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The tech area is full of cars in advance of today’s first practice at 2 p.m. ET. (Speed51.com photo)

Ross Kenseth is here to seek another win in the state of Michigan this week. He just won his first ever ARCA Racing Series event this past friday at Michigan International Speedway. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4051.JPG.jpeg Race director Glenn Luckett leads the driver’s meeting for the drivers and crew of the Berlin 251. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4049.JPG.jpegHunter Baize’s crew chief Johnny VanDoorn takes notes. (Speed51.com photo)

Erik Jones and his Port City Racecars team are back after yesterday’s hard crash. They’re running Brian Campbell’s backup car. (Speed51.com photo)

Erik Jones crashed early in practice yesterday evening and destroyed the car that he and his team were planning on running.

See what Jones had to say about his practice crash and what others like Bubba Pollard had to say as well by clicking here: http://speed51.com/pollard-fastest-in-practice-as-erik-jones-crashes-at-berlin/

Crew members have been hard at it since early this morning preparing their tires for today’s 251-lap race. (Speed51.com photo)

We are about 15 minutes away from having the ICAR Top Speed Modifieds take to the race track to kick off practice ahead of tonight’s racing card.

Christopher Bell lounges on a tire ahead of today’s practice. (Speed51.com photo)

Two minutes until practice will begin with the Top Speed Modifieds.

Erik Jones is taking a few practice laps to shake down his new ride for the day.

IMG_4059.PNG.pngThe ICAR Top Speed Modifieds are pulling onto the track for the first time today. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4068.PNGTristian VanWieringen is now on the track. At his first laps up to speed he is currently sixth quick. (Speed51.com photo)

Mike Occhipinti goes hard into the turn three wall.

There are 27 Top Speed Modifieds on the property today.

IMG_4082.PNG.pngJohn Hunter Nemechek makes final preparations before practice begins. (Speed51.com photo)


Erik Jones gets pushed into line for practice. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4095.PNG.pngRoss Kenseth gets strapped into his machine. Kenseth was not here for practice yesterday.

Ben Welch is currently the fastest modified driver on the track.

IMG_4098.PNG.pngTerry Senneker did not have a transponder on yesterday, but he looked to have a very good car yesterday. (Speed51.com photo)

Practice is complete for the Top Speed Modifieds and now the track will be flooded with Super Late Models.

Grant Quinlan, Thomas Woodin, Travis Braden, Terry VanHaitsma, Eddie VanMeter, Hunter Baize, Rick Turner, Mark Lambert, John Hunter Nemechek, Brett Robinson, Dan Leeck are all on the track.

Just a few minutes into practice Grant Quinlan tops the charts, turning a 16.441.

So far it is Grant Quinlan atop the leaderboard early on in this session with a lap of 16.441 seconds.

Chris Koslek, Terry Senneker, Brain Campbell, Erik Jones, Lauren Bush, Dominique VanWieringen, Ali Kern, Dalton Armstrong, John Beach, Chad Finley, Wes Griffith Jr have all came onto the track.

“We can’t forget that tonight it’s going to tighten up,” says John Hunter Nemechek on the radio as he and his team discuss what adjustments to make.

“It is plowing tight,” says Chase Elliott.  “I’m talking dump truck status right there.”

IMG_4137.PNGJon Beach and Dominique Van Wieringen ride side by side during practice. (Speed51.com photo)

Chad Finley goes to the top of the charts, turing a lap of 16.429

Top 5:

  1. Chad Finley 16.429
  2. Grant Quinlan 16.441
  3. Bubba Pollard 16.443
  4. Chase Elliott 16.540
  5. Chris Koslek 16.553

Yellow flag is out on the track. Jon Beach got into the turn three and four wall.

Engines are refired and are slowly rolling around the raceway.

Cars are rolling back out of the turn four pit exit and onto the race track. John Hunter Nemechek led this group out which includes Chase Elliott, Dominique Van Wieringen, Travis Braden, Donnie Wilson and more.

IMG_4164.PNG Ross Kenseth is currently deep in the field on the speed chart. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4162.PNG Chase Elliott is fifth on the charts, but is not pleased with how his car is handling.

“Same thing. Just really not turning well at all,” says Chase Elliott after his most recent run.  “I have so much wheel in it to try to get it to turn. To me it’s one of those deals where if it did turn I’d have better drive up off without so much wheel in it when I get back in the gas.”

“I just need more drive. The car has better grip with lower air there, but I just need more drive and then we’ll be good to go,” says Bubba Pollard who sits second on the leaderboard.

Bubba Pollard takes over the second place on the track.

Christopher Bell moves into the top five just behind Brian Campbell.

There’s a new leader atop the board. Ali Kern just went to the top with a lap of 16.371 seconds as this session comes to an end.

CRA Super Series Practice #1 Results:

Pos. No. Driver Time
1 4 Ali Kern 16.371
2 42 Chad Finley 16.429
3 26P Bubba Pollard 16.437
4 28 Grant Quinlan 16.441
5 47 Brian Campbell 16.462
6 51 Christopher Bell 16.505
7 2W Donnie Wilson 16.535
8 9 Chase Elliott 16.540
9 23K Chris Koslek 16.553
10 101 Lauren Bush 16.559
11 01 Travis Braden 16.587
12 13 Hunter Baize 16.603
13 36 Terry Senneker 16.605
14 61 Erik Jones 16.634
15 4 Dalton Armstrong 16.635
16 131 Brett Robinson 16.643
17 72 Thomas Woodin 16.658
18 5 Dominique Van Wieringen 16.666
19 8N John Hunter Nemechek 16.703
20 26 Rick Turner 16.711
21 77 Andrew Nylaan 16.716
22 8 Jordan Pruitt 16.734
23 1 Barry Hartwell 16.764
24 23 Eddie VanMeter 16.786
25 25 Ross Kenseth 16.831
26 33 Wes Griffith 16.839
27 21 Terry VanHaitsma 16.907
28 12 Dan Leeck 17.118
29 18 Mark Lambert 17.145
30 1S Jon Beach 17.229

IMG_3984.JPG.jpegAli Kern topped the charts during the first practice session for the CRA Super Series. (Speed51.com photo)

Today’s Trackside Now coverage at Berlin Raceway is presented by McGunegill Engine Performance. McGunegill Engine Performance of Muncie Indiana is one of the industry leaders of Sealed Engine Technology for Super Late Model racing as well as availability for many applications and manufacturer choice. For more information go to www.mcgunegillengines.com Or contact McGunegill Engine Performance at 765-282-1913.

“It’s too tight on entry. It definitely tightened the whole corner up, but it gave it a lot of drive too,” said Pollard as the final round of CRA Super Series practice has begun.

John Hunter Nemechek takes the early lead in the second practice session, turning a lap time of 16.296

The caution is out, but we are not yet sure why.

Chris Koslek gets around Nemechek for the top spot on the track, 16.290

The green flag is back out on this session. Elliott, Jones, Wilson, Van Wieringen, Pruitt and more are on track.

The caution is back out. The no. 77 of Andrew Nylaan appears to have broken the rear end and has come to a stop in turn four.

Andrew Nylaan climbs out after breaking a rear end. (Speed51.com photo)

We are back green again. Braden, Nemechek, Campbell, Bell, Pruitt and more are on track.

“It’s a little on the slick side on new tires, but it’s alright,” says Nemechek who sits second on the board early in this final session.

