmently 9:30.



One thing we discovered in the pits today was that Bubba Pollard has Ford motor under the hood. Pollard and his car owner Ronnie Sanders have done a lot with Chevy in the past and will be trying a Ford motor for the first time tonight.



Mini Stocks are on track.




1 Mike Davidson 17.79
2 Tina Stephens 17.891
3 Jason Bates 18.018
4 Brian Hardman 18.024
5 David Murphy 18.071
6 Hoyt Stephens 18.153
7 Terry Martin 18.434



The Outlaw Late Models are on track for their first practice session.



Another Super Late Model driver who is not here tonight that normally would be expected here is Dawsonville, Georgia’s Chase Elliott.  Elliott, a past Pro Late Model winner here at GMP, is competing in the USARacing Pro Cup Series event tonight at Motor Mile Speedway (VA).  He is currently sixth on the board in Pro Cup practice.



The Outlaw Late Models are on track for their first practice session.




1 Curt Britt 19.115
2 Chris Wagner 19.384
3 Brian Huff 19.45
4 Brittney Finley 19.451
5 Matt Vassar 19.582
6 Bill Hoose 19.603
7 Cohen Motes 19.785
8 Cecil Flowe 19.921
9 Joel Townsend 20.015
10 Brandon Franklin 20.9
11 Kristen Wallace 24.792
12 Ashley Harvey no time



For the next hour and a half, local divisions will have their practice sessions, which will also serve as European-style qualifying rounds.  Speeds set in practice will count as the drivers’ qualifying speeds.



We assume you’re speaking of Johanna Long, of Pensacola, Florida.  Long is not here tonight as she prepares for her NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut next weekend at O’Reilly Raceway Park (IN).



Comment From Guest no girl from fla what is her name




1 Augie Grill 16.53
2 Jimmy Weller 16.718
3 TJ Reaid 16.777
4 Ben Kennedy 16.809
5 Bubba Pollard 16.836
6 Donnie Wilson 16.888
7 Jeff Fultz 16.964
8 Allen Karnes 16.976
9 Greg Simpson 17.031
10 Jimmy Garmon 17.12
11 Stephen Nasse 17.271
12 Randy Gentry 17.378
13 Jody Lavender 17.624
14 Billy Leslie 17.673
15 Rodney Benefield 17.747
16 Daniel Johnson 17.913



The final practice run is now complete.  Augie Grill was quickest, followed by Jimmy Weller and TJ Reaid.



YELLOW FLAG: Ben Kennedy has looped his iRacing.com #96 in turn two, locking the brakes up hard enough to keep it off the wall.  Kennedy got the car righted and continued on.



We have confirmed with Augie Grill that since his DQ at Mobile a few weeks ago, he has replaced the heads with new ones from the manufacturer Dart for tonight’s event.  The new heads have helped put Grill on top of the board so far in this final practice run.



Don’t forget fans, tonight’s U.S. Auto Sales World Series of Speed 100 will be broadcast live on RaceTalkRadio.com at approximately 8:30pm ET.  That time, of course, is highly tentative at this point due to weather delays.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be bringing you Trackside Now coverage up until the start of the CRA Super Late Model feature, before switching their attention to calling the action on RTR.



10 cars are on track now with just a few minutes left in practice.



Comment From Shames helmet designs Go get em Donnie Wilson



We’re far from meteorologists, but out our window in the press box, cars are on the track and the sun is out, so all is well here in Jefferson.



Comment From eric Is the program for sure going to run?



DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.



Three cars have now entered the racing surface; Billy Leslie, Greg Simpson and Donnie Wilson.



This brief Super Late Model session will end at 4pm, but no cars have lined up to take to the track.



Floridian Ben Kennedy, son of NASCAR Board Member and VP of International Speedway Corporation Lesa France Kennedy, is making his CRA Super Late Model debut here at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 



Officials have called the CRA Super Late Models to the line for a brief final practice session post-rain.



Billy Leslie straps into his #18x for practice. (51 Sports Photo) 



As for why Russell Fleeman is not in attendance today, he blew a head gasket in his #98 car in practice yesterday here at GMP, so he has withdrawn to get his engine fixed up.  Fleeman was excited for this event, as his father’s car dealership, U.S. Auto Sales, is the presenting sponsor of tonight’s race.



Jody Lavender, driving one of his own Custom Race Chassis racecars, is making his debut at GMP since he last ran here at the old Peach State Speedway in the USARacing Pro Cup Series. 



Speed51.com just caught up with one of the two drivers not here at GMP tonight, Ryan Lawler.  Lawler and the Stanley Smith #49 team were entered into this event, but decided not to make the trip after Augie Grill was deemed to have improper heads in his car at Mobile International Speedway (AL) three weeks ago.  Grill and Lawler had the same engine in their cars, so when Grill was tossed in tech by head tech man Ricky Brooks at Mobile, Lawler said that Brooks informed CRA officials that the #49 had the same heads in his car as Grill had.  According to Lawler, new heads are in the process of being made for his car and will be on in just a few weeks, but could not be installed in time for this event.Lawler is watching some of his buddies run at the Legends Million race at Charlotte Motor Speedway when we contacted him.



If we get the track dried there will be 15 more minutes of practice.



