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Good morning and welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the CRA Super Series  McGunegill Engine Performance 100 presented by Crown RV and Boat Cleaner at Winchester Speedway in Winchester, Indiana.  Kevin Striegle and    Speed51.com  will be providing updates before, during and after the feature event later on this afternoon.


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The rain is falling here at Winchester, but series officials are confident that the weather is going to clear and we will go racing later on. But for now, we are in a holding pattern.


Qualifying for the CRA Super Series was run yesterday afternoon, as well as preliminary events for the support divisions. Here is todays schedule of events.

Event #
1 Vore’s Welding and Steel FWD Compacts – Vore’s Welding & Steel 20
2 Howe CRA Late Model Sportsman – Winchester 40
3 CRA Super Series McGunegill Engine Performance 100
4 USA Modifieds Fire Bottle 40
5 Thunder/Enduro Cars Winchester 20
6 CRA Street Stocks MAX Rocks 40


We mentioned that Qualifying was completed yesterday, and Coopersville, Michigan driver Johnny VanDoorn picked up fast time. Here is the complete Qualifying Results.


Pos. # Name Time
1 61 Johnny VanDoorn 15.308
2 26 Rick Turner 15.322
3 72 Scott Hantz 15.334
4 51 Brian Ickler 15.404
5 10 Johanna Long 15.408
6 99 Jason Shively 15.419
7 92 Adam Purdy 15.506
8 31 Aaron Pierce 15.538
9 81 Terry Fisher Jr. 15.542
10 7 Jason Dietsch 15.574
11 11 Jeff Lane 15.575
12 9 Chase Elliott 15.633
13 98 Nick Lay 15.675
14 67 Jeff Fultz 15.689
15 15 Tommy St. John 15.711
16 49 Stanley Smith 15.798
17 24 Tyler Roahrig 15.817
18 41 Brent Jack 15.846
19 23 Eddie VanMeter 16.850
20 6 Zack Hulvey 16.036
21 2 Matt Goodnight 16.215
22 18 Robert Maynor 16.300
23 17 Keith Sterkowitz 16.336
24 8 Brandon Fagin 16.370
25 15 Damon Ecoff NT


The rain has all but stopped finally, after several hours of soaking. With the high degree of banking, hopefully the track will dry quickly so we can go racing soon. We are going to head trackside to catch up with some of the drivers.



PHOTO: Track drying efforts are now underway (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: 13 Year old Chase Elliott will make his first start at Winchester today (51 Sports Photo)


Series and Track Officials estimate a 2:00 p.m. race time start today, as track drying efforts continue around the half-mile high banked oval.


Regular CRA Super Series competitor Kenny Tweedy (#2), experienced motor issues during practice on Saturday afternoon and will not race today.



PHOTO: Car covers have been removed and the track is now quickly becoming dry. (51 Sports Photo)


Comment From Barry Want to wish Timmy Near #05 Streetstock GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


Track drying is still ongoing, but is near completion with just race cars on the surface at this point. The CRA Super Series Feature will be the second event of the day, as qualifying and all other preliminary events have been run Saturday and Sunday.


Comment From Heath Surprised Kyle Busch isn’t racing.



PHOTO: While Kyle Busch is not racing, his car is here. Brian Ickler will pilot the #51 as he helps the Kyle Busch Motorsports team dial in the car for the upcoming Winchester 400, which Kyle will compete in. (51 Sports Photo)


With over two hours of track drying today, it has finally come to a close. Opening ceremonies are just moments away.


The front wheel drive feature has been completed. Up next is the CRA Super Series 100.


