That concludes our Trackside Now coverage from GMP tonight. We hope you enjoyed the coverage from the track. Congratulations to Jimmy Garmon, the winner of the Chapman Pools 100 Presented by Papa John’s.But that’s not it for our coverage by any means on Speed51.com. We’ve got lots of reaction from tonight’s winner, a close second-place finisher Bubba Pollard, who went door-to-door with Garmon in the last two laps, plus Jason Hogan, who dominated early only to end up in the turn one wall, and a ton more.

It’s all coming next week on Speed51.com. For now, however, good night from Gresham Motorsports Park, where Jimmy Garmon is the winner.

PHOTO: Jimmy Garmon in victory lane at Gresham Motorsports Park in Georgia tonight. (51 Sports Photo) 
We also found out that our maximum amount of live stream listeners was exceeded tonight, that’s why we had a few of you who could not listen live to the broadcast. We apologize for that and will certainly take every measure to not allow that to happen again.We will, however, have an archived edition of the broadcast available next week. We’ll have a link to it soon. Stay tuned to Speed51.com and our Facebook Feed for more information on when you can listen to the archived edition of our broadcast from GMP.
Speed51.com got to the bottom of the fuel issues from qualifying. Two drivers were caught with “unapproved fuel,” according to GMP Competition Director Micky Cain. They were Chase Elliott and Johnny Henderson. According to Cain, the fuels were a different color from the approved Sunoco track fuel.”One was blue, one was green,” said Cain after the race, declining to identify which of the two drivers’ cars had the unapproved fuel colors.

The other drivers, including Bubba Pollard, who admitted to Speed51.com post-race that his car had VP fuel in it earlier in the day, chose to start at the rear of the field because their cars would have the unapproved fuel in them should they have to go to post-race tech.

We will have more reaction on this, and other on-track happenings from tonight at Gresham Motorsports Park, next week on Speed51.com.

Chapman Pools 100
1 Jimmy Garmon 100
2 Bubba Pollard 100
3 Greg Simpson 100
4 Johnny Henderson 100
5 Johanna Long 100
6 Allen Karens 100
7 Bill Hoose 74
8 Jason Hogan 51
9 Mike Garvey 48
10 Chase Elliott 0 
Jimmy Garmon has won over Bubba Pollard and Greg Simpson. Stay tuned for more 
10 to go: Garmon is up 10 lengths on Pollard. 
15 to go: Garmon is still up eight carlengths on Pollard. Third place Greg Simpson is a full straightaway behind Pollard in third. 
20 to go: Bubba Pollard isn’t letting Jimmy Garmon get away. He’s started to reel in Garmon a bit, but the separation is still about eight carlengths. 
25 to go: Garmon is up 12 carlengths on Pollard, who is 20 carlengths up on Henderson and Simpson, who still battle for fourth. 
Lap 70: Garmon is up 5 carlengths on Pollard, who is up five as well on Johnny Henderson. Henderson has a mirror full of Simpson in fourth. Johanna Long runs a distant fifth. 
The top four are nose to tail. Garmon leads Pollard, Henderson and Simpson and they’re separated by only a half-carlength apiece 
Lap 60: Garmon, Pollard, Henderson, Simpson, Long, Karnes 
RESTART: Garmon holds the lead, but Pollard doesn’t let him get away. They run nose-to-tail for two laps. 
Lap 55 order: Garmon, Pollard, Simpson, Henderson, Long, Karnes, Hoose. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 55: Johanna Long jumped to the bottom of Bubba Pollard for second, but got loose going into turn one and spun her #10. She didn’t hit anything and continued on. Johnny Henderson spun to avoid Long and also did not make any contact. He’s back in the right direction as well. 
Lap 54: Jimmy Garmon has passed Bubba Pollard on the bottom for the lead. 
GREEN FLAG: Garmon spins the tires on the restart, allowing Pollard to pull away for the lead 
Lap 51 running order: Pollard, Garmon, Long, Simpson, Henderson, Karnes, Hoose (those are the only cars on the track) 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 51. Jimmy Garmon jumped to the inside of Jason Hogan. The two made contact going into one and Hogan was spun to the outside wall. Hogan backed it into the outside fence into turn one at a ton. He’s out of the race as Garmon runs second now. 
RESTART: Bubba Pollard has taken the lead on the outside lane on the restart. 
Lap 49 order: Jason Hogan, Bubba Pollard, Jimmy Garmon, Johnny Henderson, Greg Simpson (those are the only cars on the track on the lead lap), Allen Karnes (on pit road), Mike Garvey (out), Johanna Long (off), Bill Hoose (-24), Chase Elliott (out) 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 49: Allen Karnes and Mike Garvey were battling for the final spot on the track and made contact. Garvey hit the outside and inside walls and is out of the race. Karnes has continued on. 
Lap 45: Bubba Pollard has moved underneath Johanna Long for second. 
Lap 40: Hogan is up 3.5 secons on Long 
Lap 35: Jason Hogan is up a full straightaway on Johanna Long. Long, Pollard and Garmon race nose-to-tail in second, third and fourth. 
Lap 25: Hogan is up 10 carlengths on Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Jimmy Garmon and Johnny Henderson. 
Lap 20: Garvey has slowed and is off the pace, losing several spots 
Lap 18: Hogan, Garvey, Long, Pollard, Garmon, Henderson 
Chase Elliott has not returned to the track and is out before even a lap when on the board. 
GREEN FLAG: Jason Hogan has taken the lead as Simpson has fallen back. Hogan has his hands full of Mike Garvey for the lead. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 0 – Allen Karnes got spun in turn one right in front of half of the field. Chase Elliott hit the outside wall a bit. Elliot has hit pit road for repairs. The damage is not too bad, and he’ll be able to continue when the field goes green. 
GREEN FLAG: Jason Hogan has taken the lead into turn one 
We apologize to those of you who can’t hear the broadcast. Some are saying they can, some others can’t. We’ll have all the issues figured out soon, we hope. 