Top 5:

  1. Chris Koslek 16.290
  2. John Hunter Nemechek 16.296
  3. Bubba Pollard 13.283
  4. Hunter Baize 16.472
  5. Ali Kern 16.492

Five minutes remain in this session.

Andrew Nylaan’s crew goes to work on his no. 77 to see if they can get the rear end fixed before qualifying is set to begin.

“It’s tight. Still tight in the center like we talked about,” said Nemechek. The crew is discussing taking a rubber out of the rear.

After this session ends for the Super Late Models we will move into qualifying for the Top Speed Modifieds.

Practice is now complete for the ARCA/CRA Super Series. They will be back on track at 4:30 p.m. ET for qualifying. Chris Koslek won final practice.

Qualifying for the ICAR Top Speed Modifieds is about to begin.

72 – Dan Loughan

Lap 1: 17.681

Lap 2: 17.536

97 – Ben Welch

Lap 1: 17.276

Lap 2: 17.328

Best Lap: 17.276

Pos: 1st

Battle at Berlin 251 Final Practice Results 

1 23 Chris Koslek 16.290
2 8N John Hunter Nemechek 16.296
3 51 Christopher Bell 16.316
4 47 Brian Campbell 16.360
5 26P Bubba Pollard 16.383
6 13 Hunter Baize 16.472
7 4K Ali Kern 16.492
8 2W Donnie Wilson 16.512
9 9 Chase Elliott 16.526
10 61 Erik Jones 16.537
11 4 Dalton Armstrong 16.551
12 28 Grant Quinlan 16.588
13 5 Dominique VanWieringen 16.619
14 33 Wes Giffith Jr 16.621
15 36 Terry Senneker 16.633
16 26 Rick Turner 16.661
17 O1 Travis Braden 16.668
18 23 Eddie VanMeter 16.733
19 25 Ross Kenseth 16.752
20 131 Brett Robinson 16.758
21 84 Jay Niewiek 16.807
22 8 Jordan Pruitt 16.818
23 18 Mark Lambert 16.828
24 21 Terry VanHaitsma 16.860
25 77 Andrew Nylaan 16.893
26 72 Thomas Woodin 16.976
27 12 Dan Leeck 17.167
28 1S Jon Beach 17.257

7 – Matt Dimit:

Lap 1: 18.003

Lap 2: 18.121

Best Lap: 18.003

Pos: 3rd

5 – Bobby Heyink

Lap 1: 17.530

Lap 2: 17.617

Best Lap: 17.530

Pos: 2nd

IMG_4202.JPG.jpegNylaan’s crew continues to work on their machine. (Speed51.om photo)

61 – Dustin Jackson

Lap 1: 17.897

Lap 2: 17.906

Best Lap: 17.897

Pos: 4th

4G – Bill Griffith

Lap 1: 18.460

Lap 2: 18.239

Best Lap: 18.239

Pos: 6th

This car for Chris Koslek is the fastest here in Berlin so far. We’ll see if he can keep that speed later this evening in qualifying. (Speed51.com photo)

66 Adam Chase

Lap 1: 17.631

Lap 2: 17.722

Best Lap: 17.631

Pos: 4th

6 Ben Kleis

Lap 1: 17.440

Lap 2: 17.621

Best Lap: 17.440

Pos: 2nd

0 Todd Cowan

Lap 1: 18.156

Lap 2: 18.768

Best Lap: 18.156

Pos: 8th

76 – Ryan Gruppen

Lap 1: 17.676

Lap 2: 17.847

Best Lap: 17.676

Pos: 6th

12 Donnie Matteson Jr

Lap 1: 18.095

Lap 2: 18.088

Best Lap: 18.088

Pos: 9th

9 Zach Clark

Lap 1: 17.916

Lap 2: 17.939

Best Lap: 17.916

Pos: 8th

31 Jason Parish

Lap 1: 17.825

Lap 2: 17.835

Best Lap: 17.825

Pos: 7th

00 Dennis Mann

Lap 1: 18.092

Lap 2: 18.277

Best Lap: 18.092

Pos: 12th

05 Greg Fullarton

Lap 1: 17.818

Lap 2: 17.812

Best Lap: 17.812

Pos: 7th

559 Damian Lytle

Lap 1: 18.585

Lap 2: 18.697

Best Lap: 18.565

Pos: 16th

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11 Mark Nienhouse

Lap 1: 17.497

Lap 2: 17.581

Best Lap: 17.497

Pos: 3rd

34 Nick Clemens

Lap 1: 17.787

Lap 2: 17.575

Best Lap: 17.575

Pos: 6th

81 Tristan Van Wieringen

Lap 1: 17.642

Lap 2: 17.622

Best Lap: 17.622

Pos: 7th

27 Nyle Weiler

Lap 1: 17.480

Lap 2: 17.615

Best Lap: 17.480

Pos: 3rd

7H Ryan Hamm

Lap 1: 17.361

Lap 2: 18.217

Best Lap: 17.361

Pos: 2nd

11X Jason Essex

Lap 1: 18.057

Lap 2: 17.965

Best Lap: 17.965

Pos: 16th

16 Kris Fewless

Lap 1: 17.783

Lap 2: 17.951

Best Lap: 17.783

Pos: 12th

11 Brian Nester

Lap 1: 17.487

Lap 2: 17.399

Best Lap: 17.399

Pos: 3rd

12X Mike Occhipinti

Lap 1: 17.636

Lap 2: 17.667

Best Lap: 17.636

Pos: 12th

7 Jerry Hammond

Lap 1: 17.955

Lap 2: 17.880

Best Lap: 17.880

Pos: 17th

331 Trei Deubel

Lap 1: 17.583

Lap 2: 17.750

Best Lap: 17.583

Pos: 10th

IMG_4206.JPG.jpegBubba Pollard and crew work to get ready for qualifying. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4209.JPG.jpeg Chase Elliot talks strategy before going out to qualify. (Speed51.com photo)

We are just about ten minutes away from the start of qualifying for the Battle at Berlin 251.

We will have the full starting lineup for the ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour when it is made available to us. Qualifying for the ARCA/CRA Super Series Battle at Berlin 251 will begin in just a few moments when Jon Beach takes to the race track.

Jon Beach will be the first to roll out (Speed51.com photo)

Jon Beach is on track and qualifying for the Battle at Berlin 251 is underway.

1B – Jon   Beach
Lap 1: 16.896
Lap 2: 16.992
Best Lap 16.896

12 – Dan   Leeck
Lap 1: 16.72
Lap 2: 16.734
Best Lap: 16.72

4K – Ali   Kern
Lap 1: 16.29
Lap 2: 16.353
Best Lap: 16.29
Pos: 1st

101-   Lauren Bush
Lap 1: 16.357
Lap 2: 16.379
Best Lap: 16.357
Pos: 2nd

Bubba Pollard is the next driver to take time.