1 92 Jason Hogan 16.696
2 67 Jeff Fultz 16.755
3 18 Bubba Pollard 16.786
4 112 Augie Grill 16.802
5 51 TJ Reaid 16.810
6 97 Jimmy Garmon 16.921
7 82 Donnie Wilson 16.921
8 70 Greg Simpson 16.930
9 23 Jimmy Weller 16.985
10 96 Ben Kennedy 17.007
11 29 Allen Karnes 17.008
12 10 Ryan Blaney 17.052
13 58 Don Young 17.391
14 09 Randy Gentry 17.457
15 151 Stephen Nasse 17.584
16 115 Jody Lavender 17.666
17 18x Billy Leslie 17.830
18 36 Rodney Benefield 17.845
19 7 Daniel Johnson 17.858
20 79 Bill Hoose no time



Track drying is underway and things are starting to get a tad drier out there.



Ryan Blaney checks out practice from atop his trailer. (51 Sports Photo) 



CRA cars sit under car covers during the rain delay. 



Earlier this season, Augie Grill went to victory lane in a CRA event here at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 



Jason Hogan has put his new Lefthander car on top of the CRA Super Late Model practice charts before the rain came at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 



The rain has stopped here at GMP. Track drying is underway.



We got a quick shower here at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 



Brian Duncan, the CRA flagman looks for a place to hide from the rain. (51 Sports Photo) 



As the rain falls we can see steam coming up from the track. The drops have picked up and the track has been lost for the moment.



Top Five in Practice:
1. Jason Hogan
2. Augie Grill
3. Jeff Fultz
4. Bubba Pollard
5. TJ Reaid



We have gone to a red flag for rain.



Bubba Pollard is now the second quickest car as Jason Hogan still leads the practice charts.



Jimmy Garmon is on the track for the first time this afternoon.



We checked with Dan Elliott and the word is you have to WIN to get a spot in the crown, so no is the answer.



Comment From Its Over Already Since Augie is already locked into the Crown, will the guaranteed spot be slid back to the second place finisher when he wins tonight?



A pair of drivers here tonight have chosen to run here tonight in Super Late Models and not at Montgomery in their Pro Late Models. Bubba Pollard, and Augie Grill are the two and Show Me The Money Series Point leader Chase Elliott is at Motor Mile for the Pro Cup race.



Comment From Paul B Update from Montgomery Motor Speedway. There are 22 Pro Late Models in the pits for tonights “Show Me The Money IV”



Tonight’s winner gets an automatic starting spot in the 2010 World Crown 300 in November. The Crown will return as a Super Late Model event and the winner will take home $20,000 for the victory. At this point both Augie Grill and Jimmy Garmon are locked in the show. At this point the GMP website says that 14 cars have entered the race.



We are back green now here at Gresham.



Caution on the track for debris.



Jason Hogan leads practice with Augie Grill, TJ Reaid, Donnie Wilson and Jeff Fultz in the top five.



Comment From Guest Has Tj Reaid been on the track yet today?



Stephen Nasse is back at GMP after a big crash in Pro Cup here back in March. (51 Sports Photo) 



Augie Grill is quick early here in practice. (51 Sports Photo) 



Billy Leslie has spun off turn four.  He got his car back going and we are green again.



Randy Gentry is the first car out.



Cars are on the track for the CRA Super Late Model practice.



Therefore, 20 cars at this time will begin practice in about 15 minutes.



There are 22 cars entered, but two cars have yet to arrive here for today’s event.  They are:
49  Ryan Lawler
98  Russell Fleeman




O9 Randy Gentry
7 Daniel Johnson
10 Ryan Blaney
18 Bubba Pollard
23 Jimmy Weller
29 Allen Karnes
36 Rodney Benefield
49 Ryan Lawler
51 TJ Reaid
58 Don Young
67 Jeff Fultz
70 Greg Simpson
79 William Hoose
82 Donnie Wilson
92 Jason Hogan
96 Ben Kennedy
97 Jimmy Garmon
98 Russell Fleeman
112 Augie Grill
115 Jody Lavender
151 Stephen Nasse
18X Billy Leslie



Twenty-two Super Late Models are entered into tonight’s U.S. Auto Sales World Series of Speed 100, but more on that in a second.



11:00 am – Pit Ticket Sales Open
11:30 am – Pit Gate Opens
12:00 pm – Tech opens for all divisions
1:30-2:00 pm – Mini Cup Practice
2:00 pm – Trackside Parking and Grandstand Opens
2:15-3:45 pm – Practice for CRA Super Late Models
3:45-5:00 pm – Pre-Qualifying Tech for CRA Super Late Models (must be finished by 5:00 pm)
3:45-5:00 pm – Practice for Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Mini Stocks and Renegades (European Style Qualifying)
5:00-5:15 pm – Mini Cup Practice/Qualifying
5:15 pm – Chapel (Infield Tech Center)
5:30 pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:30 pm – Qualifying for CRA Super Late Models
7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies – Feature Events To Follow
Mini Cup – 20 Laps
Mini Stocks – 20 Laps
Trucks – 35 Laps
Renegades – 20 Laps
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps
CRA Super Late Models – 100 Laps



The CRA folks, already a Super Late Model staple in the Midwest, formed a Southern tour in 2009, but put things on hold on that tour after one race last year. In 2010, they announced a six-race Southern Six Pack series, kicking off here at Gresham back in March, then going to Tri-County and Hickory in North Carolina back in May, tonight’s race, and the Concord Speedway (NC) and Nashville Fairgrounds later this year. The Tri-County race was rained out a while back, so now there’s only five races in the Southern Six Pack Series this year.



Welcome to Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia, where tonight the CRA Super Series is sanctioning round three of the (now-five-race) Southern Six Pack Super Late Model Series.

Trackside Now: CRA – USA Auto Sales 100 – Gresham Motorsports Park – 7/17/10