2 Greg Simpson

3 Allen Karnes

4 Mike Garvey

5 Chase Elliott

6 Johanna Long

7 Johnny Henderson

8 Jimmy Garmon

9 Bubba Pollard

10 Bill Hoose

The field is fired up and rolling under pace laps for the feature. 
We’re trying out a new software program due to some issues with our usual stream earlier in the day, so we apologize if things aren’t as smooth as normal. We’re doing the best we can to provide the best coverage possible. 
We’ll have Trackside Now coverage here on 51, as well. 
Comment From Jason “Stix” Buckley 

I can hear you all just perfect. For those that might have trouble, make sure to open up Windows Media Player and drop the link into the OPEN URL spot. 

If you can’t get it to work, copy and paste the link into your Windows Media Player
We’re live now! 
LIVE SPEED 51 RADIO BROADCAST OF TONIGHT’S RACE: http://media6.ezstream.com/122462 
All the cars have lined up on the pit road ready for the command to start engines, including the drivers involved in the fuel issue. 
Comment From Guest 

Are all of the teams involved in “FUELGATE” going to compete tonight? 

Next up is the Super Late Model feature. 
1. Jason Bates
2. David Murphy
3. Tina Stephens
4. Mike Davidson
5. Terry Martin
6. Brian Hardman
7. Todd Vanderford
8. Chad Atha
9. Hoyt Stephens 
CHECKERED FLAG: Jason Bates held off David Murphy at the line for the win. 
GREEN FLAG: Jason Bates leads David Murphy as Tina Stephens has come from the back of the pack to run a close third. 
Speed51.com checked with TJ at Berlin Raceway (MI) on Wednesday night, where he was working with the Kyle Busch Motorsports team, which won the “Rowdy’s Revenge 251.” TJ told us then that he was planning on being here with his own #41 car, but he’s not here today. Hopefully we’ll see TJ back at a track again soon, whether it’s with his own car or the KBM #51 
Comment From Guest 

Is the TJ Reaid there? 