26P –   Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 16.264
Lap 2: 16.246
Best Lap: 16.246
Pos: 1st

1 –   Barry Hartwell
Lap 1: 16.54
Lap 2: 16.41
Best Lap: 16.41
Pos: 4th

IMG_4230.PNGAli Kern is currently second quick on the board. (Speed51.com photo)

25 –   Ross Kenseth
Lap 1: 16.36
Lap 2: 16.466
Best Lap: 16.36
Pos: 4th

23K –   Chris Koslek
Lap 1: 16.342
Lap 2: 16.345
Best Lap: 16.342
Pos: 3rd

131 –   Brett Robinson
Lap 1: 16.441
Lap 2: 16.432
Best Lap: 16.432
Pos: 7th

IMG_4246.PNGMaking the long haul from the Peach State Bubba Pollard is fastest on the track. (Speed51.com photo)

8 –   Jordan Pruitt
Lap 1: 16.601
Lap 2: 16.797
Best Lap: 16.601
Pos: 8th

Erik Jones is next to take time.

61 –   Erik Jones
Lap 1: 16.361
Lap 2: 16.402
Best Lap: 16.361
Pos: 6th

2 –   Donnie Wilson
Lap 1: 16.355
Lap 2: 16.365
Best Lap: 16.355
Pos: 4th

The defending NASCAR XFINITY Series champion Chase Elliott is now on track and goes to the top  of the board with a 16.226-second lap.

9 –   Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 16.226
Lap 2: 16.375
Best Lap: 16.226
Pos: 1st

IMG_4290.PNGDonnie Wilson rounds out the top five. (Speed51.com photo)

5 – Dominique Van Wieringen
Lap 1: 16.438
Lap 2: 16.451
Best Lap: 16.438

IMG_4296.PNGChase Elliott tops the speed chart. (Speed51.com photo)

8N – John Hunter Nemechek
Lap 1: 16.262
Lap 2: 16.36
Best Lap: 16.262
Pos: 3rd

26 –   Rick Turner
Lap 1: 16.534
Lap 2: 16.638
Best Lap: 16.534

51 –   Christopher Bell
Lap 1: 16.283
Lap 2: 16.326
Best Lap: 16.283
Pos: 4th

IMG_4325.PNGThe Y-Town Hustler, Rick Turner, is the oldest driver in the field today. (Speed51.com photo)

23 –   Eddie VanMeter
Lap 1: 16.494
Lap 2: 16.506
Best Lap: 16.494

Andrew   Nylaan
Lap 1: 16.544
Lap 2: 16.619
Best Lap: 16.544

28 –   Grant Quinlan
Lap 1: 16.44
Lap 2: 16.37
Best Lap: 16.37

01 –   Travis Braden
Lap 1: 16.207
Lap 2: 16.322
Best Lap: 16.207
Pos: 1st

Travis Braden goes to the top of the board on his first lap with just a few cars left to qualify.

IMG_4138.PNGTravis Braden takes over the top spot on the speed charts with a 16.207. (Speed51.com photo)

36 –   Terry Senneker Jr.
Lap 1: 16.398
Lap 2: 16.45
Best Lap: 16.398

42 –   Chad Finley
Lap 1: 16.213
Lap 2: 16.263
Best Lap: 16.213
Pos: 2nd

Dalton Armstrong now goes to the top of the charts with a 16.203-second lap.

4 –   Dalton Armstrong
Lap 1: 16.203
Lap 2: 16.365
Best Lap: 16.203
Pos: 1st

33 – Wes   Griffith Jr.
Lap 1: 16.51
Lap 2: 16.486
Best Lap: 16.486

72 –   Thomas Woodin
Lap 1: 16.516
Lap 2: 16.492
Best Lap: 16.492

IMG_4345.PNG Dalton Armstrong tops the chart with a 16.203. (Speed51.com photo)

21 –   Terry VanHaitsma
Lap 1: 16.45
Lap 2: 16.518
Best Lap: 16.45

47 –   Brian Campbell
Lap 1: 16.302
Lap 2: 16.291
Best Lap: 16.291
Pos: 9th

Hunter Baize will be the final driver to take time.

13 –   Hunter Baize
Lap 1: 16.555
Lap 2: 16.533
Best Lap: 16.533

Dalton Armstrong wins the pole for the Battle at Berlin 251. He will share the front row with two-time defending CRA Super Series champion Travis Braden.

IMG_4369.PNGHometown hero Brian Campbell, qualified in the 9th position. (Speed51.com photo)

According to CRA Super Series officials, all 31 cars will start this evening’s 251-lap race.

John Hunter Nemechek poses with a couple young fans. (Speed51.com photo)

Polesitter Dalton Armstrong signs some hero cards. (Speed51.com photo)

“I’d have been happy with a top ten run,” Armstrong said. “I wasn’t expecting to win the pole.”

Battle at Berlin 251 Qualifying Results 

1 4 Dalton Armstrong 16.203
2 01 Travis Braden 16.207
3 42 Chad Finley 16.213
4 9 Chase Elliott 16.226
5 26P Bubba Pollard 16.246
6 8N John Hunter Nemechek 16.262
7 4K Ali Kern 16.290
8 47 Brian Campbell 16.291
9 23K Chris Koslek 16.342
10 51 Christropher Bell 16.342
11 2 Donnie Wilson 16.355
12 101 Lauren Beach 16.357
13 25 Ross Kenseth 16.360
14 61 Erik Jones 16.361
15 28 Grant Quinlan 16.370
16 36 Terry Senneker Jr 16.398
17 1 Barry Hartwell 16.410
18 5 Dominique VanWieringen 16.428
19 131 Brett Robinson 16.432
20 21 Terry VanHaitsma 16.450
21 18 Mark Lambert 16.456
22 33 Wes Griffith Jr 16.486
23 72 Thomas Woodin 16.492
24 23 Eddie VanMeter 16.494
25 84 Jay Niewiek 16.532
26 13 Hunter Baize 16.533
27 26 Rick Turner 16.534
28 77 Andrew Nylaan 16.544
29 8 Jordan Pruitt 16.601
30 12 Dan Leeck 16.720
31 1B Jon Beach 16.896

The autograph session is still underway.

Pre-Race ceremonies will begin in minutes at 6:00.

The Top Speed Modified race will roll off at approximately 6:30 this evening.

Click for Options

The fans have been told to clear the frontstretch so we can get racing shortly.

Today’s Trackside Now coverage at Berlin Raceway is presented by McGunegill Engine Performance. McGunegill Engine Performance of Muncie Indiana is one of the industry leaders of Sealed Engine Technology for Super Late Model racing as well as availability for many applications and manufacturer choice. For more information go to www.mcgunegillengines.com Or contact McGunegill Engine Performance at 765-282-1913.

Top Speed Modifieds Battle at Berlin 51 Starting Line-Up 

1 34 Nick Clemens
2 27 Nyle Weiler
3 11N Mark Nienhouse
4 72 Dan Loughan
5 81 Tristan Van Wieringen
6 5 Bobby Heyink
7 7X Ryan Hamm
8 11 Brian Nester
9 66 Adam Chase
10 331 Trei Deubel
11 97 Ben Welch
12 6 Ben Kleis
13 12X Mike Occhipinti
14 76 Ryan Gruppen
15 16 Kris Fewless
16 5 Greg Fullarton
17 31 Jason Parish
18 7H Jerry Hammond
19 61 Dustin Jackson
20 9 Zach Clark
21 11X Jason Essec
22 7 Matt Dimit
23 12 Donny Matteson Jr
24 OO Dennis Mann
25 0 Todd Cowan
26 4 Bill Griffith
27 559 Damian Lytle
28 1 Rick Wiecorek

Fast Qualifier Ben Welch will roll off from the 11th position for the 51 lap shootout.