Here is today’s  Starting Line Up:

Row # Name # Name
1 99 Jason Shively 10 Johanna Long
2 51 Brian Ickler 72 Scott Hantz
3 26 Rick Turner 61 Johnny VanDoorn
4 92 Adam Purdy 31 Aaron Pierce
5 81 Terry Fisher Jr. 7 Jason Dietsch
6 11 Jeff Lane 9 Chase Elliott
7 98 Nick Lay 67 Jeff Fultz
8 29 Tommy St. John 49 Stanly Smith
9 24 Tyler Roahrig 41 Brent Jack
10 23 Eddie VanMeter 6 Zack Hulvey
11 2 Matt Goodnight 18 Robert Maynor
12 17 Keith Sterkowitz 8 Brandon Fagin
13 15 Damon Ecoff



Cars are circulating around getting some heat in their tires. Jason Shively, the pole sitter, is excited about his chances to win today.


Outside pole sitter Johanna Long, from Pensacola, Florida and is racing on the high banks for the very first time. Brian Ickler, driving for NASCAR star Kyle Busch starts inside of row #2 and is a favorite to win amongst the packed grandstands here today.


GREEN FLAG! The  McGunegill Engine Performance 100 presented by Crown RV and Boat Cleaner at Winchester Speedway is underway.


Johanna Long jumps to an early three car length lead. Shively settles into second.


Chase Elliott is the only car on the move early, as he gets passed Adam Purdy.


Scott Hantz moves to the second spot, as Johnny VanDoorn and Brian Ickler follow, getting past Jason Shively. Long leads by 10 car lengths.


YELLOW FLAGZach Huvley makes contact with the turn one wall.


Hulvey brings out the first caution of the afternoon on lap #7, and stops in turn #2 requiring assistance from the track safety team.


Johanna Long is the leader, over Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Brian Ickler, and Jason Shively fifth. Rick Turner, Aaron Pierce, Jason Dietsch, and Jeff Fultz.


Hulvey’s #6 has been extracted from turn two. No cars come to pit road during this first caution of the afternoon.


Stanley Smith (#49) comes to the attention of his crew, and returns to the track after checking things over.


GREEN FLAGJohanna Long leads the field into turn one on lap number seven.


Top four cars are nose to tail. Long, Hantz, VanDoorn, and Ickler.


Single file for the top six positions. Jeff Fultz is the man on the move, working the bottom under Jason Shively.


Scott Hantz goes to the bottom of Long into turn three, and takes the lead on lap 17


Leaders are in lap traffic already, including Damon Ecoff and Sterkowitz


YELLOW FLAGScott Hantz gets in trouble in turn two, trying to get around a few lap machines. The leader wrecks on lap 19.


Robert Maynor and Jason Shively comes to pit road. Hantz comes to a stop in turn four, and requires a wrecker to get back to pit road. Hantz will not go back to back in CRA competition it appears today.


Reports say that Hantz, while working around the high side of Damon Ecoff, was knocked into the fence after Ecoff appeared to blow a right front tire. Hantz’s car has extensive right side damage.




Johanna Long assumed the lead following the last caution, and now leads Johnny VanDoorn and Brian Ickler.


Adam Purdy makes contact with the wall hard in turn one and two, and comes to pit road. Green flag remains out.


Great side by side battle between Aaron Pierce and Jeff Fultz for the fifth position. Fultz has been moving up quickly, after starting 14th.


Johanna Long leads on lap 34, VanDoorn, Ickler, Turner, and Fultz the top five. Pierce, Jeff Lane, Jason Dietsch, and Tommy St. John next.


Jeff Lane works to the inside of Aaron Pierce for position.


YELLOW FLAGTerry Fisher Jr. gets into the wall off turn #2


Lap #39 – Jason Shively comes to pit road. Also Chase Elliott comes to his crew and they pull off the hood.



PHOTO: The only female in the field, leads them back to GREEN FLAG on lap #39 (51 Sports Photo)


Johnny VanDoorn looks under Long in turn #2, which allows Ickler to the high side and will take second from VanDoorn


Brian Ickler looks under Long, but can’t do anything with her yet. VanDoorn closes back down.


YELLOW FLAGJohanna Long spins off turn four and hits the inside wall.


Brian Ickler is being sent to the tail, for causing the caution after getting into the back of the #10 of Johanna Long. Ickler has now gone to pit road.