YELLOW: Lap 32: Tina Stephens has spun in turn two. Terry Martin was also involved. 
Lap 32: David Murphy now runs second. 
GREEN FLAG: Jason Bates has cleared Tina Stephens for the lead, while Stephens now has Murphy on her inside for second. 
A bunch of our commenters are inquiring about the fuel issue here at GMP tonight. We’ve already posted the information that we’ve been told by GMP officials. We will have full coverage of the issue with sound from some of the drivers involved and more on Speed51.com in the coming days. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 31 of 35: Brian Hardman has gone up in a puff of smoke in turn three. 
We’ll have “Trackside Now” coverage of the Super Late Model feature, plus a live streaming play-by-play broadcast. We’ll have a link for that in just a few minutes when we go live. 
10 to go here in the Outlaw feature: Jason Bates still leaves Tina Stephens by a full second, with David Murphy in third. 
Comment From guest 

go tina 

Lap 17, halfway: Bates is up three carlengths over Stephens, Vanderford and Murphy. The rest of the field is about a half lap behidn the top three. 
Lap 10: Jason Bates leads Tina Stephens, Todd Vanderford and David Murphy. The top four are all separated by one carlength apiece. 
Tina Stephens has jumped underneath David Murphy and has taken the second spot on lap 4. 
GREEN FLAG: Jason Bates was clear of David Murphy for the lead into turn one. 
Cleanup is complete…back to green in one lap 
There’s an extensive cleanup going on in turn three. The water barrier was nailed in that incident and there’s a heavy stream of water through turns three and four. 
We will have full coverage of the fuel issue next week on Speed51.com, along with comments from the teams involved. 
Comment From Guest 

You guys have any comments from teams involved in the fuel issue? This is a BIG DEAL! 

Comment From dvanderley 

The tech is the main problem today. That is not to say it is any one tech person, but rather all the engine combinations and tech items from track to track and series to series. It just becomes too much of a hassle to attend, or to feel you can be competitive. The tire issue brought up earlier is a valid point: too many tire selections at too many tracks means you have to buy practice tires plus have to understand the characteristics of a different construction. There is also a perceived bias towards some drivers that discourage others from attending. Basically the problem is too many rule differences, (inspired by greed), and too many tech enforcements that seem at least biased if not ridiculous. 

Reports are that all drivers involved in the crash are okay. Their cars, however, are not. 
NOTE: It has come to our attention that some folks are taking what we put in our Trackside Now coverage and copying and pasting our posts into other websites’ coverage from this event. Any information provided in Speed51.com’s Trackside Now is proprietary to 51 and not for re-use anywhere else on the web. 
YELLOW FLAG/RED FLAG: Hoyt Stephens and Terry Martin have crashed in turn three. Stephens went nose-first into the turn three pit road opening, which is protected by a yellow water barrier. 
GREEN FLAG: Three wide into turn one and Jason Bates comes away with th elead. David Murphy settles into second, with Tina Stephens third. 
Starting Lineup:
1. David Murphy
2. Terry Martin
3. Jason Bates
4. Tina Stephens
5. Brian Hardman
6. Todd Vanderford
7. Mike Davidson
8. Hoyt Stephens
9. Chad Atha 
The Outlaw Late Model feature is on the track. 
PHOTO: The sun sets over Gresham Motorsports Park. (51 Sports Photo) 
Next up is the 35-lap Outlaw Late Model feature. 
Jody Trivett has won the 20-lap Renegade feature. Shawn Campbell came pitside with a couple laps to go with no real shot at catching Trivett.RENEGADE FEATURE FINISH
1. Jody Trivett
2. Shawn Campbell
3. Doug Sexton
The lead is now 10 carlengths for Trivett over Campbell at lap 10. 
Five laps in, Trivett leads Campbell by four carlengths; 
GREEN FLAG: Jody Trivett shows the way over Campbell. 
Shawn Campbell has returned to the track, so we now have a two-car race for the final 19 laps. 
We’re not so sure that’s the case.  Speed51.com chatted with Hogan even after the post-qualifying fuel issues and he said that his “little motor” in a brand new racecar wouldn’t be very strong at the beginning of the race, but he thought he’d be good at the end of the race. 
Comment From 9 fan 