A huge crowd has descended upon Berlin Raceway. (Speed51.com photo)

Top Speed Modifieds are ready to take over the Berlin Raceway (Speed51.com photo)

We have a slight delay as the track’s ambulance is attending to somebody in the infield according to the track’s PA announcer.

The engines have been fired. We’re ready to go racing for 51 laps of ground-pounding action.

As part of the live pit stops that will be happening tonight, a crew member gets tape set up for where the driver will stop inside the box (Speed51.com photo)

The Mighty Modifieds are rolling on track for their pace laps.

The field rides double file behind the pace truck (Speed51.com photo)

While the modifieds set the stage for the late model feature tonight, John Hunter Nemechek debriefs with a crew member (Speed51.com photo)

GREEN FLAG: The Modifieds are green and Nick Clemens leads the field into turn one. He’s clear of Nyle Weiler to the lead and the top three go single file into turn three.

Lap 3: Clemens has already begun to stretch out his lead. It’s three car lengths over Weiler as they head to turn three. The best battle is for fourth as Van Wieringen tries to hold off the pack behind him.

Lap 5: Loughan and Hamm are side by side off turn two but Loughan takes the spot as Hamm got into the grass on the backstretch with the right side tires.

Clemens leads the field to the green flag (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 7: Now Weiler is starting to close the gap on Clemens just a bit.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 7): Ben Welch has gone for a spin on the backstretch to bring out the first caution of the evening. He has gotten it restarted and is bringing it back around to the rear of the field.

Early on it’s Clemens who appears to be very strong. He’s coming off a second-place run at Springport Speedway on Saturday night. Saturday’s winner, Jason Parish, runs 15th.

This series does Madhouse-style cone restarts. You can choose to go to either side of the cone. If the top four go to the inside and fifth-place goes to the outside, that driver would restart second.

So far it appears that all drivers maintained their normal positions. Clemens is on the inside with Weiler outside.

GREEN FLAG: Weiler was hanging tough on the outside, but a spin on the backstretch has us under yellow once again.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 7): Trei Deubel went for a spin after contact on the backstretch.

Clemens will be on the inside for this restart once again and Weiler will be to the outside.

Top 10:

  1. Nick Clemens
  2. Nyle Weiler
  3. Mark Nienhouse
  4. Tristan VanWieringen
  5. Ryan Hamm
  6. Dan Loghan
  7. Bobby Heyink
  8. Trei Deubel
  9. Ben Kleis
  10. Adam Chase

GREEN FLAG: Clemens gets a great jump on Weiler and clears him by turn one. Van Wieringen goes wide and gets in the grass on the backstretch but holds third.

Lap 10: Ryan Hamm is making moves on the outside. He’s now up to fifth and looking for fourth from Van Wieringen who is showing some smoke from the right rear.

Lap 11: Hamm looks to the outside on Van Wieringen but can’t get it done and falls into the clutches of Nienhouse who dives to the bottom in turn one.

Lap 12: Hamm holds off Nienhouse and now goes to the outside of Van Wieringen off turn two. He goes way wide in turn four and has the third spot at the line.

Lap 13: Hamm is to clear to third off turn two and is now charging for second on Weiler, still making the outside work.

Lap 16: Hamm is there on Weiler. He once again goes way wide in turn four and takes second by a bumper at the line.

Lap 17: Hamm takes over second from Weiler off turn two.

Lap 18: Now it’s Clemens that has to try to hold off Hamm. Hamm goes wide in turn four but doesn’t get the run he needs to take the lead that time.

Lap 19: Hamm is almost a foot off the wall in turn four now as he goes way wide to try to get by Clemens.

Top 5 Currently Running: (Lap 20)

  1. Nick Clemens
  2. Ryan Hamm
  3. Nyle Weiler
  4. Tristan Van Wieringen
  5. Ben Kleis

Lap 21: As Hamm goes after the lead it’s now Nienhouse who is attacking Weiler for third.

Lap 22: Hamm changes it up this time in turn one. He goes to the bottom but almost loses the spot to Nienhouse who has gotten by Weiler.

Lap 23: Nienhouse uses the bottom to get by Hamm in turn two and now there’s a new challenger for the lead.

Lap 24: Nienhouse goes under neath Clemens off turn four, but Clemens has the advantage at the line.

LEAD CHANGE (Lap 25): Nienhouse dives under Clemens in turn one and takes over the top spot.

Lap 27: Weiler has gotten back by Hamm who now is starting to slip back.

HALFWAY Currently Running 6-10:

6. Dan Loughan

7. Tristan VanWieringen

8. Jason Parish

9. Greg Fullarton

10. Mike Occhipinti

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 28): Dennis Mann went for a spin in turn four to bring out the caution for the third time this evening.

Ryan Hamm was challenging Clemens for the lead a few laps ago. Now he’s fallen back to fifth.

The cone has come out. Let’s see who goes which way.

Current Top 15: (Under yellow, lap 28)

  1. Mark Nienhouse
  2. Nick Clemens
  3. Nyle Weiler
  4. Dan Loughan
  5. Ryan Hamm
  6. Tristan Van Wieringen
  7. Ben Klies
  8. Jason Parish
  9. Greg Fullarton
  10. Mike Occhipinti
  11. Adam Chase
  12. Trei Deubel
  13. Donnie Matteson
  14. Zach Clark
  15. Dustin Jackson

Nienhouse goes to the inside. Clemens takes the outside. Weiler kept his third spot and Loughan will still be fourth. The top five all held their spots for the restart.

GREEN FLAG: Even from the outside Clemens gets a great jump but Nienhouse just drives by on the exit of turn two to keep the lead.

Lap 30: Nienhouse leads Clemens by 0.734-second as Loughans goes on the attack and drives to the bottom of Clemens off turn four.

Lap 31: Side by side off turn two go Clemens and Loughan but Loughan grabs the spot as he dirt tracks off turn four.

Lap 33: Nienhouse continues to stretch his lead over Loughan now as it’s 1.174 seconds.

Lap 35: Weiler and Kleis are the first battle on track as Kleis tries to work the outside around Weiler but he cannot get it done just yet.

Lap 37: Loughan is starting to eat into Nienhouse’s gap as it’s now back under one second.

Lap 39: Just as it seemed Loughan was starting to reel in Nienhouse the gap is now back out to over one second.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 40): Turn four continues to be the trouble spot as one car has gone around once again.

CORRECTION: We have three no. 11 machines in the field tonight. According to live timing and scoring it was Mark Nienhouse who was being scored the leader when it is actually Brian Nester. We apologize for the mistake.

Top 10 Under Caution:

  1. Brian Nester
  2. Dan Loughan
  3. Ben Kleis
  4. Nick Clemens
  5. Nyle Weiler
  6. Tristan Van Wieringen
  7. Jason Parish
  8. Ryan Hamm
  9. Trei Deubel
  10. Mike Occhipenti

Loughan chose the inside on the restart rather than going to the outside which moves Kleis into second place as he was the first driver to take the outside. Nester and Kleis will share the front row.

GREEN FLAG: Nester gets a great jump and clears Kleis by turn one who now has Loughan to contend with.

Lap 41: Ten laps to go for Brian Nester who is once again stretching out his lead over Loughan who goes back by Kleis off turn four.

Lap 43: The gap is 0.791 seconds for Nester with eight laps to go.