Chase Elliott takes advantage of this caution and comes back down pit road to the attention of his crew, just five laps before the half way mark. Ickler returns to the track after adjustments were made on the 51.


GREEN FLAGVanDoorn takes the field back to green on lap 45.


Johanna Long returns to the track as well, much to the excitement of the crowd. She stays on the lead lap.


Technical Difficulties:
Caution on lap 48 for Brent Jack; no damage. Back to green flag.


Johnny VanDoorn leads the pack with 59 laps down.


YELLOW FLAG: Lap 59Debris in turn one


VanDoorn leads, Jeff Fultz has charged to second, over Jeff Lane, Stanly Smith, Aaron Pierce, and Brian Ickler.


GREEN FLAG41 laps remain in the  McGunegill Engine Performance 100.


Brian Ickler gets past Aaron Piece for fifth


Johanna Longs crew taped up the front end of her Chevrolet, and she has raced back to the 15th position.


Brian Ickler (#51) makes contact with the outside wall down the backstretch on lap 66.


Tommy St. John takes his #29 underneath Aaron Pierce for position. Eddie VanMeter follows in his tire tracks.


Jeff Fultz goes to the inside of Johnny VanDoorn, and gets around him on lap 72


Fultz, VanDoorn, Lane, Smith, and Ickler the top five.


VanMeter gets around Pierce for sixth.


Johanna Long continues to move up, working around Chase Elliott for position.


YELLOW FLAG: Lap 79Rick Turner loses his left rear wheel in turns one and two.


Rick Turner and his Great Deals Ford experience big trouble, as the entire left rear wheel came off to bring out this caution. The 26 car has stopped off turn two and will be towed away. Chase Elliott returned to pit road for more changes as the 13 year old continues to learn how to get around Winchester Speedway.


Nick Lay (#98) and Matt Goodnight (#2) come down pit road.


GREEN FLAG21 laps remain with all but four cars still on the race track.


Jeff Fultz leads, Johnny VanDoorn second, Jeff Lane, Brian Ickler, and Aaron Pierce the top five.


Stanley Smith almost wrecked a lap ago, nearly spinning out in front of most the field while running in fifth. He has picked back up in ninth.


Brian Ickler gets around Jeff Lane, moving himself to the third spot.


Eddie VanMeter passes Tommy St. John with 13 laps to go.


Ickler quickly gets around VanDoorn for second. 10 laps to go and 20 car lengths separates first and second.


Jeff Fultz tries to find a way around lap cars Elliott and Sterkowitz


Fultz has open track ahead with three to go. Ickler second and VanDoorn third.


CHECKERED FLAGJeff Fultz (#67) wins at Winchester.


Brian Ickler comes back to finish second, Johnny VanDoorn third, Eddie VanMeter fourth, and Aaron Pierce fifth.


We are headed to Victory Lane. Full Results coming shortly.



PHOTO: Jeff Fultz poses in victory lane after winning the  McGunegill Engine Performance 100 presented by Crown RV and Boat Cleaner at Winchester Speedway (51 Sports Photo)


Unofficial Results:

Pos # Name
1 67 Jeff Fultz
2 51 Brian Ickler
3 61 Johnny VanDoorn
4 23 Eddie VanMeter
5 31 Aaron Pierce
6 29 Tommy St. John
7 7 Jason Dietsch
8 49 Stanley Smith
9 99 Jason Shively
10 10 Johanna Long
11 24 Tyler Roahrig
12 18 Robert Maynor
13 41 Brent Jack
14 8 Brandon Fagin
15 9 Chase Elliott
16 11 Jeff Lane
17 17 Keith Sterkowitz
18 2 Matt Goodnight
19 26 Rick Turner
20 98 Nick Lay
21 81 Terry Fisher Jr.
22 92 Adam Purdy
23 72 Scott Hantz
24 15 Damon Ecoff
25 6 Zack Hulvey


That is it for todays  Speed51.com  Trackside Now coverage of the CRA Super Series race at Winchester Speedway (IN).


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Trackside Now: CRA Super Series at Winchester Speedway 9/7/09