micky is trying to give jason hogan all the advantage he can he is gonna need it 

YELLOW FLAG: Lap 1 – Sexton, the leader, looped his #51 off turn two and slapped the outside wall. While he did, the #69 of Doug Sexton, who had been smoking since the start of the race, hit pit road. That leaves the #99 of Jody Trivett as the only car not involved and the only car behind the pacecar as we circle under caution. 
GREEN FLAG: Shawn Campbell takes the lead into turn one. 
Starting Lineup
1. Doug Sexton
2. Shawn Campbell
3. Jody Trivett 
The Sportsman cars are on the track. The field has grown by one, with the addition of Jody Trivett since qualifying. There are now three cars to go 20 laps here tonight. 
While we have a short break, several fans in our Interactive Comments have asked about the crowd tonight. Outside of last year’s World Crown 300, which was the first event at this facility, this is probably the biggest crowd that this facility has seen since it opened. If we were to guess, we’d say the frontstretch is about 70-percent full and every single Trackside Parking spot is occupied. 
Comment From Jason “Stix” Buckley 

Maybe I am in the minority because I report on racing, not race myself, but I would prefer a tech official enforce the rules. That is what makes guys like Micky Cain and Ricky Brooks assets to this sport. People that complain when a tech official enforces the rules do not understand or know the true spirit of fair competition and racing. 

The 20-lap Renegade feature is next up. 
There’s a brief intermission on the track for some go-kart exhibitions on the frontstretch. 
CHECKERED FLAG: Just a few weeks after becoming the first female winner in Gresham Motorsports Park history, Brittney Finley became the first to score two wins with a dominating performance in the second half of the Truck feature.1. Brittney Finley
2. Bill Hoose
3. Joel Townsend
4. Kevin Vasser
5. Brandon Franklin
6. Jeremy Parris
7. Matt Vassar
8. Ruben Tarca
Comment From 10 FAN 


We’re 21 laps into the Truck race…Brittney Finley now leads after Bill Hoose had problems several laps prior. Finley leads Jeremy Parris, Kevin Vasser, Hoose and Joel Townsend. 
1 Jason Hogan
2 Greg Simpson
3 Allen Karnes
4 Mike Garvey
5 Chase Elliott
6 Johanna Long
7 Johnny Henderson
8 Jimmy Garmon
9 Bubba Pollard
10 Bill Hoose
TECH NEWS: After qualifying, several teams were caught with unapproved fuel, according to head tech official Micky Cain. We’ve heard that several teams were running VP fuel, while the spec fuel here at GMP is Sunoco. Several teams were not caught with the unapproved fuel, but have elected to drain their fuel cells and replace whatever fuel was in it with track fuel. All drivers caught will have to start at the rear, as will those who elected to drain their fuel. Those drivers included: Chase Elliott, Johnny Henderson, Jimmy Garmon and Bubba Pollard.Also, Johanna Long’s #10 team pulled tape off the grille of her car before allowed to do so by GMP officials and will have to start at the rear.
We’re 10 laps into the Truck feature. Bill Hoose leads Brittney Finley and Jeremy Parris. 
GREEN FLAG: Bill Hoose has taken the lead at the start over Joel Townsend and Brittney Finley. 
The 35-lap Truck race is on track now. Here’s the starting lineup:
1. Brandon Franklin
2. Kevin Vasser
3. Bill Hoose
4. Brittney Finely
5. Jeremy Parris
6. Joel Townsend
7. Ruben Tarca
8. Matt Vassar 
1. Spanky Hicks
2. Avery Burgess
3. William Earnest
4. Tim Greer
5. Bill George
6. Bryan Bellew
7. Blake Freeman
8. Scott Beck
9. Jimmy Burgess
10. Brian Powell
11. Greg Stephens
12. Michael Buckner
13. Vernon Hicks
14. Ken Candiotti, Sr.
15. Matt Vassar
16. Steve Hill 
The Mini Stock race is now over. Spanky HIcks has won, further padding his point lead.
Comment From Guest 