Lap 46: The gap is starting to shrink now as Nester leads Loughan by 0.643 with five laps to go.

Top 5 Lap 45: 

  1. Nester
  2. Loughan
  3. Kleis
  4. Weiler
  5. VanWieringen

Lap 48: Three laps to go for Nester whose gap is now growing once again.

WHITE FLAG: One lap remains for Brian Nester here at Berlin Raceway.

CHECKERED FLAG: Brian Nester wins the ICAR Top Speed Modified 51 at Berlin Raceway over Dan Loughan, Ben Kleis, Nyle Weiler and Tristan Van Wieringen.

IMG_4452.PNGBrian Nester brings home the Battle of Berlin 51 win. (Speed51.com photo)

Top Speed Modified Battle at Berlin 51 Results:

1 11 Brian Nester
2 72 Dan Loughan
3 6 Ben Kleis
4 27 Nyle Weiler
5 81 Tristan VanWieringen
6 34 Nick Clemens
7 31 Jason Parish
8 12X Mike Occhipinti
9 331 Trei Deubel
10 O5 Greg Fullarton
11 7H Ryan Hamm
12 12 Donnie Matteson Jr
13 61 Dustin Jackson
14 0 Todd Cowan
15 7 Ryan Hamm
16 4G Bill Griffith
17 9 Zach Clark
18 66 Adam Chase
19 11X Jason Essex
20 OO Dennis Mann
21 97L Ben Welch
22 76 Ryan Gruppen
23 559 Damian Lytle
24 5 Bobby Heyink
25 16 Kris Fewless

Travis Braden speaks to Chase Elliott’s crew chief Ricky Turner (Speed51.com photo)

The field is staged for the Battle At Berlin 251. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4462.PNGGrant Quinlan has shaken the hands of Berlin Raceway officials and heads to his car to strap in for 251 laps. (Speed51.com photo)

The Battle at Berlin 251 starting field has been announced. We are just a few minutes away from going racing.

IMG_4468.PNG John Hunter Nemechek will roll off from the third row outside. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4475.PNG Chase Elliott climbs aboard the no. 9 machine. (Speed51.com photo)

Caution laps will count for the first 240 laps of tonight’s race. They will NOT count in the final ten laps.

Battle at Berlin 251 Starting Line-Up 

1 4 Dalton Armstrong
2 01 Travis Braden
3 42 Chad Finley
4 9 Chase Elliott
5 26P Bubba Pollard
6 8N John Hunter Nemechek
7 4K Ali Kern
8 47 Brian Campbell
9 23K Chris Koslek
10 51 Christropher Bell
11 2 Donnie Wilson
12 101 Lauren Beach
13 25 Ross Kenseth
14 61 Erik Jones
15 28 Grant Quinlan
16 36 Terry Senneker Jr
17 1 Barry Hartwell
18 5 Dominique VanWieringen
19 131 Brett Robinson
20 21 Terry VanHaitsma
21 18 Mark Lambert
22 33 Wes Griffith Jr
23 72 Thomas Woodin
24 23 Eddie VanMeter
25 84 Jay Niewiek
26 13 Hunter Baize
27 26 Rick Turner
28 77 Andrew Nylaan
29 8 Jordan Pruitt
30 12 Dan Leeck
31 1B Jon Beach

The engines have been fired. We’re just about ready to go racing at Berlin Raceway for the Battle at Berlin 251.

Only three drivers have won this race. Kyle Busch, Johnny Van Dorn, and Brian Campell. Out of those three, only Campbell is in the race today. Will we see a new winner? We’ll find out at the end of what’s sure to be 251 wild laps of Super Late Model racing for the ARCA/CRA Super Series.

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This race will feature live pit stops. “3,200 in second gear” says John Hunter Nemechek as he radios his pit road speed to his crew chief.

The field is rolling for their pace laps. We’ll be racing shortly.

The crowd salutes their heros as they get set to do battle. (Speed51.com photo)

There is a 10 tire rule for the 251. Four tires on the car and six awaits the drivers in their pit.

GREEN FLAG: Dalton Armstrong leads the field down and we are racing. He clears Braden off turn two as Finley and Elliott battle for third.

Lap 2: Elliott clears Finley for third and now goes after Braden.

Lap 3: Elliott dives under Braden in turn one and they’re side by side off turn two.

Armstrong and Braden lead the field to the green (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 4: Elliott clears Braden off turn two to take over the second spot.

Lap 5: Armstrong has a huge lead over Elliott already. It’s almost 1.1 seconds from Armstrong back to second.

Current Top 5: (Lap 5)

  1. Dalton Armstrong
  2. Chase Elliott
  3. Travis Braden
  4. Chad Finley
  5. John Hunter Nemechek

Lap 6: Most of the front half of the field has gone single file as we start to click off laps.

Lap 8: A couple of drivers have gotten the dirt at the inside of turn four as they cut lower and lower on the apron.

Lap 10: Armstrong, Elliott, Braden, Finley, and Pollard are the top five with ten laps in the books.

Lap 10: Terry Senneker in the 13th position looks to the inside lane of Lauren Bush. Senneker clears her for the position.

Lap 13: Bush rifles back and reclaims the 12th position for Terry Senneker.

Lap 16: “Adjust your line and take care of it,” is the message to John Hunter Nemechek as he runs sixth.

Lap 20: Armstrong and Elliott have already started to catch lapped traffic.

Lap 20: Elliott looks to close the gap between him and leader Armstrong.

The gap between Elliott and Armstrong is closing (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 27: Elliott’s crew is working to find out who is pitting in front of them as Elliott continues to try to chase down Armstrong.

Ross Kenseth has been all over the bumper of championship leader Grant Quinlan.

Lap 30: Top 10 currently:

  1. Armstrong
  2. Elliott
  3. Braden
  4. Finley
  5. Pollard
  6. Kern
  7. Nemechek
  8. Campbell
  9. Koslek
  10. Bush

Lap 30: Nemechek is in an intense battle with Koslek and Campbell as they try to move him back to eighth.

Elliott works on Armstrong (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 31: Elllott slides around the outside of Armstrong to take over the lead of the pack.

Lap 34: Nemechek has fallen back to ninth now as he appears to be struggling a bit.

Teammates Wilson and Kenseth battle (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 36: Senneker goes under Nemechek to take over ninth in turn four.

YELLOW FLAG: Lap 38: Dominique VanWieringen, Hunter Baize, and Eddie VanMeter all collect in turn four.

The aftermath of the big wreck in 4 (Speed51.com photo)

Heavy front end damage to the no. 23 of VanMeter.

Eddie Van Meter and John Hunter Nemechekwill pit this time by.

As it was happening (Speed51.com photo)

Jordan Pruitt on pit road (Speed51.com photo)

VanWieringen heads to pit road for a wedge adjustment.

Top 10 Under Caution (43 Laps Complete):

  1. Chase Elliott
  2. Dalton Armstrong
  3. Chad Finley
  4. Travis Braden
  5. Bubba Pollard
  6. Ali Kern
  7. Chris Koslek
  8. Brian Campbell
  9. Lauren Bush
  10. Terry Senneker

Elliott takes the outside for the restart as the field doubles up behind the pace truck.