Ga tracks need to get together and run 3 to 5 big money super late model races each that pays 20k to win like berlin did and the cars will show up and so will the fans 

Still under red as track crews put down oil dry here at GMP 
It appears that we’ve come up with a backup plan for a live broadcast stream. We’ll have a link to it closer to feature time. 
Avery Burgess leads Spanky Hicks, Brian Powell, Greg Stephens and Michael Buckner. 
RED FLAG: Lap 10: Brian Powell has flipped ont eh frontstretch in a restart melee. Also involved was Michael Buckner. Both drivers have escaped unharmed. Powell flipped along the outside retaining wall and landed on all four wheels going into turn one. 
The Mini Stocks are five laps into their feature. Avery Burgess leads Vernon Hicks, Spanky Hicks and Brian Powell. 
The Mini Stocks have assembled on pit road and we’ll be racing with our first major feature of the night in just a few minutes. 
Due to circumstances beyond our control at Speed 51 Radio, there is a chance that we may not have a live broadcast of tonight’s Super Late Model feature. We’re trying to figure out a backup plan, so hopefully things will work out. Again, this was beyond our control at 51, but we’re trying to make something work for our fans across the world who log in to our race broadcasts. 
GMP Media Director is informing the fans over the PA system of the upcoming events at the tracks. From there, we’ll get into pre-race ceremonies, followed by the Mini Stock feature. 
1 Chase Elliott 16.405
2 Johanna Long 16.556
3 Johnny Henderson 16.652
4 Jimmy Garmon 16.66
5 Mike Garvey 16.697
6 Bubba Pollard 16.72
7 Jason Hogan 16.722
8 Greg Simpson 16.741
9 Allen Karnes 16.799
10 Bill Hoose 17.766
Chase Elliott has won the pole for tonight’s Chapman Pools 100 Presented by Papa John’s. 
Johnny Henderson
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.727 16.652 16.652
Allen Karnes
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.937 16.799 16.799
Jason Hogan
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.778 16.722 16.722
Greg Simpson
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.849 16.741 16.741
Put Chase Elliott on the pole at this point. 
Chase Elliott
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.547 16.405 16.405
Bill Hoose
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
18.072 17.766 17.766
Johanna Long is now top qualifier. 
Johanna Long
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.556 16.568 16.556
Jimmy Garmon is atop the boards now. 
Jimmy Garmon
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.66 16.663 16.663
Mike Garvey is the fast timer so far. 
Mike Garvey
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.909 16.697 16.697
Bubba Pollard
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.761 16.72 16.72
Bubba Pollard is the first SLM to take time. 
Casey Willingham won the Open Division Mini Cup feature over Emilee Riley.Super Late Model qualifying is next up on the track.
Casey Willingham leads by about 10 carlengths at lap four. 
Casey Willingham and Emilee Riley, who is running in both Mini Cup divisions, are the only two cars on track. 
The Mini Cup “Open” division is on track…all two of them. 
The crowd seems fair for this early in the evening. We’ve been to a few races here at GMP this season and the crowd is notorious for arriving late. We’ll update later in the evening. 
Comment From BG in GA 

how many fans are there? 

Comment From BG in GA 

Go chase and Bubba!!! 

Mason Elzey has won the Mini Cup “Futures” division race by a full straight-away.1. Mason Elzey
2. Brody Bullard
3. Emilee Riley
4. Will Fagen
5. Eric Brookshire
6. Brad Stiffler
Ten laps into the Mini Cup division (which is basically a Cup-Lite or Arena Racing car) feature, Mason Elzey has a half-straightaway lead over the rest of the single-file field. 
Speed51 does not have a racecar. BDI Racing, which is a completely separate company, had its racecar crashed in the PASS South race at Concord Speedway a few weeks ago and is currently under repair. The car is scheduled to return to the track in the coming weeks. 
Comment From TIRE KICKER 

How come Speed51 doesn’t have a car there ? 

The Mini Cup “Futures” division is on the track. Under the pace laps, 15-year-old Brad Stiffler spun in turn four, putting the start of this race on hold for the time being. 
PHOTO: The half-mile frontstretch is the backstretch for the quarter-mile. There is the famous yellow wall that separates the two tracks. This shot shows turns one and two of the infield track, with turns three and four and the frontstretch of the big track outside of it. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From Jason “Stix” Buckley 

Is the front stretch wall in place or is it open? 

The driver’s meeting has wrapped up down in the infield tech shed. Next up on the track should be Mini Cup features, which were scheduled to kick off 20 minutes ago. 
PHOTO: The Mini Cup cars will utilize the infield paperclip-shaped quarter-mile oval at GMP tonight. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Pensacola, Florida’s Johanna Long speeds through turn two at GMP in her final practice session run. (51 Sports Photo) 
Here are the total car count numbers for the divisions tonight:
Super Late Models – 10
Trucks – 7
Mini Stocks – 14
Renegades – 2
Outlaw Late Models – 7
Mini Cups – 7
Congrats, Robert. We think this is the first time the word “weenies” have been used on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now! 
Comment From Robert 

Maybe there are just too many people in super late models that are scared they cannot compete at GMP. The track is not an easy track to drive so they would rather go cherry pick elsewhere instead of trying to show true skill to win at GMP. Weenies. 

Seven trucks will go to green in their 35-lap feature tonight. 
Comment From huff 

how many trucks 

Comment From Steven 

Funny when you have a 10 car field and theres five drivers that are going to have “easy pickens” – thats half the field! It’s a good group there tonight even if small. 

No matter what, the 10 cars that are here certiainly come with some credentials. Chase Elliott is perhaps the top young talent in the country right now and finished second to Kyle Busch at the “Rowdy’s Revenge 251” on Wednesday night at Berlin Raceway (MI). Bubba Pollard was the 2009 Speed51.com Short Track Racer of the Year and has continued his winning ways into 2010. Johanna Long has had a rough start to 2010, but the defending Gulf Coast Championship winner is starting to turn the wick up. Jason Hogan is a former All-American 400 winner and the 2009 ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Champion, while Mike Garvey is a former ASA National Tour Champion.
Those are certainly some strong credentials for some of tonight’s field. Plus, the drivers we didn’t mention would love to beat the best that this event has to offer. 
Comment From sportsman12 

this ought to be easy pickins for a few drivers tonight (Elliot, Pollard, Long, Hogan or Garvey…P’cola and Mobile are off this week…why such a low car count? Only 10 SLM’s?? What gives? 

DUKE: Which I totally understand…although I think $5k may be a little high of an estimate, but still…Why can 20+ cars show up for a race that pays half of what this race pays? I’m not just defending this race or racetrack, nor putting down any race or racetrack by any means. I just am curious as to why people aren’t here. I’m sure there are valid reasons, but when people hear that only 10 cars showed up, but there are far more than 10 SLM teams based within a couple hours’ drive of this racetrack, there are many questions on the minds of fans and people like myself who wonder where they are! 
Comment From Jimbo 

Duke, If you do not tear anything up, It will run you about 5 grand to run a super late model race even with a 4 tie rule. This is just the way it is. 

All practice is now complete. There will be a chapel service in about 10 minutes, then the driver’s meeting will begin at 5:40. 
Gresham Motorsports Park is offering a promotion in honor of Father’s Day tomorrow. When one adult ticket is purchased, another adult gets in free. The track promoted it as when Mom buys a ticket, Dad gets in for free. Adult General Admission is $20 tonight, so come on down if you’re in the Northeast Georgia area. 
Darrell Carlson has set fast time of the 14 Mini Stocks to take to GMP in their final practice. These weekly division practice sessions also set the field for their features, as practice is being used as a European-style qualifying session. 
As mentioned previously in Trackside Now, Augie Grill is sick and did not make the trip. Please feel free to scroll down and catch up on what you may have missed in today’s Trackside Now coverage. 
Comment From Guest 