Front end damage to Van Meter (Speed51.com photo)

GREEN FLAG (Lap 47): Elliott gets a great jump on Armstrong and clears him by turn one. He has a four car length lead over Armstrong by turn three.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 47): Barry Hartwell goes for a spin on the backstretch to bring the yellow flag back out.

Hartwell came to pit road and had air put in the left rear tire after his spin.

GREEN FLAG: Chase Elliott once again jumps at the line to put a gap in between him and the rest of the field quickly.

Lap 55: Armstrong is now under attack from Finley as Finley dives his no. 42 to the bottom of turn three. He takes over second off turn four.

The battle for second on back has been heating up (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 56: Elliott has quickly jumped out to a half-straightaway lead over Finley.

Lap 57: Pollard is all over Braden for fourth as they dive into turn one.

Lap 58: Now Braden stretches it out on Pollard a bit as he reels back in Armstrong for third.

Lap 59: Terry Senneker works the outside lane around Erik Jones for the ninth position.


Lap 61: Finley is pulling away from Armstrong and the rest of the field as he tries to close the gap on Elliott.

Chris Bell has been stuck on the outside for a few laps (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 64: Nemechek has worked his way back to 13th after his pit stop.

Lap 66: The gap is 1.72 seconds from Elliott to Finley.

Running Order Under Caution (Lap 68):

  1. Elliott
  2. Finley
  3. Armstrong
  4. Braden
  5. Pollard
  6. Kern
  7. Campbell
  8. Koslek
  9. Jones
  10. Senneker
  11. Quinlan
  12. Griffith
  13. Nemechek
  14. Kenseth
  15. Bell
  16. Baize
  17. Bush
  18. Nylaan
  19. Lambert
  20. Wilson
  21. VanHaitsma
  22. Niewiek
  23. VanWieringen
  24. Leeck
  25. Robinson
  26. Turner
  27. Woodin
  28. Pruitt
  29. Hartwell
  30. Beach
  31. VanMeter


YELLOW FLAG (Lap 68): Dominique Van Wieringen goes for another spin in turn four to bring the caution back out.

“When do you think we’re going to pit?” asks Pollard.  He’s told that they need to get past lap 100.

“I’ve tightened up too much in the center and I’ve lost my rotation from the center off,” says Pollard.

Two no. 8 machines head to pit road as John Hunter Nemechek and Jordan Pruitt head to pit road.

Vanhaitsma on the hook (Speed51.com photo)

Nemechek took two tires on that caution, which is much earlier than many teams are planning to make their tire changes.

“You’ve just got to make sure you take care of those babies,” Nemechek is told.

“I may try the bottom here just to see what’s it like. You think it’s a bad move?” Chase Elliott asks his crew chief, Ricky Turner.

“No, I don’t think so at all,” replies Turner. “Now is the time to try that stuff.”

Van Meter looks over his mangled front end (Speed51.com photo)

So Elliott does indeed go to the bottom for the first time today. Finley goes to the outside on this restart.

GREEN FLAG (Lap 80): Finley gets a good jump but Elliott drives away off turn two. Now Finley fights back and they go side by side into turn three. Finley grabs the lead off turn four.

Lap 81: “That didn’t work out,” says Elliott’s spotter of taking the inside on the restart. Now he falls back in line behind Finley and tries to take the lead back.

Lap 83: They were three-wide off turn four as Senneker, Jones and Koslek battled for tenth.

Finley leads Elliott for the first time today (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 85: Finley and Elliott are clear on Braden by half a straightaway as Braden is under attack from Ali Kern.

Lap 87: It’s a mess for seventh as Koslek and Armstrong make contact off turn four. Senneker and Jones are side by side behind them.

Braden is being pressured by Kern for third (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 89: Koslek clears Armstrong off turn four and Jones follow as they both move to seventh and eighth.

Lap 90: “Don’t try to pass him here. Just pressure him. Save your stuff,” is the command from Ricky Turner to Chase Elliott as he’s right behind Finley.

Lap 92: Pollard is all over Kern for fourth as they come off turn four but Kern holds him off.

A four car battle has ensued for third (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 94: Jones has worked his way by Koslek and has taken over the seventh spot. Now he’s all over Campbell for sixth.

LEAD CHANGE (Lap 97): Elliott drives under Finley off turn two and takes the lead back.

Lap 99: “Clear by five” is the message to Elliott as he drives away from Finley. The lead is growing even more now as Braden starts to reel in Finley for second.

Lap 100: Current Top 20 Run Down:

  1. Elliott
  2. Finley
  3. Braden
  4. Kern
  5. Pollard
  6. Campbell
  7. Jones
  8. Koslek
  9. Senneker
  10. Armstrong
  11. Griffith
  12. Quinlan
  13. Kenseth
  14. Nemechek
  15. Baize
  16. Nylaan
  17. Bush
  18. Bell
  19. Wilson
  20. Lambert

Lap 102: Elliott has just placed Jordan Pruitt another lap down. Now Braden is working his way by the no. 8 as he’s stretched his gap over Kern out by five car lengths.

Lap 105: Things have mostly settled down up front. The best battle for position is for eighth as Senneker gets by Koslek off turn two.

Nemechek has been creeping his way through the field on fresh rubber (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 108: The field has completely wrapped its way around the 4/10-mile oval that is Berlin Raceway as the 2014 NASCAR XFINITY Series champion continues to lead the way.

Lap 110: Nemechek pitted for two tires on the last caution and is slowly working his way back to the front as he now runs 12th.

Lap 113: “You’re doing good, bud,” Nemechek is told as he continues to try to make up ground.

Lap 115: Current Top 10:

  1. Elliott
  2. Finley
  3. Braden
  4. Campbell
  5. Kern
  6. Pollard
  7. Jones
  8. Senneker
  9. Koslek
  10. Armstrong

Lap 116: Noticeably absent from the top of the field is Christopher Bell who has been a force to be reckoned with everywhere he’s gone this season in the Kyle Busch Motorsports no. 51 Toyota. Bell is currently 17th and the leader is on the same straightaway.

Lap 120: Kern, Campbell and Pollard are working their way through heavy traffic as they try to keep Braden in their sights for third.

Lap 125: Elliott is working the outside around most of the lapped cars and is maintaining his gap over Finley in second. The gap is about 1.189 seconds.

Lap 127: Elliott is closing in on Donnie Wilson to place him a lap down as well Brett Robinson.

Campbell and Senneker have got their way past Braden (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 129: Campbell and Senneker have worked their way by Braden and have taken over third and fourth, respectively. Braden now runs fifth.

Lap 130: Current Top 20:

  1. Elliott
  2. Finley
  3. Campbell
  4. Senneker
  5. Braden
  6. Pollard
  7. Kern
  8. Jones
  9. Armstrong
  10. Koslek
  11. Griffith
  12. Nemechek
  13. Kenseth
  14. Quinlan
  15. Bush
  16. Baize
  17. Bell
  18. Nylaan
  19. Wilson
  20. Lambert

Lap 133: Pollard just went three wide on the outside of two lapped cars in turn three as the front runners are all in heavy traffic.

Lap 135: The gap is 1.4 seconds from Elliott to Campbell.

Lap 138: Early leader and polesitter Dalton Armstrong runs in ninth after slipping back a bit.

Lap 139: Christopher Bell will be the next car to go a lap down. He is about five car lengths ahead of Elliott.

Lap 140: Current Top 10:

  1. Elliott
  2. Campbell
  3. Finley
  4. Senneker
  5. Pollard
  6. Braden
  7. Jones
  8. Kern
  9. Armstrong
  10. Koslek

Lap 141: Bell put the slower car of Van Wieringen in between himself and Elliott, but Elliott is still just three car lengths back of Bell.

Lap 145: It’s just two car lengths from Bell to Elliott as Elliott tries to place the winner of this year’s Rattler 250 a lap down.

Lap 148: Elliott drives under Bell in turn one and places Christopher Bell a lap down.

Lap 150: “I’m just tight. I’ve got good drive but I’m just tight. I’ve really really hurt the right front,” Elliott tells his crew.

Lap 150: Current Top 10:

  1. Elliott
  2. Campbell
  3. Senneker
  4. Finley
  5. Jones
  6. Pollard
  7. Braden
  8. Kern
  9. Armstrong
  10. Koslek

Elliott puts Bell a lap down (Speed51.com photo)

Lap 151: Erik Jones slides by the no. 41 of Finley for the fourth position coming off of turn four.

Lap 155: Campbell is starting to close in on Elliott just a bit. The gap is now under one second as Elliott fights through heavy traffic.

Quinlan’s crew is calling for 5 rounds down on the rear with right side tires

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 158): The caution is out, but not for an on-track incident as nobody went around or into the wall.

We expect almost all the leaders to hit pit road under this caution.

Crews get ready (Speed51.com photo)

Elliott leads the whole field of lead lap cars down pit road.

Elliott wins the race off pit road by a mile. Erik Jones comes out second followed by Ross Kenseth, Brian Campbell, Finley, Nemechek, Sennerk and Koslek.

Awkward pitting positions makes for trickiness on getting out of pit stalls (Speed51.com photo)

“The tires aren’t wearing. They’re tearing. We’ve got small tears on the inside of the tires,” Ricky Turner informs Chase Elliott.

Current Top 10 Running Order Under Caution (165 Laps Complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 9 Chase Elliott
2 61 Erik Jones
3 25 Ross Kenseth
4 47 Brian Campbell
5 42 Chad Finley
6 8 John Hunter Nemechek
7 36 Terry Senneker
8 23 Chris Koslek
9 13 Hunter Baize
10 28 Grant Quinlan

Donnie Wilson will receive the free pass during this caution.

Elliott learned from the last restart and has gone back to the outside.

Travis Braden reports his car a little loose and received an air pressure adjustment last pit stop

GREEN FLAG (Lap 167): Elliott clears Jones who also got passed by Campbell who now takes second off turn four.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 170): Wes Griffith goes for a spin in turn four and we’re back under caution.

Callahan’s spinning car is avoided by Chris Bell and Donnie Wilson (Speed51.com photo)

All the leaders are coming back down pit road to take on their left side tires. Teams can only take two tires under one caution.

Elliott once again wins the race off pit road. John Hunter Nemechek follows to second. Hunter Baize comes off pit road third. Terry Senneker takes fourth after narrowly missing Erik Jones who takes fifth.

“Good job again, guys,” says Chase Elliott.

Elliott leads Nemechek off pit road (Speed51.com photo)

Travis Braden has lost a lap from jack issues

Ross Kenseth stayed out and he will now be the leader. Lauren Bush stayed out as well and is second. Elliott will restart third.

  1. Kenseth
  2. Bush
  3. Elliott
  4. Nemechek
  5. Baize
  6. Senneker
  7. Jones
  8. Campbell
  9. Koslek
  10. Pollard

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Chad Finley hit Braden on pit road and caused his jack to fall off is the report from his crew. Braden is being scored a lap down

Kenseth takes the outside, putting Bush on the inside. Elliott is third and will be on the inside as well with Nemechek outside.

GREEN FLAG (Lap 179): Elliott struggled on the restart and fell back to about fourth.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 180): Donnie Wilson appears to have lost a motor and we are back under yellow.

A heated discussion was going on in the pits between Finley and Braden’s crew. Braden’s jackman was ran over by Finley, who was exiting his pits. “The right front tire was right on my leg” Braden’s jackman James Kirby reported. He told us he’s okay and will continue his role of jackman.

GREEN FLAG: Lauren Bush goes for a spin on the fronstretch on the restart and half of the field is collected to bring the caution back out.

RED FLAG (Lap 185): Half of the field is crashed on the frontstretch. Finley’s car is on top of Braden’s car. Kern is involved, Van Wieringen, Baize, Campbell and more.

Finley and Braden had words on the frontstretch.

Kenseth, Elliott, Nemechek, Pollard, Jones, Koslek, Leeck, Quinlan, Robinson, and maybe three other cars are still in one piece on the backstretch where officials have stopped the field

“Two cars who didn’t take tires got together and took the field out. They really had no business being up there so it’s disappoint,” says Terry Senneker over the track PA.

After watching on replay thanks to our 51 TV videographer it appears that Lauren Bush made contact with Ross Kenseth coming to the green and spun out. When she spun out most of the field piled in as they had nowhere to go.

John Hunter Nemechek and Erik Jones both did a great job to quickly turn hard left to avoid the spinning car of Bush.

IMG_4665.PNGCrew chief Gary St. Amant is behind the wheel driving the mangled machine back to his pit area. (Speed51.com photo)

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The cars have just refired.

YELLOW FLAG (Lap 185): The cars are rolling again and we are back under yellow.

IMG_4670.PNGAll of the drivers that have pitted during this red flag are lined up and awaiting to return to the track. (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4674.PNGThe current top six drivers are at a rest on the back stretch, right before engines refire. (Speed51.com photo)

Dalton Armstrong still sits in his car while repairs are being made (Speed51.com photo)

IMG_4671.PNGChristopher Bell has had issues all night but he will restart in the eighth position when we return to racing. (Speed51.com photo)

Current Top 10 Under Caution (185 Laps Complete):

  1. Ross Kenseth
  2. John Hunter Nemechek
  3. Chase Elliott
  4. Erik Jones
  5. Chris Koslek
  6. Dan Leeck
  7. Ali Kern
  8. Christopher Bell
  9. Jay Niewiek
  10. Brian Campbell

The field has doubled up behind the pace truck. Kenseth to the outside. Nemechek to the inside.

GREEN FLAG (Lap 186):Kenseth gets a great jump on Nemechek and is clear to the lead. Jones moves by as well to take second. Elliott is back to fourth.

Lap 188: Jones is now attacking Kenseth for the lead as he dives to the bottom of turn three but can’t make the move.

Lap 190: Jones gets a great run off turn two and closes in on Kenseth.

Lap 191: Jones goes to the bottom off turn two. They’re door to door into turn three but Kenseth holds him off of turn four.

Lap 192: Elliott tries the bottom on Nemechek but so far can’t pull off the pass.

Current Top 5:

  1. Kenseth
  2. Jones
  3. Nemechek
  4. Elliott
  5. Koslek

Lap 193: Elliott and Nemechek are still side by side and now Koslek and Bell are joining the fight.

Lap 194: Nemechek clears Elliott. Now Elliott is three wide with Koslek and Bell in turn one, but he holds the position down the backstretch.

Lap 196: Elliott is all clear now as he regroups to make another charge on Nemechek for third. Meanwhile Jones is now about two car lengths behind Kenseth for the lead.

Lap 197: Jones tries the bottom side around Kenseth once again as they enter turns one and two but is not successful at completing the pass.