is augie grill here 

PHOTO: Bill Hoose is competing in both the SLM and Truck divisions tonight at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 
Last time Speed51.com was at Gresham Motorsports Park, two identically-painted cars tangled late in the race, eliminating both’s chances for victory. It was last month here at GMP in a Pro Late Model race when Bubba Pollard in the #18 and Johnny Henderson in the #118 tangled. Henderson went for the lead with about 15 laps to go under Pollard and both crashed in turns three and four. After the incident, there were some tense moments between the two teams, but eventually things calmed down. Both drivers are back here today for the Super Late Model feature, so it will be interesting to see if there are any more fireworks between the two. 
The Renegades just finished their first practice session. Doug Sexton was the quickest. 
Comment From charles 

jimmy’s car looks good. 

Very valid point, Tom. We’ve often heard the argument that racetracks near one another running similar racecars need to get on the same page with rules. Some tracks do it – but not all. It’s a tough game, no matter how you slice it. 
Comment From Tom 

The comment wasn’t directed towards any one particular group, or person. The problem is that nobody is established in the area. There are four good oval tracks in Georgia, and every one of them has a different set of rules, enforced a different way, by a different group of people. Then, if you go to Alabama, there is a different set of rules for their tracks. Also, tires are different at nearly every track. Some run 2045’s, some run f45’s, some run 2070’s and 2045’s. Back when the GAS series was thriving, it was because everything was the same at every track. 

PHOTO: Another driver with a brand-new racecar here today at GMP is Jimmy Garmon. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From charles 

well Micky has been questionable in the past but that was years ago and that is not to say he is dirty and i dont meen this personaly against him. from what i have been hearing latly his is strait up. 

PHOTO: Mike Garvey made the trip to GMP in the Tracy Goodson-owned #1 machine. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Bubba Pollard’s sponsor made up a new banner for the Senoia, GA driver, which advertises Pollard’s naming as the 2009 Speed51.com Short Track Driver of the Year. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: With temperatures in the upper 90’s today with a humidity index in the triple-digits, keeping cool is the name of the game. The flagman here at GMP has taken to an umbrella to try to stay cool. 
Tom, perhaps you’d like to elaborate on your post. The folks here at GMP have put money into the racetrack and advertising it. Head tech man Micky Cain has been known as a tough one, but isn’t that what a tech man is supposed to be? 
Comment From Tom 

The reason most people don’t go to any asphalt oval racetracks in the Georgia area, is because there are no good promoters. Get a good promoter, and a good, straight up tech man, then people may show up. The economy is not the reason people aren’t showing up, because dirt racing is thriving in Georgia, as much as it ever has. 

PHOTO: Jason Hogan is in a new Lefthander Chassis racecar this weekend at GMP. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Allen Karnes was the quickest Super Late Model driver in the final practice session. (51 Sports Photo) 
Comment From charles 

go Bubba!!! 

As the weekly division cars and Trucks practice, we’ll be putting up some photos from around GMP so far today. 
Comment From redsilverado 

If you are scared you might hit the wall you should not be racing…. 

Comment From Redsilverado 

The only reason there aren’t more cars is the economy. Not many people can afford to race without a sponsor 

Comment From Shawn Kelley 

Duke, the reason most racers won’t go to GMP is because there is someone that no can compete with money wise, and also when you hit the wall there it will cost more because it will more than likely need a new clip 

1 Allen Karnes 16.815
2 Mike Garvey 16.871
3 Bubba Pollard 16.909
4 Johnny Henderson 16.960
5 Johanna Long 17.028
6 Jason Hogan 17.205 
Allen Karnes has the quick time as we close out the final SLM practice. 
Comment From Will 

Go Hogan 

The final round of practice is underway. 
1 Mike Garvey 16.782
2 Greg Simpson 16.798
3 Johnny Henderson 16.937
4 Johanna Long 17.033
5 Bubba Pollard 17.039
6 Jason Hogan 17.151
7 Allen Karnes 17.302
8 Bill Hoose 18.002 
1 Johnny Henderson 16.919
2 Greg Simpson 17.039
3 Chase Elliott 17.079
4 Jimmy Garmon 17.098
5 Bubba Pollard 17.206
6 Johanna Long 17.269
7 Jason Hogan 17.27
8 Allen Karnes 17.512
9 Bill Hoose 18.271
The second round of practice for the Super Late Models is in the books. Johnny Henderson set quick time. 
We have learned of one car that was scheduled to be here, but is not here due to a health issue. Two-time Snowball Derby winner and 2010 Super Late Model Gresham winner Augie Grill was planning on attending tonight’s event, but we’ve learned that Augie has come down with a case of strep throat and stayed home in Hayden, Alabama this weekend. Best wishes for better health for Augie so that he can enjoy Father’s Day on Sunday with his son Owen, who Speed51.com has already proclaimed as the winner of the 2030 Snowball Derby. 
Halfway through round number-two, Johnny Hendderson, Greg Simpson and Jimmy Garmon are the top-three. 
1 Jimmy Garmon 17.06
2 Johnny Henderson 17.062
3 Mike Garvey 17.105
4 Johanna Long 17.106
5 Greg Simpson 17.12
6 Chase Elliott 17.21
7 Bubba Pollard 17.282
8 Jason Hogan 17.331
9 Allen Karnes 17.900
10 Bill Hoose no time
Duke at the keys here, and I’m about to get on my soapbox. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina Super Late Model drivers…where the heck are you? There are no other SLM events in the area going on tonight. This event pays $4,000 to win, which I promise is better than most SLM shows that you’ll run this year. It’s a four-tire race, so it’s not like you’ve got an abundance of money tied up in rubber. I know, there’s PASS and Blizzard Series races next week, but I seem to remember not that long ago when people who had racecars actually used them. Call me old fashioned, but I’m quite disappointed with the lack of turnout. You’ll go to dumpy old racetracks for less money, but you won’t come to a state-of-the-art facility like GMP? I just don’t get it.Perhaps some of the racers who are not here will check out Trackside Now and let us know why they didn’t make the trip?
The Super Late Models are approximately 15 minutes into their first practice session. Mike Garvey currently holds the best time of the six cars that have gone on track thus far with a time of 17.105. Johanna Long is second-quick right now. 
There are currently 10 Super Late Models on the premises for tonight’s Chapman Pools 100.1 – Mike Garvey
9 – Chase Elliott
10 – Greg Simpson
10L – Johanna Long
18 – Bubba Pollard
29 – Allen Karnes
79 – Bill Hoose
92 – Jason Hogan
97 – Jimmy Garmon
118 – Johnny Henderson
Here is today’s schedule:
2:00-4:00pm – Super Late Model practice
4:00-5:15 – Pre-Qualifying teach for SLM
5:15-5:30pm – Mini Cup practice/qualifying
4:00-5:30pm – Practice for Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Mini Stocks and Renegades (European Style qualfying)
5:30pm – Chapel
5:40pm – Driver’s Meeting
6:00pm – Mini Cup Features (20 laps each)
6:30pm – Super Late Model qualifying
7:00pm – Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm – Features BeginFEATURE ORDER:
Mini Stocks (20 Laps)
Trucks (35 Laps)
Renegades (20 Laps)
Outlaw Late Models (35 Laps)
Super Late Models (100 Laps)
Welcome to Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia, where tonight some of the Southeast’s top Super Late Model teams will battle for 100 green flag laps in the Chapman Pools 100.Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will be providing live “Trackside Now” coverage from GMP throughout the afternoon and evening, leading up to the green flag of the SLM feature event, when the coverage will switch to RaceTalkRadio.com. Duke and Elgin will be on the call live at approximately 8:30pm live on RTR.

Trackside Now: Chapman Pools 100 – Gresham Motorsports Park – 6/19/10