Lap 200: Kenseth and the rest of the top five have just caught a few lapped cars. That’s enabling Jones to pull right to the back bumper of Kenseth off turn four.

Lap 200: Current Top 10:

  1. Kenseth
  2. Jones
  3. Nemechek
  4. Elliott
  5. Koslek
  6. Bell
  7. Campbell
  8. Pollard
  9. Kern

Lap 202: Jones dives to the bottom in turn three, but slips a bit which allows Kenseth to clear him again.

Lap 203: Nemechek and Elliott have caught Kenseth and Jones and now it’s a five car battle up front.

LEAD CHANGE Lap 204: Jones drives underneath Kenseth off turn two and powers ahead down the backstretch to take the lead for the first time today.

Lap 206: Nemechek is closing in on Kenseth off turn four, but he still has Elliott all over him as well.

Top 5:

  1. Jones
  2. Kenseth
  3. Nemechek
  4. Elliott
  5. Koslek

Lap 209: Kenseth is making another charge on Jones up front as he looks to the outside in turn three but can’t make it work.

Lap 210: Kenseth tries the bottom in turn one but Jones powers back ahead off turn two to keep the spot.

Lap 215: Current 6-10:

6. Bell

7. Pollard

8. Campbell

9. Niewiek

10. Kern

Lap 211: Fourty laps remain for Erik Jones who has just stretched the gap to about four car lengths over Kenseth.

Lap 216: Nemechek starts to close the gap on Kenseth and will look to the inside line to find a way around the second place driver.

Lap 217: Elliott has just slipped to fifth as Chris Koslek worked his way by in turn two. Meanwhile Nemechek is closing in on Kenseth for second.

Lap 218: Jones leads over Kenseth by about six car lengths. It’s another three car lengths from Kenseth to Nemechek.

Tom Woodin has pulled in and put the window net down.

Lap 221: Thirty laps remain for Erik Jones now as he works his way by a couple of lapped cars in turn one. His lead is now about seven car lengths over Kenseth who has Nemechek all over him.

Lap 222: Current Top 10:

  1. Jones
  2. Kenseth
  3. Nemechek
  4. Koslek
  5. Elliott
  6. Bell
  7. Pollard
  8. Niewiek
  9. Campbell
  10. Nylaan

Lap 223: “You will get that 25 when you get the chance. He’s loose as hell,” is what Nemechek is told.

Lap 228: The lead continues to grow for Erik Jones. It’s almost a whole straightaway over Kenseth and Nemechek.

Lap 230: Kenseth is pulling away from Nemechek just a bit as the gap is now three car lengths from second to third.

Lap 234: Nemechek is now all over Kenseth as they come off turn two. He dives to the bottom of turn three but Kenseth holds the spot off turn four.

Lap 236: Nemechek door to door with Kenseth as they come off of turns one and two.

Lap 237: Nemechek dives under Kenseth. He slides off turn four and they go side by side into turn one.

Lap 238: Nemechek drives deep into turn three and takes over second from Kenseth.

Lap 239: Kenseth and Nemechek make contact into turn three and Koslek slides under as they go three wide off turn four.

Lap 240: Jay Niewiek and Christopher Bell duke it out for sixth

Lap 241: After a wild battle it’s Koslek who prevails over Nemechek and Kenseth.

Lap 242: Just nine laps remain for Erik Jones who has a massive lead.

Lap 243: Nemechek is working on Koslek again for second but so far it’s Koslek who holds the spot off turn four.

Top 5:

  1. Jones
  2. Koslek
  3. Nemechek
  4. Kenseth
  5. Elliott

Lap 246: Erik Jones leads by over a straightaway and a half over Koslek and Nemechek. Meanwhile Elliott has gotten by Kenseth to take back fourth.

Lap 248: Ross Kenseth has fallen off the back bumper of Chase Elliott after a long battle.

Lap 249: Nemechek continues to work attempt to get around second place driver Koslek, but has a back bumper full of Elliott.

WHITE FLAG: Nemechek gives it a hard run on the inside lane to get to the inside of Koslek, but is unsuccessful.

CHECKERED FLAG: Erik Jones goes to victory lane after a long faught battle in the Battle at Berlin 251.

(Full results will be posted in moments) 

Top 10: 

  1. Erik Jones
  2. Chris Koslek
  3. John Hunter Nemechek
  4. Chase Elliott
  5. Ross Kenseth
  6. Jay Niewiek
  7. Christopher Bell
  8. Brian Campbell
  9. Andrew Nylaan
  10. Grant Quinlan

After going to a backup car, Erik Jones claims the Battle at Berlin 251. (Speed51.com photo)

Erik Jones in victory lane (Speed51.com photo)

Battle at Berlin 251 Results: 

1 61 Erik Jones
2 23 Chris Koslek
3 8N John Hunter Nemechek
4 9 Chase Elliott
5 25 Ross Kenseth
6 84 Jay Niewiek
7 51 Chris Bell
8 47 Brian Campbell
9 77 Andrew Nylaan
10 28 Grant Quinlan
11 26P Bubba Pollard
12 101 Lauren Bush
13 4K Ali Kern
14 131 Brett Robinson
15 18 Mark Lambert
16 4 Dalton Armstrng
17 12 Dan Leeck
18 13 Hunter Baize
19 33 Wes Griffith Jr
20 1 Barry Hartwell
21 72 Thomas Woodin
22 36 Terry Senneker
23 42 Chad Finley
24 01 Travis Braden
25 5 Dominique Van Wieringen
26 2W Donnie Wilson
27 8 Jordan Pruitt
28 21 Terry VanHaitsma
29 26 Rick Turner
30 1S Jon Beach
31 23 Eddie VanMeter

A few cars got torn up tonight. Here’s the junkyard from Van Wieringen’s machine. (Speed51.com photo)

“This is pretty special,” said Erik Jones in victory lane.  “It was definitely pretty emotional when I crossed the line. It was kind of hard to keep it together with about two to go and definitely when I crossed the line.”

Jones continued:

“Honestly after we wrecked yesterday I wanted to go back home. I was ready to go back and visit the east side of the state. I was convinced to stay over and race today and I thought it was a good idea to get back out there and try to get a win and it was the right decision.”

Jones made sure to mention the hard work that his team put in over night in victory lane as well:

“These guys worked so hard. We brought a brand new car here for practice on Monday and wrecked pretty hard. We just KO’d it. These guys at Port City went and put another car together late last night. It’s amazing, man. They worked so hard and I wanted to win for them so bad. They really deserved it.”

After dominating much of the early stages of the race, Chase Elliott slipped to fourth and said his car just got too tight at the end.

“I got too tight for me and my capabilities there at the end. I hate it. I thought we had a good car there at least to start off, but unfortunately that isn’t the part that mattered. It was kind of hard to pass and I just never could get back up where I needed to be.”

Erik Jones has cleared post-race tech inspection. He is officially the winner of the Battle at Berlin 251.

That’s going to do it for us here at Berlin Raceway. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Battle at Berlin 251 as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for tuning in today, as well as McGunnegill Engine Performance and JRI Shocks for sponsoring our coverage today.

Congratulations to Erik Jones on the big win.

Your Speed51.com crew has been Mikayla Kugler, Jordan St. Amant, Rob Blount, and Jeff Converse.

Until next time, race fans.

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